150 thoughts on “BREAKING: Eagles Fire Chip Kelly

  1. Yeah!!! Best News of the Year for Philly Sports…
    DCar, Now take Chip to the Airport As you Promised ..
    Good Riddance

  2. Rumors on Chip Kellys Replacement

    1) Jim Harbaugh from Michigan who desperately wants to return to the NFL
    2) Sean McDermott from the Panthers while Pat Shurmur remains as the OC/Asst Head Coach
    3) Current OC David Shula from the Panthers

    Happy Days are hear again!!!

      1. I like the #2 Scenario..Shurmur would keep some semblance and consistency with the Offensive Personnel and He & Bradford get along well..

        Harbaugh is a nut case, we thought Chip Kelly has a big ego..

    1. Paul, NO to all your suggestions for coach…ALL OF THEM……Pagano as DC as well….get outta here with more of that mediocrity……I have had enough, and so has Lurie…KUDOS TO THE OWNER, FOR FINDING HIS SCROTUM!!!

    1. I dont know…I’m shocked as hell that Lurie fired Kelly so quickly…

      Who’s the Coach? What kind of offense will we run?

      Who is available at the QB position?

      This is a game changer…

      Chip Kelly’s relationship with the Players was worse than what I thought…

      I thought he had a chance to rectify it by getting rid of Riley Cooper…but obviously it was that bad. Getting rid of DJax, Maclin, and Shady caught up with the guy and Lurie is pissed…

      But the million dollar question is who will be the new Coach?

  3. Bradford wasn’t the issue it was chip and his controlling nature

    So who will coach this team?

    Who will be the QB for this roster moving forward?

    Is that guy on this team?

    My god so many questions

  4. Kelly didn’t kill the team dude…he tried to fix it. It just didn’t work his way. We won 10 games last year because of a opportunistic defense and special teams. Reality is the team probably wasn’t going anywhere no matter who was coaching. That was more on Andy Reid than chip. I ain’t mad at the move…something had to happen because this year was just embarrassing. I just can’t blame it all on chip

    1. Seriously?!?! Who’s the coach & GM, & supposedly genius, that put this pack of abortions together? GTFOH with the excuses! Good f^#@ing riddance!

        1. Thank you for explaining that to Paul LadyT….

          Paul, HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE, worthy of consideration as the New Head Coach in my opinion, if he is fired – Oh did you notice, we wouldn’t have to trade for him…..

          and Chip got fired despite his 2 years left on his contract – Dude, there is what some may want, and there is what’s needed despite the obstacles – and you were wrong Paul.

          God, I hope he gets fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and that could be why Lurie, didn’t wait until the end of the season – maybe he knows Payton will be fired, and wanted to go all in on him ASAP…..Just like GMCliff suggested.

          1. I want Payton if he is available.

            I’m right there with you.

            Maybe Pagano, I really think he’s a decent coach, but is just losing the power struggle with the GM. In this division I think he’d eat everyone’s lunch.

            1. Sean Payton wants toalControl so no go with him in Philly after the Kelly fiasco
              Sean Payton will Run-things for the Indy Colts with Franchise QB A Luck already in tow
              Why would Payton want to come to Philly where there is no GoodQB even on the Roster..

              1. show me one article where he says that Paul…

                and another that sat the Colts are ready to hand over the keys to him..

                you have already been wrong so far as Chip. What makes you so confident, without any real facts….

                dude just stop……you have no idea what he wants or where he would go.

              2. No articles needed on Payton, common knowledge thst he & Saints GM Loomis have been on the Skids since the Suspension, the the Andrew Brees holdout,
                Then the TE Jimmy Graham Holdout, then the Trading of Graham which pissed both Brees & Payton off..
                Colts Owner is going to Fire both HCPagamo and GM R Grigson and will replace them with Sean Payton and would be even willing to trade the Saints Drsft Picks to accomplish…
                I don’t articles or reports to know these things..

                What was I wrong about Chip Kelly about?
                I gave him thru 2016 , so he got fired 1 year ahead of schedule
                Good Riddance for I didn’t like him, his college scheme , his Coaching ability and surely his Roster Management ability, talent evaluation at all
                Hisdownfallwas easy to see coming though I will admit that it came faster than I thought it would..

