Thoughts From Eagles-Saints

coxThree Sack Effort By Fletcher Cox Powers Eagles To Their Second Win

The Eagles’ offense finally showed some signs of life and improvement against the New Orleans Saints, but the the reason the Eagles won this game today was because of the outstanding effort they got from defensive end Fletcher Cox.

Cox played a tremendous game, picking up three sacks, forcing two fumbles, both of which were recovered by the Eagles, both of which led the scored for the Birds.

Cox’s two forced fumbles were game-altering plays that the Eagles desperately needed. With the offense once again struggling to convert on opportunities in the redzone, Cox’s first turnover came late in the second half, setting up the Eagles with a short field and a field goal opportunity that struggling kicker Caleb Sturgis was able to convert.

In the second half, following a touchdown drive from the offense, Cox forced another fumble right as the Saints received the ball back, setting up the Eagles with another short field that the offense was able to convert into a touchdown.

The Eagles went up 23-10, and the error-prone Saints were never able to recover.

Bradford Escapes Early Red Zone Woes

Sam Bradford and the Eagles’ offense were able to move the ball at will on the New Orleans defense throughout the day.

However, Sam’s performance was not without issue.

Bradford killed the Eagles early in the game, turning the ball over twice in the redzone, denying the team two valuable early opportunities for points.

The Eagles’ offense was finally in a rhythm and generating some momentum early in the first quarter. However, Bradford destroyed that with a poorly thrown ball that was intercepted by Brandon Browner in the endzone. The former Ram underthrew a pass to Riley Cooper, and the wide receiver never had a chance to make the play.

On the Eagles’ next possession, the offense once again was able to march down the field, and got themselves into the redzone. But once again, Bradford came up short on a pass intended for Miles Austin, resulting in his second interception of the game. It was another feeble throw on an underthrown ball.

Bradford bounced back to finish with over 300 yards and two touchdowns, but serious concerns remain about him moving forward.

Running Game Finally Works As Advertised

Five games into the season, the Eagles finally got the running game off of the ground.

DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews for over 200 total yards of offense, and each scored a touchdown.

Chip Kelly made a much stronger effort to establish the running game than he had in previous weeks, and took advantage of a soft Saints front seven that wasn’t able to put up much resistance, and wore down as the game went on.

After Murray received just eight carries in a fairly close game against the Washington Redskins a week ago, Kelly gave the highly-paid running back 20 carries and also seven catches out of the backfield.

Murray is a guy who needs to get a high volume of touches to get into the flow of a game and maximize his effectiveness, and Kelly did that today. Mathews was effectively used as a change of pace back, and picked up 73 yards on just eight carries.

Not one to be left out, Darren Sproles also got six touches of his own, picking up several key first downs.

This was the blueprint that a lot of people had envisioned for the Eagles’ running backs this year.

Quick Thoughts


  • The Eagles offense finished with 519 yards, easily their best output of the season.
  • Josh Huff finally emerged in the offense, tying the game with a 41-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter. Huff registered four grabs for 78 yards on the day.
  • The offensive line had their best game of the year, successfully opening up running lanes for Murray and Mathews, and did a solid job protecting Sam Bradford, not allowing a sack until the game was well out of reach for the Saints.
  • The other really encouraging sign was the involvement of the tight ends. Zach Ertz and Brent Celek combined for eight catches, 104 yards, and a touchdown. All season, I’ve thought the tight ends have been criminally underutilized by Chip Kelly, and it was refreshing to see him finally take advantage of one of his more talented positions.
  • Riley Cooper put up three catches for 32 yards, and was targeted a fairly high amount of times by Bradford.
  • Jordan Matthews chipped in five grabs for 44 yards, but drops remain an issue for him. Matthews dropped what should have been a touchdown in the endzone in the first half. The play would have been wiped out by a penalty, but drops have been an issue for him throughout the season and it was troubling to see him continue to struggle.
  • Just one catch for five yards for Nelson Agholor, who left the game with an injury.


  • Bennie Logan picked up a first quarter sack on Drew Brees, causing a Saints drive to end.
  • Think the Saints would like to have Malcolm Jenkins back? High-priced Jairus Byrd isn’t doing too much to help them out.
  • Jenkins was solid again for the Eagles today, making several tackles for losses.
  • Jenkins’ partner, Walter Thurmond, came down with his third interception of the season late in the game.
  • Marcus Smith was active today, and actually played a couple snaps with the defense. He registered one assist on a tackle.
  • Jordan Hicks recovered a fumble for the third time this season.
  • DeMeco Ryans made just one tackle, but he made it count, knocking the ball loose and creating another New Orleans turnover.
  • E.J. Biggers getting more work in nickel package, gave up third-down play in the first quarter. Biggers broke up a pass intended for Brandon Cooks.

Special Teams

  • Josh Huff began the game with a strong kickoff return to give the Eagles field position close to midfield.
  • Caleb Sturgis missed an extra point, but hit all four of his field goal attempts.
  • Donnie Jones only had to punt the football once today.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles got just what the doctor ordered on Sunday: a matchup against a bad team with even more issues than they have.

The Saints are such a shell of what they once were. Their defense is such an ineffective, penalty-prone group and the offense just isn’t the explosive powerhouse that were a couple of years ago.

The Eagles showed a lot of positives today. They moved the ball at will all game long. Sure, it came against a very poor defense, but it was the kind of performance that this team desperately needed in order to build some legitimate momentum moving into next week.

Whether or not the Eagles can keep this momentum up against tougher defenses remains to be seen, but they were able to take care of business this week and put themselves in a position to battle for first place in the division (again) when the Giants come to town next week.

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108 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Saints

  1. Bradford continues to knock of 2 years of rust…he recovered from those two turnovers and began picking the Saints defense apart…with accurate short passes. Bradford utilizes the effective run game..
    Of course, the whiners are silent…the Eagles winning like I stated brings them no joy…especially when we can see a clear distinction….Bradford with a running game and excellent defensive play…goes 32 for 45 for 333 yards-2 touchdowns, two admittedly bad interceptions…
    What about the QB that we got rid of…Nick Foles?
    His defense forced interceptions from Aaron Rodgers, he got 159 yards on 30 carries from the rookie….what did Foles do with that?
    A whopping 4 interceptions for a miserable 11-30 for a measly 141 yards
    The Rams defense and running game plays well…Foles loses the game for the Rams!
    We clearly got the better QB!!

    1. Stop with the knocking off 2 years of rust, that excuse is gone now as we are now going to game six. The man is a professional athlete, he can read defenses, pass, run etc, physically he is fine, football is muscle memory, he has played QB for his adult life…stop it. He is playing like he did in St. Louis. Both teams, Eagles and Rams are 2-3, the QB gets the credit for the wins and losses. Both teams are what their record says they are. Nick has played like shit a couple of times this year, so has Sam. I would not care if Chip did not get duped into giving up that 2nd round pick.

    2. Nick Foles never played five games for the Eagles as poorly as Bradford has played the first five this season. And that includes the five games he played with the second stringers at the end of 2012 when Vick was benched.

      Foles has beaten two of the best teams in the conference this year – Bradford has beaten losers….

      If Foles sucks, the Bradford really sucks.

