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SamBradford35Bradford Brilliant

Sam Bradford couldn’t have been any more impressive than he was on Saturday night. He played three series, went a perfect 10/10 for 121 yards and threw three touchdowns. And the former top draft pick was every bit as impressive as those numbers suggest.

Bradford just made one great throw after another. He finished the opening drive with a picture-perfect pass to Darren Sproles on a wheel-route for a touchdown. He floated the ball in the perfect spot, with perfect timing, dropping it right into Sproles’ arms for a score.

Bradford capped the team’s second drive by making a throw to Trey Burton for the team’s second touchdown. With the Green Bay pass rush surrounding him, Bradford was able to stand up to the pressure, find the open man, and deliver an accurate throw.

On the team’s third drive, Bradford delivered a strike to Brent Celek to cap his preseason with another touchdown.

I can’t say enough about how impressive Bradford’s poise, timing, and delivery were throughout his night.

Tebow’s Two-Point Offense Fails

We all knew that when the Eagles signed Tim Tebow, Chip Kelly had visions of gimmicky plays and wrinkles to add to his offense in his head.

During the off-season, the Eagles were one of the teams that tried to push the league to move two-point conversion attempts to the one-yard line, with the idea of their Tebow packages in mind. They failed to get two point tries moved to the one, but they still want to try to implement Tebow to give them an edge in two-point conversions.

Tonight, the Eagles unveiled Tebow in that role, calling upon him for two attempts after the team’s first two touchdowns. Tebow failed on both tries, getting stuffed on a quarterback draw up the middle, and having a feeble pass attempt broken up on the second play.

Tebow also turned in another mediocre showing when he took over for Matt Barkley in the fourth quarter. The former Bronco threw for just 15 yards, and one of his completions came on a very poorly thrown ball that Rasheed Bailey had to make a great adjustment on.

Quick Thoughts


  • I think Kenjon Barner has a roster spot wrapped up at this point. Barner helped up set up the team’s final touchdown drive before the half by taking a screen pass 50 yards into Green Bay territory. He’s shown he can contribute in a variety of ways, and he’s given Chip Kelly more than enough justification to keep four running backs.
  • Another Oregon Duck that added to his case to make the roster was Jeff Maehl. Maehl caught three passes for 43 yards and a touchdown in the first half, and also drew a pass interference penalty. I think he has the edge over Seyi Ajirotutu for the sixth receiver spot.
  • Trey Burton already had his roster spot locked, but added fuel to the idea that he might have a regular role on offense this year. Burton caught two touchdowns in the first half.
  • Mark Sanchez went 13/19 for 150 yards and two touchdowns, and did a fine job moving the offense once he was placed in the game.
  • I thought Matt Barkley looked OK tonight. Barkley went 5/9 for just 28 yards, though he did have Eric Tomlinson and Quronn Pratt drop a couple of catchable balls.


  • Bennie Logan has looked like this defense’s most improved player so far. Logan was dominant again, and played a major role in limiting the damage that star running back Eddie Lacy was able to do.
  • Walter Thurmond capitalized on a poor throw from Brett Hundley, and returned an interception for a touchdown in the first quarter.
  • I thought Eric Rowe had a really rough night. Rowe got beat routinely in coverage throughout the night, and was pushed around when the Packers ran at him. It was a tough showing for the second-round pick, who still looks really raw at this time. He hasn’t pushed Nolan Carroll at all for the starting job opposite Byron Maxwell.
  • Mychal Kendricks saw his first action of the preseason, and looked really rusty. Kendricks missed several tackles, and was also flagged for a pass interference penalty in the end zone.
  • Ed Reynolds has fallen behind in the race for one of the final safety positions. Reynolds had a tough game tonight, missing several tackles.
  • Jerome Couplin may be ascending while Reynolds in falling. Couplin made several nice plays and hits during the game.
  • Jaylen Watkins has been up and down this preseason, but I think he is worth hanging on to. He’s shown some decent cover skills, and I think he could really do with another year of seasoning.

Special Teams

  • Raheem Mostert began the game with a kickoff return that put the Eagles in Green Bay territory. There’s no room here for Mostert with the emergence on Kenjon Barner, but he should have a home in the NFL somewhere this year.
  • Kip Smith was given the kicking duties for the tonight, most likely as a favor by the coaching staff in an effort to showcase himself for the rest of the league with the first wave of cuts looming after the game.


61 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Packers

  1. No problems with the offense. But Billy davis and his defense I just don’t know. There is no pass rush and for a team with depth opposing qbs seem to light our backups up. My goodness Billy Davis it has to be your scheme.

