Eagles-Redskins Preview

Eaglesvs.RedskinsThe anticipation heading into week four is a bit underwhelming as the Eagles are still an absolute mystery. The win against the Jets stopped the losing streak, and there plenty of positives to take away from the defensive side of the game. The number one factor that was going to make or break the season still remains as quarterback Sam Bradford was unimpressive, which is the biggest storyline leading to the matchup against the Redskins.

There is a very good chance that the weather could dictate how the Eagles attack on offense once kickoff rolls around on Sunday. If the rain becomes problematic, it’s likely Chip would lean heavily on the run game. Prior to the pending forecast being announced, I felt that Sam Bradford would finally have the opportunity against an average defensive secondary to really showcase his throwing accuracy and arm strength.


The Redskins will look to run early and often with veteran Alfred Morris and rookie Matt Jones. This is a team that is committing to the rushing attack, but they have some receiving threats that also need to be accounted for. Garcon has the ability to create separation and rack up yards after the catch and will need to be accounted for. Jordan Reed is an athletic tight-end that will test the middle of the Eagles defense and is often a safety blanket for quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Redskins are not a team relying on the big play to move the chains with Desean Jackson out of the lineup; it’s a ball control offense that tries to minimize mistakes.

The Eagles were finally able to establish the run last week, and will look to do so with their number one running back DeMarco Murray who appears on track to return from the injury that sidelined him week three. The Eagles will certainly look to counter the 1-2 punch of the Redskins back field with their 1-2-3 punch of Murray, Mathews and Sproles. Sam Bradford will face the weakest secondary to date as an Eagle, and he needs to play better. Zach Ertz had a tremendous outing the last time these two teams met, and although the Redskins have made changes in both coaching and their roster, Ertz needs to be featured as does Agholor. Sunday can’t be another afternoon of wheel routes to running backs and starring down Jordan Matthews.


The Redskins have a big defensive line that is going to test the offensive guards of the Eagles. Matt Tobin and Allen Barbre must play like NFL starters; Jason Kelce is likely to have his own issues as an undersized center with a 350 pound nose tackle Terrance Knighton looking right at him. Their secondary is without their best player, but that doesn’t mean much if the Eagles don’t modify their passing attack.

Will the Eagles defense once again hold the opposing running back to under 100 yards? I can’t expect the Eagles to hold the Redskins to under 100 yards rushing total for the team, but they must limit the big runs. Morris is a guy who looks to run through you, whole Jones has the ability to make guys miss in the open field. I really liked the way the front seven played last week, disrupting throws at the line of scrimmage because they knew what type of quarterback they were facing. Cousins is much better then Fitzpatrick, but I believe the players who were on the Eagles defense last season recall how Cousins carved them up pretty good, and that’s all the motivation needed to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


There hasn’t been enough shown by the Eagles to give me the feeling that the score of this game could get out of hand. I do believe the weather is going to impact this football game, but it won’t dictate how the coaches call their plays. I think this is the game where Bradford has enough moments to gain some of his confidence back and gain some of the trust back from the Eagle fan base doubting his future with the team. The defense continues to play well, and another great game by rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks.

-Agholor surpasses his entire 2015 total in receptions, by hauling in six catches for 54 yards and a touchdown.
-The Eagles rack up 35 rushing attempts as a team
-Byron Maxwell records an interception

Eagles 24 Redskins 17

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  1. Keys to the Game

    1) Protect the Ball/Win the Turnover Battle .. Redskins have only forced 1 Turnover this Season and sit at a -5 in the Turnover Battle while the Eagles are a + 2
    2) Minimize the Redskins Rushing attack who are averaging close to a 150 Yards per Game .. Force the game in the hands of QB Kirk Cousins
    3) Bradford must make some Plays down the field to stretch the Redskins Defense out, Utilize the TE’s more to expose the middle of the Field
    4) Get a Big Play from Special Teams whether it’s Sproles, Huff or possibly a Block Punt/Kick…
    5) Have a Solid Day from new Kicker Caleb Sturgis, who concerns me…

  2. The worst part of this team at the moment ,is that you can’t put your finger on its pulse.Normally there is a false sense of bravado or an air of confidence that I’ve often felt no matter who the opponent and what the circumstances.This team I find myself unsure of what my expectations are from week to week.Nobody is rushing out to buy jerseys for the holidays ,unsure who ,may be the starters come the holidays.I don’t like uncertainty when it comes to my football team ..that was my one constant week after week.This year ,week to week is filled with hopes and doubts..and prayers..I want my birds back..

  3. The Eagles will beat Washington and continue to progress. Bradford will get better and better as the season progresses and he has a better grasp of the offense and knocks off more of the rust…our defense will shut down Washington’s running attack and we will score on special teams…21-7 Eagles!