  2. Saints Defense was terrible all Games…
    Brees is in the twilight of his Career
    A Great Win for the Eagles and much needed, but let’s not make it more than what it was, A Win over a bad Road Team
    Detroit Lions Benched QB M Stafford during their 30 point loss to the Cardinals
    Redskins QB K Cousins throws a Pick-6 in OT to lose to the Falcons
    Bears QB Jay Cutler rallies the Bears from an 11 Point Deficit against the KC Chiefs in Kansas City who lost their soul and leader in RB J Charles for the Season…
    Seahawks blow a 4th Quarter Lead in the 4th Quarter to lose to the Bengals
    And drop to 2-3 on the Season
    Ravens blow a 4th Quarter Point Lead at Home to the Browns to drop to 1-4 and basically end their Playoff hopes

    A lot went the Eagles way today in the NFC with Redskins, Cowboys losing
    Now they need the Giants to lose tonight
    Rams,Seahawks,Redskins, Bears & Cowboys are all 2-3 like the Eagles
    Vikings are 2-2 with a bye week and Giants are 2-2 going into tonight game

    Packers,Cardinals, Falcons & Panthers are looking good for the Post-Season
    The NFC East is still up for Grabs but Eagles must run the table versus their NFC East Foes to really have a chance

    1. Think Andy could be in some trouble in Kansas City? Embarrassing loss to Bears, Charles gone, season over…throw out the fraudulent 9-0 start he had in his first year, and he’s done nothing to get that franchise building towards something.

      1. Totally agree Denny. I think Chiefs cut ties with him after this year. In my opinion the game has passed him by and will no longer be successful as a head coach. Marty Schottenheimer 2.0(probably spelled his name wrong).

      2. I agree about AR, the Chiefs have taken a step back each season..
        They probably need to switch to QB C Daniels and see what he can do as Alex Smith can’t pass the ball downfield and now with no RB Charles, they will have to rely on the Pass to move the ball

  3. Eaglehaslanded…your problem along with so many here is that your thinking is so linear, you cant shake your self from the classic football cliches long enough to have a clear football thought that takes an objective look at the game! .
    Football is muscle memory and when you dont play for 2 years you barely play in the pre-season…it does take some time to shake off rust.
    Like I said…Bradford HAS to play better…but one thing is becoming more clear has he plays more…He IS getting better.
    Bradford completed 70% of his passes, threw for over 300 yards…the mistakes he made didn’t destroy his confidence…he once again showed that he can come back from mistakes and make plays!

    I dont want to hear about how bad the Saints defense is…they had some good players return to their lineup including Keenan Lewis
    The Saints have had close losses just like the Eagles, this was a must win game for them…Be balanced in your analysis…no one would have accepted any excuses for an Eagles loss in this situation…yet everyone has lame excuses for an Eagles blowout win


    1. Kool, Bradford is who he is a middle of the pack NFL QB, I don’t know what your fascination is with him but whatever. The Eagles got a much needed win after pissing away 3 games. The defense can be a legitimate ball hawking nasty crew when they’re not playing 40 minutes a game. Please stop fooling yourself this offensive personnel isn’t taking us anywhere this season, another frustrating year as an Eagles fan. We can all see obviously you can’t.

      1. Biglion821…If I accept him as a middle of the pack Qb in this league, he is a big upgrade over what we had. My argument with you and many others is that while you persistently dog Bradford you dont inform us of any options.
        If Russell Wilson was available and we opted to take Bradford over Wilson, then I would join the chorus of critics that dog Kelly over the QB…
        We got the best and most talented AVAILABLE QB and we all saw his talent level and potential in the pre-season.
        I dont share your gloom and doom…the Eagles offense can be very explosive…explosive enough for us to win the NFC East…we need to beat the Giants next week…and after seeing them tonight…that is clearly within reach!

    2. Kool, I am thinking using the information provided by Sam’s performance and his history. You are projecting based on hope, nothing more. You don’t want to hear the excuses, but all you had was excuses when Foles threw 7 TD passes against the Raiders…in your eyes the Raiders defense stunk..and they did, but that was the sole reason Foles had success. The Saints d backs crashed into each other like keystone cops on Huffs TD, Celek was wiiiide open on his TD pass. But that is ok to you, just pointing out your hypocrisy.
      Braford 2 TD’s and 2 picks…the interceptions are murder. He threw the damn ball right to the d back with Cooper wide open, that has nothing to do with rust, just being inaccurate. 8 TD’s 6 picks for the season….that ratio is not going to cut it. He has to play better, but until I see dramatic improvement and better play against a good defense I am not trying to hear how much better Bradford is. Right now he is consistently inconsistent.
      You were singing the same praises of Sanchez last year, how’d that work out for you? After you heaped all that praise, you turned on him like Judas after Sanchez played like garbage.

      1. EHL, stop with the foolishness…you are going back two years!

        Ridiculous and Desperate!

        First, I didn’t have any ‘excuses’ for Foles good play at all, two years ago against some of the worse teams in the league. After his playoff loss, I didn’t call for Vick to be brought back, At the start of training camp last year, I said that Foles should be the starter based off of the previous year and that last year was the year that should determine if he was the long term answer. We got the answer.

        He stunk and Kelly was right to get rid of him…

        I have been consistent and sensible in my assessments. Sanchez had a shot. My only contention about him is that he is no worse than Foles.

        They both stunk and I said that repeatedly!

        If the Eagles kept Foles, my point is that Sanchez should have had the right to compete for the starting job…Foles leading the league in turnovers didn’t give him any right to automatically named a starter.

        Keeping Sanchez as a backup was a good move..

        Secondly, comparing the Saints to the Raiders two years ago is ridiculous. The Saints have Drew Brees who was the Raiders QB?
        Instead of desperately reaching back two years, why not look at their play today? Foles 4 interceptions, a terrible 11-30-way under 50% passing.. and according to one reporter who graded the game for the St Louis Post-Dispatch- Foles got a “F” for failure.
        Foles has directly cost the Rams two games. He threw the killer interception against Pittsburgh, today he was extremely awful…none of the games that Bradford has played this year has been has awful has Foles game today!

        Stop it…just stop it EHL!

        1. Kool, you said you NEVER had a doom and gloom analysis…therefore, I can go back in time as far as I want to see if you NEVER was doom and gloom. Your own word coming back to bite you in the ass there! You have a double standard which makes you less credible in your analysis, everyone sees it except you. Lol, you had no choice but to admit you were wrong about Vick and Sanchez although you propped them up, slurped them…etc. Now you are doing the same with Bradford…it is a disturbing pattern you have developed. It does not matter who the Raiders QB was, there QB was not playing against Foles, their defense was. The Saints defense is hot garbage period. Bradford should have had 4 TD passes today, but he threw 2 picks in the red zone…unacceptable. I do not care about Foles, he’s crap too..I just don’t see anything great about Bradford, he is just a guy. His record and play says so! Kool, you need to stop with your any QB but Foles worship…Stop it…just stop it!

          1. smh…desperate and pathetic

            Mr Flip-Flop…your never wrong because you always have a backdoor position

            You are in Vinniedaloser’s Foles camp…bashing Chip Kelly about the deal at every term…you’ve been arguing about how Foles won games…

            Now suddenly…”Presto” Flip and Flop…you dont like Foles either


            Shifting, ducking, slipping, and sliding…

            Your confused…the reality is that I was right about Vick, right about Sanchez

            and most of all I was right about Foles.

