Eagles Jason Peters Says He’s Still The Man

during their game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 27, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
during their game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 27, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eagles left offensive tackle Jason Peters made the Pro Bowl this year, but that wasn’t because of the way he played.  He struggled and was hampered by injuries most of the year.  He was even accused of taking himself out of a game because he didn’t want to play for Chip Kelly any more.

Peters denied that and so did Chip Kelly, but it has put a cloud over the All-Pro’s future with the Eagles.  After the Giants game, Peters was asked if he expected the Eagles to try to replace him at left tackle or move him inside to the left guard position.

“No, no. I can still play tackle” Peters said. “I’m the best we got.  Who are they going to put there? Who is better than me in this locker room? Nobody. Who can they draft better than me? Nobody. Who can they pick up better than me? Nobody.”

Some of the local reporters thought Peters’ comments were insults to the Eagles other starting tackle, Lane Johnson, so they took Peters’ comments to Johnson and asked for a reply.

“The guy’s a Hall-of-Famer so whatever he says pretty much goes,” said Johnson. “I think he’s a guy that’s still a relevant player. This guy had a lot of injuries this year, wasn’t able to be who he truly is. When he’s on his ‘A’ game there is nobody better. Whatever happens in the future — if I’m playing next to him; if he stays over there and I stay at right tackle — moving forward we’re going to do what’s best for the team.”

Johnson did the right thing by not getting into a beef with Peters.  As for Peters, he shouldn’t have said what he did even if it is true.

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  1. chalk this up to the dysfunction that was the eagles.

    as for the coaching search- I’m not getting too excited about any of the names. I actually think a shurmur and mcdermott combo is the best…why? well lets face it AR’s coaching tree is pretty damn good. mcdermott is a good communicator according to ‘source’ — probably not the sexiest hire but we tried sexy 3 years ago.

    1. pass on mcdermott he got fired for juan freaking castillo, inherited a nice team in carolina with studs all over the place…

      1. well every candidate has been fired it seems to me. mcdermott was the sacrificial lamb when the wheels were starting to come off of big reds machine. my one guy that i just won’t support is Marrone- i see no pedigree whatsoever.

        1. your point about the coaching tree is a good one though… a hc needs a solid support system with guys he knows and is on the same page with… you saw with chip he had none of his own guys and just pieced guys here and there and it was a cluster fuck

      2. That’s not True Mhensk, that McDermott inherited a lot of “Studs” when he went to Carolina..
        There are only 2 Starters (DE CHarles Johnson & LB Thomas Davis) who were with the Panthers when McDermott first Started with them as DC
        All others were either Drafted in the last 4-5 Years or picked up as Free-Agents so McDermott has had a lot to do with them coming together and growing together as a Unit..

        LB Luke Kuechley – 1st Round Pick
        DT Star Lotuliele – 1 Round Pick
        DT Kawann Short – 2 Round Pick
        DE Kony Ealy – 2 Round Pick
        DE Mario Addison – Undrafted Free Agent
        DE Jared Allen – Obtained earlier in the Season from the Bears
        LB Shaq Thompson – 1st Round Pick
        LB AJ Klein – 4th Round Draft Pick
        LB David Mayo – 5th Round Draft Pick
        CB Josh Norman – 5th Round Draft Pick
        CB Charles Tillman & Cortland Finnegan – Veterans Signed as Free-Agents
        Safeties Roman Harper and Kurt Coleman – Veterans Signed as Free Agents
        DB’s Bene Benweirkerie – 5th Round Draft Pick
        Safety – Tre Boston – 5th Round Draft Pick

        Sean McDermott and Ron Rivera have had a direct impact on shaping this Panthers Defense into a very Good one…

        1. Totally agree! You have to be able to coach up those talented players into stids. Then he has groomed to play along side each other which is another feat in itself

      3. Are you serious Paulman? Studs everywhere? They had linebackers such as Connor that are no longer in the NFL. Greg Hardy was not Greg Hardy yet and Charles Johnson was barely coming up. They didn’t have any DTs and their secondary was a bunch of wash up guys. Those studs were coached up my McDermott.

        I want McDermott or anyone else. He’s proven that he can coach up talent.

