Thoughts From Eagles-Panthers

ChipKelly25Mediocre Offense Catches Up To Eagles

Although the Eagles had managed to win three of their last four games entering tonight’s match against the Carolina Panthers, the team had been getting away with some frustratingly inconsistent offensive play.

Chip Kelly and the Birds were able to get away with poor offensive showings against the Jets and Giants, but this time their failures came back to haunt them against the Panthers.

The Eagles suffered through their traditional slow start, generating only six points in the first two quarters. A fluky play that produced a 65-yard run by Ryan Mathews provided the club with their only touchdown of the night, and failures on key plays in key moments would prove to be the team’s undoing as the offense finished the night generating a woeful 16 points.

Sam Bradford was better tonight then he was last week against New York. But how could not be? There was nowhere to go but up for Bradford after his miserable showing against the Giants.

Bradford threw for just 205 yards, failed to find the endzone, and tossed another interception. He wasn’t horrible, and he wasn’t the reason the Eagles lost this game, but he once again showed nothing to justify what the Kelly invested in him.

The biggest problem tonight was the wide receivers. The Eagles had eight dropped passes tonight, including a drop by Miles Austin on the final drive that would have moved the chains on fourth down.

What in the world has happened to Jordan Matthews?

The Eagles’ second-round pick of a year ago has regressed considerably in his second season. The guy just can’t catch a ball to save his life. All season, Matthews has struggled with drops, a trend that reared its ugly head once again in the first quarter, where he let a ball slide off of his hands and into the arms of former Eagle Kurt Coleman.

Matthews dropped another pass later in the first half, and later on failed to get his feet down on a pass in the endzone.

The wide receivers have been a major weak spot throughout the season, but Matthews has by far been the biggest disappointment of them all.

The lack of production by the offense in the first half is just woeful. The Eagles have scored just 10 points in the first quarter all season, which is an absolutely absurd number.

This was a game that the Eagles desperately missed a proven number-one receiver like Jeremy Maclin…

Chip Kelly Still Can’t Beat A Winning Team

Another consistent theme of the Chip Kelly era has been failures against winning teams.

Kelly was just 2-5 last season against teams with winning records, and came up small once again tonight against the undefeated Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers didn’t play particularly well, and gave Kelly and the Eagles ample opportunity to seize the game. The Panthers turned the football over three times, and the Eagles’ offense still struggled to put up the 16 points that they did.

The Carolina defense, with the exception of the touchdown run allowed to Ryan Mathews, beat Kelly’s offense up and shut them down, just as elite defenses have done to Kelly in the past.

Defense Gashed In Running Game

The Eagles had gone 18 straight games without allowing a 100-yard rusher, but that streak crashing to an end tonight.

The Eagles allowed over 200 rushing yards during tonight’s game, including 125 to veteran running back Jonathan Stewart.

Quick Thoughts


  • Jason Peters left the game with back spasms in what was a pretty scary scene on the field. Matt Tobin slid over to left tackle to replace him, and really struggled in protection later in the game.
  • Lane Johnson committed a false start penalty on the opening drive that negated a completion to Zach Ertz on a 3rd and 6. Bradford was sacked on the next play, forcing the Eagles to punt.
  • Ryan Mathews continues to make the most of his limited touches, picking up 97 yards on just six carries.
  • DeMarco Murray picked up 65 yards on 18 touches.
  • Darren Sproles finally reemerged in the passing game a bit, catching five passes for 31 yards.
  • Zach Ertz caught five balls for 63 yards, but had one of the Eagles’ drops.
  • Just three catches for 14 yards for Jordan Matthews.


  • Mychal Kendricks returned to the lineup tonight, filling in DeMeco Ryans who was unable to play through his injured hamstring.
  • Kendricks was in on seven tackles, and also picked up a sack in his return.
  • The Eagles’ defense was gashed badly on Carolina’s opening drive, allowing a 36-yard run to Jonathan Stewart and a 25-yard completion down to the goaline to Corey Brown, leading to Mike Tolbert’s touchdown run.
  • Heck of a play by Nolan Carroll to rip the ball loose from Ted Ginn on Carolina’s second drive. Ginn beat Carroll, and caught the ball down by the goalline, but Carroll was able to wrestle the ball out and create a turnover that prevented the Panthers from taking a 14-0 lead.
  • Byron Maxwell made his first great play as an Eagle, coming down with a difficult interception to set the Birds up with a short field.
  • Sensational interception by Malcolm Jenkins before the end of the first half, setting up the Eagles for a field goal before the half.

Special Teams

  • Najee Goode was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul after a punt, helping the Panthers get some better field position.
  • Caleb Sturgis hit three of his four field goal attempts, including a 52-yarder. His miss was from more than 50 yards.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Eagles couldn’t hold their claim on first place in the division for even a full week.

Just six days later, the Birds have already been knocked back below the Giants in the standings.

Chip Kelly’s offense has been terrible all year long, there’s no getting around that.

They scored just 16 points tonight. They generated only 17 last week against the Giants. There have been slow starts in the first half in every game.

Kelly has turned one of the league’s most potent offenses into a mediocre one, and he did it by getting “his guys” into place.

Sam Bradford has been mediocre at best through seven weeks. Even when Bradford is able to make throws, the wide receivers drop them. The offensive line already had paper-thin depth, and Kelly saw fit to ignore it for the second straight year, but dumped significant salary cap money into paying not one but TWO high-priced free agent running backs, losing his 85-catch 1,300 yard receiver in the process.

And the result is what the team has become: 3-4, no better than the rest of the garbage in the NFC East, and incapable of contending with true contenders in the conference.

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117 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Panthers

  1. Sproles re-emerged inthe Passing Game with 5 Receptions for 31 Yards of which 3 of those Catch’s for 25 Yards were In garbage time with the game already decided … Where was Sproles when the game was still up for grabs?
    Where was any of the Deep Routes which were so effective in their last 2 Wins
    Coach Kelly is proving that he’s not an NFL Coach who is 5-8 in his last 13 NFL Games .. There’s nothing special about Chip Kelly in my opinion and his Roster Management, Talent Evaluation and Game Planning and in game adjustments have not impressed this 40 + Year Fan of the NFL

  2. My 3 Keys to the Game all went to the Panthers Favor, pretty much as I expected and called..

    Panthers Outrushed the Eagles 204 Yards to 177 Yards
    Panthers had 5 Sacks while the Eagles only got 1 Sack
    Panthers converted 3 of 4 Red-Zone Opportunities into TD’s & 7 Points while the Eagles were 0-2 in the Red-Zone and had to settle for FG’s which always come back to bite you in the NFL

  3. The Turnovers did not hurt the Panthers since the Eagles could not convert the into points… Eagles got a measly 6 Points off of 3 Turnovers which is pitiful…
    Eagles Eliminated themselves from Post-Season for they simply are not tough enough mentally or physically … Big Players Beat Small Players my Ass…
    It should be Well Coached & Prepared Players Beat Ill-Prepared and Coached Players..

