Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

ChipKelly1Chip Kelly’s Failure Is Complete

Its been an absolutely horrendous season.

Disappointing free agent signings and trades, to underwhelming draft picks, uninspiring play on the field, the “culture” that head coach Chip Kelly clumsily assembled in the off-season has been a complete disgrace and embarrassment throughout the season.

And tonight, Kelly’s vision was finally put out of its misery, with the Philadelphia Eagles suffering their fourth blowout loss in the last six games, falling to the Washington Redskins in another humiliating effort.

There are no excuses for the product that Kelly has put on the field.

With a division as miserably weak and incompetent as the NFC East (highlighted by Kirk Cousins’ bizarre decision to kneel down before the half, costing the Redskins at minimum an easy field goal), Kelly was afforded every conceivable opportunity to fix his pathetic product, and he failed at every turn.

Week after week, this Eagles team came out flat and unprepared for their opponent. His Majesty’s vaunted offense struggled just to generate 20 points a game. His players were undisciplined and poorly coached, committing all kinds of penalties and turnovers. They never played angry, or with any kind of sense of urgency.

This was a team constructed primarily through free agency, with holes and flaws throughout the roster. It was the reincarnation of the ill-fated Dream Team.

While the incompetent head coach/general manager tried to pass off this operation as “10-6 wasn’t good enough” and these are the moves that would take Philadelphia from “good to great”, in reality it was a poorly conceived and even more poorly executed scheme that have set the franchise back.


Quick Thoughts


  • The offense generated two more turnovers, including a botched exchange on a pitch from Sam Bradford to DeMarco Murray which was turned into a defensive score for the Washington Redskins.
  • Pathetic showing from the team’s running game. DeMarco Murray led the team with 27 yards. Ryan Mathews had a grand total of five rushing yards. Darren Sproles had nine.
  • Kenjon Barner’s focus is terrible. The guy drops way too many easy passes.
  • Jordan Matthews racked up the garbage time stats for the second week in a row, though he didn’t celebrate this time when scoring his meaningless touchdown.
  • The one positive from the offense this season continues to be Zach Ertz, who caught 13 balls for 122 yards.
  • Jason Peters left the game with yet another injury. Unbelievable.
  • Sam Bradford fumbled three times, losing one of them.


  • Byron Maxwell wasn’t interested in suiting up and toughing it out to try and help his team win tonight.
  • Kiko Alonso continues to look miserable and pathetic. The Eagles really need to just shut him down.
  • How many long third downs has this defense given up this year? Billy Davis’ scheme is just abysmal.
  • We haven’t talked enough about how disappointing Mychal Kendricks has been this year. The former second-round pick has quietly had a very underwhelming season, topped off by his asinine comments after the Arizona loss in which he stated that Washington “had something real coming to them this week”.
  • Note to Fletcher Cox. Don’t guarantee wins ever again.
  • Ed Reynolds is another guy that just shouldn’t be on the football field. He’s too small, can’t tackle, and has gotten exposed in coverage as of late.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis connected on his only field goal attempt.
  • Josh Huff hit on a 49-yard kick return to set up the Eagles with a short field.

Final Thoughts

Kelly has now gone three years in the NFL without a playoff win. He’s missed the playoffs two straight years. His team has also taken steps backwards in consecutive years.

And despite getting second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chances to right the ship and win one of the worst divisions in football, the head coach couldn’t get it done.

This is a regime that is fatally flawed in many areas, and Kelly has this franchise on a road to nowhere.

Its time for Jeffrey Lurie to become proactive, and recognize that he made a mistake with Kelly. To avoid doing further damage to the franchise, Lurie must come to terms with the fact that he needs own up to his mistake, cut his losses with Kelly, and start fresh with a legitimately innovative NFL mind that has a clear vision and long-term plan that isn’t built around gimmicky philosophies and systems.

