Will Sam Bradford Play The Entire First Half Against Packers?

SamBradgford105I’m not convinced Chip Kelly needs to see anything from Sam Bradford when he against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. Hypothetically speaking, Chip is likely to tell the media that Sam completing every pass, making every read and avoiding all contact would be the picture perfect scenario. It would gain a few chuckles, anger a few others, and for the majority be the same “no answer to any question” entertainment that he provides on a weekly basis.

Sam Bradford is likely to see a maximum of three to four drives on Saturday night, and depending on what he shows and the length of any of those offensive series, his night could be cut shorter then what was originally anticipated.

Chip knew what he was getting in Bradford from a talent perspective; his challenge was going to be providing the right path to recovery. The upside to what Bradford offered trumped what Nick Foles could do.

Chip expects Bradford to make some of the throws that he was unable to complete against the Ravens. Chip knows the opportunity will come, time and time again to make those throws, and that the talent is there for more completions than incompletions.

It’s more about the comfort for the media and fan base to see Bradford play a specific amount of time against the Packers.

Chip has already seen what he needs to see. Yes, having the live game reps are important to him. Yes, the continuity to be formed with his teammates is necessary.

Chip already feels that Bradford has demonstrated that during team drills and his mental awareness throughout film sessions. The Packers game is just preseason game number three to the head coach, and number two for his starting quarterback.

How much does he really need to see from Sam Bradford? A lot less then what people want, and an exit before halftime on Saturday is the most likely of scenarios.

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  1. I see Bradford and most Starters playing about 3-4 Series at most
    If they have early Success on Offense maybe even less playing time
    I believe the first Round of Cuts come Tuesday,so about 13 players get released… But this game will feature those dozen or so Players who are fighting for those last Roster Spots
    RB Barner, WR Bailey, TE Tomlinson, LB’s Acho,Goode,B Jones, D Watkins
    DB’s Reynolds, Couplin, Rice, Evans , DL Mihalik, Bair, Raciti , OL Vanervelde,Kelly,Molk,Bunch, Coccia, Wheeler &Moffitt..and then the battle for 3rd String QB Barkley or Tebow & that 5th/6th WR (Austin,Ajirtoutu,Bailey)

      1. I do not believe Jeff Maehl makes the 53 Man Roster
        I do think Rasheed Bailey has a real chance to make it and will need tokay well these last 2 games as he has all Summer long…

  2. Bradford has to play the entire first half. We’ve all heard how great he looks in practice, but he didn’t look great in the game last week.

    Hopefully that was just rust, and if so….then the only way to work that out is playing time. I don’t want to watch him overthrowing wide open wrs and throwing it into the feet of crossers like he did last week during the first game in Atlanta, less they leave there 0-1.

    He needs to get his shit together in game situations now, not later.

    1. I would agree that all Starters could really use as many snaps together as possible but with 3-4 Major Players going down for the Season in the last week or so has really made Coach’s think twice about playing them for any extended period of time..
      I think most Eagles Stsrters will not play past the 1st Quarter

    2. Vinnie, you are rather demanding of Bradford to show you something, all I know is Bradford played a hell of a lot better than nervous Nick did last week. If Nick was still an Eagle and performed like he did last week you would be saying …I calm down, t’s just preseason.

      1. Foles is looking like shit in STL right now. If he was doing that with the Eagles I’d be very, very worried….about as worried as I am about a QB who I’ve seen do nothing for 5 years, and so far do nothing for the Eagles this pre-season.

        1. Don’t try to go hard on Foles now, he was looking like shit in Philly last year and you protected him up and down round and round. Bradford has played 1 series, and you are killing him for it. I think you are a little hyper- prejudgemental ( I made that word up) when it comes to Bradford thus far as it relates to the situation…relax!

  3. Did anyone read the hilarious Deadspin preview of the Eagles?

    Here’s a highlight (and why Bradford needs to play a half – at least)

    Why Your Team Sucks 2015 – Philadelphia Eagles

    “Your quarterback: Not Marcus Mariota. This offseason, Kelly shipped away Nick Foles, who is not Marcus Mariota, along with a draft pick (that did not become Marcus Mariota) for Sam Bradford, who is ALSO not Marcus Mariota. In fact, Sam Bradford is so far from being Marcus Mariota as to be his diametric opposite: fragile, immobile, unreliable, and at the very tail end of his potential. You’re not gonna believe this, but the Eagles say Bradford “looks great” in practice this summer. He’s so sharp! Why, I bet he’s feels healthier than he’s ever felt! He’s really ready this time, guys! Nothing is gonna stop him from…


    Aw, man! And he was doing so well!

    I don’t know what football people see in Sam Bradford, honestly. He’s never healthy. He is made entirely of replacement parts taken from cadavers. His numbers over the past couple years are demonstrably worse than Foles’, particularly when it comes to yards per attempt. He can’t throw for big yardage. He doesn’t make the receivers around him better. He doesn’t thrive with a decent rushing attack. He won a Heisman because Heisman voters will throw their support behind any moron Big 12 QB running a spread attack. There’s no magical 40-TD season to be unearthed from Sam Bradford.