    1. Pman’re a nice guy I’m certain ,however to be totally honest here ,I must say that you’re very focused on being right and drawing the proverbial spotlight on yourself .That doesn’t for me outweigh the sick I feel and disgust in the pit of my stomach,knowing ,my team the Philadelphia Eagles are a broken toy at Xmas.While everyone else is playing happily ,I’m sulking. I garner zero content knowing you were right and I was devoted ,but wrong.Im a devoted guy to my sports teams ,but I’m also rationale and patient to some extent .Iknow the schedule ahead ,I’ve peeked at it ,and I’m not hoping for a miracle .Im also not a cardinal fan ,they don’t even resonate on my. Radar ..what kind of a fan as an eagle pounds his celebratory chest after a meltdown and beat down at the hands of any foe? Explain that ? We all understand thedepths of garbage we’ve been buried under ,but we all try as is our hopes to hold onto our noses and shovel out ..

      1. There is no need for me to be Pounding my Chest DesertEagle …
        I call them as a I see them and if you or others on here couldn’t realize that the better Coached,Prepared and more Physical Team that’s going Places in 2015 is the Panthers and not the Eagles, then I don’t know what to tell you..
        I follow the entire NFL but always root for my Favorite Hometown Eagles, but the Eagles are a Team in Transition, and most of us Fans know this.. I am not going to get caught up wishful, hopeful thinking about this 2015 Season or Team, for I am way too old for buying into the usual Hype.. My eyes tell me all I need to see and think about this Team and as I have stated since the Spring, they are simply an average NFC Team.. Middle of the Pack, too many moving Pieces, Mediocre, Up one week and Down the next, with no real Blueprint, led by a shoot from the hip HC who also acts the GM and is in charge of the entire Roster/Player Personnel Management of the Organization…

  4. Rebuild time is here —
    Eagles don’t have a QB, LT, edge rusher or cover corner — 4 musts to win in the playoffs.
    I wouldn’t endorse the Eagles matching or exceeding any Free Agent offer for Sam Bradford. Chipper can’t overpay to match a Bradford offer if he wouldn’t do it for a pro bowler draft pick in Maclin.
    Jason Peters is 33 years old ( his career is over)

    1. No you have to give them time. You can’t give on Chip’s plan after one year…..

      After all we have Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Josh Huff, Kiko Alonso, Brandon Graham and Connor Barwin and his 2 tackles last night – That’s talent to build on!!!!…..WHEEEEEEE!!!! Go GMChip!!!

        1. I guess that response was code for you were right GMCliff, these guys really aren’t all that???

          and really need to rethink who I hastlily, and presumptuously crown as a stud, and potential pro bowler, without better insight huh????

          1. every time you type I catch you in a lie —
            what insight ? You vilify white players. Kiko Alonso played 6 quarters here total since Defensive Rookie of the year award, yet you vilify him instead of Demarco Murray? Connor Barwin was all pro 2nd team associated press last year and crowned pro bowler. There is no talent difference between Taylor Hart and Vinny Curry ( both reserves but Hart is 3 years younger and white ) Lane Johnson and Zac Ertz are above average starters in the NFL just like Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks but only 2 of those people make your recurring list. I’m guessing because they are white.

            1. Still in denial I see. So you use the race card looking for sympathy. Race has nothing to do with the lack of talent on this team.

              Josh Huff is Black, Brandon Graham is Black, and I think they stink too, and many overrated them as well by just being optimistic. Brent Celek is white, and Jason Kelce is white, and I like them.

              I want to trade DeMarco Murray after the season for a player, and draft picks, because he doesn’t fit this Offense. I would also trade Zach Ertz for draft pick as well – He can’t block, and he isn’t surprising anyone he can be contained. Trey Burton can give us everything Ertz does in my opinion.

              You’re welcomed to yours as well, but as I have been saying for years – You don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about – and I rest my case….

              Lets hear it for Connor Barwin…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Zach Ertz is not a starter – lets get that straight. Brent Celek is the starter – and the undisputed starter, no matter how much you want him to be so.

              Taylor Hart can’t touch Vinny Curry in terms of talent. To say there is no difference in the two is evidence of the lack of insight you bring to the table. Hart is on the team because he is one of many former Oregon Player that were overvalued, and overrated by Chip Kelly. He is actually not even talented enough to be on an NFL Roster. Taylor Hart sucks. Vinny Curry is an absolute talent, and player, and that cannot be disputed in comparison to an untalented player like Taylor Hart.

              We all acknowledged Barwin’s aberration of a season, and I told you that coach would turn into a pumpkin this year, and it has. He had 1 tackle against another team – He is not playing the pass the majority of the time. He is rushing the QB – I have played close attention to what he has been doing, and he is laying an egg because he isn’t as talented as you want to advertise him to be – and his play this year proves that.

              Johnson, and Ertz are not above average starters in the eyes of those who know talent. It seems you’re the only one on here in denial. Haven’t you read the comments written by the guys on here. It is amazing what you can see when you open your eyes, and when there play proves what you saw was nothing more than a mirage – but you’re welcome to continue to be in denial.

              There is no lie to catch me in. These are all facts that you refuse to accept, so you try to play the race card

              1. No one is Trading for RB D Murray .. The Big $$$ in his Deal are for 2016 & 2017 and runs thru thr 2019 Season.. Name me 1 Team & GM who is taking that size Contract on for a 28 Year Old RB and who would part with a Draft Pick to do so… That’s not happening, no how, no way..

              2. If you don’t have an answer to what I’m saying just say so E0S. Don’t start reaching to save face by getting personal.

                What do you mean they BETTER? My boys won’t all be together that night. That is a night for he, his mother, and his step father who raised him. There’s nothing that has to be proven to you – Who are you?…I may get a shout out, but I don’t expect much more, and I’m fine with that. But if he is drafted by the Sixers, I know I’ll have floor seats every game my family and I attend….

                Just admit you don’t have a clue when it comes to the evaluation of talent, and really just gullibly support what ever is fed to you blindly. That’s why you haven’t lent one word of knowledge of these players until after they are advertised a little before the combine for as long as you have been heckling everyone else’s opinion – yet you have no original thought to share.

                smh…..You’ll always be pathetic…

              3. Paul, Murray doesn’t make that much money. It’s a little over 6 million a year

                A team like the Lions would be happy to make a deal for Murray, Kiko Alonso, and Zach Ertz for Larry Warford, and a #1 draft pick.

              4. D Murray’s Contract Per Spotrac
                2015 (Age 27) – $5 Million Salary & Bonus (Dead $ 18 Million)
                2016 (Age 28) – $8 Million Salary & Bonus (Dead $ 13 Million
                2017 (Age 29) – $9 Million Salary & Bonus (Dead $ 5 Million)
                2018 (Age 30) – $9 Million Salary & Bonus (Dead $ 2 Million)
                2019 (Age 31) – $9 Million Salary & Bonus (Dead $ 1 Million)

                Remember in the NFL to make a Trade with another Team, that Team has to be able to fit that Players Contract under their Salary Cap Situtation before
                making any new or future deals with that Player
                In other words, any Team that would want D Murray would have to fit the above Contact Terms under their Current Salary Cap to get NFL Approval and then once he was traded could then negotiate a new deal…

                Can you tell me 1 Team who wants DeMarco Murray and his Contract…
                and no, its not the last place Detroit Lions who have all kinds of Cap issues will be going into a rebuild mode after this Season

              5. I am aware of that Paul.

                Again the team would be the Detroit Lions, who are without a RB option, and a receiving TE to take some pressure off Calvin Johnson, and balance the offense.

