Thoughts On The Eagles’ Coaching Candidates

gaseAdam Gase: Am I missing something? I’m not sure where all of the hype for Gase comes from. I wouldn’t necessarily be upset if he were the guy because I do believe that there are far worse options, but were the Bears an elite offense this season? Did he turn Jay Cutler around? Peyton Manning swears by him, and I’d certainly take him over a guy like Pat Shurmur, but Gase isn’t too high on my wishlist.

Sean McDermott: I love the idea of a defensive-minded head coach. If you can’t have a great quarterback, the next best way to win in this league is to assemble an elite defense. The Eagles have a lot of talented defensive pieces in place already that I think have been grossly underachieving thanks to the terrible coaching they’ve been receiving from Billy Davis, and I think a top defensive mind could really bring this group to another level. The only problem is how would McDermott go about fixing the team’s offense? The Eagles don’t seem interested, having not scheduled an interview during Carolina’s bye week.

Hue Jackson: Jackson is a pretty intriguing name. I think he’s done a very good job out in Cincinnati, helping Andy Dalton bounce back and have a much better season this year while also developing a number of good skill position players to support Dalton, such as Tyler Eifert, Jeremy Hill, and Giovani Bernard.

Sean Payton: I like the idea of bringing in a coach that has previously won a Super Bowl. It brings instant credibility and respect within the locker room, and I can just a guy like Zach Ertz being a tremendous fit for Payton’s offense, which helped turn Jimmy Graham into an elite tight end. The only problem is Drew Brees wouldn’t be coming with him, and Payton has put together some historically bad defenses throughout his tenure, so I’d probably still prefer to go elsewhere. Plus, the Saints want draft picks for Payton, and the Birds need as many picks as they can get to replenish the talent.

Ben McAdoo: Very interesting case. He’s done very good work with Eli Manning in two years in New York, but I’d think he’d stay in New York before going anywhere else.

Worst Case Scenarios

Teryl Austin: Not interested in anyone associated with the Detroit Lions’ organization.

Doug Marrone: He already quit on an NFL team once. This franchise needs a stabilizing presence, and this guy is the complete opposite.

Pat Shurmur: No…just, no. Shurmur has already failed once as a head coach, and I think the Eagles need to bring in fresh voices from outside of the previous staff. The Pat Shurmur era began and ended on Sunday against the Giants.

Doug Pederson: Maybe bad memories of Pederson quarterbacking the Eagles in 1999 taints my vision here, but I don’t want any part of Pederson. Chiefs haven’t done anything revolutionary on offense under Pederson (remember last year when they couldn’t complete a single touchdown to a wide receiver?).

Duce Staley: I’ll always be a huge fan of Duce, but his interview wasn’t anything more than Lurie doing him a favor and getting his name out there. Staley has only been a position coach for a few seasons, and I’d think he’d need to at least serve as an offensive coordinator somewhere before being seriously considered for a head coaching job.

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  1. Jon Gruden is still my #1 choice and frankly he’s been the most logical choice for years. I’m not interested in experimentation that’s what the Chip Kelly era was. It’s time to take a proven path of success to the Super Bowl. Gruden as the coach, Spagnoulo as the DC and atleast at that point there are atleast 3 or 4 super bowls of experience in coaching from the top.

  2. I like the fact that the Eagles are interviewing the Best & Brightest Candidates that are out there in 2016 and not simply reaching for the old Re-Treads or Big Name Coach’s like Gruden, Cowher, Dungy, Shanahan that have been out of the Game for a while…

    Adam Gase, Ben McAdoo, Doug Pederson, David Shula, Sean McDermott
    Dirk Kottel, Tyrel Austin are all up and coming strong HC Candidates..

    Personally I prefer an old fart like Vic Fangio, because he wants it so bad and time is running out for him like it almost did with Bruce Arians, Mike Zimmer which makes these Guys have a heightened sense of Urgency every day at Practice and for Every Game, etc,etc

  3. I think choosing a good Head Coach is a crap-shoot. I think there are some things you can look for that might increase your odds of picking a good coach, but it’s hardly a science…. There’s a lot of luck involved.

    I would never have guess that Chip Kelly would fail after only three seasons. And, back in 2001, I would have bet my house that Andy Reid would not last three years….

    I’m glad I’m not on the search committee, because it’s not easy to find a good head coach.

    1. irish your statement is 100% correct- just like the draft it comes down to a lot of luck– look at belicheks coaching tree– it hasn’t been very successful- (Weiss, Crennel, mcdaniels Im sure there are others) –but i do believe coaching tree is the best place to start- chip didn’t really come up through one- right now the AR tree is as good as it gets — i think the candidate comes from that– I know nothing about Gase but somehow i’m not impressed.

      1. I agree completely. More coaches fail than succeed…that’s a given.

        However….look closely at the last 20 super bowl participant coaches. Are there some outliers (Pete Carol for example)…yes…..

        But when you really look deeply….there are a hell of a lot of recent Superbowl coaching roots reaching back to 3 places:

        Bill Parcells, the GB packers and the Pitt Steelers.

        Harbaugh to Reid to GB
        McCarthy to GB
        Reid to GB
        Bellicheat to Parcells
        Coughlin to Parcells
        Peyton to Parcells AND GB!!
        Tomlin to Pitt
        Whisenhunt to Pitt
        Holmgren to GB

        Is this a sure thing?

        No. Absolutely not.

        But man….If I had to make the call, I know where I’d be leaning….and I guarantee you it wouldn’t be to the Lions and Bears of the world….

        1. Of Lurie strays off that path he will get what he deserves– look further at this years playoffs–
          I think the bill walsh tree is still out there- kubiak, marvin lewis etc– but overall you have to stick to the bloodlines–
          This hire should not be sexy, it should not be tricky, it should not make a splash– it should be Shurmur, Peterson, or mcdermott.

          1. Y of course the GB tree goes to Walsh/Seifert and all that….but I guess they all got the hell out of dodge when the shit hit the fan.

            Too bad they all went to GB instead of Philly eh?

            Anyway…..this is what scares me off Gase a bit. Pederson isn;t sexy, but he comes from that Reid/GB lineage. I suppose McDermott does too. McAdoo links to Coughlin

            Call me naive, but I’d rather get a assistant linked to successful history than someone linked to Jay Cutler and the Bears!

            1. If a guy is linked to cutler it will take months to wash the stink off.
              Gase has gotten Peyton to play like Peyton and cutler to play like cutler… He comes here and Bradford plays like Bradford…. Um sounds like a recipe for deep playoff runs…. Wait? Did you say PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? That is territory Sam has never ventured into…

  4. Ian Rapaport and NFL Network reporting Sean Peyton is staying with the Saints…as I said a few days ago I believed would happen. No surprise there for me.

    1. yup it was reported on christmas eve he was staying and officially confirmed today.

      look for jon hart to confirm within the next 13 hours

    2. Yep on Sean PAyton, about what I thought…
      I think if the Colts Deal could have been worked out, then he would have look
      to go Indy, once that was off the Table, he decided to sit tight..
      He will stay probably 1 More Season for Saints are over the Cap and need to make some big decisions about Drew Brees, their Defense and getting some more Weapons on Offense…
      Anyone want to guess that Safety Jarius Byrd gets Released come February as will CB Brandon Browner who is terrible in Pass-Coverage
      Does anyone remember that I stated that Jarius Byrd would never see the end of his 5 Year Deal with the Saints.. All he ever was was average and many on here were ready to make him a All-Pro/HOF Safety just because the Eagles were in dire need of a Safety…

  5. Where’s GMCliff.. I guess the Eagles may as not Hire anyone now that Payton’s on the Board… What Cliff Post all next Season “If the Eagles only did what I Suggested, and hired Sean Payton”…

    I told you Cliff, that Sean Payton wasn’t Interested in the Eagles for if he was, he would have at least Interviewed… and No one had to tell me this as you suggest, some things you can just figure out on your own…. Where’s the Article, the Quotes, the Statements? I don’t need any of that from from Rappaport, Mortensen,Shefter, LaConfaro, SalPal etc,etc to tell me what I already know.. …

    1. Sean Payton is not a free-agent nor has he been fired from the Saints so it’s not like he can just go out, and set up interviews. He has to get permission from the Saints to do any of that, and they can block it if they want to. Why are you trying to make it as if he didn’t want to come to Philly when he didn’t interview with anybody. You act like you know exactly what these coaches are thinking Paulman, and you don’t know shit.

      1. Go ask GMCliff MacDonut… He’s the one that’s been saying the Eagles Should Hire Sean Payton at all Cost’s and work out a Deal with the Saints to make it happen…I said that it wasn’t going to happen.. Cliff said Prove it… Today Sean Payton said he’s remaining with the Saints…End of Story..

        1. I don’t care what Cliff said you said Payton had no interest in the Eagles did you speak to his agent or did he tell you this personally. Your trying to throw that spin on it to make it look like you know more than anybody else like that is the true reason he stayed with the Saints. Then you said why didn’t interview like Payton had all the control to do that without getting permission from the Saints. Your just adding your little twist on things Paulman.

    2. Paul, you didn’t know point blank. You were stating your personal desire because you wanted more of a mediocre coach.

      Yeah, I wanted the best that was available – and Sean Payton was it – and I never stated at all cost – Stop misquoting me to pump yourself up.

      The Colts were NEVER in negotiations with Payton, and he NEVER stated that he wasn’t interested in the Eagles job;

      He wasn’t interested in any other head coaching job including the ones you said he was Dallas, Miami, Giants, 49ers, etc – That was a lie, and you didn’t provide any proof because there wasn’t any available.So why are you patting yourself on the back????

      Like I said until he eliminates himself as a candidate I didn’t want to talk about any other candidates. My choices would be Darrell Bevell, Josh McDaniels, Mike Shanahan, and Tom Moore….

    3. He didn’t interview anywhere else either, but you also stated that he was interested in working with Andrew Luck, the Giants, and 49ers…

      that didn’t mean he wouldn’t have been interested Paul, he just preferred to stay in New Orleans.

      Your quote that the Colts were in deep negotiations with him was an outright lie, and a desperate demonstration for credibility……

      1. Sean Payton was in Discussions with the Colts as Reported.. In the End, Irsay said No, I am sticking with Chuck Pagano & Ryan Grigson Combo…
        Payton then had 48 Hours from Mickey Loomis to find another Team which didn’t occur so Payton made his Announcement today and ends up looking like a Chump and a Lame Duck for next Season

        Tom Moore is 77 Years Old and probably couldn’t pass a Team Physical and will not be the Eagles HC or any other Teams HC.. A OC, final, A HC, No

        Mike Shanahan is meeting with the Dolphins a 2nd Time and has been lobbying for the 49ers Job hard ever since Last Year
        He would talk to the Eagles for he desperately wants to return to Coaching after the Fiasco he had with RG3 and the Redskins..