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54 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

  1. What Owner Jeff Lurie needs to do is to Strip the GM/President of Football Operations immediately and Hire a True Football GM/President of Football Operations and handle all Player Personnel, Scouting, Drafting and Overall Roster Management.. This Experienced Football Man (Bill Polian/Ron Wolfe/ Mike Mayock or whomever will then decide after a full review or what direction to take with the Coaching Staff… Maybe this new Hire Keeps Kelly as the HC for 2016 which would be awkward but maybe this is the best way to rebuild the foundation of the Scouting/Personnel Depts while Kelly Focus’s on Coaching and his Staff only…
    Then with time and in 2016 this new GM can then complete a thorough Coach Search for a new HC…
    If Kelly balks at this arrangement then Terminate him on the spot and name Pat Shurmur as Interim Coach for 2016

    For Owner Lurie, He must Hire a Football Man to run the Front Office and then let that person Hire th Coach, but focus on the Front Office First!!!

    1. Jeffrey Lurie made this bed ,and now he must lie in it..there was no cohesive plan for this transition of power since last New Year’s checks and balances ,no oversight committees and unmitigated faith in a coach who won ,nothing …but was a snake oil salesman from day one..he is trapped in a scenario where he must try firstly to trade the coach ..not exactly from a position of leverage …take anything to put this in the rear view mirror..What GM is coming into this rubble ,with a disgruntled emasculated ego driven coach? Certainly philly and the question marks hanging over just about the entire team ,are not a choice destination.You need try if a trade is implausible to sell the team ,because ,the keys to the car were clearly thrown to Chip by Jeffery …this is as much a death spiral as can be at the moment …the defensive coordinator had no reason being given another year ..the pro bowlers that left without compensation ,we’re not adequately replaced ..the trades were as bad as the FA signings…we are a team taking on water ,and if the coach isn’t stripped of his duties as GM then we are basically making an admission ..we are in the Kotitean..era..Not one trade or FA ..was an upgrade …zero

  2. It’s time to trash this Chip Kelly Project.

    He said in his press conference that he felt the talent on the team was good enough – but they needed to put their talent in better positions to execute – I think we’ve heard that before.

    Helen Keller can see this team is deprived of real talent; play makers, impact players but this guy is in denial that his Oregon products, his system, and his coaching ability is not of NFL Quality – and has never been, nor will he be a competent GM.

    The LONG RANGE BEST INTEREST OF THIS TEAM, is to fire Chip, and pray Sean Peyton shakes loose from New Orleans – I bet he’ll find a better way to utilize DeMarco Murray – and may even be able fix Kaepernick, just like he did Drew Brees.

  3. Owner Jeff Lurie is not going to Fire Chip Kelly with 2 Years Left at $15 Million still left on his Contract and then go out and Hire another GM and another HC and be up to $25 Million + for having HC & GM’s on the Payroll
    Chip will be back in 2016 with Billy Davis bring the fall guy and getting Fired
    Don’t be surprised to see Pat Shurmur move on, Duce Staley, the WR Coach
    Who the Next DC will be wide open..

  4. Sounds good to me. Sure beats the mess we presently have. Lurie, himself, needs to get mad and kick some butt for a change. I like Mayock. I also like Scott Fitterer of the Seahawks as well.

  5. Denny, the only you missed is can I get a amen!!! Nothing to add we all saw what this clown did, I watched and shook my head again last night the best defensive player in the secondary last night was a guy THEY released because they thought he wasn’t good enough. Jaylen Watkins. Unreal what this clown has done to this franchise. Paulman I gotta call you out you said Kelly was clearing the locker room of cancers, well I’ve been telling you for 3 years, Kelly was the biggest cancer in the building.

    1. I can’t help it if Chip Kelly choose not to replace the Talent that he ran off..
      What I stated, is that Kelly would run them off ,which he did,and Kelly had ample chances to Replace that Talent thru the Draft and or Free-Agency but he failed to do so ..

      1. fraudman stop lying. You were on here slurping Kelly and calling for the removal of all the guy eventually got rid of who all have been anything but cancers to there new teams. You guys like Vick and Djax part of the problem. two guys who would have been better options than what we have currently.

