Jeffrey Lurie Makes The Right Move – Fires Chip Kelly

Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly reacts during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly reacts during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I thought Jeffrey Lurie was going to let Chip Kelly survive for another year, but he must have talked to coaches around the NFL and figured out that the head coach was in over his head.   Lurie made a huge mistake when he gave Kelly the authority of a General Manager.  There’s no question that the Eagles were going in the wrong direction.

Today, Jeffrey Lurie, Chairman and CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles, released Head Coach Chip Kelly.

“We appreciate all the contributions that Chip Kelly made and wish him every success going forward,” said Lurie.  Kelly made contributions like releasing DeSean Jackson, and trading LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso.

I think good coaching will correct some of the problems at the wide receiver position.  They should immediately fire the Eagles wide receiver coach because I’ve had numerous former Eagles wide receivers tell me that the wide receiver coach doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Nelson Agholor is getting worse rather than better.

I’m sure they’re going to also clean house on the defensive staff.  The offense played poorly and so did the defense.

DeMarco Murray has been completely misused by Chip Kelly.  Murray is a north and south guy, who shouldn’t be given the ball on lateral runs.

I think quarterback Sam Bradford could be a plus in the long-run, but he needs to be able to audible at the line of scrimmage.  Kelly wouldn’t let him audible at the line of scrimmage.  Every team in the NFL  let’s their quarterback audible at the line of scrimmage.

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur will take over the leadership of the team and be the interim head coach for Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

Not only did the Birds get Kelly, they also fired Ed Marynowitz, Vice President of Player Personnel, who was Kelly’s guy in the front office.

Tom Donahoe, former General Manager of the Buffalo Bills and Director of Football Operations for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Senior Football Advisor for the Eagles since 2012, will become the General Manager.

There will be a news conference tomorrow at noon.

55 thoughts on “Jeffrey Lurie Makes The Right Move – Fires Chip Kelly

  1. I still do not understand the timing of this move. With a week to go? What is the point?

    Also, I do not believe this is an attractive situation for a “top” coaching prospect.

    Middling first round pick.
    No QB
    No second round pick
    No LT

    No doubt that this entire season was a complete shit show and just about every off season decision was wrong (despite Kooltwit’s effusing praise for everything Kelly did)

    BTW – Kooltwit….how’s that egg coming off your face?

  2. LMAO…how is the egg that’s been on your face Vinniedafool

    Your boy Riley Cooper cost the Coach his job

    Its all coming out in the wash

    The Players were through with Chip Kelly…he lost the locker room even more than I thought…the loss of Djax, Shady and Maclin while keeping Riley Cooper poisoned the team

    Chip Kelly did us one huge favor…the best thing we can say that he did for the team…

    He got rid of Nick Foles

    So I’m good!

    But your not…

      1. Wasn’t KB just 2 weeks ago after the Pats/Bills Wins stating on here that Kelly had this Locker Room down tight and everything under Control
        This KB has been wrong with about everything he states concerning the Eagles
        as Vinnie states regularly…
        Now KB has no Chip, Probably no Bradford and now will call attention to Riley Cooper and the Race Card on why the Eagles Failed .. It’s how KB Operates… What a Schmuck he and Chip Kelly are!!! It’s downright laughable !!!

      2. He’s just spin doctoring backwards faster than that Hillary Clinton you all have down there.

        Spent the entire offseason praising everything Kelly did from the stupid Bradford trade, how Agholor would be better than Maclin, How Murray was a stud and on and on and on.

        Now that all that entirely predictable for everyone not named KoolBreeze shit has come home to roost its back back back back to Cooper. Lazy and weak.

        1. Bull..the reports are flying all over the place about Chip’s relationship with the Players and just how terrible it was…

          Boy the flip-flops are flying again..

          Most of you cheered the Djax release , was happy to see Shady go…

          Was angry about Tra Thomas statements about Players under the impression that Chip didn’t relate to Players ‘culturally’ and some thought it was racism…

          Before the news of Chip Kelly’s firing…that none of us saw coming…I made it clear…Chip needs to get the locker room back…and getting rid of Riley Cooper was a step in the right direction.

