Eagles-Panthers Preview

sam-bradford-nfl-preseason-baltimore-ravens-philadelphia-eagles2-850x560The Philadelphia Eagles will look to make it two straight prime time victories when they face the undefeated Carolina Panthers Sunday Night. After a terrific defensive performance that had Eli Manning in complete disarray, the challenge of slowing down dual threat quarterback Cam Newton is next on the list.

Cam Newton was injured when the Eagles and Panthers played last season, but that’s not the case this time around. After losing 2014 standout Kelvin Benjamin for the season, Newton has looked impressive throwing the football to an average wide receiver core. Tight-end Greg Olsen will be the guy outside of Cam Newton that Billy Davis will need to game plan for. With 24 receptions 374 yards and 3 touchdowns, Olsen is a mismatch for linebackers with his athleticism and route running, and is the go to target in the red zone and on third down.

Jonathan Stewart is the Panthers leading rusher but only has one run of over twenty yards and last week was the first time he found the end-zone this season. The offensive line for the Panthers has received a lot of praise for their improvement this season. Their weakness is at the tackle position, which could allow Graham, Curry and Barwin to use their strength and speed to cause havoc for Newton.

The Panthers defense is a solid showcasing a strong front seven that has similar strengths to the Eagles defense. They run a 4-3 scheme led by defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, a unit who looks to shut down the run and force erratic throws with unique blitzing schemes.

The Eagles need to deviate away from running or passing in the direction of Pro Bowl linebacker Luke Kuechly, he is one if not the best linebackers in the NFL. Similar to the Redskins game, the area to attack with the Panthers defense is their safety pairing. Veteran Roman Harper and former Eagle Kurt Coleman are sound tacklers, but don’t have the athleticism to stay with receivers.

The Eagles offense continues to be a question mark, and Chip Kelly and the coaching staff spent the entire week dedicated to improving the turnover issues with quarterback Sam Bradford. The Panthers are going to focus on stopping the Eagles rushing attack, putting the weight on Bradford’s shoulders to succeed with the passing attack.

Sproles has been invisible in the offensive game plan the last few weeks, something Chip Kelly acknowledged he couldn’t repeat in 2015 after falling into this trend last season. The head coach has made adjustments with both the offensive line and rushing attack the last two weeks, but he has also made critical errors with not involving all of his offensive weapons in the game plan. Last week should be a point of reference for Chip.

Against the Panthers defense, the Seattle Seahawks were able to get tight-end Jimmy Graham in the passing game. Will Chip use Zach Ertz in the same way and will Sproles once again be used creatively in the passing game?

The Eagles defense continues to improve on a weekly basis, but they have yet to play a quarterback that has the versatility like Cam Newton. Billy Davis needs to designate a “spy” for Newton, but it doesn’t necessarily need to one player. The Eagles may decide to play close to the line of scrimmage, using a combination of Malcom Jenkins, Connor Barwin and Nolan Carroll throughout the game, forcing Newton to decipher what the defense is trying to do. By using a corner or safety to spy on Newton, it would require another guy to step up. It’s time to get second round pick Eric Rowe more involved on a weekly basis, he demonstrated some good things week three against the Jets, but has seen on a limited basis since that time.


I’ve gone back and forth with this game; trying to figure out if the strengths of this football team are enough to mask the weaknesses. It’s impossible to ignore how poorly Bradford has played the last two weeks, which would make you believe it can’t get any worse.

What gives me confidence is how the Eagles defense has looked and the fact that the running game is slowly starting to look like everyone anticipated heading into the 2015 season.
Heading into the bye week with a 4-3 record would be tremendous achievement for the Eagles, but it’s going to take an effort that hasn’t been shown throughout the first six weeks.
I feel this is going to be a huge week for the Eagles; the team is starting to show an identity, even if it’s not the offensive fire power that many envisioned after preseason game three against the Green Bay Packers.

Eagles 30 Panthers 20

278 thoughts on “Eagles-Panthers Preview

  1. Yeah you’re being a bit of a homer with that prediction.

    Game will be closer than that say – 27-23 but I don’t know who.

    I don’t think the Panthers are that good of team. Neither are the Eagles. I think the defense can harass Newton all day, but I also think their defense can force turnovers all day.

    I think I’m going to go with last man with the ball wins.

  2. Game will be Close as most Panthers Games are…

    3-4 Keys to the Game

    1) Who Wins Turnover Battle? ( Bradford must protect ball)
    2) Red-Zone Efficiency in Terms of Scoring TD’s and not settling for FG’s
    3) Eagles Win if they hold Panthers to 125 Yards Rushing or less
    4) Panthers Win if they hold the Eagles to 125 Yards Rushing or less
    5) Special Teams Play will be Huge on Coverage/Return Teams

    Eagles need to attack & exploit the Panther Safeties and stay away from their CB’s (Norman, Tillman & #25 Bene Benweirkie)

    Panthers need to attack the Eagles Interior inthe running game & CB B Maxwell on the Deep Routes (Ted Ginn or Philly Brown will take 3-4 shots down the field) and work their Screen Game with Fozzy Whitaker)

    Whatever Team gets more Pressure & Sacks on the QB will Win…

  3. Be very very annoying if the Raiders become the “next big thing” over the Eagles.

    Derek Carr is looking ridiculous. If Eagles apparently didn’t believe in Foles….why draft Marcus Smith with Carr on the board??


    1. Remember I stated that Derek Carr would be the best NFL of his Class the soonest over Bortles, Manziel & Bridgewater …
      I think Bridgewater may have the best overall Career but Carr is not soft or lack leadership skills like his brother David, who I still believe some Teams were scared off from and took the younger Derek off their Draft Boards
      Johnny Football will not see the end of his Rookie Deal and
      1st Overall Pick Jadaveon Clowney will also not see the end of his Rookie Deal
      From the 2014 Draft Class as I stated during that run-up to that 2014 Draft

        1. Johnny Football is not an NFL and should Play in Canada as Tim Tebow should have done after their College Careers and then hone their skills and. Attempt the NFL…

  4. A big Key to this Game is the fact that the Panthers can generate a Pass-Rush with their Front 4 and don’t have to rely on Blitzing
    Can the Eagles get to Cam Newton with only Rushing 4 on passing downs..
    Something to keep an eye on…

  5. Calling Deserteagle ..
    This is not the PanthersTeamof early last Season..
    I’ve been telling you guys that this Team is built to contend right now in 2015 despite their pedestrian WR Corps…
    Their Guards (both 2nd Year Players and Center Ryan Kalil are one of the Best Interior Group in the NFL
    Eagles Smaller ILB’s Kendricks & Hicks will have their hands full stopping these guys…

  6. Jordan Matthews love affair is over. He sucks. He drops more passess than he catches. Yeah he runs hard at practice he catches a100 balls a day. On game day he sucks.

