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Evaluating Chip The GM


Acquired: Sam Bradford

Gave Away: Nick Foles, 2016 secound-round pick

Premise: Poor Sam Bradford got a raw deal out in St. Louis. Poor Sam Bradford has potential. Poor Sam Bradford never had weapons. Poor Sam Bradford never had an offensive coach. Poor Sam Bradford will flourish in the quarterback friendly-system, and be for the Eagles what Drew Brees was for the New Orleans Saints.

Result: Bradford has been erratic, unsure of himself at times, and overall frustrating to watch. But he’s probably been a slight upgrade over what Nick Foles was a year ago. Certainly not worth sacrificing what could be a fairly high second-rounder over though. Ultimately, the jury is still out on this move, but it didn’t make sense to me at the time and it still doesn’t look like the right move now. There’s been nothing that Sam Bradford has done to make me believe this team would be any worse with Foles.

Acquired: DeMarco Murray


Result: Murray hasn’t come close to living up to his high price tag, despite a couple of good performances along the way. Not a good fit for system. Disinterested effort at times. Money used to bring him here would have been much better spent towards keeping Jeremy Maclin. Worst free-agent signing since Nnamdi Asomugha. Bad contract that will hurt team’s ability to make moves next year.

Acquired: Ryan Mathews

Premise: Talented, though often-injured, running comes at an affordable price, provides valuable depth and change-of-pace style.

Result: Excellent complimentary running back. Capable starter if needed. Very good fit for system.

Acquired: Miles Austin

Premise: Veteran presence for young receivers, complimentary role, reliable target for Bradford.

Result: Terrible signing. Austin contributes nothing to special teams, and has hurt offense all year long. Roster spot should have gone to Rasheed Bailey in Training Camp.

Decision: Jeremy Maclin isn’t worth a big contract

Premise: Chip’s system made Maclin look better, Chip can plug-and-play anyone, no need to pay for top wideout.

Result: Eagles’ wide receivers have been horrendous all year, Maclin’s 85-catches, 1,300 yards, and 10 touchdowns have notably not been replaced.

Acquired: John Moffit

Premise: Chip’s half-baked, last-minute idea to potentially upgrade offensive line.

Result: Failed to make the team.


Acquired: Byron Maxwell

Premise: Address one of the team’s biggest needs by breaking the bank for market’s top corner.

Result: Not a true shutdown corner. Team won’t even try to have him shadow top receivers, begging the question of why the team paid him like an elite corner if they weren’t going to play him like one. Questionable effort at times, bad contract that will hurt team’s ability to make moves next year.

Acquired: Kiko Alonso

Gave Away: LeSean McCoy

Premise: Get rid of LeSean McCoy because #culture, bring in talented but injured defensive prospect.

Result: Alonso hasn’t been healthy all year, and hasn’t contributed a thing to the defense.

Acquired: Walter Thurmond

Premise: Cheap, low-risk former Oregon Duck that could come in and compete for safety job.

Result: Perhaps the most pleasant surprise from all of the acquisitions, Thurmond has locked down the void at safety opposite Malcolm Jenkins and provided the team with another playmaker in the secondary.

Acquired: E.J. Biggers

Premise: Well-traveled veteran to serve as insurance.

Result: Provides decent veteran depth, nothing more than a fourth corner. Up-and-down performances on the field. No help to special teams.

Acquired: Brad Jones

Premise: Upgrade special teams

Result: Jones was supposed to provide depth and upgrade special teams. He was released midway through the season.

Acquired: Seyi Ajirotutu

Premise: Upgrade special teams

Result: Supposed special teams ace has had minimal impact.


2015 Draft Class

Nelson Agholor (first-round pick)

Premise: Billed as a Jeremy Maclin clone. Eagles created a need when they let Maclin go. Let’s draft Jeremy Maclin clone!

Result: That comparison seems pretty laughable right now, as Agholor has made absolutely no impact on the Eagles’ offense through the first three months of the season. Team doesn’t even try to get him involved. I haven’t given up on Agholor, simply because I think the coaching staff has flat-out failed him in his rookie year, but there’s certainly some concern here.

Eric Rowe (second-round pick)

Premise: Inject more talent into the corner position, possibly compete with Carroll for job in preseason.

Result: Looked like he was in over his head during the preseason. Had a nice game against the Jets, coming up with a critical interception. Was MIA until Nolan Carroll injury forced him into action, and Billy Davis allowed him to get demolished by Calvin Johnson.

Jordan Hicks (third-round pick)

Premise: Eagles thought he was too good of a value to pass up, despite having great depth at position.

Result: Hicks looks like the gem of this class, and could wind up being the steal of the entire draft if he’s able to continue to build off of his strong rookie season.

JaCorey Shepard (sixth-round pick):

Premise: Brandon Boykin’s replacement in slot.

Result: Went down with season-ending injury in camp.

Randall Evans (sixth-round pick): Failed to make the team.

Brian Mihalak (seventh-round pick): Failed to make the team.

Final Thoughts

Of all of the moves here, you have three good additions (Ryan Matthews, Jordan Hicks, Walter Thurmond), at least three bad moves with long-term negative ramifications (Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell), a non-impactful draft class with major questions moving forward (Agholor, Rowe), and a handful of minor transactions that haven’t had any positive impact on the team.

Kelly’s moves have run the team into the ground, and created all kinds of questions about the future.

There’s still no answer at the quarterback position. The offensive line will become even more of a problem with Jason Peters likely at the end of the line, giving the team potentially three areas in need of upgrade on the line. Wide receiver will probably need to be addressed again with an utter lack of playmakers at the position.

This team is not in a good position this year, or in the year to come.


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  1. Denny that last line should read ” In Chip We Bust”

  2. Man he screwed our team and fans good! All he had to do with this team was fix the secondary, keep Maclin, McCoy,Foles address the o line he could have draft a qb later if foles didn’t work out. I never saw a coach or gm for that matter tear a team apart the way he did after going 10-6 two seasons craziest thing ever saw the guy just doesn’t get it he thinks he is still coaching college players

    • Yeah I really found the whole “10-6 isn’t good enough” line of thinking to be pretty flawed…10-6 isn’t something that needed to be blown up. You build up from 10-6, you don’t tear it down.

      The secondary was the biggest problem with last year’s team. Quarterback was an issue too, but the Bradford trade only made things worse by taking away the second rounder next year.

  3. Denny
    poor ‘sambo bradford”I know you are using it as sort of similie/ metaphor ,,however my sources tell me Mr. B. has already made over 60 million $ in the n.f.l. Of course Denny you must take into account most , if all my friends are of the proverbial phila. barfly variety, or some are ex- bar Phila. bar flys. However if they are even in the ball park” MR. B” is one money making machine considering his skill set,



  5. I think Davis and Pat Shurmur will both be Let go…
    Bradford is not Re-Signing to remain in Philly.. He is not a Northeast Guy and
    will take his Chances signing with the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos in Free-Agency depending on how Brock Osweiler looks down the stretch

    Look for Chip Kelly to rehire QB Coach Bill Lazor who was let go from the Dolphins

    Look for Kelly to Hire a 3-4 D/Coordinator to Replace Billy Davis
    (possibly Mike Pettine who will get fired from the Browns or a Chuck Pagano if he gets Fired from Indy or a Jim Haslett)

    It will be someone with NFL Experience for Owner Jeff Lurie will demand this

    I believe Chip Kelly will remain and keep his GM Duties for he will not give these up, which is why he took the Eagles Job to begin with for that opportunity knowing that Roseman was not much of a barrier

    The 2016 Season will then be Kelly’s Final Season in Philly as both HC & GM and he and Lurie will agree to a Buyout of his Final Year of his Contract
    which I have been saying since last Years

    No Coach is going into a Lame Duck Situation
    Owner Lurie got burned the last Time he decided to have his Coach (AR) actually stick around to Coach their Final Season which ended up a disaster..