          Stop the flip-flopping

          Chip Kelly has I said has to take the weight…the team lost its on his shoulders…however, this looks like a hasty decision by the Owner…be careful for what you wish for…

          So the Chip Kelly era is over and the best thing he did was relieve us of Nick Foles…we will see what the future holds

      3. Are you kidding…the reports are coming in hot and heavy about Kelly’s bad relationship with the Players. At the root of the bad relationship is Riley Cooper. Absolutely no one knew Kelly was getting fired…no one predicted this at all. But what I did know is that Kelly’s relationship with the Players was worst than I initially thought…hence my posts about getting rid of Riley Cooper has an effort to help rebuild his fractured relationships with the Players…

        Fraudman, you’re flip-flopping yet again…wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that your “sources” had Bradford signed to a long term deal and they were just waiting to announce it? You had Bradford here as a done deal…the ink was dry on the contract….now “presto” no Bradford!

        One thing about you Fraudman…you are always in position to claim you were right…no matter what happens…flip-flop!

        Your a joke and a fraud!

        1. That’s because I am usually right … What can I say..
          I was surprised as everyone about Kelly getting Fired today for I thought he would get q1 more Season, but make no mistake, I had Kelly out of Philly after a year 4 which was 2016 and have stated so for 2 years for many of the same issues that Lurie and reports are now coming out with
          Locker RoomIsdues have little to nothing to do with arrived Cooper
          It’s more about treating grown Men, Professional Athletes (White,Black, Hispanic,Asian or whoever like a18-20 Year old College Kid.. Running Practices like a military camp, running Schemes thst Players just couldn’t buy into ..
          Since Kellys arrival, their Offense has turned the ball over more than any Team inthe NFL even though they have 4 QB’s, Multiple RB’s & Receivers .. Why is this? Does the constant up-tempo pace get Players mentally and physically tired that they lose focus.. Talk to Defensive Ppayers practicing hard onSaturdays OT onMondays after they’ve been onthe Field for 35-40 Minutes a game..
          You keep making players issues a “race thing” when in reality It was Kellys stupid schemes and regimen that turned off the Players for the results show what he was doing wasn’t working onOffense & Defense

          1. Bull…Fraudman you are a flip flopper…

            You post so much on here and you go in a million different directions

            Bradford according to you just a couple of weeks ago is signed and sealed to a deal…that’s what your inside ‘sources’ stated..

            Now you have backed off completing your flip-flopping ways…

            The Players dont like this coach…didn’t like his ‘culture’ because they saw the hypocrisy…getting rid of DJax and keeping Riley Cooper…it helped establish an atmosphere of distrust…

            Of course, there are other things the Players dont like as well…but the loss of key talent with the keeping of racist bums like Cooper-as a starter-who dropped key passes was a big deal

            Bottom line…cold facts!

            1. The Players don’t like thisHigh-School Schemes for they know you can’t Win playing it in the NFL
              7-12 was the Eagles Record over the last 19 Games
              Players tuned out Kelly for his Game Plans, Schemes and practice regime don’t Win

              1. EPIC DEBATE





              2. There’s no Debate Henski

                KB believes that Riley’s Coopers Racial Comments from 3 Years Ago is a major reason of why Chip Kelly lost the Locker Room with Players not Buying into his Program in 2015

                I on the other hand believe Chip Kelly’s losing Offensive and Defensive Schemes, Unproductive Practice Regimen and amateurish Game Plans, where Opponents were making Players look stupid and Inept week after week, is the main reason he lost the Locker Room..Players knew that Chip Kelly’s System was a Losing One at the NFL Level and that’s why they tuned him out, and not for Riley Cooper yelling Racial Slurs from 3 Years ago when 42 of the Current Eagles Players were not even around or on the Ball Team…

                KB wants to keep hanging the demise on Chip Kelly and the Eagles on Riley Cooper, I disagree and think Riley Coopers Behavior from the Summer of 2013 has very little impact on the Eagles Locker Room in 2015

              3. i get it and your original point was hilarious but then he spun it and baited you into making it about you and you fell for it.