  2. I like this Couplin who plays aggressive and seems to always be around the Ball and is peaking now that he’s healthy as it seems Ed Reynolds is just too passive for my liking.. Jerome Couplin lets you know that he’s around and should be a demon on Special Teams and a solid Back-Up at Safety

  3. Once again Bradford’s telnet isn’t in question here.

    The defense. Aww the defense. Sigh.

    It’s pre-season no need to overact about anything at this point.

  4. Fans will probably kill me for this but Im here too tell you Trey Burton is every bit as good as Zach Ertz. He may even be a better blocker. I noticed last year how all Burton does is make plays. Its not a knock on Ertz its a compliment for Burton.Chip needs to get Ertz and Burton on the field together. Burton right now is the 3rd best receiver on this team behind Matthews and right there ith Ertz because right now Aglohar isnt Matthews last year IMO.

    1. I stated that already that Burton and ertz could be gronk and hernandez ( without all the killing ) he’s just in love with celek blocking for some reason…

    2. better blocker? Julius Peppers stuffed Tebow on a 2 point conversion QB keeper because Trey Burton was neither quick enough or strong enough to do prevent Peppers from denying Tebow the goal line. Burton looked pathetic attempting to block Peppers and it cost the birds 2 points. Tebow is taking the fan’s angst but Burton was the reason that first 2pt conversion didn’t work.

      1. Peppers has been tossing around all pro oline men his whole career. Show me a TE that can or has successfully blocked him and it’ll be the first time.

  5. Billy Davis has some serious scheme issues. I don’t care if they didn’t game plan. I don’t care if its a vanilla defense. Every team is playing a vanilla defense. But I don’t see other defenses getting eat up by backup qbs. It looks exactly like like last year. Exactly. This is not a personnel problem . This is a Billy Davis problem and Chip better not let this go on to long. The hell with a bunch of guys that can stop the run this is a passing league.

  6. I am understanding what Michael Irvin said. Murray is a defense breaker. Trust me I loved Shday just like the next fan but he was all flair.Different style. Matthews and Murray bring the hammer and wear down defenses. They break tackles and bring the wood .Matthews and Murray are very tough to tackle. If the Eagles are running 70-80 plays a game Murray and Matthews should be avg 20 carries a piece with Sproles getting 5-8.

  7. Replay of Packers/Eagles on the NFL Channell being called by the Packers Announcers.. Nice First Drive..

  8. don’t be surprised if the first eagle asst. coach to get a head coaching job isn’t Dave Phipp (spelling?)– the eagles special teams are unbelievable. The man has an incredible scheme, his units make play after play…
    just rewatched the first quarter. ITS ONLY PRESEASON but wow, murray and matthews bring a dynamic that we haven’t seen here– it looks like bradford can hit sproles on a wheel route whenever he wants- and i think jordan matthews is a special player- ok again ITS ONLY PRESEASON- but damn…

  9. We have seen enough to make a solid judgement on the Chip Kelly gamble! While so many of you were clamoring for Chip to stay the course with Foles, to play it safe and not make any bold moves. We now can clearly see the potential in the Chip Kelly gamble with all of those off season moves!

    We are not missing Shady at all and anyone with eyes can see that in Sam Bradford we have a QB who is much accurate and far superior to Foles in every way. We can see improved secondary play where the corners are better. We see the running game has not fallen off at all with Murray and Matthews…
    Its clear and obvious from this preseason that we are a much better team going into game 1 this year as opposed to last year.
    The Chip Kelly gamble was worth it!

  10. My only concerns are as they’ve been Bill Davis.The personnel doesn’t match the scheme ,it’s up to the coach to do so.The attack defense ,would fit this bunch ,we are playing vanilla in pre season ,but the bend don’t break is exactly what we’ve seen here in AZ for way too long with Bill Davis ,and we’re seeing it with my Eagles.Gap responsibility without aggression will get you a run defense at the expense of linebackers being exposed and putting corners in solitary coverage.I hope chip sees the film and rips this guys new one.Im very heightened by Sam I Am ,he’s decisive and seems to show a comprehension of this offense that we haven’t seen before .There are so many situations that I see with Murray and Matthews that created manageable 2nd and 3rd down situations ,unlike last year ..The cumulative effect of pounding the rock and coupling that with the pace of the offense ,is almost non defensible.Special teams are special .Against Atlanta a pass riush will be paramount ,I’m hoping somebody hits billy Davis over the head and knocks some sense into his tired schemes.

  11. Understanding this is firstly a gamble and a business gamble ,do you get Sam signed and reward his production ,or do you let the damacles sword hang over his fragile knees as motivation?

  12. HAC Murray and Matthews are butch and sun dance (Miami Dolphins) clones kiick. and csonka.That money was shadeys and now it’s split between two pro owners who fit this offensive scheme and make sproles even more of a weapon ..