  6. Chip the GM cannot be evaluated until we see what Agehlor becomes and figure out if Bradford and thrive. The former we probably won’t know until next year while the final five games will tell us all we need to know about the latter.

    Either way, the Bradford deal had to be done. Foles wasn’t going to be Kelly’s guy so he took a shot. Even if Kelly missed with Bradford he still needed to take that shot as a Franchise QB is worth the risk.

    If Agehlor turns out to be a bust then the Maclin failure will go down as Kelly’s worst move as a GM. Even now I don’t like it, but the blow will be softened if Nelson turns out to be his replacement at a much cheaper number.

    DeMarco seems like a bad signing for sure, but I still believe Kelly was right in diversifying his risk (two backs versus one) at the same or similar cap hit. When both backs are healthy you see this what this running game is capable off. Even when DeMarco goes down, Mathews can carry the load and be ok. We see, however, that if Mathews goes down Murray cannot carry the load himself. That is not what you want to see from you 8-mil per year back. Which is why the move is not great but it is not awful either.

    • What we do know is that the coach went 1-3 in December 2014, we also know that the coach with his specially hand picked players for the 2015 season is presently 4-7, on a 3 game losing streak, and by 7:45 pm Sunday it will be four games. We also know that players like Jason Peters are not all in for Chip..just listen to what he said about Chip possibly leaving, listen to Malcolm Jenkins criticize the coaching, look at the lack of effort by Murray and Maxwell..Chip’s hand picked FA signings. The fact is that this years team is worse than last years, and the finger all points to the GM/coach. He started to lose this team last year and it has continued to carry over into this year. The schemes suck, the plays are stale and predictable, and players are not all in full go for executing Chip’s college plan….smoothies, sleep monitors, urinating in cups, swing passes, dump offs, wheel routes, placing a rookie d-back on Calvin Johnson etc. Looking at the lack of discipline on the field and how the game plans are executed tells me this team is poorly coached! We saw it at the end of last year and we see it this year, I do not see a change as I believe the players have lost faith in this man’s ability to properly lead/coach them.

      • “Chip the GM cannot be evaluated until we see what Agehlor becomes and figure out if Bradford and thrive. The former we probably won’t know until next year while the final five games will tell us all we need to know about the latter. ”










        “Chip the GM cannot be evaluated until we… figure out if Bradford and thrive.”



        • Ridiculous Post —
          It Now Sounds like “Koolbreeze, CT and Canttakeitanymore” are all the Same Person with the same themes,excuses and lack of football knowledge running thru their Post’s . A different Sign-On for a different day, I guess. Who Knows..

          • Paul – Not sure about CT and Kool, but I can tell you for sure that I am not those guy/guys. Is it so hard to imagine that a large portion of this fan base disagrees with the 5-6 blowhards that post on here every hour on the hour about the same nauseating stuff?

            Excuses and reasons are the exact same thing…its just a matter of perspective. You guys say I give excuses for 4-7 because you hate Kelly, disagreed with the signing from day one, and want someone new. I say that I’m giving reasons for the 4-7 because I like Kelly and believe that he can be a solid NFL coach/GM.

            Mhenski – Go easy on the caps my friend. I’m not saying that I agree with every move but there is no GM in the NFL where the fan base agrees with every single move. Taken in turn here are my responses to your “points’:


            Counter – He traded shady for Kiko and while Kiko has not played great there is certainly some potential there given that the guy was a defensive rookie of the year. The shady trade also allowed him to diversify his risk at the RB spot. I say that a lot and I am not sure that you guys understand what that means. Diversifying risk means spending equal money on multiple assets as opposed to one asset. Kelly is spending less in guarantees on Murray and Mathews that Shady is currently owed. That is a good investment strategy in business or in sports. That was a good move. Just because Shady was loved in this city doesn’t make that any less of a good move for the RB position as a whole.


            Counter – This is simply a false statement. Bradford was worth a first round pick and therefore we had to sweeten the pot if we wanted him. Again, i’ll touch on another investment principal to better explain this. An asset’s value is what the market says it is. The market said Bradford was worth a 1st round pick, so we needed to add the second if we wanted to take the shot with him.


            Counter – He let Mathis and Herramans walk with their big vet salaries. We did that, in part, to free up money that we can sink into the defense this year and next year when we will need to sign Cox, Thurmond, and logan. And, despite what the media has harped on, our Guard play has been pretty solid in his absence. We have Tobin, Barbre and Gardner. Gardner was playing the best prior to his injury and Barbre has graded as our best olinmen to date. Tobin is a serviceable first man off the bench. Our oline troubles have more to do with our tackles and center.


            Counter – No counter here. I agree that letting DeSean go was a problem and I would have loved to see him continue in this offense.


            Counter – Agree. It was a mistake not adding a Tackle.


            Counter – He made market value for a position of need. Maxwell is not worth the money he is making but he is a huge upgrade over what we had. “X” plays have been limited this year and Maxwell is a huge part of that. That is what happens in free agency and there is no way around it. Maxwell is the least of our problems, yet you guys have a bulls eye on his back because you can’t see past the salary.

            Point – AND DID YOU REALLY WRITE THIS:
            “Chip the GM cannot be evaluated until we… figure out if Bradford and thrive.”BRADFORD THRIVE???????????????????????? HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

            Counter – You have no idea what Bradford can be. You have what you think and are taking that as reality. The bottom line is this guy was playing his best football right before his first ACL injury. In that year he was putting up pro-bowl like numbers. He then had back to back injuries. This year, he struggled early but put three solid performances together in a row. Not great performances but improved performances. I’m interested to see if that improvement continues through the end of the year or if he his a ceiling. If you actually look inside the overall averages with Bradford you can see that the guy has potential based on his career arch. The win/loss record matters but it is not the be all, end all. Foles had a great wining percentage and now he is benched.

            I don’t know if Bradford can thrive and I am not saying he will. But I am saying that you don’t know either and Kelly was right in taking a risk to see if he could be a franchise QB.

            I hope this post wasn’t took long for your attention spans. I know you guys have a shuffle board game your late for so no worries on drafting a quick response.

  7. I never liked the benching of Howie Roseman.
    I accepted it because I heard Brian Baldinger say it was easier to replace a GM than find a good head coach.
    But the result are crystal clear the league and player agents took advantage of the 2 rookie GMs, the Chipper and his boy toy Ed Marynowitz.

  8. “Take a shot…take a shot”

    That is such complete bullshit. If I hear “take a shot one more time I am going to lose it.

    You cannot nor do not “take a shot” with 18-30 Sam Bradford unless you want to guarantee you will miss the shot!

    You know what taking a shot is?

    Taking a shot is the 1992 KC chiefs who after back to back 10-6 early playoff exits with DeBerg and Kreig at the helm “took a shot” with Hall of Famer Joe Montana, won an extra game and made it to the Conf Championship round.

    Taking a shot is the 2012 Denver Broncos who after a divisional playoff exit “took a shot” with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, improved their record to 13-3 and went to the SB (though we all knew how that was going to end up with the choker Manning at the helm)

    Adding HoF Qbs that are clear upgrades over what you have….That’s “taking a shot”

    Adding 18-30 QBs with question marks all over them…who have worse stats in every single category over the guy you’re trading away….AND throwing in a 2nd AND a 4th pick for that??????? That’s not “taking a shot”

    That’s not even “rolling the dice” without realizing the dice are completely loaded and all you are going to do is roll snake eyes,

    That’s pure idiocy.

