Eagles-Saints Preview

SamBradfordvsJets4A win on Sunday and the season outlook “should” remain optimistic. Lose to the Saints, and although the playoffs are in play “mathematically speaking,” the fall out would be ugly.
I’m not confident in the Philadelphia Eagles right now, because the Eagles players and coaches don’t “sound” confident themselves. Where is the leadership, what is the identity of this football team? The Saints have an identical record and are also searching for answers. What they have that the Eagles lack is the luxury of a head coach and quarterback who have been through the good times and the bad times. I don’t think other than the title of head coach and general manager of Sam Bradford that Chip Kelly goes out of his way to build any type of relationship with the quarterback he traded for.

When two 1-3 teams matchup, there are typically big issues for the slow start. The Saints have had some turnover with their roster, mostly due to salary cap reasons, but even the changes they made don’t compare to the Eagles. The starting offensive line that the Eagles trot out on the football field is a “direct” reflection of Chip Kelly. If the Eagles are unable to establish the run early, the Saints could very unload an increased percent of blitzes, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is extremely aggressive especially when he knows the limitations with the opposing offenses.

My biggest question going into this matchup is the motivation of the Eagles. Forget singling out who the blame falls on with the slow starts in the first half; it has to be a thing of the past. Even with Drew Brees not 100% healthy, the Eagles defense is not good enough to limit him. The Eagles offense is going to need to score in the first half, and produce for all four quarters.

The Saints offense is not the same without Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and Colston at the end of his career. They are now a team that likes to run the football, Ingram is the lead back, but with Spiller now healthy, his role should certainly increase most likely as a receiver. Cooks has done little this season, Snead and Coleman have had bigger productions weeks. The tight-ends are merely role players. It’s the weakest offensive line the Eagles have faced so far this season, so there will be an opportunity to capitalize of defense.

As for the Eagles, what part of the Eagles offense will shine this week? The Eagles have yet to show they can produce both by rushing and passing the football in the same game. Their inability to do so is why the offense is unable to move at the pace it did during the first two seasons. Too many three and outs, defenses aren’t worried about playmakers and the scheme is too basic. It’s time for the Eagles to run the football like they did against the Jets, connect on the deep ball against the Redskins, move at a quick pace like they did in the second half against the Falcons and exploit an average at best New Orleans Saints defense.

This game is not likely to come down to defensive football; it’s going to be which offense scores touchdowns instead of settling for field goals.

With the Eagles at home this week, with all of the pressure mounting on Chip Kelly to figure this thing out, I do expect a win this week.

Eagles 27 Saints 24

22 thoughts on “Eagles-Saints Preview

  1. Saints are coming off an OT win vs Dallas and have a Thursday game against division rival Atlanta in 4 days.

    So they will be flat like the Jets were BTW – isn’t the Eagles sched breaking nicely? Just another in a long line of advantages the Birds had this year (Romo, Dez, Nelson, JPP, RGIII mess) that have not taken advantage of, but better soon.

    Add in ‘canuck luck (as my tailgating friends call it – I think I am something like .850 at live games over the past 30 years).

    Eagles will win this game because the Saints suck – and especially so on the road. (oh my – but if they don’t how the boos will rain down)

    The real test comes following 2 weeks NYG and @Panthers will define the season.

  2. Vin..enjoy the festivities..I am hoping the saints also are in a peek ahead mode and will be the soft underbelly this team needs to get back on track.If the Eagles are running North and South that will indicate they’ve changed and adjusted ..Quick traps and misdirection ,hopefully will work to offset rob Ryan’s hair cut n fire approach..Obviously kicking is a concern…until it isn’t

  3. Bull!! Vinniedaloser and deserteagle two lame ass notions ..a built in excuse for the Eagles winning..

    Lame and stupid analysis

    The Saints are 1-3, and desperate like us they cant afford to think about Thursday against Atlanta…they need this win.

    If the Eagles win it will be because they earned the win, because they overcame the negativity and show some fortitude and fight. Its gut check time and no one is in any damm “peek ahead” mode..

    Its time to fight for survival…neither the Eagles nor the Saints can afford many more losses. The Eagles will win this game because they man up and beat a good team with good coaching that’s struggling just like them

      1. Strange that Kooltwit is so upset that we are making “built in excuses for the Eagles winning” after he has spent the last month rolling out a myriad of “built in excuses” as to why Bradford is sucking.

