Eagles Podcast: Reaction To Chip Firing, Problems With Front Office

With the Eagles deciding to part ways with Chip Kelly, shockwaves have been sent through the team’s fanbase.

While I view the move as an excellent step in the right direction, I still have concerns about the front office structure that Jeffrey Lurie has in place, allowing Howie Roseman to return to power despite some of the issues that he has created within the team over the last five years.

Myself, Jeff Kolsky, and Tim Kelly of Section215.com give our reactions to the big moves, and discuss some of our thoughts on the team’s future in this week’s podcast.

Section 215 serves as the primary host for the podcast, but you can listen below or download it through Soundcloud.

78 thoughts on “Eagles Podcast: Reaction To Chip Firing, Problems With Front Office

    1. Thanks Irish, that means a lot more than you know! I wish I could do radio, back when Garry was a regular on WIP, I used to go in studio with him and do some overnight shows with him here and there, and it was a blast, I really envy people that get to do that for a living.

      1. Great job Denny. As to the radio prospects, I agree. You’re already ahead of many of the personalities from both WIP and The Fanatic. Where I disagree is with which is the worst. Any station that trots Cataldi and his merry band of misfits out, is already a loser. Then they double down with the Innis and his clown act. Try to mimic Garry who was always one of WIP’s better host.

  1. Lurie has destroyed the Eagles along with Roseman. No racism intended but Jews are not football intelligent. Look at #1 pick LB Smith.The tape I saw on him every time he made a sack he was not blocked. A majority of his sacks were on unblocked plays. Only an idiot would jump this guy for the first round. The owners,managers and coaches have fucked up so many times, don’t expect too much from these clowns one more time.

    1. “No racism intended”–seriously? I firmly believe that there is some truth behind many racial/ ethnic stereotypes, but……I’m sure you didn’t mean it like that right? On another note, I don’t have a problem with Howie being involved in personnel decisions, bcuz some good ones were made with him. Definitely not final say. I’d like to believe that Donohue will be more involved in that now, and maybe Howie more on the money/ contracts side??

  2. I have no problem with firing Chip but as long as Howie has a say in personnel we are doomed for more years of listening to crap from the scumbag Cowboy, Redskin and Giant fans in our area. We need some good ole fashioned football minds running the show, not a fantasy football GM wanna be.

  3. With Lurie’s presser talking about passion, emotional intelligence I am hoping he’s looking for a defensive minded coach to build this team in the likeness of the city and its fan base, tough physical no nonsense

    1. I agree, enough with these Offensive Genuis’s.. Let’s get a HC with a knowledge,experience and Succesful track record for building Defenses
      I like Vic Fangio who would be a perfect fit for Philly…
      Then retain Pat Shurmur as Asst HC & OC and rebuild from there
      If Shurmur remains, then a good chance Bradford stays,
      If Shurmur’s let go, then Bradford a goner, the issue is, if Bradford walks, what are the other options out there ? RG3, Kaepernick, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel Mark Sanchez? Are any of these guys better than Bradford in a Pat Shurmur West Coast Style Offense if Shurmur remains as I suggest?
      Give HC Fangio 2 Years and he will have the Eagles a Top 10 Defense which means you can compete in most of your games

      1. I’ve been saying Vic Fangio’s name on here for years as a guy the Eagles should consider hiring as HC/DC

        Cut the crap fraudman

        Acting like you thought of his name on your own..

        Such a freaking fraud

        1. Hart, I’m as hard on fraud as anyone but don’t have exclusive rights in the finite number of possible candidates. Fraud in another thread throughout about thirty names one of whom will be the next coach allowing him to say ‘as I predicted ….’
          On another note is JOHN Harbaugh on the hot seat? I’ve seen his name recently and would be a slam dunk hire.

          1. For the Record, that list of 30 Names of Coachs I listed are all Coach’s looking to be HC again and was a response to Koolbreeze who stated that no Coach would be interested in the Eagles Job because of Howie Roseman which we all know is ridiculous.. There’s 32 HC Jobs in the NFL and my list was a list of Coach’s that would be interested if called..