        Josh McDaniels & Mike Patricia of the Pats wants no parts of the Eagles as long as Howie Roseman is aroun… Belicheck can’t stand HR and has told all his Staff Roseman’s a snake and would not recommend anyone to work for him or the Eagles

        Darrel Bevall of the Seahawks should garner more Interest than he does around the NFL.. Is he the OC that called a Pass for Russell Wilson at the 1/2 Yard Line with 48 Seconds left in last Years Super Bowl on a 2nd Down Call with Marshawn Lynch waiting in the Backfield..
        You can keep Bevell ..Just that Stupid Decision and Play Call alone disqualifies him in my book…

        Do you have any others

          1. And Chris Mortensen and ESPN Reported that he spoke with Irsay a good part of Monday Afternoon but could not reach a Deal..

            1. That was never confirmed Paul. Then another report came out that they were never in negotiations like I said.

              Dude just stop – That’s a lie

              Post those quotes from McDaniels, and Patricia… confirm your insight…LOL!!!

            2. Make that the Terre Haute Star Tribune & ESPN’s Adam Schefter who Reported the Colts talking to Sean Payton & His Agent..

              1. Regardless of the reports a discussion between the Colts and Payton is not going down without the Saints permission. That is a league rule, and the Colts are not that stupid to go behind the Saints back tamper with Sean Payton with a possible chance to get caught at a time when teams are on the hunt for a head coaches. Another thing Paulman Loomis gave Payton 48 hours really? I can’t even find a legit report that even states that the Saints are even making Sean Payton available now according to you he was given a 48 hour window to speak to teams. Man you just come up with all kind of shit.

              2. You need to keep up MacDonut,
                That was Monday this all went Down
                Payton got his 48 Hrs, was unable to find any takers and now on Wed Afternoon (48 Hrs later) he gives a bogus, Embarrasing Press Conference ppabout how he loves the Saints and wants to finish his Career there since the Cat was already out of the Bag.. Poor Planning & Execution by Sean Payton…
                This is all water under the bridge now as time marches on and tghere are vacancies that are about to get filled and rumors and truths to be told and commented on.. . Keep following though as you may or may not learn some things from Posters here…

        1. Paul, he was never in discussion with the Colts…never

          Post the proof, because you, and I know it doesn’t exist….

          Also post that McDaniels, and Patricia have no interest in the Eagles coaching position, or anyone else.

          My point to you is there are better candidates, than the mediocre ones you’ve already suggested whether the Eagles hire them or not is irrelevant. They are better candidates than Pederson, Gase, Shurmer, McDermott, Mike Vrabel, Brad Seeley, or anyone else mediocre you come up with.

          And for the record Bevell didn’t make that call that was completely on Pete Carroll. Bevell called the game plan against the Cardinals. Do you think Chip, or Vrabel, could have done that, or selected the talent to accomplish that???

          1. I stated clearly that I want DC Vic Fangio for the Next Eagles HC Position
            I posted it the day Kelly got fired and probably every day since then..
            But I also know Jeff Lurie won’t Hire Fangio for its probably not a very popular pick amongst the average Eagles Fan or Local Media so Lluri and the 3 Amigo’s will go with a hot name that’s floating out there instead of building a Championship Organization… It’s what the Eagles Do Cliff.. You know it and I know It my Friend..

            1. Sure Shitman that’s what happened Payton couldn’t find any suitors nobody wanted him another classic tale from Shitmans how to make up scenarios, and impossible to believe bullshit. Nobody could have concocted a more ridiculous asinine story other than yours truly.

    4. Well you don’t know if he wanted to come to eagles cause the saints were looking for a 2nd Rd pick in exchange for him and the eaglez don’t have one..

  6. ***JH’$ Hot Eagle$ New$

    According to my source, Adam Gase has a contract offer from the Eagles and an announcement could be made by tomorrow him being named HC of the Philadelphia Eagles. Hes been given 5 days to respond I’m hearing

  7. ***Ernie DeCosta News for GMCliff***
    Ravens Asst GM Ernie DeCosta turned down the Tennessee Titans offer to become their GM , reports states that he’s happy with the Ravens and is the heir apparent to follow Ozzie Newsome as he is contemplating retirement…
    This is per ESPN ..

  8. Lovie Smith fired. That’s a little weird…..though everyone in the know realizes that Lovie Smith dies 6 years ago and the Bears and Bucs were just rolling out a statue on game day every week for all the coaching he actually did on gameday.

    1. Just saw that, kinda of surprised but TB Bucs Defense seemed to get worse and worse .. Maybe they will promote OC Dirk Koetter to HC or make a real push for Sean McDermott who knows the Division Rivalswell while keeping Dirk Koetter as Asst HC & OC..

  9. ***JH’$ Eagle$ New$**

    I’m being told that Lurie is the one that’s being extremely cautious and patient through this entire process. They all love Gase and Gase loves the Eagles (grew up a fan of the team, shore boy), but he was offered a deal, was told he has 5 days to make a decision, wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement came today or they wait until this Saturday during the second interview to name him HC..

    ***Subject to change

    1. Why?

      He’s a legit HC. Who players like and actually knows how to run a team.

      How good have the bears looked since he’s been gone.

      I’ll wait.

      1. It’s a good move by the TB Bucs to lock up Dirk Koetter as their HC for he probably would have gotten HC Offers from other Teams this Season and they want and need to build the Team around QB WInston.. Lovie Smith is just not a very good HC as the game has passed him by.. That old Cover 2 Scheme is outdated and can effectively be attacked by attacking the middle of the field.. Tampa’s Defense has not really shown any improvement since his arrival so it was time to move on from him…

        If Lovie Smith focused strictly on Defense as a DC, he could probably have success in the NFL, but not as a HC in my opinion..

        1. It’s a dumb move.

          Lovie went to a super bowl with Grossman as his QB.

          Won one with St. Louis as DC.

          Was instrumental with building the Tampa team in 2002.

          He’s a good HC. People bitching about Lovie have no idea what a “good” HC is.

          10 wins when he was fired with the Bears. 6-8 this year when playing teams not named the Carolina Panthers. You need time to build. They didn’t give him that.

          They are dumb.

      2. Urlacher retired,peppers gone, Briggs retired, tilling gone also and I’m sure it’s others I’m missing so don’t try and put it on love yeah you lose that it will hurt your defense and yiur team . I’ll wait

      3. I don’t want him because he has a career coaching record of .500.
        I don’t want him because his teams haven’t made the playoffs 7 out of the last 8 years.
        I don’t want him because he ran-off Ron Rivera go when he was in Chicago.

        Lovie Smith is a mediocre coach. I’d prefer Lovie Howell (from Gilligan’s Island)

      1. Jay Cutler was his QB.

        WTH is he supposed to do with that?

        Hell he got Cutler to 10 wins in the NFC North.

        When’s the last time the Bears and Cutler sniffed 10 wins?

        Oh okay.

        1. no clue about who these coaches really are or what they can bring as 99.99999% of everyone here even though most act like they know these guys… but hue jackson from a resume perspective is pretty impressive

          and cinci’s offensive schemes this year have been super impressive

            1. 3 playoff appearances in 11 years- .500 record– lots of teams go to the playoffs w/o HOF QB’s– hell kirk cousins is in the playoffs–

              1. He went to the SUPER BOWL with Grossman.

                Cousins is in the playoffs b/c the East is historically bad.

                Same reason Texans are there…AFC South is bad.

                The NFC North wasn’t a bad division when Lovie was there. Year he was fired 3 teams had 10 wins and the Bears just ended up odd man out.

                So Stop. You know you aren’t going anywhere (or not far) without a quality QB. I mean Bears kept Cutler. How’s that working for them?

                But yeah…Lovie is/was the problem.

    1. Vic Fangio is my Choice…
      A Lifelong Asst Coach who has a burning desire to be a HC in the NFL who
      is 57 Years Old and is from Pennsylvania…

      1. Vic Fangio is from Scranton,Pa Area (Dunmore,PA)

        Career Stops since 2000
        Colts DC – 1999-2001
        Texans DC – 2002-2005
        Ravens DC & Asst HC 2006-2009
        Stanford DC – 2010 (with Harbaugh)
        49ers DC – 2011-2014 (with Harbaugh)
        Bears DC – 2015 (Bears improved from 30th Ranked Defense in 2014 to the #14th Ranked Defense in 2015)

        If the Eagles really want to get Serious about making a Championship Run anytime soon, forget the hot shot names, the Offensive Guru’s and Geniuses that everyone talks about ..Get this Defense Fixed and Fixed right, only then, will the Eagles have a chance for any Post-Season success

        Hire Fangio for HC
        The keep SHurmur as Asst HC/OC and continue to further groom Duce Staley. Have Staley become more involved in game planning, play calling, etc,etc to help prepare him for down the road….
        This is my plan….

  10. Because Smith is a statue who stands and stares blankly on the sideline as the game deteriorates around him.

    You know that blank look Kelly had the entire second half of the season, standing arms folded on the sideline as things went to hell.

    That’s been Lovie Smith since 2007.

  11. Any love in here for the best GM in Philly Ron Hextall? Trading away stiffs Vinny LeCavalier and Luke Schenn to the Kings for a prospect and a 3rd pick.

    He continues to clean up the mess that Holmgren made.

    1. nice trade imo… gives them some cap flexibility to pick someone up at the deadline… dumping vinnys salary is nice for this year but irrelevant after as he is on record as saying he is retiring at years end. so if they make a move this year its real nice

    2. The Luke Schenn for JMR Trade has to go down as one of the Worst Deals in Flyers History… Just Terrible….

      1. Definitely horrible especially considering they can’t find a consistent LW.

        I look at the trade as getting something when they could have gotten nothing for either of these guys at the end of the season. And protection in case Vinny decides not to hang them up.

        Also, gives Hakstol more roster flexibility for this season without Schenn.

      1. Who? Hextall? He is doing as well as anyone could with the group of stiffs that he was left with.

        Or Hakstol? I will judge his coaching ability when the lineup takes on any semblance of competence.

    1. Hey Gloomy, Do you still have that Draft Day Trading Chart I sent you a couple of Years back… I think GMCLiff is going to need it for this upcoming Draft..

        1. Word in Green Bay is if the Packers lose to the Redskins, McCarthy could very well be out as Aaron Rodgers has been dropping some suttle hints this year about his dissatisfaction of how McCarthy has been running things..