              3. You stated that because Kelly had 2 more years on his contract that Lurie wasn’t going to fire him because of the cost………and I stated that he should be more loyal to his investment, and the fans, and do the right thing for the long range best interest of the team, end the Chip Kelly project , and fire him.

                You stated 2 years won’t happen wake up stop drinking the egg nog…..ehhh!!!….wrong…

                admit it you were wrong Paul…C’mon you’ll feel better after you do it …..

              4. Yu have no article??…Then all your doing is speculating Paul, and being very presumptuous in you predictions with no real insight or facts……….that doesn’t guarantee anything your saying……that’s my point,,,

  5. This very well could have been a private conversation wih peters to confirm that kellys as an asshole…think Lurie said to him, we are hiring Donahue whether you like it or not

  6. Lurie! Lurie! LURIE! Thought Kelly would have at least another season…especially since he created the mess…thought they would let him try and clean it up…..but now its someone else’s mess. now whoever replaces him will be given the benefit of doubt for next season…anyway this news is a breath of fresh air…now lets get rid of the DC

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, that’s Chip as he’s filling his suitcases full of Lurie’s money. Fuck Chip Kelly and the white duck he road into Philly on and the Lear Jet taking his ass out of Philly. All hail the LLCB is gone.

      1. I agree. I think Reid lasted as long as he did because Lurie admired his character. I think Chip twisting his job position in that interview was a real slap in the face to Lurie who emasculated Howie to keep Chip happy.

        Kudos to Jeff Lurie, Chip was done here.

  8. Lurie says that the team will begin coaching search asap. He, team president Don Smolenski and top exec Howie Roseman will lead the search

  9. I do think that Chip Kelly dissing and being rude to long time respected Philly Sports media guys like Ray Didinger and others really bothered Jeff Lurie who is personal friends with a lot of these long term writers who have covered the Eagles
    Kudos to Lurie for correcting a mistake and manning up and doing something about it ..

  10. When Chip said he would try to beat the Giants next week Jeff said – You better get the F… out of here… lol

    I wonder:
    1 – Will the new head coach try to get a starting QB in the coming draft?
    2 – Will we hire a GM first or a head coach?
    3 – Will Chip go back to college or to the Titans?

  11. MaJOR CHANGEs right after Jeff asked for it!!!!!!!

    Big ups to lurie man he had too and did!!! I feel a lot more confident with this organization now even after chip fucking sabotaged us pretty bad

    I swear chip was getting side money from Jerry jones to destroy us…

    I’m sorry we need a few tank years to clean up the slop and get a real qb

    Who the fuck cuts Mathis desean trades shady for Kiko and lets maclin walk??? And allows billy Davis to stay year after year ???

    Great job lurie!!!!!

    Thank u!

  12. Can u imagine Howie roseman right now????

    Guaranteed he smashing smoothie blenders

    Lighting that s8 chart on fire and taking a dump in his files

  13. I agree with Dag further up I’m dumping cats left and right out of that locker room and I don’t give a damn what your salary looks like, if he’s eating Chip’s money that ass needs to keep chewing. Maxwell, Murray, The Gimp they all gotta go with the quickness.

    1. As I had stated earlier “would I be upset if he got fired? No. It would bring In a fresh face and make things exciting” I also said it would be best to hire a blue collar coach for a blue collar city.

      What does this mean for Sam? Demarco? Our draft plans?

      1. This is great news for DeMarco Murray, a more Traditional 2 Back Offense is where Murray is at his best

        Players like Josh Huff, Kiko Alonso, Mark Sanchez, Taylor Hart, DC Billy Davis, OL Jeff Stoutland, QB Coach Todd Day are the ones pretty nervous about their Future

  14. A Dark Horse Under the Radar Name to watch for after the Season is Over
    Is LB Mike Vrabel of the Texans who had a nice long Career with the NE Pats and played under Belicheck and has now been the LB Coach under DC Romeo Crennell for the Texans helping them to become one of the best Defenses in the NFL
    Maybe even Mike Vrabel as the next DC if Lurie wants to keep Pat Shurmur as the HC for 2016 would be a smart move ..

