Thoughts On The Eagles Cut Downs

TimTebowOTA11The Eagles made their final cuts on Saturday afternoon, with the only major remaining decision being the addition of a third quarterback to complete the roster which currently stands at 52 players.

On Tebow’s Release

The Tim Tebow situation became even more puzzling than it already was when the Eagles released him on Saturday.

Chip Kelly spent most of the month talking “Timmy” and the improvements he had been making, only to pull a fast one on everyone, including Tebow himself when he decided to include him among the final cuts.

It just makes me wonder why Kelly bothered with the whole Tebow thing in the first place. Kelly had to know that if Tebow had any remote shot of working here, it was going to be a process that would have taken longer than just a single preseason to achieve.

Tebow likely lost his roster spot when he failed to do anything with his two-point conversion opportunities in the Green Bay game. His feeble throw that was nearly intercepted probably was enough for Kelly to realize that bringing him in was a mistake. Combine that play with several others, such as the Baltimore game where Tebow never saw a wide open receiver in the back of the end zone and opted to run it in himself, and the writing on the wall was always there: Tim Tebow can’t play in this league.

I’d be shocked if Tebow gets another chance to play in the NFL. If Chip Kelly can’t find a way to work him into his offense and says no, what coach will say yes?

Rice Over Watkins?

The only cut other than Tebow which surprised me was the release of cornerback Jaylen Watkins.

Watkins had a very rocky preseason, but I thought he had shown enough ability that he was worth hanging on to as a fourth or fifth corner. I’m not sure what Denzell Rice did to earn a roster spot here. I barely noticed him throughout the preseason, and though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I also didn’t have him on my radar at all when I made my projections for the final roster.

I still don’t know what this team is going to do about the nickel corner role.

I don’t think Eric Rowe, E.J. Biggers, or Rice are at all capable of successfully manning the position.

Rowe looked completely overwhelmed in the preseason, and by the end of the game against the Jets looked like he had lost his confidence. He’s very raw and needs time to develop, he’s in no position to be the first guy off of the bench right now.

Biggers is the only other corner (other than the starters) with experience in this league, but his primary impact will be as a special teamer. He’s not an answer in the slot either.

This situation just makes it look all the more ridiculous that the team saw fit to part with Brandon Boykin last month.

Who Will Be The Third Quarterback?

Chip Kelly talked about potentially adding a quarterback to the practice squad, but I don’t feel that’s very likely.

I think the Eagles are going to go for yet another reclamation project as their third quarterback. The Christian Ponder rumors make a lot of sense to me. He’s a former first-round pick that could benefit from playing in a quarterback-friendly system, and he fits the same mold of a Mark Sanchez or Sam Bradford first-round bust type that Kelly has gone after in the past.

I could also see Kelly going after a like Matt Cassel who has plenty of starting experience that would make for a passable option behind Mark Sanchez if Bradford were in fact to go down as he has in the past.


36 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Eagles Cut Downs

  1. I think Eagles are too Heavy at LB & too thin at DB
    Other than that, no real Surprises that DB Rice over Watkins
    Players I was disappointed in over the Pre-Season who made the Team
    And will need to step it up if they are going to contribute much
    WR Josh Huff & Aijourutu
    LB MS2
    DB Walt Thurmond & Eric Rowe

    The QB’s & RB’s looked good
    The Starting OL & key Backups looked pretty good
    The Starting DL & LB’s looked very good

    WR Play, outside of Matthews looked inconsistent as does the Eagles Secondary which both could cause issues down the road

    TE Trey Burton may be the most improved Player on the Team

    Special Teams look Good although I am concerned with Kicker Parkeys Injury and his confidence but he’s so young that he should bounce right back..
    1st Game in Dome helps with perfect conditions..

      1. I think thurmond has played least with the short time he has played…nice interception of a deflection..then a pick six..yeah..awesome.