        1. Mhenski stated that McDermott inherited “Stud”s when he went to Carolina which I disagreed with and stated the reasons why and all the new PLayers that McDermott has helped Coached… Read my 1st Sentence again,…
          “Thats not True Mhenski…”

  2. The Eagles should look into Hiring Panthers Asst General Manager Brandon Beane… Their Draft and Scouting Dept’s have been excellent the last Years as they seem to identify Players that fir their Schemes very well and then Coach them up to be ready to contribute

    Look at their Drafts since 2011

    2011 – QB Cam Newton and not much else..
    2012 – LB Luke Kuechley, Guard Amini Silatoulu, DE Frank Alexander, CB Josh Norman, Punter Brad Nortman
    2013 – DT Star Lotuleile, DT Kawann Short, LB AJ Klein
    2014 – WR K Benjamin, DE Kony Ealy, Guard Trai Turner, Safety Tre Boston and CB Bene Benwikere
    2015 – LB Shaq Thompson, WR D Funchess, OT D Williams,LB D Mayo
    and RB Cameron Artis-Payne

    They have really nailed the last 3 Drafts

    1. I agree Paul, but who would want to come here with the mess that the front office is. When has an exec been demoted and then brought back like what happened with Howie?

      1. a Young Up and Coming Football Executive like Brandon Beane is .. He’s 38 Years Old and has spent 11 Years with the Panthers rising from SCouting, Football Operations to Ass Gm over his Career with them..
        Panthers GM is David Gettleman, who was hired 3 Years ago from the NY Giants organization and won’t be going anywhere for a while so if Brane aspires to move up to a GM, he will likely have to move on from the Panthers Organization..

          1. He or any other Quality NFL Front Office Executive would only Hire on with the Eagles if they felt that they had the full support of Jeff Lurie and to carry out the Duties of the Position which they interviewed and discussed about ..
            Owner Lurie knows GM Roseman is not a Full-Fledge GM for the Long-Term
            He may be the short-term due to firing Chip Kelly out of necessity..
            I do believe that Roseman can add Value in charge of Contracts/Salary Cap Management while a New Hire would Focus on Player Personnel and Scouting, then in 3-4 Years Time, then this New Hire would become the Ful4l-fledge GM while Roseman gets some Fancy Title handling other things or perhaps, even decides to move on himself to another Organization..

              1. They haven’t Bugsy, we can only hope that Lurie and others learn from prior mistakes and learn to do whats right by people in the Right Positions where they can excel so the Organization can excel… If and when Lurie fails to do this, then the Entire Organization Suffers and the Chance of Success is decreased….

    1. I already Listed Ravens Eric DeCosta last Week GMCliff who would be an excellent Choice ..
      Per GGobb Rules, You cannot pick the same GM Candidates that have already been made Public on the Web-Site that someone has already chosen,.. You know the Rules as you made them up yourself with “GMCliffman”s Draft Prospects” … Ha

      I listed the Following GM/Player Personnel/Scouting Candidates

      1) Eric Decosta – Asst GM of Ravens
      2) Brandon Beane – Asst Gm of the Panthers
      3) Brian Gutekunst – Director of Scouting for Packers

      Dark Horse
      4) Vince Newsome – Director of Player Personnel – Ravens and Son of GM Ozzie Newsome

      These 4 Names and their likeness have been under Paulman’s Control since I posted them last week …. It is what it is GMCliff , but there are other strong Candidates out there too ..

      1. I’m ng for accolades for naming him Paul. I just think he is the best candidate to come in to help this team.

        As far as the no choose my player rules as you say. That only applied to EOS, because he felt I was an idiot, so he shouldn’t replicate the thinking, or decisions of an idiot.

        You, and I don’t always agree, but there is always mutual respect, and I agree with you on DeCosta, and Brian Gutekunst . I’m not too high on Ozzie son.

        I would also add Terry McDonough VP of Player personnel for the Cardinals, Ed Dodds, Senior Personnel Director of the Seahawks, and Omar Khan, Director of Football and Business Administration for the Steelers.

