Thoughts On Gase, Coughlin, And The Latest Coaching Search Developments

Tom CoughlinOn Losing Adam Gase To Miami

On Saturday morning, it was announced that Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator Adam Gase would be accepting the Miami Dolphins’ head coaching position.

Gase interviewed with the Eagles earlier last week, and there was talk that the team would bring back for a second interview over the weekend. That never happened, as Miami didn’t allow Gase to get out of their grasp, much to the disappoint of some Eagles’ fans, as Gase was one of the few hot names on the market.

I wrote several times that I wasn’t as high on Gase as some people. To me, Chicago’s offense didn’t exactly set the world on fire this year. Jay Cutler was still Jay Cutler, and the Bears predictably marched to a 6-10 finish. And while Gase has received a lot of praise for his work in Denver, Peyton Manning was a Hall-Of-Famer before he worked with Gase, so its hard to tell just how much of Manning’s great Bronco years were really the doing of his coach.

So I’m not necessarily disappointed that the Eagles missed out on Gase, but at the same time by no means was I against him being the guy. While I didn’t completely buy-in to the hype around him, he was still intriguing enough to me that I certainly would have considered him to be worthy of the job. Especially given the kind of underwhelming names that the Eagles have gone through in their search so far (more on that below).

On Tom Coughlin

The other big news that broke on Saturday morning was that the Eagles have requested permission to talk to former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, and will speak to the 69-year old on Monday night.

This by far has been the most bizarre twist that the coaching search has taken to date.

I just can’t imagine Coughlin being the guy. It just doesn’t make sense.

Jeffrey Lurie in the past has been the kind of guy that wants to land a head coach that has long-term staying potential, much like what he got with Andy Reid.

If the Eagles are serious about Coughlin, and wind up making him their guy, Lurie better be prepared for yet another coaching search in two or three years.

Coughlin looked burnt out at the end of his tenure with the Giants. A coach once known for instilling discipline into a team allowed Odell Beckham to run wild in the team’s Week 15 match against the Carolina Panthers, letting Beckham go at it with Josh Norman throughout the game, resulting in the star receiver being suspended for a week.

The Giants have been a mediocre franchise ever since their last Super Bowl run, and even during the years they won their rings, its very debatable just how good those teams really were.

I’m actually a pretty big fan of Coughlin. But the idea of him being the next coach of this team is ridiculous.

Why No Hue Jackson Or Sean McDermott?

Two major names that have not come up in the Eagles’ coaching search to date are Cincinnati offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, and Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

There was a report on Saturday that explicitly stated that the Eagles have no interest in Jackson. I can’t understand why the team wouldn’t at least do some due diligence here and give Jackson an interview. In a weak year for coaching candidates, he certainly warrants as strong a consideration as anyone else. Certainly he’s accomplished more on his resume than Doug Pederson…

McDermott’s case is just as puzzling to me. To be fair, its not just the Eagles that are turning their noses up at McDermott. The only team in the NFL to give him an interview so far has been the Cleveland Browns. I get that Ron Rivera is a defensive coach, and that might take away from McDermott’s case, but when you look at the Carolina defense and you see how guys like Luke Kuechly, Josh Norman, and even Kurt freakin Coleman have developed, again I feel like its worth talking to McDermott just for the sake of due diligence.

Who’s The Leading Candidate With Gase Out? 


With Gase out of the picture, and Hue Jackson and Sean McDermott apparently unworthy of entering the conversation, who does that leave the Eagles with?

Duce Staley, Pat Shurmur, Doug Pederson, Dirk Koetter, Ben McAdoo, Teryl Austin, Tom Coughlin, and Paul Guenther are all guys who have either interviewed, or will interview for the position.

Looking at those names again, it blows my mind even more that guys like Hue Jackson and McDermott can’t get interviews here.

There’s no clear front-runner at the moment. But if I had to guess what Lurie may do at this point, I think its safe to eliminate the defensive-minded guys Guenther and Austin from the picture.

If I had to choose from the names left on that list, I’m going with Ben McAdoo.

But with the way the coaching search has been unfolding, I have a sinking feeling that after Monday we could be hearing reports that Doug Pederson is a serious candidate for the job…

267 thoughts on “Thoughts On Gase, Coughlin, And The Latest Coaching Search Developments

  1. How is this for bad … The Eagles get Turned down by Texas A&M Kevin Sumlin who is in turmoil down in College Ststion and hanging by threads To keep his Job for the Aggies….

  2. Adam Gase Announced as Dolphins HC as I stated last evening

    Texans Douchebag #1 Pick Jadeveon Clowney leaves the Texans Stadium after he’s informed that he will be inactive once again.. What a Chump and Cancer this Bum is.. And How many on here were ga-ga on this guy 2 Drafts ago because one head-crushing Tackle his Junior Year vs Michigan in the Citrus Bowl.. I said Stay away, far away for he did not have heart to play in the NFL… 2 years later I stand by the same comment..

    1. Texans DE J Clowney returns back to the Stadium to support his Teammates after talking to family members and probably his Agent…

  3. Watch for Bengals DC Paul Guenther to emerge, a 10Year Coach on the Begals as ZlB Coach under Mike Zimmer & Marv Lewis and has been their DV the last 2 Seasons whenZimmer took the Vikings Job and the Bengals Defense is even better now.. He’s from Northampton, Pa and knows the Philly Fans for he grew up following the Eagles.. He’s 44 Years old with a High “Emotional Intelligence” that Lurie is looking for…

    1. Guenther was LB Coach for Bengals before being promoted to DC 2 years ago
      Has a bright Future by most who follow the NFL ..

        1. Jeez, How bad is this Brian Hoyer and Texans Offense..
          Texans need a QB , Alex Smith playing a smart Game, managing the Chiefs Offense and taking the to Round #2

  4. I hope JMac is ok, but that knee injury looks bad. This often happens when players come off of a knee injury, have a solid season, then the next season they wind up getting hurt again. If they make it through the second season then that is good. My concern with Bradford is that he will not make it through the second season, which is another reason I would not throw a lot of money his way. I am not willing to gamble on his health with a big paycheck. I am more inclined to believe Bradford will reinjure a knee next season, that is why if the Eagles cannot get him at a cap friendly price I let him go…I can see him in Houston next season regardless..much better situation for him talent wise and it’s close to home.

    1. EHL… I’m not a Bradford fan but he is by far the best available right now… I actually think Fitzpatrick is second then it’s the homers, RG me , Krap..

      1. RG3 is the best free agent QB on the market. Then Kaep – then Fitz.

        Want no parts of Bradford. Want no parts of Fitz.

        Have no idea who the HC will be, that will determine whether I want parts of RG3 or Kaep.

        1. RG3 & Kaep are not Free-Agents just yet..
          Depending who the 49ers Hire (Chip Kellp or Hue Jackson) Kaep could very well be back in 2016..
          For RG3, it won’t be until March until after he passes their Physical that any release will occur with him..

          Expect the Cowboys to go after Johnny Footballor RG3
          Texans will pursue Bradord

          If I’m the Eagles I may attempt Trade Down with the Texans and send them #13 for their #21st and a their 2nd Round Pick if they want to move down for a QB (Conner Cook or Carson Wenz) in the Draft

          1. a couple of other QB’s that may be available
            Brock Osweiler, Peyton, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Mike Glennon,

            1. Obviously I’m being presumptive.

              But yeah…all those guys on the “likely to be free” list have at least Alex Smith level talent. All I think could be successful with the right HC and scheme.

              The HC will determine who of the bunch I’d like.

              1. Watch Bengals #43 Safety George Illoka who I liked out of Boise State, a few Drafts ago.. Big, Physical and plays downhill (6-4, 225lbs)
                I believe they got him inthe 5th/6th Round..

            1. Trading Back from #13 is something Roseman will definitely explore to make up for the loss of no 2nd Pick…
              There are 2 Top OTS that will go early (Tunsill/R Stanley) then the next wave are all 20 + ..
              With 2 3rd Rounders & 2 4th Rounders it would be smart to make use of that #13 Pick in the 1st Round and turn it into more Picks for the Eagles could use as many Picks in that Top #125-#140 Selections as possible
              Right now the Eagles have 5 Selections within this Range and if they can’t turn it into 7 Selections, then they should pursue doing this

      2. HAC, I am more so in the letting Bradford walk camp. I just want to start fresh.I’m not concerned with going 8-8 next season with Bradford who has never had a winning season…nor am I afraid to find a QB…so I am ok with letting Bradford kick rocks…honestly I just do not see anything special enough to pay him what he will be looking for. On top of that like I said I think the chance of him reinjuring that knee again next season is high and not worth the risk. I would re-sign him for the right price, but I would not give him more that 18 for 3 years…he has done nothing to earn more than that during his career. No playoffs and no winning seasons…it’s nice he can throw a nice pass, however, this season 70% of his passes were 10 yards or less…Charlie Checkdown!

        1. I truly don’t care about the money…I believe the eagles are pretty good about structuring contracts and making it work… I think we as fans see the $ amount and get pissed …I think it’s the absolute lowest form of sports debate.
          I also don’t think there is a thing called total rebuild in the nfl…. Some would have said a 4-12 eagles team needed a rebuild, but then you draft a TE and a LT get a new coach and presto your in the playoffs… I worry about qb hell… The ponders, the manziel a, the rg mes etc… It is cold and lonely when those losers take over… Here we have KC making a run with smith, bengals still in this game with mccarron, Carson Palmer who has had an unspectacular career is an MVP type… I think Bradford can be that

          1. I look at Bradford’s history to determine what he is and project what he can be…he can be a good QB, but he will never be that QB that will put the team on his shoulders and will a win in a meaningful game. Everything must be right for Bradford to stand a chance to be successful..i.e. have a winning record. Honestly, I see him going to Houston. The Eagles should not franchise him. I just think it would be better to build through the draft, including the QB position. Good scouting, coaching, scheme and talent evaluation is the key.

              1. The Eagles are already there HAC .. Why Pay $20 Million for Bradford & Sanchez who are likely not part of the Future for the Next Head Coach..