  15. I just got 8n..from all accounts I heard today on NFL network chip through his power gauntlet..works when 10-6 he’s so stupid he doesn’t know 6-10 means you lost your leverage.i think Josh McDaniels would be Jeffreys guy..and bring back Baek and Tra Thomas as assistants

      1. Josh McDaniels will replace Belichek in New England when he retires, he’s not going anywhere and especially to a Team that has an unsettled QB situation as the Eagles have..
        I believe Lurie Hires a Defensive Minded Coach or perhaps Pat Shurmur becomes HC in2016

  16. It was not a good sign when Jeff Lurie gave the team a peep talk before the Pats game. I think he realized at that point that Chip had lost the players….

    I’m really surprised that Kelly failed so miserably at communicating with players… He must be a dick…. I’ve worked for a few myself.

  17. Are we 2-14 next year? Who is our qb? Butt fumble?
    Also….this hiring/firing should forever end the stupid nfl owner thought process that the hotshot college coach is the answer… I know, spurrier, sabean, etc but this one wow

    1. The lesson learned is not staying away from College Coach’s
      It’s elevating 1 Man to be the Coach/GM/President over Football Operations
      Basically 1 man running the Organization which is Just foolish to attempt

  18. I feel like chip was trying to throw someone under the bus when he said

    ‘I was told I can’t resign players mid season’. That was so embarrassing and such a lie lurie was probably like this guy is a certified delusional and had too

    I don’t know if you can point to 1 really solid decision this guy has made

    He always been a fraud liar

    With his “I adjust my offense to my personnel and can run any system ” LIE

    ” I don’t want to be gm I just want to coach ” LIE

    “I got rid of shady for money reasons ” FUCK OUTTA HERe lie

  19. Rumors that 49ers want to talk to Chip Kelly as a HC only
    Sam Bradford will likely follow him in Free-Agency plus the 49ers have a Top 5 Pick and will likely grab QB Jared Goff in the Draft securing their QB Position for a long while..
    Wouldn’t it suck if Chip Kelly & 49ers Win the Super Bowl with Kelly as Coach
    Good Grief !!!

  20. Lmfao chip a few weeks ago admitted he attends zero defensive meetings hahahaaaa what a fraud he buried himself. Still Can’t believe Lurie made him gm to begin with. Roseman would’ve had us in a wayyyyyy better position for this year and last

  21. A source close to the Eagles said before the firings that “Kelly was going to have to make changes” if he was going to come back next year”.

    Asked if those changes were in the personnel department or on the coaching staff, the source replied “both.”

    So maybe Kelly refused to fire defensive coordinator Billy Davis, or more likely Marynowitz, or maybe both.

    There was also a war going on in the NovaCare Complex between Roseman and Marynowitz, according to several sources both inside and outside the building.

    “Howie has been poisoning Ed,” one source said. “And he has his people doing the same.”

    According to several league sources, the firings have Roseman’s fingerprints all over it.

  22. “I can’t believe it,” a long-time executive for an Eagles rival said when told of Kelly’s firing. “They did what? Are you serious? No, you’re kidding right. You can’t be serious.”

    When he finally realized it wasn’t a joke, he put the onus on the former and probably future general manager.

    “Howie got him,” the executive said. “He won. It took him some time. But he got to the owner; and he won. That’s just amazing. What is Lurie thinking? That place is just out of control.”

  23. If Roseman is back in charge we are doomed..Finished

    He’s not a Football guy he’s a accountant

    We have to get football people in to make football decisions…

    I got a feeling that we are doomed..deep shit!

    1. Yea cuz chip and his “football guys” did way better than Howie. Haaa orgs in wayyyyy better hands with Howie than chip!

  24. Snake oil…pinnochipio…llcb..we had him targeted as the biggest fraud on broad st..i applaud Jeffrey for he’s admitting “I made a mistake in judgement” his intentions were pure, but he’s a billionaire..and knows when he’s been sold a ducks “bill of goods True irony..when he left Oregon it was in disgrace..some pinnochipios.
    Never change

  25. WTF???

    I am watching hockey and “Eagles fire Chip Kelly” comes scrolling across the screen???