          1. How can you not be impressed with Beane and what Panthers GM Gettleman and Panthers Front Office has done since Gettleman’s Arrival 3 Years ago.. They’ve had Excellent Drafts, Nice 2nd Tier Free-Agent Pick-ups that Fit their Team as Reasonable Contracts, Cleaned up a Bad Salary Cap situation from the Previous GM Regime, they’ve kept a Good Coaching Staff Together, etc,etc
            Gettleman’s the main man for Panthers, but this Bean had been his right-hand man for the last 3 Years an maybe he lacks a little in the Contracts/Salary Cap area but he can learn that and especially if Howie is going to be involved to some extent.. he has someone to learn that off of also

            A top notch GM will be difficult to Hire with Roseman still involved..
            Any full fledge GM with experience is going to want Roseman out of the picture, Will Lurie do this at this time, probably not… Get a young hungry Talant Evaluator/Player Personnel Guy in the to help get that Area improved and up and rolling, then address the $$$/Contracts in time

        1. You know I’m kidding you Cliff…
          Terry McDonough from the Cardinals would be an excellent Hire..
          I really believe Owner Lurie has dropped the Ball here by not Focusing on Hiring a Real GM and then let that GM Hire set the Tone and Lay out a Winning Vision and then let the GM HIre the Next HC
          As much as I am glad that Lurie cut the chord with Kelly, I am not confident that going backwards with Roseman in as GM and them handling the HC Search is going to be any more successful than than the last time..
          I know it’s Luries Team and he can do as he pleases, but by not being a Football Guy which he freely admits, then what is he doing leading the Hiring of a Football Coach.. Does Lurie, Smolenski or Roseman even know the proper Football Questions to ask prospective Candidates ? Understand Schemes/Football Talent/etc,etc

          Ill be honest, we can hope for the best with this crew (Lurie,Roseman,Eagles) but they are never going to Win anything with this present set up… I just don’t see it happening in my lifetime…

          1. and don’t sleep on Omar Khan, and the directors of scouting for Seattle.

            The Eagles need someone who really has an eye for talent – and that isn’t Howie.

  3. Even though we have a little dysfunction with Howie at the front office I think a young strong executive could come in and show Lurie how it’s done. I think Howie would have no choice but to take a back seat. I think Sean McDermott is what this town and team needs. He will just have to come up with a good plan on how he will implement a good offense. I see him hiring an up and coming QB coach or line coach as an offensive coordinator. The Eagles need someone young that is willing to build this from the bottom up. No one fits that bill better than Sean McDermott. Our secondary has been abysmal at times and I think Sean McDermott would fix that immediately. Let’s not forget the work he did with B Dawk and Michae Lewis. Also Lito Shepard and Sheldon Brown when he was defensive backs coach. I don’t know about Pat Shurmur. I really want to get away from anyone that was associated with the Chipster. We don’t know how players felt about Shurmur and the way he let Chip handle the players. If he stepped up for them and protected them then I can see this work but if he was just a pawn in Chips grand scheme I don’t think he will have the respect of the players. Watching our week 17 game I think they respect him. Just not sure

  4. How can either of you be impressed or unimpressed with an asst. GM? A position that operates in complete obscurity, Its kind of cherry picking to go to a successful franchise, go to their website and read who the director of scouting is or who the asst. GM is and say ‘I like that guy”– not sure how in the world you can say “I am not impressed’ since you’ve not seen one thing this guy has done or hasn’t…

      1. because that is where your current GM’s come from – the assistant ranks – just like the Coordinators, and assistant coaches, and you try to cherry pick on the ideas, and success of the scouting departments to try to gain some consistency in what we haven’t been consistent at and that is drafting, and bringing in the right personnel to build a championship roster.

        It’s a copy cat league, and this franchise needs some fresh ideas..

        1. Then how can you be unimpressed for a FO guy from the panthers? This is kind of like you picking players you’ve not seen. These men operate in obscurity and you are not privy to the inner workings

        2. a Couple of Things

          1) Success breads Success… Does a Asst GM working for the Patriots,Packers,Steelers, Seahawks, Panthers, Ravens mean that he would be Successful on his own GM, No it does not, but give me a Quality Front Office Person who comes from a Successful and Winning Organization and I’ll take my chances

          2) No sitting, available experienced Proven GM out there today is going to take the GM Job with the Eagles with Howie Roseman still involved for it would create a very awkard situation…

          3) What the Eagles are left with in my opinion is Hiring a Young Up and Coming Front Office Executive now whose strength is in the Player Personnel/Scouting/Talent Evaluation areas to re do that entire area and who can grow with the New Coaching Staff and with the Eagles and then learn the Financing/Salary Cap/Contracts areas down the Road from Howie who is good at this..

