Eagles Offensive Line Must Rebound After Poor Performance

Nov 15, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) gets pressured by Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (93) during the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 15, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) gets pressured by Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (93) during the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s amazing how the Eagles offensive line played so well against the Cowboys, but were awful in their performance against the Dolphins.  The NFL is a battle each and every week, so you can’t get too excited about good games and too down about bad games.  The Birds offensive line has to learn from the mistakes they made in their 20-19.

The interior of the Cowboys defensive line is no big deal, but Miami’s defensive line led by defensive tackle Ndomukong Suh dominated the Birds offensive front.  Suh had one sack, three tackles for losses and three QB hurries, and he was living in the Eagles backfield.

“Whenever he wants to turn it on, I don’t think there’s anybody better in the league as far as a defensive tackle,” Johnson said regarding the league’s highest paid defensive player. “He’s hard to stop. He’s one of those guys, you see him lollygagging, b.s.ing and that’s what makes him dangerous. I guess he got tired of losing. He’s one of those guys, whenever he wants to turn it on, he can do it.”

Suh and his buddies spooked Bradford before they knocked him out of the game.  At the end of the first half, Bradford was only looking to get the ball out of his hands and not looking downfield because he had been battered by the Dolphins defensive front.

They also beat up the interior of the Birds offensive line, especially center Jason Kelce and right guard, Matt Tobin and right tackle Dennis Kelly.  Kelly got Bradford knocked out of the game and he’s showing why he hasn’t been able to be a starter in the league.  Left guard Allen Barbre wasn’t far behind as he let Suh and their other defensive tackle Earl Mitchell live in the backfield all day long.  Even their best healthy tackle Lane Johnson was getting his lunch eaten at times on Sunday.  Suh and his teammates on the Miami defensive line took turns driving the Eagles offensive line into the backfield.

Kelce is very effective when he the Eagles can get a defensive line on the move, but if they are forced to run right at a big defensive line, the Birds All-Pro center has trouble moving big defensive tackles like Earl Mitchell and Suh.

“I think I was really hard on myself because it’s just been a very frustrating season for me,” Kelce said according to CSNPhilly.com. “I’ve had a lot of penalties, a lot of dumb mistakes, mental mistakes, poor fundamentals, bad snaps. It’s been things that have just sort of culminated throughout the season, that have been very consistent for us. Physically, I don’t think I really played that bad in the game. There’s a couple plays where [Dolphins defensive tackle] Ndamukong Suh got me, but other than that, I handled a lot of situations well.”

Everybody gets overpowered sometime, but they can’t afford the mental mistakes as they battle for a playoff spot.

Regardless, they need to rebound from a bad performance.  The National Football League is very competitive and sometimes, you’re going to get outplayed, but you have to dust yourself off and get ready to come back.  That’s what this offensive line needs to against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it’s not going to be easy.

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  1. Paulman’s NFC Power Rankings after 10 Weeks

    1) Carolina Panthers (9-0) – They just keep Winning, Not Pretty, but do what’s need to be done to Win Games… Coach of the Year has to be Ron Rivera.. Host the dangerous high-flying Washington Redskins this week
    and would not be surprised to see the Redskins have a real chance to Win this Game

    2) Minnesota Vikings (7-2) – Winners of 5 in a Row, RB AP is 100% Back and QB Tedy Bridgewater, WR S Diggs and TE Rudolph are getting the job done but what’s overlooked is their Young Improving Defense which has Speed,Athleticism and High Football IQ’s… Vikings will be a Top Team to contend with for the next 5 Years as the Panthers in the NFC

    3) Arizona Cardinals (7-2) Winners of 3 in a Row and are Playing Loose, Fast and Confident thanks to their Great Coaching by Bruce Arians who Players just love to play hard for…

    4) Packers (6-3) Issues along OL, No Running Game and Young WR’s need to step up.. Their Defense has given up a ton of big plays the last month.. Losers of 3 in a Row… QB Aaron Rodgers will have to carry this Team on his back, is it enough ? It’s hard to do that week after week at the NFL Level..

