ESPN Report: The Eagles Have Released Tim Tebow

TimTebow15Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow couldn’t have had a much better game than he did in the preseason finale against the New York Jets, but it still wasn’t good enough to give Chip Kelly the impression that he belonged on the Eagles football team.

It seemed like Tebow had made the team, when Matt Barkley was traded to the Arizona Cardinals, it seemed that Tebow had the team made, but that wasn’t the case.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Eagles have released Tim Tebow.

There were signs it was coming.  The photo last night at the airport and all the reports that Chip Kelly was looking for quarterback help.

Right now, the Eagles are in position to start the season with only two quarterbacks, Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez.

48 thoughts on “ESPN Report: The Eagles Have Released Tim Tebow

  1. I have to say I’m a bit bummed Tebow didn’t make the team. Just like everyone thought once Barkley was traded we all assumed Tebow made the squad. Tebow might nor be the greatest QB, but what he brings is leadership, confidence and that winning attitude. With having only Sanchez as our back up is sketchy

  2. He brings a winning attitude? Really ? What makes you say that? He is going on his third year of not being on a pro roster. Why are you bummed we cut a shitty player?

  3. Great job Gary. Last 4 articles all about this bum Tebow and pictures to boot of him at the airport lmfao. Still waiting for that utley article

  4. Eagles need to go after Slot CB Tony Carter ASAP who was Released from the Broncosand played well the last 2 Seasons under Coach Undlins System as a Nickel/Slot CB ..
    There are so many Teams in need of Secondary Help that Tony Carter won’t last long..

  5. If Kelly really wants a 3rd QB than he has Christian Ponder, Matt Cassell, Josh Johnson, Matt Flynn, Matt Simms and a host of others (Rex Grossman, Josh Freeman, Logan Thomas)

    Matt Cassell would be a great fit for Chips System but Ponder offers some Upside for down the road as he is still relatively young and more Athletic than Cassell or Flynn..
    I am not sold that Kelly feels he needs a 3rd QB on the 53 Man Roster though he probably should in case of Injury and the fact that Bradford is in his Contract year and it would be smart to have another QB in fold for 2016 other than Mark Sanchez… Sign Ponder and Coach him up or sign Cassell and trade Sanchez for a Draft Pick…

  6. Why does chip jelly keep acquiring QBs that CANT run his entire offense and keep firing guys that CAN? For three years a certain element of ggcobb posters have talked about him getting a QB who he can use to open his entire playbook… I’ve heard tebow, smith, Manuel, Vick, Dixon, Manziel etc. yet we get foles, Barkley, Sanchez and Bradshaw … Strange isn’t it

  7. Keep an eye on the Kam Chancellor situation…

    Would you give up a 1st round pick for him or more?

    I would!

    He’s not reporting until either he’s given a new deal and I’m hearing the Seahawks have NO intention on giving him that

    An indicator on how the Seahawks are thinking, look who they just traded for, safety Kelcie McCray from the Chiefs

    Letting Kam know were prepared to move on without you

    I just hope the Eagles would try and trade for him… However far fetched it is…

    Ive sat back and watched this secondary get burned for the past 6 or more years since Dawk left

    We need an enforcer back there

    He plays great in the box and is good in coverage

    Look into trading for him Eagles…It would change this defense

    Then the question is, if we get him who do we pay, Kam or Cox?!

        1. The birds have too many holes to fill for next season to give up a 1st like that. You also have to factor in what type of money is Kam asking for obviously it’s more than the Seahawks are willing to pay. I don’t think it’s wise for the Eagles to swallow a double edged sword in giving up picks plus a big contract that’s ridiculous no way should the Eagles do that. The Eagles are not a piece or two away from a superbowl ring if that were the case I could at least understand your bogus idea.

    1. Reports are Eagles are Offering a 1st, 3rd & 5th to Seahawks for Chancellor
      Which shard to believe for a Safety
      Another report has MS2, Eric Rowe and a High Draft Pick which sounds more Realistic and could be done by Sunday or Monday
      The Giants are hot after Chancellor as well per ESPN
      Make no mistake about it, Kam Chancellor has played his final Game as a Seahawk..

    1. If I was Coach I would have Cut both Huff & MS2 and kept WR Bailey and LB Watkins over MS2 who both are not going to be very productive in the NFL
      By Keeping Barner, why do I need Huff?
      MS2 will likely be Inactive for most games and not make much of a contribution and won’t make the squad in 2016 so what’s the point I keeping him for 2015?
      He has little heart, strength or work ethic it appears to be an NFL Player..
      1st Tell-Tale sign of MS2 mindset was his first interview when Drafted and he was asked “Marcus, were you surprised you went in the 1st Round to Philadelphia?” , his reply was “Yes, I was surprised to hear my name in the 1st Round”.. This doesn’t sound like a confident, passionate type of Player I want on my Team…
      He’s out of the NFL by the time his Rookie Deal is up…

      1. You would have cut them based on your extensive study of coaches tape? Your hours at practice doing first hand evaluation? Or maybe when you sat in position meetings and film study you did not feel they had a grasp on what to do?