  9. And why can’t we judge Kelly the GM on Agholor….not on Agholor specifically, but on the drafting of a WR in the first round!

    Drafting a WR in the first round, regardless of who it is should be questioned….ah screw questioned…it should be criticized.

    Because its stupid.

    Over the past 3 drafts Eagles (with Kelly playing a prominant roll choosing have used a first and 2 seconds on 2wrs and a TE.

    Do you know how many 1st rounders the Steelers, Packers, Pats have used on WRs COMBINED over the past DECADE?

    One. Santinio Holmes in 2006.

    Those 3 teams have used a few 2nd rounders over that same decade …but remember, only AFTER they’ve established their QB FIRST.

    5 teams have used 2 1st rounders on WRs since 2009.


    Wow. Great f-ing company.

    1st rounders on WRs is stupid regardless of who it is, and Kelly should be judged for wasting picks on a “dime a dozen” position.

    • How about the Jaguars too Vinny..

      WR Justin Blackmon (Out of Football) and WR Maquise Lee (Another USC WR who has barely make a contribution in the NFL)

    • So you are saying that you should wait on picking a WR until after the first round, but then bitch that we let Maclin go who was……..picked in the first round.

      Got it, makes complete sense.

      • Are there good WR late in drafts…sure. But when you need a WR your best chance at a great one is the first round. Look at the list of top WR in the league, most were taken in the first round.

        And did you actually look at teams you listed when trying to make your point that bad organizations pick WR in the first round?

        Eagles – 2009 NFCC Championship game and collectively 24-19 since hiring a new coach.

        Raiders – Bad organization but looking like it turned the corner and seem very promising (mostly because of a WR taken in the first round).

        Vikings – Leading the NFC North

        Giants – Won the Superbowl recently

        Titians – Blow.

        Its not like there is some consistent theme there that shows that drafting WR in the first round two years means your a bad organization.

        And regarding the teams that didn’t draft a WR – It helps that they have the best QBs in football which makes the WR less important.

  10. Back to the Game this Sunday versus the Patriots and some Stats

    Pats – Rank #2 – 402 Yds per Game – 253 Yds Passing – 97 Yds Rushing and Score 32 Pts per Game
    Eagles – Rank #12 – 362 Yds per Game – 247 Passing – 115 Yds Rushing
    and Score 22 Pts per Game

    Pats – Rank 16th Overall – Give up 350 Yds per Game – 253 Yds Passing & 97 Yds Rushing and 19 Points per Game

    Eagles – Rank 25th Overall – Give 380 Yds per Game – 253 Yds Passing & 127 Yds Rushing and 25 Points per Game

    Pats – 35 Eagles 26

    TD Passes Given Up
    Pats – 15 Eagles 25

    Opposing QB Passing %
    Pats – 60% Eagles 65%


    Pats have 15 Takeaways – Only 9 Giveaways for a “+ 6”
    Eagles have 21 Takeaways but a whopping 21 Giveaways for a “0”

    Patriots lost their Winning Streak, and are Pissed how the Ref’s handled last Game and will Play the Eagles without 9 of their 22 Starters (40%)

    There will be no WR Edelman, WR Amendola, TE Gronkowsi, RB D Lewis, OT N Solder, Guard Ryan Wendell.. On Defense its OLB Jamie Collins & LB Dontae Hightower & CB Tarrell Brown who are injured and Out

    Patriots will run the ball a lot more with their Injured Receiver and will also
    Throw a lot more Screens to their RB’s out of the Backfield

    In a Lower Scoring Game that what many expect
    Patriots 29 – Eagles 13

  11. Ok here goes:

    “Diversifying risk means spending equal money on multiple assets as opposed to one asset. Kelly is spending less in guarantees on Murray and Mathews that Shady is currently owed. That is a good investment strategy in business or in sports. ”

    Thanks for the junior investment advice. Probelm with that is no one else was offering anything to Murray. Eagles outbid themselves and threw a ton of cas into an “investment” that anyone who knows anything about NFL history knew wasn’t going to pan out. Dallas ran him into the ground last year knowing he wasn’t coming back. To continue the investment angle, Eagles put 2/3 of their RB investment into re-packaged sub-prime mortgages in 2008.

    “This is simply a false statement. Bradford was worth a first round pick and therefore we had to sweeten the pot if we wanted him”

    Says who? I keep hearing this “Bradford worth a first rounder” myth repeated over and over. Its pure fantasy. There is absolutely no proof that anyone offered a first round pick for Bradford. There were some rumours that Cleveland may have been willing to do that….but that’s all they are is rumours.

    Besides….if the only rumours are that Cleveland is willing to pay for a guy….best advice is to run the fuck away from that guy.

    “An asset’s value is what the market says it is. The market said Bradford was worth a 1st round pick, ”

    Again….what market?? Rams had been floating Bradford out there for two years and weren’t getting a nibble. This “1st round value” is completely invented.

    “to free up money that we can sink into the defense this year and next year when we will need to sign Cox, Thurmond, and logan.”

    They sank that money into Maxwell, Bradford, Murray and Graham

    “You have no idea what Bradford can be.”
    Yes we do.

    “This year, he struggled early but put three solid performances together in a row. ”
    What 3 performances were those? His last 3 games before the (suprise!) injury? The last 3 games where he threw for about 740 with 2 tds and 1 int??? In his last 5 starts he has, 5 tds and 6 ints despite going up against the putrid Saints, NYG Dallas and Mia defenses.and

    Wow. Spectacular…..or sorry….”solid!”

    “has potential based on his career arch”
    His career arc????????????
    His wins from, to 1 to 7 to 3 to 4….what an arc
    His int % from 2.5 to 1.7 to 2.4 to 1.5 to 3….what an arc
    His TD% from 3.1 to 1.7 to 3.8 to 5.3 to 3.3…what an arc

    That isn’t an arc.

    That’s a flatline.

    • As to Murray – There were at least two known suitors for Murray coming in a similar or slightly below what the Eagles offered. And the running game as a whole this year is nearly the same as it was last year. We are on a similar pace for yards gained, they are just spread between three backs (Murray, Mathews, and Sproles) instead of two (Sproles and Shady). That is how we diversified our risk. We are getting similar production while sinking less in Guarantees into the position with the added protection that if/when one back goes down we still have another good one to carry through.

      As to Bradford requiring the 2nd round pick and foles – There were reports all over the place that Cleveland was offering a 1st. Kelly himself said so in a presser. You don’t have to believe them but typically when there is smoke there is fire.

      As to Freeing up money – you cannot directly link any of the releases to certain players signed/extended. I was making a general point that Mathis and Herremans were part of a salary dump as was Trent Cole to allocate more money to younger defenders. Bradford is on a one year deal so his added money means nothing since we were so far under the cap this year. Murray and Mathews are basically an even exchange for Shady as far as the cap hits.

      As to the Career Arc of Bradford – You have to separate the numbers to account for learning a new system and coming off of two ACLs. In isolation, while in STL he was improving save for a terrible second year:

      Rookie – 60% Completion, 3500 yards, 18 TDs, 15 INTs (Offensive Rookie of the year)

      Second Year – 53% Completion, 2164 yards, 6 TDs, 6 INTS (Admittedly a TERRIBLE second year that brings ALL of his averages way down)

      Third Year – 60% Completion, 3700 yards, 21 TDs, 13 Ints (Bounce back year improving on his rookie numbers)

      Fourth Year (only played seven Games) – 61%, 1687 yards, 14 TDs, 4 Ints (On pace for 61% completion, nearly 4k in yards, with 28 TDs and only 8 Ints). His last year before the injury was by far his best and why I say his Career arc was on its way up.

