Chip Kelly Says He Hasn’t Made Up HIs Mind Yet About Barkley and Tebow

BarkleyandTebow3In an amazing statement that’s hard to believe, Chip Kelly says he and his coaching staff haven’t made up their mind on the 3rd quarterback competition between Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow.   I don’t believe that statement and I think he’s leaning one way, but he’s open to changing his mind.

After years of coaching Barkley, he’s been here three years, and months of coaching Tebow, Kelly says he and his coaching staff don’t have an opinion about which one of these two quarterbacks is best.  I think they’re still at a point where it’s close and either one of them could win the job on the last day, but I think Chip and his coaches have an opinion at his particular time.

I think Kelly doesn’t want to share his opinion right now because he doesn’t want to distract either Barkley or Tebow.  That’s fine.  I understand and agree with him that it’s not the time to share it.  Kelly and his staff want them to battle down to the last second for that last quarterback spot.

Kelly was telling the truth about there being a lot of weight on this final game.  It’s the last time the coaches get a look at the players before they make the final cut of the roster.  That last impression can have a major impact.

Kelly said Barkley will start on Thursday night against the Jets, but he says they haven’t decided distribution of reps has not been decided how much Barkley and Tebow are going to play.

Not only is that quarterback spot up for grabs, but the backup safety positions are up for grabs.   The backup wide receiver spots are still there for the taking.  The backups on the offensive line will be decided.

“I think there’s a lot of ‑‑ almost every position, there’s still decisions that have to be made towards the bottom end of the roster”, Kelly said.  “So there’s not one that’s more important or that we are looking at harder than any of the other positions.  So there’s a lot of competition still going on and it will be an important game for a lot of guys on Thursday.”

I always tell young players that they’re not only trying out for the team they’re currently playing on, but they’re also trying out for every team in the league because all the teams look at the tapes of the game and try to identify and scoop up good players that are released by other teams. If you play well, chances are you will be playing somewhere in the National Football League.

This is a tough time for the year for players on the bubble because they can be let go at any time of the day or night.  At any time a coach or Eagles employ could call them or knock their door and say those dreadful words.  “The coach wants to see you and bring you playbook”.  When you hear that you know it’s all over.

The final moves to get to the 75-player limit will not be made public until later today or after today’s practice.  Kelly says there’s still a lot of competition going on in the fight for roster spots and it will all come down to Thursday night.  .

Kelly admitted that his coaches started preparing for the Falcons a while ago, so they’ll be ready when it all gets started.


41 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Says He Hasn’t Made Up HIs Mind Yet About Barkley and Tebow

  1. I think Kelly keeps Matt Barkley who can at least run the Offense in case of an emergency.. Barkley did not get any help last week with WR/TE dropping 3 of his Passes or his Stats would have been better and Drives would have been sustained longer for more opportunities..

    The Biggest Battles that I see are as Follows

    6th WR (Between Maehl, Ajiroutu & Bailey – Edge to Maehl, Rasheed Bailey lands on the Practice Squad and Ajiroutu gets Released)

    5th Safety (Between Jerome Couplin III & Ed Reynolds – Edge to Couplin who is more aggressive and the most Physcial Safety on this Roster)

    5th CB (Between Biggers & Rice, Edge to Biggers as Rice lands on the Practice Squad)

    8th/9th LB (Between Brad Jones, Nagee Goode, MSII & Daheem Watkins – the closest battle and a tough call.. I would like to see Brad Jones and Daheem Watkins make the Final Cut and Release Goode and Marcus Smith II, but I am not so sure they will do this..I like Brad Jones versatility more than Goode’s and I think Watkins has more upside, physicality and desire than MSII does

    9th OL ( Peters, Barbree, Kelce,Gardner, LJ are the 5 Starters with
    Matt Tobin & Dennis Kelly as locks as the 2 main Back-Ups… The Final 2 Spots are between Vandervelde & Molk as the Back-Up Center which I think Vandervelde Wins out leaving a Final Back-Up Guard between Josh Andrews, John Moffitt, Malcolm Bunche, Brett Boyko which I think Josh Andrews has played the Best, but I could see them leaning with youngster Malcom Bunche for the longer term upside potential and Boyko being stashed to the Practice Squad…