    5) Falcons (6-3) Coming off a Bye at Home versus the Colts which I think is a Must Win for the Falcons to get their Rhythm and Confidence back
    If they drop this Game at home, they may really struggle down the stretch in HC Dan Quinn’s First Season as Coach

    Look at this List of Teams still in the Hunt
    (5-4 Record) NY Giants
    (4-5 Record) Eagles,Redskins,TB Bucs, Bears, Seahawks & Rams
    (4-6 Record) Saints

    At Least 1 and maybe 2 of these Teams will make the Playoffs if the Falcons continue to struggle (which I think they will)

    Eagles and TB Bucs is a Huge Game, the Eagles are 3-4 in NFC Conference Play and the Bucs are 3-3 in NFC Conference Play
    The Eagles won’t be eliminated with a Loss, but I am telling you as I sit here that a loss drops their NFC Conference Record to 3-5 making almost impossible to leap-frog 5-6 Other NFC Teams to get that Final Playoff Spot
    Eagles have to Win all 5 Remaining NFC Conference Games in my Opinion
    to have a chance

  2. Paul, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Washington ends up winning the division. They are building that team with size on the lines, a power running game between Morris and jones and despite the doubters, cousins is at minimum a pretty good game manager, if not a budding, quality young qb

    1. I agree with you Everz11, heck D-Jax isn’t evenFootball shape yet and will make some Big Plays for the before the Season ends..
      Rookie WR J Crowder has made Plays, TE Jordan Reed is more dynamic than Ertz is.. Thry have a better OL and a more physical scheme which is better in later parts of the Season when the weather and field conditions gets bad

    2. Cousins is a horrible QB.

      His “big turnaround” has been against the Bucs and the Saints. He hasn’t been throwing it downfield at all. There is a reason for that.

      Against lesser defenses he will look like a super star. But the whole game plan is predicated on short throws in space where receivers can rack up yac.

      Better defenses will wrap folk up, prevent the yac and then either they will be going 3 and out or Kirk will go back to throwing lost of interceptions.

      Keeping him pretty much guarantees they won’t be winning much.

      BUT given the state of the NFC East anything is possible. Though the Giants would have to completely shit the bed..which…is possible.

      1. With D-Jax missing 7 Games from Week 2 thru Week #9 for the Redskins this Season, Who on the Redskins is going to run their Deep Routes?
        Also do note that Jay Gruden is Proponent of the ” West Coast Scheme” Offensive Just like his Brother John is, so the Deep Ball is not as big of a weapon in there scheme
        Kirk Cousins is an Average QB who kills the Eagles because he’s smart and takes what Defenses give him… And is still better than what the Eagles have in Bradford/Sanchez..

        1. If Cousins took what they defense gave him he wouldn’t have been putting up INTs at the rate he was. And then he was throwing ducks.

          Cousins is the Skins version of Nick Foles. Fool you against some bad comp and then comes back down to Earth against better competition.

          1. You are confusing the play of 2014 Cousins from the 2015 Version where it is his Team 100%.. Hell, RG3 isn’t even Active on Game Days anymore…
            Last year was Coach Gruden having his power play with RG3 with Cousins looking over his shoulder after every Drive.. It’s different now as its Cousin’s Team who is playing loose and confident…
            RG3 is a goner from the Redskins and everyone knows it so no distractions moving forward for now…

            1. What are you talking about?

              Cousins has been starting all year. Who said anything about RG3?

              His big turn around has been against Tampa Bay and New Orleans. Prior to that the question was was he gonna get benched. His Pats game was meh at best. And that’s who he is..meh…unless he’s playing against a historically bad team.

              1. He’s 2-0 vs the Eagles and Knocked the Eagles out of Playoff Contention in 2014 and will probably do it again in 2015 ….
                So Cousins has had a couple of bad games this Season, tell which NFL QB outside of TomBrady hasn’t had rough games? Mannings, Rodgers,Big Ben, Dalton, Ryan, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson,D Carr, T Bridgewater??

              2. Cousins Rated #14th out of NFL QB’s
                He’s 226 out of 333 Pass Attempts for a 68% Completion %
                14 TD’s with 9 Int’s and Sacked only 12 Times for a Passer Rating of 90%
                Averages 253 Passing Yards Per Game and a Avg 6.85 Yards per Pass Completion…
                Are these All-Pro Stat’s, of course not, but they are better Production and Stats that what the Eagles have gotten this Season at QB..