      With the Eagles he admittedly struggled early and looked like crap against garbage defenses. But against the Panthers, Dallas and before the injury in Miami he looked like a different QB. Before you roll out the stats of those games I admit they weren’t pro bowl numbers but he was again trending in the right direction. It is enough to intrigue me to see what he can do in these final 5 games. I’m not predicting that he will be a stud, I am simply saying that based on his career arc, I am interested to see more because I think there is a chance he becomes what we are looking for.

  12. “Its not like there is some consistent theme there that shows that drafting WR in the first round two years means your a bad organization.”


  13. “Kelly himself said so in a presser”

    Of course he did!! He was getting his ass reamed for such a stupid trade that the spin doctoring began.

    The only ‘rumour’ that had any legs prior to the trade was that Bradford’s agent had refused to discuss a trade with Cleveland and was adamant Bradford would not sign long term with Cleveland, apparently one of their requirements for any potential trade.

    I am not saying Cleveland wasn’t interested, But….(and there are 2 buts)

    1 – Any mention of a 1st round pick as compensation was pure speculation (fanned by kelly After he got fleeced)
    2 – Bradford’s agent had made it clear Bradford wasn’t going to Cleveland because he wouldn’t sign with that bottom dwelling cesspool!

    There are only 2 things to take from this:

    ! – Eagles were bidding against themselves and were the only suitor.
    2 – If another team has an interest in a player, and that team is Cleveland. Run away.

    As for Murray…you cannot “diversify risk” when anyone with any historical knowledge of the NFL knew he was going to absolutely stink. RB after RB after RB after RB has fallen off a cliff after 400 touches, and Murray had 500! Murray is an investment in Florida Swampland.

    If you are intrigued by Bradford’s slumped shoulders, you haven’t watched, played, or coached enough football in your life.

    • You are really just not understanding what I am trying to say with the RB position. Who gives a shit about history or RBs after they get run into the ground. I agree that Murray was destined to have a worse 2015 than 2014. The point I am making is that as a WHOLE the EAGLES running game in 2015 is very similar to the EAGLES running game in 2014. The only difference is we are doing it with Mathews and Murray as opposed to just Shady. Doing it with two quality backs (Murray is a quality back even in a down year) is less risky than doing it with one Great back especially if the cost is the same.

      And just because Murray is having a bad follow up year to his overworked year (in line with history) doesn’t mean he will be bad next year. Especially given the lighter work load since it is now split between Mathews and Murray.

      This is not a hard concept to grasp and yet everyone is just so butt hurt that we don’t have shady anymore they don’t look at the situation rationally. Murray’s contract is big at first glance but the guarantees are not huge. Especially when you take into account McCoy’s guaranteed numbers.

      I’ve watched and played plenty (never coached). Your implying that Bradford’s mechanics and overall look tells you that he is garbage. Yet those were the exact things that had PAID NFL SCOUTS raving about him when he was coming out of college.

      In line with one of my earlier posts about you — Remind me again as to what NFL franchise or even CFL franchise you work for since you have such a good eye for talent.

      • For goodness sakes.

        “The only difference is we are doing it with Mathews and Murray as opposed to just Shady.”

        No. We’re doing it with Matthews (a signing I liked) who is carrying the jelly-l;egged one hit wonder that is Murray.

        “And just because Murray is having a bad follow up year to his overworked year (in line with history) doesn’t mean he will be bad next year. ”

        Ask Eddie George and he’ll tell you differently.

        “Murray’s contract is big at first glance but the guarantees are not huge. ”

        Actually, he’s another whopping 8 mill against the cap next year and they can’t cut him or it goes up to 13. He’s a ridiculous 9 against the cap the following 3 years , though the Birds should be able to get out from under this albatross contract after next season with only a 5 mill hit then.

        “raving about him when he was coming out of college.”

        I don’t give a fuck about college and the Oklahoma spread that makes everyone look good. There have been countless reports on this guy since he’s come into the NFL and they are all bad. Scouts, analysts, coaches….there’s been enough written on Bradford’s troubles to fill his own encyclopedia. But neither you now Kelly seem to pay it any heed.

        • Eddie George and Terrell Davis fell off a cliff after their big carry year. But plenty other backs regained some traction two years removed from the big carry year. Guys like Ricky Williams, Edgerine James, Jamal Lewis, Jerome Bettis, Emit Smith, all bounced back after their “down year”. Whose to say DeMarco doesn’t fit that mold. I know who….you, because your glass is always half empty. You really must be a treat to be around.

          • Can’t take it anymore is a perfect monicker for you can throw out all the backs that ever toted the rock..unless there GM drafted O lineman,what conversation are we having in reality?In the rapidity of a flash ,this GM and coach buying the groceries ,emptied the brown paper bag ,and found a bottle of thunderbird wine..what don’t you see ? Why is that a half full’s full of

  14. “Canttakeitanymore and Sam Bradford” are the Same Person

  15. BTW

    The Cleveland Browns signed Josh McCown on March 5. Eagles traded for Bradford on April 13 I think.

    Tell me again how they were offering another first for Bradford 3 weeks AFTER signing McCown.

    Complete fantasy.

    • McCown was signed March 2nd while Bradford was traded on March 10th. One week apart. Its a novel concept but negotiations go on for quite some time before the actual moves are made. Bradford admitted in his initial presser that there were rumblings of the trade three weeks prior to the move.

      Is it possible that both Cleveland and Philadelphia were discussing trade possibilities with STL before the actual moves were made? And when Cleveland knew it wasn’t getting Bradford they needed to bring in someone in the event Manzel failed?

      • 7 days wasn’t enough time for the Eagles mgmt to figure out they didn’t need to offer anything for Bradford because they were the only suitors and NO ONE ELSE WAS BIDDING?

        “There was no subsequent Interest by the Cleveland Browns for QB Sam Bradford ..”


        Browns had been spurned. Agent said “no f-ing way we go to Cleveland”
        Browns bail.
        Browns signed McCown…overpaying him to the tune of 6.5 this year (stupid).

        Cleveland was OUT.

        Eagles still traded for Bradford (who STL had been shopping for 2 years and Did not want a week (at least) after everyone in the world knew they were the only suitor.

        They got fleeced, and why you keep up with the “ya but ya but” on this is beyond me.

        • Seriously….how the hell do you know no one else was bidding. The Cleveland scenario is just the one that has been made kinda-public. There are discussions that Joe public never even gets a whiff of.

          Regardless, if Bradford ends up being a good QB, the 2nd pick was well worth it. No one knows how this will end, bottom line. I don’t and you don’t. He could suck, he could play well. I have no idea. At least I admit that while you sit there thinking that your eye for talent is better than those paid millions to make these decisions.

          • How do we know ? Nobody else was bidding for Sam ? Because it was reported in St. Louis if he didn’t renegotiate they were going to part ways in St. Louis..look it up..what that means ,No compensation is being offered ,otherwise as you delineated on your quantitative analysis ,they’d have taken those offers ,Asa bag of balls is better than nothing.Jeff Fischer fleeced the duck ,and he’s been quacking up ,ever since..what is it that you don’t comprehend? You have this imaginary conga line wanting Sam I am? You’re kidding right?

            • Bull! There were numerous, credible reports all over the place of offers of a first rounder for Bradford! The Bradford move is NOT the move that has hurt the Eagles…

              We would have been worst with Foles and his miserable play this year proves it…

              • Numerous credible reports? Welcome back Kool…

              • Lmfao how could we have been WORSE with foles? Worse is possible here?

              • Numerous credible sources are reporting Kooltwit is an idiot.

                There are 2 possible scenarios if Foles had remained.