                They do not have Salary problems, they have decent personnel issues. They are the team, as well as Houston, Kansas City, Indianapolis, NY Giants, Oakland, Cleveland, San Diego, and Jacksonville.

              6. GMCliff

                1) Lions are $2 Million under the Cap in 2015 and a Projected $20 Million under for 2016 with 23 Current Players up for Free-Agency …

                2) Lions Drafted RB Ameer Abdullah last Draft to Play along Veteran Joquie Bell & Youngsters Theo Riddick & George Winn & RB Zack Zenner… (Why would they want Demarco Murray again???)

                3) Lions already have a Pass-Receiving TE in Zac Ebron, why would they want ZacH Ertz ?

                4) Why would the Lions Trade their Best OL in Larry Warford ?
                Just because you like him?

                5) The Lions are not in Position with 23 Free-Agents after this Season to go Spend half their Cap Space on a aging over the hill RB in D Murray..

                C’Mon Man… Do your Homework a little bit GMCliff….

              7. Because, Abdullah, Riddick stink as pros, and Bell’s injuries may have shortened his career.. I know you were high on Abdullah, but as usual another dud. They have no running game. DeMarco Murray would be perfect for what they do. They won’t get better option with experience, in the draft or free agency….That’s why.

                I’m not sure they would give us Warford, – but that is what I would want for Murray, Ertz, and Alonso – whose injury prone ass we don’t need now that Hicks has shown growth, and Kendricks has been extended – to your dislike. lol…..

                Most of their free agents are worth a dime anyway. They need to retool. Again they are the perfect team to trade with. We will just have to agree to disagree.

                Ebron has been inconsistent, at best and can’t be depended upon game in game out. I do believe Ertz would be a better option, to make room for Calvin Johnson, the running game, and also a deal sweetener for the Eagles.

              8. Aren’t worth a dime….sorry

                The Cap isn’t based upon the length of one persons deal, it the annual salary of the player. So they wouldn’t be spending half their salary cap on Murray bruh…

              9. I guess you don’t understand how the Cap Works Cliff
                Lions have approx $18-20 Million Available for 2016 based on their committed Contracts that are under Contract (Stafford,Megatron, Ansah, etc.etc) and their Rookie/Draft Pool
                So your telling me that paying 1 Player (RB Murray) $9 Million of the available $18-20 Million makes sense for Detroit???
                How does Detroit fill out a Roster for 22 other Players with $14 Million?
                With a bunch of Practice squad Players..

                Lions and no other NFL Team have any interest in Eagles RB D Murray
                The Eagles are stuck with him thru 2017 after the big $$$ of his guaranteed $$$ is paid… Terrible Signing as was Byron Maxwell that will tie the hands of the next Eagles Coach/Front Office..

              10. I do understand Paul.

                But if you have 23 free agents by the end of the year you will have more than that, plus the cap goes up the next year……you’re not proactive in your thinking.

              11. Is there something wrong with your reading comprehension Cliff?
                Let me repeat this one final time
                The Detroit Lions have $124 Million in Committed Salaries for 2016
                The 23 Players currently on their Roster who will be Free Agents after this Season do not count towards this $124 Million as they are not under contract beyond 2015…
                The Cap is to grow to approx $150 Million for 2016 for NFL Teams which would give the Lions approx $25 Million under the Cap. Most Teams allocate about $4-5 Million for the Draft basically giving the Lions approx $20 Million to Spend for 20 Roster Spots that will be open and your suggesting that they would be interested in spending $9 a Million of that on an aging RB Demarco Murray… Do you realize how ridiculous this sounds Cliff?
                C’Mon Man…
                Your sounding as ridiculous as with your Drafts where the Eagles should wind up with 5-6 of the Top 50 Players by Trading up, back as if other Teams have no Draft Needs either….

              12. Paul, teams create cap space every year by cutting their losses on inept players.

                Still not thinking proactively,

                ….. and my draft picks were a result of being aggressive not insightful on impact players, which the Lion need to be….

                The cap isn’t the real issue here, the issue is you are not creative enough to see it….again teams do it every year. So what’s ridiculous about it?? just because you can’t see it?

              13. ant not lacking of insight……sorry. I’m trying to type while feeding my 3 month old.

                Oh yeah, did I tell you, I had a little girl in July Paul??

              14. No you did not mention that GMCliff.. Congratulations..
                Start her in early in Swimming, Golf or Tennis which are the easiest Sports to get Athletic Scholarships for … Ha
                Our Son turns 18 next week and our Daughter is 20, so hopefully it will be a few years before Grandchildren come.. Our 27th Wedding Anniversary is coming up in November as well… So I have lots to be thankful about even if my Football Team (Eagles) stink this year..

              1. smh…and with all that said you’re still stubborn about admitting that GMCliff is smarter, and more talented than you……

                and my children are much more successful than you, or any of your children.

                Hard pill to swallow isn’t it??

              2. My son Tyler is a Dorsey, my 8 year old is a Dorsey, My oldest was given up for adoption, and Jaylen mother was pregnant while she was dating her Husband in College……

                I made some life choices she wasn’t comfortable with religiously, and she made the decision to raise him without me, and her boyfriend decided to stay with her – and married her. I didn’t know him for the first 4 years of his life. But that changed soon after.

                It’s life Ciggy, and it happens.

              3. Don’t forget my friends – Bigelion, Eaglehaslanded, PDiddy, Greenfan, RealTalk, Paulman, and Denny B, and GCobb himself…

                Always the hater smh…..

              4. 10 months ago you wrote you had a stroke and your hand and face were shaking with permanent damage while collecting stolen sympathy from these people list above — now you want to tell everyone you were impregnating a women and have a 3 month old — bwahahahaha
                when will you stop lying —
                one day you say you worked for the St Louis Rams as a scout and helped trade Eric Dickerson which was 1987 the same year you claim you were in high school and could not raise the newly born Jawan Carter so you put him up for adoption.
                when will the lying stop —

      1. Hey GMCliff…
        What did you think of Kony Ealy last evening ?
        He was pretty quiet I thought…
        My Man Kawann Short (#99) was tearing it up as was CB josh Norman,
        #25 Bene Beirwiekerie
        Its a Shame that Top Pick LB Shaq Thompson was out due to head injury sustained the week before while covering a kickoff where he took a inadvertent knee to his head on a Tackle
        Also RG Trai Turner had a very strong game last evening pretty much taking care of Bennie Logan for most the Game

  5. Owner Jeff Lurie announces a very Unusual Trade with the Houston Texans
    as Owner Lurie is Sending HC Chip Kelly, QB Sam Bradford & RB D Murray to Houston for HC Bill O’Brien, QB Ryan Mallet and DE Jadaveon Clowney

    Details at 11pm and the NFL Office has to approve the Deal but looks good on the Surface per NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello…

  6. a side note to the posters discussing RACIAL make up on the Eagles , actually if I’m not mistaken Kiko Alonzo in Of Hispanic heritage,.