        1. And I offered better alternatives to the Players Kelly went out and got…
          What did the Eagles Win again with Vick, D-Ajax, McCoy???
          Maybe the NFC Least, but they were no legitimate Super Bowl contenders during their time in Eagles Green…
          Problem is that Kelly hasn’t replaced them with equal Talent or Players that fit Kelly’s “Horizontal Schemes” well…
          I guess that’s my fault too you Ass…

          My last 2-3-4-5 Off-Season Plans and objectives whether it’s inFree-Agency or the Draft have been better that what Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman or Andy Reid have done… and you can add another good 6-8 other Posters from here who have stated better Plans than Chip Kelly

          The Eagles Drafts, Free-Agency and Summer Camps have not been very good..

          1. Bottom Line, Chip Kellys Schemes are not going to Work inthe NFL and unless he gets creative and mixes up formations,tempo, play-calls, I don’t care who he has, for its not fooling NFL Defenses
            His Amateur hurry up Tempo worked for his first Season and against opponents he faced for the first time, but Coach’s Adjust and have one snuffed out his high-schooling formations & plays…
            That Pitch to DeMarco Murray on 3rd & 2 was going to lose 2-3 Yards and force a Punt which would have given the Skins the Ball indecent shape anyways..
            Yes a blunder by Murray on the Fumble, but bottom line, that play wasn’t fooling anyone .. That’s what I’m talking about.. Kelly is a terrible Game Coach !!

            1. The problem is not the scheme at all!! The scheme works if you have the players…Chip Kelly’s big errors is thinking that you can scheme your way to beating good teams without good players. We have the Quarterback. Now we need competent players to compliment the QB on offense and we need to revamp the linebackers on defense…
              Our needs are
              1. Offensive line-Guards and another Tackle
              2. Wide Receivers
              3. Linebackers…another good pass rusher
              We should be able to fill these slots in free agency and the draft. We need to cut bums like Riley Cooper, make some space by letting Jason Peters go…cutting dead weight like Dennis Kelly and Marcus Smith
              The scheme is fine..we need better players

              1. The scheme is stale and defenses have caught up to it…Chip only runs 4 versions of run plays. This offense is awfully boring and terribly unproductive. Patrick Peterson…”another defender” in a long list now came out last week and stated they could tell certain plays were coming because they kept running them over and over. Charles’ scheme is no longer innovative. The NFL DC’s have caught up to it and knows how to defend it..just like OC’s know how to attack the defensive schemes Charles Kelly want Bill Davis to implement. The Eagles schemes on both sides of the ball all terribly flawed and a joke in NFL circles.

              2. You are missing the essence of the “issues”.. We all agree in principle ,that good players make a system ,great players make a system look almost effortless.If not coached up ,how will good players ever become great players.This coach has admitted he doesn’t game plan ,for a specific foe? This league is built upon tendencies ..ignoring those elements means your system is a crapshoot.The underlining elements of this flawed team start and ends with the coach and his personnel.Thinking that guys like Murray should adapt to your system ,as opposed to finding guys taht compliment that system is the essence of the problem.Until we all realize this coach doesn’t know jack about talent and conformity ,we all are destined to repeat the same mistakes

              3. I disagree 100%, better Players help, no doubt, but at the Core is Kelkys Up-tempo every play all game long which is not sustainable at the NFL Level
                Running a Read-Option Based Running Game without a mobile QB who is a legitimate threat to run asinine..
                Not utilizing a FB/ HB in the Backfield to help with Pass-Protection is dumb
                Not utilizing dual RB’s or putting Receivers in motion makes no sense either
                Chip Kellys Scheme is sophomoric at best.. Look at his Record versus Winning Teams and it’s not very good, look at his last 20 Games he’s Coached and he’s 8-12 and do note that the Eagles had a very favorable Schedule this year that they blew big time..
                Like Sam Bradford stated in his PC, the same issues that negatively impacted thisTeam inWeek 1 & 2 were the same mistakes & issues that hurt them 3 months later versus the Redskins .. Poor execution, questionable Play Calls, Penalties, Turnovers, Drop Passes, Mis-Communication, etc, etc
                These are all Coaching issues
                Sam Bradford did get better as the Season went on, but the Team and the Scheme and bottom line, the Results didn’t…

            1. There’s plenty, but I don’t need to prove a damn thing to you or anyone else on here nor am I wasting any of my time searching old post’s just to prove a point to a dumb shit like you who obviously has little attention or retention span…
              Why don’t you up with something original once in a while ? Is that even possible for you? Read some old Posts and maybe you’ll learn something…
              Good Grief your a Block Head ..