    TE – Only 3 Will be kept as 4 RB’s will be kept instead (Celek, Ertz & Burton) Eric Tomlinson has played his way off the Roster with 2 poor games in the Row after a fast Start to Camp & Preseason (the only way a 4th TE in Tomlinson makes the Roster is if Ertz is injury is worse than the Team has lead on

    RB – 4 (Murray, Matthews, Sproles and Barden) make the 53 Man Roster meaning only 3 TE’s will make the Roster (Celek,Ertz & Burton)

    As far as simply keeping Tebow for 2 Point Conversions and making other Teams have to Game Plan is not such a strong argument as it’s been proven that when Tebow is in the Game, he’s going to run it most of the Time which is no surprise to anyone since he can’t read defenses or pass very well and chances are, a 3rd QB is very unlikely to be active on game Days for it leaves you too thin with back-ups at other Positions during Game Days..

    Would you rather have a Barden on your Active Game Day list to return Punts/Kicks back-up a RB in case of Injury to a RB or a 5th Safety or a 8th OL in case of an Injury during a Game..

    To Keep Tebow for an occasional 2 Point play when you have a Backfield of Murray, Matthews and Sproles just doesn’t make much sense to me.. Let the Natural RB’s take it in if your going to have a Running Play called and if your going to pass the Ball, then have a Better QB like Bradford or Sanchez look to pass rather than Tebow..

      1. Most Teams Carry 10 DB’s – 5 to 6 CB’s & 4 to 5 Safeties
        Since the Eagles will carry both Maragos & Prosinski at the Safety Position mostly due to their Special Teams Play, they will end up with the 5 Safeties where many Teams only Carry on 4
        In Today’s pass Happy Offenses, most Teams Carry 10 DB’s

  2. Tebow needs to go no charity chip!! Tebow can’t throw And can’t play qb and he looked like a fool on those 2 2 point conversions. Game on the line u need 2 to tie chip ain’t pulling Bradford for that scrub.

    Tebow goes

    1. I’m pretty sure chip would trade Tebow or Barkley for a pair of underwear but unfortunately I don’t think any gm in the NFL would give chip a skid marked pair of underwear for either of em.

    2. With RG3 of the Skins, Matt Cassell of the Bills, Scott Tolzien of the Packers all being Shopped around the NFL it appears that Barkley has little Value in Terms of a Trade as all these 3 QB’s have NFL Starting Experience

  3. They’ve been trying to trade Barkley for 2 years. Nothing doing. Tebow has 0 trade value.

    Does any of this even matter? If Bradford goes down, so does the season as Sanchez is total garbage….so who cares what kind of garbage is after that?

    Frankly I figure they should keep Tebow and put him in if Bradford goes down. At least he cares and will try his best every single down, unlike that POS Sanchez who quit in Green Bay last year when the first bit of sleet hit his face coming out of the tunnel.

    We’re not winning anything with Sanchez, Barkley or Tebow are we? So what does it matter?

  4. This jet game is a huge opportunity to tempt somebody to offer anything for Barkley ,which we’d gift wrap and accept in a ny minute.As it appears anything short of Sam I am ,means we’re playing for aQB in the draft ,as the season will be in Sanchez hands ..I’d actually rather trade Sanchez if that’s possible ,as any injury to Sam will likely be severe and nobody here is delusional in believing long term it would matter ,who is taking snaps.

  5. It truly will be a heart in our mouths all season long with this hanging over us .I hope somehow the football Gods the Pontiff ,anybody can bless our season with good health ..

    1. This is one reason why the NFL needs to Start a “Developmental Leauge” of maybe 10-12 Teams where each Team is comprised of 15-20 Players that belong to one of the NFL Franchise’s to help further Develop these Young Players.. Especially QB’s, WR’s, DB’s, etc. etc.. These Young Players need as many Reps and real game conditions as possible.. Let’s say each Team has Players from 3 NFL Franhises on it and Teams can supply a couple of Coach’s to east Developmental Team to learn Techniques, Terminology, etc. etc..
      Kind of a Minor Leauges for Football but that NFL Teams would share Players,Coaches and Resources to better the Sport for the Future..