            1. The Eagles will not Franchise QB Bradford which would Cost $22 Million for a Teamwith a New Coach and likely a new System on a Team that has a lot of upgrades to make on both sides of the ball..
              Why pay a ridiculous amount of $$$ for a 1 year Rental for Bradford on a Team that was 11th out of 16 in the NFC Conference in 2015

              1. Because the difference between 11th and the playoffs is two missed field goals or two holding calls or one bad injury or a million other things

              2. The Eagles are below a lot of Teams in the NFC

                The Redskins, Packers, Vikings, Lions, Panthers,Falcons, TB Bucs,
                Arizona, Seattle and probably the Rams are all ahead of the Eagles right now
                The Bears probably are also and once Romo returns, the Eagles are below them too and I talking purely in Terms of Talent at the Key Positions & Big Playmakers

              3. And last year Detroit, cowboys, colts, chargers, ravens and bills were much better than this year and redskins vikes, jets are better this year…do you not follow the nfl fraudman

              4. Clearly you don’t appreciate how the tag can be used. Once applied, it is in Bradfords best interest to sign longer term more realistic contract (with year 1 being team friendly). Is he worth it? Personally, when I look at the crappy o

        2. Ridiculous…you can not win in this league without a competent Quarterback. I dont know how Bradford was supposed to showcase great talent with receivers dropping leading the league in dropped passes, poor offensive line play, and no running game.
          If you stop the linear thinking and look at all the factors..Bradford produced and that is exactly why other teams will pony up and give him the money. Houston is salivating at the opportunity to grab Bradford and they will pay up.
          So unless you want try to find a needle in a haystack by drafting a QB-none of whom in this year’s draft are projected as starters…or go with Mark Sanchez as your starter which is absolutely ridiculous…you have to keep Bradford even if it means franchising him.
          The expectation that Howie Roseman is going to be able to find us a diamond in the ruff Quarterback in the draft is worse than believing in the tooth fairy…its bad enough that we dont have a qualified football man in the front office.
          We are in deep shit…deep trouble!

    1. I think the Bengals Win with AJ McCarron with a surprise Big Game..
      Big-Ben has been shaky down the stretch with a lot of Ints lately
      McCarron has impressed me during his fill inTime for Dalton and may end being the #1 Starter come next Season.. He’s got a nice Pocket Presence and the NFL doesn’t seem too big for him from what I’ve seen ..

  5. RG3 is the best QB available?? Lol..the dude is done. Loads of talent, but when you can’t read devensive schemes when your in action, all that talent goes down the thanks!

    1. RG3 can read defenses.

      He’s not very good pre-snap b/c he never had to be.

      He’s fine post snap.

      RG3 is smart and quite capable of learning a new system. He never had the support of Gruden and Cousins could have kept throwing interception and still wouldn’t have been benched. The wind made him do it one of those times.

      So no. Right coach. Right system. RG3 will be fine.

      1. I still think EJ Manuel could be effective with the right Coaching & Schemes..
        HC Marrone didn’t like Manuel and RexRyan is just a QB Killer
        Get him & RG3, a fresh Start and they could end up as decent QB’s but they both need a change of scenery bad..

          1. No matter who the coach was….

            He’s NOT a starting caliber NFL QB just like I said the year he was drafted. Now the ones that screamed for the Eagles to draft him now have a reference to the evidence of that – and cannot dispute it.

            We don’t need a sorry EJ Manuel on this team making our QB situation worse than it is. Let him go play in the CFL where he belongs…

            Get outta here with that EJ Manuel talk Paul……

        1. Marrone, and Rex Ryan want to win, and if EJ Manuel was the best he had to put on the field, then he would be out there.

          You’re still in denial, that he isn’t a good QB. Two NFL Coaches confirm the opposite, and he proves it himself in his play.

          So many were fooling themselves because of his measurables, but he can’t play!!!!

          This isn’t the combine, this is the real thing, and he has looked outright silly in his performances.

      2. “RG3 can read defenses. He’s not very good pre-snap b/c he never had to be.
        He’s fine post snap.”


        So he can read defenses….except he can’t pre snap…which actually is when a QB read defenses…so he can read defenses….except he can’t……because he never had to…but he’s good running around!!!”


        Best non-koolidiot line ever.

        RGIII is pure shit.

        1. Sigh.

          RG3 ran a spread/option offense most of his career (college/pros), where the bulk of the decision making comes post snap. Did the DE crash…or whoever they are READING at the time – it’s not always that simple – but you get the picture.

          In that type of system what happens AFTER the ball is snapped largely determines what you’re going to do with the ball. Which is what I was referring too.

          So no “she” understands what reading a defense means..and knows…depending on what system the QB is in when a lot of those READS are going to happen.

          RG3 has to get better on pre-snap reads if he’s going to run a more pro-system. He rarely made bad decisions with the ball in an option type system (keep, throw, pitch, run etc.), his stats generally back this up.

          1. “Reading” whether a DE crashes or stays home is something that middle school option QB’s have been doing since the beginning of time…” Ok Johnny put the ball in the FB belly, ride it, take a look at the DE, if he is turned to the inside pull it out and get to the edge”…. That isn’t reading defenses that’s reading one man…. Reading defenses is deciphering coverages, blitz packages, understanding where pressure is likely to come from etc.
            Option QB “reading” a DE (or OLB) is a pre school, picture book…. Reading a defense is a college level book (and I don’t mean an online degree mill college book)

  6. Watch Bengals LG Clint Boling, who I wanted the Eagles to pursue last year in Free-Agency .. He ended up resigning with the Bengals for a decent amount but not crazy $$$

  7. If Eagles hire a Offensive HC from the outside.. then I would let Bradford Walk, Release Sanchez take the $2.5 Million Cap Hit and attempt to Trade for EJ Manuel from Buffalo for a 4th Round Draft Pick and then also Draft a QB
    and then go into 2016 and see what happens if it flames out and Eagles go 4-12 in 2016 then they should have a Top 5 Pick for some good QB’s in the 2017 and if EJ Manuel plays really well then maybe they build with him
    But I stay away from any 3-4 Year $16-$18 Million a Year Committed Deal for Bradford for if he gets hurt, then they are stuck with him..

      1. I would rather see EJ Manuel in 2016 than Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez., RG3, Geno Smith, Ryan Mallet, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Hoyer, Nick Foles, Jimmy Claussen, TJ Yates… etc, etc

        1. Clint Bowling is the man. He went and graduated from my high-school in Johns Creek GA Would come by the locker room and work out with us from time to time.

          Bradford more then likely will go somewhere else and dominute in Houston will Bill O Brien. That defense backing him up, along with Denadre Hopkins would content for that divison.

        2. I don’t know why…Bradford has his limitations, but EJ Manuel in NO way is an upgrade – your trending downward with him Paul, and you can’t justify it, because he outright stinks.

          Anyone who would much rather have EL Manuel, instead of a vastly more talented Bradford, is an idiot…..there is no contest there. Bradford is hands down the superior QB.

      1. Probably a 5th Rounder and no higher
        Don’t the Eagles have 2 3rd Rounders & 2 4th Rounders & 2 5th Rounders this Year with Trades they made last Year with the Lions & Boynkin

  8. Coughlins 1st 5yrs with Jags, 4 playoffs n 2 AFC championship games, 1st 5yrs with Giants, 4 playoffs n a SB win, with that track record n age get him in here for 4 or 5yrs, n bring McAdoo with him to sit behind him n get groomed to take over like Rodgers behind Farve, I think it would work nice!

    1. All those career highlights are great, but the Giants asked Coughlin to go for a reason. It could be that he has lost his passion for the rigors that go with coaching in the NFL… People around you know sometimes before you know…

      Maybe that’s not the case with Coughlin…. but maybe it is….

  9. MeSean

    Redskins would be up 9-0 if Mesean Jackson wasn’t a hot-dogging selfish loser. Dive into the endzone instead of putting on a show loser.

    Glad he’s gone.

    1. How was he hot dogging? He ran towards the end-zone once he caught the ball, there was zero showing off, the defender got to him before he could run over the pylon. If he dove and got the ball knocked out you would have cried about that. No matter what he does some of you will bitch about it…
      Damn some of you guys are ridiculous with your hate.
      He is still better than every WR on the Eagles

      1. Hey the MVP of the league Cam is the ultimate look at me player. Anyone wanna see the discount double check championship belt from Rogers. His Mehawn comments are old. Need a new material.

      2. “How was he hot dogging? ”


        Are you really asking that?

        Where was the ball?????

        Right hand….holding as far out from his body as he could.

        If he, like any solid, not “look at me” player would have done, had tucked the ball and dived into the endzone then it would have been an easy td,

        And easy TD.

        But no.

        Desean stuck that ball all the way out to his right and danced his way in.

        Whoops….missed you puss.

        You cannot defend what Mesean did there. The TD was there is he had sucked it up and dove in…but that’s not his style…he had to hold that bal out there putting on a show and failed. Typical “drop that ball on the 1 yrd line” Mesean.

        Stop defending that shit.

      3. Not sure it was hot dogging. It was however fundamentally unsound, selfish in that he didn’t lay out… It was a terrible play on his part…I would equate it with the Murray slide….

          1. Since I found out (I should have known, duh) that eagles could not call audibles I refuse to totally judge the young players… Yes there were too many drops but really, a true offensive genius would have great alternative plays… Jackson is a turd

  10. Amazing how Arron Rogers sucks with no oline. Only idiot Eagles fans dont understand that. Rogers sucks with no protection and no run game.

    1. Don’t talk nuts because you are angry Dag….

      Rodgers has 31 TDs and 8 INTs this year… And it’s an off year for him… He’s the best in the game.

    1. I expect the Bengals to lose OC Hue Jackson to the 49ers as early as Monday
      And DC Paul Guenther is Interviewing for the Browns Job Monday as well

      I would not be surprised to see the Bengals hire Lane Kiffin from Alabama as their next OC and work with AJ MaCamron who is likely the Future QB for them down the road by 2017…

    2. Another year of Lewis standing there stoically while his idiot players throw a game away in front of him.


      I want no part of Hue Jackson.
      I want no part of Paul Guenther.
      I want no part of any coach from that loser Bengals organization .

      1. How bout zimmer? The guy came from there n I’d take him in a minute? I’d take the D cord n pair him with Shurmur, I think Shurmur would do good in some kind of hands on position, he’s in the Del Rio mold, a lifer who with a 2nd chance would do good

  11. Philly fans aren’t what they used to be. Ashamed give me a paper bag I don’t want to be seen. Lesean McCoy is in the front row of the Sixers Cavs game wearing a Cleveland Indians baseball hat and the dingbat fans gave him a standing ovation. What happened to Philadelphia. Once upon a time we booed Reggie White after leaving and booed Beyonce for wearing a LA Laker shirt during the NBA finals in Philly. Now I’m ashamed of our fans cheering Shady McCoy while wearing a Cleveland Hat at the Sixers Home game.