  2. Denny, There were a number of reports by those who closely follow the team that The Eagles were afraid Rice would be claimed by another team and his upside is greater than Watkins – who is a liability as a tackler. Not a surprise!

  3. Reports that Kam Chancellor Deal is now between the Giatns, Ravens & Eagles and could be consummated by this afternoon..
    Eagles reportedly have offered MS2,Eric Rowe & 2016 3rd Round Pick for Kam Chancellor and would have him pair with Jenkins at Safety with Thurmond moving back to his natural position of Slot CB with Maxwell & Carroll playing the outside CB’s giving the Eagles a pretty good Secondary

  4. As had been speculated ,insertion of kam chancellor puts 50% of seattles back end with the free agent signing of maxwell in our own back end.As Pman stated the newest moving parts would move players into their best suited positions.This also would replace BDawk ,which has been the black hole since he was shown the door.In my own estimation this one move catapults the Eagles into a position of a top 5 potential defense ..Not even Bill Davis can screw this up..

    1. Ravens I on the Kam Chancellor Trade Reports
      I heard Eagles have now Offered their 2016 1st Round Pick & 5th Round Pick
      With Marcus Smith II tossed in also…

      Chip Kelly needs to pull the trigger and make this deal
      Chancellor is one of top 5 Playmakers on Defense in all the NFL and is his prime right now …
      This Deal make the Eagles on par with the Packers, Seahawks & Cowboys for the NFC Championship & Super Bowl in my opinion…

      1. Waller has had an excellent Camp & Preseason and probably will get lots of opportunities to move up the Ravens WR Depth Chart in a hurry for they have mostly unproven & young WR’s after Steve Smith and he has impressed
        Tre McBride had a terrible Summer and Preseason doing absolutely nothing on top of a immature attitude and may not get another shot which is disappointing to hear about but wordinNashville is that McBride was lazy,late and not very Coachable .. No one to blame but himself…
        You never quite know how a young Player is going to react, behave and perform once the competition level picks up and once a little adversity occurs..
        Waller has been one of few bright spots for the Ravens this Preseason and is stepping up and taking advantage of his opportunities and is a better route runner with better hands that I gave him credit for..

        Sammie Coats for the Steelers is another Young WR who struggled this Summer a it but I think he made the Steelers Roster anyways with injuries to Markus Wheaton and a 4 Game Suspension to Martavius Bryant

  5. My boy Max Valles was cut by the Raiders. He came out a year to early, should have stayed in school. He would be a good ps guy for the Eagles. He is physical and has a great first step, but is raw in space. Great potential, better upside than MS2.

    1. How did the other OLB from Virginia look this Summer, his name escapes me and I can’t remember who Drafted him but he was rated pretty high by most..

  6. QB Stephen Morris has been claimed off waivers by the Eagles. Big, athletic, and a strong arm. Needs to be developed. The Eagles 53 man roster is rounded off for the time being with this pick up. Morris played with the Jax Jags and is from the Univ of Miami.

  7. RB Raheem Mostert
    LB Deontae Skinner
    OL Brett Boyko
    OLB Diaheem Watkins
    CB Randall Evans
    OL Malcolm Bunche
    WR Quron Pratt
    S Ed Reynolds

    Was BAiley scooped up??? Not sure why he wasnt added yet.

    1. Like the Practice Squad with the young OL & LB’s who have upside and will compete for a Spot on the 53 Player Squad. Next Year..
      I understand grabbing Ed Reynolds as he knows the System in case of Injury
      Not sure what happened to Rasheed Baily who I wished the Eagles kept Bailey over Aijoutu or even Huff… With the emergence of Barner and Sproles in the passing attack, not sure how many plays Huff will be involved with in this Eagles Offense .

    2. No Rasheed Baily

      Eagles Signed WR Freddie Martino and TE Chris Pantale to round out their Practice Squad … No Rasheed Bailey or TE Eric Tomlinson who may have hooked up with other Players..