        2. I mentioned Fangio for DC last Season numerous times ,when Kelly should have fired Billy Davis, and when Fangio & other 49ers Staff were let go by after the Harbaugh debacle
          I also have liked Special Teams/Asst HC Brad Seeley and mentioned Seeley, Fangio and even Greg Roman as potential HC’s for the Eagles to talk to after Andy Reid was let go 3 Years ago..
          What’s wrong with some of you guys Hart You think you have exclusive use or likeness for a Coaching Candidate or Player… You are Stsrting to sound like GMCliff when he states ” these are my 8-10-12 Draft Prospects and no one else can like them”…. 1st Day of 2016 … GTFOH already !!!!

  4. I like your plan as well.

    Build a top defense where the birds are in every game. You will bring back the fans and there will never be an exodus of fans in the fourth quarter

    Will Lurie go this route. Too conventional for him

    1. While i agree that this is not the usual way Lurie operates, look at the last year of actions Lurie.. Tossing over Roseman for Kelly to have Control, then Firing Kelly with 2 Years left on his Contrast
      Lurie may realize (I hope he does) that he really needs this organization to get back to basics in Terms of its Football Opeartions from building thru the Draft, Player Development, Coaching Developments, sound proven Footbal Schemes, etc, etc and if that means not making a lot of noise or hiring the next best thing or the media Genuis Coach than I’m all for it for this Teams so lacks in the Fundamentals & Basics of Football..

      I think the Recent Success’s of older Coach’s (Arians, Zimmer) who have years of NFL Experience may make Lurie look long and hard at experienced Candidates like Vic Fangio, Hue Jackson, Pat Shurmur, Brad Seeley, or a Donald Pease (DC of Ravens) or a Chuck Pagano as a DC who likely is getting canned by the Colts
      At least it would be good to start the Process with these experienced Coach’s

  5. As far as Eagles Front Office goes..
    I could live with Rosemanhandling Contracts/Salary Cap Stratety
    But I want a FootballExecutive with a proven Track of Talent Evaluatuion and to handle the overall operations of the Scouting & Player Personnel Dept and work in step with whoever the HC is
    I listed a few guys last week but basically all 3 are Asst GM’s with their Cuurent Teams
    Rick Burkholder of Packers (17 Years with Packers)
    E Acorsi of the Ravens (10 Years with Ravens)
    B Beane of the Panthers (9 Years with Panthers)

    I think I have some of these names wrong going off the top of my head
    But all 3 would be nice hires to formadolid Front Office again

    1. Forgot to add Vincent Newsome of the Ravens who oversees Player Personnel for them and is the son of GM Ozzie Newsome who I think year in and year out is one of the Top 3 GM’s in the NFL
      A tandem of The Younger Newsome or Beane from Panthers to focus on Talent and Scouting while Howie oversees the Contracts/Salary Cap Mgnt could be a Win-Win for the Organization moving forward..

      1. You got it all wrong gottaluvit

        Duce is going to be a star HC in this league, he just needs a chance to prove it and needs the right kind of veteran coaches around him

        He is actually the kind of guy Jeff Lurie wants, as he mentioned he wants a leader of men and someone that understands this city

        Don’t short change Duce as a mere “Rooney Rule” casualty

        1. Duce was a Coaching Intern in 2010, in 2011 he was a Special Teams Quality Control Coach (whatever that is) and he just became a RB coach in 2013..
          Not enough experience to even be considered a HC yet..
          I’m sure he’ll be a fine HC someday just not yet….Not at this point in his coaching career

  6. Duce could be a nice HC but would need help and experience around him, an experienced OC/Asst HC like Pat Shurmur to handle the Offense while hiring an experienced, Strong DC like a Chuck Pagano would make for a strong Staff..
    Lurie has always liked Duce Staley so maybe there is something happening

    1. Remember when Steelers Hired little known Mike Tomlin, who was surrounded by experienced Coordinators like Dick LeBeau and Bruce Arians
      which allowed Tomlin to focus on managing the Games and Motivating his Players his first couple of years.. Tomlin was not an X or O Coach nor was he calling Plays on the Sidelines..
      In fact, I prefer the next HC not to be calling Plays and let their Staff’s do that
      A HC has to fully manage the Zgames and the ups & downs that go along and when calling Plays, it takes too much away from looking at the big picture

      1. Harbraugh also went straight from special teams coach to head coach and that worked out fine.

        I love the move. Hire within the organization..someone who knows Philly and has played here. Someone who the players will respect and play for. Duce has been around some great coaches his whole career playing and coaching. I’m sure he has learned a lot the past 5 years.