        1. And you can call the CEO’s of TastyKake, Breyers Ice Cream, Entenmenns Cakes and the Cheese Steak Places as well.. Nothing is Good as it used to be..
          It’s not a Philly thing, it’s everywhere .. Keep cutting corners, get cheaper suppliers and ingredients, automate everything, cut the sizes, add more preservatives for extended shelf life.. Good Grief…

  12. The Packers running the Ball down the Redskins throat ..
    Lacy getting his wheels back which really changes their entire Offense when they are able to run the ball effectively
    Randall Cobb & John Kuhn and Starks are all getting some running room

  13. ****NBA News ****
    Brooklyn Nets Fire HC Lionel Hollins and reassign GM Billy King to Janitor Duty
    Can any person on here tell me how Billy King continues to get GM Jobs in the NBA? He’s been a Disaster and Franchise Killer everywhere he’s been,..
    I know he’s a Duke Graduate, but is Record over the last 12-15 Years is about the worst for any NBA Executive… (76ers, Hawks & now the Nets)

  14. ***Jeremy Maclin News***
    KC WR J Maclin is reported to only have a sprained right ankle and no damage to his right knee as first thought and will be listed day to day for next weeks match up vs the Patriots which is good news for him and the Chiefs

  15. Is D-Jax playing this 2nd Half? He’s done very little in this game
    I think the Redskins are going to release him after the Season and go with their younger WR’s Crowder & Grant opposite of Garçon with TE Reed and use the Salary Savings for more help to their Defense…

      1. Kurt Cousins came back to earth….he was awful…the Redskins suck…GB offensive line took over the game bullied them

        1. “Kurt Cousins came back to earth….he was awful”

          No he wasn’t shit for brains.

          As I have tole you 78,654x QBs in their first playoff game lose 80% of the time. Its a friggen given. What happened was expected. First time in the playoff Qbs went 0-4 this weekend….what a non-suprise.

          So you better think about your Bradford obsession…because when he finally makes the playoffs for the first time he’ll be 29 (min) and he will lose as all first timers do,

          So if you stroke it for Bradford….like you do….recognize that you are hoping for a 30 yrd old loser in 2018 as the Eagles “best option”

          LOL Joke.

          Clean fucking house is the only option

          1. Dumb ass…Kurt Cousins did come back to earth…staring down receivers, holding the ball…confused…he was unable to do anything in the second half.

            When the pressure was turned up on Cousins..he folded like a cheap suit

            Vinniedafool…only a complete idiot wants to see Howie the Account Roseman ‘rebuild’ the team! So it comes as no surprise that you want the team torn apart

            We are in big trouble..the front office as it is constructed is totally dysfunctional…and only dumb ass like you see some hope in Howie the Accountant

    1. ****Paulman Rumors ****
      Bengals OC Hue Jackson accepts HC Offer for the 49ers
      Alabama’s OC Lane Kiffin becomes the OC of the Cincinnati Bengals
      Alabama hires Chip Kelly as their next OC to replace Lane Kiffin

      You heard it here first ..

      1. Sorry to break it to you but everyone and there momma mentioned these things as possibilities

        So no were not hearing it here first

  16. Why not have D-Jax return that Punt, only1 Defender within 5 Yards of Crowder, you have to return that and get some yards to help your Team
    I see so many blunders by the Punt Returners any more across the NFL
    Players running when they shouldn’t, Players letting the ball hit the ground,
    Players catching it with ing the 10 Yard line, etc.. Just poor fundamentals on Special Teams anymore he NFL..

  17. More Paulman Rumors ***

    Eagles/Lurie decides one of the following in Terms of Coaching Staff

    1) Hire Doug Pederson as HC who then Hires LB Coach Gary Gibbs of the Chiefs p, as the Eagles new DC

    2) Hire Tom Coughlin as HC and Coughlin Hires Perry Jewell as Eagles DC

    3) Names Pat Shumur as HC who keeps Billy Davis as DC

      1. I don’t believe Lurie is interested in Vic Fangio who would be my Top Choice, but I don’t see it happening to be honest..

  18. I see Redskins GM S McClanahan letting RB Alferd Morris, RG3 and D-Jax all go if the Off-Season and replace them with his own Players

      1. D-Jax won’t get Released due to a large Cap Hit of $6.25 Million for 2016
        D-Jax is set to earn $3.75 Million Salary plus a $3.75 Million Roster Bonus plus a $1 Million Signing Bonus Plus a Workout Bonus of $500k giving him a total of $9.25 Million in Compensation for 2016

        In 2017 D-Jax is Set to earn only $1.25 Million in Salary ..

        Maybe they ask to restructure or just ride it out..

        1. That’s code for He’s praying he doesn’t, because he would be in high demand to come back to Philly, and Paul hates him.

          I hope he is a cap casualty – Paul never knows for sure – then he can come home where he belongs – in spite of Paul.

          1. I wouldn’t think D-Jax would ever return to Philly if he were to move on from the Redskins.. I could see him going out West to one of the California Teams
            The Chargers could use a Deep Threat, the 49ers need Playmakers
            If the Ram end up back in LA, I see him finishing up his Career out West as he only has a couple Seasons left in his body as its beginning to break down on him.. (hamstring wise)
            The Redskins could even extend him out acouple of years to level off his Pay/Contract..

  19. I see the Redskins/Cowboys as Favorites for the NFC East for the 2016 Season with the NY Giants a 3rd Place Finish while the Eagles picked to finish in the Basement by most NFL Observors…
    Eagles probably only get 3 National TV Games so expect a lot of 1PM Home
    Start Times which some Fans like and some Fans don’t..

  20. Shit for Brains.

    QBs in their first playoff games lose 80% of the time. Its a given you ignorant twit.

    Qbs lose their first playoff game almost all the time. Its a given. I’ve been telling you this for 3 years and you still won’t listen!!!!

    QBs in their first games were 0-4 this weekend!!!!

    No one, but you, was surprised because its what happens every single time a “rookie” QB plays in the amped up playoffs.

    Cousins didn’t “crash” or “come down to earth”. He did what every QB does in his first playoff game when the stakes are raised…..he struggled!!!!

    When this happened to Foles (like 200yrds 2tds and 0 ints is struggling!!) you went ape shit.

    You lost it.

    You didn’t understand.

    Now when Cousins struggled….again you are losing it. You are suprised. You are announcing he was “confused”

    Of course he was you numbskull……it was his first playoff game!!!

    ALL “rookie” QBs struggle their first playoff game….most lose.

    Because you are a loser with no knowledge of the way the NFL works you are suprised by this and announce it like its the coming of Haley’s comet.

    “Rook” QBs were 0-4 this weekend.

    Only you are suprised.

    And you pine for Bradford who has never been in the plaoffs.

    When he makes it (hopefully with Cleveland) he will lose his first game like everyone else.

    You WANT this….and why is it a problem??????

    Becuse he’ll be 30 coming out the other side!!!!!!!!!!

    Me?? I’d prefer a 23 yr old losing his first playoff game and building from there…..

    Koolidiot?? He wants a 30 yr old losing his first game and “building” with a 30+ yr old loser.

    Wrong idea putz.

  21. “rookie” in the playoffs idiot.

    I made that clear as day.

    QBs in their first playoff game lose 80% of the time. Cousins started his first playoff game. He lost. They all lose.

    1. I thought Cousins played ok and was not the reason the Skins Lost
      The Redskins Front 7 on Defense got gassed halfway thru the 3rd Quarter and could not stop the Packers Rushing Attack which led to their loss

      Cousins ended up 29/46 for 329 Yards for 1 TD (which should have been 2 TD’s if D-Jax runs hard after his Catch) and No Int’s but he took on too many Sacks (6 of them) and was late and behind receivers on a lot of passes which is a sign of indecision..

      Bottom line is the Redskins are a good Year to 2 Years ahead of the Eagles right now in fielding a Playoff Competitive Team…

      1. Cousins stats look good b/c of that pure WC offense they run. he dumps the ball off…receiver gets 20 yards, he ends up with 300 yards.

        Cousins also threw 4-5 surefire pics including what would have been a pick six if Jordan Reed didn’t come out of nowhere and save the play.

        The best thing for the Eagles is that the Skins sign Cousins long term. He just played his best year of football. It’s only gonna get worse from here.

        1. He Beats the Eagles every time out and that’s all that matters to me..
          He plays like an All-Pro when Billy Davis puts a Game Plan against Him/Redskins..

        2. Funny when TS and others don’t like a guy they end up trying to fit their narrative with ifs and buts– FYI montana won SB’s, MVP”s and made it to the HOF with guys running after the catch– as a matter of fact RAC became a term because of jerry rice…
          also, cousins as TS points out is a first year starter but funny he is a first year starter that apparently has ‘played his best football”– so his career track is going down… i guess thats because her RG me went in that direction

          1. You’re such an idiot.

            Being a “first year starter” is a nice way of apologizing for the guys poor play. The team was his last year when RG3 went down with injury and he was the starter. He got benched.

            If ANY other QB were playing this year he would have gotten benched. RG3 got benched for less. But they let him keep playing. He hit a bunch of bad teams and voila a start was born. Sound familiar?

            RG3 is not my guy. Was never a fan, but he has talent MUCH more talent than Cousins. I said the SAME thing about Nick Foles and his 27/2. His flaws were OBVIOUS then AND he lucked up on playing bad teams and teams without their starting QB.

            He hits the playoffs against a better team…and loses. Cousins did the exact same thing. His playing style is more in the line with Tannenhill than Foles, but the results are the same. Miami was 8-8 last year too (8 games is all it took to win the East this year) – Cousins is just good enough to keep a franchise thinking “Oh this year will be his year.”

            The East is bad, so maybe they win it again – though a healthy Cowboys team might have something to say about that.

            1. Things that happen over the course of an athletic event— you conveniently left off ‘if mesean had not been such a wuss he would have had another TD pass’… funny isn’t it

  22. ********HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEKEND**********




  23. Here is what i want us to do at QB

    let bradford walk and sign RG3 for a few reasons:
    1. RG3 rookie year was better than Sams best pro season
    2. RG3 will be way cheaper
    3. RG3 is way more accurate than sam
    4. RG3 can make all the throws
    5. RG3 just has way more talent

    now i recognize RG3 isnt necessarily an ideal situation but I think he is better than any other qb available and better than sam and sanchez… i am not a fan of running qbs at all and thats not why i want him. i want him for his accuracy, i want him because i dont want sam or sanchez either.

    i think he is our best bet. and think his demise in DC was mostly b/c of injuries and dysfunctional front office in dc. bring him here let him and sanchez compete and go from there

  24. My favourite part of the entire weekend was how, when the chips were down, all the clowns reverted to their natural state.

    Front-running MeSean who has a rep for being a “me first” selfish player who disappears when the going gets tough was exactly that. Holding that ball out for everyone to see and gliding “into” the endzone instead of doing his job and fighting his way in. Put your head down???? Try hard??? Not his style. Gotta put on a show you know!!! And how did he then respond to playing like a puss….he bailed on a route the only other time I saw him on the field…otherwise he shrank the way he always does.