    First reaction is that this is a mistake. Not that I want him gone….I do….but I don’t think this is a good time. I don;t see how this situation is attractive for a new coach.

    No QB
    Middling 1st round pick
    No second round pick.
    Ridic $$ being used on Maxwell and Murray.

    I think it would have been much better to wait one more year for the total collapse and a top 5 pick…much more attractive for a potential new coach.

    Very, very strange.

    1. Disagree cuz now we blow it up and Howie emasculates the fraud that duped us. We gonna stink no doubt but now we improve rather than watch chip trade our 1st and 3rd rounder next year for peewee Herman and Herman Munster and trade lane Johnson and cox for Oregon players. Chip would’ve made it worse

    2. I agree the Timing was a surprise to everyone but This has been building since the Dolphins collapse and Lurie has been talking to Players, Other a Teams around the NFL, established Media people who Lurie respects and NovaCare had become too Toxic that Lurie got in front of this debacle and cut his losses before everyone and their brother wondering and waiting next week after the Giants Final Game..
      Next Monday, Billy Davis will be Terminated as well as the WR, OL Coach’s and perhaps the Entire Staff but I believe Shurmur, Duce Stayley. special Teams Fipp and DL Coach new DC Coach remain

  26. Been watching Comcast the last 2 hours and Derrick Gunn has been communicating with players and some were shocked and a lot replied its about damn time.

  27. Hell yeah Howie’s fingerprints is all over this but ultimately Mr Ego did this to himself, you treat people the way he did eventually it bites you in the ass, I told you guys the locker room hated his lying ass and that hate made it too Lurie’s office. He had to go, I’m playing the lottery tomorrow.

    1. Rumor has it Lurie talked to some players before the meet with Kelly.

      AND that the meet with Kelly “didn’t go well.”

      His ego and power hungriness did him in.

      No surprise there.

    2. yeah..Biglion…you were right…I just didn’t realize just how deep the hate for Kelly was in the locker room until a few days ago

      I knew that he wasn’t popular but I didn’t know it was that bad

      I thought he could salvage something…getting rid of Cooper would have perhaps gave him a little juice..but too late now

      We need an aggressive coach here that will revamp the offensive line and bring some toughness here…Jason Kelce might be on the trade block

  28. Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, Josh McDaniels, Sean Payton, and my favorite Sean McDermott

    Hot potential HCs that may be available that’ll attract the Eagles

      1. Not really TSJ,
        Panthers are positioned Coaching Staff Wise to replace Sean McDermott for he’s been on the Radar for a HC Jobthe last 2 a Years.. HC Ron Rivera is still the Defensive Mastermind of their Defense, not to take anything away from McDermott who will get 2-3 Interviews for Open Positions around the NFL
        Rivera focus’s onthe Front 7 while McDermotts strength is hisSecondary Coverages and his Blitz Packages thst here aren’t from JJ

  29. By the way, Kool is right . Shit on Howie, he can keep ordering toilet paper stay away from football decisions. Thats the thing with Lurie this whole fiasco was dysfunctional from the start why is Howie even still around? Gold Standard indeed.

    1. Good Call, Adam Gase did wonders with Bears QB Jay Cutler this Season
      Young guy, innovative a Offensive Coach who worked with Peyton Manning and John Fox in Denver
      Eagles need to get a Strong Defensive Minded Coach

  30. Hey GCobb fans. Longtime, no post.

    Suprised that Lurie would make a move before the end of a season, and with 2 years left on his contract, but glad that he had the balls to recognize that all of the blame for this teams steep decline all laid at the HC’s feet.

    Last year, at Thanksgiving this team was 9-3 and had just blown out the Cowboys on national TV with a backup QB. How fast this team has been run into the ground, and how fast this coach lost his locker room. The power plays are over, and hopefully Lurie will not continue to make the mistakes that he made with Rhodes, Reid and Kelly….hire a HC to coach, and leave the player personnel to a GM.