  4. The Eagles will beat the Redskins b/c Kirk Cousins is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I don’t think they will look good in the process. But a win is a win. And in this division, where everyone kinda sucks, everyone really truly counts, since I don’t think you’ll need too many to take the division.

  5. Getting ready to Watch Clemson vs Notre Dame which should be a good game.. Watching closely at QB D Watson and some of the OL from Notre Dame
    UCLA/Arizona State, Florida/Miss and Texas A&M/Miss State should be some good Games..

  6. Exactly.

    Eagles lose this game and Ima be feeling some kind of way.

    They should have eough turnovers to make up for any deficiencies on offense. They should have more than enough opportunities to put points on the board.

  7. Colts QB Andrew Luck is out for Today’s Game due to shoulder injury
    Matt Hassleback to Start for the reeling Colts

  8. A lot of short passes…dump offs, wheel routes, dinking and dunking and running the ball on both sides today as the wind will be a factor so that plays into Chip’s and Bradford’s hands. Both teams are strong defensively. The Skins always play the Eagles tough and I believe this will be a low scoring game. These two teams will split this year…due to the Washington’s cb situation and no DJax I will pick the Eagles to win today.

  9. Bills Shutting Down RB L McCoy
    Giants WR suffers another Setbackwith his Calf Injury and may end up missing significant time as the Giants worked out WR’s Wes Welker & HakeemNicks this week
    Redskins release DL Frank Kearse yesterday and Acticated a CB from their Practice Squad meaning that banged up CB Chris Culliver is unlikely to Play today verse the Eagles

    1. That’s Giants WR Victor Cruz who remains out
      Panthers LB Luke Kuechley out for his 3rd Game In a Row for Concussion as he’s been unable to pass the NFL Protocol yet which is not a good sign moving forward..

  10. Redskins have no passing attack, and when they do, their QB enjoys giving the ball to the other team. Their secondary is made up of 3 guys plucked from the street.

    They’ve got a lame duck coach at odds with the owner.

    They will have a stadium which will be 1/3 filled with Birds fans.

    If Eagles don’t win this, then they have to seriously start thiniking about Goff.

    1. Vinnie I have been saying the Eagles need to target Goff since last year. The problem now is that he is playing himself into the #1 over all draft choice, definitely top 5, the Eagles will probably be in that mid-round pick area.

    1. More evidence that last week was a total donut game for the Jets (as I predicted) And even then Birds struggled until punt return and Marshall donut inspired brain fart.

      Need to go 3-13 (or worse) to get Goff who will be #1 qb and maybe #1 overall.

      If Eagles get to 2-2 with very winnable games against NO and Dallas coming up…..then obviously the division title is the goal….

      If Eagles get to 1-3 2 or 3 games behind GB, Carolina, Atl….do they start thinking about that first overall pick????

      So strange.

  11. Anybody that blames Davis and the d is showing their ignorance!
    As was stated the day of the trade… There is one thing hat matters this season, is Bradford a stud or a dud…. Gentlemen, we have our answer

  12. My 8 year old as last play happened (illegal contact on Skins). When Bradford had about 5 seconds before taking a sack (negated)

    “He takes so long to throw the ball.”

  13. Oh a screen on 3rd and 13….

    Announcers, “Redskins are swarming to the ball….”

    Of course they are!!

    As I said 3 weeks ago….it must be pretty fucking easy to play defense on a field 50 yards wide but only 10 yards deep!!!!!!!

    Most defenses have anything from 500 to 5000 square yards to defend.

    Play against Bradford, and its 500 square yards max.

  14. Every defensive line tee’s off on the offensive line becuase we go on the same snap count EVERY TIME. Chip is so concerned about his beloved tempo that he refuses to allow his QB to make checks at the line to audible out of a bad play or alter the snap count. He is putting his players at such a disadvantage on every play.

    1. Last year, with no oline…Eagles O scored 34, 30, 37, 21 34, 30……

      So screw the snap count.

      Bradford is a POS QB who cannot throw. He has been a POS QB for 6 years.

      Kelly has made 5 QB decisions and they have all been wrong, and at this point I want them to go 1-16, fire Kelly, and pick Goff.

    1. Don;t you think. Seriously. That 1st play next drive, the Eagles have to send 4 flys and Kelly has to order Bradford…”You must throw it as far as you can. Just once.”

      Its f-ing ridiculous why he won’t throw it.

      …..unless its a screen to a RB.

  15. Bradford is a “Whore of a quaterback”. Our season is done if he stays in. It’s so pathetic to watch this SOB. Now another TD for the skins and we’re playing from behind again? Fire Chip Kelly.

  16. This is the chip Kelly bubble wrap game .He MUST take off his GM Pride hat and coach Sanchez to a win .The continuous 3 and out finally dominoes into his defense.The TOP matters ..Sam looks like a gimp ,a pimp and is now officially passed the puss test ..terrific …howie said revenge ,we’ll call it..very much lies at the webbed feet of the 3 and out genius..