    So glad he’s not an Eagle. Can never win with guys like that.

    And then the complete idiot Vontaze Burfict (who many in here clamored for).

    32 teams passed on that guy because in college he was a complete idiot on the field. He lost himself millions. And someone takes a chance on the guy….and does he say to himself, “I am happy for this opportunity. I will show my team why they should have faith in me.” Nope.

    Chips are down and he juuuuust can’t help himself can he?? When the Pitt defender hammered Bernard with the illegal hit, I said to my friends….”I bet that clown Burfict is going to try to head-hunt someone for revenge.”

    And he did. Put himself above the team and lost the game.

    First there was the knee to Roethlesburger’s shoulder then that ridiculous “the game is over!!” run to the dressing room when in fact there was 1:30+ left and the game was not over. And then the completely selfish torpedoing of Brown to lose the game. With a little assist from everyone’s favourite model citizen Pac Man Jones.

    When the chips are down, losers always revert to being the losers they are deep down.

    All so predictable.

    1. Well there is one thing that will never ‘revert’…you Vinniedafool…

      You are a fool now, you were a fool yesterday, you were born a fool

      Desean Jackson opens up the field for other receviers with his speed…there was nothing he did wrong, we wasn’t “hotdogging’ he got pushed out of bounds like a lot receivers do on a lot of plays…fool…

      When the Quarterback chokes up under pressure receivers who are running good patterns and open cant get the ball.

      Kurt Cousins simply reverted to the QB that he really is…a mediocre QB.

      Bradford, played well under pressure with no receivers, no running game…he is the best available QB for the Eagles…bottom line period.

      Vontaze Burfict is an excellent linebacker…I’d take him in a heartbeat…I believe he didn’t know where the ball was thought guy possibly had it and took the shot…the referees cost the Bengals the game…they were horrible…what was Joey Porter doing on the field??

      Players like Desean Jackson, Vontaze Burfict are the players that you can win with in football. Talent is what wins football games. Its non talented players like your Nick Foles who this year reverted to what he really was…a below average back up Quarterback that you cant win with…

      Vinniedafool, we all know that you are hoping beyond hope that somehow, maybe, possibly…Nick Foles will be cut by the Rams…he was that awful and with Bradford out of the way…we could resign Nick Foles and go on to glory with Nick!

      You are a delusional fool…and you haven’t reverted to that…you simply are a fool!

      1. i believe both of the players you said were winners lost this weekend- actually Burfict is 0-3 and mesean is 1-5 in the playoffs… sorry bout your luck– losers! – and there only 2 people on this earth that think mesean gave a full effort on that play– you and TS–tuck the ball put your head down and score- i don’t believe it was hotdogging, i believe it was ‘dogging’ it — simple terrible play– he has 3 catches per game in the post season—

      2. “…there was nothing he did wrong, we wasn’t “hotdogging’ he got pushed out of bounds like a lot receivers do on a lot of plays…fool…”




        “DeSean decided it would be best to hold the ball behind him while approaching the goal line and pylon, tucking it at his hip instead of stretching it out like, you know, every other player in the NFL would do. College too. High school also. Not to mention flag, or just playing outside in the snow.

        Though it’s not seen in the video, Jackson completely slowed up after catching the ball, his standard look-at-me, hotshot move, evidently figuring he’d easily be able to score by not attempting to put the ball over the goal line.”


          1. “Players like Desean Jackson are the players that you can win with in football”


            48 YARDS PER GAME
            2 TDS IN 7 GAMES


  25. regarding the eagles not getting gase. im kind of happy. he looks like a retarded chad pennington

  26. **NFL NEws***

    Buffalo Bills announce the Hiring of Rob Ryan to become the Bills new DC

    On a Side note, maybe the Eagles should talk to former Browns HC Mike Pettine as their DC.. He’s no HC, but he was a decent DC when he focused on that side of the Ball .. Pettine is from Allentown area I believe too so he knows the Philly area well

  27. I forgot about the Big College Championship Game tonight..
    I would like to see Clemson Win but Alabama’s is tough to beat and hopefully its a close, exciting game…

    My Head says Alabama Wins 33 – 23
    My Heart says Clemson Wins 31-30

      1. For the Record – I go with what my brain tells me which is Alabama 33 over Clemson 23.. MVP is Bama’s RB Derick Henry

          1. So what Mhenski.. I don’t care, not sure many others do either ..
            Its not the first time i’ve been wrong or made in error and won’t be the last time either.. You act as if you never been wrong… Get over it small man & brain…

    1. maybe people think he sucks because the sixers let him walk… as a ‘trust the process’ guy you must have had a problem with hinkie doing this? but i guess not, everything hinkie did was great in your eyes…

      1. Now I’m going to simpy explain why Hinkie didn’t resign Ish Smith

        They would be too good! And he was right they are but there is nothing wrong with winning games, developing continuity. Hinkie set the Sixers up to lose every single game and that wasn’t right

        I can’t stress enough, the fact that I’ve said on here numerous times, no team that loses every game and finishes last are granted the 1st overall pick. Usually the team around 3rd worst I believe it’s a 25% chance (percentage could be wrong) of getting 1st overall

        As you can see from the standings the Lakers are hovering around 3rd worst setting up what I’ve been afraid of for awhile that the nba is setting the big money maker Lakers up for a return to glory by granting them Kobe’s replacement Ben Simmons

        So in hindsight I understand what Hinkie was trying to do but I didn’t agree with it. I’ve been saying since last season on here to start Ish Smith. The offensive flow is way way better. Hes a very good functional point guard. They better resign him this time around!

  28. **Eagles Rumors***
    Tom Coughlin’s Interview has gone very well per Sources…
    Owner Lurie is split between Doug Pederson who he really likes and Tom Coughlin..

    1. I don’t want either of these guys. Coughlin looked senile in some of those last minute losses this season. The only 2 seasons the Giants won playoff games were the 2 Superbowl years; the rest of the time they were mediocre. Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy earned a trip to the HOF, but I can’t see him getting us to the promised land.
      I think Doug Pederson is going to be the hire. 3 years of Chip has made Lurie nostalgic for the Andy Reid days and Pederson appears to be the only leaf from that tree that is available.
      I’d keep looking.
      Maybe we should have ridden with Chip for 1 more season?

      1. I believe Chip became too Toxic and Owner Lurie didn;t want to give Chip another Year to further make Poor Player Personnel Moves,Approve more Contracts to bite the Team for years to come, To alienate more people in NovaCare.. Lurie had to remove Chip Kelly as quick as possible to cut the losses which is exactly what he did …

  29. **Paulman Rumors***

    Eagles Trade #13th Pick to the Texans for their #22nd and #55th Pick
    Texans Grab QB Connor Cook while the Eagles Acquire more “Asset’s”
    and now will have the Following Draft Picks in the First 3 Rounds

    1st Rd — #22 – OT Taylor Decker (Ohio State 6-6 315lbs)
    2nd Rd –#55 – DT Chris Jones (Miss State 6-5 310lbs)
    3rd Rd — #77 – Guard Spencer Drango (Baylor 6-6 320lbs)
    3rd Rd — #80 (From Detroit) QB Dak Presoctt (Miss State 6-2 230lbs)
    4th Rd — Approx #115 DB Dlondre’ Hall (Northern Iowa 6-1 190lbs)


  31. Andy Reid essentially had a winning season almost every year he was in Philly. The one season he didn’t he was terminated with a 4-12 season. Chipper had 2 winning seasons out of 3 years and the year he didn’t he was terminated. The New Head Coach hire is not getting any leeway. Jeff Lurie demands a winning record. The media is somewhat portraying Lurie as patient. I don’t see patience from him at all. He will not watch a new head coach take a step backward from 7-9 and certainly not watch this new head coach have multiple losing seasons. The new hire has to perform and quickly.

    1. I am watching some the Players who will be in the upcoming Draft
      that the Eagles may be interested in

      DT – A’Shawn Robinson (6-3 312lbs) – Projects as Early 1st Rounder
      DT – Jarran Reed (6-3 313lbs) – Projects as a early to Mid 1st Rounder
      ILB – Reggie Ragland (6-2 252lbs) – Projects as a Mid- 1st Rounder
      DE – Jonathon Allen (6-3 283lbs) – Projects as a Mid-Late 1st Rounder
      RB – Derrick Henry (6-2 240lbs) – Projects as Late 1st/Early 2nd Rounder
      Center – Ryan Kelly (6-4 300lbs) – Projects as a 2nd/3rd Rounder
      CB – Cyrus Jones (5-10 196lbs) – Projects as a 5th/6th Rounder
      OT – Dominic Jackson (6-6 315lbs) – Projects as a 6th/7th Rounder

      CB – Mackansie Alexander (5-10 196lbs) – Projects as a Mid 1st Rounder
      DE – Shaq Lawson (6-3 270lbs) – Projects as a Mid 1st Round Rounder
      Safety – Jayron Kearse (6-3 220lbs) – Projects as a 2nd Rounder
      TE – Jordan Leggett (6-4 255lbs) – Projects as a Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rounder
      Guard – Eric MacLain (6-4 315lbs) – Projects as a 5th/6th Rounder
      DT – DJ Reader (6-2 325lbs) – Projects as a 5th/6th Rounder
      WR – Charone Peake (6-2 215lbs) – Projects as a 7th Rounder/UDFA
      OT – Joe Gore (6-5 305lbs) – Projects as a 7th/UDFA

      1. Chip had to go not able to lead men yet and watching the same 10 plays over and over with penalties due to fatigue was horrific.

        Sam Bradford is the best QB we have had since McNabb in his prime. If you can risk 100 mil on Vick you can signSam long term.

        I want a coach that will build an o-line and run the ball and use play action to get guys like Matthews and Agholor separation. Must name a 1 and 2 reliever andNOT rotate so damn much

        1. If the players have defined roles they can do their jobs

          When Sam says he doesn’t know who is in the game sometimes…. Well there is your chemistry problem

      2. paul its january 12 and I believe you have already mentioned close to 100 players the eagles ‘should be interested in”–My guess is they will pick at least 1… and when one of the others gets chosen in a position of need for the eagles you will say “they should have drafted ___________ like i said” LOSER!

        1. I’ve only had about a dozen Mocks so far and most have only been the Eagles first 3/4 Rounds so about 40 Players as some Players have been repeated..
          Bottom Line — Eagles need OL & DT & LB in the Early Rounds..