  6. Just some basic observations…….nothing earth shattering here.

    * the redskins receivers actually catch the ball, and run with it(not fall down)
    * the redskins defenders actually tackle….usually immediately after an eagle receiver catches it(if they actually catch it)
    *kiko is a stiff, kendricks overrated, oft out of position, pretty boy softy
    *shame that JMatthews not a step faster, or he might actually get away from someone.
    * Jpeters pro bowl!?? Forget putting the fork in him, just pull it out and let him bleed out, along with overrated, undersized kelce.
    *Bradford misses too many throws to be a good QB let alone elite.
    * Davis and his round hole, square peg 3-4 defense need to be shown the door
    * who on D other than cox and Jenkins are worth keeping?
    * and finally Barney rubble– clearly overmatched in every aspect.

  7. I mean I can’t even be mad. The Eagles had EVERY opportunity to win this game and pissed it away. Every. Time.

    The only thing I take comfort in is Kirk Cousins is this year’s version of Nick Foles. So if the Eagles can get their shit together, the division is clearly up for grabs come next year.

  8. **NFL News***

    Browns expected to Terminate GM Ray Ray Farmer and the Entire Coaching Staff after next weeks final Game of the Season

    Dolphins expected to Terminate the entire Coaching Staff

    Giants Tom Coughlin agrees to Step Down and Retire
    OC Ben McAdoo is named the new HC of the Giants
    Steve Spagnolo is let go as DC

    Indy Colts Terminate GM Ryan Grigson & HC Chuck Pagano and Staff

    Indy makes a Deal to Acquire Sean Payton from the Saints and becomes the
    GM/HC he Colts

    QB Kapernick moves to the Rams
    QB RG3 moves to the Cowboys as Tony Romo’s backup & future replacement for 2017
    QB Peyton Manning Retires
    QB Sam Bradford moves to the 49ers or Broncos or Texans

    Titans Ownership has little interest in trading for Eagles Coach Chip Kelly..
    They state “His Kind of arrogance is not welcomed in Nashville”

  9. Agents for Top Players around the NFL want nothing to do with the Philadelphia Eagles right one as most deem the Organization as Toxic and the Coaching Staff as lame-ducks which no “Good Players” want to be part of
    It’s going to be a rough couple of Seasons at NovaCare & the Linc..
    Prepare to hunker down and develop a thick skin and more patience..

  10. Funny how this game gets dissected. I wonder what we’d be saying if our receivers did not drop a few passes, or if the QB didn’t overthrow a couple passes, we’d all be thinking Chip is a genius. 3 games were decided by botched FG’s this year, a few more by even more dropped passes. This team is not as big a disaster as what is written.

    1. Remind me again who picked the players?

      Oh yeah, Chip the genius.

      Remind me again who has been “coaching them up” all season long? (And I use that phrase very loosely)

      Oh yeah, Chip the genius.

      1. Just waking up here on the left coast ,and the sun came up? It’s been another toss n turn night of whys? Shoulda couldas?THE OLD SAYING IS THAT IF YOU CANT BEAT EM ..JOIN EM..In many layers of complexity the humbling of chip Kelly ,may very well be the best panacea ,of all.Ive thought long and hard ,and to be honest ,he’s been stubborn ,unwavering ,arrogant,defiant..To be humbled ,it got him nowhere.Possibly his own ego will now be checked at the door and he will be more willing to accept the fact that his lane to victory was a minefield.He can’t undo the damage he’s created ,but he can accept change within .If he’s defiant to that which ,has destroyed his image and taht of his football team..he must fall on his sword ,or be shown the door

    2. No need to wonder because it did not happen. Charle’s team has been marked by lack of discipline, drops, and poor play all season long. This is a picture of a poorly coached team which clearly falls on Charles Kelly. His coaching has been a joe dating back to last year after the Thanksgiving Dallas game. Charles is no genius whether they won yesterday or not..and of course they did not . Poor preparation, concentration and a lack of effort is symbolic of a Charles Kelly coached team . It’s Kotitian!