                Option 1 – He’d be doing better. Eagles Qbs are currently 4-7 throwing 15tds to 14ints and 7 fumbles. Would Foles really be worse than that? Doubtful So……

                Eagles would be better at the QB position and being better gives them a better record…maybe a win or 2, (at least the Dallas and Miami games where Eagles QBs completely crapped out in the 2nd half) That’s better isn’t it??

                Option 2. Foles is worse. Totally putrid. Eagles only have 2 wins at this point and he is benched. Exactly what Kooltwit would have predicted.

                Result: Eagles would be worst team in league and in line for #1 pick in draft. PLUS they’d have the 1st pick in the 2nd round too. That’s better isn’t it?? Could easily pick up the #1 rated Qb in the draft and a new Oline early in the 2nd. The 2 third picks with the second could be used for Birds to move up and get 2 firsts even….or Eagles could easily trade down out of that #1 spot and pick up a boatload of assets. Lots of options, and great for the long term re-building of this suddenly 5th oldest in the league roster.

                Instead we’ll middle along to a shitty 6-10, 10th pick and no second, all for the pleasure of watching Mr. Spindly legs get snapped in half while Sanchez rides in to the rescue. Good times.

    • Here is my recollection of the entire Bradford / Cleveland Browns discussions
      Rams wanted one of the Browns 2 1st Round Picks and the Browns said they would offer their later 1st Round Pick (#21st Selection) only if Sam Bradford would re-negotiate his Deal for a new Long-Term Deal which Bradford was unwilling to do, thus taking Cleveland’s interest away who then went with Plan B and signing Veteran Josh McCown who was released by the TB Bucs.. There was no subsequent Interest by the Cleveland Browns for QB Sam Bradford .. So technically speaking both Jeff Fisher and Chip Kelly were accurate when they stated that Cleveland had offered a 1st Round Pick for Bradford, but the reality is that Bradford was not going to commit to a long-term Deal with the unstable Browns for obvious reasons and the Browns were not going to give up a 1st Round Pick without having a the security of having Bradford for a few Years… All of this was already known and discussed by Football People by Mid-February… Hence the Brown’s moved forward and signed QB Josh McCown in early March before Free-Agency and well before the late April Draft Weekend

  16. For the record, I am really not projecting that Bradford is going to be amazing. I’m not even saying he is going to be good. I’m just saying that there are objective reasons to want to see more. In my opinion, fans that quickly dismiss him aren’t looking at the whole picture. It is easy to look at his win/loss record and career averages and then conclude that the guys sucks and will never amount to anything blah blah blah.

    But when you (or at least I) look at the entire picture (i.e. Coaching changes he has had to dead with, lack of an offensive line, bad WRs) I think there are reasons that the win/loss record is what it is. I also see that he had one TERRIBLE year that brings his overall averages way way down. These come off as excuses if you have it set in your mind that he is terrible. But to me they are reasons to approach these final 5 games with an open mind.

    If he impresses then great, if he sucks or gets hurt again so be it. But to dismiss him now and kill Kelly for the move in the process is a bit premature in my opinion.

    • No one has “quickly” dismissed Sam Bradford. He has been in the league for the better part of 6 years.

      • And if he doesn’t sign here you know he will sign somewhere. Because NFL people still think the guy has potential…..despite what some guy up in Canada thinks.

        • No doubt Cleveland, or Houston, or Detroit (after they trade Stafford to Cleveland) will sign the guy and then try to convince the fanbase of his “potential”. And while most of the fans will groan and recognize it as another lost year or two, there will be suckers like you who buy in and “hope” that “this time will be different!”

          So you are right. Some will make a mistake and team will sign him. Whoop-de-do.

          At least they didn’t have to give up a QB, a 2nd and a 4th to get the guy.

  17. The only thing that mattered is that Tennessee wasn’t interested in Sam closed..and to be accurate Sam Bradford and his inflated contract ..So as to Kelly as the GM he hosed his own self.ive always contended,cutting Nick Foles cost a cup of coffee in relative terms .The trading Sam sham,was nothing more in chips and jeffreysminds. Than a pairing of chip with MM..He figured clevelands one and my one and Bradford to Cleveland was his path to two ones and MM ..tenny probably said ,start with two ones ..when he miscalculated and got hosed ,was when Sam said no to Cleveland..he now had no plan B ..losing MM wasn’t his passion and reality ..his ego wouldn’t allow for anything ..but…he was going to change th fortunes of the franchise..I believe Jeffery stirred this twizzler fable on New Year’s Eve,and has a hangover ,ever since the draft ..

  18. How many can say with conviction cation we are beating tom brady? Exactly..So it’s a high probability we are 4-8 ….5-11 since last turkey past..we are hearing fizzures ,and cracks appearing in the good ship chip..culture cruise lines…the mute button is on ..what are we waiting for? The idiocy and path this year took is laughable ,when you realize it’s a billion dollar ship that hip torpedoed..There was no plan closed..what snake oil ,do you think Jeffrey’s drinking Again? The trade with tenny ,not for MM ..but for Mmmmmmm good see ya pinnochipio..

    • I’m scared to watch on Sunday, where the hell has kool been? Chip won’t leave he’ll just throw everyone not from Oregon under the bus and reboot next year, hell he has 13 million reasons to continue throwing shit against the wall and going with what sticks.

  19. And lest we not forget ..shadys already working on his dance maneuvers ,as is DJAX..and if bill Davis is here …they’ll have center stage ..that humiliation will temper even the most hardened chip backer ..if you think the heats on…you have no idea…

  20. Big. Tom Brady vs bill Davis …one has no weapons has all…and still I’d put my $$ on pathetic is that? And in Jeffrey’s back home visit ,this plus shady plus DJAX will make the erosion even deeper ..

  21. Kool is in rehab ..his fathead of Vick fell on his bed and he suffered severely..

  22. The Sam Bradford trade line ..start by bringing almost 12 million in cash ..take a’re kidding right? And a NON CONDITIONAL…2 …

  23. Even Kool posted we get a two and Foles gone ..great…even. Kool had it before chip..that saying something..

  24. Yeah..yeah…

    Lame asses

    deserteagle, you are an verifiable ass…and another member of team flip-flop with paul ‘fraudman’ and vinniedaloser

    It looks bad…Chip has to take it on the chin. He got rid of the talent- DJax and McCoy…but the collapse of the defense has come because of the ineptitude on offensive…injuries to the Offensive line the lack of talent at wide receiver…and Sanchez who continues to play at the same level that Nick Foles is playing at…who will soon be cut by the Rams and out of a job…

    The last morsel of hope that remains is that we are still only one game back…Bradford’s return gives us something at the QB position and hopefully the defense can muster up a pass rush against Brady…

    But morsel of hope is a long desperate shot…Chip Kelly has failed

    He took the gamble and crapped out!

  25. Kool. It’s over dude …every pony you’ve bet on a pony ride, now at the zoo..going in circles ..

  26. ***Paulman Rumors****

    Eagles GM Chip Kelly in Talks with the 49ers about QB C Kaepernick and has Offered them TE Zac Ertz, OLB MSII and a 3rd Round 2016 Draft Pick..
    49ers GM Trent Balkke has agreed on the Deal

  27. Other Notable Trades around the NFC East

    Cowboys will acquire Johnny Football from the Cleveland Browns for WR Devin Street and a 5th Round Draft Pick

    Redskins Send QB RG3 to the Houston Texans for DE J Clowney straight up…

  28. Kool “we have a morsel of hope.” That sounds like a comatose patient on “life support” there’s a pulse …and now we are focusing on Kools rhetoric for hope..good grief ..