  32. ****Paulman Rumors****

    Alabama’s HC Nick Saban to leave Tuscaloosa and take the Open HC Job for the Detroit Lions for his Final Coaching Job…

  33. If I’m the eagles I take a low risk/ high reward chance on rg3 to me Bradford just looks like a guy and I’m not overpaying for just a guy….
    And wherever chip lands trade him some of his guys
    Huff,cooper,celek,tobin,hart,demeco Ryans they cam go wherever chip goes and even if chip doesn’t land anywhere still send those somewhere else

    1. so…. how is he ‘low risk’– are you really thinking griffin is going to be a minimum salary guy? the nfl is QB driven… and there is a QB shortage… griffin will have MANY suitors and his price will be high…

      1. rg3 will not have as many suiters as bradford imo and his price will be lower than his as well. i look at foles deal as a precedent for rg3’s approx 3 years 27mill with an easy out…

        id do it too. give me rg3 at 3 for 30 over bradford at any amount, he is just better… washington destroyed him, put him back on the field injured out of desperation then they just destroyed him publicly

        only thing i dont like about rg3 is he is too nice of a person without enough fire to be a team leader but to me its rg3, bradford or sanchez and to me its a no brainer who has the most talent out of that 3

        at the end of the day unfortunately i just dont see him coming here. i feel as if we are about to go reallllllllllllllllllly soft, not make waves, do the subtle cautious moves and the outcome will be shurmur and bradford coming back. by the way WHY IS BILLY DAVIS STILL HERE?????????????

          1. agreed and i dont know what the right move is. if im looking at just rg3, sanchez or bradford here is i think the real narrative on the 3

            rg3 – most talented, not a leader, guys may not respect him (like they did in washington) because he is a super nice person and displays no fire/emotion on the field… overall i think he gives you the best chance to win the most games. he would be my pick for next year

            bradford – a bust of a 1st round pick, did not bring us a positive return on our trade, scared to throw the ball down field, will not win you any games with his talent, guaranteed a losing record, guaranteed to miss a few games, lack of situational awareness, crumbles when the pressure is turned up. he would be my second choice at qb if you cut sanchez, i say this because if/when he goes down then this signing would be a failure and i dont want a competent sanchez to come in and win a few meaningless games and prevent us from getting a high draft pick/qb of the future

            sanchez – well we know what he is.. he is my 3rd choice at qb but a close tie with bradford. i almost want to say just let bradford walk and let sanchez run the show to give you the best chance at getting a high draft pick and a shot at a franchise qb. but i like watching the eagles compete too much to have them intentionally be shit

            1. rg 3 certainly has the most upside… i guess if he can re-create himself and harness his talent… it is just so wierd that the wheels fell off in DC… and fell off so drastically…

  34. a lot of people have been saying bradfords 2nd half of the season was good to which i have disagreed but never cared to post on it/research on it. well elliot shorr parks did and here is what he had to say:

    When pple say Bradford played “great” down stretch, I think of how Cousins/Wilson played. That is “great” play.

    – cousins 14tds, 1 pick, 5-1 record
    – wilson 21 tds, 1 pick 5-1 record
    – bradford 9 tds, 4 int, 3-3 record

    guys a fuckin unathletic bust and he is a backup nfl qb

    1. Probably the only reason People think Bradford played well in the 2nd Half of the Season is because he played so Poorly the First Half so any improvement in his game was hyped up to look better when in reality, he was average which is all he’s ever been his entire Career.. Bottom line, He’s not a Winner, which some of us have stated from Day 1 … everything else stats wise is irrelevant .. Let him walk..

      1. Bradford = Best QB since McNabb
        People here seem to want a Runner. That is exciting in College but not sustainable in the NFL. Clemson’s QB will not have a career if he continues to get hit as many times as he does.
        Easy to shake off when young. Towards 30 when a QB hits their intellectual Football Prime his body will be shot.

        1. Bradford moves in the pocket well, he has the arm for all throws, his decisions are fair considering time in system. He will be very very good if allowed time to be consistent with a coach and system.

          We have a QB for 5 to 10 years. You do not piss that away.

          Drafting project QB to develop and compete or trade becomes possible with Bradford in place.

          Without you start chasing your tail for the next guy and soon you have 12 coaches in 15 years and 20 starting Qbs ala cleveland

          1. there is a lot of data that says youre wrong reagal

            Bradford moves in the pocket well – DISAGREE


            his decisions are fair considering time in system. He will be very very good if allowed time to be consistent with a coach and system.CONSIDERING THE SYSTEM?????? THE SYSTEM THAT MADE FOLES LOOK LIKE A GOOD? THE SYSTEM THAT EVERY ANALYST IN THE WORLD SAID WAS THE MOST QB FRIENDLY SYSTEM IN THE NFL AND THEY SAID ANY QB COULD BE GOOD IN THIS SYSTEM?

            We have a QB for 5 to 10 years. You do not piss that away. WE DO? I DONT WANT A BELOW AVERAGE BOTTOM 5-10 QB EVERY TIME HE PLAYS FOR MY TEAMS QB FOR 5-10 YEARS







    2. I’ll go one more. All I read about is “Look at the second half…..”

      Well, if I am going to just casually throw away over 1/2 a season because it “doesn’t count”…well, I am also going to toss out the Week 17 game against the Giants. They weren’t trying. There was absolutely no pass-rush and Giants DBs (whoever they were) basically stood in place all day.

      So if people can just discount 1/2 a season, I can discount a game where the other team wasn’t trying.

      So do that and after Bradfrod gets back from his yearly injury he goes:

      2W 2L 6tds to 3 ints.

      6 tds in 4 games. Wow. Exciting.

      BTW – 2 of those 6 tds came late in the 4th Q in blowout losses to Arizona and Washington.

      Wow….”great” indeed.

  35. ***Eagles Coaching News***

    According to source, the Eagles have no more interviews scheduled at this time and plan to regroup after owners meetings. Source says they’re high on Doug Pederson (who really impressed) and Tom Coughlin

    1. In other breaking news****The USA is boycotting the Moscow Olympics****The Jets stun the colts to win SB 3****Mike Schmidt is poised to hit his 500th HR in Pittsburgh this weekend****The earth is in fact round, not flat as many had assumed****All of these things according to my ‘source’

  36. Eagles are going to Hire Doug Pederson by all reports,
    If they were really interested in Tom Coughlin, they would have made an Offer yesterday and not let him go out and Interview with the 49ers for later this week..
    Owner Lurie is trying to rekindle that old Andy Reid magic and is Hiring a Coach as close to what Andy Reid was back in 1999… Will it work, who knows.. Is Doug Pederson going to assemble a New Coaching Staff or are the 4 the Assistants that Lurie really likes going to remain (Shurmur, Duece,David Fipp & ?



      1. How or Why would you be stunned, they Flew out to meet him last Sunday morning in Kansas City for his 2nd Interview… Why do this if they were very interested in him.. They probably made him an Offer and he will likely accept and respond once the Chiefs are eliminated from the Playoffs or Win the Super Bowl… Owner Lurie likes and wants Doug Pederson as Eagles Next Coach.. Its pretty clear by now, don’t you think??

  37. Y it looks like Pederson is the front-runner.

    I frankly am ok with the idea. I completely understand why Lurie would be leaning this way. Lurie is trying to bring back that “stability”, prolonged playoff opportunities etc that Reid brought.

    Who knows? Andy Reid was often a problem on game days, but at least early on was building the team properly. He’s pretty much copied the formula in KC.

    1 – Find a QB (McNabb from Draft/Smith from FA)
    2 – Add a young tackle for stabilize the line for a decade (Runyan from FA Fisher from draft)
    3 – Find a grizzled old no-nonsense D co-ordinator and have him build a top D (Johnson/Sutton)
    4 – add a FA or 2 at the skill positions when you feel the team is close. (Owens/Maclin)

    If Pederson can copy that formula AND perhaps not succumb to Andy Reid’s perchance to throwing the ball 58x a game while throwing away timeouts….well….they might have something!

    This year:

    Draft an LT first round. 2 guards in the 3rd
    Roll with Sanhcise and lose 12 games

    Next year QB with the top 5 pick.


    1. A Few QB’s to keep in Mind for the 2017 Draft with a few of these younger QB’s bound to come out early next Year

      1) Deshaun Watson – Clemson (6-2 210lbs)
      2) Deshone Kizer – Notre Dame (6-4 230lbs)
      3) Josh Rosen – UCLA (6-3 210 lbs)
      4) Joshua Dobbs – Tenn (6-3 215lbs)
      5) Chad Kelly – Mississippi (6-2 215lbs)
      6) JT Barrett – Ohio State (6-1 225lbs)
      7) Luke Falk – Washington (6-4 212lbs)

      1. Josh Rosen is only a true Freshman Pman, He won’t be eligible until 2018.

        As for Kizer, he would need to get a lot better and I am not sure that he will be the starter next year at ND. He is not a consistent passer. Fast as hell, but not a consistent passer at all. At this point, I don’t want anything to do with him.

        I like Falk a lot, but he plays at WSU instead of UW

      1. Bradford is pure 8-8.


        Forget it. I want the next HOF QB on this team, not some re-tread who will be making his first playoff start (and losing it like all 1st time playoff qbs do) at age 29 (min)

        And I also do not want anything to do with a “skill” guy with a first round pick. (ok maybe at CB) This teams needs to rebuild that oline.

        1. The Eagles should Draft 2 OL (1 OT & 1 Guard) and 1 DT & 1 LB & 1 CB with their Top 5 Selections …

          1. If I’m Howie Roseman,, I am calling up the 49ers Or OT Anthony Davis today to see if he’s ready to Return back to Football and to the NFL..
            Anthony Davis, 26, a Pro-Bowler RT, Retired last Year from the SF 49ers and stated he was taking a year off … I am not sure if he still belongs to the 49ers Contractually or if he’s free to go elsewhere but he did say that he would return to Football and may just wanted out of SF with all the issues they had last Off-Season there with the Harbaugh, Coaching Staff, GM Fiasco.. Davis is from Piscataway,NJ and went to Rutgers …

          1. you say bradford is far better than foles but the record shows nick foles 2013 season was far superior than anything bradford has ever accomplished in the nfl.

            bradford may have more talent and “upside” but he also has a 6 year track record of being an incompetent nfl starting qb

            1. “Bradford is FAR Better in almost every way.”

              I mean….seriously. I can’t even respond to a statement like that. In what universe is that line even remotely true?

              FAR better in every way?????????????????


              HOW?? Where? What way??

              Wins? Nope
              TD%?? Nope
              Int %….nope

              oh ya. Can’t use stats. Why not? Because every stat you can find says the opposite I suppose.

              Foles was 23/24 with a 27/2 year under his belt….I was ready to take a shot with that guy to see if he could continue.

              Bradford is a 6 year loser…heading to 29 with absolutely nothing under his belt except pure mediocrity (at best)

              No thanks. I would 10000x out of 10000x prefer for the Eagles to roll with a first round rookie who would spend 3 years fighting to learn the league and become a success than to watch 3 years of bradford roll into his 30s with a continual sub .500 record.