            Check the archives, get your facts straight….

            and most of all stop Flip-flopping

            1. So let’s see, you stated that you would have been against Chip if a better option was available like Russell Wilson and Chip selected Bradford, but Bradford was the best you are simply hyping Bradford because he was the so called best option…not because he is all that much better. Once again, going back and looking at Bradford’s history he is average, and has been turnover prone and injury prone the majority of his pro career. You have no facts to back your claims that Bradford is so great…you are doing the same thing with Bradford that you did with Sanchez..hyping him up and riding his jock based off of what…what has Bradford done? You never even watched him play prior to him coming here. The fact is you did not like Foles due to his turnovers and looking skittish…look at Bradford’s history of is similar to Foles..lmao..check your facts! When under pressure Bradford looks skittish too. Like I said…I am just pointing out your hypocrisy. My problem with Bradford is that he is not playing well enough to justify a second round pick, I expected and still expect a lot more, so far I have been underwhelmed and disappointed. The reason for your love affair with Bradford is the same it was with Sanchez..he is not Foles (and that is not good enough for me)…but the stats say he is, and his record is not good. You flip flopped and turned on Sanchez last year like Judas after hyping him up…it just takes you a lot longer to see what others do…or a lot longer to acknowledge it. Time will tell with Bradford, but so far, I am not gaga like you over 8 TD’s and a 6 interception performance this season by Bradford…and that ratio certainly is not worth a 2nd round pick, hell, we could be 2-3 with Foles and kept the 2nd pick.

              1. EHL…the only hypocrisy and flip-flopping is with you. My arguments are consistent. Bradford was the absolute best option at QB available for the Eagles, He was by far the most talented thrower availed to us. We all saw glimpses of the raw talent in pre-season. Once again, your thinking is so linear. You look at him with a Rams team that had no talent around him and a weak offensive line and then compare him to Nick Foles who had explosive offensive talent around him, a very good offensive line.The problems that you mentioned with Foles were not the only problems I had with him…he had been in this offense since Chip Kelly got here…his progression went backwards.
                The only ‘hype’ I gave for Sanchez was to say IF he led the Eagles to the playoffs he deserved the starting job just like Foles got it when he led the Eagles to the playoffs…I talked about Sanchez in the context of the Eagles and I said repeatedly that both he and Foles sucked…
                Check the archives…get ya facts straight!
                You probably play too much damm fantasy football…you dont just easily get a good Quarterback…anyone with a clue about football knew that Foles wasn’t go to get us anywhere…my argument is consistent with the reality of the Philadelphia Eagles…do I think Bradford is Tom Brady…Hell No…was he the very best option for the Eagles with relation to his talent level to provide us an opportunity to win playoff games…YES!

                Bottom Line-None of you naysayers and flip-floppers had any better options. Your answers would be stick with lame ass Nick Foles and the reality is that Chip Kelly was right…we wasn’t going to win with Foles!

              2. Kool, stop with the nonsense and stop lying, you were hyping Sanchez up….look at that pass, ooh, look at the touch and mobility etc. Stop trying to revise your history…everybody knows you hyped Sanchez up to pro bowl status! Then the real Sanchez showed up then you back tracked and flipped flopped. Your hypocrisy is off the charts as I have repeatedly pointed it out to you. You never said anything about Bradford being an option or upgrade in any of your post prior to the trade. You always harped on Kaepernick, Wilson,and Newton. You never watched Bradford play, even the last time the Eagles played the Rams Bradford was out with an injury. I offered my solution..Chip did not do enough to get the deal done…perhaps it was a long shot, however, looking at Bradford’s history, I did not see it as a good alternative. I also gave alternative names of QB’s that could have been drafted to play QB, just as I have done this year. I liked the trade when the reports came out that the Eagles were getting the 2nd round pick, when I heard it was the other way around I knew Chip got taken for a ride..Sam was not worth a second round pick…period! 8 TD’s 6 interceptions….not good!

              3. EHL you are full of crap! I said repeatedly last year that both Sanchez and Foles suck! Check the archives…When Sanchez played well my biggest contention was simple…if he got us to the playoffs he deserved the starting job over the injured Foles.
                Never did I say he was a Pro-Bowl player…stop being so desperate and lying!
                The player I harped on was Russell Wilson who I repeatedly said was special.
                EHL the problem is that you like most of the other haters on here never read my full and nuanced arguments….unlike you and other linear thinkers that rely heavily on stats and ignore situations, circumstances, and context in relation to football.
                I saw enough of Sam Bradford to make an informed opinion about him…enough to say that he was worth the gamble…
                I said it over and over again. I never said Sam Bradford was Tom Brady or Russell Wilson or close to that category.
                I said that he was an upgrade over Nick Foles…I remember Bradford from Oklahoma, I remember him his rookie year…did I say he was an all-world QB…Hell NO…
                Unlike you, EHL…I am consistent…not a flip-flopping guy. I called it…when Chip Kelly secured Sanchez I strongly felt that Foles was done. I saw Sanchez on the same talent level as Foles and Bradford as an upgrade over both of them. Check the archives and you will see this is my consistent argument…Bradford was worth the gamble because he IS an upgrade over Foles, better arm, more talent, and more accurate.
                The reality is that you had no alternatives that made any sense…like so many others who simply bash Kelly…you didn’t stick your neck out on a single alternative move. I’ve stood up and I’m on the record…no flip-flopping…ducking and hiding…I have been consistent…the move that Kelly made that he deserves criticism is getting rid of DJax! The other moves have been reasonable and intelligent.
                The Bradford move as I have stated over and over again is an intelligent gamble…that is slowly but surely starting to pay off!

              4. Kool…More revisionist history and nonsense from you. When Sanchez came in in place of Foles due to injury you were gleaming and gloating about his passes, mobility etc and you know it. Once Sanchez started throwing picks, then you back tracked and stated Sanchez was not the guy…there is no need for me to check as I remember your nonsensical posts. I also remember you not celebrating Eagles victories when Foles was playing, you harped on how we were lucky that the defense stepped up as the team won in spite of Foles when he threw picks. This is your M.O, you deny that which you stated after your predictions turn to ash…Just like when you stated during the draft you wanted Tahj Boyd and Manziel in the first..then backed off when they demonstrated they were not good enough. The fact is that you latch onto QB’s and hype them up, then abandon them months after everyone else has told you they were not good enough. And Bull…you always hyped up Kap, and Cam Newton, when they were struggling last year you abandoned them to. Your history is well documented and there is no escaping it or denying it as much as you would like to. As far as Bradford is concerned, he has six interceptions in 5 games..that is not that much of an upgrade to where anyone should be pumping him up. let him earn it..then hype him up….I asked you in a previous post, what has Bradford done? You never answered..because the answer is nothing. I hope he lights it up, proves me wrong..I will happily eat the crow. However, I am not going to go gaga over him simply because he is not Foles incarnate. Sam Bradford is Mathew Stafford, and Stafford reminds me of Foles with a little more style, but all three of them throw a lot of interceptions, and Foles and Bradfords records are identical as it relates to TD’ s thrown and interceptions..Foles actually has a better winning percentage. You can’t argue with the numbers…which are the facts!

              5. Not only is the kid always wrong, but now he’s delusional too.

                Perhpaps time to change the Ritalin dosage for young Kooltwit.