  7. It looks like Panthers WR T Ginn’s left knee was down before the ball popped out to Carroll.. Not sure if it’s enough to overturn the call on the field which was Eagles Ball.. A huge call here early inthe game…

  8. There’s my DT Kawann Short from Purdue making a Sack
    I was high on this guy 3 Years ago when the Panthers Drafted
    Star Lotuleile in the 1st Round and Kawann Short in the 2nd Round
    Short has been the more consistent and better Player in my opinion for he gives you a Pass-Rush on top of a good run stuffer
    The Eagles Selected Bennie Logan in 3 in that same Draft which was a good one for DT

  9. It looks like Jason Peters tore his Achilles and probably out for the Season
    And most likely his Career …
    Now the Eagles will need to Run the ball and limit and protect Sam Bradford
    Or they will be in Trouble the rest of the season..

  10. DE Jared Allen ran right around Matt Tobin on his 1st Snap
    Bradfordwill have happy feet the rest of the night

  11. All Cam does is get 1st Downs or TD’s when he Runs.. He’s very difficult to stop on short-yardage attempts even when you know it’s coming..

    1. On that replay, it looked like Peter’s lower leg just gave out which is typical of a Achilles Tear.. Having a Lower Back issue could be better for at least with treatment Peters could be back in a couple weeks possibly.. Hope his OK
      For the Eagles will need Peters if they are going to go anywhere Offensively with the limited mobility of Bradford
      Sproles should get 15 Catches

  12. As I stated, the Panthers Coverage Teams are light years improved from recent seasons and one of the Best in the NFL so far this Season which was a real sore spot in recent years …
    Eagles Defense is going to have to get some points tonight

  13. Pman …so far they’re one score down and played like warm garbage..losing the blind side for Sam I am ,may be a blessing ..he needs dink and dunk and run the rock..btw. Reports peters a back injury. That’s great news ..comparatively

    1. Dennis Kelly can Play Tackle if Tobin or Lane Johnson get injured In worst case and then Andrews slides inas Guard/Center

  14. Matthews is killing this Offense
    Catch it with your hands extended Jordan .. That was a perfect pass from Bradford, who is actually playing pretty well after around start ..
    Damn, help him out…

  15. Eagles Offense need some points, maybe a play action pass to Cooper for a bomb could catch the Panthers napping here ..

    1. I like the way Sam is playing. ..losing his blindside has him more focused ..he looks great at the moment ..didn’t think I’d say that .but smh.

  16. Bradford is playing his heart out ..
    They need to keep feeding Ryan Matthews for he’s the Eagles best RB

  17. So far. This is a game the Eagles can stay in ,and turnovers on defense are still there (Maxwell) please cure the ball ,make a play ..this kick has me fidgety ..but I’m hoping 7-3 ..

  18. A Kurt Coleman sighting.. Can these damn Eagle Receivers catch the Ball
    They are brutal collectively as a WR Corp
    Bradford is probably playing his best game as making good passes, quick decisive and correct reads, these damn Receivers have to do their part..
    Boy how good would a Jarvis Landry & Dontae Moncreif look in Silver & Greenas I wanted in 2014 Draft instead of Matthews & Huff..

  19. God, Sturgis kicks a beauty on the 52 Yard FG and the hooks the Kick-Off out of bounds… Good Grief..

    1. Eagles should just cut their losses and release MSII for he looks lost out on the field still…

  20. Wow, nice Play Call by Panthers, Eagles were smoked on that one..
    Ginn should have darted inside from the 15 Yard line and should have scored a TD

  21. All Cam Newton does is get 1st Downs & TD’s when he Runs
    His Stats will ever be like Russell Wilsons/Kapernick for he’s not that kind of open field runner, but what he does is convert short yardage plays probably better than any QB in the NFL
    The Eagles defended that read option well, but Cam is too big to be denied

    This Drive for Bradford & Offense is a Huge one for the Eagles as the Panthers get the Ball to open the 2nd Half

  22. Very poo play calling and execution by Chip Kelly right there and especially on 2nd & 9 .. You need to pass on First Down on this Panther Defense
    If Panthers Score before the half and then get ball to open the 2nd half,
    This Game is over I’m afraid..

    1. Only idiots posts Bradfords stats after the whole world sees his receivers drop 4 balls to kill drives and have a ball pop off their shoulder pads for a int. lol

    1. No it’s not Deserteagle..
      You better look again at who the Eagles have Coaching on the sidelines
      2013 is a long time ago in NFL time my friend…
      It’s every week, It’s Jay Gruden, Dan Quinn, Jason Garrett, etc, etc..

  23. Cam throws that Slant to his Left as well as any QB in the NFL
    Last Year Kelvin Benjamin must have caught 35 of them..
    That and the Deep Pass are his best passes ..

  24. Stop with the love for Newton. Please. He’ll never win a playoff game against good competition. He is fine in games where he has no fear.

    And nothing but excuses for Bradford on this board. 3rd and 7 and he throws to the LOS to Sproles. Tackled for a 2 yrd gain. THAT is the entire Sam Bradford era in a nutshell.

    Yes Matthews has dropped a ball, but that first INT was behind…behind on a 4 yrd crossing pattern. Please, Blame the 2nd yr Wr

    Bradford is 11 of 18 with a behind the WR pass for an int and 3 fucking points.

    3 POINTS!!!

    Bradford is a POS.

  25. Look at all you with your Cam Newton Love. Cam Newton stinks.

    If we had a QB we’d be walking away with this game…….if we had anybody remotely competent we’d be 5-1 or 6-0.

    But we have Bradford.

  26. LT Matt Tobin is playing pretty well so far for Peters..
    He’s standing on his own versus Jared Allen

    1. About what I thought DesertEagle .. A low scoring game
      Panthers punch the ball infor TD’s when in Red-Zone while Eagles settle for FG’s .. It’s the Identity that the Panthers have had for a couple of years now while the Eagles are still searching for their’s
      Now do you understand??

