Report: Eagles Waive Inside Linebacker Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel-Acho1-937x538According to a number of reports, the Eagles have released backup inside linebacker Emmanuel Acho.  The veteran linebacker played quite a bit in the first two games because of injuries to the probable starters Mychal Kendricks, Kiko Alonso and DeMeco Ryans.

Unfortunately for him, he injured his thumb earlier in the week and had to have surgery on it.  He was battling with Najee Goode for a spot on the roster.  There’s a chance they will keep five inside linebackers because linebackers are usually part of the backbone of good special teams units.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Acho is picked up before the regular season begins.

Reporters got wind of the release when they saw Acho’s locker was emptied out when the media went into the locker room after practice.

27 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Waive Inside Linebacker Emmanuel Acho

  1. It’s a shame asE Acho has really played well this Summer, but he got a ton of reps and coaching with injuries to Ryan’s,Alonso & Kendricks and should hookup with another Team as Cuts and Rosters take shape
    Teams in need of a quality backup ILB/Special Teams Player
    Cowboys,Giants,Falcons, Cots, Bears,Cardinals, Chargers & 49ers to name a few
    Look for the Cowboys offer Acho a roster Spot in order to pick his brain about the Eagles …

    1. Paul how do YOU know he’s played great? As you were watching practice or observing in the classroom what exactly did you see that made him great? And why with your astute observation in Boone would the coaches in south philly cut the guy? It makes no sense

      1. Because my eyes tell me so..
        There has been praise given to Acho since the Spring OTA’s from Billy Davis& Chip Kelly to alongwith his good play during the Preseason…
        It’s not rocket science HAC when you see a player who knows the system, is comfortable and is able to play instinctively which Acho has done..

        Right now the Eagles have Ryan’s,Kendricks, Alonso & 3rd Pick Hicks as locks at ILB and will have Brad Jones & Najee Goode for that final Spot .. I believe Acho had the leg up until this hand injury which will put him out for a couple weeks.. Eagles could even re-sign him depending what happens

        1. Your eyes? You saw 25 plays on tv. His coaches who praised him CUT him, you are correct about one thing it’s not rocket science! The coaches who cut him have spent hours with their eyes evaluating

          1. Acho can’t play for the next 2-3 Weeks and they need bodies to play out the Preseason, that’s why…
            4 Players are Locks as I stated .. Now we will see Goode, Brad Jones & JordanHicks over these next 2 Games as the Starters won’t see many reps
            Coach is giving Acho a better chance to hookup with another Team..
            Kelly has released 5-6-7 Backup players this Camp so who have incurred injuries and replaces the with Player who can play right now..

  2. Former Flyers captain Mike Richards has been brought up on charges after being arrested on June 17, 2015 for having a controlled substance. The L.A Kings released him since. Funny, Slava Voynov, also a L.A. King was arrested for domestic violence..beating his wife, but he remains on the team. Not saying Richards is right…but where is the equity? I guess they did not have a fall guy either.

          1. Which is exactly what they want you to believe….
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  3. ***NY Giants lose their 4th Safety to a Season ending injury as Nat Behre was discovered to have a blood clot in his calf resulting in surgery
    2nd Round Draft Pick Landon Collins is due to return next week but has had very few reps and play time this Summer as he’s been injured most of Camp

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