          1. I don think history is going to be too kind to McCarthy. IHeś going to go down as a guy who ẅasted” Rodgers prime I think.

            I am not a fan of his game planning or management skillz.

            BTW – Remember when Tom Clements was a hot coaching commodity??

  12. The 49ers requested permission to Interview Dirk Koetter on Tuesday which probably precipitated the TB Bucs move to Fire Lovie Smith and make Koetter an Offer to become HC of the Bucs with QB Winston in place..
    Its the smart thing to do for the TB Bucs.. Move Forward with QB Winston and Coach Koetter…

      1. Koetter has worked with Matt Ryan of the Falcons the previous 3 Years and now has Coached QB Winston in his Rookie Season with Great Success, Why wouldn’t the TB Bucs want to keep him and elevate him to HC.. Winston is the Future and Lovie Smith simply does not exude excitement or energy or confidence moving forward.. It is what It is..

  13. Outside of Smith (no ones knows what he’s doing yet) and Jackson, there isn’t anyone who really is worth it on the list of possible candidates.

    I don’t feel good about how this is going to turn out.

  14. Lets talk about something different. Lets talk playoffs. Isn’t this the weirdest year. You have at least 2/3 of the fanbases completely without any faith heading in.

    And the Media going full spin central trying to gloss over and hide all the issues.

    Look at the way the media spins it compared to the way fanbases are feeling.

    Media: Dalton to return!!!
    Cinci fan: Awww shit Dalton to return. And we’re all looking forward to Marvin Lewis standing on the sideline with his traditional zombie stare. (I joke about Lovie Smith behind dead. Does Marvin Lewis even exist on gameday – Cinci fan is petrified)

    Media: The most dangerous team!!! Tradition!
    Steelers fan: D is a complete mirage that lives and dies off turnovers. And we don’t have a RB.

    Media: 10 straight wins!!!
    KC fan: Andy Reid will freeze. Run the same failed play 3x in a row at a crucial time. Have Smith throw 65x for some unknown reason and blow at least 2 important timeouts. Its a given.

    Media: JJ Watt Man!!
    Houston fan: We don’t have a QB or a chance

    Media: Manning triumfantly returns!!
    Denver fan: Shit Manning returning he can’t throw more than 7 yards and Bellicheck will kill kim!!!

    MediaTom Brady baby!
    NE: We have no one else….but hey…all we have to do is get past either Andy Reid or a QB-less team at home and then an already defeated manning in the AFC champ game – Superbowl here we come!!

    Media: Aaron Rodgers factor!
    GB Fan: Don’t look now by Arron Rodgers has only thrown for more than 2 tds once over the past 13 weeks. Our Wrs are shit and we’ve lost to every team with a .500 record not named Minnesota

    Media: Peterson!!!
    Minny Fan: Oh fuck. Seattle. And our QB is horrible.

    Media: Kirk Cousin has been the best QB over the 2nd half!
    Wsh fan: Its Kirk Cousins man. And Desean will Quit the moment things get difficult.

    Media: They’re the scariest team
    Sea fan: We’re the scariest team

    Media: They’re the most complete team!!
    Ariz Fan: Palmer is our QB and there’s a 3 int disaster in there somewhere

    Media: MVP! MVP!
    Carolina fan: Our team has morphed into a bunch of “toot our own horn” showboaters and we all knows what happens to teams like that they fold and start pointing at each other the moment things start getting difficult. Uh oh…is that Seattle coming to town??

    NE vs Sea

      1. I really like whoever wins in the Cinci/Pitt game to come out of the AFC and I like Carolina. I see the opposite that Vinnie does. I see a team that is playing loose because they know that they are good. That is exactly how Seattle plays.

        1. Don’t know who would win between Car and Seattle the second go around.

          Whoever wins that game though I think goes all the way.

          Yes, I know Hawks play Vikes first, but I don’t really think the Vikes have much of a chance.

  15. doug pederson YUCK. i hope that dont happen, dude was directly responsible for an offense so pathetic that they couldnt throw 1 td to a wr last year

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk that

  16. One of my Dark Horse Super Bowl Predictions…

    Redskins & KC Chiefs Tie after Triple OT 42-42…
    Roger Goodell announces that Both Teams will Share as Super Bowl Champs as the Phoenix Stadium is booked the Next Night with a Madonna/One Direction Concert and they have to clear off the Field by midnight due to Labor Union Rules in Phoenix

    Both Desean Jackson & Jeremy Maclin are Co-MVP’s and will both Share the Cover of the Wheaties Box and go to Orlando….

    It’s about the damndest thing I ever saw and suits perfectly to end the crazy 2015 NFL Season

  17. On a Side Note,
    I am not sure why there has been no mention of Panthers OC/QB Coach Mike Sula who has done wonders with this Panthers Offense and Cam Newton in particular the last few Seasons… I know Mike Shula got the Alabama HC Job because of his last name and failed miserbly but that was a long time ago, this guy has been with the Panthers for about 4 Years now and has helped Developed Cam Newton into a Pro Pocket QB which Newton was not when he came out of College.. Shula has also developed nice game plans with average Receivers and a young OL … Shula was also a OC with the Bengals before coming to Carolina so he’s been part of Playoff Type Teams and is age 50 now, and has been around the NFL most of his adult life ..
    I heard the Titans are interested in him, but maybe the Eagles should talk to him also…

    1. Newton still has terrible footwork and is nothing but an ärm”thrower (fine now – but will hurt him as he ages) is still below 60% in a league where 60% is now a bare minimum number and takes 15 hellatious hits a game because he still runs too much.

      If the guy wasn a hill giant, no one would even be talking about the guy because hed have been broken in half the way he plays.

      1. come on vinnie… give this one up– if his career is a couple years shorter so what– right now he is performing at a very high level…
        on another note…. Kevin Kolb had impeccable footwork!!!!

        1. Kevin Kolb did have great footwork…so did Nick Foles when he was bailing out and throwing off of his back foot…petrified of the pass rush.

          Notice that we didn’t see those scared, back foot throws from Bradford..

          He stepped up and stood tall in the pocket

          hit receivers in stride

          Bradford played through balls dropping off of receivers hands..poor protection, lousy route running …and still played well…

          We need to keep Sam Bradford as the QB or else we can count on a couple of more years of ineptitude

      2. His footwork…smh…

        What an idiot!

        Cam Newton is clearly now one of the best Quarterbacks in the league…he wins games, he’s clutch…his mobility and strength sets him apart and he has done this with less talent at the wide receiver spot…

        Only pure idiots would deny Cam Newton’s development…

        No surprise because the same can be said for Sam Bradford…who has I stated earlier got better and better as the year went on..despite having only one average wide receiver and tight end…a shaky offensive line, an inconsistent running game

        Bradford still got better. If only he had a few weapons, some playmakers..smh

        The fools on this site want to get rid of Bradford and have Mark Sanchez as the QB or an unproven shaky rookie that Roseman the accountant evaluates and chooses as our “QB of the future”

        We are in big trouble…this has disaster written all over it…

  18. Cam Newtons Stats are what they are….
    He completed 59.8% of his Passes for 3,837 Yards for 35 TD’s and only 10 Int’s and a Passer Rating of 99%..
    Whats the most impressive is that he was money in the 4th Quarters and his average Pass Completion is 13 Yards so he passes the ball down the field and makes plays so what you give up in Completion % you gain in the Big Plays… Today’s NFL is about Big Plays and when you add in Cam Newtons 10 Rushing TD’s to go along with his Big Passing Ability..that’s a difficult combo to Defend and obviously its been working for the Panthers are
    20-2 in their last 22 Games and 35-14 in their last 50 Games since 2013…
    These are very impressive Winning Stats any way you look at them…
    Give Me Winners, and I’ll worry about the footwork and bad back at a later time..

    1. I give Cam kudos I didn’t think he could do it but he has proved just about every doubter wrong– makes me think Randall was just a few years too early– i think today’s OC’s would make him a HOF player.

    2. 45 TDs is 45 TDs

      15-1 is 15-1

      #1 ranked offense is just that.

      And completion percentage looks a lot better if Ginn could catch. With that said Ginn STILL had 10 TDs on the year. 10.

      But no Shula. He’s a mediocre OC and can be down right disastrous. Though he’s been very good this year. Newton has more control over the offense this year as well and they finally moved to a no huddle where he excels. So. Shula is good where he’s at.

      1. Agree about Cam. He has been nothing short of spectacular this year. He has totally won me over this year, because he has become a much better passer. He has made throws that I he didn’t make consistently before.

        Seattle vs Carolina is gonna be epic.

  19. I’d be interested in existing coordinators who did more with less talent. The Jets stood out to me; number 10 offense in yards, no 11 offense in points, mediocre journeyman QB…

    Then I remembered that Chan Gailey was their offensive coordinator, and I want no part of him.

    I have to give props to Todd Bowles though; he had a pretty good rookie head-coaching season (despite missing the playoffs at the end).

    1. Look at the Jets OL E-Money….
      A Very Stable OL with Debrickershaw Ferguson, James Carpenter, Nick Mangold, Brian Winters & Ben Giacomini …
      Toss in Veteran WR’s in Brandon Marshall, James Decker and a solid RB Corps with Ivory, Powell & Ridley with TE J Cumberland and you have a big, physical OL and Receivers with Physical RB’s ..

      (Anyone recall me wanting the Eagles to Pursue Guard James Carpenter in Free-Agency last year from Seattle as an Upgade for the Eagles. The Jets got him for chump change too at 4 Years – $19 Million with $7.5 of it in Guaranteed $$ including a one-time $3.5 Million Signing Bonus)…
      Damn that GM Chip Kelly …

      1. Agreed. Just goes to show that the game is still won and lost in the trenches, which is where we struggled mightily this season.

        1. It sure is.. and until Owner Jeff Lurie and more Fans understand this, and learn to stay away from these so-called Genius’s & Gimmicks and the Hot Names out there, the Eagles will continue to tread water..
          If the Eagles don’t rebuild from the inside/out (OL/DT/ILB & Safety)
          They will continue to be a mediocre Team and make some Playoffs but never really threaten to Win any Championships.. .

          1. as I pointed out yesterday rebuilding the offensive line isn’t as difficult as everyone on here makes it out to be– all the OL in the playoffs are a hodgepodge of #1’s, late round picks and UDFA’s– the key is most of them stayed relatively healthy all year (NE is the exception)– and none of this matters w/o a QB… I think we are in QB hell– the worst kind of QB hell- Bradford is outta here and we are in butt fumbles hands… we have the 13 pick and what i hear is there are no QB’s worthy– ???– so we go in with butt fumble, a new energetic coach and win 7 games and we pick 13 again… we need a QB and we need one bad!