    1. Riley Cooper is the 3rd best receiver on a bad Eagles team for goodness sake. Riley Cooper is a big thing only for those who look at everything through the prism of race. It’s the only thing that real matters to them. They are obsessed with it and if you don’t think the way they do you are obviously a racist.

      1. Riley Cooper is the third best wide receiver among a very bad group of wide receiver. Riley Cooper in back to back games failed to catch long bombs perfectly dropped in his hands/body by the QB. Riley Cooper can’t play and has no business on an NFL roster.

  3. I think we need to be careful what we wish for. I’m sure coaches will be wrapped around the block to take this job. Especially now that Howie is making the calls.

  4. The “issues” that are the true underling to this will surface ,when howie said “unnamed” sources start to lay the narrative.This is just more of the soap opera drama that needs to stop within,this organizational hierarchy ..Get a football decision minded personnel team assembled and allow them,not howie ,confer with the new coach.Otherwise we are still back to being laughed at ,in the league.We can’t allow howie to win any football power …It’s like remarrying your first wife so she can get the other 50% of a settlement …keep a tight lid on leaks and let them come ,only from ownership..fix it now…

    1. Bad News deserteagle…Howie is right back in the mix…

      The organization looks ragged, the move doesn’t look like it is well planned at all. It looks like a sudden knee jerk decision by Lurie which is out of character for him.

      People are talking about going to a “conventional” offense…how is that going to work? Who will be the Quarterback now?

      What kind of defense are they going to run…

      Too many questions…too many holes…

      We will see

      1. Many people are now talking Kool..howie will not be GM …he got his power back ,but he will not get that title..many in the Eagles organizationally think as we do ,they’re best suited to a 4-3 ..
        After Bill vanilla Davis packs his things .. Milk squirting out of nostrils..giddy ..just typing that …the McDermott shurmur Bradford Murray triumvirate will become a core they buildup on..the power running game will be back in philly ,and yes ,even a goal line package will be it’s for the GM cliffs and such and Pman to tell me who fits a 4-3 and we start with that side of the ball …eliminating any 3-4 talent (was there -any)?

  5. Not learning from your past …is idiocy..and Kool…Riley cooper is so much a ripple on the ocean ..why do you hitch your wagon to every nag ? Try stopping and thinking that maybe you were. Wrong …do as ownership has done ..take a me a culpa..

  6. Report on ESPN stating that Lurie had stated to Chip that he was looking at taking the personnel “GM” power away from Kelly, to which Kelly balked at the idea. If this is true the little arrogant fella got exactly what he deserved..a nice comeuppance !!!

  7. Schefter is reporting that Kelly was gone at end of season no matter what. That it was his intention to get the hell outta dodge. Many in the organization knew he wanted out.

    Basically the report implies Kelly worked to orchestrate the firing – presumably (and this is my 2 cents) because if he quit (like apparently he wanted) he wouldn’t get paid…whereas if he got fired he’d continue to collect his salary (or else get a buyout)

    For some strange reason, Riley Cooper was not mentioned in the report.

    1. Chip Kelly is full of shit. Bottom line he got everything he asked for, absolute power and control of personnel..but he still was not happy. Please, he realized that the gig was up and that he could not deal with the rigors of the NFL in a large market nor was he able to coach in this league as he was thoroughly out classed by lesser talented teams!

  8. Read that Demarco Murray told Lurie he had zero confidence in Chip being the coach..

    Funny, yesterday Chris Carter stated on ESPN that Chip Kelly was going to get fired because the players did not like him!!!