  7. When foles was 27 2 this pudgy coach far shied away from any endorsement, which is strange, nobody was playing better

    The next year hi s qb was 6 2 before injury


    Now he has a chimp at qb but chip is all in


    his balls are tied to bum brafgo

  8. Hearing Rumors from the DC Beltway as both the Redskins & Eagles are on their Bye Week….
    Reports are that Jay Gruden wants to move RG3 sooner rather than later and also reports that Gruden& Co really like their Young WR’ s Ryan Grant & J Crowder and would entertain offers for Desean Jackson….

    There is talk about the Eagles Sending QB Mark Sanchez & a 3rd Round Pick
    In 2016 and a 2nd Round Pick in 2017 Draft for RG3 as Chip Kelly the GM must start to think about the Eagles QB situation for 2016 as Bradford is a 1 Year rental plan that didn’t work …
    It’s another roll of the dice but Kelly is thinking about getting RG3 in the building now with an eye for next Season as Kelly will have to ride out Bradford for 2015 whether he wants to or not.. Maybe RG3 can play the last few games once the inevitable happens and the Eagles get eliminated from the post-season by December,,,RG3 can learn the Eagles System and hit the ground running for the 2016 Spring OTA’s next May

    Redskins & Gruden likes his chances for the Redskins to Win the NFC East and make the Playoffs while Chip Kelly has to regroup and have a better plan & QB for 2016 or his stay in Philly and the NFL will be a short one…
    Kelly figures if I’m going down as HC & GM, then I’m going down utilizing a mobile QB to run my Offense and not peg-legs Bradford, Sanchez or Foles…

    This is how I see things unfolding for the 2nd half of the Season
    Some changes on this Roster are going to happen and maybe even a shake-up on the Coaching Staff… .

    1. There are more Krapernick rumours out there than those for RGIII.

      Buttfumble, Krapernick, RGme

      Are these really the potential options for next year? No seriously. Because if its any one of them……I might have to take a sabbatical.

      For chrissakes, can please have a potential QB replacement option without a nickname the rest of the league laughs at?

      1. Do note Vinnie, this is not what I am advocating or would do, but I am talking about what Chip may think about doing..
        2016 is it for him inTerms of ever getting anextension to remain with the Eagles
        He fails again in2016, then his future status of remaining the NFL becomes much less as his brand and reputation would take a serious hit with having total power of the Roster and Finances and still not producing a Winner
        Bradford will not be back in 2016
        Kelly is not going to receive any Contract extension from Lurie after this Season
        Meaning 2016 is a put up or shut up year for Kelly who doesn’t have a QB
        It’s too late for him to Draft a QB and spend 2-3 Years in Developing for he tried and failed with Matt Barkley..
        Unless they tank it for the rest of this Season and get a Top 5 Pick
        What QB are they getting in this Draft that can play and win in 2016?
        There is none…
        Who out there around the NFL can play in Kellys system and possibly be effective? RG3, EJ Manuel, Kaepernick
        Kelly is going to have to take a chance with one of them..

        1. I agree that’s probably going to happen. And I hate it.

          Now you have added EJ Manuel to the list of disasters above? How terribly exciting. Again, I might have to take a leave of absence and come back when they have the #1 pick for a QB. At least then there will be hope and promise for a season or two.

          Krapernick, Buttfumble, RGme, EJ.

          There is no Joy in Mudville with that lineup.

    1. Big Mhenski, I couldn’t agree more!!!

      If the Sixers can get Ben Simmons, My son Jalen Brown, and EC Matthews of Rhode Island in the draft this year, along with the right mix of Free Agents, the Sixers are a Championship caliber franchise again.

      DeMar Derozen should be #1 priority free agent, followed by Donotas Montejunas.

      I’d also hire Andre Miller, as a coach to mentor the PG’s – Matthews, and a veteran free agent.

        1. thanks….I know how his name is spelled; I’ve spelled it correctly on other replies, but typing too fast compromises that….but thanks …

        2. Tank 3.0–
          CoachDaniel ( youtube handle ) breaks down Dario Saric — projects Saric as a NBA player but a bench player which leads me to worry if Saric will want to play 18 minute 2nd team NBA ball or 25 European starter minutes?
          Will Noel, Embiid, Okafor re-sign or bolt for established NBA teams with packed arenas & fan interest?
          Sam Hinkie has 4 potential first round draft picks next year – unfortunately this coming draft is not very good. So waiting 2 years to replace Michael Carter Williams ( who wanted to be in Philly ) then lose the trade is becoming more likely than not.

          1. MCW blows. dont miss him a bit, he isnt a winning player.

            this draft is fine. We need that #1 pick and get simmons, we get simmons we good, we dont we still poop

              1. All scouts compare him to Tracy mcgrady

                One nba scout recently said Simmons would be a all American this year at any position he started

  9. Sixers were difficult to watch in the preseason.
    Boring team.
    they are a very bad defensive team this year. Last season the Sixers played above average defense. That won’t be the case until at least December. They still can’t score but combined with a much worse defense the Sixers are going to get man handled until Wroten and Kendall Marshall return from Knee surgeries. I expect nightly 30 point losses. Very boring team. Can’t defend or score.

  10. I’m not watching one minute of Sixer basketball miss me with that train wreck. The state of sports in Philly is just bad right now. Go Temple.

  11. By Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on October 29, 2015 at 5:30 AM

    The Eagles’ season is just about halfway over, and seven games in, things aren’t exactly going to plan.

    The team is currently in their bye week with a 3-4 record with nine games to play. They next take the field in Dallas on Nov. 8, a game that is a must-win after losing to the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday night.

    Of course, not many thought the Eagles would be in a must-win situation this early on in the season, as a strong preseason had head coach Chip Kelly’s team being discussed as Super Bowl contenders before Week 1.

    So what has gone wrong?

    Let’s take a look at the offensive side of the ball seven games into the season:

    1. Quarterback: The Eagles, really no matter how you slice it, have statistically gotten some of the worst quarterback play in the NFL so far.

    Seven games into his career with the Eagles, quarterback Sam Bradford has a quarterback rating of 76.4, which is lower than 32 other quarterbacks who have played significant time for their team this season. His 10 interceptions is tied for the most in the NFL, and his 62% completion percentage leaves him 28th among quarterbacks this season.

    Certainly he hasn’t gotten much help from his receivers, and a slow start to the season for the running game didn’t help him either. He has shown some bright spots, such as a strong second half in Week 1 and some confidence in the pocket against the Panthers.

    Those moments, however, have been few and far between. Seven games in, Bradford has been a complete disappointment, and is perhaps at the top of the reasons the team is 3-4.