        1. I bet Neither Josh Huff or MS2 make any impact this Season and won’t be on the Eagles by the time their Rookie Deals are up in 2018…
          MS2 will be gone after this 2015 Season and Huff probably gets a 3rd Year with the Eagle due to Oregon connection with Coach Kelly..
          I liked Huff too but he has shown very little this 2nd Camp/Pre-Season and seems to just be wired too dam tight.. MS2 is a disaster and not a NFL Player
          I give these Picks 2 Years & Camps to make a good impression and so far, neither has shown much, and especially where they were Drafted at ..
          Bad misses on the 2014 Draft which has Jordan Matthews and thats about it… (MS2, Matthews, Huff, Watkins, Hart, Reynolds, & Beau Allen)
          I like Matthews & Beau Allen and thats about it from this Class though Taylor Hart is looking better and better as a Back-up/rotational Player but I don’t ever see him as a Starter, which is what Beau Allen is also so only Jordan Matthews from the 2014 Class is Starter material the rest are backups or gone already

  8. Pman # 58 pick stanley baptist has been cut by the saints, i believe you were high on him, all that crap u het on cliff about and your pick flops, still a interestung prospect, maybe chip picks him up

    1. Actually Baptiste was another GMCliff player thathewasreal highonout of Nebraska .. I liked him as a Safety but not really as a CB for he was too tight in the Hips and slow to react…
      He’s a big guy about 6-2 215lbs if I recall.. I thought he would do better as a Safety at the NFL Level but would need a year or two to be groomed as Safety

      1. There were quite a few high on Jean Baptiste (DCar, JHart)
        I was not high on him at all as Nebraska DB’s have done as bad as Alabama’s DB’s have in the NFL…
        On a side note did the NY Jets Cut CB Dee Millner yet…
        Another Alabama hyped up Player

  9. Here’s how it’s going down. Karma is a bitch.

    Kelly slays this offense, not only did he part ways with the most prolific play makers this team has ever seen, they leave under clouds of discontent, why me…

    He brings in this overhyped, often injured qb. Got rid of the bes
    t young qbs

    It’s a disaster, just wait

  10. Sorry Jake… Not going to happen. Wish and dream all you want… This team is better with the players we have right now compared to last year. We have 2 rbs that fit our system better. We have 1 Qb who can make any throw.. Not just the dump offs. We have a backup Qb that has proven to be just as good as the starter from last year. You and the others can cry about the Foles and the Djax and the McCoy’s… The rest of us are moving on. See ya in the playoffs.

  11. I think the Eagles are a better Team going into the 2015 Season than they were going in 2014…
    WR Depth & OL Depth & CB Depth are a little bit of a concern, but the Starters

    Last Year Eagles had Maclin coming back from a knee injury and some ?
    There were Questions about Rookies Matthews & Huff who both should improve in Year #2
    This Years Rookie WR Agholor should contribute early and often as he can play inside,outside, and has a real good grasp of this Offense …
    Cooper & Austin will help out as downfield lockers and I think that Austin can be a sleeper in this Offense and make some Plays…
    Josh Huff is the Wildcard of the Group and needs to Step up in 2015 ..

    1. It’s a make or break it type of Season for both Huff & MS2 in terms of having a nice NFL Career with the Eagles. They both need to get on the Field and Contribute or their Eagles Career will be short & disappointing..
      Chip is not afraid to cutting Draft Picks which is refreshing to see
      By Year 2 both these Players need to do more than show flashes ..

        1. Huff was a 3rd Round Pick, the 84th Player Selected in the 2014 Draft and should be a solid #3 WR with 50 Receptions in this Eagles Offense and not the 10 Catches he has last Season
          I never stated that Huff was a Starter at WR for he obviously is not
          But I did state that as a converted RB to WR while at Oregon that Huff is very unlikely to ever be that “Natural Receiver” to ever be higher than a #3 or #4 WR
          My issue with Huff is he even a #3/4 WR and for a 3rd Round Pick, that’s not good since #3/4 WR’s are a dime a dozen.. Huff was Drafted 2 Rounds too soon .. He needs to earn his keep this Season and step up..

            1. More than any RB or TE?

              I see WR Matthews, RB Murray, TE Ertz and WR Agholor all ahead of Huff
              Sproles may wind up with 40-50 Catches if used more as Coach Kelly intends to do..

  12. the acceptance bar is set at 11 wins.
    Foles, Maclin, Cole, Herreman, Mathis, McCoy, Allen, Williams, Fletcher and Howie took the blame for missing the playoffs. The Chipper has to win 11 games or make the playoffs on 10 wins or the season is a failure. A HUGE failure since he chucked all the feature game jersey players. The 2 preseason games I went to at the Linc this year are loaded with 10,25,18, 9, 58 Jerseys.