    This roster is lacking talent in many areas, directly as a result of Kelly. They need to find the right HC going forward, and then start to rebuild. I would start with the OL, and then let everything go from there. Is Bradley worth keeping, who knows at this point, but there are not many great options otherwise. The new coach and GM will need to have a plan.

    Suprised, but not suprised. Lurie determined that waiting another year would only cause more of a talent drain and disgruntled players. Let’s hope that they can find the right guy to lead us forward.

    GO BIRDS !!!

  31. David Shaw would know how to use Demarco Murray and bring some hard hitting intensity to town and before ya’ll talk that college shit check his resume. They threw the ball well to, only issue to me is he is in that bogus ass pac 20 or whatever the hell it is.

    1. 49ers very interested in Shaw who is a West Coast guy with a young Family
      (Kids) in their formative school years) and is very unlikely uproot them
      He’s been at Stanford for 8-10 Years now (undrr Harbaugh) and as their HC
      He’s got a great Program going at Stanford and had it pretty good but the 49ers would be a perfect NFL Job where he doesn’t have to uproot his Family..
      You may hear anUrban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh rumor but I would say Owner Lurie will be very Leary of hiring a College Coach right now andwould prefer a HC with NFL Experience and with connections to Bill Belicheck or Andy Reid
      Which is why I come back to former LB Mike Vrabel who is ZlB’s Coach under DC Romeo Crennell with the Houston Texans

      I expect Colts HC Chuck Pagano and Colts DC Greg Manusky to be fired
      Pagano would be a good Candidate as a DC where he has 3-4 Experience and would have a lot more talented Squad inPhilly to work with than he did in Indy
      Pagano stinks as a HC, but as a DC only, could be a good fit for the Eagles

  32. Offensive Coaches
    Kyle Shanahan
    Hue Jackson
    Pep Hamilton
    Greg Roman
    Todd Haley

    Defensive Coaches
    Jim Schwartz
    Matt Patricia
    Dennis Thurman
    Teryl Austin
    George Edwards
    Greg Blatche

    1. Hue Jackson is a Coach the Eagles should interviewing and has HCexperience with the Raiders a few years backs and had thst bad meltdown but has done a great job With the Bengals since his arrival and has really developed Andrew Dalton and now AJ McCammon
      Mike Patricia doesn’t fit the Eagles Corporate Executive Look but has done a great job with the Pats

      JimSchwartz is a wide 9 guy very undiscolined Teams in Detroit
      Lots ofTalent and underperformed, stay away

  33. No to Hue Jackson, but now that Chips gone, I say if he becomes a salary cap casualty — Yes, to bringing back DeSean Jackson

    That’s the only Jackson I want associated with this team…

    1. How about DT Malik Jackson whose a free-Agent as is Derek Wolf both onthe Broncos.. Broncos won’t re-sign both, Eagles need to sign one of these guys

  34. I think it’s laughable that within many of the comments on this blog, and elsewhere, Eagle fans want all of the players back from a 4 and 12 team. I read the discussion regarding the Bradford choice (that replaced a worse, now injured, QB), the Shady move (that brought in a better back, and that allowed the CowGirls NOT to have him, oh and Shady is hurt again), the Maclin move (that fans forget about how ridiculous that contract would have been, 5 year/$55M), Trent move (to date now has 0 sacks for the Colts), Mathis (fans forget he held out of OTA’s), and the fan favorite, DeSean Jackson (30 receptions this year). It’s great being the Monday Morning Armchair QB, BUT if you looked at data, and were even half as analytical as Chip is/was, I would think most of you would have made the same decisions. It’s all well and good to talk about “heart” and “passion” and “determination” and all the soft reasons for trading or keeping, but it’s a business, with real numbers. This is the NFL. I think firing Chip was a bad move. Bradford IS getting better, and let’s not forget, it’s his first year. Go find a QB that had a great 1st year in a brand new system, there aren’t many. We need a couple of O-Line replacements, a stud wide receiver, and a corner or two that can cover. This staff and team, should NOT be blown up. Lastly, this firing would never have occurred, if our Field Goal Kicker made 2-3 FG’s for wins this season. I guess that’s Chip’s fault too. Get ready for a Phillies/Sixers-like season for the next 3-5 years! Wahoo!