  11. For the second straight week the game was one big “yawn” for me. I had no faith inthis team having any ability to compete.

    Defeat is such an inevitability with this squad.

    Honestly, down 13 with 18 mins to go (a tough situation sure, but hardly insurmountable) did anyone watching have even the tiniest glimmer of hope/belief that this squad was going to put up a fight or make a game of it?

    I sure as hell didn’t.

    There is nothing here. Nothing.

    QB is a bad body langaged loser who has completely entered Jay Cutler territory padding up about 1.3 of his stats in garbage time.
    There are no RBs
    There is no oline
    The WRs are pedestrian, though I think they could be ok with a good QB.
    The D line has one good player on it and he’ll be leaving after next year, of that I am sure.
    The secondary has one guy who tries, though Rowe should be ok eventually.

    God I am hoping Kelly comes back next year and rolls with Sanchez to 2-14. Only hope for the future.

  12. Where do we go from here? Chip will be back, but Billy Davis cannot be back, but who is going to make that decision?

    What happened here? This guy looked like a genius for a season and a half. His ideas made sense (high-speed offense gets players in tip-top shape AND gets everybody a ton of repetitions in practice).

    Is this all about personnel, because it looked like the league was starting to figure this offense out last year.

    1. It’s more Scheme than Talent in my opinion..
      Other Teams Defenses gave caught up to the Up-Tempo Pace which can also tire out an Offense as much as a Defense late in games and then when you need to execute or run the ball late in games, Players are too pooped to execute and mistakes happen..
      Talent Level is pretty close in the NFL, it’s about the Coaching, Schemes, Adjudtments and taking advantage of match-ups which Kelly is horrible at!!
      Kelly also has no clue about building a NFL Defense which is another reason I didn’t want him as the Eagles Coach as we went thru this with Andy Reid being clueless on this side of the Ball..

      1. The talent level isn’t close right now, and that’s saying something in this terrible division, but goal shouldn’t be winning the division its to play at Super Bowl level. This team has nowhere near Super Bowl talent, they did but not anymore.

        1. This team has some talented players. I’d make the argument that there is far more talent on this defense than the results show, which comes back to coaching. Billy Davis has a terrible resume for a reason.

          Do you think Chip can turn it around here?

          1. What happened here? It’s not a mystery;in fact it’s quite predictably what was gambel.howie divisiveness that was at its origin…sprinkle in ego .power and greed..and Jeffreys copious notes..whomever picked m s2 had to go..gabel..then it was the snake oil charmers opening to seize power.An owner with any common sense ; might have NOT blinked .Once chip got a blank check the spiral; began.He pooches the Bradford deal…Letting his blind ambition to get mariota..when he got played by Fischer .he started the processes of desperation without don’t put a neophyte to run a billion dollar industry.

      2. Its about talent…it obvious we see the difference…over the last two years when we had the talent at wide receiver, running back…we didn’t have it at Quarterback…
        Now we successfully upgraded the Quarterback position…but now the talent is gone…the scheme works…the big mistake has made and it haunts us to this day is getting rid of DJax and keeping Riley Cooper.

        Talent vs No Talent
        When you have a guy like Cooper starting for you…you cant win…he poisoned the lockroom…the culture that Kelly wants people to buy has been tainted by Riley Cooper…

        He is the Cancer that has to be cut out from the team

        1. The Eagles finished 3-5 Last Year after a 7-2 Start with allthat supposed Talent your talking about?? Now they are 6-9 so the Eagles and Chip Kellys Schemes and Play Calling and Philosophy is 9-14 over his last 23 Football Games
          It’s not about Talent!!! It’s about Chip Kelly getting Out-Coached almost every Week …

          1. All what ‘supposed’ talent?

            We had cut the best wide receiver on the team

            Our Quarterbacks Foles/Sanchez sucked

            Our cornerbacks sucked

            We simply did not upgrade the talent level enough at the wide receiver position…we lost ground…we didnt’ upgrade the talent on the offensive line…we lost ground there as well.