  17. I have to give you more 8 year old updates (and I swear I have said nothing”

    He’s “acting”

    “I’m in the pocket. I have a lot of time. I won’t throw it. tackled.” and he falls to the floor.

    Its the only thing keeping me from throwing a bottle through my tv.

    BTW – I thought Rowe made a good play, though it doesn’t matter.

    Oh, and TV talking heads yapping and yapping and yapping about oline. Ridiculous.

  18. I would day it has to be Sanchez in the second half because he gives the Eagles a better chance to win….


    That is a joke. Eagles can’t win anything of consequence with Sanchez.

    So tanking the season is the only option now.

    Eagles would be 3-1 or 4-0 with Foles. Guaranteed. Not because of his “ability” but because the team believed in him.

    Instead we’re staring 1-3. And all we see are eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, open arms, and guys yelling at each other. They do not believe.

    And I do not believe either.

    So we have to tank. We need hope. There was hope. Kelly traded that for a Bradford/Sanchez combo…..and that’s a sad joke.

    Strahan: “He (Bradford) looks timid. No shit sherlock.

    What a fucking disaster this is.

  19. Sturgis blows, every move the LLCB made this offseason blows, we all saw this coming and nobody wanted to admit it. No oline depth the QB’s stink the wideouts stink but this genius knows all, damn I’m pissed right now.

  20. I don’t give a fuck how clumsy he looked. How dorky he looked. How awkward he looked.

    Foles was 14-4.
    He drove the field for a TD in the 4th in a playoff game, taking the lead. In his first year as a full time starter.
    He took a beating and got up to say, “lets make them pay” And did.
    He played with a broken hand.

    Did he make mistakes? Did he bumble? Of course he did. As all young QBs do.

    But he WON. And the Chippah traded him and what now looks like a valuable pick for a fucking LOOSah.

    Oh…and I told you all 10000x that signing Murray would be a disastrous move. 500 touches! No RB ever recovers from that shit.

  21. Ignoring history:

    History says – ignore the lines = disaster.
    Chip ignored history and hasn’t picked a lineman in 2 years.

    History says 400 caries = RB doomsday
    Chip ignored history and signed a 500 touch rb

    History says Sam Bradford sucks
    Chip ignored history and traded for Bradford.

    History says piecing together a team with tons of trades and FAs never works.
    Chip ignored history and has more new starters than any team I have ever seen.

  22. No excuses. This team is all Kelly. Don’t even talk injuries or anything else, it is the team that Kelly himself wanted no put together.

    Looks to me that his first 2 years the league didn’t have tape on what he does. Now they do, and his man blocking scheme and the same old snap counts lets teams really tee off on the linemen.

    This coach is too egotistical to change to more of a pro-style offense. If Sproles doesn’t bail him out game in and game out he would be in an even worse position. The defense cannot continue to be on the field so much.

    1. It’s not a tape issue it’s a talent issue.

      You need NFL talent to make this ish work. He dismantled a talented offense and thought he could plug and play with the same results.

      Also, he needs to get a mobile QB to make his system work. Or at least one who is willing to run once and awhile and throw it deep. Which is why Foles kinda work, though he’s at best an NFL backup and not a starter in this league.

      Bradford is cooked. He plays scared. Doesn’t want to get hit. Is still favoring his leg. He’s just not gonna work. And he needs to take his millions and retire.


    1. Didn’t I say that?

      It had to be the case. Chip to Bradford….”you must throw the ball. Throw it or you are benched”

      Too bad he didn’t say that to him game 1. Eagles might be over .500

    1. Cousins is HORRIBLE!!!!!

      And the fact we just made him look like an All-Pro let’s me know this defense ain’t all folk were cracking it up to be.


    2. HAC, it’s not about the QB, the offense is bad period, the o line, QB, receivers, except Sproles backs are average with this line. And the leader of this clown car is that fraud GM clown Kelly!

  24. Defense has been on the field for 40 minutes, they are tired, I do not hold the defense responsible, this offense blows and so does Chip. Eagles 1-3 and at the bottom of the division…regression for 2nd year in a row…great job Chip, Culture beats scheme everyday…but not talent!!!! Outcoached, schemed and talented by Kyle Shanahan…what a joke!

  25. Right there….Washington comes up with defensive line pressure when it needed it…..what kind of pressure did our defensive line come up with when we needed it during that last 80 yard drive. Washington is a bad freaking team, so that only points out how inadequate this team is. Brutal loss.

  26. And the offense doesn’t suck…the players do. Too many drops at the wrong time. Too many penalties at the wrong time. Too many missed fgs and extra points. Qb is scared to throw the ball majority of the time. We are just a sloppy team man

    1. you can only measure the offense by the players executing it, Chip brought in the players he thought could best execute his offense. The offense is predictable and yes, it sucks right along with the players, play calling and execution.