      Re QB Stepehn Morris is a young kid who will run the “Scout Teams” and has nice Size , A Strong arm but was very inconsistent in College while playing for the U of Miami Hurricanes where he was a 3 Year Starter…
      With good Coaching, he may be a real diamond in the rough for next Summer Camp and maybe be able to push for Back-up Snaps butwillgain valuable experience with the Eagles.. A good Move by Chip Kelly and by Morris for his development

    1. All I know is Kam is on the TrDing Blocks and has played his final game for the Seahawks.. The Giants, Ravens & Eagles are the Teams in the hunt.. The Giants & Ravens are desperate for Safety help
      Ravens Top Pick 2 Years age Safety Matt Elam has been a bust, he’s too slow and too small as some of us stated he was, though many Posters were real high on him but a rare miss by the Ravens on a high pick..
      The Ravens Top Pick 3 Years ago CB Jimmy Smith is another Player who just hasn’t blossomed as a Pro, between injuries, lack of confidence or whatever bothPlayers were picked to be the cornerstone of the Ravens Secondary and they aren’t getting it done.. Ravens get High Marks every Year for their Drafting and still it’s a 50/50 with those Draf Picks at Best…

      If I am Eagles, I am cutting the chord with MS2 if he doesn’t show marked improvement by Week #6 if he’s Inactive, doesn’t contribute of Special Teams, the the hell with him, time to move on

    1. I liked him out of Ohio State, but he did struggle with the Steelers this Summer.. I think he can make a decent Nickel/Slot Back & Special TeamersgetTeamerTeams and goes about 5-10, 195lbs so he’s solid and his best Position at the NFL Level in his future may be at Safety

  8. WR James Jones visiting and likely to sign with the Packers as he played for them a few years back and has a good rapport with Aaron Rodgers & Offense

    Cowboys Trade with Seahawks for RB Chrisitan Michael who continues to have ball security issues and lost his back up spot to Marshawn Lynch to Fred Jackson who the Seahawks signed last Week.. Michael is from Texas and a tough down hill runner who will fit in real well with the Cowboys Scheme..

    1. Watch Coach Ryan turn Jaylen Watkins into a decent Slot CB which I think he’s best position is.. Eagles had him learning 3 Positions (Outside CB, Safety and Slot CB) and probably would have bed better for him to focus on one spot and master the techniques but this is usually the case with Young Players as they have to cross train and learn multiple Positions just to have a shot

      1. Jaguars are struggling at WR
        Marquise Lee and Allan Robinson just continue to remain injured and can’t seem to get and stay on the field…. Former Top Pick Justin Blackmon is long gone, and Cecil Shorts left via Free-Agency in the Off-Season…

        If Bailey can get in and learn their playbook, he has not only a good shot of making their Roster but actually playing and contributing…

        They Currently have Allen Hurns,Ace Sanders, Bryan Walters, Rookie Rashad Greene to go along with the Injured M Lee and A Robinson..

  9. I think the Eagles has a potential problem.
    Brandon Graham has never been asked to play this many snaps before. Braman, Smith II, & Jones are way below average 2nd teamers. If I were the Cowboys I would target Braden Graham all game long and cheap shot him every play. I would hit him non stop with 2 and 3 players and take out his will to play in game 2 for the remaining 14 games.

    1. I see no problem with Graham only playing 50 Snaps agame at OLB
      Eagles will use LB Kiko Alonso quite a bit on the Outside as well as DE Vinny Curry getting some Snaps in Graham’s OLB Position
      I see no problem at OLB unless Graham or Barwin go down with a Serious Injury

    2. The cowgirls can afford to devote that kind of attention to Graham? And while their devoting 2-3 players to Graham what exactly will they being doing with Cox and Logan? Connor Barwin? If the Cowgirls scheme that stupidly, they might as well just gift wrap the division to us right now.

  10. We will see eos that front 3 will eat up the oline so trying to target one defensive player wont destroy our defense and shouldnt take grahams will out……he just got paid he better finish plays

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