  27. Nice Pass by Bradford to Jordan under a heavy rush
    Then CB Josh Norman makes a great play to deflect a pass intended for Ertz
    Bradford has played pretty well and deserves more than 6 points so far

    1. thx bf, I may be grasping at straws, but maybe it is the spin or touch Bradford puts on the ball, not trying to be funny, but the receivers did not drop this many passes last year. If they dropped them in St. Louis too, perhaps there is something about Bradford’s passes, it is mind numbing. I started to wonder if they just do not want to play for him, but I don’t believe that, just looking for excuses or reasons.

      1. Eagles…I have already proposed a theory….(again, this “dropped passes” business has followed Bradford for 2 teams)

        He loves the 5 yrd hooks (curls) and the WRs catch them and get instantly buried by 2 250 lb linebackers. Wrs are used to being tackled by CBs and Ss….but when Sammy is throwing the ball, better be prepared to get annihilated by guys who weigh 100 lbs more than u.

        I think they hear footstwps and double clutch. Just my theory. But this has gone on for 6 years thru 2 teams. Its not an accident, nor random,

      2. At what point are they going to put Matthews (who I all told you 6 months ago would be better than Murray)…..anyway….at what point will they make him the starter?

    1. F that shit. Matthews dropped one. The INT was a terrible throw. I mean seriously….it was a 5 yrd crossing pattern and the throw was behind. 5 yrds. Please.

      Bradford is absolutely surgical on the 5 and 6 yard hook routes. If that WR is standing still. The ball will be right between the numbers.

      Every other pass? Why run them? Because the only results will be:

      A: Behind
      B: 10 yrds over their head
      C: bounced.

  28. Deserteagle..
    The Panthers play harder for Coach Rivera than the Eagles do for Coach Kelly
    Are you starting to.realize and understand what I’ve been saying during the run up to the Game… They are 10-1 since last December with 9 Regular Season Wins in a Row and just refuse to lose right now..

  29. This Panther Kicker (Gano) has probably the strongest Kickoff leg in the NFL
    It’s difficult to go 80 Yards against this Panther Defense all the time..

  30. Why the Eagles have not featured Ryan Matthews over DeMarco Murray is aquestionthat Chip Kelly needs to be asked and answered
    All season, it’s been obvious to anyone who watches the Eagles that Matthews is quicker, better conditioned and motivated to excellent his Offense..

  31. Bullshit. Chip Kelly needs to be called under the carpet after the game and asked why Matthews isn’t featured. I want to hear his dumb ass answer

  32. Again…at what point are they going to make this guy the starter??? 500 touch Murray has jello legs. Might be good next year, but not this….everyone who knows anything about NFL history knows this (does Kelly???)

    Matthews is the better option.

    Eagles in this game because Newton stinks.

  33. Big Play Maxwell, Game on..
    Bradford having his Best Overall Game as an Eagles in my opinion..
    He’s making better decisions and passes tonight..

    Cam Newton has 3 Int’s though 2 were deflected by Panther Receivers
    And the 3rd was a diving great Play by M Jenkins so you can’t always go by the Stats..

    1. Get the fuck out of here – Bradford throws a rocket behind the receiver every time. A QB is supposed to put the ball in front of the receiver, not behind him on the defenders side.

      Bradford throws the hardest ball to catch of any QB I ever saw.

  34. Damn Huff!!!!!! Mathews needs to be in there. Why is demarco running. Is sproles hurt??? Is Mathews huirt after his TD run!!! SHIT man!!

  35. Keep calling passes that are high and behind drops….drop drop drop.

    Eagles “lead the league in”drops”

    STL led the league in “drops”

    Just coincidence.

    If a WR isn’t standing still, the throw from Bradford is always an adventure.

  36. Murray running laterally is just stupid, it’s way too slow developing and not going to work in the red-some ..
    Huff has to make that Catch
    Both Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff are just not good enough when the bright lights come on…
    Bradford put that pass where only Huff can catch it and failed his QB again..

    Story of the Game
    Eagles 2 Trips to the Red-Zone and only have 6 Points to show for it
    Panthers have 3 TD’s heir 3 Trips into the Red-Zone

    Until the Eagles improve in their Red-Zone Offense which has been a problem for the last 5-6 Seasons

      1. Vinny you haven’t criticized a WR all fucking night. You have a agenda and its fucking sickening. Your like a scorned woman. Give it a break Foles is gone.

  37. Panthers OL having their way with the Eaglesfront 7 right now..
    4-5-6 Yards a Play and the Eagles are not getting any inside penetration from their DL

  38. Beautiful Pass by Bradford who like I said is playing his best game of the Season in my opinion.. It hasn’t paid off yet but he has kept them in this game
    If you ask me.. Keep looking for the TE’s and RB’s

  39. Ugh timeout while the screen shows Newton with his stupid towel on his head.
    TO on 3rd and 9 and Bradford throws a pass to the sideline.

    Woe what a surprise.

    Its weird really…because earlier on 3nrd and 7 he throew to the LOS…and then he did it again…in fact, every single time its 3rd and more than 5 its a throw to the LOS…over and over and over and over….same same same same.

    Must be the Wrs fault.

    No wait….its because I have an “agenda”

    Eagles come out of the

  40. A Dumb Play Call by Kelly that has zippo chance of working versus this quick sideline to sideline Defense..
    Kelly thinks too “Horizontally” for his Offense to be effective at the NFL Level
    Then Kicker Sturgis misses the 52 Yard FG
    Eagles could have blown their best chance to take the lead or close the gap
    Panthers Offense have mostly stopped themselves with those Int’s & Penalties

    This is the Series of the Game..

    1. Those passes are nearly uncatchable. Did you ever play any sports? Jeez…. you run one direction and someone throws a rocket high and behind you and it’s nearly impossible to catch.

  41. Cam Doesn’t run often, All he does is run for 1st Downs and TD’s
    Walt Thurmond hangs on for 6 Yards

  42. Nice Stop by Defense to only give up a FG and keep this to a 1 Possession Game.. Lots of time left …

  43. I mean honestly….if Cam Newton didn’t absolutely stink, Eagles would have been in big toubs this game.

    But he does and Birds are still alive.

    The question: Who thinks that Bradford is the guy to rip this 4th Q apart like a championship QB would?

  44. Panthers CB’s just taking these Weak Eagle Receivers out of the Game..
    TE Ertz/Celek are better options
    Why not line up RB Sproles out in the Slot?
    Sproles is a much better option than Huff, Burton, Austin, & Cooper
    Where is this supposed Offensive Genuis Chip Kelly that I keep hearing and reading about… He’s one head-scratcher calls tonight if you ask me..