    1. I dont agree with all of your points but I think you make some important ones that cant be denied, CaliBoy…but what I see as the key point is simply Chip Kelly’s relationship with the Players and the severe lost of credibility.
      Prior to his firing I made it clear….that I believed that he need to re-establish his credibility with the Players and to begin that process he needed to cut Riley Cooper. This would have been the first step towards rebuilding the ‘culture’ he so emphasized as a key to winning.
      However, I really hope that Lurie knows what he is doing…this is out of character for him and I dont see a back up plan. Are we gutting the team and starting out new? Who will be the Quarterback? I’m not impressed with anything in the college ranks right now. If we go to a different system on offense how do our current players fit that system?
      There are a lot of question marks…what’s the plan…
      Until I see more…I dont have a lot of confidence…Chip should have been given at least one more year to see if he could right the ship…and perhaps buy some time to think about your next move…this seems like a knee-jerk reaction…one bad meeting and boom-your fired…

      Not good management at all…


    Drew Brees does not see a scenario in which he and Sean Payton do not return to the Saints next season.
    “A plan was put in place throughout last offseason as to how we were going to build a foundation by which to make a run at it in the future,” Brees said. “That includes some new faces, that includes some young players that, I think, will all have a chance to come together and kind of build a team that can make a run at it in the future.” There are plenty of scenarios which could leave both Brees and Payton somewhere other than New Orleans, but they may not be particularly likely. New Orleans would ask for a king’s ransom in return from Payton, and quarterbacks of Brees’ stature rarely get moved. Brees will have to agree to a restructuring of his $30 million cap hit to give the Saints some relief, but an extension should make sense for both sides. Dec 29 – 10:22 AM
    Source: NFL.com

  36. imo no to mcdermitt. he was here and flopped as dc… now he kicking ass but facing a shit division and with a bunch of defensive stars down there…

    he couldnt cut it as dc here and therefor wont cut it as a hc here. he has no clue how to build a team and clueless on offense…

    we need someone with a lot of relationships in the coaching world so they can hire competent oc, dc… something chip didnt have

    1. Mhenski..McDermott ..and why I like the choice ,he is Jim Johnson disciple.Hewas very young and immature when AR let him go.Remember he’s had a decade or more of time to mature ,and he’s had a long relationship with shurmur ,who is already in place,at the moment ..the two would add stability and direction with a foundation of the past,in place ..Pman. What type of persona does this guy exhibit?

      1. i hear ya bros. thats not my wish tho… he is a jim johnson disciple year but when he took the reigns from him after 10 years of grooming he looked completely lost, although in his defense the talent was shit… i dont want him for 1 main reason he sucked so bad as DC they replaced his ass with a god damn offensive line coach!!!!!

        if he is bringing norman and Kuechly with him cool otherwise pass…

        i hope we bring in a defensive minded coach and build the core strength of the team on D and might as well a pound the rock running game, we will stink for a minute and hopefully get a real qb… i dont want no more band aid shit, get young, get strong on both lines, develop a D…

      2. So you what Shumur to stay on deserteagle? If you keep Shumur here then you are resigning and keeping Bradford. McDermott knows the NFL, he knows you need players…he knows Philadelphia…I think its the best choice you can make.

  37. No o addressing the (IMO) huge albatross in the room and that is that as of right this moment, the Eagles are not an attractive scenario for a new potential coach.

    No QB
    No LT
    (so to start there is nothing at the 2 most important positions in sports – both need replacing)
    The 3 guard positions are manned by journeymen losers and have to be replaced.
    Perhaps the centre has to be replaced (making that 4/5ths of the oline to be changed)
    The D personnel is suited to a 4-3, not 3-4 in a league where majority of teams now play 3-4.
    Best D player is up for renewal in a year….does he want to stay with all this turmoil?

    OBV…there are glaring holes all over this roster – requiring a massive turnover.