  6. Have these Teams play in medium sized Cities that are geographically close to their “Parent Owners”..
    Example – Philly, Baltimore & Pittsburg could have a Team Based in Harrisburg so some die hard Fans could travel to watch..
    Giants,Jets & Patriots could play in Hartford,Ct
    Steelers, Bills & Browns could play in Canton/Youngstown
    Lions, Bengals & Colts could Play in Toledo or Fort Wayne
    Redskins, Panthers & Falcons could play in Columbia,Sc
    Jaguars,TB Bucs & Dolphins could Play in Orlando
    Saints, Titans and Texans could Play in Memphis
    Cowboys, Chiefs & Rams could play in Oklahoma City
    Bears,Packers and Vikings could play in Quad Cities

  7. I think Chip will keep Tebow…hopefully we wont need him. If Bradford is hurt or injured we fall back into the same situation we had going into last year with the Foles/Sanchez situation. Both of them sucked ass badly, Foles sucked even worst…so we wisely got rid of him. If we need Sanchez with the extra year under his belt and a better running game he will be better than he was last year…

  8. Kool is this your new math ..Foles 6-2. Sanchez 4-4 and folded like a cheap suit at home down the stretch …that Sanchez sucked but not as bad as Foles,sucked worse
    I haven’t heard that type of argument ,who sucks more since 3rd grade thing I did learn ,however …facts matter ..stop with the Foles hate break ..he’s gone and left town ..why do you still care? We don’t..

  9. Let’s call a lifetime truce on your petulant 3rd grade behavior..otherwise ..time out beckons..the crickets you hear will be the bored masses ..we Don’t Care ..he’s not our guy ,any longer ..that’s sports ..get over stuff ..let it go lightens the burden ..

  10. Yawn!!! deserteagle your boring me with your bunch of condescending, stuck up ass attitude.The fact of the matter is that you lame asses are such hypocritical flip-floppers its embarrassing.
    Did you flip-flop this much in the third grade?
    We were all told that Chip Kelly was ignorant and doesn’t know what he is doing
    You flip-flopping asses were bailing on this Eagles team precisely because of the Nick Foles trade. It got so bad that even Zilents 44 said:

    March 11, 2015 – 4:51 pm
    Profile photo of zilents44

    Well it’s not in my blood to give up on eagles….so if chips got a plan im riding with him…fuck it can’t get any worse…we aint got a superbowl…..but this murray thing looks as if he is pretty much ours….he wants to stick it to the cowboys for putting him to the side….shit I love this….with him and matthews at least we got depth their

    This is z responding to the flow of Chip Kelly bashing that all of you were doing

    Mhenski- “God Chip sucks”

    vinniedafool- “I don’t give a shit what Chip Kelly says or thinks”

    Vinniedafool when he bailed on the team:

    April 20, 2015 – 8:29 am
    Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

    I saw it Zilients…its too funny….for those of you who only come to this site:

    5 QBs with lowest QBR since 2010:

    Tim Tebow 33.4
    Geno Smith 35.7
    Chad Henne 36.9
    Mark Sanchez 40.4
    Sam Bradford 40.7

    Ladies and Gentleman, YOUR Philadelphia Eagles!!!

    The emphasis of YOUR is Vinnie’s…he bailed out on the Eagles…why because they got rid of Foles

    Now…suddenly…presto…a few exhibition games…and everyone loves Chip, loves Bradford and are now loyal Eagles fans…

    Bullshit….flip-flopping lames…


    1. Idiot. I know you are only 13 have you never actually been to a sporting event? Ever heard a stadium announcer introducing a team to start a season?

      They always emphasise the “your” and I was playing on that, hence the caps.

      You putz.

      How embarrassing this must all be for you.

      1. Ya busted Vinniedafool!

        Caught, busted…your own words tell us exactly where you are….

        you and your buddy…cold busted…mhenski predicted that we would only win 5 games!
        March 11, 2015 – 1:28 pm
        Profile photo of mhenski

        Chip just said it word for word ” we would never mortgage our future to move up and get Marcus. We have too many holes to fill”. We are fuckkkkkkked

        The sky didn’t fall just a fucking huge meteor on our football team. We are fucked. 5 wins max.

        The hypocrisy and flip-flopping is amazing…Vinniedafool bashed Chip Kelly to no ends…he predicted that OUR team the Eagles were going to fall apart. He says it right here:

        March 10, 2015 – 10:00 pm
        Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

        I didn’t want to fire Kelly after trading Shady, because the deal made sense. Dumping salary for a young talented LB

        I didn’t mind the Maclin being gone because $11 mil to a WR is dumb.