            We upgraded at Quarterback but when you go backwards at wide receiver and offensive line…you get your QB killed every week

            We thought we had an upgrade at linebacker…and we did with the rookie Hicks performing at an All-Pro level…he got hurt and that killed us…Kendricks took a massive step backwards

            Its not about ‘schemes’ at all…it’s all about talent. Talent is above everything in the NFL..Culture and Players buying in are secondary. They do that with wins…but when Players see you keep a guy that sucks and get rid of players who can play…that kills any efforts you make towards the ‘culture’ of the team.

            Getting rid of Riley Cooper is a big step towards stabilizing this team…he is a cancer that has to be removed and most of all…he cant play!!!

  13. 2 years ago, I thought we were a couple of corners and a defensive coordinator away from something special. We got better corners, but the pass defense still sucks. Meanwhile, the offense has gone from groundbreaking to below average. The ground game is terrible, but outside of Ertz, so is the passing game.

    What do you do with Bradford at this point? He’s looked mediocre at best most of the year, but Sanchez looked terrible which leads me to believe Bradford may have ELEVATED this offense, which scares the bejesus out of me.

  14. What a Crazy Sunday …

    Panthers lose to Falcons
    Steelers lose to the Ravens who are without 12 Starting Players lost to Injuries and were led by QB Ryan Mallet who they signed 10 Days ago…
    Patriots lose to the NY Jets in OT and deferred the Overtime Coin Toss to the Jets who went down the Field for a TD To Win the Game and never got the ball
    Cardinals are destroying the Packers in Lambeau Field and will use the rallying cry for a Super Bowl of losing Tyronne Mathieu to Injury

    Eagles Draft Position was helped withWins by the Saints, Bears, Falcons, Bills, Lions & Colts ..
    If Eagles were smart, they would play backups and lose to Giants to finish at 6-10 and possible get the 8th-12th Selection In each Round off the Draft

    Right now it’s
    Titans, Brows, 49ers,Cowboys & Chargers in the Top 5

  15. Reports are that Pat Shurmur & OL Coach Jeff Stoutland & WR Coach
    Are all out per Sources at NovaCare
    Billy Davis & Defensive Staff are set to Return

  16. With the way the games went this Weekend the Eagles could have the 9th Pick if they lose out to the NY Giants and finish at 6-10 or as High as the 15th Pick if they were to Finish with a Win and end up 7-9 up to …

  17. Pman. If Bill Davis is not gone ..ill make a donation to the Boone zoo..6 400 yard. Games in succession …last in any defensive statistic metric possible.historically in back to back years ..he’s broken records of NFL ineptitude..

    1. It’s going to be hard to find a respected and experienced DC to come infor 2016
      Which is likely Chip Kelly’s final season with the Eaglesand people inthe NFL know this so he may have to keep Billy Davis by default or have a Position Coach promoted to a DC or find a recycled DC who is out of work..

      I expect Fritz Shurmur to move on and especially if Bradford walks inFree-Agency

      Chip may have to wear more Hats next Season due to others not wanting to work with him..

      1. Chip wears any more hats Pman. He may as well open a haberdashery..I do sense with chips maniacal paced vanilla offense providing no support to his defense ,that the options of a qualified d coordinator will be limited ..As a side note ..I saw bell heck call time out ,be
        Cause late in the jet game ,he sensed he had the wrong defensive alignment ..this …never happens in bird land..

  18. I do feel the one guy that would not be a yes man and would take the job and become a fan fave ..BDawk…this defense ..this team needs an attitude adjustment …who better than a superhero?

    1. I could see hiring B-Dawk as a Safeties Coach to potentially groom for the Future but not a DC as he’s never Coached a game in his life at any level..
      That’s not Fair to him or the Team

    2. the Eagles simply need more talent on both sides of the ball.

      Chip Kelly can no longer delude himself about the team’s “culture”

      He ruined the culture by keeping Riley Cooper and getting rid of DJax.

      He has to get more talent at the wide receiver, linebacker, and offensive line positions

      He has to rid the club of players that simply do not produce…

  19. He still an upgrade …B.D. worst in every statistic …can’t do any worse than last statistically ..a quarterback of the defense ,has more acumen ..than Bill…plus it’s raw meat to the fan base ..l

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