    Now this is normal with most teams that suck…..but……

    Eagles only have a middling draft position. No big name “franchise changer” to be had early.
    No second round pick courtesy of Koolbrees’ favourite mistake.
    The Cap is handcuffed by big contracts to useless underperforming mercenaries in Maxwell and Murray – neither of which can be cut until after next year, less they take up even more cap space.

    This is a 3-4 year rebuild coming up a-la Gus Bradley in Jacksonville.

    But….handcuffed from the start.


    WIll Philly media/fanbase be able to handle a slow rebuild??

    Drafting a LT this year….maybe a2 guards with the 3rd picks. Struggle to 4-12 with Sanchez next season. Then a top 5 pick on a QB. Then 2 more years of 6-10, 8-8 before gaining confidence to make a run 2020-2025???

    Could media and fans handle what HAS to be done??

    I doubt it.

    So again I ask….is this an attractive job??????

    1. Lurie should Focus on Hiring the right GM to straighten out the Front Office,Player Personnel and Scouting Depts and then let this GM Hire the Next HC and if this means that Pat Shurmur remains as HC 2016, then so be it..the Entire Defense needs to be Rebuilt along with the OL, WR’s and a QB so this is going to take 2-3 Years before legitmately competing deep into the Playoffs.. The Good News is that the NFC East is so Week with ? all around the Giants/Cowboys that the Eagles won’t be buried as they would if they played in a Strong Division…
      Get the Front Office Straightened out First
      Do not let Howie Roseman become the GM for that doesn’t work going backwards again.. If Lurie wants Roseman to help with Contracts/Salary Cap Management, or other Administrative Duties, then fine, but do not let him anywhere need the Scouting/Player Personnel/Roster Management areas…


    Ex-Eagles coach Chip Kelly told FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer that he wants to remain in the NFL and simply wants to coach, not control personnel.





    1. I think he’ll end out withe the SF 49ers who are desperate to pump some life into that Organization, they have a brand new Billion $$$ Stadium and the face of their Franchise is Jim Tomasula who was a 1 Year Post Harbaugh Hire and has no business being a HC in the NFL …
      49ers have Top 5 Pick and Top Flight GM in Trent Balkee so they likely will pick local QB Jared Goff from the U of Cal..
      I expect Kelly to be hired by the 49ers by next Wed or Thursday

    lurie knew he was done with him, so canned him now so teams in search of a new head coach noticed this before they started interviewing their guys and especially college guys. lurie only has to eat his salary if he is not hired by someone else or pays the difference if he makes less than what he is owed….

    and he canned him now to give eagles less of a chance against the gmen, you know lurie dont want a repeat of last year (dropping in draft slots)

  40. Owner Lurie just stated that Howie Roseman is back as VP of Football Operations and that they are not in the Market for a GM…
    Back to Square 1 and not what I wanted to hear though I rather have Howie Roseman in charge of Player Personnel than Chip Kelly

    1. That’s not accurate Pman..Dave Spadaro tweeted ..rose an will be involved with a collaborative effort ,regarding personnel ..He will assuredly still be searching for a GM ..

      1. That’s not what Lurie said … maybe I missed something
        Executive Brand will have tom Donahue as Senior Advisor, Smolenski as President and oversee Administration (as he does now) and Roseman as the VP of Football Operations (Which was his previous Title) meaning he will
        oversee Player Personnel & Scouting..and together, these 4 will Collaborate on Hiring the Next HC for the Eagles…
        That’s what I got out of it… but again, I may have missed something Lurie said

  41. Listening to Owner Lurie, He’s not going to Diss Chip Kelly but you can tell by the words he’s using and sparsing that having a Mutual Respect, Collaboration,Accountability and Intelligence were all lacking with Chip Kelly

  42. Rachel Appel Micali ‏@RachelCSN 48m48 minutes ago

    Just spoke to Billy Davis who doesnt believe he will be retained. He gets how the business works and toughest part is explaining to his kids


  43. “Emotional Intelligence” is what Lurie just said..
    Chip Kelly lacked this big time per Lurie who is big on emotion…

  44. sucks chip wont be gm in his next job. wouldve been cool to see eagles try to sucker him for some of his ducks back

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