    • Didn’t Kool say the Eagles Upgraded their QB, RB & WR Positions this Past Summer and that the OL was adequate.. Weapons,Weapons, Weapons were everywhere for Sam Bradford – Ertz, J Matthews, N Agholor, Murray & Sproles collectively were no match for NFL Defense’s with Genius Chip Kelly putting them in Positions to Succeed and to Make Plays..

      • Pman .thats affirmative ..and he also said there were multiple offers for Sam I am ..March 13th Jeff fisher speaking live with mike floro”we’ve had one unspecified teams offer of a number one pick” but we are going to go with Nick Foles and a second..chip was duped ..Kool was not only duped ..he has selective hearing ,and a matter that “one unspecified team ” is now “multiple offers” I said before ..this is all BS …to help chip cover his proverbials as a gratis by Jeff fisher ..who just took his lunch money ,and his QB anda NON conditional 2nd..for a guy that was to be released .

        • Wasn’t it also True that the Browns had already decided to move on from Sam Bradford for their QB Position for 2015 Season by going out and Signing Josh McCown to a 3 Year – $14 Million Deal with the possibility to reach $20 Million if certain Stats were reached which was agreed upon on 2/27/2015..
          With the Browns now having McCown under fold and using a 1st Round Pick the Year before on QB Johnny Football, they were set for the short-term at the QB and had zippo interest in Sam Bradford once they decided on the McCown/Manziel Plan…

          • Pman..that’s true factually as is the timeline of events ,yet Kelly was told Cleveland offered a good ne,and in chips like Kools. Selective hearing ,he heard what he chose to hear.A one for Sam and our one was what he envisioned forMM ..blind ambition..he hadn’t been told that clevelands one was conditional…after Sam and his agent said no thanks ..that one ,was off the table..after Cleveland looked to restructure his bloated. Deal.

      • You can’t make this shit up.

        He said Bradford would be “much much much” better than Foles. In fact, he once said “He is 10 times faster than Nick Foles mentally” Seriously. 10 times better!! Better release, smarter, bigger arm, better processing, make all the throws, yada yada

        He said Agholor would be better than Maclin. He said Agholor could do all that Maclin could…BUT was tougher AND would be a great punt returner (apparently forgetting Sproles was on the team)

        He said Murray was the “best one cut runner in the league”

        He said “the offence is better”

        I mean you can’t make this shit up.

        Just remember the old mantra whatever SongsBreeze says…..the opposite it true!

        • Vinniedafool stop it

          Yes I said Bradford was significantly better than Foles

          I was dead right about that…he is much better than Foles who will be cut by the Rams in the oftseason…he probably wont have a job next year unless someone takes a chance on him as a backup!

          I never said Murray was the best ‘one cut runner in the league;

          Your lying…desperate ass

          I believed that with a combination of Murray, Matthews, and Sproles they could adequately replace Shady’s production. Matthews has been hurt, Murray and Sproles have been limited by the offensive line woes

          Almost everyone was happy with the Agholor pick and thought he would contribute at a high level right away. Easing the burden of losing Maclin…the kid got hurt along with Ertz and this has cost the Eagles dearly.

          Bad breaks, injuries to key essential players have hurt Chip Kelly

          Kelly’s biggest mistake getting rid of explosive talented players and not replacing them…with explosive talented players.

          The loss of Djax and McCoy has hurt the team considerably

          That’s on you Chip…bad brakes have hurt…but you have to own up to the loss of talent…

  29. Kool “the Bradford move was not the move that hurt the Eagles” tell that to Jeffrey Lurie when Sam is hurt again and or throws another red zone pick and or at the draft when a second rounder is off our board ,and nothing to show for it..

    • Won’t it be especially funny when Cleveland signs Bradford as a FA this off season (what other choice will Bradford have?)

      Cleveland will get the QB they allegedly wanted and have to give up nothing for him (useless anyway – they’ll still lose)

      Meanwhile, the Eagles will be lamenting the loss of their 2nd and trying to make excuses about how a 6-10 Bradford hurt as usual waste of a season was worth it because at least they “took a shot!!”

      Had the Eagles been intelligent long term thinkers….they could have rolled with Foles this year, had the 2nd round pick AND signed the FA Bradford to a low contract (as he would have done nothing in STL this year) for peanuts if they actually wanted him as badly as we are meant to believe.

      Kelly was in an crazy quest for Mariotts and got burned for it.

      • Vin..even more a daunting thought always crept into my consciousness ..what if they hadn’t traded Foles and a non conditional two..would the Rams have severed ties with Sam ,and could the Eagles then have had ,Sam ,Nick and a two to go hard after MM.? I always felt ,that was a. Possibility …as reports were Sam and the Rams were at an impasse..

        • If Chip Played his Cards right he could have waited 1 Week until March 1st, when the Roster Bonus’s are due and Bradford would have been a Free-Agent after Rams would have Released Bradford.. Then Chip Kelly could have turned around and Traded Foles to the Rams, or to the Texans for a 2nd/3rd Round Pick in Return…

          • I have always maintained that the Rams were just going to release Bradford outright.

            And that scenario is possible Paul….imagine adding resources instead of subtracting.

            This year the Rams are going to hire a new coach, and the new regime will be able to restock that offence with 3 early picks courtesy of the Eagles. They will be able to draft a QB in the first, or perhaps early in the 2nd and have him groom while Foles plays out his contract. Either Foles will move forward, or they’ll put the rookie in 1/2 way through next year.

            Either way they’ll be better off than the Birds.

          • They were gonna release Bradford and then do what at the QB position ?

            • They (Rams) probably would have re-signed Austin Davis and then pursued a
              Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallet, Mike Vick,Ryan Fitzpatrick and whoever the other QB’s that were still out there at the time …

  30. Chip the GM had blind lust for MM ..this we know …his worst nightmares are that he himself “blew that ” opportunity by rushing to get Sam and lusting for clevelands one …which was as we now know “off the table” only chip didn’t and Ed M didn’t do there due diligences ..novices ..played ..

  31. I don’t see any way unless the Eagles as 9 point dogs beat New England ..the humiliation in Jeffrey’s home court ,will be so humiliating ,followed by shady ,dancing on his gravesite ,and then DJAX ..that the deck chairs on the titanic will be scattered ..and Kool will need admit the “morsels” and a very high two pick in the draft have hit the iceberg..

    • I actually have a tiny bit of hope for this game.

      Like the entire rest of the season, every bit of luck is breaking in the Eagles’ favour.

      They are facing a completely depleted Pats team, and doing so coming of a 10 day rest off a complete humiliation. If they can’t “get up” for this game and put up a fight against this completely decimated squad…..well….that’s an embarrassment.

      The Pats O-line is a disaster, there are no WRs, Gronk is out. Their D line is a MASH unit and they’re missing 2 guys from the secondary.

      Again, the Eagles have caught nothing but breaks all year with other teams on donuts, heading to Londaon, massive injuries to important players…..and now a Pats team whose #1 interest is to make it through the year healthy…..

      “Luck” wise….this was a dream opportunity year.


      • Here is a Quick List of Missing Patriot Starters and Key Back-Ups who are likely not to Play

        Starters on OL – Center Bryan Stork, RG Ryan Wendell, LT Nate Solder
        Starters at WR – J Edleman, D Amendola, 4th WR A Dobson 5th WR B Tyms Starting All-World TE – Rob Gronkowski
        Starting RB – Dion Lewis

        LB’s – Jaime Collins, Dontae Hightower
        CB – Tarrell Brown
        NIckel CB – Justin Coleman

        • Vegas knows this ..add in bill davis..-9 $ pread..humiliating

        • Eagles are catching the Pats at a great time but the Eagles have played so poorly for each other with such terrible Game Plans by both Chip Kelly on Offense and Billy Davis on Defense that I don’t see them beating anybody and let alone the pissed off Pats who lost Sunday Night vs the Broncos in OT in a Game they should have Won
          Offensive Stars of the Game for the Pats
          TE Scott Chandler, WR Damarius Johnson (Yes former Eagle)
          RB LeGarret Blount and of Course QB Tom Brady

          If the Eagles can Score Early, Play Crisp and Well, they may have a shot,
          But I have little Confidence in the Game Plan & Schemes by the Eagles Coach’s that their Players will not be able to take advantage of a beat-up Pats Team

          • We will also see how well Sam Bradford can Play in the Outdoors in the Northeast in December … My Guess is that he doesn’t play too well in the Cold Weather… Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray were just bad fits for this Eagles/Chip Kelly Scheme/Offense…

            • I was originally planning to attend this game too. Thought it might be a bit of a marquee matchup….but I’m not going to head there now.