  9. Word has it that Riley cooper was cut as a show of support to offended 6 remaining AA players held over from the 2013 season. It’s said that peters ailments are all healed, Ryan’s is gonna play like a 25 year old … I’m not sure actually who the remains AA offended players are but… This is the report

    1. The 12 Players that Remain from that 2013 Squad (off the top of my head)
      J Peters, J Kelce, L Johnson,R Cooper, F Cox, B Graham, M Kendricks, D Ryans, J Donebros, B Celek, C Barwin, V Curry …

    2. Downplay it all you want, but you better believe players grumbled about that shit, Mr Gangties was cut and winning divisions albeit in this shit division meanwhile Cooper is still here dropping potentially game changing passes, just think if his dumbass doesn’t drop that pass the game may have turned out different and we wouldn’t be having this conversation how fitting.

  10. Would Lurie bring back Joe Banner? Doubt it as long as Roseman is still involved, but that GM position will be every bit as important as the HC selection.

  11. During any turmoil ,a calm is always the end game in any organization.In reading of history McDermott and shurmur go back a decade or more ..Add to that !Sam Bradford and shurmur ,and it wouldn’t surprise me to look at those three as a. Floating branch in a tumultuous sea of change

  12. “Why the Chip Kelly experiment didn’t work?”
    Sheil Kapadia-ESPN

    “Culture was supposed to be greater than scheme. That’s what NFL Films caught Kelly telling a player on the sidelines last summer. Yet during Kelly’s first training camp, when wide receiver Riley Cooper was caught on video using a racial slur, he was sent away for just four days before returning. Neither Kelly nor the organization specified how Cooper had spent his time. The next offseason, the Eagles signed him to a contract extension….”

    For all those who think I’m just playing the race card, here is another reference to it from and ESPN reporter. ESPN has some reporters who are tuned in to the Eagles players…Riley Cooper is a big deal and all the players who dont like Chip Kelly are tuned in..

    I have said it for days now BEFORE the Chip Kelly firing…Riley Cooper is a cancer that should be cut out….immediately

    1. Kool…those who see it and understand what you are saying will, those who do not..well..whatever. It’s coming to a close now as Chip is outta here and Cooper will be too.
      I must say to you though, this past off season you co-signed on all of Kelly’s moves and called them excellent…the proof in the pudding says they were terrible moves that ultimately made this team unbearable to watch, a loser team and cost Chip Kelly his job..what happened?? thought his decisions were excellent…and as much as I hated Cooper being on this team, it wasn’t his presence on the team that sank was his ridiculous off season moves..culture and sports science bullshit as well as is inability to build relationships with his players. Cooper remaining on the team certainly did not help his culture cause..but Kelly’s overall program, poor coaching, lack of talent development and scheme doomed the fraud!!!

      1. Ultimately it was Kellys Schemes and piss-poor Game Plans that had opponents calling out plays before the ball is snapped Getting laughed at, and asses whipped on Sundays does not reinforce Players confidence in their Coach’s and the more this occurs, the more disconnected Players become for they know they can’t have success with this college scheme
        Winning covers many warts that every locker room has, losing brings it all out
        Having a Coach that treats Players like College Kids and employs a sophomoric scheme and then gets rid of Talent without replacing it loses your Locker room

      2. Eaglehaslanded, the moves that I liked from Chip Kelly were liked by many others as well. Lets not re-write record and pretend that I was the only one on board with Chip Kelly’s moves. The moves that I cosigned from Chip Kelly are pretty clear…and most others co-signed them as well:

        The Big Move I still support 100%-Chip Kelly getting rid of Nick Foles. This was Kelly’s best move…Bradford was a significant upgrade from Foles and he has saved us from Foles as an option at QB we would be in worst shape with Foles as we seen with his awful play in St Louis where he was benched…twice!!

        Shady McCoy…I liked Shady McCoy but I like a lot of others felt that Demarco Murray and Ryan Matthews were more than adequate replacements. I was wrong about the NFL’s leading rusher from a year ago…easy mistake to make.

        Jeremy Maclin…I have never been a big fan of Maclin…he has improved..but to me he was soft and injured way too much. I thought like many others…Agholor would be an excellent replacement especially with our emphasis on the running game. Agholor was by consensus a good first round pick who most experts and I felt would contribute right away with the emergence of Matthews in his second year.