  3. Tampa is tough against the run, holding teams to around 70ypg. Our O line is questionable at best as our receivers. Where are the stars on offense. The defense is too cautious. The coach is unskilled. The special teams have gone down hill. Why the hell is Cooper even playing. Where is last years No 1 and this years No 1. Temple has more victories than Eagles, Flyers and Sixers combined.

  4. Uh oh, it is time for Daren Sproles to go. According to Jeff Maclane’s story on Philly.com, Sproles is complaining about not getting enough opportunities. He is not a team first guy. Not a culture fit. Cut him, that is the reason why the Eagles are not good enough….still to many me guys, but Cooper and Austin are exactly what we need. Quiet, don’t complain or voice their opinion or concerns. #Culture club!!! #winning

    1. Eagles should have moved Sproled this SUmmer while he has value around the NFL… NE Pats/Belicheck loves Sproles and would have given up a Mid-Round Pick to have him and then would utilize him…Coach Kelly didn’t use Sproles much last Year down the Stretch after Sproles bailed the Offense and the Eagles out a few Games early last Season… If not for Sproles, the Eagles would have Won 6-7 Games last Season
      Chip Kelly is an Idiot and Coaching his way right out of Philly…

      1. more lunacy from the fraud– Sproles has a kick return for a TD, many field position returns, 29 receptions, some big first downs, 2 TD’s– isn’t that VALUE TO THE EAGLES? don’t the eagles need him to make plays-
        as i showed you through math a few months back, Sproles accounts for 10-12% of the eagles offense plus almost all of their return game… the eagles need players NOW…not a 6th rounder in may… ridiculous.

        1. And Chip Kelly doesn’t Utilize him enough HAC.. Sproles wants to Play for a Winner and Now, Not be the 3rd Wheel of RB Group in Philly…
          Get Return while you Can.. Time to Rebuild, This 2015 Version is Going Nowhere.. ..

          1. How much do you want to bet that Darren Sproles asks for and gets his Release from the Eagles after this Season ?

            1. if he does that will be business as usual in the nfl so what?
              if you remember the math i showed you a few months ago sproles at 31 accounted for 11% of the offense and I think maclin at wideout and 25-26 accounted for about 17% I think… the tight ends combined were like maybe 18-20%, shady like 18-20% … seems to work out just fine-
              paul, i know the only games you’ve ever played are street hockey and intramural badmitton but in the nfl you don’t declare a rebuild at 4-5 when the division leader is 5-4 and you’ve already beaten them…its flat out stupid..
              as for sproles wanting to play for someone else…so what he’s a big boy, he signed the contract

              1. um…last year he had more rushing attempts than he did in 3 of his previous 4 years in NO… oh and this year he is on pace to have even more carries than last…meaning this year he would end up with more carries than in 4 of his last 5 years…. you crack me up.

  5. Eagles Vs TB Bucs Match-Up Stats Wise…

    Offense –
    Eagles Rank #10th – 374 Yds per Game, 257 Yds Passing & 117 Yds Rushing & Average 24 Points per Game

    Bucs Rank #15th – 354 Yds per Game, 227 Yds Passing & 127 Yds Rushing & Average 21 Points per Game

    Bucs Ranked #7th Overall – Allow 334 Yds per Game, 233 Yds Passing and
    only 101 Yds Rushing and Give up 26 Points per Game
    (QB J Winston Turnovers have cost the Bucs Direct Points)

    Eagles Ranked #18th Overall – Allow 358 Yds per Game, 247 Yds Passing
    and 111 Yards Rushing per Game and Give up 20 Points per Game

    Eagles Have 23, TB Bucs have 20

    Give-Away/Take-Away Stats
    Eagles Have 20 Takeaways & 16 Giveaways for a + 4
    Bucs have 16 Takeaways & 16 Giveaways for a Zero

    This Game and both Teams are evenly matched…
    Having a Rookie QB like J Winston who suffered a lot of Turnovers early
    in the Season have skewed some the numbers but the Bucs are playing much better now then they were back in September, especially Defensively and I like them over the Eagles 26-23 with a last minute FG as they move into better Playoff Contention than the Eagles who are just sideways as a Team right now and have lots of issues boiling in their Locker Room under the Surface… The Final Month, 6 Weeks of the Season is not going to go well for the Eagles, I’m afraid,..