  7. I’m not sure how anyone could get a read on whether or not deuce (or any lower level asst) could be good or bad. Andy was a QB coach and pretty damn good HC, Harbaugh was a special teams coach and a pretty damn good HC. As for Deuce I really don’t know (and neither do you) simply because he has no track record known to us…, but I do like the idea of a young guy, probably a players coach, from the AR tree…. Ok hire him

  8. Penn States QB C Hacklesburg is forgoing his Final Season and will enter the 2016 Draft.. I am not sure that I recall a QB from a Power Conference/School and not improve during his 3 Years as a Starter as much as Hackleburg failed to do.. He was promising during his 1st Year but never really improved…
    Same Team,Schemes and Started 40 + Games for Penn State which is a lot for College QB. I just don’t see much upside with him..

    RB CJ Prosise of Notre Dame has Declared to the 2016 Draft as well which was expected ..

    1. Not breaking news JH, Adam Gase is high on a lot of Teams Radar
      Titans, 49ers & Lions as well
      His work with QB’s like Tebow, Manning in Denver and now Cutler with the Bears has been applauded and noticedaround the NFLas he has adapted his Schemes and Systems to his various QB’s that he’s had to work with
      The biggest obstacle with the Eagles is no young QB in Place like these other Teams have
      I’m hearing the Titans are very high on him more so than Chip Kelly for the baggage that Kelly has

      1. Gase is from Ypsilanti, Michigan (South of Detriot) and the Detroit Lions with QB Matt Stafford in place with established Receivers with new Ownership (Mrs Ford) calling the shots will be very enticing for Gase to turn down

        I don’t think Gase will have any interest in the Eagles Job..

  9. Reports are that Eagles will go outside the Organization and Hire a Director of Player Personnel who would oversee the Scouting & Player Personnel areas which will be good step forward in getting a “Collaborative Effort” the Lurie spoke about the other day and keep Roseman on the Contracts/Salary Cap side of things

  10. As will every other team that needs a coach.

    Love that the Jon Hart “updates” have returned. 3 mins after Profootball talk releases it – Jon Hart provides his “sources”. Missed them.

    I am worried a bit about Gase who reportedly “loved” Cutler out of college. Cutler is pure shit. Forget what you read….Cutler is the ultimate “garbage time” loser (with Bradford now a close second) who can never ever close out a game and I don;t want to hear anything about how Gase has’transformed” Cutler. Cutler is the same as he ever was.

    1. Pure shyt would be that bum from Texas you campaigned for that is now currently out of the league chasing wild boars. A close second would be the guy who lost his job to the 1st ballot hof Case Keenum in St Louis. But I know, Koolbreeze is the guy with the qb obsession.

  11. Indy Colts with QB Luck will move after Gase also
    The Eagles & Browns probably have the least Talented Teams for a up & coming Candidate who will have Choices as Adame Gase
    Titans have Mariota
    Colts have Luck
    Lions have Stafford
    Dolphins have Tannehill
    Giants have Eli & Beckham
    Browns & 49ers have Top 5 Drafts Picks meaning QB Jared Goff or Payton Lynch could be Drafted to rebuild a Franchise

    Eagles have Sanchez under Contract, maybe Sam Braford re-signs and a 10th thru 15th Draft Pick making them the least attractive Job for an incoming HC who has options like Gase, Josh McDaniels, who will never work with Howie Roseman & Eagles most Patriots Coaches have stated (DC M Patricia)

    1. You are forgetting the eagles are also missing their 2nd round pick.

      Are the Eagles an attractive job???

      No QB
      No LT
      No GM
      Middling 1st round pick
      No 2nd round pick

      Long term rebuild??? Eagles not in a great position for that are they??