    1. i was thinking kick and morris but i will take zonk! yeah the shady trade is really looking like a gem- i hope he enjoys buffalo!
      i think they take sproles off of return, give it to barner and that makes him even more effective. damn this is a long ass wait until the season– a freaking monday opener… sunday at 1 i will be one pissed off fan!

  13. The Eagles have released the following players:

    WR/QB GJ Kinne
    CB Marc Anthony
    S Brandon Bishop
    C Mike Coccia
    OL Kevin Graf
    DL Alfy Hill
    WR Mike Johnson
    OLB Desman McCullum
    WR Josh Reese
    DL Jeremy Townes
    TE Justin Tukes
    OL Jared Wheeler

  14. its only preseason and over reactions are a plenty but the ‘chip isn’t a personnel guy’ and ‘i can’t believe he got rid of shady, and djax (talent)’ crowd is pretty quiet– oh those are the same people that think culture isn’t important– i think this coach has a real idea of what he wants to do and how he wants to go about doing it– again don’t want to over react to preseason but its all we have to go on at this point. as of right now we are the preseason super champs– unfortunately there is no parade

  15. On a side Note, I like how TE Trey Burton gets I in and out of his breaks on his Routes.. He may be the most improved Receiver on the Team..

    1. Burton doesn’t have the length and deep speed that Ertz has, but he looks quicker in and out of his Routes..

      1. But they are correct, when they compare Ertz to Burton. There really isn’t much of a difference in the talent level- yet neither are good blockers.

        I think it may hurt the pride of a lot of posters that the undrafted player is JUST AS GOOD, as the highly regarded 2nd round pick – and as a result – they just go on the offensive.

        I told you many on here exaggerate the potential of Zach Ertz.

        If I didn’t see Burtons name on his jersey, I would have sworn that was Ertz. Chips System makes a lot of players look a little better than what they are.

        I guarantee you none of those stats posters use to defend Ertz, mean anything to the rest of the league, or fans outside of Philly – just Ertz Supporters locally.

        Trey Burton is having an excellent pre-season, and deserves the praise from the posters because he’s done no worse than what Ertz would be doing on the field – He’s an exact clone.

        I didn’t even here one person even mention Ertz, mainly because they didn’t miss him.

        1. C’mon gmcliff…you gotta be kidding me! Comparing Burton to Ertz????
          Burton is smaller, Ertz runs excellent routes and has better hands..he is going to be a serious weapon in this offense…Burton is a nice back up who can play special teams but he is no where near a talent like Ertz!!

        1. Cliff, Zach Ertz is 6’5″ 250, Burton is 6’2″ 224, clearly Burton does not have the same length as Ertz. Speed wise it is a wash. Ertz caught the second or third most passes of all TE’s last year, playing part time with average QB’s. Until Burton does this, let’s not compare the two. I like Burton, but I’d take Ertz in my line up all day everyday. Let Burton prove it…if he is the same, then he should earn the same amount of snaps, if not more than Ertz. Let’s see who the coach prefers during the regular season. You keep talking about blocking, Celek was not a good blocker when he started either, it took time for him to become the blocker he is today…the same will happen with Ertz.
          No one is talking about missing Etz…Cliff, it’s pre-season…relax! The coach sure seems to want him back by game 1 though.

          1. Eagle Burton is actually 6-3 239. That’s not that much more significant, and again, they do have the same skill set. He has already proven that preseason or not. Chips system makes players look like that.

            Celek could always block – unlike Ertz – He just got better as a blocker through the years. But even his stats would mirror what most praise Ertz for if he wasn’t asked to stay in and help block because the offensive Line was lacking.

            He has shown the ability to do that already, but most on here are pro Ertz – so we start to have selective memory.

            From what I have seen thus far Burton is every bit as talented as Ertz, whether people agree or disagree with me.

            1. Cliff, I posted on here two weeks ago that I met trey Burton face to face…he is not 6’3″ we stood next to each other…I am 6’2″ and he was not taller than me at all. Burton is 6’2″ !
              Celek could not always block…what are you talking about???
              Using your criteria…if Ertz can not take Celek’s spot he is not better..uf Burton can not take Ertz’s spot…he is not better. Ertz is a better down the field threat…Ertz has shown what he can do as a stretch the field TE…Burton has not in a real game. I have tape on my have a speculative opinion.

              1. That’s what they have him listed as on the Eagles website Eagle, and during the Packers game they had him listed as 6-3 243…….

                My point was the measurables weren’t that much more significant to your point.