    Grade: D

    2. Running Backs: The performance of the running backs is so tied to the performance of the offensive line, it is hard to separate the two.

    After a terrible start to the season, however, running backs Ryan Mathews and DeMarco Murray are starting to show some signs of life. You can debate which one deserves more touches, and the argument can certainly be made Mathews should be a feature back.

    As a unit, however, the group seems to be making the most out of what little opportunities they have had due to poor blocking up front.

    Murray’s performance brings the grade down for the running backs, however, as he isn’t earning his paycheck and doesn’t seem to be doing a good job improvising when there isn’t anywhere to go.

    Grade: C+

    3. Wide Receivers: As the season has progressed, the play of the receivers on this team has gotten worse and worse.

    Things might have hit rock bottom against the Panthers, when the unit dropped passes left and right, including two crucial ones on the final drive.

    The drops are not the only issue.

    Second-year receivers Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff, as well as rookie Nelson Agholor, have yet to make something out of nothing, or helped out their quarterback. The three players have enough talent to make a player after the catch, but so far, none have produced a “wow” moment.

    Veterans Miles Austin and Riley Cooper have been surprisingly effective, but this team isn’t going anywhere if they have to feature their fourth-and-fifth string receivers.

    Grade: F

    MORE: How many passes have the WRs dropped?

    4. Tight Ends: The tight ends, Zach Ertz and Brent Celek, have done everything asked of them. Ertz has three drops, but he has helped Bradford out as much as his drops have hurt the quarterback.

    If anything, the Eagles need to work on getting Ertz more involved as the season continues.

    Grade: B+

    5. Offensive Line: If Bradford isn’t the main reason the team is 3-4, the offensive line might be.

    Early on in the season, when the team was struggling to run the ball, it was the fault of the offensive line. The surprising part of the unit’s struggles is that veterans Jason Kelce, Jason Peters and Lane Johnson all had rough starts to the season. The poor play from guard Allen Barbre, Matt Tobin and Andrew Gardner was almost to be expected. The three Pro-Bowl players struggling, however, was not.

    The good news is that the line is picking up, has been solid in pass protection and played well against the Panthers.

    The bad news is the team is in a 3-4 hole because it took the offensive line so long to get going.

    Grade: C-

    1. There is no question that at 3-4 through 7 we STINK- The nfl is a funny league, our only hope is that we get hot at the right time, bradford turns out to be at least average, the recievers get right and the defense continues to play well- there aren’t a lot of indications that this will happen but things can turn on a dime…

      1. Eagles at 3-4 Overall with a 1-2 NFC East Record and a 2-4 NFC Conference Record have to Run the Table and Win their 6 Remaining NFC Games

        They have to Beat the Cowboys,TB Bucs,Lions,Arizona,Redskins and Giants to finish with a 8-4 NFC Conference Record and 4-2 NFC East Record just to have a chance at the Post-Season with at least 9 Wins and then win 1 of the 3 Remaning AFC Games (Dolphins,Pats & Bills) to get to 10-6
        But if they win all 3 AFC Games but lose a coupld of NFC Games, then its over.. They have too many Teams ahead of them in the NFC Race with better NFC Conference Records which is the first tiebreaker used
        Any more losses to an NFC opponent and their Season is essentially over

        They lose to the Cowboys next week and they would fall to 3-5 Overall NFC East Division Record of 1-3 and a NFC Conference Record of 2-5 and it’s all over
        Matt Cassell torched Billy Davis and the Eagles Defense a couple Years back while with the Vikings so Cassell is going to be pumped to face them…

        1. Teams in the NFC with Better NFC Conference Records

          1) Redskins
          2) Giants
          3) Cowboys
          4) Packers
          5) Vikings
          6) Panthers
          7) Falcons
          8) Arizona
          9) St Louis
          10) Seattle

          These 10 Teams all have more Wins or less Losses than the Eagles do
          in NFC Conference Games which are the 1st Tie-Breaker’s Used besides head to head match-ups when Teams are tied with the same Records at the end of the Season and the Eagles have already lost to the Falcons & Panthers head to head so basically the only way the Eagles Get in is to Win their Division which means winning every NFC Game left on their Schedule

  12. That article is very close to how I feel, EHL….

    I agree that the WRs (Matthews and rookie Nelson Agholor) have talent. I don’t believe Huff or Cooper have NFL starting WR talent. There was a point where I thought much more highly of this receiving corps, but that has changed.

    Having said that, I still think Bradford’s poor play has had more of a negative effect on the WRs than vise-versa. Guys like Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews have been good receiving backs, not known to drop passes until now. Bradford doesn’t throw a ball that’s easy to catch, that’s for sure..

    1. I hear you Irish, the reason I have been so hard on the receiving corps is because looking at them in totality, they have Jordan Matthews who played well last year, but needed to continue to improve, Josh Huff who I never liked because I do not see receiving skills as far as his hands are concerned, Cooper, who just is not any good, and Agholor who has shown nothing as a pro so I could not count him into the equation of making the corps any better. I agree about Bradford, there is something about his delivery, there is to much film evidence of receivers in St. Louis and now on the Eagles dropping his passes to discount it. However, the receiving corps was a strength, no DeSean was not a complete receiver, no Maclin was not the most durable, but, the two of them together could have been pretty special in this offense, plus, not only would those two had made Cooper a better receiver… they can CATCH!!!! As much as I hate to say it, Riley Cooper is the Eagles best WR right now…and that is a damn shame. Doesn’t speak to highly of Chip’s ability to judge talent.

      1. DJax was good from the day he walked on a NFL field, and Maclin picked-up the speed of the NFL quickly. Mathews looks like the Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne type, that need 2-3 years to sort things out….Hopefully he won’t turn into Reggie Brown.

        I hope Nelson Agholor gets right and turns into a good pro receiver or the Eagles will be set-back big time if he is a bust…You’re right EHL, that won’t speak well for Chip’s ability to judge talent.

        1. And Just another reason why I hate the Chip Kelly having the Dual Role of GM & Coach.. Wouldn’t you think that Since Chip Drafted some of these PLayers
          like Huff, Agholor, MS2, etc etc that he will play them more…
          As a Gm- RB D Murray is making much more $$$ than Ryan Matthews in Year #2 & #3 of his Contract, does this make Coach Kelly play Murray more because he is paying him more..
          Play time should be a Result of Production and Preparation and a coach should never be concerned about what a Player is Earning or Contract Status or where that Player was Drafted but when your the Gm and Coach,
          you can’t tell me that this doesn’t come into play…

      2. I stated in the Summer that my biggest concern with this 2015 Eagles Offense
        was the WR Corp just not being very good and forcing Defenses to have to play honest covereages and defend the entire field..
        No Eagle Receivers command a Double-Team, No one on Defense has to account for QB Bradford as he is no threat to keep the ball and run so now you have an extra Defender or Two who can play up tight to the line of scrimmage and focus on stopping the Run… Compound this Reality with 2 Starting Guards and you have a Recipe for Disaster in trying to establish a Running Game
        I said this in June, July & August and stand by it still halfway thru the Season… The Eagles probably have the worst WR Corp in all the NFC and NFL.. Let me repeat the Eagles have the worst WR Corp in all the NFC
        and NFL.. That’s right, worst than the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina PAnthers, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and St Louis Rams…. Yes the Worst…

  13. Eliott Shore Parks is a very kind grader –
    Sam Bradford gets a F – Grade.
    Running Backs because of Demarco Murray get a F- Grade .

    this offense is based on the read option and the running back running out of the shot gun. Neither Sam Bradford or Demarco Murray ( the 2 highest paid players on the offense) can do either. It is a complete disaster. The 2 free agents busts didn’t participate in preseason so the Coaching staff had no idea they didn’t have the talent to run the offense. So it took the first 2 regular season games before Chip Kelly adjusted. Complete garbage.