  20. Here’s a list of more College Underclassman who are Declaring for the 2016 Draft

    WR – Laquon Treadwell – Mississippi (6-2 210lbs) Probably the Top WR
    DB – Jalen Ramsey – Fla State (6-1 202lbs) Probably the Best DB
    OT – Jack Conklin – Mich State (6-6 318lbs) Late 1st Rounder
    TE – Hunter Henry – Arkansas (6-5 255lbs) Probably the Best TE, Late 1st
    TE – Austin Hooper – Stanford (6-3 250lbs) The 2nd Best TE – 2nd Rounder
    WR – Michael Thomas – Ohio State (6-3 210lbs) Late 1st/Early 2nd

    A couple of Big Names with Serious Knee/Leg Injuries sustained in Bowl Games that could probably wipe out their 2016 Football Playing Season but are Talented Players for the Future.. Hoe far do these Players Fall for its probably 2017 Season before they can contribute

    LB – Jaylon Smith – Notre Dame (6-3 240lbs) Was a Top 15 Talent
    DE – Shaq Lawson – Clemson (6-3 270lbs) Was a Top 15 Talet

  21. Canadian TMZ Reports that Vinnie the Victor breaks up with Jennifer Anniston due to a Pimple on her Ass…. JH to Follow-Up at 11pm….. Good Grief..

  22. ***Paulman Rumors****
    Tom Coughlin is very interested in the Eagles HC Position..
    Leff Lurie is interested as well, This could be nailed down by the Weekend
    Reports have Coughlin calling around to put together a Coaching Staff
    Pat Shurmur could remain to run the Offense and have Bradford Return while
    Coughlin focuses on the Defense with the help of Harry Carson and Others.

  23. Chip Kelly is going to Australia on a 1 Way Ticket per a Source at Apple Travel Agency… No Return Trip was announced…

  24. Per CBS Sports, Stanford’s HC David Shaw says that he is not Interested in Interviewing for the SF 49ers Open HC Position and is very happy at Stanford…

  25. ***Colts News****
    Indy Colts Hire Long-Time LB Coach Don Martindale, from the Ravens, as their New DC ..

  26. With every passing day (hour…minute) I want less and less of Adam Gase…like Jennifer Anderson, there are too many pimples on that ass.

    I’m actually intrigued by Doug Pederson and wouldn’t be upset by the hire. Also like the idea of McAdoo.

    Those are probably my 2 first choices.

  27. Any interest in Bill Callahan? It seems to me that the Offensive line improves everywhere he goes. He has HC experience, coached in a Superbowl. I think I remember hearing that he was the one calling the offensive plays for the Cowboys last year (the only decent season they’ve had under Garret. He went to Washington this year just in time to get them into the playoffs.

    1. I like Bill Callahan.. He’s a No-Nonsense, Likes that Physical type of OL and Offense and Running Game.. I am not sure he has the “Emotional Intelligence” that Owner Lurie is looking for to be honest, and is probably a little too old-school for Lurie at this time who is looking for a more touch/feely kind of a Coach who can connect with today’s whiners (I mean Players) ..

      1. and he has failed miserably at every head coaching job he has had, because all he is is an assistant…..No thanks…who else do you have in mind….no more mediocrity…

        1. Didn’t Callahan take the Raiders to the Super Bowl ?
          He Coached Nebraska to their last Big Bowl Games too…

          1. Aberration that’s the year most teams were rebuilding – and would have been the Eagles first SuperBowl had they not choked – and was fired after the next season…are we supposed to hang our hat on a guy who had one good year?? Andy Reid had more consistency. Who cares about Nebraska. Move on he is a terrible option…….MEDIOCRITY WILL NOT BE TOLORATED…

  28. Paulman’s Mock 2016 NFL Draft – (Top 10 Picks)

    1) Titans – LT Laramy Tunsill (Mississippi 6-5 305lbs)
    2) Browns – QB Jared Goff (Cal 6-4 212lbs)
    3) Chargers – DL Joey Bosa (Ohio State 6-5 275lbs)
    4) Cowboys – DT A’Shawn Robinson (Alabama 6-3 312lbs)
    5) Jaguars – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State 6-1 202lbs)
    6) Ravens – WR Laquon Treadwell (Mississippi 6-2 210lbs)
    7) 49ers – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame 6-6 315lbs)
    8) Dolphins – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (FLorida 5-11 200lbs)
    9) TB Bucs – DE Defforest Buckner (Oregon 6-7 290lbs)
    10) NY Giants – DE Emmanuel Ogbah (Baylor 6-3 275lbs)

  29. I like this sarcastic tweet from Elliot… immediately made me think of kool

    “Rules to grading Bradford: 1) Dont include anything in St. Louis 2) Only include second half of this season 3) Blame his teammates “

  30. Continued Mock 2016 NFL Draft (Picks 11-20)

    11) Bears – OLB Leonard Floyd (Georgia 6-3 235lbs)
    12) Saints – CB Mackensie Alexander (Clemson 5-10 195lbs)
    13) EAGLES – ILB Reggie Ragland (Alabama 6-2 252lbs)
    14) Raiders – DE Jonathon Allen (Alabama 6-3 283lbs)
    15) Rams – QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis 6-6 230lbs)
    16) Lions – DT Robert Nkemdiche (Mississippi 6-3 296lbs)
    17) Falcons – OLB Myles Jack (UCLA 6-1 245lbs)
    18) Colts – RB Ezekial Elliot (Ohio State 6-0 225lbs)
    19) Bills – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson 6-3 270lbs
    20) Jets – CB TreDavious White (LSU 5-11 195lbs)

    1. Paul, I guarantee you that if Paxton Lynch is on the board, the Eagles will select him before they even think of drafting an ILB that they don’t need – that lacks athleticism, intelligence, and speed that they already have in Kendricks, and Hicks.

      Ragland is a good football player, who lacks the athleticism needed to excel, that will find it difficult to adjust to the NFL…No thanks

    2. If Stanley, and Lynch are off the board, the smart thing for the Eagles to do is trade down as often as they can for more picks in the 2nd 3rd, and 4th rounds, and select Vadal Alexander in the 1st.

  31. Didn’t he just leave in Gruden’s playbook…not changing any of the terminology so Bucs players knew exactly what plays were going on in the SB.

    Didn’t he have a bunch of players including Jerry Rice nearly revolt on the guy because they thought he wanted to sabotage the game??

    Didn’t he drop to 4-12 his second year?

    Let him stay coaching oline. In fact I’d love him to come to the Eagles as an oline coach. He seems to be great at that.

    1. Chip Kelly met/interviewed with the 49ers today per Bay Area CSN Sports
      Reporter Matt Maiocco ..
      49ers need to make a splash and excitement after the Harbaugh fallout,
      They also need to see if they can get a Coach who can jump–start QB Kaepernick.. I believe Kelly will get this Job

    1. I think Mike Pettine was a colossal joke of a HC, he displayed very little leadership, control, direction or leadership for the Browns who are desperate for anyone to do anything .. A complete failure , He couldn’t build a Defense which was pretty good before he arrived, he couldn’t find a QB, A RB or NFL WR’s and couldn’t manage Josh Gordon or Johnny Football
      He’s a nice Guy, but like Jim Tomasula of the 49ers, just not fit for one of the 32 NFL HC Jobs in my opinion..

  32. *******trade alert *********
    Eagles send Peters and his 7 million along with sproles and his 3.5 million with a 4th Rd pick

    To the Indianapolis Colts for there 2nd and 5th rd picks

    Eagles clear off more than 10 million off there books and recoup there 2nd Rd pick ……. the colts get a LT to protect luck and sproles to backup gore.

    1. Alright Gloomy is back with his Trade Alerts…
      Unfortunately, the Colts went after Veterans last year and that didn’t work out to well with Veterans Gore, WR Johnson, DE T Cole and OL T Herremans
      The HC,GM And Owner all stated at their Press Conference, the other night, that their #1 Priority was to get Younger across the Board and especially along both OL and DL so I see them having no interest in either Peters/Sproles and especially for Draft Picks which will help them get Younger ..

    2. one thing thats consistent with gloomy is he always thinks of one sided trades– i tried to teach him last year to no avail– there is absolutely ZERO reason the colts would do this– trade for 2 30+ year olds and $10 million for 2 cheap/young draft picks… ZERO!

    3. sproles 33 next year, peters 34… yeah that would be a great trade– too bad we can’t find a stupid GM to take that trade- i also believe that they are both in the final year of their contracts??? meaning you get two old players who are expensive for 1 year… lol.

      1. Do Note HAC that GM Chip Kelly extended Jason Peters Deal last Year with a New 4 Year $41 Million Deal with $15,750,000 in Guaranteed $$$
        Breakdown is like this Per Spotrac

        2015 Salary & Bonuses – $9,050,000 – Dead $$$ 12,000,000
        2016 Salary & Bonuses – $9,237,000 – Dead $$$ 3,000,000
        2017 Salary & Bonuses – $11,200,000 – Dead $$$ 2,000,000
        2018 Salary & Bonuses – $11,250,000 – Dead $$$ 1,000,000

        Basically Jason Peters is going Nowhere and will be an Eagle at least thru the 2016/2017 Season once his Guaranteed Portion is Paid

        Darren Sproles is a Free-Agent after the 2016 Season
        and will Earn $4.5 Million in Salary & Bonuses for 2016 with $1,000,000 in Dead $$$ so if the Eagles were to Release/Trade Him, they would Save $3.5 off their Cap Figure

          1. Precisely. Only an idiot would trade a 2nd round pick for a pending free agent who would basically just be a one-year rental……wait….what?

            As for Peter’s salary….He can be cut anytime. A $3 million “dead cap” hit is not that big a deal.

          2. Chip Kelly the GM really made some Strange Contracts with Players
            Peters,Sanchez,Maxwell,Murray which were some real doozies and appear to be “overpays” …. The 4 Years Deals with Kendricks and Graham were probably more in line of “Market Value” if the Players perform well..
            Graham – 4 Years for $26 Million with $13 Million in Guaranteed $$$$
            Kendricks – 4 Years for $29 Million with $16 Million in Guaranteed $$$$

  33. Everyone that uses the term “re-tread” relative actual experience relevant work experience and the search for an Eagles head coach should be dragged in front of a firing squad and shot till almost dead, then drawn and quartered IMMEDIATELY.