                Bradford is shit. And he was barely passable against a porous Saints D. 1 td and 2 terrible picks with 4 to go against a bunch of scrubs. 2nd TD came with 4 mins remaining on a throw to Celek who was 15 yrds in the clear, because no one on the field, on the Saints coaching staff, or in the stadium thought there was going to be a pass there, up 3 scores with that time left.

                And what was that anyway??

                Chip calling a PA pass there knowing the Saints would never cover it as everyone in the place knew the game was over. Saints defenders just stood there in disbelief.

                What was that?

                Chip needing to pump always nervous Bradford’s tires there a bit? Spoon feed him a little confidence?

                I guarantee you Sean Peyton gave Kelly a call after the game for that little unnecessary stunt.

              6. Whoops….I guess I got that Celek pass mixed up with the Murray run. Doesn’t change the fact that he was beyond wide open.

                Nor the fact that for some insane Andy Reid like Reason Kelly called more passes than runs in the 4th Q up by as much as they were.

              7. EHL…you must be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease you flip-flop so much you dont remember what you said…much less what I said…
                Check the archives…its all there what I said and what I said repeatedly over and over again…I was very specific and very clear. Not this makeup bullshit you are coming up with…specific!
                I said both Sanchez and Foles sucked
                Its all in the archives!
                When Sanchez came in…played well I was specific…
                I said IF he leads us to the playoffs he should get the job over Foles
                What I said about Foles was absolutely correct…he lead the league in turnovers and our defense and special teams were setting records scoring points and bailing his ass out…these are facts
                The player that I “hyped up” as special was not Kap or Newton…of course I believed that both of them are better than Foles fool…but the player that I feel strongly about as a special player that I hyped up was Russell Wilson
                Facts…all in the archives…do I have go to them and embarrass you EHL…its all there!
                Check the archives…where did I say that Taj Boyd should be a first round pick for the Eagles…I simply said we should draft the kid and he may work in our system…I would have taken Manziel…I own up to that…but I predicted that the Eagles would not…because they were giving Foles a shot…no problem at all with that…he was 27-2 the previous year…he got his shot and did just as I predicted…he failed miserably.
                Its all in the archives…I’ve been on the money for the most part..and I am going to be right about Bradford…
                No more flip-flopping EHL…I’m bust your ass right between the flip and the flop!
                Check the Archives…its all there!

              8. Kool, lay off the weed, it is impairing your memory and ability to deal with reality. The fact is that you was hyping Sanchez up, and I never said you said Sanchez would get us to the super bowl..stop lying and making shit up….You were hyping him up though…end of story.
                As it relates to Bradford, like I said, his history is pretty consistent, he is playing here the way he did in St. Louis so the excuse of rust does not fly. You still refuse to answer the question, what has he done? I will state it again, let him earn the praise you so eagerly want to heap upon him. This is how desperate you are, in 2014 I made up a fake college QB name stating that he had a strong arm and was mobile and presented this fictitious character to you as someone the Eagles should look at drafting..YOU AGREED that the Eagles should draft him just as a replacement for Foles…you friggin fool! That just showed that you would take anybody…like Tahj Boyd who can’t even cut it as a back up. Listen…you were right about Foles..which I gave you credit for…but you are acting ridiculous about hyping up Bradford right now as he is a turnover machine. Thank God the defense was able to keep us in that game Sunday after those two end zone picks. Bradford threw two TD’s and Two picks..that is not going to cut it. My bottom line is that I want an elite QB, which Bradford has never proven to be and he was the #1 overall pick but he has never lived up to that billing. I do not think he can get us two a NFC championship many playoff games has he won? He is sharp with the dinking and dunking, and throwing to wide open receivers ( except this past Sunday when he threw the ten yard pick in the end zone when he had Cooper wide open). As an Eagles fan, I have nothing against Bradford and hope that he performs well, but, I do not think he is the guy to lead us deep into the play offs..therefore, I am still looking for a good QB for the Eagles. During the mean personalities on WIP have nick named Bradford Second Half Sam…you can’t consistently play crappy for a half and expect to be seen as a good QB.

              9. EHL your full of crap..once again…the objective way to prove all of this is to check the archives! Its all there. Your all over the place, flipping and flopping like a fish out of water.. Stop the flip-flop act long enough to get a clue about football and the Eagles… think a little bit.
                What I ‘would have said’ if Foles was here ignores a lot of factors and mitigating circumstances. You cant just look at things in a linear fashion and say…well I should bash Bradford because when Foles made mistakes, I bashed him”
                I would expect dumb ass reasoning like that from Vinniedafool…but you are getting worse!
                Foles had been here in the offense since Kelly arrived, he has had ample opportunities to grow and develop in this offense, he has played well in the offense. Bradford is brand new in the offense, hasn’t played football in 2 years, didn’t get ample playing time in preseason to really knock off of the rust, and for most of the games it’s clear that the offensive line have struggled to run and pass protect and receivers have dropped plenty of passes. Despite this, Bradford has not been the direct causes of Eagles losses..given his circumstances he has given the Eagles chances to win the games. What we are also seeing is Bradford slowly improving, starting to understand Chip’s system better, showing leadership in the locker room, players rallying around him while in St Louis with the guy you think we should have kept, we see a QB falling apart, bitching up, scared, intimidated into throwing 4 interceptions costing his team the win…the same guy who threw a killer interception late in the game against Vick and the Steelers…robbing them of the opportunity to win the game!
                Big difference between Bradford’s shaky play and Nick Foles incompetence!
                EHL, the Eagles offense and defense have struggled so much you predicted the Eagles would LOSE to the Saints! Let’s not forget that…

                The Eagles made you turn out to be dead wrong, they won and the game was a blow out with Bradford throwing for over 300 yards. So now to save face after such an embarrassing prediction you want to harp on how bad Bradford’s two interceptions were and how terrible the Saints are AFTER you predict that the Saints would win the game!

                Flip-Flop…pure hypocrisy
                Stop with the Bull EHL…your disingenuous flopping is embarrassing

              10. Kool…you are like a broken record…check the archives..knock off rust…full if crap…you post a text book and you are not saying anything….I checked the record…like I said…you hyped Sanchez…made excuses for him when he lost games etc. You can whine all you want and bring up Foles all day does not change Bradfords record nor his TD to interception ratio. You still have not answered the question..what has he done. Yep I said the Eagles would lose to the Saints…and you said the Eagles would beat the Redskins…what happened…they what. You said Vick would beat out daid Manziel would be good option. I checked the said they bring in EJ Manuel…but you never mentioned Bradford…you are a fraud. Throw any name out there and see if it sticks. You have been wrong about everything except Foles…and I do not see that much difference between the two. As far as flip flopping…an intelligent person observes and changes their stance if something is not what it appeared to be..Chip declared Cick the starter one time…then gave it to Foles after Foles performance when Vick got hurt…so I guess Chip flip flops too…or did he observe and make an informed decision.

            2. Vinniedaloser..your pathetic…what pure hypocrisy…

              If that was Nick Foles you would be chirping how he came back in the second half. You would be rolling out the stats of how he threw 32 for 45 for 333 yards including 13 for 15 in the second half!

              Did Bradford throw some bad interceptions…sure…no denying that…but we still got a blowout win…
              Lets look at what Nick Foles…the guy we got rid of …what did he do?

