Chip Kelly Sings The Praises of Darren Sproles On Day After

DarrenSproles101Eagles head coach Chip Kelly took a couple of minutes to sing the praises of yesterday’s hero, Eagles running back and punt returner, Darren Sproles.  Kelly said repeatedly that Darren Sproles is the hardest working practice player, he’s ever seen.  The head coach said it should be no surprise that his performance translates to the games.

The guy works hard and it definitely translates to the game.  Ask all those guys on the New York Jets punt team.  I’m sure they had no idea he’s as strong as he is.

I have walked through the hallways at the Nova Care Complex and looked out the window and seen Sproles out there running sprints.

If Kelly had talked about Sproles for four or five minutes, no one would have complained.  The diminutive running back scored a couple of touchdowns yesterday and that 89-yard punt return gave the entire Eagles organization the confidence that they could beat the Jets.

His quickness and strength makes it very difficult to get a good hit on him.  In the open field, tacklers can only hit him in those strong legs and he’s too strong to arm tackle in the open field.

I told you guys that there was going to be a controversy about who should be starting at running back going forward.  Kelly said he has no idea whether or not Ryan Mathews deserves the bulk of the carries against Washington. The coach mentioned the Pope blessing the team, so that all three running backs will be healthy and ready for the Washington game.  I expect DeMarco Murray to be back in the starting lineup next week.

CHERRYHILL_DENTISTRYKelly talked about how he and the scouting department were enamored with inside linebacker Jordan Hicks after watching him on tape and talking to him.  Kelly said he caught their eye at the NFL Combine.  He said the coaches had great meetings with him and his intelligence showed through.

As for injuries, Kelly said Cody Parkey sustained a new injury to his leg.  Parkey had to adjust how he kicked off and Kelly thought he did good job. Was consistent in work done.
Kelly even had good things to say about Sam Bradford.   think Sam’s doing a good job. Said there are some missed throws, but some drops as well
As for the inability of the Eagles to get the ball to their wide receivers, Kelly said that they wanted to attack other areas of the Jets defense rather than to throw at Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  If the running backs had caught those other “Wheel”, the game wouldn’t have been as close.
As the injury to guard Andrew Gardner, the Eagles don’t know yet about his chances of playing this week.

12 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Sings The Praises of Darren Sproles On Day After

  1. Sproles has been a huge bright spot on this team and one that I enjoy watching. I’m going to just sit back and watch what happens.

    I’m not buying the notion that Bradford isn’t the guy to lead this team. I think that he is a little rusty but his receivers are not helping at all. Remember this is Bradford’s first year in this offense and he just know learning it. If we (and its a big IF) can string some wins together the next few weeks heading into our second matchup against the cowboys we could be really gelling and putting this thing together. I am just not sold on this receiving group.

  2. Chip better sing Sproles’ praises to deflect the debacle he has made of this receiving corp which is absolute garbage! Outside of JMatt the receivers have a total of 13 catches for 113 yards. Riley Cooper has 0 catches over the last two games and has a total of 3 catches for 25 yards, all of which he attained in the Atlanta game. Josh Huff and Miles Austin round off the rest of this illustrious hall of shame group…Agholor is a rookie who looks completely lost, 4 balls have hit him in the hands and he dropped them, he is a rook but at where he was drafted he has to play better. I have never seen what as a strength turned into a weakness so fast. The attempt to replace those players with a Chip type of player has failed miserably to this point.

      1. Lol, I have to admit I definitely thought about it, but, with bad as this receiving corps is, Chip can’t afford to take a talent off the field, and I am using talent loosely, something is going on with Huff in my opinion, he is not showing anything, 2 games played, 4 for 39…terrible. He was drafted to take over DJax’s role/duty, he can’t carry DJax’s jock strap, and I don’t wanna hear about what DJax has not done this year, or he was this or that his overall pedigree speaks for itself. Chip has not replaced that talent…even though he tried to. The Eagles need to draft another receiver early in the draft again for the third year in a row just to replace one guy…which is ridiculous. Can’t say it’s Agholor because he hasn’t done it yet, hopefully he will be good, but that will mean they only have Mathews and Agholor.

  3. Thats something to really think about eaglesbowls…Chip is very childish like that..LOL. Man Hicks is looking like a real player. I wouldnt mind philly going to alonso and telling him..hey while you are mending check out the playbook and watch everything that Graham is doing. So when he gets back its hicks and kendricks in the middle and alonso the new OLB.

  4. Chip smug attitude is really pissing me off. He has hurt this team by getting rid of some good receivers. I want to see a blowout..just to see what thad lewis can do in this offense. Im not saying he will be all pro. I just wanna see a mobile qb.

  5. He better sing Sproles praises. Only reason Eagles won.

    Well, Matthews chipped in (minus the frop). I told you all in the offseason I liked the Matthews signing a lot more than the Murray one. I think, when healthy, Matthews is fantastic.

  6. I am actually in Yellowknife NWT (I’ll wait while you search Googlemaps Koolidiot, I know grade 8 geography is not what it once was) for the week.

    Frankly it’ll be good to get away from football for a few days.

    So no posts….more important things to do. Like catch a 20 pound pike (or 10)….

    Have fun pumping Bradford’s tires all week Koolidiot…he needs the help and encouragement.

  7. I too love matthews rushing game , but he’s got to get rid of the Roberto Duran hands of stone .When watching the game again ,a few standouts,on defense as BILL Davis gets an atta boy ..probably the best performance since last years Dallas thanksgiving game.What he didn’t face in a true QB and a true deep threat in Marshall ,allowed him to have a solid game. Brandon Bair played a great game often getting push into the jets backfield and showing great instincts deflecting passes.This is the first semblance of a collapsing pocket I’ve seen since maybe Jerome Brown .The corners played much more physical ,perhaps not consumed with any great speed they needed to contest .Eventually This front 7 and now backend will get to grow into a nice unit.The QB still seems to sense impending doom ,when it isn’t there .It is even more reason why he needed many more reps in pre -season.The run game definitely makes Sam less of a focus ,he still doesn’t look comfortable in this offense,and nothing he’s done after 3 games ,makes you want to extend his deal.Id love to see him with and watch his scan of the field .He still seems fixated on 15 yards and closer in.He is a work in progress ,but ,to be honest he was fortunate to not have two costly picks that were in the jets hands .
    I’d like to see a two back sets ,as celek has looked dismal ..

  8. LOL…why not go to St Louis, Vinnie??

    ya boy Foles needs help down there…you were the only guy I ever heard talk with such a passionate defense for Foles and his family and friends who were hurt by the criticism of Foles!

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