              Every year with Bradford is a wasted year. Let him be Houston’s problem.

              1. Bull!

                Vinnedafool’s bullcrap stats means absolutely nothing at all

                Foles may be available if the Rams decide to cut his ass

                Put Bradford and Foles on the market and see who gets the bucks $$$$

                Who would more teams want right now…today

                Bradford or Foles?

                Of all the QB’s that may be available, Bradford will be the one who is sought after more than any of them.


                Bradford is FAR better.

                Vinniedafool even acknowledges that Houston a playoff team wants him

                If Bradford is not the Quarterback who will be the Quarterback?

                Sanchez, some untested rookie that Howie the Accountant decides is a diamond in the rough? Hope that Foles gets cut and sign him?

                Sign Bradford give him the money…get some wide receivers in here and go from there…

  38. I could see Doug Pederson if Hired, bringing Chiefs LB Coach Gary Gibbs as the Eagles New DC which would be a good move and maybe also bring Eugene Chung as the Eagles OL Coach and Al Harris as the Eagles Secondary Coach….

  39. you say bradford is far better than foles but the record shows nick foles 2013 season was far superior than anything bradford has ever accomplished in the nfl.

    bradford may have more talent and “upside” but he also has a 6 year track record of being an incompetent nfl starting qb

    1. who cares what Foles did in 2013..its meaningless

      what we can see is what Foles did in 2015…when he was benched twice

      Put Foles and Bradford on the open market and you will see teams will do

      Follow the money…money talks, bullshit stats, past accomplishments and everything else walks. The true value that teams place on players are determined by the contract they will sign.

      Foles right now would be lucky to get the league minimum now.
      Bradford is going to get no less than 16-22 million per year…about 40-50mil guaranteed.

      Sign Bradford, lock him in…dont leave it to Howie the Accountant to pick a QB for us…if that happens it is certain that we will be doomed to the dregs of the league for the next 4-5 years…get ready for a return to the really bad times around here!

  40. for those that piss and moan about the sixers and what theyre doing. next year you could have a starting 5 of :

    pg – ish
    sg – demar derozen
    sf – saric
    pf – embiid/noel
    c – embiid/okafor

    shit would be nice

    1. actually let me revise that

      for those that piss and moan about the sixers and what theyre doing. next year you could have a starting 5 of :

      pg – ish
      sg – demar derozen
      sf – BEN SIMMONS
      pf – embiid/noel
      c – embiid/okafor

      shit would be nice

      1. Would be, but I was reading reports about how interested the Lakers are in Derozan. I don’t think that he would come here over LA. Money would be the same.

        1. California state tax rate is 13.3 %
          PA state income tax 3.07
          Philly wage tax 3.5% (how is philly broke?)

          so demar would actually pocket $1.48 mill more (based on 22 mill/year) by playing here. and when you compare LA real estate to philly. Philly is way less…

          also i believe i read a year or 2 ago that the city has made 76ers athletes exempt from city wage tax. if thats true he would make 2.7 more here

          plus assuming we get simmons we have way more talent than the lakers next year

          but he did go to college in so cal so who knows… would be sick tho

          1. That would be a great lineup. I just don’t want to sit through another year of dreck. I am hoping that this 3 years in hell will pay off.

            1. That makes sense Cigar. My wife works in the city, but she works from home one day a week outside the city. She gets a tax break for those days that she works from home.

              1. i remembered wrong. nj gave sixers a shit ton of tax credits but philly wouldnt give them shit… so the pay wage tax. 3 years in hell will pay off the plan was always at least 5 years… dr j said the goal was to contend for a title in 2020…

                you get simmons and sign derozen, maybe conley…. shits starting to look real good… i wouldnt be surprised if they traded for him or someone at the deadline this year although unlikely..

              2. That would mean that they would have to start building a team by next year if the turnaround would be in 5 years. Wouldn’t it be year 4 of the regime?

      2. JH already posted on here a month or two ago about the possibility of signing DeMar DeRozan this off season

        Reason why they could is due to the relationship Mr. Colangelo s son has with him. Remember his son Bryan was the gm for Toronto and he drafted DD and they have a close relationship I hear.

        So with all of this we may have a strong chance of signing him this summer, but we’ll see!

        DD is a very very good player and has elevated his game this year

        Keep Ish as pg, have him cut his hair and then sign him to an extension (they should sign him now before he commands too much money)

        Sign DD

        Fly Saric in

        Embiid is ready now but they’ll wait because they have no reason to rush him back this year, and they don’t wanna win too many games

        May have to trade Noel, he deserves to start at center, he’s not really a PF. I dont want any of them traded I’d like to see if all can coexist..

        And Okafor isn’t going anywhere unless its for a trade to get Ben Simmons. You don’t trade a guy like Okafor with the potential he has unless it’s to get a superstar(Durant) or to move up for Simmons

        Unless we end up with 1st overall we don’t have to worry about trading anyone for him…

        1. if embiid is healthy okafor can go… all indications are he hates philly… he has had problems off the court and he is a 1 dimensional player. if you get derozen, and have embiid healthy you dont need okafors 1 dimensional game

          1. Henski he’s 19! No way am I letting him go without getting a lot in return.

            I’d need a guarantee that I ‘ll get Ben Simmons or a superstar like Durant or Paul George

            A lot of players have off the court crap. Barkley is one of the guys that can be an example of that, so young

            Okafor is averaging 17pts a game, most nights he gets over 20. He is a franchise cornerstone. Haven’t had a guy this good playing in the post since Moses Malone and CBarkley

          2. And embiid is healthy, they just don’t want to play him because they’d win too many games and because for sake of keeping him healthy

            They don’t see the reason in playing him whatsoever

            1. I know all about okafor and like him a lot if it wasn’t for a surplus of bigs I’d never talk about moving him and actually the more I think we just aren’t good enough to trade him period unless it’s for a s.s. Like u said…

              Regarding embiid ur wrong he isn’t medically cleared, while he is healthy u put him at way to much risk having him go now. It has nothing to do with tanking.

          3. henski…I see you know less about basketball! Let Okafor go are you kidding that kid has some of the best low post moves in the NBA! We simply need to build around the kid…get rid of Hinkie…he’s another Howie Roseman…a pencil pusher that simply does not know the game…
            Getting Jerry Colangelo was the best move the Sixers made in a long time..someone who has experience has been around the game…a basketball see that they are bringing in some vets to school young talented kids like Okafor.
            The Eagles should take a close look at the Sixers

      3. Or better yet, Big Mhenski, in 2 years

        G – Russell Westbrook 6-5
        G – Victor Oladipo 6-5
        C – Jahlil Okafor 7-0
        F – Giannis Adetkoumbo 6-11
        F- Ben Simmons 6-10

        G – Ish Smith 6-0
        G – Josh Jackson 6-7
        C – Nerlens Noel 6-11
        F – Joel Embiid 7-1
        F – Dario Saric 6-9

        G – EC Matthews 6-5
        G – Vascijles Micic 6-6
        G/F – Jeremi Grant 6-9
        F – Robert Covington 6-9
        F – Reshard Holmes 6-10

        1. I like it except Westbrook ain’t coming here and u ain’t starting oladipo over Jackson.

          1. We’ll see about Westbrook, because Sixers will be a very attractive team withal the young talent, and they have the most money under the cap.

            As far as Oladipo is concerned, I like him more so than Derozen, mainly because of his defense – and the fact that Derozen, will more than likely go home to California, and play for the Lakers.

            But Jackson will have to earn is minutes, and because of inexperience he will not start over Oladipo – It very well may change as he gets more seasoned as a pro, but not immediately.

            But yeah bruh, that team looks more like a Championship caliber team with Noel, Saric, and Embiid coming off the bench – and starting temporarily when needed.

            1. Hahaha Embiid coming off the bench?!?!?

              OMG funniest thing I’ve heard today hahahahaaa

              Hes a cornerstone

              Hes starting no two ways about it

              I’ve been talking about us getting Westbrook for two years, they’d have to trade for him, doubt he’d flat out sign here, regardless of our young talent

              We’d have to trade for him while he’s still in contract

              I say we should look into trading for Paul George and look to sign Kevin Durant this summer. Also mentioned DeMar Derozen as a guy we may have the inside track on signing this summer

              I think Colangelo with all his connections and creativity and them still having Hinkie who is also a creative guy, we have a chance of forming a really really good roster going into next year

              1. JH, Where you, and I connect is in our love for our 76ers.

                But I really think you jump the gun sometimes. What makes you so sure Embiid is 100% healthy??….and after not playing basketball for 3 years, do you really think he’s going to peak to the height of his full potential???

                That’s not reasonable. So yes, he would be coming of the bench.

                He WAS one of our cornerstones – until he got hurt again, – but he is still a valuable asset to the team until he proves otherwise, and this gives him time to gradually flow into his potential – Bottom line is he isn’t ready to start yet.

                Paul George isn’t the same Paul George before the injury, and wouldn’t be worth signing, nor need to sign him, or Durant, if you were to draft Ben Simmons since they would play the same position with Saric coming off the bench….That makes no sense.

                The Sixers have more money under the cap than any franchise in the league – You don’t know what Westbrook would do – bottom line fact

                Superstars on playoff contending teams are getting older. Signing with a young, talented, contending team with the cap space to write him a nice check would be beneficial for him – and smart……

              2. and we can always be assured by someone who hasn’t offered a good suggestion of his own, nor been correct about anything since his arrival on GCobb with all his aliases, and multiple split personalities……

                Yeah okay you have any stock tips….We’d love to hear from you, because your a genius…….

                We’re talking about 2 years from now. If they draft Ben Simmons – That alone will sell out the arena……

                But we also know that’s not why you commented on this. You’re trying to be annoying, but as usual, it won’t work – because who cares what you think.

                Your opinion isn’t worth two farts from a dead man…..

              3. The reason why we can say he’s healthy is from all the latest video that we’ve seen. Hes doing low post moves, he walking and moving without the boot or cast. He’s way more visible then he was last year. In fact he was healthy last year putting the ball between his legs dunking until they didn’t like something on his mri. Remember?

                Well they’ve warned him about doing any of that. They want this thing to go right this time. No highlight dunks etc .. but he’s healthy

                More BS from Cliff who wants to be right about Embiid and Noel so bad. You think I forgot? You don’t think either guy are worthy, you think Noel is a bum and don’t think Embiid is franchise changer hahahah

                I remember around draft time you said Embiid wasn’t Olajawon 2.0 that he wasnt that good etc hahaha so you don’t want to deviate too much from your earlier opinions

                If you think Embiid is a guy that’ll come off the bench and isn’t a cornerstone, then you really do have to get your head examined

                Paul George – you said George wasn’t the player he was anymore since the injury?!?!? Are you insane?!?!? He hasn’t showed any ill effects from his injury wtheck are you talking about?!?!