              11-for-30, 141 yards, 1 TD, 4 interceptions, 23.8 rating, loss

              In our comparison, we can see how Foles has thrown critical late game interceptions that has cost his team wins…With average QB play, the Rams would be 4-1. His play against Green Bay was an absolute embarrassment…so Foles is headed down the road that I predicted…I told you he was done…he would flop…and we got rid of him just in the “Nick” of time! 4 key interceptions all of them killing the Rams chances of winning in GB…4 interceptions in one game…disgraceful! A killer late game interception where he overthrows the receiver and kills the Rams chances to win against a Pittsburgh team led by Mike Vick!

              Oh…the irony…LMAO
              Bradford is moving in a different direction…he is playing better, his timing is getting better…his accuracy is improving…he led the team to a blow out victory and showed leadership and poise…the team is rallying around him…

              Vinniedaloser…sad and pathetic

              1. And you would have said they won in spite of Foles and that Foles’ turnovers was keeping the Saints in the game. Oh the hypocrisy. Foles is not good and Sam is not that great either..he is average, his performance says that about him and he has done nothing special thus far in the league! The Eagles blew the Saints out, lets keep in mind Sammy threw two TD’s and two end zone picks against a god awful secondary.. Average…yes, thank God for the defense. Sorry Sam is not that good. Maybe Chip kelly was on to something when he said that he could help Bradford by playing a scrimmage before the game to help him perform better in the first half….sounds like a plan for Second Half Sam!

              2. I’m done with the foles/bradford argument- I want bradford to lead us to the superbowl- he has shown flashes of this upside but certainly not enough- I want him to be the guy-
                as for foles I will keep an eye on him as I do with all ex-eagles. I always check out how they do and typically root for them unless they are our opponent.

              3. Hey cigar, I am too to be honest, for me it’s not about Foles, I just think Kool hypes other QB’s up without merit. He got his panties in a bunch last Sunday when he responded to a post of mines about why I felt the board was so quiet, my post had nothing to do with Foles, but, the mediocre play of the Eagles offense and how some fans may not feel good about Sammy….he took it as an attack against Sam. Truth is, I like fucking with Kool about certain things…it’s like he has a one track mind QB wise…that’s all he can talk about 99.9999% of the time. He gets emotional about the shit..I just start laughing. Kool has to understand that as a fan you can critique, and criticize a player, it does not make you any less of a fan, just observant. When Sam has the ball in his hand, I want him to throw TD’s sharp crisp passes, etc, if he does not I will say something about it.
                Foles is not a good QB as far as consistency..I see the same problem with Bradford, that is why I do not think he is the one to take us far into the play offs…I wanted Mariota, but it did not happen, I would like Jared Goff in 2016..we will see.

              4. His agenda is childish and based on an infatuation with a has been or ‘never was’–
                I’d rather bradford succeed than to look at a college kid- why? I want them to succeed now! also, college kids is a crap shoot– look at highly touted QB’s that have done absolutely nothing except show some flashes: At the top of the list is Bradford, followed by Stafford, followed by Matty Ice– and the list goes on and on– I think we need 28 year old bradford to finally be the guy–

    1. E0S…We can not be in first place, the Redskins and cowboys are 2-3 but still ahead of us because we lost to both of them. No matter what we are still in last place in the division.

    1. EOS, it was a pathetic performance…one of the worse of any QB this year. 4 Interceptions! Can you imagine if Foles was still with the Eagles and he threw 4 pics and went 11 for 30?
      Whew!! Good thing Chip Kelly saved us from that!

  4. Eagles will need to play big time next Monday. Giants sit alone atop the NFC East and the Eagles can not afford to lose another game to an NFC East opponent now, especially against the Giants who looked pretty good tonight.

  5. What’s up fellas and lady, great win no doubt. Eagles are not a great team but if they can make this year somewhat entertaining I’ll take it. What’s up with Gmcliff is he still on here or no. What’s up Biglion,Pman,JH,Kool,Irish etc. y’all still on here education cats that’s what’s up.

  6. Time for some kudos for Chip with Jordan Hicks. Most fans said who? what? Are you kidding me? But Im here to tell you that kid can play. Jordan Hicks is by far the best draft pick Chip has made. He is a stud. He has a little Seth Joyner in him. Wait until he gets a whole offseason in him,

      1. Nobody said the wasted pick couldn’t play, if not for injuries this kid wouldn’t have even seen the field. The issue was why there instead of much needed offensive lineman.

  7. Saints first round draft pick Stephone Anthony certainly didn’t look 2 rounds better than 3rd round draft pick Jordan Hicks. Hicks did give up the Saints first touchdown on a busted coverage where no one lined up outside to play TE Ben Watson. I don’t know if Hicks responsibility was to man to man Ben Watson or someone else but he did see the danger and should of called Timeout.

    1. SOMEONE should have called TO– not sure a rook in his 5th game should have- I believe he had two more turnovers yesterday– bunch of tackles. guy is solid.

  8. First thought….well coached game defensively and offensively. The DC did a good job with mixing up the pressure yesterday, and the DB’s seemed to be more in press coverage or 5 yards off LOS, opposed to 10 on majority of plays…Hicks is still playing well, great to see a rookie bringing consistent play…I don’t see how you take him off the field at this point. Logan and Cox SOLID! Jenkins and Thurmond gave up some yardage when in the slot, but overall solid job. They may allow completions but they don’t miss many tackles! The DB’s across the board have done a good job all season making tackles.
    Chip called a good game throughout yesterday. From start to finish! started the game with plays that got the ball out of Bradfords hand right away. Involved the TE’s, which I felt was big to getting the WR’s more involved…. it was good to see the offense move the ball well. The ball was spread around pretty well yesterday. 9 different players caught a pass yesterday. The Time of Possession obviously was the key to why Murray was able to get the amount of touches he did.

    Sturgis makes me nervous!

    Reading comments from some of you cats on game day, is still comical….

    1. There must be 5-6 Teams with real issues with their Kickers this Season
      Eagles,Steelers,Redskins,Falcons,Raiders,Lions & Saints to name a few

  9. Is it just me…but i think we should use Braman to spell Graham alot more..this dude rushes the qb pretty good from the outside. Looking like a poor mans matthews that is on greenbay. Use him Chip!!!

  10. Its definitely not just you Rhino, there are plenty of Brandon Graham haters on this site….But Braman is not better than Graham.. Graham didn’t record a tackle yesterday…but he didn’t do anything to hurt the team either…but he was very disruptive against WSH…7 tackles, sack and forced fumble…a performance that was not highlighted due to the loss..its not going to be a 5+ tackle day every game for D Linemen/LB’s, that’s just how it goes…

      1. Graham has been a disappointment…we may need to draft a young linebacker who can rush the passer…

        1. I seen Duke a Few times this Season and they have this tweener OLB/Safery by the name of Jeremy Cash who goes 6-2 & 215 .. This Guy has been making Plays all over the field and see him like a Shaq Thompson, Deon Buchannon Type who can rover around teh LB Positions and Blitz on Occasion, Cover TE’s and Backs out of the Backfield… Kids a Player

          1. Graham has been here and talking crap about the sacks he will rack up…I’m watching him go one-on-one and get stoned repeatedly…when is he going to start making some plays???

  11. ***Rumors from Nova Care Ctr***
    Josh Huff is now seeking a Contract Extension on His Rookie Deal or is going to Hold Out says his new Agent Kip Chancellor (Brother of Kam) ….