          1. I agree Paul but to say I like the asst. GM from this successful franchise but not that one is stupid, particularly when you have no idea who the guy is. Making a blanket statement ‘get a guy that’s been groomed in a successful franchise is perfectly ok. But to say ‘joe blow’ is not…. Because frankly as usual you have no idea.

            1. I can’t speak for Paul, but in my opinion I say I would rather not have the Beane guy he is referring to is because the Panthers really haven’t had any ultimate success from their draft pick, and team outside of this year.

              The job he has personally done to me doesn’t matter, his true contribution, and value comes from his long range effect on the success of the team overall, and it’s consistency – and I have only seen 1 season of success from that organization.

              – and I also think they will not make the SuperBowl.

              1. So beane has had nothing to do with their rise to prominence ? But this guy with the cardinals has? Really? What exactly, specifically do you mean by that?

              2. 3 NFC Division Crowns Ina Row where there has never been a repeat Winner in some 25 Years of the NFC South
                Also many seem to forget that the Panthers were 12-4 in 2013 , 7-8-1 in 2014 and now 15-1 in 2015 so that’s a 34-13-1 Record over the last 3 Seasons with GM Gettleman & Front Office group along HC Rivera with the same OC (David Shula) & DC (Sean McDermott) which is very impressive

              3. well paul i understand your criteria. Let me tell you bout a young executive that was with a team that won 4 div championships, many playoff games and a SB appearance. A guy who was a young up and comer with a very successful organization. by your criteria a few years ago lets say the panthers were looking for a GM and they asked for your advice— again, by your criteria you’ve just recommended Howie Roseman circa 2007-08. Nice job!

    1. I am a Football Fan HAC, What can I say, I follow Front Office Personnel around the NFL almost as much as I do with Player Movement, Drafts, etc,etc.. It’s what I do, kind of like the Geico Commercials….

      You look around the NFL over the Last 10-15 Years and HWat Teams have among the Best Consistently and Why?
      It starts with Good People in the Front Office doing their Jobs well and provided the best information about Players and Draft Prospects
      then its up to the Coach’s to assimilate them into their Roles and Systems and to get he most out of them, but the Front Office has to set the Tone, Create an Atmosphere and establish the Identity of the Organization and then Follow thru with acquiring Talent to best fit the Schemes

        1. But not the Howie Roseman of 2016!!!
          He has his chance… . It’s time to move forward and not backwards

          1. point is you hired howie in 2007 based on your looking on a successful teams web page, finding a young executive and hiring him.

            all this said…eagles are going to go with an AR coaching tree guy–pederson, mcdermott or shurmur….say what you want but its been successful

            1. cliff in 2007 the eagles met all the criteria that you are looking for now…success on the field, a dynamic FO that gets players, drafts well, succeeds on the field. if you were living in lets say denver and they asked you for a list of guys who were young, in a successful program which is your criteria you would have listed him… you can’t have it both ways. you admitted you don’t know the guys you listed just like you wouldn’t have known roseman.

        2. I have never endorsed, nor will I ever endorse Howie Roseman.

          This is where I get selective, and say I wouldn’t be impressed with Howie based on the Eagles success, again because it’s minimal, and they can’t draft for a darn, and Howie was part of that scouting team during the years we whiffed at better players on the board.

          You can find someone in the front office on the internet to select to run yours, but you also have to be discerning as to who.

          Just like I said with that Bean guy in Carolina, I haven’t seen much success from the Panthers Organization to say I would want to bring him aboard, and I would say the same thing for Howie.

          Your argument makes no sense. What you’re saying is that If I like one candidate assistant, I should like them all – No – some are more instrumental, and active in the structure, some are not. Some are more talented in vision, some are not. Howie hasn’t proven anything in the positive direction except the numbers, so why would I want him as my VP of Football Operations.

          You can already see the outright idiocy by even considering Doug Pederson as our next Head Coach. He doesn’t even call the plays, although he has the title of Offensive Coordinator – Andy Reid calls the plays.