    1. Eliot doesn’t know what he is talking about…

      Here is the Eagles problem:

      “In fact, according to ESPN’s Stats and Information, the Eagles’ 15.2 drop percentage was the highest of any team in any game in the NFL this year.

      By far.

      Next-worst was actually also this past weekend, when Titans receivers dropped 11.4 percent of Zach Mettenbeger’s passes against the Falcons.”

      Bradford has completed 62 percent of his passes this year. If the drops were just cut in half — and that’s still a lot of drops — he’d be at 65 percent.”

      From Reuben Frank at CSN Philly

      5 of Bradford’s 10 interceptions comes from deflected balls on dropped passes!

      Bradford is improving, he played well last Sunday

      He needs his receivers to stop dropping passes!!

      Simple as that!

      1. 5 of 10, that is average…and that is what he is…average, everything says that about him. He did improve Sunday, but he still was not that good, that is the problem. Even when you project off of his numbers (not thinking linearly as you like to claim) he still comes out as average in a QB friendly system. Once again, all receivers drop passes, it’s a part of the game, but, why weren’t the Eagles receivers, TE’s and RB’s dropping passes at this alarming rate last year? Why is their drop rate so high compared to everyone else? Do I think the wr corp is good? No, I have been stating that since game 2, but that has to do with play making ability, not the ability to do something as basic as catch the ball. I find it funny how you use stats to support your argument, but when stats are used to counter your argument you deem them as irrelevant. You can’t have it both ways. Bradford = Average, and for me as an Eagles fan, that is still not good enough. Sam’s W-L record says all I need to know.

        1. EHL pretty much sums up the Sam Bradford Experiment… “Average” ,
          which is what this Eagles Team and Franchise Currently Is ..

      2. Koolbreeze, this is what Reuben Frank said about Sam Bradford in a story on titled 10 Observations From Eagles-Panthers posted on Oct. 26, 2015

        5. Sam Bradford didn’t get a lot of help Sunday night. Seven drops, including the one by Matthews that led to his only interception. Bad protection. Especially after Jason Peters go hurt. Not enough Mathews. But we’re seven games in now, and there’s just no sign of him being anything more than a mediocre quarterback. It’s not early in the season anymore. The Cowboys game in two weeks is the midway point. When Bradford gets into a rhythm and gets great protection, he’s effective. But when things start going wrong, he just seems to have no ability to rally the team through that adversity. This loss isn’t on Bradford. But when your quarterback completes just one pass longer than eight yards to a wide receiver, something is terribly wrong.

        WHEN BRADFORD GETS INTO A RHYTHM AND GETS PROTECTION HE IS EFFECTIVE, BUT WHEN THINGS START GOING WRONG HE JUST SEEMS TO HAVE NO ABILITY TO RALLY THE TEAM THROUGH THAT ADVERSITY. Now you used Reuben Frank as somebody who knows what he is talking about in your counter argument to Elliot Schor Parks story about Bradford not being good…Does Rueben Frank not know what he is talking about now in light of this story he wrote?

      3. Kool, here is a snippet from a story Jimmy Kempski wrote on October 30,2015 titled Sam Bradford has a ‘high’ chance of being with a different team in 2016

        Bradford ranks 32nd (last) in Total QBR among qualifying quarterbacks this season. He ranks 28th out of 30 qualifiers since entering the league in 2010.

        “I don’t know Sam at all, but I think eventually when you are in the league, you are what you are,” a player from another team said before the 2014 season. “This is what, five years for him?”

        It’s Year 6 now, and Bradford is seven games into his return from a second torn ACL. Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has said evaluating quarterbacks in new systems becomes viable after about eight games. Bradford and the Eagles have a bye this week before visiting Dallas for their eighth game.

        “I can see someone signing Bradford if he stays healthy all year,” one of the GMs said, “and I could see the Eagles just letting him go.”

        “I think our quarterback is playing well,” Chip Kelly told reporters after the loss to Carolina. “Yeah, I have been pleased with Sam, very pleased with Sam.”

        There’s no way that can be true. Bradford is 29th in QB rating (76.4), he’s thrown the most INTs in the league (10), he’s 30th in yards per pass attempt (6.45), and he isn’t a threat to run. While he certainly hasn’t been helped by his receivers or a quality rushing attack (in some games), Bradford has simply been awful.

        If Bradford had shown anything so far this season (and obviously there are still nine games to go), maybe there’s some logic in trying to sign him at a drastically discounted rate for one year in the hopes that he’ll be better in his second season in the system. But seeing as he’s shown essentially nothing, if that continues I’m not sure why the Eagles would have any interest in bringing him back, or why Bradford would even want to be back.

        Hmmm, Reuben Frank (whom you have quoted), Jimmy kempski, Elliot Schorr Parks all see the same thing as the majority of posters on this board, as well as Seth Joyner(if you ever watch him on Comcast or listen to him on WIP on the Mike and Ike show) I guess none of them know what they are talking about either because it is a consensus as it relates to b Radford’s play…well, I guess it must be a conspiracy against Average Sam.

  14. Okafor puts up 26 points for the Sixers on the Celtics ( Zeller, Sullinger, Johnson )couldn’t defend him. Okafor had 8 turnovers which is ridiculously high though. Mudiay played real well too but had 11 turnovers even more ridiculously high. From what I’ve seen D’anglelo Russell is not better than Mudiay. LA may regret passing on what appears to be the better guard. Towns, Hezonja, and Porzingus all played well. That draft class has major talent.

    1. Hearing Trade Rumors for D-Jax., to the Oakland Raiders for Draft Picks …
      Put D-Jax with Amari Cooper with Derek Carr, now all of a sudden, you have a big-play Offense playing in the AFC West where both the Broncos & Chiefs struggle to Score Points which could catapult the Raiders up to the Top of the AFC West for the next couple of Seasons as Broncos will regroup after Peyton Manning Retires, and the Chiefs Rebuild with a new Coach

  15. smh..are you kidding me…

    This year, the Eagles receivers are as bad as any of us can remember. Not a single one of them are playing well…last year we had Jeremy Maclin playing well.