    It’s absurd how many people scoff at actual relevant successful work experience…I can only assume it’s because they have no money in the game or are individuals with some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder or are individual’s with a gambling addict’s mentality. In any event they shouldn’t be relied on for any kind of “decent” decision making. This brings me to my next point…Howie Roseman must be running the show again. None of the candidates have been head coaches, certainly none of them have had a significant hand in across the board player/personnel recruitment, which makes them all equally unqualified for a head coaching job in a large market where winning a divisional championship is the minimum of expectations after 20+ years of mostly “almost” and a few “no shot” years, but I guess some people are fine waiting until the Eagles descend to Oakland Raiders level of organizational dysfunction before accepting the successful relevant work experience makes a huge difference in these kind of situations.

    1. I disagree Butch that this is a Howie Roseman Led Coach Search..
      Chip Kelly was a Roseman Wet-Dream.. This Time its Owner Lurie’s Call front and Center and there is little doubt in my mind that he;s trying all he can to find that next “Andy Reid” who also had no Head Coaching Experience
      It appears to me that Lurie is focusing on young up and coming Coordinators (like AR was in 1999) and also going with Candidates that are from or familiar with the Philadelphia Area so there is no Culture Shock or a lack of what the Expectations/Demands are//
      I kind of like this Paul Guenther of the Cincinnati Bengals who worked under Mike Zimmer for a couple of Years and then took over the Bengals as DC when Zimmer took the Vikings Job and the Bengals D hasn’t missed a step even with their Injuries.. Bengals have played solid Team Defense the last few years without a lot of big name Pro-Bowlers, Solid Schemes, Strong Fundamentals, lots of Depth and young Players actually improve in their System (Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, Michael Johnson,Vontae Burfict, Adam Jones, Dre Kilpatirck, Reggie Nelson, George Illoka, etc) so they must be doing something right with their Coaching/Teachings..
      Guenther is from Bucks County, Pederson coached in Philly, Staley, Shurmur know Philly so it looks to me that Lurie wants a Coach with exposure to the Philly Area. Maybe a Coughlin or Vic Fangio could be next to talk to….
      Buy I believe this HC Search Is mostly Owner Lurie’s Call, He has to like,respect and feel that this Next Coach is “His Type of Guy”

      1. Talk to me Paulman. Lurie still just doesn’t get it!! The defense has sucked for seven long years. The fan base wants tough intimidating suffocating defense much more than it wants cute X’s and O’s yet Lurie seems determined to give us what he likes to watch. Lurie wants the Eagles to win as Air Coryell or WCO Bill Walsh style. He does not want anything like Dick Vermeil or Buddy Ryan era defenses. That is a boring product to him with low entertainment value. That shows how out of touch with what entertains the masses here. We want offensive guys limping off the field, QBs splattered on the turf or looking skittish in the pocket. Skittish receivers hearing footsteps and dropping passes. Philly wants to smell fear. They want to intimidate. Philly fans would much prefer the ’85 Bears to the ’94 ‘Niners. And Lurie simply does not understand this. How can he have no interest in a guy like McDermott who is from the area, a lifelong fan, a defensive architect who has mined gold in guys like Thomas Davis, Kawann Short (2nd rd for DT is like 4th rd at other positions), Josh Norman, Greg Hardy, Kurt Coleman, Captain Munerlyn. How can he not see his resume and be impressed. It is simple. He doesn’t want that kind of team.
        So he will bring in the latest “offensive genius ” again and the defense will get stuck with a retread that keeps getting fired or a position coach we hope can make the leap. And the defense will continue to suck.

  34. Jon Gruden HC – Steve Spagnoulo DC – Marc Ross GM = SUPERBOWL LII WIN

    While everyone wants to overlook Jon Gruden just remember the salty feeling of watching Dick Vermeil build the “Greatest Show On Turf” after the public acrimony of him being spurned by the Eagles organization. Gruden will coach again, we already saw him cruise by us for a Superbowl victory with a Trent Dilfer led Tampa Bay Buccaneers do you really want to see Gruden get another Superbowl championship before the Eagles do…really? Ron Riviera may get a Superbowl championship this year…how many Eagles connected coaches have to win the most important prize before you accept that you are indefensibly wrong?

    1. Steve Spagnolo’s Defensive Rankings in his last 3 Seasons as a DC

      2015 – Giants – Ranked #32 in the NFL — Yes, Worse than Billy Davis
      2014 – Giants – Ranked #29 in the NFL — Worse than Billy Davis again
      2012 – Saints – Ranked #32 in the NFL and the Wore Defensive Statistics in the History of the Sport — Over 7,000 Yards Given Up

      Steve Spagnolo is a Coach of the past and has been a downright Disaster
      over the last few Years and one of the few DC who has actually graded worse than Billy Davis …No Thanks …

      1. Spaggs got a hold of a defense with one HOF and two other PB D linemen, stole JJ’s effective game plan from earlier in the season and up ended a legendary team in the SB. And he rode that for nearly a decade. People like us now know it was not genius. It was cleverly borrowing someone else’s game plan by watching film and speaking with his mentor and having the studs to execute it. That’s as simple as that.

        1. Though most people will never realize this. Jim Johnson ended the Patriots bid for football immortality on November 25, 2007 when he exposed their weakness and how to attack it.

  35. AR was not a coordinator.
    and butch i don’t believe they are looking for a GM.
    I think they should stick to the AR coaching tree– Rivera/McD are in playoffs, AR himself and pederson alive

    1. AR was a QB Coach for the Packers
      Lurie is comfortable with a Coordinator or Position Coach that’s from a successful Team/Coaching Tree..

      They won’t Hire a GM, but I do think they Hire a Player Personnel/Scouting Guy to oversee those Functions who would then report to Howie Roseman

      1. Let’s run down this list real quick. Shurmur/ Pedersen is like Kotite. Austin is Ray Rhoades. Guenther will be somewhere in the Swamp Fox territory but closer to the 9-7/10-6 mediocrity. Gase will be a pale AR comparison with more Vermeil like results (excluding 1980). He will win WC games. Yea!!! Hue Jackson is Dennis Green. Close but no cigar. He could take you to a couple NFCC losses with an entertaining offense and mediocre defense.

        To me McDermott would die for this job and be soooooo dedicated and he is really good defense guy. He could be like Vermeil at his best. The guys will love him and he will love them and the defense will be lights out, the STs solid and the offense will be good enough. Gruden is intriguing because he has the guile to really want it. He WANTS to be the guy that is the emperor of Philly whenever he comes to town forever because he was the only guy that could bring it home. He wants that memorial to him as a football coaching god. The guy that did what to many seemed impossible and brought a Lombardi to Philly.

        1. I still say VIc Fangio is the Coach to Hire if the Eagles want to be serious in about rebuilding their Defense and therefore be serious about competing for Championships…. He’s 57 Years Old, from Scranton area, wants to be a HC after a life-long Career as a successful Assistant just like Bruce Arians and Mike Zimmer were.. This Guy wants it and knows Time is Running out for his Dream to be HC in the NFL…
          Keep Shurmur. – Resign QB Bradford and Hire Vic Fangio to rebuild this Defense and the Eagles are a Contending Team in 2016 or at least by 2017

          1. I love that analogy with Bruce Arians. A guy who understands all the workings of a team and all the little details. AR understood all those things and still does. What hurt him is that unlike “the elite” coaches he couldn’t think about these minutia in the heat of battle. That and a serious passing addiction that was enabled (at the end by Marty M) and totally destroyed his ability to coach effectively. He clearly seems to have learned from it.

            Paul did you ever see that movie Auto Focus with Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe about Bob Crane and his sex addiction?? I literally envision something like that when I think of Andy and Marty coming up with game plans together late at night (except talking about throwing on every play instead of women and sex). I know it sounds crazy but I really think the two of them were THAT out of control together.

  36. Talk to me Paulman. Lurie still just doesn’t get it!! The defense has sucked for seven long years. The fan base wants tough intimidating suffocating defense much more than it wants cute X’s and O’s yet Lurie seems determined to give us what he likes to watch. Lurie wants the Eagles to win as Air Coryell or WCO Bill Walsh style. He does not want anything like Dick Vermeil or Buddy Ryan era defenses. That is a boring product to him with low entertainment value. That shows how out of touch he is with what entertains the masses here. We want offensive guys limping off the field, QBs splattered on the turf or looking skittish in the pocket. Skittish receivers hearing footsteps and dropping passes. Philly wants to smell fear. They want to intimidate. Philly fans would much prefer the ’85 Bears to the ’94 ‘Niners. And Lurie simply does not understand this. How can he have no interest in a guy like McDermott who is from the area, a lifelong fan, a defensive architect who has mined gold in guys like Thomas Davis, Kawann Short (2nd rd for DT is like 4th rd at other positions), Josh Norman, Greg Hardy, Kurt Coleman, Captain Munerlyn. How can he not see his resume and be impressed. It is simple. He doesn’t want that kind of team.
    So he will bring in the latest “offensive genius ” again and the defense will get stuck with a retread that keeps getting fired or a position coach we hope can make the leap. And the defense will continue to suck.

    1. I agree with everything you stated Jbird, Remember that Lurie is from Boston and not a Life-Long Eagle Fan and still probably doesn’t really understand the Game of Football well and is more of a Wealthy Fan than lets say an Owner who is setting a Vision or Creating an Identity of the Team..
      The biggest thing you can say about Lurie is that when you continually surround yourself with Non-Football People like Joe Banner and Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski to make Football Decisions, then this is the kind of crap that happens… At the Root of it, How can you improve your Football Team and Product on the Field if these Decisions are being made by non-Football People ??
      And until this Changes, The Philadelphia Eagles will not Win any Championships, for it will be impossible for them to do so based on how they are set up Front Office

  37. Paul I think he is afraid if a group of “football” guys came in, they would eventually tell him to STFU and sign the checks because with all due respect Mr. Lurie you don’t understand or know anything about how this works. He doesn’t want to hear that so he surrounds himself with “yes” men that tell him he is the greatest owner in football.

  38. So lets get this straight… you two guys think that jeff lurie who has owned the team for 20 years, has had AR, Gruden, fisher, rivera, harbaugh, mcdermott, JJ and a long list of others in his building for those 20 years. Has had extensive, hours and hours of meetings, has watched game film with some of the best in the business and you guys actually think you know more football then him? really? You don’t think he understands how it works? really? You guys are too much–

    1. Good point hac..

      Paul man does Vic F even come in and get a interview? What’s the hold up? He is on a non playoff teamm

      1. As far as a I know CT, Vic Fangio is not on the short list for Lurie,
        He’s probably too old or doesn’t have enough “Emotional Intelligence” for what Lurie is looking for.. I think he would be an excellent Hire and exactly what this Organization needs at this time to get back to sound, physical Football… But what do I know… I am just a lifelong Football and Eagle Fan!!!!