        Signing Maxwell to a big free agent contract…I also agreed with that move…we need a cornerback badly and he was the best available.

        Chip Kelly’s poor application, game planning, injuries on the offensive line, the extremely poor play of Jason Kelce and the guards, the loss of Jordan Hicks and most important -Chip Kelly’s losing the locker room did him in…

        Its easy to second guess the moves now…the biggest loss in the Kelly era is one that I have repeatedly bashed him for is the loss of DJax. This was the biggest error of Kelly’s time here and I bashed him for it repeatedly.
        Chip Kelly gambled and loss…but Irish Eagle is right…”Kelly’s inability to communicate with players is a big part of why he got fired. The Copper situation is just one of many miscalculations on Kelly’s part”

  13. The bottom line is winning, and this team (as currently constructed) will never win.

    It was clear that the Eagles were no longer one of the top offensive teams in the league because of the deterioration of the offensive line and the departure of game changing players. Jeff Lurie knows that there will be no quick fix, and he knows Chip is not the guy to rebuild the team.

    I believe Kelly’s inability to communicate with players is a big part of why he got fired. The Copper situation is just one of many miscalculations on Kelly’s part.

  14. I can post again…something different than fire chip Kelly. Now as long as Howie isn’t back I can claim today as the day My Hope came back. No Chip means no Bradford which means no Pussy playing QB. Speaking of which did KB get a last swallow on Chips stuff, I mean now there won’t be anymore supply coming to chug. Never has someone been so wrong about so much so many times. :)..Welcome back Professional football in Philadelphia. The Duck Era is over.

  15. LMAO…fools, crackpots, and all of the idiots like Xevious, m-the pervert-henski, and fraudman-flip-floppers, and dumb asses…
    Fraudman continues to be in complete denial about the impact of Riley Cooper in a locker room filled with African-American Players.
    Idiot…once again…its not simply his racist statement which was bad enough…but for a Coach to harp on ‘Culture’, AND get rid of two other superior receivers while keeping a bum ass, pass dropping, poor route running, racist wide receiver and give him a nice contract to boot…well that dont work and the Players harped on it whenever Kelly talked his ‘culture’ bullshit.
    He had no chance whatsoever in getting the locker room back with Riley Cooper in it…none-zero…

    1. No denial KB, its just not as Big of a Deal as you make it out to be..

      12 Eagle Players Remain fron Summer of 2013
      J Peters,B Celek, J Kelce, L Johnson, J Donebros, F Cox, C Barwin, B Graham, D Ryans,V Curry & B Braman and R Cooper himself..
      So 5 of the 12 Players that remain are Black Players ..
      I believe the Riley Cooper Incident had very little to do with Chip Kelly losing this 2015 Team and his now his Job over.. Going 7-12 over the last 13 Months had the most to do with him losing his Job..

  16. Listening to Jeff Lurie it does not sound like there will be any wholesale changes to the personnel…he mentioned by name Sproles, Demarco Murray, and most important-Sam Bradford-

    1. Oh yes, “most importantly” indeed.

      LOL. You’re fucking brilliant. Still hanging on. “10x better!!!”

      Fucking Sam Bradford. LOL

      Wholesale changes coming and Koolbreeze still delusional.

      First thing a new coach is going to say when he comes in:

      “Sign Bradford now!! We can win it all with that guy!! He’s the reason I came!!! He’s trending upwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


  17. Sam Bradford only remains if Pat Shurmur, remains which I think Shurmur does..But If Shurmur bolts or gets released, then no chance in hell that Bradford even entertains returning to Philly


    KOLIN KRAPPERNICK IS NOT COMING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. A nice Article in ESPN by Ashley Fox stating that Owner Jeff Lurie needs to Focus on Hiring a Real GM instead of worrying about the Next HC
    The Article states that a big mistake of Lurie to simply go back with an Executive group of Smolenski and Roseman to head the Front Office as neither are Football People (as I have stated)
    See a HC always has that “Have to Win now mindset” and don’t look at the Big Picture or the Down the Road implications of a a Bad Draft or a Bloated Salary Cap or an Aging Roster, etc,etc … They are too narrow-minded and looking at the here and now which is a HC Job for the most part on how to Win Games.. but there has a be a Leader of Reason, Of Experience and Expertise about Talent and Roster Management and Draft Strategy and how Roseman is not the Man for this… Hes great at Contracts and Salary Cap Management but not at Player Personnel/Talent Evaluation