    1. Haahahaaa!!!!

      Josh Hush may never score for another 5 weeks….

      He is nothing more than a KR/PR ONLY!!!!

      Give me a break. Some undrafted rookies have AT LEAST 1 touchdown this year…..LOL!!!!!

        1. Josh Huff stinks Big Mhenski. Don’t get caught up in the unrealistic. He’s only on this team because CHIP KELLY thinks he is better than he really is’ and many on here foolishly buy into it….

          He thought he was the replacement for DeSean Jackson; Like comparing apples to petrified dinosaur droppings..

          Indicative of his talent evaluation skills….laughable…

          1. Cliff, we have been saying it from the time Huff entered the door when the Eagles drafted him. He is just a guy. He does not have the initial explosion and sudden agility of DJax. Nothing special. This wr corp is not good, I have been saying this since the beginning of the season..drops, not being able to stretch the field, no threats. Josh Huff is a 3 or 4 receiver on a good team. I wanted Martavis Bryant (drafted after Huff)who came back from suspension and lit it up this past weekend. This year, I would like Quincy Adeboyjeyo from Ole Miss, he could be a real wr threat for the Eagles. Jordan Mathews is nice, but he is Robin, we need a Batman.

  12. Total “QBR Rankings” (Out of a Perfect Score 100)
    #31 Sam Bradford with a Rating of 32

    Total “QB Passer Rating” (Out of a Perfect Score 158)
    #24 Sam Bradford with a Rating of 84

    These are not very good #’s by your Starting QB if you expect to beat Good Teams and make the Post-Season..
    We’ll see if Bradford has gotten rid of the Rust/Cobwebs or for the remainder of the Season, but until his reduces his Turnovers, Improves his 3rd Down and Red-Zone Efficiency, he is likely to be a 1 Year Rental Player for the Eagles as they won’t Win 10 + Games or make the Post-Season with QB play like this…

  13. something is wrong —
    The Chipper’s first 2 seasons he had both Desean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin both catch 80 passes for 1300 yards and 9 TDs playing the same exact position as Nelson Agholor. That is 5 catches a game for 80 yards a game with a 16 yards gained per catch average. First option is being ignored, Why?
    Agholor has 8 total catches for 105 yards for 13 yards per catch zero TDs 21 yards per game.
    Now either The Chipper has no faith in Agholor and told Bradford don’t throw the ball to Nelson or Bradford has no faith in completing passes to Agholor and refuses to throw the ball to him.

    1. EOS, give the kid a chance…jeez…the offensive line has stunk for most of the year. Once the running game stablizes and becomes consistent we will have plenty more opportunities to throw the ball down the field and Agholor will grow and gain a better understanding of how the offense works. By the end of the year barring injuries he will be a much bigger factor in the offense…

  14. Hac im on same boat as you ive seen bradford look good and horrible at times but i hope he can be great for us and leads us to a superblwl, I did hear that bradford held a offense only meeting before the saints game and told everyone we have the talent lets execute, that shows me he has leadership ability and he cares, as you can see the offense played good

  15. “I said both Sanchez and Foles sucked
    Its all in the archives!”


    Nov 11, 2014: (on Sanchez)
    “The improved play at the Quarterback position has lifted the team.”
    Note to Koolidiot: Improved does not mean “both sucked”

    “Hitting open receivers, good footwork in the pocket, 7 for 7 in the red zone where we one of the worst teams in the league in the red zone- ”
    Note to Koolidiot: Pimping Sanchez’s 7 for 7 and salivating over misperceived footwork and hitting WRs” IS hyping the guy

    The Eagles will win at least 11 games this year and make the playoffs

    “The change in Quarterback has been huge!!!”
    Note to Koolidiot: No hyping of Sanchez here at all. Not one bit.

    “Did you notice Sanchez mobility in the pocket, excellent foot work.”

    Nov 10
    IzzellJenkins wrote…
    “I dont think Sanchez has looked that great tonight.
    50% passing is a joke….lets keep it real.”

    The KoolBreeze Response:
    “Right…LOL…excellent footwork, steps up in the pocket, no turnovers, passes are accurate on the money…Sanchez is going to take the job from Foles…Fool!!”

    “The game is a blow out because Sanchez hasn’t given Carolina a chance to stay in the game. No turnovers!! The Eagles new QB is Mark Sanchez!!”

    Wait…what….didn’t you just say….”check the Archives…I said “IF they make the playoffs…”

    Hmmm….no “if” there

    “haveablunt how come as soon as Sanchez starts playing we see an instant improvement in the red zone…Let’s face it Mark Sanchez is the new Eagles QB…..”

    Lets Face it….Kooltwit was slatering all over Mark Sanzhez’ jock from the first moment he took the field…..only now….when even he has to admit Sanchez is horrible does he go back and revise his story.


    “WOW…did you see that play by Sanchez…smh!! Ducks the rush throws the ball on the money to Celek!!!!”

    WOW indeed.

    This shit is actually funny.

    “Touchdown!! Look at that…fades away from the blitz puts the ball on the money to Matthews!! Excellent pocket awareness, nice touch…”

    Goddamn, Koolbreeze had his full 4 inches in between his fingers and was pumping like mad at this point…just drooling over Sanchez.

    “.“Look at the confidence in the pocket! We have a QB! What a difference!”

    Check the Archives….check the Archives.

    You were all over Sanchez…and Vick…and Boyd…and Manziel…and just about everyone except winning QB for the Eagles.

    1. LMAO @ you kool…No…. you did not hype Sanchez?…Fraud!
      Vinny, I do not believe you actually took the time to do that, but kudos man. I know what he said, we all know how he was hyping Sanchez. Those words of Hot airs’ come off like a serenade, and bit him in the ass…Kool loved Sanchez, then turned on him, then denied he ever hyped him up, but the archives tell a different story, they expose you! Archives checked…fraud exposed!

    2. The funny part is – we all want koolbreeze to be right about Bradford.

      I want nothing more than for Bradford to lead the Eagles to 14 straight wins and a super bowl victory.

      1. I would love for Bradford to be the guy, I have no problem eating my humble pie, but, I looked at the preseason Green Bay game and saw a QB with poise, pocket awareness, touch, accuracy and command in the pocket..the the regular season started and it was a complete 180. No body talked about rust after that Green Bay game…so you can’t talk about it now. I went to the Dallas game and saw a guy scared to death, throwing picks in the end zone, could not move the ball to save his life and had a deer in the headlights look…he sucked..luckily the defense kept us in the game, then he played like crap against the Skins, if he was brought in due to repetitive accuracy, I just have not witnessed it yet…can’t keep waiting, Bradford is a FA in 2016 so he has to show something. hopefully he can start threading the needle and go down field regardless of the coverage..either you got it or you don’t. Taking what the defense gives you is a cop out, take a chance..the o-line may be gelling….no excuses…Bradford just has to get it done!

        1. If we had this defense in 13 I really think we could have made a run…
          I think a lot of people should eat some crow about Davis. He didn’t get smarter, he got better players. Remember how some of the experts were pissed at the Malcolm Jenkins signing, the guy can play, remember some of those people poo-pooing the Logan draft pick? Some said hicks was a “luxury” we didn’t need…? The D has been solid with the exception of getting punched in the jaw in the dome, first half of first game.

