Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews Out, Peters is Questionable

SamBradfordvsDolphins2We just learned that Sam Bradford will miss this weekend’s battle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of a concussion and separated left shoulder, so Mark Sanchez will get his first start of the 2015 season.

Chip Kelly and his team feel confident about Sanchez being able to step in for Bradford and get the job done.

In addition to Bradford, Eagles explosive running back Ryan Mathews will miss this game as well due to a concussion.  I see this as a big deletion for the Birds because Mathews has been their number one big play guy out of the backfield.  He’s made big play as a runner and as a receiver, when spelling DeMarco Murray.

Birds left tackle Jason Peters was sorely missed last week against the Dolphins and now he is questionable for the battle on Sunday with the Buccaneers.  If Peters can play and play well, it would be a major shot in the arm to the Eagles because the Miami Dolphins exposed backup right tackle Dennis Kelly.  If Peters can go, Lane Johnson will move back over to his right tackle position and it would be a major shot in the arm for this offense.

Kelly did a good job at the right tackle spot against the Cowboys, but the Dolphins had a week to study him and they found weaknesses then exploited them.   The Bucs may be able to do the same thing, if Peters can’t go.  I think the Birds will need to line up Brent Celek and Zach Ertz to their right side and find ways for them to give Kelly help if he needs it.

Peters has been having challenges with his lower back for a number of weeks, but he was able to practice on Thursday, but wasn’t able to go earlier today, which was disappointing.  We’ll have to wait until game time to see if he is able to go.

8 thoughts on “Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews Out, Peters is Questionable

  1. TB Bucs 27 – Eagles 23
    Turnovers & Penalties Do in the Eagles Again…
    Whats happened to the Eagles Special Teams which don’t look that Special anymore…

    1. paulman…the flopper…and if the Eagles do well…you’ll flip back over with “analysis” that explains why the Eagles did well…


      No wonder why some call you ‘fraudman’

      Sanchez will hold the fort down until Bradford returns…

      If Peters plays the running game will be a bit more effective and the defense is going to force the talented but young Winston into some mistakes

      Eagles pull out a close one 21-17

      1. The TB Bucs are playing the Better Team Ball right now which is why I have them Winning over the Eagles… Games are not Won on Paper or Talent as we see every Week in the NFL… Tampa is trending up while the Eagles are not
        There is no Flip-Flop here… The NFL is a Week to Week Sport & Season and right now, the Eagles are not looking too Good…

  2. No Bradford – No Mathews – No Peters – No problem! I like to go with teams coming off an embarrassing loss. Only concern is if Chip elects to forego a potential game winning FG and calls a play for Sanchez to throw the ball into the end zone. Dumb, dumb, dumb…..

  3. What ever happened to Jon Harris??!?!?! He cant be any worse than Austin!!! Im honestly hoping for a eagles blowout..just to see Thad Lewis in the game. Blowout meaning we are up 38-7 in 3rd. One can dream…

  4. Paulman’re bailing on the “Sanchize.” . .? Here’s the cockeyed optimist side of me ,I have been calling for Sanchez ,as throwing a high percentage is his thing.He can become a game manager and allow his defense to lead the way.From a beauty to the eyes perspective ,he can quicken the pace and with a higher accuracy he can make first downs .Last week without working with the ones ,he showed glimpses.He gets to work with the ones and settles into a game ,that he doesn’t need to assume a shootout ,and I think he plays a game that causes debate ..the debate is quelled as chip doesn’t want to rush Sam ,and he’ll have extended time after thanksgiving to heal ..Lets say ,the pace and flow of The game is markedly different ..lets let the numbers talk.mark in an 8 game span ,completed 64.1 %of his passes for 2418 yds.and 14 touchdowns,and believe it or not mr 50/50 threw 11 picks and 3 fumbles yogi etch and taketh14..t.os.on read options he had 34 rushes for 87 yds,and a touchdown.through 9 games Sam I am ..63.9 % 2297 yds.11 tds.and mr 50/50 10 tos..passer rating 82.4 will there be any justification if one passes the eye test better ,and doesn’t give the next two games away ?

  5. i read the posts on’s obvious that some are turned off by his arrogance ,and his attempt to draw attention ,more to himself .He decidedly wants the bullseye ,and he has ,what he asked for In this N.FL. ,if you try to be too adventuresome and meddling with proven results ,you pay a huge price.There is no template for letting pro bowlers have the door hit thme in there hindquarters ,and no compensation is pisses off the football Gods.The urge to purge ,was foolish.Yes you drew attention to yourself,you led the headlines ,in the off season,but ,only because of your arrogant ways.Readingsome of you ,lauding him for fixing the defensive side of the ball ,are a bit premature .They have To re-sign guys as we know .Hasthe GM screwed the pooch?By ignoring the basic tenets on O ,and putting his defense under duress !how will thatplayoutin the proverbial big picture ? Do you want to get paid ,but. Play25% more snaps ?Has he not understood the potential of him shitting the bedbasedonhis O ..that bulls eye ,just got bigger

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