          He really isn’t even instrumental in the everyday strategy, so what makes me as an owner think that he can command a room 53 men, and motivate them to give 100%, and succeed????….But Howie would want him because he isn’t going to rock the boat about the structure of the front office, and his horrible, mediocre draft picks, and free agent pick ups.

          They don’t know what they are doing, so get ready for more mediocrity.

      1. You’re making a big deal about nothing with that Ciggy.

        Whether we look them up on the internet – which I did for some – or not, doesn’t mean these men shouldn’t be considered as candidates.

        1. It just means you don’t know shit… That you take the time to look up on the internet who the packers scouting director is or who the Seahawks asst. Gm is… Then you magically rule out some name you looked up on the internet… How can you do that?

            1. But like I stated before you look at the structure of the more successful teams, and you try to steal a little of that through their assistants for fresh ideas, and a fresh approach. That’s it in a nutshell.

  5. You are a liar and a fraud. You had to look up who is asst gm for those teams… Since you follow carolina I will give you that guy.but you don’t know FO guys without the website.

    1. That’s not true HAC, it’s ok, I understand that not everyone is as passionate about Football-as I am.. And especially with boring Front Office Personnel..
      Both the Ravens and Packers Front Offices are very stable with little movement unless a fella moves on for better opportunity elsewhere
      The Guy at the Packers has been there for 17 Years in various Positions
      The Ravens Front Office have all been together for 10- 12 Years with Ozzie Newsome who I feel is one of the Top 3 GM’s in all of Football

      1. Not everyone is as passionate about football as you? Yet 2-3 weeks ago u said you don’t even watch football on Sunday’s and instead go on picnics, church , spend time with friends and family, do nature things and so on.

        U change ur story so much I can’t keep up

        1. I was not passionate about our Eagles Mhenski and stated that many Times..
          I still follow the rest of the NFl even when our Hometown Team stinks..
          Watched a lot of Panthers who actually were very exciting and of course the National Games of the week with the NFL’s Good Teams, but I saw very little of the Eagles outside their National Games which were earlier inthe Season
          The Team was average to below, I didn’t like the Coach and the Scheme
          I’m 52 Years old and have more important things to do on my Fall Sunday afternoons .. If they give me a reason to watch, then I’ll watch, but this Season was not very much to excited for inTerms of the Eagles but how bout those Panthers..

          1. ok i think i got it now

            “Not everyone is as passionate about football as you”

            even though you dont watch football on sundays unlike the majority of the football junkies on here… ok

            1. I would say that’s true, I happen to follow the Entire NFL more than I follow the Eagles.. Most on here do not, they simply follow the Eagles and the NFC East or maybe the Top Teams and very little else…
              No Big Deal, To Each His/Her Own… Whatever works for Football Fans…

              And I do not Watch the 1pm Early Games on Sunday (Eagles,Panthers or whomever) I just don’t for I’m out and about, busy doing other things…
              Since the Eagles are coming off another down Season, they will have even more 1pm Games next Season and not be on National TV as Often with the eggs they laid this Year so its very likely that I will see them less of them in 2016… You guys can keep me posted on how they are doing …

  6. Off the Stsrt the 2nd Half of Watauga County Men’s Basketball Season as we finished 6-4 in a 11 Team League.. I haven’t played Organized Basketball in 25 + Years and loving it and helping me keep in shape over the Winter
    I still suck at Shooting the Ball, but I can still run. Dribble, pass, play defense
    Kind of like a poor mans Eric Snow… Good Grief!!

    1. We got our Clocks cleaned 64-45 tonight as we drop to 6-5 for the Season
      We only had 5 Players instead of 8 make it tonight as 2 are still not back from College Break who are our best Players and another fella was out of Town on business..
      I played all 36 Minutes and pulled my left Calf Muscle about 10 minutes into the Game and struggled the rest of the way .. Finished with 6 Points (3 out of 6) had about 5 Assists, 3-4 Rebounds and 1 Turnover ..
      My left leg is going to be sore tomorrow…

  7. All being said Garry, it’s not even close. Peters is still light years ahead of the too avg lineman we have in Kelce and Johnson. Injuries made him look pedestrian this year. That’s what happens when your so freakin dominant, everyone sees the drop off. Kelce meanwhile still is getting manhandled and giving outs based on the awful guards. Johnson has yet to live up to his 4th pick status. He’s look even worst since being busted for peds. I’ll take my chances with a healthy Peters.