                Paul George 2015-2016 averages
                PPG 24.1 RPG 7.6 AS 3.8

                Yea Cliffy, he’s really not the same anymore! Hes back to his normal averages!!!!

                Don’t throw crap against the wall hoping it sticks for the sake of proving your argument to be right

                You talk about being reasonable, you’re the most unreasonable person on this site when it comes to evaluating players

                Durant has another 10 years left in this league wtheck are you smoking?!?! Getting old?!?!!? He just turned 27 this past September!!! LeBron is 31 still doing powerful windmill dunks, hes the best player in the NBA. What the heck is your point?!?!

                Your views are very clouded

                Youre saying no to Paul George, no to Kevin Durant, no to DeMar DeRozan hahahahaha

                I’m done!!!

              4. More FACTS to prove Clifford WRONG

                Paul George isn’t the same anymore right?!?!

                George has 12 games with 30+ pts this season. Only Steph Curry and James Harden have more

                Yeah he’s no longer the same Clifford hahahahahaha

                Again, stop throwing crap against the wall hoping it sticks

              5. I still don’t see your point Jon….If we draft Simmons, what use would we have for either Durant, or George????

                Your points about what he is averaging is irrelevant. He’s not leaving Indiana anyway…We wouldn’t need him playing the same position as Simmons. You’re doing a lot of talking, but nothing is sticking because you’re being unreasonable, and illogical…

                and yes, as I stated neither Noel, or Embiid is worthy of a max deal right now. That’s just logic. Embiid hasn’t played one game yet, and you have no idea at this time if his health will hold up. Why do you feel otherwise??? That’s what I mean when I say you jump the gun with extreme presumptuousness.

                Half the things your saying I said I never even stated. Who said Durant was old?

                Jon you sound like a little immature child when you try to defend your position on issues, but if you just reason on what I stated, and stop trying to put words in my mouth, you may see what most on here see when they read your points of view……

              6. BTW, the video was seen by everyone that has Comcastsportsnet….

                What’s your point????…That video doesn’t prove he is 100% healthy. Do you see what I mean about your thinking????

                Why won’t you curb your assumptions until he actually plays a game???Wouldn’t that be a smarter approach to an evaluation???

                You have no leg to stand on to ever question my judgment of talent….

              7. ya gotten have tepid expectations regarding embiid.. he has only been playing basketball at any level for 5 years and 2 of those 5 years he has been injured and not playing at all, so really he has 3 years of playing experience (2 in high school and 1 in ncaa) so to expect him to be a game changer within the first 2 years of his nba career (whenever that begins) is a bit unrealistic

              8. I already proved my point

                Nothing more to say other than your unreasonable in your evaluation of players. You go with your heart and as you know from being a Christian, “the heart is treacherous” can’t base things making heart decisions, use your head

                You sound ridiculous

                Embiid coming off the bench, Paul George isn’t the same player since the injury, don’t go after Durant because we MIGHT draft Simmons and they play the same position, Demar Derozen isn’t that good?!?!?!

                You sound like a maniac

                All those guys minus Embiid/Simmons are all stars!!!

                Youre banking on us drafting Simmons, yes it would be wonderful to have him BUT ITS NOT A GUARANTEE!!! My goodness, you sound absolutely absurd

                Again unreasonable, unyielding and psychotic!

              9. LOL!!…..I’m unreasonable??….Jon just listen to yourself…for once, and look in the mirror.

                I don’t evaluate with my heart – That’s what you say – and you are entitled to your incorrect opinion.

              10. That’s why I’m usually right.

                What was stated was IF they drafted Simmons – They wouldn’t need Durant, or George who Indiana won’t let leave anyway – but you want to keep belaboring the mute point…..We wouldn’t need them, what don’t you understand?????

                You wish you knew more about talent than me. I never got an answer from you before. How’s Tyler Ennis, and Dante Exum doing???

                Think about it, and then go clown Paulman, you’ve got nothing to say to me.

              11. It’s not only my opinion, read above where Mhenski tells you the same thing about you being unrealistic in your reasoning….

                relax dude…

              12. Clifford, stop trying to involve everyone else in our discussion. This is what you do, you involve dcar, paul or others in your “battles”.

                You said what you said and that’s that.

                You sound ridiculous and it’s been proven already

                Stay on topic next time

                You’re jumping all over the place

              13. Haha haha! “That’s why I’m usually right” haha haha

                When are you ever right?!??!

                You sound like a senile arrogant punk right now

                Grow up Clifford

              14. When am I ever right….really????…If you need to ask that question than you are absolutely in denial…But that’s okay. I expect that from you

                I just asked you how Tyler Ennis, and Dante Exum were doing. In your case there’s two instances right there.

                Memory serves me correctly, you were ranting as you are now with me about them – and you were told….and after time has passed been shown you were wrong as usual. That wasn’t from using my heart – that was from using my eyes.

                and there is an even longer list for you, with all your incorrect sources, and predictions….Just stop dude. You’re embarrassing yourself really.

              15. and just for emphasis….what’s been proven?????

                You giving stats about Paul George???

                …..or your desire to have Kevin Durant??……

                or your logic that you don’t need to wait, and see about Embiid, because Dee Lynam said so??……

                You haven’t said anything, or proven anything. This is all in your mind, But what else should we expect from you??…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

              16. BTW, a battle involves a challenging figure. You’re no challenge. You love to pat yourself on the back for no reason – when you’ve accomplished nothing. I say you’re more of a challenge to yourself.

                I don’t need to involve anyone else in my discussions – especially when dealing with obvious inferiors like you, E0S, and his many posting personalities.. You take yourself way too seriously.

                All I need is logic, and most can see that. I was only referencing Mhenski’s post to prove to you how illogical you were being. But If you can’t see it, than it sucks to be you.

  41. ***2016 NFL Mock Draft****

    1st – Tennessee Titans – OT Laramy Tunsill (Mississippi)
    2nd – Cleveland Browns – QB Jared Goff (California)
    3rd – SD Chargers – DL Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    4th – Cowboys – WR LaQuon Treadwell (Ole Miss)
    5th – Jaguars – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla St)
    6th – Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
    7th – 49ers – QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis)
    8th – Dolphins – LB Myles Jack (Dolphins)
    9th – TB Bucs – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson)
    10th – NY Giants DE Emanuel Ogbah (Baylor)

  42. Mock 2016 NBA Draft (Top 3 Selections)

    1st Pick – Lakers – Ben Simmons (LSU 6-10″- 235lbs)
    2nd Pick – 76ers – Brandon Ingram (Duke 6-10″ – 196lbs)
    3rd Pick – Nets – Jaylen Brown (Cal – 6-7″ 220lbs)

    76ers Trade Nerlens Noels to the Celtics for Guard Marcus Smart

    1. Ingram isn’t the 2nd best player in the draft, and very overrated as a prospect, and Marcus Smart isn’t worth trading for. I think I said that also the year he was drafted as well.

      and Jaylen may be staying in school……

    2. This is all about Ben Simmons

      If the Sixers miss on getting him which is a strong possibility , since the Lakers are hovering around 3rd worst in the league and as 3rd worst they have a strong chance of getting 1st overall (history tells us).

      So it’s Ben Simmons or bust for all the lottery teams most importantly our Sixers..

      League wants the Lakers to get Simmons to replace Kobe

      1. Gonna be sad when the lottery gets rigged again and LA gets there superstar again. The league wants to punish us for “tanking” even tho teams have been doing it for years lol

          1. When Derrick Rose went to Chicago and when Cleveland got the number one overall pick.

            I don’t need to explain it because of the fact that I am not behind the scenea in the league.

            But its rigged. That’s all u need to know when Simmons goes to LA and and gives LA another superstar.

            1. Ok so the nba rigged Lebron to go to Cleveland – small market team

              They must want Cleveland to get all the best players Lebron then kyrie then Bennett. The cavs must be dying for that shit city nobody even knows where it is to be good.

              They also must be dying to make New Orleans and Milwaukee and Minnesota to be awesome too. Those cities must be really important to the league…

  43. If you take this past season’s cap,
    Bradford’s hit was a hair under $13M. So to keep his figure consistent, let’s say we need to shed $7M.

    Cutting Cooper saves you $2.9M. Cutting Sanchez saves you $3.5M, cutting Ryans saves you $3.5M. That’s $7m extra for Bradford and almost $3M to fill the Coop/Demeco/Sanchez roster spots with rookies or vet minimum guys (if you’re getting a QB for around $1M, it’s probably a rookie.)

    That’d still give them $13-16M of cap space to use for FAs and Re-Upping guys. If you want to make the tough call to cut Peters and Celek, you can save a little over $10M more (or you can save a few million if they’re willing to restructure).

    The Cox deal won’t hurt the cap too much for 2016. He’s set to make just under $8m on his 5th year option. You can play around with the cap hit year to year so that he maybe only costs $12m in 2016 (which was a bit higher than Calais Campbell’s 2014 cap hit, so it’s relatively in line for a high-end 3-4 DE.) and it doesn’t kick in big time until 2018, when they can knock $8M off their cap by cutting Demarco.

  44. Rumors are if Embid is who we think he is Okafor will be moved. If the basketball gods grant Embid health he is a s7 2 stud with the whole package. The problem the Sixers will encounter after 2 more years is the Sixers will have to start giving all these players max contracts year after year as their rookie deals start to expire year after year. First will be Embid, then Noel, then Okafor then Simmons hopefully. That’s just not financially feasible. So the prospect of getting FA on max contracts plus resigning your own isn’t going to work theres only so many max contracts you can give. 3 is the magic number.and that’s pushing it. By the time the Sixers become competitive they will have to make tough decisions. So fans who think we will have Westbrook, Okafor, Embid, Noel, Simmons and Saric, etc etc etc it cant be done. You have to be like the Spurs and keep a core of players who don’t demand max contracts and supplement them with young good role players who change every 3years hence the perennial open window for 2 decades.

    1. Embiid is a Natural Power Forward, even with his size – regardless Okafor isn’t going anywhere. He is an old school Center, and would work better with Embiid, than Noel, who isn’t a Power Forward at all.

      Noel, Saric, nor Embiid, at this point would be worthy of a max deal – At this point – neither has proven himself close to be in a position to demand that, and Simmons would need the time to do that as well.

      So you are looking at 5 years before that would come up, and I see no issue. Noel is the Odd man out, so he will probably be traded – not Okafor – if that was the case. Saric won’t be good enough, although many are hoping so, Embiid hasn’t played in 3 years.