    Once Bradford impales his leg on his own fractured collarbone, the Eagles backup QB options are the highest of high comedy. Yes, you will see Mark Sanchez again this season. It’s unavoidable. Behind Sanchez is Matt Barkley, because why have one failed USC quarterback when you can have two? I hope both of them are caught swiping on Tinder from the shitter at halftime.

    And behind those two shitheads, of course, there is the ULTIMATE WEAPON…

    Christ. No, literally. You signed Christ. Tebow should publicly wash the feet of Eagles fans in an act of supreme self-flagellation. WE MUST SHARE GOD’S LOVE, EVEN WITH OUR FILTHIEST OF CREATURES. I better cram in as many Tebow jokes as I can here before Kelly finally mercy-cuts him next week. At least, you better hope he cuts Tebow. Because if he doesn’t… Oh, God. Oh God, what if he follows through on using Tebow as a two-point conversion specialist? And then Tebow makes ONE nice QB dive in an early game while the other QBs struggle? What if Skip Bayless says…”

  4. Vinnie I dont understand you…..I know its a deadspin story but I believe you really want bradford to fail and somehow your man crush foles to be good in st louis with no oline and no weapons……we all know of sams health the jokes u are trying to make are old and played out….didnt you drop this deadspin story like a month ago….will u ever move on.

    1. Of course, he wants Bradford to fail…Vinniedaloser desperately desires Bradford to fail and Nick Foles succeed with the Rams…that is exactly what he wants…when Bradford was throwing those strikes to receivers…Vinniedaloser was despondent…..all of the haters who despise Chip Kelly for getting rid of Foles were heartbroken to see Bradford play so well!

  5. Thank you ehl…..whenever he gets a chance he loves ragging the qb but he got so upset when people got on foles…..SUSPECT EAGLES FAN, HE HAS NOT MOVED ON and it seems he treats foles as his hero as others did vick, IRONIC

  6. We were just getting pass the gimp thing and instead of just saying I hate sam, we should have kept foles, hiding behind a deadspin story, bitch move

  7. I hope there’s a giant size difference in talent between Nick Foles and Sam Bradford. By talent I mean the ability to win games – I know Sam can throw the ball farther and would likely win in a punt kick and throw competition.

    None of us know if Sam can win games. Physical talent doesn’t always win games. I would guess that 1/2 of the QB’s in the NFL are more physically gifted than Tom Brady, yet he wins.

    I’m happy to accept the expert opinion of Chip Kelly for now…. But lets face it, Sam Bradford has 3 more wins than Foles in over twice as many starts. So, there’s going to be some doubters. I’m happy to say that I’m not one of them – I think we will win big with Sam.

  8. Awesome opinion irish.,..I respect that honest and up front….I understand if people doubt sam….shit I dont know about it still today, but I believe what chip can do with the eagles and I know sam has a hell of a cast of talent on offense and chip has put him in a place to be succesful….But to rag your qb just for the sake of ragging is stupid to me

  9. Nick Foles Says His Mom is Favorite Workout Partner
    by Tim Kelly

    While I’m not sure he couldn’t have helped lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs in 2015, I think just getting to the playoffs with Nick Foles was the team’s ceiling. And if he played anything like how he did in his brief time in 2014, even that would be a stretch.

    All that taken into account, simply because I don’t think Foles was good enough to really take the Eagles anywhere noteworthy doesn’t mean that I’m rooting against him in St. Louis. That said, I expect him to take a drop-off in terms of production as he moves out of Chip Kelly’s quarterback-friendly offense into one in St. Louis that also has remarkably less talent than the one that he played with in Philadelphia.

    And if the early pre-season is any indication, my prediction is set to come true.

    The thing about Foles that I liked is that he was someone that was tough, seemed to garner the respect of his teammates and coaches respectively, and was an all-around good guy. He was truly the definition of he word culture, but the only problem was he was a below-average player playing what may be the most important position in sports.

    Had Foles played another position, I think Kelly and the organization would have brought him back for this season.

    His words on NFL Live today may or may not be what Kelly liked about him as a person.

    Part of me thinks it’s fake-macho to look at something like this in a negative way. The athlete in me thinks that it’s strange that Foles wouldn’t use this opportunity to call one of his new teammates his favorite workout partner.

    What we do know is that Foles, as nice as he is, has always seemed to kind of be his own type of guy. This may be another example of that. Kelly, also very much an individual, may have liked Foles the person in that respect, but knew that wasn’t enough to overcome his lack of growth potential.

    Tim Kelly
    Sr. Editor/Content Developer

    Denny Basens
    Staff Writer

    * In order to see the video, go to the site.


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  10. Im all for getting on them when they play like shit….I backed foles last year and when he played like shit i got on him, but vinnie has not moved on and thats the problem with him he chooses player over team

  11. Ehl he is trying to save face because we called him out on his BS about trying to be funny, even when he says foles lookz like shit he cant help but tto rag sam again……HE IS ASS HURT OVER FOLES STILL and everybody knows it

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