      2. Irish Eagle, everyone has rooted and hoped that the QB’s do well all except Vinniedaloser…He has only rooted with Nick Foles and the only thing that would have made him happy was to see Foles signed to a long term deal.

        He doesn’t want to see Bradford to do well at all!

        The hypocrisy is ridiculous…deserteagle was willing to give Sanchez/Foles combination time to jell, time to get things right:
        : “’s football takes funny bounces ,it changes week to week ,and we are only 8 games into what we hope is a 18 game season…sanchez or foles ,I’m ok with either guy ..I’ll root my ass off for either one”

        This year where we have only played 5 measly games, where Bradford is coming off 2 knee surgeries that has prevented him from playing for 2 years and already he calling for Bradford head…”Bradford sucks”…

        Flip-Flopping hypocrisy!

        1. I think Bradford is exactly the kind of QB that Vinnie likes… Bradford is a pocket passing QB….I think Vinnie would be happy to support Bradford if he lived up to his billing…

          I liked Foles when he was here too… As a starter he was 15-9 – he threw 46 TDs and 17 INTs – he never lost two games in a row as a starter…. I still don’t understand why anyone would trade him and a second round pick for Sam Bradford…

          Now that we have Bradford I want him to do well. But he’s not doing well right now… You don’t like to acknowledge that Bradford is not doing well because in your twisted mind you see that as being supportive of Foles… Well Foles is gone – you can stop hating him and open your eyes to the fact that Bradford is struggling.

  16. LMAO @ you idiots..we were watching a game where the Eagles and Sanchez was playing well!

    Check the archives a little closer fool asses deserteagle, EHL, and Vinniedaloser…LMAO!

    deserteagle: “’s football takes funny bounces ,it changes week to week ,and we are only 8 games into what we hope is a 18 game season…sanchez or foles ,I’m ok with either guy ..I’ll root my ass off for either one”
    Here it sounds like you support Sanchez too desert!

    EHL here is your support for Sanchez too…perhaps you forgot this:

    “The problem with the Eagles offense, especially in redzone was not because the play calling was getting predictable, it was Foles not hitting his receivers. Sanchez hit Mathews and Maclin in the RZ for a TD last week against the Texans. I don’t know if Foles hits them, he had not been so far this year.”

    LMAO…damm hypocrites!

    Now lets look at what I really said on a consistent basis:
    “Clean house! Get rid of Foles/Sanchez/Barkley we cant win with any of them!”

    “Show me one post where I said he should be benched! Show one post when my guy, VIck, got healthy last year where I said VIck should get his job back! Show me one post where I said he(Foles) should be benched for his terrible play!
    You can’t because I’ve been consistent…I don’t think he’s good enough but I have given him a fair shot! Now it Sanchez’s turn and if he takes us to the playoffs the job goes to him. Just like VIck had to move on…Foles will too….he’ll get a job-somewhere as a back up like VIck”

    I see the “IF” there deserteagle…this shows my consistency:

    “Eaglehaslanded, stop it…I endorse Sanchez over Foles now…Foles is hurt and its time to see what Sanchez can do. I have a clear and objective standard! If Sanchez doesn’t lead the league in turnovers like Foles and simply manages the game…the job belongs to him and next year we have to draft a young QB to go along with Sanchez and Foles needs to be traded or cut.
    No double standards…Foles had a fair shot. I never said he should be benched for his terrible play. I supported giving him the fair shot…he blew and now that he is hurt…the Eagles have to make a decision. I say Foles is out! Fair and Square life in the NFL”

    These statements and I have plenty more I can dig up serve as an accurate portrayal of my position. Like I said early, I have ALWAYS spoke in a context of what is available to the Eagles…the “hype” up was comparing Sanchez to Foles…not saying that Sanchez was a franchise QB…

    1. LOL… again, you have been exposed as a liar and embarrassed twice today, go to bed son! You have nothing else to say!!!
      Have fun digging them up, I endorsed him, never hyped him up…that’s all you got…” The way Foles was playing, he needed to be replaced. LMAO @ you still.

  17. CTFU@EHL…oh…you only “endorsed” Sanchez but never hyped him up…

    What a bunch of crap…you were excited about Sanchez hitting receivers that Foles couldnt…you made the analysis…Now you want to back your ass out of what you said and “tone” it down to say only “endorsed” Sanchez

    Bull! The archives dont lie…just like they dont lie on Vinniedaloser here:

    Vinniedaloser: “Look I am completely down with a pocket QB, and Bradford is a pocket QB”

    This nugget came when from Vinnie in the preseason when Sam had a good…Bradford is a bum and we should have kept bum ass Foles…yeah the same Foles who threw 4 interceptions on Sunday.

    Lame asses…LMAO!!

    Check the Archives fools…its all there!

    1. LOL. You keep digging deeper and deeper holes Kooltwit. Dozens upon dozens of posts lathering Sanchez. “I didn;t! I didn’t!”

      And I love your insane theory about me….40 years a fan….yearly road trips to Philly to see games…The Jerome tribute, I was there, 1st playoff win in what was it? 20 years…I was there, NFC champ disaster vs TB…there…against Atl…there…game where NYG did the hook and ladder down to the last second tackle at the 2…there…pissing in cups and broom closets in the Vet…opening game at the Linc…there….Eagles games in New England, Green Bay, Chicago, Pitt, Cinci, Clev, Washington, NY, Buffalo and New Orleans…

      And why?

      For this one moment….the moment when I can “cheer against Bradford”

      There is only one clown in here who has cheered against an Eagle QB. I hope Bradford does well….the problem is I don’t think it will happen. I think Bradford sucks and it was stupid that Eagles traded Foles, a 2nd and a 4th for him.

      I hope I am wrong, but history says I am not.

      Sorry that hurts your feelings clown.

      CHECK THE ARCHIVES!!!! It is all there!

      What the hell is the pocket QB bit about? That has never changed. I think running QBs cannot win consistently in the NFL, and pocket QBs are better.

      Why the hell you making a deal about something I have said over and over in here forever.

    2. Kool, lol, you’re funny. Try as hard as you want, an endorsement is not hyping
      someone hyping another up looks like this..look at his feet, look at his pocket presence…ooh look atthat pass…but you said you was not hyping him. Fact isyou went gaga like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert….you also mentioned you said If he gets us to the play offs when the archives show you said we WERE going to the play offs…lies lies and more lies!
      when he started throwing picks and losing all that hype stopped and you back tracked….clear difference. Fact is you were caught in a lie…..I never denied anything…but you did and the archives you tout so much turned on youlike you did Sanchez..deny deny deny…lol
      love those archives!

      1. LMAO @EHL….sure, sure…you offer endorsements for things that your not “hyping” up


        I understand…CTFU


        1. Koolbreeze that you can’t recognize the difference between someone offering a compliment to a player and your over the top exclamation mark filled orgasiming over shitty players like Sanchez (or Vick Monday night for that matter – your one true love) is your issue and no one else’s.

          Ooooh….WOW!!….for God’s sakes, we could all just about see your eyes rolling into the back of your head with every Sanchez completion last year. I get that 16 year old crank ’em out a lot…but man….fapping to Vick, Sanchez, and now Bradford? Ah whatever, its the 21st century we’re all supposed to be accepting of each and everyone’s preferences. Whatever floats your boat.