    Big difference

    The fact that we can say that Bradford is ‘average’ coming into a new system, after having not played in 2 years, with subpar, poor receivers …being ‘average’ at this point of the year is fine…when he plays more he’ll play better, with more anticipation,as he sees more and sees and knows how his receivers respond to situations better (and hopefully will catch the damm ball)…his accuracy will improve and what we saw in the pre-season we will see later in the season.
    The rush to judgements right now are foolish…
    EHL-I dont throw out statistical analysis…but I do watch the games to contextualize the stats that I am quoting. Interceptions are unacceptable but the worse interceptions are when the Quarterback throws a dumb pass in the clutch moments of the game and that robs your team of a chance to win. This is much different from the QB throwing an accurate pass that hits the receiver in the hands,bounces off and into the hands of a defender.
    What Vinniedafool does is mindlessly quote irrelevant stats that dont support what we see in the game-quotes about how many games Foles “won” are an example of foolish stat use by Vinnie and others

    1. You obviously do not watch the games because if you did you wouldn’t be saying things that never happened.

      The last two days you have kept on and on about how 5 of the 10 interceptions have bounced off the hands of WRs.

      But that did not happen.

      The other day you were on and on about the 3rd down converstion thrown by Bradford that were called back by panalty.

      That did not happen.

      Your “I watch the games” claim would have a little more credence if you didn’t continually invent fantasy scenarios that are only happening in your head, and not on the field.

    2. Kool, he has always been average in the NFL, nothing you can provide in his history in the NFL can dispute that. I know you want him to be more than “Average”, but his play and stats says that he is “Average”, even before his two year sabbatical, he was “Average”. “Average Sam I Am”. He had a good first year, then DC’s got hold of the tape, to look at his tendencies…he is just plain old “Average”. All of the math proves that, and the math is what we must use to measure his performance…which is simply “Average”.

  16. The Stats are what the Stats are…
    The Eagles Offense and especially the QB, WR’s, TE’s and RB DeMarco Murray have all under-performed, its that simple…
    The Play-Calling and Game Plans by Kelly have been Shaky too..
    The Bottom line is that the 2015 Eagles are simply not a good Team and while they have time to turn it around, 1 more loss to an NFC Opponent pretty much knocks them out of Playoff Contention for they would have 4-5 Teams to leap frog over with 8 Games left which is very unlikely to do..
    If they can’;t win the NFC East outright, then there will be no Post-Season for the Eagles, so you have to deem this Season as a Step Back and a Failure
    making 2016 the make or break it Year for Chip Kelly in terms of remaining with the Eagles long-term..

  17. 2016 Eagles –
    Jeff Lurie makes this call on Sam Bradford’s future. I don’t know if Sam will return but I believe that decision will be made by Jeff Lurie.
    Jeff Lurie might make the call on Riley Cooper and cut the cord.
    Nolan Carroll and Walter Thurmond are free agents. Only one stays because of money with Eric Rowe replacing the other.
    Darren Sproles is 50/50 to stay. interested to see what happens.

    Eagles will not be able to afford all Three DL. ( Cox, Logan, Thornton) Thornton only one who hits FA in the off season. Interested to see how this works out. Taylor Hart will eventually replace one of the three because he will be cheaper. Free Agency will steal one from the pack.

    1. to E0SB Re : 2016
      I don’t believe Jeff Lurie will have anything to do with Sam Bradford’s Future, who I believe, has little to no interest in remaining in Philly..Bradford needed a Good Year to Improve his Status in a Free-Agency Year where a half-dozen Teams will be looking for a Starting QB and there is little consensus from NFL Scouts that any QB in the 2016 Draft or ready to come in and Start Year #1 as even the Top 4-5 QB’s (Goff,Cook,Lynch,Jones) all need to be groomed for a Year or 2 before Starting in the NFL
      Bradford will be in Contact with the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, NY Jets, Cleveland Browns who will all need New QB’s in 2016.. Then there are rumors about the 49ers, Bears,Chiefs, Saints & Redskins all looking to address their Current QB Situations.. some for Poor Play and some for Salary Cap… ( I expect Drew Brees to be Released as the Saints are going to move in another Direction)
      Bottom Line, Sam Bradford will have a lot of Options, HC Kelly has to realize that Kelly’s is not the QB to run his Offense well enough and though he is not going to toss him under the bus during the 2015 Season and says he is very happy with Bradford’s Performance which we all know is pure bullshit.. Kelly knows he needs a more athletic presence at QB..

  18. I know one thing – it’s all about winning, and Sam Bradford is not the guy I want playing QB if I need my team to win a game.

    I would take any of the quarterbacks that have played for Kelly since he’s been here over Sam. You can say what you like about Foles, or Vick, or even Sanchez – they are all better than Bradford has been so far. And you don’t need stats to tell you that, just watch the games.

    I hope Bradford can do what he has never done in his career – string together several good games and win three or four games in a row so we can make the playoffs. But I don’t see that as a realistic hope.

      1. Its just how this whole thing has been teetering on the brink all season.

        Once more…if they lose to Dallas next week, the whole thing is going to just implode.

        And again….what is immensely depressing is just how this whole season has broken. Could the Eagles catch more breaks???

        Shit show all season in Washington, JPP kaboom, Coughlin just giving up 2 games with the most ridiculous coaching decisions I have seen since Reid, Jets on a donut, Saints on a donut, Romo and Dez dropping in a game, Newtong handing 3 picks to the Birds (predictable), AND a defense suprisingly to 10 out of nowhere…..

        And can’t take advantage of it…..and all because of Kelly’s personnel decisions regarding QB, RB, WR and OL.

        Each and every one I thought was wrong at the time:

        Trade for Bradford – wrong
        Tebow distraction – wrong
        Sign 500 touch Murray – wrong
        Leave draft sans oline – wrong
        Cut oline with scrub replacements – wrong
        Sign Miles Austin??? – Wrong

        This “offensive Genius” has taken the team from the #4 ranked offense in 2013 to a steaming pile of crap in just 2 short years.

        Good times.

        And on a side note….man….every single Eagles website has a different picture of Bradford looking like he’s trudging back after 2 days at the Somme

        Can the guy get his Goddamn chin of his chest just for once?

        1. I hated the Bradford Trade for Foles & a 2nd Round 2016 Draft Pick and the swapping the Eagles 2015 4th Round Pick for the Rams 2015 5th Round Pick which no one mentions but basically involves in losing another Round…
          I was against the Signing of CB Maxwell and RB D Murray
          I was for Releasing T Cole, C Williams, T Herremans & J Casey
          and thought D Ryans was expendable after obtaining Kiko Alonso and now both have been Injured
          I did not like the Re-Signing of Brandon Graham and would have much preferred the Eagles pursuing both OLB’s Jerry Hughes & O’Brien Schofield in Free-Agency
          I liked RB Ryan Matthews and DB Walter Thurmond Signings
          I did not like the Releasing of Evan Mathis.. Kelly knew that Mathis Was not going to show up for the Voluntary Workouts in May & June just like Mathis didn’t in 2014 so Kelly should have addressed Guard in Free-Agency or the Draft since he already Released Herremans in early February.. To not address the OL was plain stupid
          I expected J Maclin to move on and specifically to play for the Chiefs and Home and Andy Reid so I was not surprised that he moved on, but again, I do believe that Kelly should have addressed the WR Position besides Drafting Agholor who has shown little to nothing yet..