  45. Deserteagle,
    This Jonathon Stewart is a load, are you impressed yet..
    Eagles probably won’t get the ball back

  46. Panthers have done everything they can to give the game away.

    Terrible Newton has (unless he is running) played terribly. 3 INTS. Everything they could to hand the Eagles the game.

    Eagles now with the ball. 3:12 and 2 TOs. Season is on the line.

    Worth Foles, a 2nd, and a 4th round pick or not? Right here.

  47. This Panther Punter has done a nice Job, Has Sproles even had a chance to return a Punt tonight.. He booms them up their with good hang time..
    Surprised that Cam Newton didn’t run a QB Keeper on that 3rd & 2 to put the game away ..strange call by the Panthers giving Eagles a chance

  48. Panthers ratcheting up the Pressure on Bradford who is not handling it well
    When you get Pressure without having to Blitz it makes a huge difference in keeping 7 back in pass coverages ..
    Has Bradford taken a shot down the field tonight?

    1. Not only is it a shit throw its a 3 yrd throw on a 3rd and 9. Which is weird right?? Except not because its happened on every single other 3rd and long!

      Look….have the WRs dropped the ball? Yes. A lot.

      I don;t know why…I don;t know what it is.

      I find it strange that suddenly guys like Ertz, Austin, Matthews have suddenly all forgotten how to catch. Makes no sense.

  49. These Eagles Receivers getting hit all night by LB’s Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechley has them hearing foot steps on every Play.. You can just see it in Matthews, Huff, Austin, Ertz…

  50. Hate this team. Hate Murray. Hate Bradford. Hate ertz hate cooper hate Bradford. Hate Austin.


    Never in my life have I hated an Eagles team or felt so hopeless prior to this team.

  51. Eagles never exposed the Panthers slow Safeties (Roman Harper & Kurt Coleman) on deep seam routes .. Chip Kelly play calling was questionable

    1. Bingo. Every single throw to a moving wr (again Bradford is surgical on those 6 yrd standing still curls)

      Every throw to a moving WR is behind, high, low…every WR has to jump, twist, spin, reach back…whatever. every single catch with a moving wr is difficult.

      Watch the tape again. Every single throw to a moving WR is difficult. Are the Eagles “dropping” the ball. Ya. Sure. They “should” catch most of those….but dame….every single one is difficult. Every single one requires something other than a catch, whether it be a spin, a reach, a jump….always something. Every. Single. Time.

  52. Oh well, this is Kelly’s players, his culture, body measurements etc, not good enough. After the Saints and Giants victories, I still maintained this was not a good team. The defense can’t do it week in and week out. 3-4 going into a bye and in third place as the skins are 3-4 but holds the win over us. Not good. Bradford is just a guy, nothing special and not a game changing QB, just a game manager. To say this was his best game aint saying much, he wilted under pressure and folded like a wet napkin.

    1. This offense is horrible when your best shot downfield is a wheel route your receivers suck. Bradford is terrible throws a ugly ball damn near uncatchable. This was a pretty offense with speed all over the place now it’s a plodding dink and dunk machine that’s terrible to watch. Culture indeed. By they way, Norman, Kuechly and Davis are monsters.

  53. Eagles Rushed for 177 Yards for the Game (63 Yards on the Matthews Run)
    Panthers Rushed for 204 Yards for the Game

  54. I cant be a homer no more, this offense is fucking terrible, bradford is shit, teceivers are shit, fucking 3 yd routes every play and no deep throws the whole game, bye week and at this point im done trying to make excuses, its a sad group on offense, no game changers

  55. Drop, Drop, Drop another Drop..Drop

    What the hell is Bradford supposed to do…throw and catch it?

    Absolutely no help whatsoever from his receivers

    As I said, Bradford is getting better but when your receivers cant catch a damm cold what do you do?

    Penalties, drops, drops, drops, drops

    1. His receivers dropped his passes in St. Louis, now the receivers are dropping them here, it is either his spin, touch, or placement that is effecting the receivers ability to catch his passes, should they catch them, yes, but something has to change… Sam is just a game manager, even if they caught his passes, he is a dink and dunker= game manager. Bambi is not the answer

      1. Seriously.

        Please explain Kooltwit? Eagles “lead the league in drops”. Yet STL “led the league in drops” when B-ford was the QB.

        Who is the constant.?

        Why did a bunch of guys who had the “dropsies” suddenly stop and immediatly learn to catch….while another bunch of guys who could catch suddenly get the dropsies?

        What changed?

        Is your theory that suddenly 5 guys immediatly got better and 5 other guys immediatly started sucking. Cause its not just Matthews. Austin, Ertz, Matthews, Huff….suddenly 5 guys all can;t catch????

        What is the probability of that?

        Every single throw to a moving Wr is an adventure. Every throw results in a spin, a reach, a twist, a jump….I am not saying that this is an excuse….I am just saying it happens. It is a factor. An important.

        Who is the constant?

  56. As I said after the win over the Saints and Giants..the Team is not that good, stop drinking the Kool-Aid. It does not make you any less of a fan to be realistic about who and what the Eagles is, they can’t beat physical good teams, it is a hallmark under Kelly that goes back to Oregon.

  57. Bradford sucks…i tried to be on his side…. Dude might run slower than Foles. Our recievers suck!!! Maclin ..Desean… i miss yall!! We had 3 picks and still lost. FOH!!! Im Pissed

  58. So I said it was 35% bradford on the bench 65% still a starter after this week.

    Most people said I was bananas. Still thinking the same???

    26 of 46 (56%) for a pathetic 4.6 y/c, 0 td and 1 int.

    Bye week. Are eagles going to roll out this mess again after the week off??

    I have changed my odds to 50/50.

  59. Our plays go like this cross routes, and curl routes, then wr screen, and everytime we do screen, either negative yds or no yds, matthews is our best weapon period, rb not wr

    1. Matthews our best weapon???

      When our “best weapon” drops pass after pass…

      This year 4 of Bradford’s interceptions are passes that bounced off of Matthews hands

      Dropping touchdown passes

      Dropping first down passes

      Drop, Drop, Drop, Drop

      Key 4th down play..pass hits receiver in the hands…drop, drop, drop!

      Catch the damm ball!!