        1. correct you are a FAN– nothing more nothing less- you can espouse your thoughts with no accountability, no logic, no reason and no fact– so when you say ‘what do I know I’m just a fan’?– the answer is NOTHING!!!

  39. If he understands than why hasn’t he won anything in twenty years of being in the hunt? First thing first. Until recently he wanted to win the SB as long as he turned a healthy profit in the process. Now I think this thing has exploded to the point the franchise has become so valuable he is not “as concerned” with the bottom line because he is ridiculously rich now. But the first ten years he was mortgaged to the hilt and had to make money. So his loyal soldier Banner tried his best to win on a “tight budget.” That worked so well that he thought he was a genius and kept doing it even though they could afford to spend. Then after a while, they decided to go “all in” when they realized the penny pinching wasn’t working anymore. Then they just started to spend stupid. And there has not been a great football guy that can fix it in the building. He does not have a clear vision like Paul said and continuously grasps at straws that lead him to chase the newest trend or sexy names. He will hire Gase to prop himself up because he got “the guy everyone wanted.” And he will fail again because he is not using good football sense. I agree with Paul, he thinks like a fan not like a guy that “knows and understands football.”

    Not like I do. I’m just a fan too that is postulating about our dilemma for entertainment because it really is a baffling mystery as to how a team can go to the well so many times and come back thirsty. Its not like we are Detroit or Cleveland mired in suckdom. We are knocking at the door for thirty years and no one ever answers. Yet every other dog seems to have their day. It is really sad and frustrating. If you want the truth, this may be the most satisfying times to be an Eagle fan. When there is drama and intrigue. Because the hopes and dreams are never realized and you always feel empty in the end. I am like a pathetic gossip who never has a significant other. So I sit here and contemplate what it feels like for others who are happy (Giants and Ravens and Packers and Steelers fans) and wallow in my loneliness (with a team that will never win and the parade I will never attend) wearing a face that I keep in a jar by the door.

  40. he made money yet he spared no expense those first 10 years– interesting. he continuously grasps straws trying to get the sexiest names? yeah he’s hired 3 coaches, 2 of whom were the opposite of sexy
    he doesn’t think like a fan — the problem is YOU GUYS think like a FAN AND YOU ARE MAD HE DOESN’T THINK LIKE YOU!~!!! THINK ABOUT THAT BOYS!!!!

    1. HAC…Also, D coordinator of the SB champs?? Never mind the team he had loaded up on AP and HOF FAs. Any dope could have been successful with that bunch on defense. So yes Rhoades was sexy. Andy was more about discovery. He rolled the dice but he was searching through the staff that had just Made it to two SBs. Chip was totally sexy and idiotic. I was an idiot too and I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know anything about him so I kind of got this idea that this guy was like Walsh or Payton and a totally original X and O guy. I didn’t realize he was all about parlor tricks with no real imagination.

      Also WTF are you talking about with “he spared no expense”??? He was tighter than a fucking crab’s ass signing James Thrash and not even talking to a Keenan McCardell. Signing ND Kalu when we were desperate for an impact pass rusher. Are you fucking kidding me?? They spent money when it was too late!! When the core was old!! And they finally made it to the SB and wisely decided it wasn’t cost effective to pay the fucking guy that got them there and let him STFU and stop doing sit ups in the driveway!!! And yeah I am perfectly willing to negotiate with terrorists. And Banner should have done the same. Where was the lavish spending you speak of?? You sound stupid saying that!

      1. you may not have like the signings but vincent, watters, douglas were high end FA in the first part of his tenure, later it was owens, kearse, walker… you obviously forgot those names– stupid…

        1. Douglass and TO came via trades technically. And Walker was a modest signing. The point is in ’02 and ’03 while the iron was very hot they stood pat and thought they were smarter than everyone else. They had the money and they were the same two players away the whole time. Big time WR and pass rusher. I am no expert HAC but nor am I a dope. We both know our shit. And sorry I intimated you were stupid. You are not and you make some good points.

          1. Ok look. This “cheap” myth has dogged the Eagles since Lurie bought the team. And it is completely untrue.

            I will citicize The Eagles organization for a lot of things, but being cheap is not one of them. Was Banner great at keeping the Eagles under the cap?? Yes. Awesome at it actually. Early on, he was one of the leaders in terms of NFL GMs who knew how to manipulate the cap and the Eagles were always under it, whilst other teams (Redskins and Cowboys for example) were constantly wrestling with the thing, going over etc etc.

            The Eagles always having “cap space” (not real money – fantasy accounting manouvers) led the everyday fan to think they were “cheap” and not actually spending real $$.

            The truth is the exact opposite of course. Since he bought the team, Lurie’s Eagles have pretty much consistently been in the top 5 in payroll (actual real $$ paid to players) every single year. They’ve dropped to 10th a couple times, but generally speaking they are always top 10 in actual payroll.

            They are not cheap.

            They understand (or at least did until Kelly came along) how to manipulate the the accounting principles designated in the CBA and salary “cap”. That’s it. That’s all.

  41. HAC…he keeps going after offensive guys because he realizes it is an offense league. But that is the confounding thing about football. Offense wins games but defense wins championships. He needs to stop chasing “clever” and start looking at “fundamentally sound.” Tackling, blocking, running fast, holding onto the ball and not turning it over and doing other stupid shit. There has been a huge lack of discipline here for so long. “Clever” doesn’t fix that. Guys like Belichick and Gruden and Cowher who get the details fix that. Hey true confessions, I like what Lurie likes too. Give me Dan Fouts and Bill Walsh all day. Three yards and a cloud of dust and I am taking a nap. But sometimes that grassroots fundamental shit is critical. And we never seem to have it.

  42. ‘KEEPS chasing clever? what does that mean? he did with kelly granted but reid wasn’t that….
    if you are saying Belechick isn’t clever and cutting edge then you really don’t get it… he has won championships with mid-level defenses–
    also to go back to you saying ‘they couldn’t afford to spend’– that is totally false- they had several big name FA’s in their first few years– Troy vincent, Hugh Douglass, Ricky Waters, Runyon (I think that was a trade for a big money guy)– so you need to take that back– Lurie has always spent…It is fans that have no idea what being ‘under the cap’ actually means…

  43. For the Record, I don’t want anyone else to think like me ..One’s enough already … Good Grief…

  44. On a Semi-Serious Note, I expect the Coach Search to go on for about another good Week to 10 Days and then Lurie will have an announcement to everyone…

    I do hope they add some “Fresh Eyes” to the Scouting/Player Personnel Side of things..

  45. HAC…. I am not saying Gruden and Belichick and Cowher are not clever. The point is they are fundamentally sound first. The guys Lurie chases are more “clever” than “common sense” and they are not discipline. AR could never clean up stupid shit.

    1. I contend that if in fact you watched any other team/coach as intensely and with as much passion as you do the eagles you would have similar complaints about that HC– bashing AR is fashionable around here, and yes he deserved to be canned but AR’s second act is showing you that he isn’t this big fat bafoon that you all think he is… i sure wish he coached us to 10 straight wins and we were playing this weekend….. he isn’t more clever than common sense– just ridiculous. — AR has a .594 winning percentage over 17 years, sean payton is .603 after like 11, gruden is a .540…. tell me again about clever and ‘common sense’?????????

  46. HAC….When you have built through the draft and player development for three years and make it to the NFCC and come close to winning. You have to realize at that point you are a little short and fix it while you have a young group. You don’t think, well we got this far let’s keep being financially responsible over closing the talent GAP quickly WITH MONEY while the fire is hot. That’s what Jim Johnson did. They got smashed by Detroit and he said well we need a GREAT pass rusher. So he signed Haley and the rest is history. We didn’t do that. We said, well maybe ND Kalu can help Hugh Douglass out a little bit here. Maybe Antonio Freeman can put this receiving group over the top. YEAH THAT’S THE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. so they didn’t sign vincent, douglass, watters, owens, kearse?? they didn’t …damn i thought they did
      did they sign every FA that you wanted? NO, 1000 TIMES NO, NO, NO , NO–
      2 things: they, with more knowledge then you didn’t want them or the FA didn’t want to come here… either way– they weren’t tight, have always been near the top of actual salaries PAID TO PLAYERS (read that again) but through clever banner and roseman stuff have shown balance under the cap–

  47. We woke up after two years and said “yeah we need more.” Then we went to the SB. HAC, how come everyone seems to remember this story but you??

    1. I remember it all fullwell… i don’t understand your point- you said the eagles were cheap, that was clearly wrong, you said reid was gimmicky and clever but not a real coach that was wrong… we all agree that the eagles undervalued WR at that time… that doesn’t mean they were cheap or don’t know football- they had a school of thought about where to spend money and they did… OT clearly, QB clearly, DE clearly and CB clearly– they were the core values of their philosophy- they’d rather pay runyon and thomas and have thrash and pinkston at WR– you can’t pay 22 guys huge money… just can’t.

      1. Your points are well taken but when you are right there and there are guys out there you have to shift your core values a bit. Whatever. I am just frustrated. Fact is, Gruden outcoached us and we came up against a defense for the ages that was red hot. Our QB was rusty and coming off injury. Then Westbrook got hurt in a meaningless game and it was all over in ’03 when we were by far the best team in NFC and Patriots were more beatable. Then we had the SECOND BEST TEAM by a landslide but the Patriots has this dynasty and they were healthier and we made too many mistakes. So close. And who knows how many years it will take to get that close again. The Phillies only go on a run after they suck for at least a decade. The Eagles take two decades. 1960, 1980, 2001-2004, So by 2030 we will definitely have another good shot and maybe this time we will do it. I will be 60 and the parade will be annoying traffic for me with no place to park and too much walking for the old fart and I will be grumpy and cold and too old to get fucked up. So maybe I will just stay home and watch it on the news.

  48. HAC…if you look above I was very complimentary AR and do not think he is a big fat dope. I hope he wins the SB because he brought us a hell of a more than Buddy and Vermeil (whom we blow regularly) and he is a good man and deserves success. I blame Banner and McNabb over AR. He does not think that well on his feet and had a clinical passing addiction. I think you may find the above posts humorous. Maybe Jeffrey can hire me. I am a clever idiot too!!