              I complained about just about every move this off-season…from the stupid trade…to the stupid contract to a tread-less 500 carry back…to overpaying for another team’s backup…to no draft picks on the line and going with “skill” positions instead….

              But I never thought it would be back to back 45s bad.

              I just read that 3 years ago Kelly inherited the 2nd youngest team in the NFL, and the Eagles are now the 5th oldest.

              Fucking disaster.

              • He doesn’t know how to Build a Winning NFL Roster..
                In College he was used to having 25-30 New Players Every YEar come in to Replace the Depth of the 25-30 Players that left which is what every Program has to deal with, in influx of players at the College Level..
                Pro Football is different, You have to have a Core Group of Players that have experience in playing with one another so they can play as a “unit” and not 11 Individuals doing their own thing…
                You have to have PLayers that Fir your Scheme..
                Chip Kelly runs a Horizontal Rushing Attack which I have stated since his Arrival and a North South Runner like D Murray is just a bad fit
                Look the RB’s the Eagles have had that were successful under this KElly System besides McCoy… RB Tucker, Mostert, Barner nad even the Kid from Villanova because they all had Speed and just enough wiggle to get the Corner… but beat-down DeMarco Murray is not able to rely on his Speed and really has no wiggle to begin with.. Terrible Fit.. At Least Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles have the Speed to get the edge and average 4 to 4.5 Yards per Carry which is what you need to sustain in a successful Offense to remain on the field and move the Chains..

                Murray was a bad signing, I said it, VInnie said it and many who Follow the NFL stated it also…

              • Chip sucks as GM plain, and simple, and it’s looking as if he isn’t an NFL Coach either

  32. Eagles are Stuck with all the Bad Signings thru at least 2016 and possibly thru the 2017 Season when it comes with Players DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell, Brandon Graham, Michael Kendricks.. These Guys have so much up-front Loaded $$$ in their Deals that the Eagles would take a huge Cap Hit in releasing any of them this Off-Season and even into the following Off-Season

    • Why would you want to release them ?

      • As you can see at this point in time. Joe
        ‘ Nickles”Banner== “The fans nick name not mine” actually excelled at many aspects of his job. Yet he was loathed by many , many ,fans , Sure he made mistakes , who does not? but he would not be looking too bad at this point in time ,mostly from a salary cap aspect.He wore his black hat with pride ,dignity and money management skills, he won no No popularity contests ,but a fine money man ,

  33. Because they are not Productive enough for what their Salary Level is, that’s why.. Chip doesn’t know Market Value and Overpaid every one of them..
    I wouldn’t have signed any of these Players to being with and I bet you a $1 that all 4 are gone from Philly before their Contracts are up
    The Problem is that neither of the 4 of them I listed above are even Tradable now with the Current Deals they have..
    Kendricks is too soft, doesn’t practice half the time, misses 3-4-5 Games and is good at Blitzing the Passer and that’s it …
    Graham is a 25-30 Snap, Rotational Player at Best who is not an OLB
    Murray is a dime a dozen, too slow, not physical enough
    Maxwell will be released after 2017 (after all his Guaranteed $$$ are Paid) who was nothing more than a Nickel Back who cashed in starting 1 Season in Seattle playing with a Stud Secondary and Defense.. Hell, me and you would look good playing CB for the Seahawks.. but $63 Million… Really!!
    All Bad GM Roster Moves for the Eagles will pay the Price the next 2 Season will all 4 of these Players who are trending down and not up
    I also think Riley Cooper should be Cut after this Season which the Eagles may actually do since his Cap Hit is not very much anymore..

  34. Pman the Pats and Brady gonna humiliate eagles and when they done Bills and Cards will do same. I think between these next three game I wouldn’t be surprised if we give up over 100 points. Just think that would mean in 5 games Davis defense and schemes would have given up close to 200 points LMAO you think that gets Davis coach of the year guess what I’m praying it happens I didn’t like the signing in beginning and I hate it even more now

    • I think the Patriots Run the Ball down the Eagles Throats like 45 Times with Brady throwing nothing but short, safe passes .. The only thing that derails the Pats is Brady getting hurt so I think Belicheck plays a real safe, conservative game to pound the Eagles and eat up clock and win Easily but it will be more of a lower scoring game from the Pats like 29-13

      I do see the Bills and especially the Cardinals light the Eagles Defense up
      And expect the Eagles to be 4-10 with their final 2 NFC East Games left and likely to lose them also ..

      • 29 points the Bucs and Lions damn near dropped 50 on the Eagles, but the Pats can only muster 29 points against a worn out tired defeated Eagles defense.

        • Pats missing their Top 4 Receivers??
          Brady is not Drooping back 40 Times to Pass for he won’t need to..
          RB’s Blount & J White, Bolden & T Cadet combine for 250 Yards on the Ground
          Brady won attempt 25 Passes all Game

          Pats need a healthy Brady to face the high flying Texans the following week whose Defense has been playing lights out over the last month led by JJ Watt
          This Game will be like a scrimmage/Pre-Season Game for the Pats

          • If the Pats were full strength with Edleman,Amendola & Gronkowski,
            And still undefeated and playing to keep that streak going, then Yes, the Pats would put up 50 points on the hapless Eagles
            Instead I see a shorten game plan by the Pats where they go heavy to the Run a Game as they typically do every December to get ready for Playoff Football
            Pats have been tweaking their OL the last few weeks due to 2-3 Starters injured

          • I have not seen Bill Belichik to the best of my knowledge treat any game like a scrimmage/pre-season game during the regular season. It will be business as usual for the Pats they will hit the Eagles with an overwhelming barrage of passes both short, and deep regardless of what you say. The Pats are going to go straight at the Eagles, and show them exactly how pathetic they really are, and they will look good doing it. I got the Pats 52-10

  35. Packers Aaron Rodgers is running for his life again tonight versus the Lions who are playing like a Playoff Team after a horrible Stsrt..
    Packers are down 3 Starting OL and down 2 CB’s who and are not Avery good Team right now.. Lions up 20-0 halfway thru the 3rd Quarter

  36. Ridiculous coaching by the Lions, you rush 3 so you can have 8 defenders back for the jump ball but yet you only have 5 in the end zone and the other 3 are in no position to make a play, but wait what would I know I don’t hold one of the precious 32 head coaching jobs.

    • That was awful.

      That’s not how you defend a Hail Mary.

      Why wasn’t Megatron on the goal line as well?

      The facemask was bullisht but they deserved to lose ’cause the defensive formation on the Hail Mary was something a high school coach knows not to do.


      • 1. Call timeout just before the play (Detroit had one left)

        2 – Put Calvin Johnson in endzone.

        3. rush 4

        4 Win game.

        • Vinnie, that makes it even worse but that’s why the Lions are the Lions.