        Nothing hypocritical about that dumbass.

        This trade is beyond stupid.

        The fact that you, the idiot, can’t see that only re-affirms that it was beyond terrible.

        As for what coach thinks….Coach also thinks Matt Barkley and Marc Sanchez are good QBs as he added them to his team and gave one of them, who was getting no offers from any other team, a raise.

        So, as of right now, I figure Kelly’s ability to evaluate QBs is somewhere between non-existent and franchise-destroying.

        Now…suddenly, presto…a few snaps at center in a pre-season game and suddenly Vinniedafool is a Sam Bradford fan and he shockingly believes that Sam Bradford is the key to our season…FLIP and FLOP

        Vinnie now says: “If Bradford goes down, so does the season”
        But the flip-flopper said before that we were done and finished because Sam Bradford is so terrible! This was Vinniedafoolass flip-flop:

        April 20, 2015 – 9:02 am
        Profile photo of vinnietheevictor


        And this is ON PURPOSE!

        Think about it….if that was the QB trio for the Raiders, everyone would be, “same old Raiders – look at how shitty their QB situation is”

        A complete and utter fraud, Vinniedafoolass!!!

  11. Spare me the bull about Nick Foles record, his stats…who cares…we watched the games and he sucked…and now its obvious. Chip Kelly is the guy who believes that Sanchez is a better QB despite his 4-4 record. He resigned him and got rid of Foles…why Deserteagle…explain that? Its the same question that you asked Vinniedafool a few months ago!
    Just man up…admit you were dead wrong, admit that you all messed up…got it all twisted…and maybe…just maybe…
    Chip Kelly knows what he is doing!!

  12. Jeff Mahel is the 2nd best WR on the Eagles and the only thing that stops him is opportunities. Like Paulman said Huff is a RB trying to play WR and it shows. Cooper is a # 3 at best and Aglohor the jury is out, I think next year is when he becomes a factor. The Eagles have a major problem at outside receiver as I think opposing teams will start to stick there best corner or double team Matthews eventually and dare the Eagles to throw to their outside receivers., The Eagles saving grace is there RBs and TEs. Should of upped the ante on Maclin. The offense will be fine but Im not in love with their outside receivers.

  13. Kool ty for pointing out I never gave up on chip or the team, but as vinnie said the your philadephia eagles thing is known for being said like that, its a catch phrase, on the other notes it does sound like vinnie was just dandy until foles got traded and said chip cant evaluate qbs well because of it and thats concering because thats a nfl coach and vinnie has no credentials, so I guess everyone is right now move on and bleed eagles green, please kool let it be

  14. Seeing something about raiders potentially having sio moore available for a 5th..shoot i would trade MS2 for Sio..and they give us a 5th.

    1. Sio Moore – One of GMCliff’s Players from a few Years ago out of U Conn…
      He would be a nice addition at OLB for the Eagles…
      What little I have see from MS2, I would trade him for Sio Moore in a heartbeat too…

      1. Sio Moore is a borderline Pro Bowler Paul. You can’t get him for trash.

        All the Eagles can do is accept that he was a mistake to drafty, and move on.

    1. He is never going to quit. He makes so much effin money it is ridiculous and he thinks that he is doing a good job. The owners are making a crapton of money and that is his main interest.

      Everything else he has bungled:
      -Ray Rice/domestic violence
      -International expansion BS
      -18 game schedule that no one wants except for owners. Fans and players don’t want this.
      -Brady thing
      -Continuing to limit celebrations
      -Messing with the extra point

      First thing that he should do is to fix the appeal process, so that people don’t submit their appeals to the same person that made the decision. That is stupid and wrong. He either needs to have a committee that makes initial decisions with appeals going to him or he needs a separate appellate body that reviews his decisions.

    1. I believe they push Goodell out quietly with a nice Golden Parachute and
      name the First Female Sports Commissioner with Former Secretary of State and Chancellor of Stanford, Condoleezza Rice, as the next NFL Commissioner .. You Heard it here First…
      She is a Big-Time Football Fan and has always dreamed of being a NFL Commissioner and would probably be a good one..

  15. But this is my point. ANYONE can make them millions in that spot. He is horribly incompetent and given them continuous bad press, but they are still making money.

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