  19. Watching Clemson vs NC State, this QB D Watson from Coemson is looking great a couple of nice deep throws plus accurate short throws with touch and can also run.. This kid would be perfect in Eagles Scheme…
    NC State’s QB J Brissert (GMCliffs Boy) is a big dude who is mobile and has a strong arm, he just can’t red Defenses quick enough and locks into his initial receiver, ounce that’s covered, he’s shaky looking in my opinion..
    He’s like Cam Newton from a size and athlete part, just not sure if he’s decisive, quick enough to execute an Offense at the NFL but he’s definitely worth checking out..

  20. – Andy Reid’s KC Chiefs are destroying the Lions in England. The Detroit Lions fired offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and offensive line coaches Jeremiah Washburn and Terry Heffernan hours before the team was scheduled to leave for London.
    Next up to blame the Head Coach Jim Caldwell or GM Martin Mayhew? I guess that is what happens when a team drafts all GMCliff’s guys. ziggy ansah, larry warford, eric ebron, laken tomlinson ( a 1-7 record)

  21. Big NFC Games today for the Eagles

    TB Bucs vs Falcons
    NY Giants vs Saints
    49ers vs Rams
    Bears vs Vikings
    Seahawks vs Cowboys

    Eagles are competing with all these Teams and 5 of these Teams win come out with a W today putting more distance that the Eagles will have to overcome in the NFC Race …

  22. Eagles new QB watch in full effect today:

    Krapernick cluelessly running around getting planted against a tough STL D.
    Stafford doing everything he can to get benched in Det

    What is amazing though is how I haven’t seen a dropped pass yet today…..

    1. Foles 14-23 for 191 Yards, 1 TD Pass, No Turnovers, No Sacks and a
      QB Passer Rating of 101
      With the Emergence of RB Todd Gurley and a legitimate Running Game which has taken pressure of Foles to have to Win games and just manage the game
      And now WR Tayvon Austin has become the weapon that all have been waiting for since being Drafted…
      Rams are a Playoff Team Cardinals are a Playoff Team
      Packers are a Playoff Teams, Panthers Are a Playoff Team
      Vikings & Falcons are looking good for Wildcard

      Who wins the NFC East ? Right now Giants/Redskins are in the Drivers Seat
      Over the Eagles

  23. Eagles not having any NFC Games go their way so far…

    Cardinals Win, Rams Win Big, Vikings Win at the End
    Falcons are in OT and Giants up by 7pts with 4 minutes left..

    The Seahawks/Cowboys loser this afternoon will likely be out of the Playoff race
    In terms of too many Teams ahead of them in their own Divisions..

  24. Cowboys Front 7 with Greg Hardy at DE and MLB R McClain both back from 4 Game Suspensions and are now rounding into football shape make them a different Defense to go along with T Crawford & D Lawrence, with LB S Lee
    Gives them a pretty good Front 7

      1. That Draft was a Disaster by GM Rick Smith of the Texans
        Both Clowney & Sua-Filo have been Busts ..

        I stated on the Draft run up that many Teams were scared off from Derek Carr because of what happened to his Brother David Carr and especially the Texans who were not taking another Carr .. They should have gone after Tedy Bridgewater who would have been a great fit for their Offense under Gary Kubiak or Bill O’Brien

          1. Chip Kelly/Howie screwed up that 2014 Draft
            They most likely were taking WR Brandin Cooks until the Saints moved up right before their pick to select Cooks and then it appeared the Eagles didn’t have a Plan B outside of Trading Back to Cleveland for their # 26th & #83rd Selections
            (which I called spot on before the Draft)
            This also gave extra ammunition for Howie to get back up in the 2nd to Select WR Jordan Matthews who was a Roseman Pick all the way, the rest of that 2014 Draft was Chip Kelly (MSII, Josh Huff, Taylor Hart, Ed Reynolds)
            I believe Jaylen Watkins & Beau Allen were more of Howie/Gamble Picks

            Either way, the Eagles need better Players in their Drafts and especially in those Top 3-4 Rounds were your selections from the Top 140 Players or so..

            This Year with Agholor, Rowe & Hick as the Eagles Top Picks,, only Hicks has contributed which has been a pleasant surprise and unexpected, but Agholor and Rowe were expected to play and contribute and neither look like they belong in the NFL at this time and have a lot to improve on…
            CB J Shepard looked great in OTA’s but without him even playing in Pre-Season Games it’s hard to know about him as he will basically be starting over next Summer ..

            1. how about Josh Huff replacing Darren Sproles? –
              Cooper and Sproles contracts are cap friendly to release next off season. the Chipper seems so stubborn unwilling to move Jordan Matthews outside or Eric Rowe to safety. The only thing TE Trey Burton does well is the only pass Sam Bradford likes to throw. the comeback curl in the seam. I would play Burton in the slot and Matthews out wide especially in the red zone.

              1. I think Sproles remains with the Eagles for his Final Season in 2016 as he’s a real favorite of Chip Kelly.. I am not sure why Sproles doesn’t get more reps as a WR or get him in motion more often…
                Same thing happened last Season where Sproles was the Eagles Offense the first month of the season and then saw his reps become less and less
                I believe a lot depends on how the Eagles finish in 2015 in Terms of their Roster for 2016.. If Kelly is going down after 2016 as I believe he will, then he will want to go down with his Players (Sproles, Celek, D Ryans, Cooper, Etc) and with him being the GMalso, I expect very little changes from 2015 to 2016 as Kelly is going to need to have all hands on deck for 2016 to get that Extension from Lurie for Chip will not have the luxury or time to bring 20-25 New Players for 2016 Season for he has to hit the Season Running…

  25. Eagles still have 10 NFC Teams ahead of them in terms of the NFC Conference Record. The Eagles are Currently 2-4 In Conference Play…
    Eagles must win their 6 Remaining NFC Conference Games versus the Cowboys,TB Bucs, Deroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals , Redskins & NY Giants which gets them to 9 Overall Wins..
    Anything less than an 8-4 NFC Conference Record will not be good enough in my opinion…

  26. Lots of Players withSerious Injuries today

    Dolphins lose best Pass-Rusher Cameron Wake for the Season
    Steelers lose RB L Bell for the Season with Knee Injury
    Bears lose RB Matt Forte with a Knee Injury
    Ravens lose WR Steve Smith with a Knee Injury and out for the Season
    49ers Lose Scat/Back Reggie Bush with a Knee Injury and out for Season
    Jets lose WR Brandon Marshall with a Knee Injury
    Seahawks lose WR K Lockette with a Neck/Head Injury

    Brandon Boykin played a lot of snaps today for Steelers from what I saw..

      1. Yes that’s it but Ricardo was laid out and hope he’s ok..
        That could be his Career it’s his neck/spinal injury

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