      And so is the position attractive??

      1. well…sometimes you have to lose to gain…its bad that we dont have a second round pick…but that’s what it took to get rid of Nick Foles

        addition by subtraction

        We have to see what the next coach wants in a QB

        The best available option at QB is Sam Bradford

        No Qb’s in the draft

        Who wants Kapernick or RGIII…I’ll pass on both of them

        We may have to franchise him if necessary…but Lurie seems to like him

        We’ll keep Bradford, go to a more conventional offense…get some receivers…cut Cooper and Huff

        Go to a 4-3 defense…and move on..

        1. “but that’s what it took to get rid of Nick Foles……addition by subtraction”

          Addition by subtraction

          Addition by subtraction


          You are a putz

          Tell me what’s been added meathead??????
          Worse record
          Worse offense
          More turnovers
          More 3 and outs
          More slumped shoulders
          fired coach
          laughing stock of the league

          What was added again???????

          I know what was added….

          More useless “pad the stats” garbage time TDs (4) when the team was down 30 in the 4th.

          That’s your new hero….4Q garbage time boy

          Sam Garbage man Bradford.

          What was “added” you pathetic twit??

          What was added?

          Eagles now have less!! After a worse season!!

          “Worse” and “less” you putz!!

          Nothing added….only shit taken away

          Still no QB
          Now no 2nd round pick
          Now less ammunition to rebuild

          You still celebrating.

          Who is the Eagle fan again pretender?

          1. Vinny it doesn’t matter. lol. We have had 2nd round picks for the last 60 years and it didn’t matter. Nothing matters. Nick Foles, Bradford etc. It doesn’t matter. OMG we don’t have a 2nd round pick now were not going to the SB. We don’t have Foles now were not going to the SB. Get my point?

            1. It matters in that it’s one lees draft pick the new coach can use to rebuild this team.

              As hard as it might be for some people to accept, Chip’s gamble to trade Foles and a 2nd round pick for Bradford was a mistake. Bradford didn’t get us any further than Foles or Sanchez would have.

              As poorly as Foles played for the Rams they still won that trade. Because of that 2nd round pick.

              1. The trade was only bad because our former idiot coach and gm didn’t know how to leverage Foles value. Bradford was on his way out the door. The irony is Foles has been so bad, the rams will need the 2nd pick since they may go qb with their 1st. Look I liked Foles. I believe he’s a good kid with some toughness. He just ain’t a starter to bulid a team around.

              2. Exactly, we swapped our bum QB for their bum QB. The 2nd round pick is the only thing of value. I don’t see Sam as the guy who will take us to the super bowl.

  12. Murray for 54. LOL. Typical Eagles. They’ll play their best game against a Giants squad that doesn’t give a shit and understands the “long game”

    Eagles win and drop to the 15th pick. Why not right??

  13. There is Zero difference between the success rate of the 15 pick vs the 10 pick… It’s a complete non-issue… Enjoy the game!…
    I declare Bradford good enough, Matthews missing that pass is a snapshot of this season

  14. Enjoy what?

    Sam “Garbage time” Bradford having his greatest “garbage time” game ever against a Giants D that isn’t even attempting to run.

    They’re just standing there leaving Eagles WRs 10/15 yrds wide open on every single play. Brad Goeble would be having a great game vs this D.

    1. I get it. Offense is about execution. Defense is about emotion. When teams don’t care, the D gets shredded.

      But its clear, that for some reason…Eagles are the team that cares more in this game.

  15. Only on a eagles mssg brd would people be pissed that their football team is trying to win. The same mssg brd where many wanting the eagles to “tank” this game for a higher pick, somehow believe the sixers are the worst sports franchise history for actually “tanking in plain view”. If you suit up, you play to win. smdh

    1. Really?

      Tell that to Bill Bellicheat. He’s rolled down to Miami and gane 23 rushes to 7 throws as they are just trying to get out of dodge without injuries.

      Why couldn’t the Eagles have done the same in this meaningless game? Gone to NY…3 runs to every pass. Lost 24-14 and move on to next year.

      I guarantee you that’s exactly what the hoodie would have done in this situation. What is gained by this????

