Chip Kelly: Vinny Curry Will Be Playing Both OLB & DE

VinnyCurry18Chip Kelly let us know today that Vinny Curry will be playing both outside linebacker and defensive end.  They need somebody to backup Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham at the outside linebacker position, but Curry will also move back to his familiar defensive end slot.

“[The position switch] doesn’t mean Vinny’s not going to line up on the defensive line in the Atlanta game,” Chip Kelly said.

I think it’s a great move because he’s one of the best football players on the team.  I wanted to see them make this move a while ago. They’ve got to get Curry on the football field more because of his ability to get to the passer.

Curry will be a mismatch for any running back to block him at the outside linebacker position.  He’s does have a lot to learn about dropping into coverage, but I don’t see much of a difference in Curry dropping in pass coverage or Graham dropping in pass coverage.  It’s not the strength of either player.  They’re pass rushers and I would rather see them getting after the passer.

I like the fact that playing Curry at outside linebacker will get him on the field more because there’s no such thing as a NFL defense having too many good pass rushers.

Chip said he’s hoping for another great year from Connor Barwin.  Hopefully he does lead the NFC in sacks and go to the Pro Bowl.  I think Barwin, Graham and Curry are going to get more chances to get after the passer because teams will be throwing the football more.

12 thoughts on “Chip Kelly: Vinny Curry Will Be Playing Both OLB & DE

  1. Curry,Graham,Barwin,Kendricks & Alonso should all be used to Rush the Passer from the Various LB Positions which is the mark and advantage of running a 3-4 Scheme where the Offenses and QB’s don’t know where the Pressure will be coming from on any given Play.. The Steelers have had great Success with this Scheme for the last 30 Years as has Rex Ryan, Belichek, Vic Fangio, Dom Capers, Wade Phillips,Romeo Crennell, Don Peace of the Ravens , etc,etc..

  2. The Eagles can not get enough Curry!
    Curry going after quarterbacks is always a good thing.

    It just speaks volumes about Marcus Smith being a bust. Being a Roseman pick doesn’t help him at all either. Dude better do something on special teams.
    Smith’s best chance to make the team next year is as the third quarterback.

  3. The talent of the front 7 is impressive. It’s really fits a 43 best, but a 34 with Curry pass rushing at OLB(DE) is basically a 43 in my eyes.

    Barwin is a stud SAM, Kiko/DeMeco are Mikes and Kendric is a Will. That a great set of backers.
    Cox, Curry, Barwin and Bennie should be putting pressure on the quarterbacks all year. Haven’t seen much pressure in the pre-season, but excited to see what happens.

    1. Ha, What up Birdo!

      Absolutely, this will allow Curry to get on the field more…He has been productive in his career thus far just with just a small number of snaps…always felt he deserved to see more action! .

  4. The Eagles just need to go into a 4-3 50% of the time and there pass rushing woes are solved. You put Curry and Graham at DE. Cox and Logan at DT with Barwin, Kiko and Kendricks at LB on passing downs and Mufasa in the middle in run downs. Problem solved.

    1. If it was that easy it would be done by now. And if you look around the league its a hybrid league where teams are more about emphasize the strength of the defense and getting as many of their best players on the field as possible. Switching to a 4-3 doesnt make this team a better pass rush team.

      1. IJ is Correct..
        The Eagles on Passing Downs (Which is about 50% of the time) already play a “4-3” Scheme.. The Personnel is the Personnel… The Team could use another DE that’s a Pass-Rusher to complement Vinny Curry..
        Right now the Eagles will Use Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin and Kendricks as that 4th Pass Rusher..

  5. **Panthers News***
    Panthers to Announce a new Contract Extension for MLB Luke Kuechley
    for a 5 Year – $62 Million Deal (not sure how much is Guaranteed)

    **Bills News***
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    (You have to figure Fletcher Cox’s & His Agent is pretty happy with this)

  6. Excellent article on Vinny Currys transition to OLB. It will provide him even more chances to get after the QB.

    If you put Brandon Grahams usage rate last year as the 3rd OLB with Vinny Currys stat…youre looking at a 10+ sack season.

    Vinny Curry can change the defense if he is getting after the QB that much.

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