      1. Z44 and everyone else mean that RB Ryan Matthews is the Eagles Best Weapon and not WR Jordan Matthews..
        Your Boy Sam Bradford is no better than Foles and actually is less effective than Foles who could at least throw a Deep Ball or Sanchez who can at least run on occasion…. Bradford does neither…

        The Panthers Defense has set the Blue Print on how to Defend the Chip Kelly Horizontal Scheme and its basically have your CB’s play Man-Press for the Eagles Receivers are not explosive or strong enough, and then have your LB’s/Safeties Play Zone to cover the Middle Crossing Patterns and Cover against the Deep Seam Routes by the TE’s and then Tag every Receiver who comes across the middle like the Panthers did last evening ..
        Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, Miles Austin won’t last the Season taking hits like they did last evening ..
        Thomas Davis set the tone on the 2nd Series on Jordan Matthews and knocked his ass 4 Yards back and it was all over for him just like when Kam Chancellor smacked Broncos WR D Thomas a couple of Super Bowls Back..

        I expect the Patriots, Cardinals,Dolphins, to Play against the Eagles like this..

  60. 8 drop passes..count em’ 8 drop passes

    We still have a chance…

    Bradford like I said…is getting better

    1. 0 TD’s 1 interception, where is he getting better? Oh, he only threw 1 pick tonight, not multiple picks. 9 TD’s 11 picks, 1 fumble. He threw terrible passes in the clutch, where is he getting better, he threw a worm ball to an open receiver on a 3rd down late in the 4th and wilted under the rush in the last drive, he is not a clutch play maker, just a guy. There are plenty of Sam Braford’s in the league…he is nothing special, just a guy.

      1. When the Quarterback hits a guy in his hands, puts the ball right on the receiver the ball should be caught…

        Every top QB has receivers that catch the damm ball

        Anyone who is fair saw Bradford tonight throw the ball with more accuracy and confidence. He stepped up in the pocket, he gave the receivers the chance to make plays…

        Coming into the year we all thought that Matthews was going to be our big time receiver

        what happened

        1. Chip Kelly is what happened. There is something about Bradford’s delivery that makes receivers struggle to catch his passes, whether it’s placement, spin, whatever, the fact that his receivers in St Louis dropped his passes, and now that same problem is plaguing him with the Eagles receivers, when it was not a problem last year, something is wrong, this may need to be looked in to. I stated last night, maybe it’s something about Sam that the receivers (Rams and Eagles) do not perform for him. I will say this, calling a meeting is nice and all, however, Bradford needs to get into these receivers faces or talk to them immediately after when they drop passes that are catchable, that is leadership. Brady, Rodgers would not stand for it, I have even seen Winston talk to a receiver after he dropped the ball, Bradford needs to be more vocal, as the QB you are the leader, lead by example.

          1. I think part of the Problem with the Receivers is that so many of these Routes
            are 3-5-7 Yards that the Ball just gets on them quicker in the Games than in Practice and they just can’t handle it.. Bradford is Passing Darts on these Short Routes and then throws Ducks on 15-20 Yards + Routes
            Receivers don’t Practice catching from Close quarters just like Baseball Players don’t execute Bunts well just like NBA Players can’t hit Foul SHots at a High %.. Its all in the Fundamentals all across the NFL where we see Drop Passes all around the League which I attributed to the more shorter-passer Routes that we see in these damn spread offenses..
            Also these shallow crossing routes leave the WR’s vulnerable to getting tagged by defenders sitting in soft zones which also affects the WR’s Focus and Concentration..

          2. Sam Bradford lacks the Mental Toughness to get on his Teammates, it’s just not his Personality for better or worse… He’s too nice of a Guy to Win Playing QB at the NFL Level. (Nick Foles was similar in terms of being a little too nice, but at least played with heart & guts where Bradford is lacking)
            These are all personality traits that Sam Bradford just doesn’t have nor has he displayed any of these traits since being in the NFL which is why I, along with some others, questioned the acquisition of Sam Bradford in the first place..
            Everything that we are complaining about Sam Bradford was Posted and Discussed by many of us way back in March,April & May, so why Bradford’s erratic play is a surprise to anyone who follows the Game, in mid-season, is just as mind boggling
            Sam Bradford Is What We Said He Is.. Eagles are an Average Team
            Chip Kelly is an Average Coach and a Bad GM ….
            It is what it is and I can’t wait until after the 2016 Eagles Season when Chip Kelly takes his buy-out with 1 Year left on his 5 year Deal and puts his ass back in College Football where it belongs…

    2. What is your theory??

      6 guys in Stl suddenly stop dropping the ball. 6 guys on the Eagles suddenly start dropping it.

      Just coincidence? Just bad luck?????

      That what you are rolling with?

  61. Paulman’s NFC Power Rankings

    1) Packers (6-0)
    2) Panthers (6-0)
    3) Falcons (6-1)
    4) Vikings (4-2)
    5) Cardinals (4-2) and Play Ravens Mon Night and could flip flop with Vikings to #4 with a Win

    Eagles are now 2-4 in NFC Conference Play and 1-2 in the NFC East Division
    They have 6 NFC Conference Games left (Lions, TB Bucs & Arizona as well as their 3 NFC East Rivals) and they will have to run the Table in these 6 NFC Conference Games to Finish 8-4 in the Conference and 4-2 in their NFC East or they won’t make the Post-Season ..
    They have 3 Games vs AFC Teams the Pats, Bills and Dolphins and if they can sneak one win and run the NFC Games they can still finish at 10-6
    Anything less will not win a Wildcard berth and right now they are behind in the NFC East and now have 2 weeks to get issues worked out

    Eagles need to make a few changes
    Replace RB Murray with Matthews
    Release Huff & MSII and add another WR
    Get Agholor on the field and see what he cando
    Get the TE’s more involved in the passing Game

  62. THEN..We have a good offense..our defense sucks. NOW.. we have a sorry offense but a good defense. Why cant we just have them both good ..AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!!!!

  63. Cam Newton is terrible. How many passes did he throw high and behind his much maligned receivers and they still made plays. Where were the Eagles receivers? Drops, drops and more drops. Not saying I am confident in Bradford.

    Please stop crying about Maclin – the Eagles offered him $11M.

    Please stop crying about Desean – He was a $10M 1 trick pony that quit on the team the 1st time he wanted a new deal, then got a new deal and then after a playoff loss begins crying for another new deal. That plus he blew off a team meeting. Coaches part ways with talented WR’s all the time. TO and Plaxico were much better players than Degone Distraction and they were both let go because they were problems.

    Stop crying about McCoy – He has slipped a notch and now fumbles a lot. He cost Buffalo a win today fumbling at the 1 yard line. He is a knucklehead.