      1. Resting starters while in preparation for the playoffs isn’t the same as intentionally throwing a game. Any players that are suited up and on the field who are not trying to win are a disgrace to organized sports. I’m not aware outside of their cheating, that the Pats went out on the field and intentionally tried to lose. Besides, your response does not shed light on the hypocrisy I exposed with the sixer/hinke hate.

  16. John Harbaugh should get consideration for coach of the year….to be able to take that rag-take group of practice squadders and destroy Pitt and now beating Cinci last 2 weeks.


    On the flip side….how do you think CInci fan feels watching Lewis with his patented “standing frozen, arms crossed and looking clueless in a big game” stance on right now???

  17. Coughlins Family and extended Family (11 Grandchildren) are all at the Game as Couughlin was calling his relatives all week per ESPN.. Coughlin will announce his Retirement after the Game or maybe wait until Monday’s Press Conference but either way, he’s out..
    I believe Giants promote from within and Name OC Ben McAdoo as their Next HC to keep their Offense in tact with Eli & his WR’s

  18. Just to change the Subject for a moment, the Bengals QB AJ McCamron has been pretty impressive in relief of the injured Andy Dalton…
    He’s only has an average arm but a good Pocket presence and command of the Offense.. He may be their guy moving forward..

  19. One last observation of Final Games which most are meaningless, it appears that the Refs let them Play a lot more and that the Games have a much better pace and rhythm about them .. Maybe the Refs should take heed and only Call Penalties that are relevant to the Play and not all these bogus meaningless calls that we see game after game, week after week..

  20. Giants with a 165 Yards Rushing with 20 Minutes left to Play
    Billy Davis & Co have given up an average of 160 Yards per Game over the last 5-6 Weeks which is atrocious
    Benny Logan is a nice Player but it’s not just because he’s out.. ILB Kendricks, Alonso are contact shy and really get pushed around , watch the game and the replays, they rarely ever shed a blocker.,Kendricks has been as disappointing Play for the Eagles in 2015 as anyone.. Why they locked him up was beyond me..

  21. Loser of this Game hosts SL Rams in London as the “Away Team”
    Winner of this Game Visits the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle next Year..

    Loser will have the 9th/10th Selection in each Round of the Draft
    Winner will have the 14th/15th Selection in each Round of the Draft

    1. Some interesting observations …the frenetic pace on offense was dialed back ,and every lineman and skill player was a tune ,looking at the sideline ,for play signal and snap cadence..fewer offensive line gaffes..I. Saw a few drops but with the pace ,dialed back ,albeit against an awful Giant defense ,guys seemed to secure the ball ..winning vs losing..As mentioned MS2 seemed to be able to make an impact ,especially late in the game ..he certainally has fresh legs! Not sure this guy wasn’t a power play pawn or not?

      1. definitely could have been a pawn…and definitely had fresh legs. Will be interesting to see what happens with him next year. Has athleticism to run with TE’s and get around tackles..may just need to develop through experience.

  22. Hey every team out of the playoffs should of tried to lose for better draft position. Yeah lets fuck the integrity of the game. Suggestions by some dumb ass fans. lol
    Why did buffalo and Miami win they should of forfeited. They just fucked their draft positions. lol

    1. Paulman’ List of Eagles who played their Final Game in Eagles Green

      Matt Tobin & Josh Huff
      Jaon Peters & Brett Celek will be asked for Pay Cuts, if they refuse, they are gone..

      Cedric Thornton, DeMeco Ryans, Bryan Braman, Nolan Carroll who was injured earlier in the Season, Brandon Bair

    2. Dag, unrealistic… First there is no difference as far as potential of a 15 pick vs a 10 pick. Second, can you imagine a coach saying, ” guys don’t play hard today because we want a better draft pick next year …..you know the young guys we pick to take your jibs!”””

    1. Nice, I mentioned this earlier in the week..
      The big dynamic is how GM Trent Balkee and Chip Kelly see things as both have big ego’s.. but maybe both will learn a little humility after this Season..
      Trent Balkee is an excellent Talent Evaluator and he & Chip could make a very dynamic duo out in SF..

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