                Burton has shown the ability to stretch the field, get open against press coverage, and catch touchdowns – just like Ertz – no difference, their games are the same. He proved hat against both the Baltimore, and Green Bay 1st team defenses – preseason or not – what’s done is proved Eagle

                You guys better start worrying about Ertz getting healthy instead of squabbling with me…lol…..

                either way I’ll still be cheering

              2. I would be listed as 6’3″ too, but I’m 6’2″, just like Burton is. I will let his play speak for itself, as well as Burton’s. Like I said, I like Burton, I was one of the only guys on here speaking his praise in his rookie season during preseason for his special teams play. But, Ertz is a better talent, and those 2 inches when going up for a jump ball can make a world of difference.

              1. GMCliff is still upset that Eagles passed on his bot, TE Austin Sefarian- Jenkins, who has been a bust thus far for Tampa Bay in his 2 Years and will never acknowledge Zac Ertz as a legitimate TE and then when Ertz puts up Good Stats he will say its because of “Chip Kelly’s System” …

    1. It goes to show that the 2015 Draft Class for DB’s was pretty weak as advertised.. Even Top Picks Trae Waynes, Marcus Peters, Byron Jones, Darby have struggled.. About the best looking CB from the Draft so far is the CB out of the Wake Forest named Kevin Johnson who has had a nice Camp/Pre-Season so far for the Texans and has been a Day #1 Starter opposite of CB Kareem Jackson

      1. I thought my original post way up above was pretty spot on about Burton being ‘Quicker” in and out of his breaks and passing routes and that he appears to be the most improved Receiver on the Eagles Squad.. Obviously Ertz has the Size and Length advantage as I thought it was pretty obvious that Ertz has that physical advantage over Burton…

        1. Burton is 6-3 235 on the Eagles website. His measurables that flashed up during the Packers game were 6-3 243…

          Either way that is not that much more significant, and the skill set IS the same.

    1. Thank you Z, at least you can see I stay consistent in my opinions, and I’m not wishy washy, or contradict myself whether agreed with or not…Thank you brother,

  16. For Whatever it’s worth Dept

    Panthers Released 2 Players who may be worth a look

    Safety Robert Lester and Nickle-CB Melvin White

    They also Released WR Jarrett Boykin which was surprising and Traded with Seattle for WR Kevin Norwood (from U of Alabama) for a 2016 4th Round Draft Pick which was too high of a Pick in my opinion

    Boykin will probably end up back with the Packers since he knows their System well as they are short-handed

    Bills Cut RB Fred Jackson who already scheduled to Visit the Seahawks and possibly the Cowboys as both Teams look to bolster their RB Corp..
    Seahawks are real concerned on back-up RB Michael who has 4 Fumbles in 3 Pre-Season Games to be the only Back behind Marshawn Lynch
    Lynch and Jackson played together for Buffalo and would make a nice Combo..

  17. Raiders RB Trent Richardson was Released by the Raiders
    GMCliff is representing him for some Canadian Clubs to check out

    1. Haven’t seen too many OL yet Z, and there are a lot of Teams hurting for OL too so any decent ones will be scooped up quickly ..

        1. Phil Taylor was another GMCliff Player.. I think Cliff even wanted the Eagles to Trade for him .. He’s been a complete Bust as a 1st Round Pick for the Browns… When looking at the Browns recent 1st Round Picks .. RB T Richardson, DT Phil Taylor ,CB Gilbert who can’t get on the field & QB Johnny Football have been real disappointments… This Year the Browns Drafted both DT Danny Sheltonand OL Cameron Erving who both have played well this Pre-Season so far..

          1. LOL!!! Do you really want to go there Paul; You are the champion of suggested bust players.

            I don’t think Taylor was a bust, but couldn’t overcome the injury bug. When he did play, he did have his moments justifying his draft status – but he hasn’t been healthy.

            How’s your can’t miss Calvin Pryor doing,,,,..Oh, and there are hundreds more like him…….You’re not better at this than me Paul. Your my boy, but your jealous – and it shows..,,,…you don’t want to go there

            1. You’re Guys are Hurt all the Time GMCliff… Dontari Poe, Phil Taylor, Jadeveon Clowney, Nigel Bradham… Now you have hit on a couple of real good ones like Ziggy Ansah who should have a break out Season this year and Khalil Mack but you have had your share of misses too like everyone else..

              1. This will be interesting to see play out ,because the head coach ,who also bought these groceries ,will be tempted and curious ,that’s his nature.He also has been asking every player to buy in ..that’s O.T A.s thru the week before camp ends.Will the GM agree with the head coach ? I’m all about upgrading any roster ,but there is a lot to be said ,for ,but sometimes ,standing put ,means you have each of your guys back.A sure. Thing vs an outside element ..

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