    1. Hakeem Nicks Career has spiraled downward for the last 3 Seasons in a Row..
      Look at his very pedestrian Stats..

      I was surprised at RB Montee Ball who was a high Pick for Broncos and was supposed to be that big bruising back to put the Broncos over the Top and not only did he not play well and lost his Starter Spot to the Undrafted CJ Anderson & Ronnie Hillman and now fell to 4th on their RB Depth Chart in just a 12 month period of Time…
      Ball is still young so someone like the Browns, Colts Falcons may give him a shot but that’s a quick descent from a RB who was a Stud in College FBand a high Draft Pick just 2 years ago… So something else may be going on with him…

  13. Sky is the limit for this team. I would have loved them to land the S from Patriots.. They tried. On O we are for sure better than last year. The WRs shoukd do just fine… Spread em out!! Bradford is light years better than noodle arm. If he doesn’t shine… They move on without major investment. Can the secondary hold down the fort? I believe they are better. Wildcard for me is Davis… Single high safety is nice when you can pull it off.. But he needs to do a better job of mixing it up.

  14. Eagles are I pretty good when comparing them to the other legitimate contenders in the NFC
    Seahawks & Packers have OL issues and have taken a step back
    Cardinals/Cowboys have remained about the same
    49ers,Giants,Redskins, Bears, TB Bucs &Falcons are rebuilding with new Coach’s Systems or Coordinators

    I see the Eagles, Lions, Vikings & Panthers Trending up in the NFC
    While the Saints & Rams look stuck in neutral

    I see OL Problems with the Giants, Redskins, Packers, Bears, Seahawks, Rams, Falcons, Cardinals and Panthers

    I see WR issues with the Panthers, Seahawks, 49ers, Vikings, Bears & Rams
    I see RB issues with the Falcons, Panthers, Rams, Lions, Cardinals, TB
    I see TE issues with Giants, Redskins, Falcons, TB Bucs, Rams, Cardinals
    I see QB issues in terms of staying healthy for a full Season with the Eagles, Cardinals, Redskins, Rams & Bears

    On Defense …

    Teams In need of a better Pash-Rush – Giants, Cowboys, Packers,Bears,
    Falcons, Saints & 49ers & TB Bucs

    Teams with shaky Secondary’s
    Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys, Packers, Lions, Vikings, Bears Saints,Panthers, Falcons, TB Bucs & 49ers

    New Def/Coordinators with New Systems
    Redskins, Falcons, Bears, 49ers & Cardinals

    Spagnola returns to Giants as DC but relatively same Scheme
    Seahawks have new DC but relatively same Scheme

    So bottom line to me is that the NFC is Wide Open for every Team so getting off to a good Stsrt is huge and of course staying Healthy
    The Eagles cannot afford any Injuries to LT Peters or Center Kelce or their Season will be difficult to make the Playoffs
    I believe they can sustain an injury to QB Bradford easier than Peters or Kelce since they have Sanchez as their Backup

    When looking around the NFL , Quality Depth at Key Positions like QB, LT, C or Pass-Rusher or aTop CB are hard to findandwe have seen any Teams already lose key Players where the Eagles have been relatively healthy outside of Ertz and a couple players who are still recovering in Ryan’s & Alonso
    But most Teams have all lost a big contributor or two for the Season already

    1. agree Peters is so important to this team.
      Arizona collapsed when Carson Palmer was injured last season. It is always interesting when an unheralded glamorous player’s injury is irreplaceable.
      NY Giants fell apart a few years ago when they couldn’t replace injured S Kenny Phillips. Rams fell apart when Chris Long was out of the lineup last year and came to life when he returned. The importance of some players really surprise when they aren’t on the field.

      1. Predictions often change from January, March, May, July to September HAC, due to many Factors like Injuries, holdouts, distractions, legal issues and how some of the Rookies and New Players mesh into a Unit
        No Bandwagon , the Eagles and Bradford look better than I thought they would as does their OL and some of the Eagles toughest competition have taken a step back leaving about 10-11 Teams for a legitimate Playoff Spot in the NFC

        Eagles & Cowboys in the East
        Packers, Lions & Vikings in the North
        Panthers, Saints & Falcons the South
        Seahawks,Cardinals & Rams out West

        Eagles have a pretty easy Opening and End to their Schedule but I am not going to look 4-6-10-16 Weeks ahead.. Right now the Eagles need to Focus on the Falcons and really should beat them Opening Night

        The Falcons will have 3 of their Starting OL out at this Time
        (LT Jake Matthews, Center Joe Hawley & RG Jon Asamoah) so the Eagles Front 7 should have a field day on Matty Ice and making the Falcons 1-dimensional pretty quick…
        The Falcons lost their Best LB in Brooks Reed for 6-8 Weeks
        the Falcons did acquire Guard Andy Levitre last week who will help the Falcons down the road but will need to learn their system quickly

        Eagles 44 – Falcons 23 with Game over by Half Time

  15. the hit that broke the Virgina Tech QB collarbone was vicious. Legal and fair but vicious. Ohio State is stacked with talent — I predict OSU & Alabama for 2 of the 4 playoff spots. Like Baylor and UCLA for the other 2. With Notre Dame knocking on the door from the ACC but missing the 4th spot. UCLA QB Josh Rosen hype was legit, that kid has a cannon for an arm, skinny frame though. Malik Zaire QB Notre Dame looked great vs Texas.

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