    1. my prediction on OLINE is that johnson and Barbre are back– peters is a main concern- kelce will be back even tho he has been brutal-
      i don’t think chip goes anywhere unless this thing totally implodes–
      State of the NFL is there are 2 really good teams maybe 3 good teams, like 4 horrendous teams and everyone else– the eagles are everyone else….

    2. Do you really think Owner Jeff LUrie is going to Fire Chip Kelly with 2 Years Remaining in his Original 5 Year Contract ??? No Way.. Lurie is not shelling out $12-$13 Million to Kelly to Not Coach, it goes against everything he believes in and will allow Kelly to fix what he’s messed up on…
      2016 Will be Kelly’s Final Season, Not 2015…

  6. O/Line —
    Peters is Released or Retires, The Other remaining 4 OL all Return
    Eagles Draft an OT in the First Round and then a Center and they will all Compete for Jobs for 2016

  7. NFC Franchises/Teams on the Rise
    Redskins, Panthers,TB Bucs, Falcons,Vikings,Bears & Cardinals

    NFC Franchises about to hit Rock Bottom

    Over-Hyped NFC Franchises Trending Down
    Eagles,Cowboys & Seahawks

    NFC Franchises trying to find their Identity but still Talented
    Packers,Giants & Rams

  8. Inconsistency will be the story of the 2015 season if this continues..obviously. Self inflicted wound, after self inflicted wound has killed us this year. Missing extra points, 30 yard field goals, dropping balls, dropping balls into the defenders hands is not a coaching problem, it is an execution problem. We all know the defense has played well enough to win in every game this year and Billy Davis should be applauded for putting his players into position to win. The players are not executing on offense and are making bone headed penalties as well. When these SIW’s occur, this is not the opposing team making a great play, or doing something special It is Philly mainly beating themselves more then the opponent.

    The great news is that this is the year of mediocrity. Go look at the standings in both the NFC and AFC. How many 4-5-6 win teams do you see. Chip was right when he said there alot of teams very inconsistent. The only team in the NFC that has held it down is Carolina. Minnisota is playing great football as well. But if Philly some how made it to the postseason, we very well could come out on top. Greenbay and ATL are both starting to slow down a bit and show what it looks like when a team loses it Number one WR, and when the other has a brand new coaching staff top to bottom who just does not have the talent on D yet.

    I had stated before the Miami game Philly has a great shot at being 7-4 or 6-5 before thanksgiving. 6-5 would not be to shabby in this division and Philly would be above .500 for the first time this season going into a beat up NE with 10 days rest with NE playing DENVER the week before, then Houston after Philly. I think Philly beats Buf, Arizona, Wash at home. Beat NY on the road, and we lose to NE to go to 10-6. 9-7 at the least just bc how are schedule favors us more then anyone in the division.

    Sam leads Philly to postseason on a shaky season, and comes back in year 2 with Chip Kelly on the hot seat.

    1. When Looking at the Current NFC and the log-jam of Teams with 4-5 Wins who will battle it out for a final Playoff SpPot, I look at Teams that have improved and are playing Better Football now then they were in September..
      Teams playing pretty well right now are the Bears,TB Bucs & Redskins from this group and the Teams that are not are the Eagles,Rams, Seahawks & Saints.. If Eagles lose to TB Bucs, their Season in over in my Opinion as the momentum, finger pointing and feeling of under-achieving begins to take over as we are already starting to see with the comments made from by Darren Sproles, Jason Peters, D Murray, Huff, Kelce, etc,etc and where it gets to the point of where Players playing for themselves instead for each other..

    2. CT you have been one of the few balanced and intelligent perspectives here…penalties, dropped passes, a lack of execution….these are the problems that have us in the pack with the majority of teams in the league this year. Some of these problems are due to injuries…the loss of Gardener and the big loss of Peters have had a serious impact on our offensive line…Agholor’s injury slowed down his productivity just as Ertz missing major parts of camp hurt him and the offense…
      I think if we settle a bit get Sam back soon we can make a push for the playoffs…a successful push…we just need a break!