        But whatever…kid is 16. Gotta cut him some slack.

      2. desert you are a shrill whiner who is always scared!

        The whimpering and whining and making a back door for yourself in case the Eagles win….since you have been bashing them throughout this thread-is no reflection of any ‘mental part’

        Your a lame flip-flopper creating a back door to cover all of your bases…

        That’s how so many of you lames are…your scared to stand up, make a call and prediction…and then live with it as your call. You always have a back-up plan, a way to say…’see I told you’…

        You all are damm lame ass flip-floppers…If the Eagles start running the ball well…you well tell us how your were right about Chip getting rid Shady…if Bradford starts playing well, Vinniedaloser well tell us how much he wanted a pocket passer…if the Offensive line recovers many of you will talk about how washed up Herramen’s and Mathis was….

        I know you lames…have seen you for the last three years…you never have a clear and set position…your lame ass flip-floppers

  4. The saints know as do the Eagles that they’re playing vs. a wounded animal .For who for what ..has chip rallied his troops or are the cracks more visible..that’s the question that neither you nor I know the answer ..Vegas -4

  5. Some Stats for Eagles/Saints Matchup….

    Saints are #7 Ranked Overall – 388 Yards per Game — 83 Yards Rushing and 305 Yards Passing and have Averaged 21.5 Points per Game

    Eagles are #28 Ranked Overall – 294 Yards Per Game — 70 Yards Rushing and 224 Yards Passing and have Averaged 19.5 Points per Game

    Saints Rank #23rd allowing 382 Yards Per Game — 123 Yards Rushing and 258 Yards Passing and giving up an average 26 Points per Game

    Eagles Rank #20 allowing 374 YArds Per Game — 79 Yards Rushing and
    298 Yards Passing and give up an average of 21.5 Points per Game

    Saints Defense can be Run on while the Eagles Defense can be Passed on and whoever is able to take advantage of these Defense Weakness will Win

    Saints have 7 Sacks while the EAgles have 6 so far this Season
    Do watch for the Saints LB’s Blitz by Hau’oli Kikaha & Stephone Anthony who are lightning fast and know how to close on QB’s

    In the Giveaway/Takeaway Stats, the Eagles have the edge with a + 1
    while the Saints are a -3 in this important category..

    Saints OL is in a mess as well as the Eagles is …
    Saints could be missing LT T Armstead, LG T Lelito and RG J Evans who are all banged up and could Start Rookie A Peat at LT and former Eagles Mike McGlynn at one of the Guard Spots..
    Eagles could me missing LT J Peters, RT L Johnson and will have a new RG (Kelly or Tobin Playing for Gardner) so whichever Team does a better job of Protecting the QB and Opening Holes in for Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Opportunities will likely Win
    A Big Advantage has to go with Saints DC Rob Ryan over Eagles Billy Davis for Ryan is super aggressive and will test this depleted Eagles OL more than Davis will Test the Saints OL

    The Match-ups of the Game …

    Any Eagles Receiver/TE versus the Saints weakest Cover DB which is Brandon Browner by far… Browner is really like a Safety and strong versus the Run and plays very physical, but get Browner 15 Yards downfield and out in space in 1 on 1 Pass Coverage and he is lost and a real liability..

    Saints Best Cover DB’s are CB Keenan Lewis & Delvin Breaux will likely handle the Eagles Top WR’s (Matthews & Agholor) and Safety Kenny Vacarro and Darius Byrd working the middle of the Field and the Eagles TE’s
    A nice Match-Up for the Eagles will be Sproles out of the Backfield or even a
    Riley Cooper/Miles Austin/ isolated on CB Browner down the Field

    Bradford must find who Browner is guarding in coverage on and exploit him as much as Possible whether its a Receiver, TE or RB that he’s covering

    Saints Match-Ups will be trying to get CJ Spiller out on wheel routes in the passing game .. They also will use RB’s Ingram/Robinson in the Screen Game.. BRandon Cooks is their Speed/Big Play Receiver while M Colston, Snead & TE’s B Watson & Josh Hill are more middle of the field, short to intermediate routes..
    I expect Saints Coach Payton to call a similar game as he did versus the Eagles in that Playoff Game 2 Years ago which was a lot of Running Plays from Mark Ingram & Khiry Robinson, Short Passes to RB’s and Cooks and a grind it out Offense.. Brees’s arm is not 100% so the Eagles may not have to worry about the Deep Pass but Brees is still very accurate in that 15-25 Yard Pass Route..