  27. Sign 500 carry Murray – wrong
    Throw away a 14-4 QB – wrong
    Do that and a 2nd for Bradford – very wrong
    Try to start 11 new players – wrong
    Time of possession doesn’t matter – wrong

    Chip ignored every historical marker and this has become a disaster.

    Game I am going to next week was supposed to be a celebration, now will be a boo-fest – oh well, just like the late 80s and 90s ll over again I guess.

    This might not all be on Bradford….but he is the face of this shit. He played wll for 10 mins nad only after someone grabbed him in the dressing room and said, “throw the ball or I will kill you.”

    Lasted 10 mins.

    We’re 3-1 with Foles.

    Stl will enjoy that high 2nd rounder.

  28. And of course Foles throws a td on his first pass attempt, what a damn day could this season start any worse? They had 3 healthy dline guys available at the end of the game, the oline is in shambles, sports science my ass.

  29. Same old sorry ass Eagles I called this one so i’m not surprised they lost they deserve to lose. This is not an NFL team I bet the Jets are still wondering how did we lose to that piece of shit trash heap sorry excuse of team they call the Philadelphia Eagles we.

  30. Wait – I recognize the plan!!

    Kelly is genius!

    Everyone duped into thinking the Foles/Bradford/2nd trading was “Quest for Mariotta” when in fact it was “Quest for Goff!!”

    I get it.

    Kelly traded away a proven winner for a proven loser in Bradford and then signed a guy whose legs had been turned to rubber in order to ensure a 3-13 season and a shot at the #1 Qb in the 2016 draft.

    Makes sense now when you think about it.

  31. Giants/Redskins Win to both move to 2-2 , Cowboys play tonight
    Falcons/Panthers both Win to go to 4-0 (both likely to make Playoffs with 1 as
    a Wildcard)

    Bottom line for Eagles who are now 0-3 in the NFC Conference and 0-2 in the NFC East is that they will now have to run the Table with all their NFC Conference Games which is very unlikely to happen… No Wildcard is coming from the NFC East so if Eagles can’t run the Tables versus their NFC Foes, then they are toast for 2015 Post-Season
    The NFL has caught up to Chip Kelly who is now 2-6 over his last 8 NFL Games
    His up-tempo, horizontal scheme may work against the few AFC Teams that don’t see it often but all the Teams in the NFC have more than adjusted
    It’s a flawed Scheme at the NFL Level regardless of who the QB is..
    We will see Chip Kelly remain as HC thru the 2016 Season and then changes will have to be made once again.. Maybe a real GM is hired first who then hires a HC… Maybe Howie comes out of the janitorial closet with his Voluminous Notes to save the day for Jeff Lurie… Maybe Lurie sells the Team .. Who Knows, but I have too much going on in my life right now to further waste my time & energy worrying about it… The Eagles are what I thought they were..

  32. This game is on the coaching staff offense mainly but the DC can take some blame also. That soft ass coverage on the first two wash drives led to cousins feeling some confidence that he continued with throughout the game and it showed in the final drive..Coldbrewski summed it up the players make plays in spite off Davis. The first half performances is on the coach. 0 first half points is unacceptable.

  33. This is by far the most boring and most unlikeable team I have ever seen. No exaggeration. Hate this roster

    1. I don’t like the GM/HC & the DC… The Players have almost become irrelevant under Chip Kelly like his College Teams at Oregon… It’s about Chip Kelly and now the tide has turned on him.. Let’s see how he handles the increasing pressure & scrutiny …

      1. paulman I tried to point out during the off season, this was about Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. Forget that culture vs talent nonsense it was always about his system versus elite talent. This is the roster the Eagles are stuck with my friend.

        1. Yes Biggy, you called out Chip Kelly for what he really is from the get go…
          This 2015 Season is over before the Leaves even change colors for the 3rd Time in the last 5 Years…
          Kelly is 2-6 in his last 8 Games and 1-4 in His last NFC East Divsion Games

          Meanwhile the Rams go to 2-2 with Wins over Seahawks/Cardinals and RB Todd Gurley had some nice runs late to help seal the Game.. Foles looked good today with 3 TD Passes… If Gurley produces will all of a sudden make Foles look a whole lot better with his Play-Action which is probably his strength..
          Gurley finished with 19 Carries for 142 Yards…

          6 Teams Remain Undefeated
          NFC – Packers, Falcons & Panthers all 4-0
          AFC – Broncos, Bengals & Patriots (Bye Week)

          When Teams Start 4-0, Historically, they make the Post-Season 89% of the Time

          The Only chance the Eagles have is to Win the NFC East, which looks very doubtful after starting 0-3 in the NFC Conference and 0-2 in the NFC East
          Eagles have 9 NFC Conference Games left and probably need to Win them all

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