      1. Peters was out Last Year for a Few Games, as was Guard Mathis & Center Kelce were all out a few weeks… The Eagles had more Injuries along their OL last Season than they did this Season…
        Good Teams make their own Breaks… Bab Teams find a Way to Lose..
        Right now, the Eagles are a Mediocre to Bad Team
        I I am GM, I am not Giving Bradford a $50-$60 Million Deal with half of it in Guaranteed $$$, No Way, No How…
        He’s Rated 30th in the true QBR Rating for crying out loud…
        I could get a Dozen QB’s off the Streets and Back-ups Heaps from other Teams for $2 Million a Season to Produce these kind of Stats…

  9. Sam coming into year 2 will be two years removed from his knee injury, and will be with the same weapons and headcoach for the first time in his career. He never had any weapons in STL. Chip has came into Philly with the mindset of winning now based on the offseason moves he has made. With that being the case, who gives the Eagles the best chance in win in 2016 at QB? Chip more then likely will say Bradford for the reasons I listed above. Chip seems to be more fond of Bradford then anybody as well..

    You never know with the guy though 100 percent. But I say Sam has a 75 percent chance of returuning next season.. Maybe even more if he does not get hurt again

    1. What type of Contract do you Offer Sam Bradford for Return as he is a Free-Agent after this Season.. He is not going to come back on a short, Home Team Discount for the Eagles.. He is going to be able to command 3-4 Year $16-$20 Million a Year Deal for that’s what QB’s Get Paid these Days.. Do remember that Chip Kelly is the Gm as well and do you think he’s going to commit to a 3 Year $50-$60 Deal for Sam Bradford

      I think Bradford Signs with the Denver Bronco’s to replace Peyton Manning unless Brock Osweiler plays really well
      Bradford is not a Philly/Northeast/Big Market Guy

      1. I don’t think you can judge what kind of guy he is… shucks, eli from Ol’ Miss has done well in NYC etc… I think bradford has been proven to be a middle of the road qb at best…I can’t see anyone laying out top 5-10 guaranteed money to him… i just can’t… maybe someone will. This year (and every year) proves that the QB position makes this a league of haves/have nots…

        1. The Top QB’s are now $20-$24 Miller Per Season
          2nd Tier are that $16 – $20 Million Per Season
          Bradford is already in that 3rd Tier at $12-$16 Million Per Season

          He is going to look to be in that 2nd Tier and some QB Desperate Team will pay him that, I am not saying he’s worth any of if,but I am saying that’s what he’s likely going to do… Go Play for the Big Bucks..

          If Bronco’s Brock Osweiler does not Play like the Real Deal, with Peyton Manning Retiring after this Season, then John Elway will go all in and overpay for Bradford in Free-Agency for the Broncos are built to Win Now..

          1. Yo Paul, guess who my new neighbor is….. Chip Kelly. Haha… I can see his house from mine. I understand Sam lives in the neighborhood too since May…. I never saw him.

            1. Get out… Wonder if he will put Christmas Lights/Decorations Up…
              Keep us Posted… Maybe you can print up some of our Posts and Suggestions on GCobb.Com and stick them in his Mailbox …. Ha ….
              I am working on the 2016 Draft and Free-Agency Period as we speak…
              Ha ..

              1. I paid less than half (15 years ago) for my house than Chip paid for his. His was just built last year… Nice neighborhood, but it’s not Beverly Hills. Chip paid 1.1 Million. The attraction is that it’s 20 minutes across the bridge to the stadium.

  10. Bradford gets a 13-14 mill a year 3-4 year contract with an option because he is Chip’s guy and our headcoach does not want to start over witth a Brand new QB to learn his system along with the weapons that comes with it. I personally do not think Sam want’s to start over with a new team and coach as well when he just now is starting to get the hang of things with this team and system. Chip has always spoken highly of Bradford and this is the reason he will be the QB of this team next season. You get some offensive linemen, add another WR and corner and pass rusher in the draft.

    1. Why do you take it as a given he doesn’t want a new QB next year?

      His history shows the exact opposite. In all but one instance, Kelly has entered each and every year with a new QB.

      2007 Dixon, then Leaf, then Roeper
      2008 Roeper, then Thomas, then Masoli
      2009 Masoli
      2010 Masoli and Thomas platooned
      2011 Thomas
      2012 Mariotta
      2013 Vick then Foles
      2014 Foles then Sanchez
      2015 Brafdord

      That’s 10 guys who have started games for Kelly over 9 years.

      Only once has he entered a second season with the same starting QB (Masoli)(though I am assuming if he had stayed at Oregon – wishful thinking I know – then he would have rolled with Mariotta in 2013)

      Is there evidence that Kelly won’t just roll with another QB next year like he’s done all his career??