    Turnovers and the Kicking Game will be huge as both Teams have struggled with their Kickers..

    This Game will be close and go right down to the end and in a sense is like a Playoff Game for whoever Loses this Game and falls to 1-4 will not make the Post-Season in 2015 …

    1. That’s Funny, G-Man would be upset as Hell … I just can’t see Trojan AD Pat Hayden Hiring a Big Ego Like Chip Kelly to be honest with you…. Chip Kelly is a Perfect Fit for Austin,TX and the University of Texas

  6. Watched the Sixers preseason game from last night on DVR against Cleveland. They are difficult to watch. Last year they would struggle offensively but were competent defensively before the MCW and KJ McDaniel deadline trades. They would get some defensive turnovers and do some spectacular fast break jams. Since those trade deadline deals they aren’t even remotely entertaining. It is really difficult to watch them play.

  7. Jeremy Maclin is playing outstanding for KC.
    Cary Williams is playing real well for Seattle.
    Evan Mathis is struggling in Denver.
    Todd Herremans has been benched in Indianpolis.
    Trent Cole a non factor in Indy.
    Bradley Fletcher average in Boston.
    Nate Allen is on IR list to return in week 9 in Oakland.
    Casey Matthews hasn’t played yet in Minnesota.
    Chris Polk demoted back to 3rd team RB for Houston now that Foster is healthy.
    James Casey Spercial teamer in Denver.
    The trades
    Lesean McCoy is equaling Kiko – injured disappointment.
    Nick Foles is playing average but clearly better than Bradford who is playing below average.
    Matt Barkley 3rd team OB in Arizona
    Brandon Boykin only special teamer.

    1. Casey Matthews is Out for the Season due to a Hip Injury early he suffered very early on in Camp for the Vikings…

      Lets look at the Free-Agent/Player Signings Acquisitions for the Eagles

      QB Bradford – Disappointing – Grade C
      RB D Murray – Disappointing – Grade D
      RB R Matthews – I give him a “B” and appears to be a better Fit than Murray
      WR M Austin – 1st Big Play last Week.. Can he be a a Factor since Josh Huff is AWOL.. Grade C –
      LB – B Graham .. 1st Year Starter after Signing a nice contract and has done very little so far.. Grade D
      CB – B Maxwell – Biggest Free-Agent Signing and has disappointed and looks to the Weakest Spot in a Secondary that has been rebuilt. Grade D
      DB – W Thurmond – Biggest Surprise as his thin frame has held up and he’s probably is the best “Ball Hawk” in the Secondary and had nice Ball Skills
      Grade B +

      New Secondary Coach G Undlin – Outside of Maxwell’s Soft Coverages,
      the Rest of the Secondary looks improvement … Grade C +

        1. My Grade for Chip Kelly the GM is a D

          I liked & supported and even called for the release of aging Players who were replaceable and overpaid so when Herremans, Casey, Trent Cole,Cary Williams
          Were all Released, I was happy..
          I did not like the Re-Signing of OLB B Grahamfor I thought he had enough time with the EAgles to prove that he was a nice Rotational Player but nothing Special.. I was ok with Trading McCoy but felt they should have gotten more in return than just Kiko Alonso like a 3rd or 4th Round Pick
          I was not happy on the Foles for Bradford & 2nd Round Pick Trade for it made no sense in the short term or long term for the Club in my opinion..
          I also was not in Favor of RB D Murray… Adding Ryan Matthews withD Sproles and then adding one of these quality RB’s in the 2015 Draft Class is how I would have went to get younger at the Position instead of older & too much $$$ for the Position which has now kept the WR thin..
          I also would have stayed away from CB Maxwell and could have signed 2-3 DB’s for less than the $63 Million they signed Maxwell for…

          I liked J Maclin but felt all last off season that he would bolt to the Chiefs to reunite with AR and play closer to home once he reached Free-Agency..
          I was ok with them not breaking the Bank to keep him as they did make him a strong offer, but he wanted out which happens.. The issue is the Eagles did very little to replace him as other WR’s were on the market
          (Torrey Smith, Cecil Shorts, Stevie Johnson, James Jones, etc to name a few..)
          I did not like The Draft in Terms of Trading away a 4th, and not making moves to get something in return for disgruntled OL Mathis and not addressing the OL in the Draft