    1. Brewski, I couldn’t agree more in reference to Peters, and Lame Johnson. Many have been praising Johnson if he farts against the wind, He is not a physical Tackle in the trenches, and now that Chip is gone that is the game he will have to play – and that is not his game. I would trade him to get some more picks in the draft, and start trading down for even more picks.

      I think Kelce was affected more by having to make up for the lack of Guard play. If you get 2 stud Guards, he’ll be back to what he was his pro bowl year.

      1. Cliff, I totally disagree with you about Kelce, he was getting physically beaten throughout the year…watch the Giants game and look at how JPP just beat him and dropped Murray for a two yard loss. Kelce is average at best..he looked good when Mathis and Herremans was there to help him out..but was exposed without them. He is good in space but can’t hold his own mano y mano in the trenches without help. He should lose 20 pounds and play full back. I would get a new center…someone who could hold up at the point of attack…Kelce can’t.

        1. Thank you Eagle. You know I respect your opinion, but I also think you’re making my point. Without the confidence, and comfort of two competent Guards beside him his play was off.

          It doesn’t surprise me he had lapses in his play this year, and I’m not saying that
          I didn’t see that, but that was the main reason. Jason Kelce is a heck of a player, and talent, but as a center he needs that comfort of competent Guard play.

          1. Bottom line is Center Jason Kelce is a Finesse Center and plays well in a
            Scheme that features a lot of Screens, Bubble Routes, Roll-Outs, Pull Plays, etc,etc ..
            He is not fit for a Power Rushing Scheme which is one of the biggest areas of need for the Eagles in Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Rushing where you have to have a vertical attack in a short space
            He reminds me a bit of a poor man’s Center Jeff Saturday, who was smaller and had the same issues with short yardage/red-zone blocking during the Colts hey day with Peyton Manning

          2. Cliff..I want a center that can hold his own at the point of attack and not need to be assisted by Guards that will make him appear better than he really is.. Jason Kelce is the embodiment of mediocrity in the trenches. Simply not good enough…he blows in short yardage and goal line situations.

      2. I don’t think anyone compares Lane Johnson to be comparable with Jason Peters for that’s ridiculous to even mention them together in the same sentence
        but moving forward its hard to expect a Jason Peters at his age and amount of games that’s he’s played in his career along with his Injuries to really be at 100% level in the future ..
        It used to be that a 85% Healthy Jason Peters will still a very Good Player
        and Now that’s simply not the Case as old man time catch’s up to him..
        Eagles need to address his Replacement this Off-Season in the Draft

        1. I disagree with you Paul. You are overly critical of Jason Peters, and not critical enough of Lame. He is a finesse blocker, and not physical enough in the trenches, and needs to be upgraded – and can be.

          Peters, is getting older, but Lame wishes, he can get to be as dominant as Peters is – even at 75%…..another hated player by you in my opinion, but he has 3 good years in him, and Lame will never be half the player Peters has been throughout his career – even at 75% – period

          1. GM, I agree that Peters is much better than Johnson, but you cannot count on Peters anymore. He cannot last an entire season as he is constantly getting hurt. Do you think that that is going to get better any time soon? I don’t. You have to address this even if Peters stays next year. They need another Tackle to fill in when Peters can’t play and then for when he is gone.

            1. for chiming in Bugs. Yeah, I hear you, eventually you are going to have to draft his successor, or bring in a young talented free agent like Joe Thomas, Terron Armstead, etc…or draft one.

              I think this year was an aberration. He didn’t want to play for Kelly anyway. Improve the talent on the line, and you’ll see improved play by him, although from time to time he may still get nicked up – HE IS GETTING OLDER

              But, he is light-years, and physicality ahead of Lane Johnson in terms of talent, and physicality.

          2. They Play 2 Different Positions…
            Lane Johnson is not a NFL LT, He’s solid as a RT, but I don’t believe he’s good enough to be a LT in the NFL..
            Peter’s Best Days are well behind him, 3 Years left in his Body and I say no way.. He has 1 Solid Year left in his Legs in my opinion and did not play anywhere near a Pro-Bowl Level in 2015

        2. I don’t think Coldbrewski was comparing e two of them, he was saying what I was saying that Lame, and in his mind Kelce were more finesse, and not physical enough – as opposed to Peters, who is.