  20. We will have a new coach but we will have the same old same old tired posters here who care only that they are right (even when they clearly arent)

    I was against Chip from the go.. wanting a D minded coach… and then I flipped to full support after I seen how he was going to run run run and also have larger players on D. I wanted him to lose his power and also his DC (ill get my wish). Overall my point is….. we are headed for something new and I am good with that. Here is what my thoughts are moving forward…..

    1) Clean house- No thanks for our current OC or our DC to stick around, I had not seen anything worth ooing and aaaaaing about this year. Nothing. Ditto Howie being the GM moving forward. No thanks!!

    2) A proven HC needs to be brought in that values a strong D and a balanced attack on O. It sounds obvious but Im not sure it is.
    I would love Wade Phillips…. all that guy does is build good D’s.

    2015- #1 D
    2013- #7 D
    2012- #7 D
    2011- #2 D

    3) Sam- All you guys and your hatred for him… just settle down already. Let the new coach decide. I really dont care either way. Personally- Id tag him for this year and still look to find the future qb. I fully realize what this will cost us but…. not having a starting QB and plugging in anyone would not work. He can make the throws.

  21. Bears DC Vic Fangio says time is running out for him and he wants to be a NFL Head Coach — At Age 57, this Off-Season may be his last best chance
    Eagles Should definitely talk to him.. He’s a a Western Pa guy and a Great Coach.. MAybe keep Shurmur as Asst HC & OC and Run the Offense and have Fangio come in and Rebuild this Damn Defense the right way

    I would do that in a Heart Beat if I’m Jeff Lurie

      1. I have always liked him just like I did with Mike Zimmer who is not the most exciting Coach out there.. Sometimes these older Coaches who have been around really cherish and take advantage of their opportunity like a Bruce Arians or a Mike Zimmer have… If a Coach as track Record of Success over a long period of time with multiple Teams and Players, then you have a Good Teacher and Coach who can work with just about any situations..
        You see some Coachs who were fortunate to Coach on Great Teams with Great Players (Mike Holmgrem, Steve Mariucci,etc) and then they move on and can never re-create their earlier success.. Probably because they didn’t have HOF QB’s playing for them anymore…
        Fangio is just what the Eagles need, a straight shooter, No-Nonsense type of Person… He has a track record of Success and works the 3-4 Scheme Defense as well as anyone whose ever Coached it…
        At least I would like the Eagles to Interview him…
        He may turn out to be the next Bruce Arians/Mike Zimmer

  22. A couple of Front Office Names to keep an eye on

    1) Brian Gutekunst – Director of Scouting – Packers For 17 Years
    2) Eric DeCosta – Asst Gm for the Ravens – 9 Years under Ozzie Newsome
    3) Vincent Newsome – Director of Play Personnel – 5 Years with Ravens and Son of Ozzie
    4) Brandon Beane – Asst GM of the Panthers – 18 Years with Panthers in Scouting & Player Personnel, Etc,Etc
    5) Ryan Grigson – GM Colts – Has 3 Years GM Experience with the Colts with some up and downs, worked with Eagles in Scouting

  23. god it feels sooooooooo dirty being a philly sports fan right now

    phillies hired that imbecile sandbergh who just quit midseason like a pussy

    eagles have been destroyed buy the most idiotic imbecile arguably in the history of the nfl. honestly his personnel moves are by far the collective worst in nfl history!!!!

    sixers – lmfao but my money is they will contend before anyone else

    flyers – who the hell knows


    “I was ecstatic, I didn’t expect it to happen right when it did,” Marcus Smith on Chip kelly’s firing


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