    The Eagles did not lose because those players are gone. The lost because of fundamental football – mistakes (drops) that killed drives and the D could not stop the Panthers run game.

    Overall Bradford played OK. Not good, but not the reason they lost. The question is whether he has shown enough to hope for more or is he what he is right now – just mediocre? If Sanchez wasn’t the backup I might go there, but we already know what he is and he isn’t good enough either.

    1. I agree 100% E0SB
      RB J Stewart has been one of the Top RB’s since last December and DT
      Kawann Short had his way with Kelce and Guard Tobin and then Kelly as I called for him to do as he’s one of the Top 3 DT’s in all the NFL
      LB Thomas Davis was all over the Field
      Luke Kuechley and Cam Newton had sub-par Games in my opinion and the Panthers still cruised to an 11 Point Victory

  64. 3rd and 11 sack
    3rd and 16 incomplete short (2 yrds)
    3rd and 9 incomplete short
    3rd and 6 pass complete to LOS (-1 yrds)
    3rd and 10 incomplete short
    3rd and 6 incomplete short
    3rd and 9 complete to LOS for -1
    3rd and 15 incomplete short
    3rd and 9 incomplete short


    9 3rd downs and NOT ONCE did the pass travel past the first down marker.

    That’s PATHETIC.

    Done with this shit.

    1. Done with what? You’re never ending gripe session cuz that loser Fole’s Gold is in St. Louis? What you are is full of shit.

      If bum ass Foles was in there, the fact that the o-line got overrun on that last possession would have been the first thing you complained about. But it was Bradford so you act like’s it his fault.

      And what is this complete bullshit about difficult passes? Even EHL is on that garbage. All of those passes where easily catchable, we just got a bunch of mediocre receivers who scare no one, can’t run by anybody, and can’t catch. All night Collinsworth was talking about the drops, yet on here we got people acting like those passes weren’t right on the hands. We have no explosiveness in this offense except for Sproles and Matthews.

      This game was about the complete lack of weapons, and the fact that Peters had to leave the game. Bradford did all he could with these average to below average receivers, and once we were forced to pass and Bradford couldn’t bail out the line by getting rid of it quick, the o-line quickly folded.

      1. Sorry,

        I apologize.

        QB had 3rd down 9 times and threw the ball short of the 1st down marker every single time.

        And I only bring that up because I love Foles.

        You are so right. How could I have missed it?

        I will change my thinking and announce how great this is.

        And you know what? An idiot talking head on TV mentioned something….so I should slurp that up like pablum too. Forget about looking deeper or anything. Collingsworth said it, so its like the 5th gospel.

        Bradford did, “all he could”. How could I have missed it??????

  65. I mentioned Collinsworth, cuz he’s and UNBIASED, NEUTRAL, observer. Course you don’t have to slurp what he says.

    Nah, you just slurp Foles’s Johnson.

  66. “I mentioned Collinsworth, cuz he’s and UNBIASED, NEUTRAL, observer.”

    There’s no such thing. He’s reading from a script putz. He also told you all night that Newton was a good player, when we all know he is shit. Wake the fuck up.

    1. You’re a moron, so you know shit about qb talent. Cam Newton has been balling all year. He’s got the same situation as Bradford here, except he has the talent to overcome below average receivers and an o-line who’s shoddy in the pass protection deparment. Any analyst talking about Newton has shown how good he’s been this year. But any qb with running ability shuts off any rational thought in your peabrain and you think they can’t play.

      No, Foles Gold is shit. There’s a bunch of GMs in this league who would love to have Cam Newton.

      The only script is your tired bullshit, your never ending gripes against any qb who doesn’t meet your moronic approval. While you make a million excuses for the ones who do meet your approval.

        1. Nah, I don’t need to rescind anything. Your head stays firmly planted up your ass, and all you do is come to this site to gripe, so you don’t know shit about anything, including the analysis of Newton’s play this year. Nope, all you say is running qb, blah, blah blah.

          Like I said, try some other sites to visit. Try Pro Football Focus. Or Cian Fahey’s film session on Cam on FootballOutsiders. Or Ray Didinger’s analysis on Quick Slants on Friday on CSN.

          You don’t know shit about qb talent, and you never will.

  67. I agree with you Vinnie

    You are sorry and sad

    Your stats are ridiculous…a number of the third down passes was beyond the stick…easy first downs…some of the passes hit receivers in rhythm where they had separation and would have easily got the first down

    Drop, Drop, Drop

    Bradford hits Matthews in the end zone…doesn’t get his feet down

    Bradford hits Josh Huff right in the hands….drop

    Foles in St Louis is not suffering drop passes…he is simply missing wide open receivers, he has thrown back breaking interceptions in key situations

    So Fisher has limited Foles passes he has already seen Foles directly lose 2 games for him with costly turnovers at the end of the game when they had a chance to win

    But we all know the problem Vinnie

    Blind as bat, dumb as a brick

  68. The Eagles had 25 drops all of last year

    They have 20 drops now

    Seth Joyner and Marc McMillian in analyzing the receivers noted how easy they are to cover, how they dont make sharp cuts in their routes

    No separation, dropping passes

    The receivers get no separation

    5 of Bradfords interceptions are passes that have bounced off of receivers hands

    Bradford cant catch the ball for the receivers as well

  69. Hey Kooltwit…isn’t “leads the league in turnovers!” your line?
    Didn’t you say that 57,342x last year?
    Didn’t you say, even though the team was 6-2 that “leads the league in turnovers!!!!” was completely unacceptable. Nothing else mattered.
    “Leads the league in turnovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Could you tell me who leads the league in turnovers please?

    1. Yeah!! Score one for Vinnie da Moron! Bradford leads the league in picks, yay!

      On here it’s all about how bad Bradford was. Go to Bleeding Green Nation, CSNPhilly, Eagles 24/7 what do you read? It’s about the drops. Now we have other observers beside that so-called idiot talking head Collinsworth.