    1. read my post at 302… as an organization you have to place value on positions- i think the eagles clearly didn’t value LB or WR — its simple- pay a huge name WR huge money and let runyon walk? thomas? thats not their thinking…

  49. HAC…Douglass and TO came via trades technically. And Walker was a modest signing. The point is in ’02 and ’03 while the iron was very hot they stood pat and thought they were smarter than everyone else. They had the money and they were the same two players away the whole time. Big time WR and pass rusher. I am no expert HAC but nor am I a dope. We both know our shit. And sorry I intimated you were stupid. You are not and you make some good points.

  50. ***Detroit Lions Hire Bob Quinn as GM***
    Bob Quinn has worked 16 Years with the NE Patrioits in the Front Office as was most recently their Director Of Scouting since 2012.. A very good Hire for the Detroit Lions.. Now Quinn will go out a Hire a New HC
    Maybe Coach Caldwell stays, maybe a Josh McDaniels or maybe even a Tom Coughlin..

      1. They need to Draft Better and stop paying their better Players crazy contracts which ties their hands in other areas of the Team ..
        WR Calvin Johnson , QB Matt Stafford and even the now departed DT N Suh all have crazy Contracts The Lions have some nice pieces in place and it will be interesting to see who they hire .. Josh McDaniels with QB Matt Stafford could be a good beginning for them or Adam Gase

  51. Jeff Lurie’s 2016 version of his 3 little pigs that he encourages to back stab and gossip to him. Lurie refers to it as his collaboration.
    Started his first year in the league with Wooten, Rhodes and Banner.then went to
    Modrek, Reid, & Banner. then it went to Reid, Banner & Heckert then went to Reid, Banner & Roseman, then Kelly, Roseman and Gamble. Lurie collaboration of 3 bitches hasn’t worked and will never work He himself is the problem. Jeff Lurie is a loser.

    1. Pitchforks at the owners mansion…. Fire the owner… Oops um… Shit we can’t fire the owner… He’s the fucking owner… Now what? Ok I know, let’s whine, bitch complain and say “it will never work” and if or when it does get drunk, puke in the streets, got o a parade and proclaim your love for the team….

  52. **Dolphins to Hire Adam Gase per Sources***
    Details and Announcement expected Saturday from the Club

  53. If Niners get Hue Jackson I’m just gonna throw my hands up and say: Olly Olly Oxen Free.

    Outside of Lovie (and who knows what he wants to do now) there are no good candidates after Jackson.

    I’m glad someone else is getting the smoke and mirrors that is Gase. But all other options suck.

    This is gonna really suck when we’re doing this again in 2-3 years.


    1. Coaches are no different than player whoever offers the most guarantee money gets their guy.
      The Chipper’s salary was top 10 in the NFL and Lurie is still paying him so this new head coach is going to be on the cheap side which is Lovie Smith and Hue Jackson territory. Those 2 are bottom dollar signings in cost. NFL head coaches have to glad hand sponsors and partners to spend big time money to be associated with the Eagles Brand and the Chipper cashed checks for Lurie. He had the Eagles in 2 prime time NFL feature games a month. Jackson and Smith are small pay check type guys ( which is probably the territory the search is headed, cheap) but I’m not sure they will bring sponsors and cooperate partnership types to Smolenski’s office to glad hand and give Jeff Lurie a fat check.

      1. None of what you said makes any sense. Neither Lovie or Jackson are small time paycheck guys. And if the rumors are true of Jackson going to the Niners…well..York doesn’t do small paychecks.

        1. Jim Tomsula was lowest paid coach in the NFL which made him easy to cut at 3.5 million. The Chipper exploded the salaries for NFL coaches and they all should be kissing his feet. Lurie is paying him 7 million a year which lead to everyone else getting raises who won superbowls to be above him using his salary as negotiating floor. ( Payton, Carrol, Belichick, Harbaugh) Lovie Smith is at 5 million which surprised me. Typically Tampa Bay is cheap but Lovie is middle of the pack ( must of been his Superbowl appearance gave him the credit to get more) . Hue Jackson has no negotiating power will accept first offer. I know Cincinnati is cheap and is not paying assistant coaches top dollar so Hue Jackson is desperate to get a head coaching job.

          1. You can’t compare Tomusula to what other coaches will be paid. That was a desperation hire for a guy who was just happy to have a job.

            Jackson has a decent resume and success as coordinator. And he has leverage as he’s one of the hottest guys on the market. So no. He won’t be the lowest paid coach if he decides to take an HC job.

  54. Gase ain’t ready, this search blows chunks already, Coughlin? Just stop it. Throw cash at the Stanford guy if not it’s Pederson or McAdoo. At this point Duce might be the best option.

    1. I’m glad Gase is gone. Dolphins are still gonna suck. All will be well in the football universe. I wanted no parts of him.

      Man I’d take Duce at this point. No Jackson? Coughlin? This search BLOWS.

  55. How about the idea of Coughlin coming with McAdoo as the “asst head coach”. Coughlin brings instant SB credibility and oversees the transfer to McAdoo as HC in 2 years.

        1. Yeah.

          Not buying.

          Not even convinced of him as a decent OC at this point.

          Hell I’d take Pep Hamilton before I took him, and I’m no fan of Pep as HC.

  56. Reports are Eagles are not planning to Interview Candidates Hue Jackson, Dirk Koetter or Sean McDermott for the HC Position as none are on Owner Jeff Lurie’s Wish List .. It’s his Team and he will Hire who he wants…

    1. You expect anyone to listen to you?

      You don’t even know the difference between being fired and resigning hahaha

      Give it up already wrongman fraudman

      Go back in hiding

      We haven’t forgotten

  57. My bad, so I erred in the Giants still needing to have permission while Coughlin still had time (1 Year) left on his Contract, even though Coughlin Resigned (which is a NFL Rule) but the Giants said they will not stand in any Teams way if they want to talk/interview Coughlin for a Head Coaching Job..
    The Point is the Eagles are going to Interview him, as I stated last Tuesday, and hopefully he will get serious consideration …
    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong..

    1. No the point is you got posterized by Jon hart. How embarrassing

      You r the first person that Jon has been right against

  58. Looks like after tonight Marvin Lewis will finish his 13th season as a HC without a win…. Who gets a longer leash? Damn… Coughlin 2 SB gets canned, to sulfa gets one year in dysfunction junction….Marvin Lewis blows

  59. Typical Vontaze Burfict.. Makes GreatPlays the makes bonehead Plays.. Probably cost his Team the Game with that cheap hit on WR Brown well after he missed the catch .. Complete lack of control on display
    Marv Lewis lost Control of his Team just like Coughlin did with the Giants with the OBJ fiasco a few weeks ago..
    Many of today’s Players are just F’n Idiots

    1. Total bullshit right there, can someone anyone explain to me how Joey Porter is allowed to walk on the field start shit and cause a penalty that pretty much gives his team a chip shot field goal? Hello WTF now the Bengals are complete and total idiots but control the damn field officials. TS, Shazier made a great play on that fumble give him credit right there.

      1. I”m still calling Hill an idiot.

        Shazier should have been flagged on that hit on Gio. Leading with crown has been a penalty for YEARS.

        Jones shouldn’t have been flagged. or at least Porter should have been flagged – and they offset.

        This game was f*ckery all around. But the refs def aided in handling Steelers one.

  60. I don’t want to hear about Hue Jackson.

    I don’t want to hear about Paul Guenther.

    I don’t want to hear about the soon to be unemployed Marvin Lewis.

    I don’t want to hear anything about anyone from that loser Bengals franchise.

  61. Lurie and Roseman are incompetent…the guy doesn’t know what he is doing.

    He gives Chip complete power after Roseman fired Tom Gamble

    After one year…he turns around and fires the guy

    Now he’s stumbling around, no clarity…lets just interview anybody with a name…Coughlin??…are you kidding me?

    1. Kool, I cannot agree with you more on this statement – Lurie and Roseman are incompetent…the guy doesn’t know what he is doing.

      But I disagree with your feelings for Tom Coughlin. I think he can be utilized in a positive manor to assist the Eagles – Not so much as a head coach, but as a consultant between coaching staff, and the front office.

  62. Porter originally went on the field checking on Antonio Brown and then started talking Trash, but he went out onto field to check and assist on WR A Brown..

    1. He’s not allowed on the field, he’s not his position Coach and had no business on the field, Tomlin wasn’t even on the field. Bad call the officials had no control and only the Bengals were penalized again the Bengals as usual self destructed but that was as poorly officiated playoff game you’ll ever see. Starting with that ridiculous TD catch by Bryant that although was impressive was out of bounds.

      1. When you have a bunch of out of control fools who lack composure (porter included) who are more interested in somehow proving they are no ones bitch as opposed to winning games you get the bengals…. Marvin Lewis has always had a few guys that put their manhood above team… And what you get is zero playoff wins in 11 years… Someone tell me why this moron has a job… And if he gets fired do not bring him to philly

  63. ****Eagles in Kansas City Interviewing Chiefs OC Doug Pederson this Morning
    For his 2nd Interview. The Eagles will Interview Tom Coughlin Monday
    I would expect they will have this Coaching Search wrapped up by the end of Next Week

    1. The interesting thing about Pederson is that, almost universally, people hate the idea. Probably means he’d be a good hire. Most people are stupid.

      I’m still hoping for my Coughlin/McAdoo idea (which I see has been picked up by another site)

    2. Pederson sucks as a coaching candidate, and I’m nothing close to stupid.

      Plain, and simple. He doesn’t even call the plays in Kansas City. What is the attraction to him as a realistic successful coaching stint in Philadelphia???

      Don’t you want a SuperBowl??…Then why delay it with crap candidates like Doug Pederson????!!!!

      1. Cliff what inside info do you have that tells you he is no good? He doesn’t call the plays? Neither did Andy… Who do you. Endorse…you’ve ripped everyone

        1. Ciggy, that is common knowledge that Andy Reid calls all the plays for the Chiefs – That’s not insider info, that is fact – fact that has been expressed on Radio, NFL Network, ESPN, Comcast, and the internet.

          I haven’t ripped everyone just Pederson, McDermott, Shermur, and everyone that Paul has endorsed except Vic Fangio, who I wouldn’t mind.

          I was on record for wanting Sean Payton. Now that he isn’t available, I would like to see Darrell Bevell, Josh McDaniels, Mike Shanahan, Tom Clements, or Steelers Assistant Head Coach John Mitchell.

          I wouldn’t mind Tom Coughlin being a part of the Organization, but not as Head Coach. I also want an actual GM on the front Office Staff to counteract the deficiencies of Howie.