          • GMCliff’s Boy Ziggy Ansah made some blunders on his Pass-Rush Also
            Especially on that TD Run by Rodgers on the Previous Driver where he lost outside Containment… When Pass Rushing a Scrambler like Rodgers, you have to keep him in the Pocket and not over-pursue..
            Ansah did this a few times on the the 4th Quarter allowing Rodgers to get out of Pocket and doing damage downfield ..
            I wonder if GMCliff noticed this …

            • LOL!! I’ve noticed you’re petty with calling out anything irrelevant, on prospects I’ve suggested to the Eagles over the years – That the Eagles could use, and should have drafted instead of who they did. – He sacked Rodgers last night viciously – no comment about that huh Paul??

              I noticed he has 16 sacks his first 2 years in the league, and 13 sacks this year second only in the league to JJ Watt, and a heck of a lot closer to All Pro, and Pro Bowl status than your boy Lane…

              I also notice your boy Connor Barwin is looking as average – or worse this year, and there will be no aberration of a Pro Bowl season for him ever again – or Lane – unless he hits the juice again. He needs all the help he can get.

              Jealousy will get you nowhere Paul.

              If they ran a 4-3 with Ziggy, Sheldon Richardson, Fletcher Cox, and Vinny Curry, we would see the Pass Rush I told you we didn’t have at the beginning of the season.

              Our Linebacking Core would be stronger with Justin Houston OLB, Jamie Collins OLB, and Bobby Wagner, MLB as starters, and Bud Dupree OLB, Stephone Anthony MLB, or Jordan Hicks – Kelly’s only lucky pick in his draft – and Jeremiah Attoachu OLB, as depth, and all could be used to play 3-4.

              Do you notice the level of talent that would have drafted by GMCliff??? – and what could have been???

              • How about Deone Buchannon, and Jonathan Cyprien, at Safety, or Quinton Rollins, and Kyle Fuller at CB???

                Larry Warford, Gabe Jackson, Terron Armstead, and Seantrel Henderson – 4 starters huh???

              • C’Mon Cliff,
                Every Draft you state the Eagles should get 5 of the Top 50 Prospects of the Draft?? How does this occur?? Trading up and Trading back??
                You list Players who aren’t even going to be on the Board when the Eagles Select…

                Ansah’s a Good Player no doubt and fits a 4-3 DE perfectly as does Kony Ealy down in Carolina… Neither fit the 3-4 Scheme
                Ansah hasd only Played Competitive, organized Football since 2010 and had very little experience which was many Teams biggest concern when he was in the Draft .. He wasn’t sure thing with his limited play

              • Not true because some didn’t get ranked in the top 100 – 200 until after the combine.

                But that’s my point, you still have to be able to identify the talent. So at your own cognizance you admit you couldn’t see Ansah, and others becoming more than what you thought they would become…..right???? – but you see it now – right??

                Be honest Paul, you mock the top 500, in hopes to hit on one, or two. I mock pretty much the same players – I’m just that sure of it, and I am right the majority of the time – and I’ve proven that.

                I will be a guest on 97.5 for both the NFL, and NBA Draft Talk shows courtesy of Anthony Gargano’s humility, in admitting he was wrong about DeAngelo Russell – and GMCliff knows what he is talking about.

          • I watched the Cleveland debacle Monday and really felt bad for Browns fans. And then this Detroit collapse. Another completely moribund franchise that just can’t seem to catch a break.

  37. I agree with paulman. I see the Pats morphing into a 45 carry run offense this week which the Eagles will have no answer for. I see a methodical approach to slowly bleed the life out of the Eagles.2nd and 6, 3rd and 3 1st down will be the common theme. Thus shortening the game with the Eagles consistently being down by 10 but not really that close.

    • I also expect to hear the commentators laud over Bill Belechek when Damaris Johnson has a 50 yard return and 6 catches for 80 yards coming right off the street vs us. All Eagle fans will talk about after the game is how we have Cooper and Austin and not

  38. One more thing. Belichek is one of the greatest coaches in my lifetime but lets not get it twisted Tom Brady(theGoat) determines who thrives and who doesn’t. It will be interesting to see how long Belichek lasts after Brady is gone. Will he still be a great coach? For sure but those days of dominating every year will be gone.Teams are looking for QBs every year and hes had the luxury of not just having to look for one but arguably the greatest player at the position of all time.What a competitive advantage.

    • Just imagine if the NFL gods came to the Eagle fans tomorrow and said “Eagle Fans we are granting you the greatest QB to every play the position for the next 15-20 years”. My goodness a lot of coaches jobs got a lot easier.

      • That is true dag, no argument. I asked one of the wannabe GMs on this site if he’d consider it a reach if the eagles drafted Brady in the first round the year he came out (99? Maybe?) and he said it would have been stupid and a reach…yikes… Brady is the best player at the most important single position in all of sports…

        • Still don’t see your point….Yes, it would have been stupid to draft him in the 1st Round
          – if you think his skill set needs a year or two – and you can draft stronger talent at other positions ahead of him.
          – especially when you know he’ll be available in the 5th – only an idiot would reason differently.

          Ciggy you can call me a wannabe all you want bruh……I can only laugh, when this wannabe is right…

          • Six SB appearances later… Yeah draft a TE out of who cares state… Trust me any person with sense if they could go back would draft him number one and let you criticize for a year and then laugh at you during the parade!

            • Ciggy , if Drew Bledsoe, doesn’t get hurt, who knows what Brady’s Career would have been like….

              Bledsoe was up for a new contract that year.

              • Actually Bledsoe had just signed a big Contract the Year before and was their QB for the foreseeable future there inNew England until his injury

  39. So cliff if you are drafting 10 and you KNOW Brady is maybe the most special player EVER and I draft 11 and you think I don’t know how great he is then you would pass him up? Stupid idiot… I’d say thank you very much and invite you to my SB luxury box 6 times in the next 15 years! Thanks bro…. Dom Perigon on me!

    • Realistically, Ciggy no one knew – He was drafted in the 6th round

      If you are asking me with foresight?…Perhaps, but that depends on who else valued him as much as I would…….that wasn’t the case in that draft.

      Belicheck obviously saw something no one else saw and waited until the 6th Round – Is he an idiot ???…….

      • Tom Brady had one of the worst Indy Combines performances of any QB who has ever been invited in Terms Athleticism and handling the Drills and wasn’t even a Starter at Michigan his Senior Year so most Teams/Scouts just didn’t
        See much upside at all with Tom Brady which was the reality of the situation
        When he was coming out…

  40. How about this UNCClemson Game for the ACC Championship Game…
    Exciting Game, lots Action and Athletes on the Field
    That Big-10 Game is a snoozer (Iowa/Mich State)
    If the Tarheels Wintheir 12th Game Ina Row and Defeat the unanimous #1 Team In the Country (Clemson) don’t you think they would make it up the Top 4
    How could you keep them out?

  41. Why even come on here and bash chip anymore? It has been said, this team stinks. Get over it. He’s here to stay. How about a little optimism huh? Deshaun Watson has the potential to be great in our offense. Let’s move back in the first round, take him, get back a 2nd rounder. Get rid of Sam wise potientially, and continue to invest heavily in the defense. CB’s Sean smith and Leon hall with be available in free agency. I think Crabtree or Malcolm Floyd could be good fits at WR. I like doctson, and Coleman in the draft too. LT johnstone could be a great replacement for Peters in the 2-3 round. The future is not all doom and gloom. Are there any rational fans still out there?
    Tennessee will not mortgage the future for Chip Kelly, when the need to develop talent around Mariota.

    • Free-Agent CB’s S Smith or L Hall or WR’s Crabtree or Floyd?
      Are you Serious CT? This Teams needs to get Younger, more athletic and build for the Future and you do not accomplish this by adding older,aging, high $$$ Players..

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