      1. there is evidence but I think it’s unfair to compare his college career quarterbacks compared to what’s happened to him at the NFL level. He lost Michael Vick to injury and when Nick Foles came in and took over he was 6-2 he got hurt. Chip Kelly knows you need a good quarterback in this league to win so he gave a second round pick and more to get the guy he thought could be the franchise quarterback. I do not believe he’s going to give up on Brevard after just one season he knows if he doesn’t win next season that he’s more than likely going to get fired so Chip Kelly goes with the quarterback that gives him the best chance to win.

        Although you very well could be right he could bring in Colin Kaepernick Robert Griffin or draft a quarterback I never know what Chip Kelly is thinking and neither does anybody else. Its going to be a very interesting offseason

        1. I don’t think you can discount the injury thing.

          Again, looking back at the history tells us Chip Kelly QBs get hurt. A lot.

          I don’t have any real statistical numbers about what the NFL wide ratio is for QB games played/injury..but Kelly seems to chew up QBs (and I think Everz11 highlights accurately several of the reasons why)

          Look at the above list and you certainly see a lot of guys who have missed time to injury. I don’t think I’m out of line saying the evidence suggests Kelly Qbs get injured at a higher rate than QBs in more traditional offenses.

          It was one of the reasons I wanted no part of a read-option running QB offense. Its always too inconsistent, and the QB always gets hurt.

          I don’t think that’s just bad luck.

          Now, in the pros, 2 of 4 of Kelly’s Qbs have walked on to the field with rather extensive injury histories prior to Kelly’s arrival, but that doesn’t bely the fact that Kelly’s had 4 starting QBs in 3 years, and 3 of them have left the field injured.

          I think he views Qbs as completely disposable commodities, and it wouldn’t suprise me in the least if we see 1 or 2 new ones in here next year.

          BTW – I do not believe for a second that a carousel of QBs has any chance of competing in the NFL.

  11. That’s the problem with an offense predicated on Read/Option/Zone/Option concepts, the QB is subjected to a lot of additional punishment that doesn’t come with a more traditional offense. Whether its the solo blocking concepts, and the constant pulling/motion of the O-line where holes are created for defenders to attack as collateral damage or the fact the QB can be played as an option to run every play and subsequently smashed more frequently. It can’t just be coincidence that Kelly goes through so many QB’s in such a short period of time. Moreover, in this specific offense, not one defensive player gives a second thought to Bradford keeping the ball and running, so its meet at the QB on most plays. Again, the leagues D-coordinators seem to have figured Chips offense out and he either can’t or won’t adapt. I actually think the offense will run better against TB because Sanchez will keep the ball at least a few times for 5 or 6 yards. The problem is, he’ll likely pitch in a couple back-breaking turnovers as well.

  12. Once again…Vinniedafool is all confused!

    I guess the Eagles QB’s getting hurt was the reason why the NFL instituted new rules to protect QB’s!

    News Flash to Vinniedafool-Quarterbacks all over the League…not just the Eagles…have been hurt

    The QB’s playing for the Eagles in the Chip Kelly era were injury prone BEFORE Chip…Vick and Foles were both hurt prior to Kelly coming around..injuries got to Vick in Atlanta and Foles was hurt under Andy Reid as well!

    Thus, there is nothing special about Kelly that we can point to as a causative factor in QB’s getting hurt. Vick pulled a hamstring when running out of bounds…Foles got his collarbone broke…holding on to the ball to long .

    The bottom line is that a lot of Quarterbacks in the league have been hurt…comes with the terrority

  13. “a lot”

    “A lot of quarterbacks have been hurt – but some are hurt more often than others”

    Seeing you are in grade 10, you should probably get the reference….but even if you don’t.

    What other system has seen QBs go down to injury at the same rate as Kelly’s QBs do?

    What other NFL team has seen 8 “different” starting QBs over the past 3 years…(2011: Vick, Foles, Vick again, Foles again 2012 Foles, Sanchez 2013 Bradford, Sanchez (and its only 1/2 done)….AND with 2 games of Barkley coming in because the “backup” at the time was hurt when the “starter” when down.

    8 of those changes because of injury.

    “Nothing to see here” says Kooltwit. “A lot” of QBs get hurt.

    Putz. You are so far up Kelly’s ass you can;t see what’s right in front of you.

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