  70. Let’s stop with the Foles talk, it is nothing but a red herring. The man is no longer here and has nothing to do with the Eagles current struggles. The real focus must be placed on the architect (Chip Kelly), and the players who are not executing. The fact is Chip replaced productive receivers with receivers that are not that good. Josh Huff is not good, been saying that since last year, Matthews, perhaps a sophomore slump. Cooper, I think he was injured, still not good, and Agholor who has shown zero, other rookie WR’s this year have been producing so I will no longer afford Nelson Agholor that excuse, especially when 5th rounder Stephon Diggs is stepping up and averaged 100 yard games the last two week, Amari Cooper is a flat out beast. As far as the QB, Bradford played ok, he still has to throw the ball better, that last pass that Kuechly batted down was a wounded duck that wobbled as it began to descend, I guess that is why he does not go deep often. His other passes are just screens, bubble screens, outs, safe throws, dinks and dunks primarily. Defenses are not concerned about what Bradford brings to the table, he is not a threat with his feet, or his arm. Chip Kelly, has made some bad coaching calls during the game, also, he has hurt this offense by failing to replace the receivers we once had with receivers of equal or greater talent…as I have been saying since game three, the receiver corps blows, anyone care to still challenge me on that? This is on Chip, culture does not beat scheme, or talent, as the Eagles fail to beat a good team once again. Last year at this time we were 5-2 with a defense that was not as good, this year we are 3-4 with a better defense, but a less than average offense.

    1. I believe the Eagles finish with anywhere from 7 Wins to 9 Wins at most and miss the Post-Season once again
      Chip Kelly has 1 more Season in 2016 to prove that he deserves a Contract Extension which Owner Lurie will not give until he sees improvement..
      2016 will be a volatile Year for Chip Kelly & the Eagles and its Front Office
      Kelly the GM will need to release Players that he Drafted or Traded or let walk who are not fits to his System & Team Players

      Right Now , I see Bradford walking , Huff & MSII Released
      Long looks at D Ryans, B Celek & J Peters who are all in the twilight of their Careers probably released

      Next Season the Eagles Play the AFC North (Bengals, Steelers, Ravens & Browns) and will likely get the Saints, Seahawks along with the NFC North (Packers, Vikings, Bears & Lions) and will likely Win 7 to 9 Games again

      This Organization and its Coach’s & Players are simply average

  71. From Bleeding Green Nation

    The Philadelphia Eagles are now 3-4 on the 2015 NFL regular season schedule after being defeated by the Carolina Panthers by a final score of 27 to 16. Here are 10 things we learned from this game. There is a lot to discuss, so let’s get right to it.

    1) The Eagles can’t f***ing catch a pass
    At this point I’m becoming surprised when the Eagles make a clean catch. It’s just ridiculous. Drops have infected this team like an incurable virus. Week after week the Eagles fail to execute such a fundamental aspect of the sport. It’s not just one player, either. It’s everyone. It’s Jordan Matthews. It’s Josh Huff. It’s Miles Austin. It’s Nelson Agholor. It’s Riley Cooper. It’s Zach Ertz. It’s Darren Sproles. It’s Ryan Mathews. It’s DeMarco Murray. You name it, they drop it. Quite frankly, it’s demoralizing.

    2) It’s time for more Ryan Mathews
    DeMarco Murray ran for 65 yards on 18 carries. Ryan Mathews ran for 97 yards and one touchdown on six carries. It’s no secret that Mathews looks like the more dangerous runner. Murray just looks slow, and especially when the Eagles get him running east-west for no good reason. Murray has value in this offense. The Eagles did a nice job of getting him running north-south at times and fighting through contact to pick up tough yards. That’s his strength. But Mathews is the better overall weapon right now and it’s time to feed him the ball more often.

    3) The Panthers are good

    The Eagles deserve a lot of criticism, for sure, but the Panthers also deserve credit. They’re 6-0 for a reason. It’s true that they haven’t had the toughest schedule, yeah, but they are legitimately good. Their defense is certainly formidable. The Panthers’ offense ran the ball a lot better than I expected against this usually-stout Philadelphia run defense. Cam Newton is actually a legitimate franchise quarterback, which is something the Eagles can’t say they have. This loss is by no means a moral victory for the Eagles, but just try to keep it in perspective … there are worse defeats than losing like the Eagles did on the road to an undefeated team.

    4) Jordan Matthews is severely disappointing
    Talk about a sophomore slump. After showing some real promise as a rookie and having a great offseason, Matthews hasn’t done much to inspire confidence this season. He’s already dropped 6 passes through seven games. To put that in perspective, Matthews only had five drops in 16 games last season. Drops have always been an issue for Matthews dating back to his college days and it certainly looks like he’s not improving in that area.

    5) Sam Bradford isn’t the solution
    Bradford’s final stats: 26 completions on 46 attempts for 205 yards for a pathetic 4.5 yards per attempt, zero touchdowns, one interception, and a 58.7 rating. Drops obviously hurt Bradford, but that’s still not good. Bradford is far from the Eagles’ only problem on offense, but he’s not the solution either.

    6) Maybe the Eagles need DeMeco Ryans more than we thought
    Philadelphia allowed an individual 100-yard rusher for the first time in 18 games against Carolina. I wonder how much the loss of Ryans hurt them. Ryans is typically a stout run defender so I wonder if his absence played into some of the defensive struggles.

    7) Malcolm Jenkins deserves to go to the Pro Bowl
    Here’s a positive. Jenkins playing at a really high level. He had another big interception in this game right before the end of the first half. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they only managed to get three points off of it. Jenkins has been consistently good this season.

    8) Discipline is an issue
    The penalties really need to be cleaned up. What was especially concerning about some of the flags is that they were repeat mistakes. Lane Johnson had two false starts not too far apart. Bennie Logan somehow managed to commit encroachment on two consecutive plays. Not only are the Eagles making mistakes, but they’re not learning from them. That’s concerning.

    9) Caleb Sturgis might be making some progress, but he’s still frustrating

    It was surprising to see Sturgis actually make a 52-yard attempt. That’s an encouraging sign. Of course, Sturgis then proceeded to kick the ensuing kickoff out of bounds. He also missed a 50-yard attempt, but Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos took responsibility for that one. Sturgis is far from a great kicker but at least he’s doing enough to prove he’s worth keeping around.

    10) The bye comes at a good time

    The Eagles are a flawed team, and rest alone is not going to fix that. But it certainly can’t hurt.