          1. The offensive line played poorly this year and there are a few lineman that need to GO! The one that played the worst, by far was Matt Tobin…. 9 sacks allowed by a Guard in 13 starts is BAD….

            When Andrew Gardner went down and Tobin came in our line took a nose dive…

            1. Eagles are clearly going to need a new LT. Sooner probably before later. I think everyone understands that. As LT is an extremely important position and I don’t think anyone would be adverse to using a 1st round pick on the position (I think its a must)

              I believe that this year’s first should be spent on a LT as it takes them a while to get acclimated to the NFL. At least a year.

              I would also use at least one of the 3rd round picks on a new guard….though I would actually use both.

              That’s right, If I were GM of the Eagles I would go LT, OG, OG with my first 3 picks this year. This would give them next year (which I believe will be a write-off) to work together. If the picks work out, then the Eagles could have a nice young Oline right across the board that could compete for quite a few years (of course I would continue supplementing them over the next few drafts)

              I would then take a QB with my first pick next year.

              Highest ranked DE or CB the third year if it looks like my Oline and QB are showing promise.

              1. That’s close to my thinking as well. The offensive line needs a lot of attention, and you seldom see top quality offensive lineman in free agency.

                I’m not a a college player expert, so I don’t know how strong this draft will be for offensive lineman, but we need some bad.

              2. Top LT in Free-Agency

                1) Russell Okung — 28 Years Old – Seahawks (Earned $7.25 Million in 2015 and has had some Neck,Back and Hip Injuries)

                2) Donald Penn — 32 Years Old – Raiders (Earned $5.4 Million in 2015 and has had injuries over the years)

                3) Kelvin Beachum — 26 Years Old – Steelers (Earned $1.55 in 2015)

                4) Cordy Glenn – 26 Years Old – Buffalo (Earned $1.55 Million in 2015 and reminds some of a Young Jason Peters..Needs better conditioning)

                5) Kelechi Osemele – 26 Years Old – Ravens (Very promising but lots of Injuries)

                6) Donald Stephenson – 27 Years – – Chiefs (Better suited as RT)

                7) Tyler Polumbus – 30 Years Old – Broncos (played RT for Cowboys)

                8) Ben Ijalana – 26 Years Old – NY Jets (2nd ROund Pick from Villanova a few Years back and has never Developed into a Full Time Starter)

              3. Ive looked at the rosters of all the playoff teams and the good news is the OL is usually a hodgepodge of 1st rounders and undrafted free agents and mid level picks. Oh and even more importantly stay healthy…. this is the biggest factor I can see- other than the Pats the playoff teams have had a relatively healthy OL for the season. The eagles need two starting caliber players–an UDFA that comes through plus a first or third rounder — also draft one in later rounds.

              4. Top Guards in Free-Agency

                1) Alex Boone – 28 Years Old – 49ers (Physical, Nasty, IN his Prime – Earned $3.75 Million in 2015)

                2) Ramon Foster – 29 Years Old – Steelers (Physical, Nasty In his Prime –
                Earned $2.15 Million in 2015)

                3) Brandon Brooks – 26 Years Old – Texans (Very Good, Has had some Inuries, coming off his Rookie Deal)

                4) Amini Silatoulo – 27 Years Old – Panthers (Very Solid Player, has been a Back-up the last 2 Seasons after losing Starters Job due to Injuries, Coming off his Rookie Deal)

                5) Mike Harris – 27 Years Old – Vikings (Solid and Versatile Player)

                6) JR Sweezy – 26 Years Old – Seahawks (Physical, coming off Rookie Deal)

                7) Jeff Allen – 25 Years Old – Chiefs (Smart, Versatile Player coming off Rookie Deal)

                8) Tom Compton – 26 Years Old – Redskins (Physical and Versatile, coming off Rookie Deal)

                9) Vladimir Ducasse – 28 Years Old – Bears (Was a High Draft Pick of the Jets a Few Years back, never developed into the Starter as expected)

                I like Boone,Brooks,Silatoulu,Allen and Compton from this Group

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