    2. It is too early to make a call on most of the acquisitions, both Murray and Bradford have been impacted by ineffective Offensive Line play, the receivers for the Eagles lead the league in dropped passes. Bradford has not cost the Eagles any games yet Foles clearly was directly responsible for the Pittsburgh loss with a back breaking interception and he was totally ineffective in the Washington loss! His play in the wins have been barely average. So overall he has like Bradford been sub-par only with better offensive receivers and better protection from his Offensive line. He has exhibited the same things he showed here…holding the ball, indecisive, and confused. The QB play from the Eagles has not taken any backward step from last year at all!
      The most disappointing thing about the defense is the lack of a serious pass rush! The Cornerbacks are being hung out to dry again with QB’s with all day in the pocket to throw the ball.
      The Eagles have positives to build upon…
      1. Bradford is getting better! ..in the last game he shut up his naysayers with long and more importantly accurate passes in rallying the team back after taken a beat down in the first half. He put to rest all of the fraudulent contentions about being scared or not having arm strength, and being afraid to go deep. He has only 2 interceptions that were his fault-not bad for a guy who hasn’t played in 2 years and who had very little pre-season work. Once he gets a better feel for his receivers AND they stop dropping the ball and the Offensive line stablilizes as Algholor develops….the QB play will improve dramatically.

      2. Jordan Hicks needs to stay on the field…no matter what…the kid is making plays, turnovers, putting Romo out, recovering fumbles…I dont see how you keep him off the field

      3. Safety Play with Thurmond and Jenkins has been outstanding

      4. The guy that no one is talking about is Nolan Carroll who hasn’t played badly.

      The key is stabilizing the Offensive Line…if and when (and I strongly believe that WHEN is more accurate) they stabilize the line…the team will go on a run for the playoffs!

      1. I will agree with you about Nolan Carroll having a nice, steady Season so far.. As is Walt Thurmond and Do note that Carroll becomes a Free-Agent after this Season and Eagles would be wise to attempt to sign him for an extension soon so he doesn’t bolt and test Free-Agency which will just drive up his Pricetag..

        1. It’s too early to judge the defensive acquisitions..Pman..The inequities of time created by the offense and times of possession and 3 and outs skews there grades.The acquisition and pursuit of new England’s safety that chose to stay put ,was a major blow to chips off seasons hopes ..Last years Jenkins acquisition looks very solid ..I was curious others thoughts on Sam ,last week ..Did it take 3 1/2 games to see the rust removed and self doubts ,and will he come out early and attack defenses ,with renewed confidence that he’s finally able to take hits ? Or was washingtons porous back end a cause and effect..That will be fascinating to watch as willrob Ryan vs..bill davis

    1. And that’s Koolbreeze’s issue. He’s never been to the Linc, or the Vet. He’s never walked out with 65,000 depressed fans after a loss like that against the Boys, or the NFC champ vs TB (quietest I have ever seen/heard a crowd anywhere in my life save Remembrance Day), or any other number of devastating losses.

      So he doesn;t understand that his constant pimping and excuse making of/for Sam Bradford, whom every other Eagles fan knows has been playing like absolute garbage (save for 10 mins against a wsh team without a secondary) pisses people off.

      Everyone can see how bad he is…everyone laments the loss, and here is this 16 year old clown telling everyone he’s great. Fucking annoying if you ask me.

      Anyway. I’m off.

      Kooltwit, I’ll drink a couple extra beers at the stadium for you because I know you have neither the income, nor the ID to buy one yourself.

  8. Yeah, yeah right Vinniedaloser

    You were off before your lame ass, flip-flop comments…

    Citing the back breaking disappointments of us true Eagle fans does not validate your own abdication of the Eagles…

    You made it absolutely clear for three years that the answer to all this disappointment was Nick Foles…

    So when Nick left…you left…so you wont be back at the Linc

    Its simple Vinniedaloser…you desire all of us to be depressed and miserable with no hope like you…

    Yeah…go have a few beers you turncoat rat Vinnie…no true Eagles fan at all will join you!

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