  72. To be fair to both Bradford and Foles – St Louis didnt just stop dropping passes because Bradford left.. because they have as many drops as the Eagles do. Both have 11 drop passes for the year… though I do not know if that stat includes yesterday, but believe me, both teams drop the ball at an alarming rate.
    So I dont know if it’s a touch issue with Bradford or if our WR’s really just suck (which they do – especially Jordan Matthews). I wont blame the INT on Matthews because that was a poor pass in a tough spot.. but Matthews hurt the situation instead of help it. It’s one of those “bang bang” plays that Reid would always talk about.
    The problem with our Quarterback… that not only is he a turnover machine (at the same rate as Foles was last year)… but he inspires no confidence in the 4th quarter that he will put the team on his shoulders (unlike Foles.. who despite some poor play was a clutch player).. Therefor, 7 game into the season we are 3-4, while playing a fucking easy as hell schedule, with a much improved defense (while last year we were 5-2 with even worse O-line play than this year).
    QB is by far the most important position on the field. Our trade with St Louis proves it. Rams are only 3-3 and that is largely because of Foles poor play in situations (and of course they have the drops issues as do we, and their O-line is probably the worst in the league). Eagles are 3-4 and that is largely because of Bradford’s poor play this season (he’s got drops and poor O-line play also).
    The bottom line is we are in a shitty situation with having Sam Bradford as are quarterback… I literally have no confidence in any game we enter.. whether it be against the Saints or the Panthers.
    Chip Kelly gave the offense his identity this offseason. And his identity is Chicken Shit.

      1. Dallas, Washington, New York and the Saints are all piss poor teams. Jet’s are alright, and they played horrible when we played them, and we got a win. Only two teams worth a damn that we’ve played this year are the Falcons and Panthers.
        The next four teams we play suck. (Dallas, Dolphins, Buccs and Lions).
        Then we play 3 good teams – Pats, Bills, Cardinals
        And we end with 2 abysmal teams – Giants and Redskins.

        Basically our entire schedule consists of 6 good teams (and thats including the Jets who played horrible against us) and 10 crappy teams.

        We have one of the easiest schedules in the league. And we suck against good and bad teams.

        1. But we beat 2 of those piss poor teams you mention and the other 2 are div games (most often than not those are splits)…and 2 teams you admit are good we lost to….and then we havent even played the 2nd half of the schedule…
          2014 was JAX, IND, WASH, SF, RAMS, NY, ARI…
          2 teams out of that group finished over .500 and we only beat 1 of them

          1. What does last year have to do with this years easy schedule? And last year we were 5-2 at this point, not 3-4, with a schedule that was just as easy.

              1. Great response. I’m still confused on what you are trying to even say. Do you think we have a difficult schedule this year? Can you at least articulate your point?

            1. My point is that I think that the teams that we have played through these first seven are.by far much tougher than the first seven of 2014

              We split with Wash, Dal (East) almost every year…those losess are to be expected or at the very least shouldn’t surprise anyone…the other 2 losses are to two of the best teams in the NFC….look around the NFC only 6 out of 16 teams are over .500 and we’ve played 2 of them…

              And for the record #7 played his best game as an Eagle last night…
              Yes if you are a professional WR and the ball hits your hands you are supposed to catch it…it’s called a catch radius..if you need the ball placed in your stomach then you should’ve been a RB…

              2 TD’s came off of the board because of dropped passes…but all read is the QB didn’t score points in the Red Zone

              1. Fair Enough. I feel as if we had any hope of being a team that could be competitive in the playoffs, we’d be 5-2 right now. With one loss being to a division rival and one loss being to Atlanta or Carolina.

                I disagree that last year’s schedule was easier, for sure.

  73. The QB and the coach…..only??? really? did you not see WR’s being hit in the hands and dropping passes…did you not see, how its a struggle for the offensive line to do their job in pass protection and run blocking….Its bigger than the QB and the coach…the coach is responsible for bringing the players who aren’t producing in, but all players are responsible for doing their jobs…

    The defense gave up more points than I’d like…but 3 takeaways, and only 6 points resulting isn’t good, considering the field position on 2 of the turnovers.

    1. Yes QB and Coach… Though it should be listed as Coach and QB.. the Coach is the reason we have the pathetic WR group we have.. and is the reason we have Bradford. But really, not signing Maclin was a big problem.. instead we threw a bunch of money at a freaking running back.

      The Coach decided not to draft an O lineman the past two years and not bring in any type of free agent that can play. He chose to ignore the O line and even dump two starters, and not bring in any competition.

      The QB is at fault because he is the most important player on the team and quite frankly, he sucks.

      There are a lot of problems with the 2015 Eagles, but the two biggest are Coach and QB.

      1. We agree in respect to the coach being the main problem…dismantling the team we had and this is the result? his fault! Making play calls that seem pre determined that go nowhere…his fault…But no player is above the other in this case…The offense isn’t good as a whole, bottom line…WR’s dropping passes, O line not getting on their blocks….both of which directly impacts the QB negatively…I can see if the O Line was playing great, our WR’s are running great routes and catching every pass thrown their way…but that’s not the case…All players have a job to do…the thing about being on a team, if one is not producing it can impact the entire team…that applies to anything and everything in life! It’s Basic common sense 101…

        1. I agree… But I blame the coach / GM for over valuating WR and OL talent. We just do not have talent there… and we cut or did not resign talent at both those spots. It’s hard to blame units that are expected to suck because of their talent level.

          The past two weeks Riley Cooper and Miles Austin have been our top wideouts. That’s on Chip for not giving a damn.

          Bradford, on the other hand, was supposed to be this incredibly accurate and smart Quarterback who doesnt commit too many turnovers, and has been the exact opposite. He is incredibly inaccurate… how often do we see a WR actually be able to catch a pass in stride and not have to slow/stop/turn around? He one hops longer passes like Donovan. He simply cannot put the team on his shoulders to win games.

  74. Play calling….What about that WR screen pass, called by Kelly on 3rd and 9…The pass to Huff and he got nowhere…really? Thats the play you call right out of a timeout…?

  75. All of the posts are not changing my persuasions one bit.We have less talent on the sidelines than Carolina ,our organization ,is abysmal.The spirit of this culture shock has deadened and numbed than base (starting with yours truly) .Once what was an exciting brand of football ,has been displaced with the most vanilla and antiseptic form of ball ,I’ve seen since Ray Rhodes .Tell me who the leadership is on this squad? Tell me what player won’t stand for mediocrity? Once skilled malcontents ,now non skilled happenstance ..The future at the most important position is dimming game by game ..I’ve truly tried even during the game to keep my glass half full,however ,receivers ,play calling ,sub QB play ,lack of offensive depth on the line ,all contributed. To bring that crashing down into a 3-4 heap of warm garbage.The worst part of it all ,is that even if we continue this slide ,who is confident that evaluation at any level of success will prevail and allow us to extricate ourselves.

  76. Reports are Chip Kelly was seen at the LAX Airport. probably meeting with
    USC Athletic Director Pat Haden about the open Trojan Job..
    Here’s a Trojan for you Chip Kelly…..

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