          Though it is this same issue that doesn’t allow you to tell the difference between legitimate concern over struggling players like Bradford and your over the top, glee filled celebrations whenever Nick Foles throws an int….6 months after he’s no longer an Eagle.

          1. Vinnie da Moron has legitimate concerns about Bradford? Bullshit. More like concern-trolling. Your only concern is that Foles Gold is in St.Louis. Bradford hasn’t had the o-line and outside weapons Foles had in his time here. He’s had struggles and successes. His first halves have been awful, while his second halves have been really good. Why not give him more than a couple games to jump all over him? You criticize even when he plays well, like in the 2nd half of the Falcons game.

            Crying about people pointing out how awful Foles has been is funny when you were crowing about your hero last week. Eat crow now that he’s been garbage in 3 of the 5 games he’s played for the Rams, including one hell of a stinker last week that you would have buried any other qb for having.

            The “culture” crowd is almost to a man the same as the Fole’s fan club. As I said before, where were you gentlemen when Kelly outright released an in his prime Pro Bowl receiver under contract with little guaranteed money left on his deal? Percy Harvin and his behavior issues was traded twice. Brandon Marshall was traded like 3 times. On here there was only glee. Yet it was a harbinger of things to come.

            Trade a Pro bowl rb who had no more guaranteed money left on his deal, and out the door goes the flexibility you had? It was good riddance from the “culture” crowd, yet it just paved the way for a panic long term deal with a lot of guaranteed money for Murray. It’s why the only part of the Bradford deal that I agree with the “culture” crowd was stupid was the money paid and the draft picks given up.

            Bradford is coming around. He played a great game against Washington where he got very little help from the o-line. He threw two bad red-zone picks, but was moving the team up and down the field in both halves against the Saints. I don’t know why people are pointing to him as the main cause for the issues. He was supposed to come here to a superior o-line and outside weapons. Yet the o-line is in shambles and the Eagles are second most in drops, with a rookie receiver who keeps committing stupid penalties that cost points. Last year Huff, this year Agholor. I didn’t believe Bradford was Rodgers or Brady. Just that he could take advantage of the easy opportunities in this offense Foles was squandering. But nothing has been easy for the offense this year.

            1. It’s funny to hear people complain about the pro-bowl players that Kelly traded or released – meaning McCoy and Jackson…. They act like that’s an acceptable complaint… But those same people criticize anybody who complains about Kelly trading the pro-bowl MVP quarterback, Foles.

              Like it or not – the Eagles were 14-4 with Foles over the two years he ran Kellys offense. I never remember any of you guys talking about giving Foles time to come around when he struggled. You guys still hate on him and he doesn’t even play here anymore.

              Personally, I don’t care if Foles ever plays another game in the NFL. I have been an Eagles fan since they traded Harold Jackson to the Rams for Roman Gabriel. I’ll root for whoever plays quarterback. It just puzzles me why some people hate the guy. Maybe because he displaced Vick?

              1. It’s not just guys here Irish. That Wanker Elliott shore of rides foles ass harder than koolbreeze. He put up a video of foles first pic on a training camp practice

                Foles is a winner, losers can’t take winners

              2. Remember all the Draft Picks the Eagles gave up to the Bengals when obtaining MLB Bill Bergey . It was like #1 & #2 Picks for multiple Years if my memory serves me well. Bergey was a favorite Player of Mine growing up in the mid-70’s .. Bill Bergey, John Bunting & Johnnie LeMaster were a very good LB Corps of its day .. Ha ..

              3. Right you are pat~, it was a bad trade.

                Then a few years later we traded another pro bowler (Charlie Young) to the Rams for a quarterback – Ron Jaworski…

                Not much has been mentioned about Bradford being the third Rams quarterback the Eagles have acquired with the hope that he would take us to the promise land…

        2. Hey kool, thanks for saying I am right..I know I am…lol. You need to figure out the difference between an endorsement and hyping something or someone up…but I understand what you are trying to does everyone else…nice cigar though. Still lmao @ you saying you was not hyping Sanchez up.

  18. hot air i checked the archives and you said you never petitioned for vick once he lost the starting job… well sorry pal this from October 20, 2013:Foles folded worst than a cheap suit.
    Mike Vick is the QB for this team…bottom line!
    and this from oct. 21:We know see why the players are so loyal to Vick! Foles is a backup who can’t handle the pressure. So stop blaming teammates the coaches and everyone else! It’s simple-the kid choked
    so checking archives is fun…

  19. I see I havent missed much since returning. to sum up the past 2 weeks or so:

    koolbreeze “Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles Foles

  20. Giants Injury Report

    Starting CB Prince Amukamara is out for 2-4 Weeks with an Injured Pectoral Muscle which is blow to their already poor Pass Defense .. The Giants Rank Dead Last in the NFL with the most Passing Yards Allowed (304 Yards Per Game Average)

    WR Odell Beckham JR was held out of Practice again today and recovering from his tweaking his Hamstring last week versus the 49ers
    I would expect OB to Play with the Big NFC East Game and National TV Audience where he has thrived so far in his Career..

  21. Yeah, yeah…what irony!

    Many of the Eagle haters on here predicted a Saints win…hoping for a knockout blow for the season, hyping up Drew Brees.

    there was deserteagle predicting that the Eagles would lose 23-20

    The Eagles blowout the Saints and presto they Saints are the worst football team in NFL history

    After all of the talk of how bad the Saints are and how the Eagles really didn’t earn a quality win early in the season a tough team-what happens? The Saints beat a undefeated Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night right after getting their doors blown off by the Eagles on Sunday!



    1. And I told you clearly that Eagles were going to beat the Saints and Jets because they were “donut” game for both teams and they would both come out flat.

      That is exactly what happened in each case.

      Jets were coming off a big emotional OT win against the Colts, and a day after the Birds game were hopping on a plane to London to face a divisional rival.
      Saints were coming off a big emotional OT win vs Dallas and 4 days after the Birds game were hosting a must-win prime time game against a divisional rival.

      The fact that you dismiss these points as being extremely significant and that teams in these scenarios almost always struggle to compete only serves to strengthen everyone else’s opinion of you – namely you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

      You keep talking about “good” and “bad” teams without ever taking into account emotion, motivation, desperation and all the other factors that go into a football game.

      And that my inexperienced 16 year old friend, is what truly is ridiculous.

      1. I think you Hit the Nail on the head with your last Comment Vinnie. I don’t know if he is 16 or not, but he clearly lacks the experience or integrity as of right now. I am almost 43 and ramble on about Eagles history before I was even born. My family has passed down stories and we don;t miss a game. I want Sam Bradford to do well also, but I just have no faith in him. We have seen this too many times. This would be Akin to Trent Dilfer if he won the superbowl here. I mean I am starting Blake Bortles over him in one of my fantasy leagues. That’s how much I lack faith in him. Kool I’m not gonna question if you are a fan or your intelligence. Just own up to when you are wrong and hope for the best. Thant’s all you can do. When you double down on nonsense it makes you look irrational.

  22. With the exception of EHL, the rest of you clowns do realize you’re siding with a clown (Vinnie) who spammed this mssg brd with Vick hate right? EHL is the only one who has a legit gripe with some of the over the top post from kool concerning foles. But I don’t forget, you guys ruined this brd long before with the Vick bs. Besides, Vinnie still shouldn’t even be posting here. But you all act like welching on a bet is ok. FOOH!!

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