              1. Cliff I didn’t say he should or shouldn’t be the coach because I have no information… You said he’s terrible I want to know what facts you use to determine thst

              2. and I gave my reasons. Number one, outside of Harbaugh – and I think that is only because Ozzie Newsome is his GM, so he’ll always have talent to make up for any deficiencies Harbaugh has as a Head Coach – No one that comes up from Andy is very successful, so I want no part of his tree.

                2. Anyone that isn’t actively involved in the week to week strategies of a game plan is useless. All he is, is a glorified QB Coach at this point – unlike Andy who had been a QB coach for a number of years, and involved with Holmgren in the weekly game plan. That’s not Pederson.

                There is nothing that should attract any team to him except the politics of it’s not what you know it’s who you know – That’s how Howie has the position he has…no thanks

              3. ron rivera is doing ok– as for harbaugh, you had to put a qualifier on it… thats totaly BS– if you think pederson isn’t involved in putting in and implementing the game plan it just shows how little (read NEVER) you’ve been involved in actual game planning– andy was a QB coach and made a fine HC

              4. “unlike Andy who had been a QB coach for a number of years, and involved with Holmgren in the weekly game plan. That’s not Pederson.”–again, please give us where you are getting that info???? You have no idea what you are talking about.
                also, andy was a QB coach for 2 years only– pederson 2 years as a QB coach and 3 as an OC… you are silly cliff– you just have no idea what you are talking about bro…

              5. Ciggy, Andy Reid was not only the QB Coach at Green Bay, he was the Assistant Head Coach – again, he was directly involved with the actual game planning, and overall strategy of the team.

                That’s why I wanted you to state your reasons that you felt he was qualified, because as usual, just looking for a way to be critical. But I was looking for you to defend it. You said you did know either way. So make you think I don’t know what I’m talking about…..if you don’t know???

                You can feel anyway you want – you’re welcome to your opinion You know I don’t care – but I do know that Doug Pederson, is not a good candidate – based on the fact the guy hasn’t even done anything in a coaching capacity outside of coaching the QB. That doesn’t qualify you to be a head coach.

                If you have a different opinion of Pederson, or any other candidate please state your reasons, but if you don’t have any – what leg do you have to stand on to reason otherwise with me????…..

              6. Ron Rivera, has had a good year this year. He was on the brink of being fired last year even though they made the playoffs with a horrible record in a very, very weak division – He’s nothing to hang the hat of your opinion on…..

                and what’ll you say when he, and Sean McDermott lose this weekend??

                No one under Andy’s coaching tree is worth a dime ….

              7. Dummy he was not assistant head coach… You made that up!
                As for Rivera ‘almost getting fired’… That may or may NOT be true but all coaches get fired…. Belichek has been fired… So what

          1. I’ve stated Vic Fangio from Day 1 as my #1 choice for the Next Eagles HC
            The Fact that the Eagles/Lurie are not interested as they are not even going to interview him, is out of my Control..

            I want a strong Defensive Minded Coach with a Track Record of Success.
            So I would not mind seeing DC Paul Guenther of Bengals or Donald Pease of Ravens or even Bob Sutton of the Chiefs or long-time Special Teams/Asst HC Brad Seely all Interview if there was an Interest .

            Get a Strong Defensive Minded HC and keep Pat Shurmur on as Asst HC & OC so there is some consistency on Offense was my #1 Plan from the get go..

            Owner Lurie is going to Hire who he feels best about and most likely its going to be a Younger Coach with more of a Offensive Background
            and more “Emotional Intelligence” & Familiarity of the Philly Area & Fan
            as this is what he has stated he would do..

  64. I guess when they interview these guys a big part of the discussion is about who they would hire as assistants. Coughlin would have a big advantage there, I would think.

    As far as experience, you would be hard pressed to find a more experienced offensive coach than Surmur. His time with both Reid and Kelly will help him…

  65. Flying into Kansas City ona Sunday morning after a Chiefs Victory tells you the sense of Urgency that Lurie has …
    After he meets with Coughlin Monday and then off to the NFL Owners Meetings
    So he will likely make his Decision and offers out on Monday afternoon/evening.

  66. y the flying to KC is interesting….though its really the only option as KC will be flying out for their playoff game Thursday or Friday and they have to prepare for that game at some point……

    1. Fraud once again you made too much out of standard operating procedures ..there is no more/less sense of urgency… It’s what people do to interview playoff coaches

  67. Half the time these interviews are simply to sap information out of the guy you’re interviewing….

    What better guy than Coughlin to sap info from….Who do you like as assistants – What do you think of Bradford? – How do you perceive of the offense that Chip was running? – What do you think of Shurmur? – What about our defensive backs?

    Coughlin represents a wealth of information for the search committee….

      1. I think guys like Coughlin lose their energy for coaching, and they don’t even know it themselves. There’s a reason he was asked to move on… likely because he was slipping. It’s like Shanahan – he was done when Denver let him go.

  68. I think the Eagles are kicking the tires with Coughlin ,and his assessment on the Eagles personnel and its fit with Ben Macadoo ..There due diligence ,on Macadoo ,can only be enhanced by Coughlins insights..It’s smart and tactical.

  69. Remember that McAdoo was Hired to replaced the Stale OC Kevin McKilbride who was a Coughlin Guy and was pushed out by the Front Office ..
    McAdoo is a Packers, Holmgrem Tree pass happy OC which does not suit what Coughlin likes to do and was a hire to help Eli Manning & the Giants Passing Game ..
    Coughlin us in fantastic physical shape in terms on energy and passion,
    The real blame for his demise heir GM/Scouting Dept that got fat,dumb & lazy after their 2nd Super Bowl as their recent Draft Picks have not panned out
    And their Free-Agency moves haven’t either .. Jerry Reece and Marc Ross are the real culprits

    1. Pman..I seem to recall quite a few brain-farts by tom in too many close games this season.Also in a game ,seemingly to win one for the coach,He got beat by Shurmur…

          1. Ha GMCliff, that was back in my College Days Of more than 30 Years…
            I stopped Drinking Liquor (Bourbon was my Drink) about 20 Years and just kept to Beer .. (I drank Stella Artois and Newcastle and Micro-Brews
            Jim Beam & 7-Up was my Favorite back then and then I moved up to Wild Turkey 101 on the Rocks.. But stopped drinking Beer all together last February when I stopped Smoking Cigarettes after smoking a Pack a Day for 35 Years..

            Between stopping Smoking & Drinking, and getting healthier, I’ve saved a lot of $$$ too .. If I can do it, then anyone can..

            1. I can’t drink any alcohol with all the medication I take – maybe a glass of wine occasionally…… But I never smoked.

              Jeremiah Weed, Tanqueray, Seagrams, and 7-UP, Whiskey Sour, Pineapple Juice, and Malibu Coconut Rum, and my favorite Hennessey I would order from Barbados.

              My Beer was Ichiban Kirin, Yuengling, Dos Equis, and Blue Moon…

  70. Coughlin also hurt his standing with the debacle with OBJ during that Panther Game where Beckham was clearly out of control and Coughlin did noting about it even at the next day’s Press Conference , Coughlin was still in denial which didn’t sit well with Giants Ownership and probably cemented his Coaching ouster

  71. Is it me or does QB Tedy Bridgewater just seem to play scared?
    This would be a huge comeback and confidence booster for him moving toward

  72. You got to be kidding.. Vikings Kicker Matt Walsh misses a chip shot to lose the Game.. The Steelers, Seahawks , Packers & Patriots have to be the luckiest Teams in the NFL…

  73. Giants to Interview Sean McDermott & Doug Marrone
    Browns have interviewed Hue Jackson & Paul Guenther of the Bengals
    Sean McDermott, Patriots DC Mike Patricia & Doug Marrone

    1. Add Tyler Austin to the HC Candidates for both the Browns & Giants
      Giants also Interviewed Spagnola and Ben McAdoo

  74. Actually cliff I have conflicting reports on the asst head coach thing some sources yes some no… Doesn’t matter you are an idiot if u think Peterson isn’t deeply involved in game plan

        1. I don’t see your point on Harbaugh, I’ve already acknowledged his accomplishments.

          and I mentioned that he is very fortunate to have Ozzie, and 5 Pro Bowlers, or more helps too…but congrats to him.

    1. Okay, if you think so. Reid was the Assistant Head Coach/QB Coach.

      I’m an idiot, but you can’t confirm, or conflict…..typical Ciggy….but you know better.

      Then continue to do your research, and watch how things turn out if Pederson is hired. Just dumb to even give him an interview; I wouldn’t have wasted my time,…… and FYI, I’m smarter than Howie, and Donahoe.

  75. It doesn’t look like the Eagles are going to Hire any Front Office/Player Personnel/Scouting Help for Howie Roseman anytime soon..
    Has anyone heard,read anything on this Front…
    There has been a few GM’s Hired and usually when there are, some Front Office movement happens ..

    1. That is going to be the next Lurie acknowledgement, that he shouldn’t have thought so much of Howie, and squandered the opportunity to hire a GM with a better grasp on what real talent is…

      1. The Eagles Franchise is going to be a bottom half Team in the NFL for a while until they Hire a Real GM, and it won’t matter who the HC is.. But they are not going to seriously contend for Championships until Howie Roseman is Replaced at GM with a real Football guy.. It is what it is….

  76. ***MLB News****

    Toronto Blue Jays Send CF Ben Revere to the Washington Nationals for
    RHP Reliever Dan Storen .. Revere will likely be the Nats everyday CF as they lost CF D Spann in Free-Agency who signed with the SF Giants..

    1. Good Game so far 14-14..
      Clemson’s Watson was off to to a Great Start until that Interception
      Momentum back on the Tides side, let’s see how QB Watson responds..
      Special Teams and Coverage Units could be the Difference as Alabama has had good returns so far ..

  77. Clemsons D/Line of #90,#98 & #49 have outplayed Alabama’s D/Line
    Tides QB Coker is a Game Manager while Clemsons QB Watson is a Playmaker..
    Can Bama’s Henry make enough big runs to take the Pressure off of QB Coker
    In the 2nd Half and Can Clemson run the Ball just enough to make Bama’s D/Line play honest and take some pressure of Watson
    I expectBama to blitz and bring more pressure after Watson, Clemson has to be ready and maybe utilize more screens or passes to backs out of the backfield to counter the Blitz..

  78. What a Game.. Lots of Big Plays on both sides, the Kids are playing it hard and clean and leaving it all on the Field..

      1. Clemson’s DE Kevin Dodd (#98) who was in Alabama’s Backfield all Game has Declared his intentions to come out early and be eligible for the 2016 Draft and should be an early Draft Pick.. A 1st-2nd Rounder I would think..

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