      So who are we talking about?? Westbrook possibly?? and keep in mind the Bird Rule.

      The NBA’s salary cap is not carved in stone — teams are allowed to exceed the payroll maximums for a variety of reasons. One of the exceptions to the cap was created to allow teams to re-sign their own players. The Boston Celtics were the first team to employ the exception, exceeding the cap to re-sign Larry Bird. Since then, it has been known as the “Bird Exception.”

      Players eligible to be signed under the Bird Exception are said to have “Bird Rights.” Players must spend three years with a team to earn full Bird Rights, two years for “Early Bird Rights.”

      For players, having Bird Rights means a lot more flexibility in contract negotiations — in most cases, players stand to make much more money re-signing with their own teams, rather than leaving in free agency…..

  45. One last thing. The notion that FA and Okafor don’t like it here is because the Sixers win 15 games a year. Wait until they start winning 50-60 games a year and the arena is sold out every night. There is no better place to play. Everyone will be singing a different tune then.

    1. I agree Dag, at this point the Sixers are not an attractive draw for Free agents,. But were talking 2 years down the road. That will change if they draft the right players, and if they are fortunate enough to get Simmons.

  46. Interesting article from ESPN The Magazine written by David Fleming from 2002 about Doug Pederson when he was a back-up for Green Bay. Certainly highlights some of the reasons why is in the coaching discussion, even though he wasn’t the greatest player..

    October 1st, 2002:

    “It has now been 10 years since a backup quarterback got any pub in Green Bay. So it was somewhat fitting that Doug Pederson’s moment in the FlemFile spotlight was fleeting.

    Just minutes into our chat last weekend in Green Bay, during which I was trying to discover what it’s like to back up a guy who never needs a backup, you-know-who came busting into the room with all of his usual bombast. Waving a videotape of his early days as a backup and a holder, Brett Favre pretty much declared the interview over.

    “Just a second, Brett,” Pederson yelled, “I’m talking to ESPN The Magazine.”

    “Now who there would actually want to talk to you?” Favre shouted back. His wild hair and his goofy grin, even at 33, still remind me of Calvin from the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes. “Come on, let’s watch this tape, I’ll show you how it’s done, boy.”

    “This is Fleming … David Fleming. Give me a sec.”

    “Fine,” said Favre, “but hurry up … and tell Fleming he’s pissing me off.”

    Get in line dude, I replied.

    “Now,” mumbled Pederson, trying not to laugh, “Do you see?”

    Yeah, I see.

    But really, no one has a better vantage point than Pederson’s about the odd Maytag Repairman-like existence of a backup QB in the NFL.

    On Sept. 27, 1992, Favre began his Cal Ripken-like streak of 161 consecutive starts, the most ever by an NFL quarterback and the longest streak of seasons starting for one team in any of the major professional sports. Favre’s streak is really more a testament to his talent than his toughness. Imagine being this good for this long, week in and week out, in a league where already this year eight teams have yanked their starting QBs.

    Besides the records he’s accrued during the streak (he just passed Joe Montana as the fifth-most prolific passer in NFL history with 3,414 completions), the MVPs and the Super Bowl ring, Favre’s created an NFL family tree that is approaching Bill Walsh proportions. His former QB coaches include Andy Reid and Steve Mariucci. And during his run 13 players have backed him up including Kurt Warner, Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck and Ty Detmer as well as Pederson, who returned to the Pack after starting gigs in Philly and Cleveland.

    Check out Pederson’s numbers in 2001: seven snaps, zero passes and a kneel-down against St. Louis in the playoffs. (Although he did crank a homer in the team’s charity softball game this summer.) His numbers are typical. In the last nine seasons Favre’s backups have averaged less than seven completions per season. Oh yeah, Favre also takes 99.9% of all snaps in practice, and if Pederson ever jumps in for a practice snap Favre yells, “Go getcha a couple crumbs in there, big guy.”

    Ya know, if it wasn’t for the preseason and his job as holder on PATs and field goals, Pederson wouldn’t even need to wear a cup.

    Not everyone is suited for this role, where to be successful you have to suppress the very things (drive and competitiveness) that got you to the NFL in the first place. (Are you listening, Doug Flutie?) Pederson, who drove a truck for Roadway Packaging before the Packers signed him in 1995, knows better than to complain or backstab.

    “My game is more mental,” says Pederson, a 10-year vet from Louisiana. “Knowing Brett and his background it’s hard not to get lulled to sleep and into a glide mode. But the minute you do that: Boom! Something happens, I get thrown into a game and end up looking like a fool out there.”

    So Pederson has invented ways to stay busy. In practice the plays are piped in through his helmet and he gets to send them in to Favre. He also runs the scout team offense and many times, when opponents run similar attacks, he gets to practice the Packer O. “Doug’s always been athletic, he’s always had good feet,” says head coach Mike Sherman. “He’s smart and he knows the offense. He’s comfortable with what we do and us with him.”

    On game days Pederson listens in with a headset and charts the opponent’s tendencies with yellow note cards and, of course, the ubiquitous clipboard. He’s in constant phone contact with the team’s coaches in the booth and on the sidelines. He gets the game Polaroids first, marks them up with a blue Sharpie, then hands them to Favre; the two of them review the film on the team bench with their legs crossed like two sales reps. When they finish, Pederson stores them away in a crisp brown accordion file folder sitting next to the Gatorade.

    Hoping to catch him nodding off on the bench, I was actually surprised how busy Pederson was on Sunday at Lambeau. Besides his work on the sidelines, he also held on three kicks. And based on the film clip Favre was showing off last week, it’s a good thing Pederson was out there. The footage showed Favre in his first season with Green Bay holding (if you can call it that) for a field goal against Pittsburgh. He’s lined up crooked, the laces are backwards and he let go of the ball early, staring at it with his hands out like a gypsy hovering over a crystal ball.

    “He looked like Charlie Brown,” says Pederson. “It wasn’t pretty.”

    It never is with Favre, and maybe that’s his appeal.

    After getting sacked by Dan Morgan in the fourth quarter, Favre trotted off the field and, as he usually does, headed right for Pederson. “What the heck happened?” he asked. Pederson was then able to tell him that when the Panthers read pass on first downs they tend to drop their weakside linebacker and blitz Morgan.

    Later, Favre scraped with Panthers’ defensive end Mike Rucker, dusted himself off and tossed a Kevlar-piercing bullet to Donald Driver to win the game. It was vintage Favre. Pederson admits that he often sees Favre getting up slowly and his heart races (he’s human) and he looks around for his helmet, only to watch Favre get up, get mad and get even. You see this and understand right away that it’s actually easy to back up Favre. I mean no one in the NFL — not Kurt Warner or Donovan McNabb — could watch that 31-yard TD pass and think, ‘I should be in there instead of him.’

    Then, with the Panthers driving for what should have been a game-tying field goal, Pederson picked up a pair of binoculars. At first I thought he was trying to check out the cheerleaders. Then I realized they don’t have any up here in rural Wisconsin. (And, well, thank goodness for that.)

    Using an injured lineman as camouflage, he zoomed in on Carolina offensive assistant Mike McCoy across the field, hoping to read his lips and tip the Packer defense off about a play or formation. Pederson is familiar with McCoy’s speech and terminology because the two spent time together with the Packers in 1995.

    At first he was a bit sheepish when I brought up the sideline espionage. Then he just shrugged his shoulders. All’s fair in love and war for the NFL’s Maytag Man. “What’d I get today, three touches on the field goal and the extra points?” he said. “At that point in the game I was just trying to do anything to help the team. That’s my job really, to find a way, any way, to help the team.”

    McCoy did a good job of covering his mouth with his play script, making it impossible for Pederson — the name’s PEEderson, Doug Pederson, and I like my Gatorade shaken, not stirred — to glean any info that would have helped stop the Panthers. Luckily, Shayne Graham’s gimme kick floated wide right.

    As the stadium erupted, Pederson tossed down his binocs and pumped his fists in the air in celebration on the Packers’ sideline.

    The crowd just ate it up.

    That is until Favre stepped in front of him, twirling a towel that nearly hit Pederson in the face and backed him up several steps, relegating him, once again, to his all-too-familiar role.”

    -David Fleming is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.

    1. Sean, it is true most coaches were not great players (true in most sports). The way the article is written you realize the man spent his entire career on headphones with AR, Holmgren, Gruden, McCarthy etc on the other end…assuming he is no idiot he has had to learn something

      1. I just thought it was interesting that a Hall of Fame player like Favre would get sacked on a play and after the drive is over immediately go over to Pederson to ask why that happened, probably because Pederson usually knew the answer. That’s a testament to his film study, organization, and ability to see the tendencies of opposing teams. Not to mention his understanding of offensive/defensive schemes and the importance of the QB position. He may not have the most coaching experience, but I think hes a very intelligent football mind and is willing to make adjustments to put his team in the best position to win games, something Chip Kelly rarely seemed to do. Surround him with some established assistants and some talent and I think he would be a solid pick. I bet the reason why Pederson has yet to be named the front-runner by media sources is because its unclear who he would bring in to be on his staff.

  47. ESPN’s Adam Schefter considers Giants OC Ben McAdoo the “frontrunner” for the Eagles’ head-coaching job.
    “In my mind, my sense — these are just senses — is that McAdoo is the front-runner,” Schefter said. “But I don’t know that to be right. I think [Chiefs OC Doug] Pederson and McAdoo both are square in the conversation. But to me, I would handicap McAdoo as the favorite for whatever that’s worth and we’ll see if that’s proven right.” Schefter doesn’t consider ex-Giants coach Tom Coughlin a realistic option for the Eagles, citing his age.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Philly Mag
    Jan 13 – 9:40 AM

      1. No offense Jon Hart, but I will believe Schefter over you. He has actual sources. On second thought, please be offended.

        According to you, shouldn’t Gase be the coach of the Eagles already.

        1. I couldnt care less whether you believe me or not it simply means nothing to me nor does your entire existence to be brutally honest

          As I mentioned, Gase decided to go elsewhere, he was offered a contract from the Eagles during the preliminary dicussions. But he was free to go and pursue other jobs. They gave him a 5 day deadline etc, and he chose Miami

          No big deal, we move on! Just like you should

          1. Adam Gase was never Offered a Contract..
            and to be Honest, not everyone was as impressed with him as you were JH …

            1. And I can guarantee no one on this site is impressed with you, the flip flopping fraudfan fraudman

              Beat it

              I never said I was impressed by Gase ever!

              I report what I hear that is all

              Now go hit the bottle ya drunk!

  48. ***NBA News***

    Brooklyn Nets close to Signing Bryan Colangelo as their NEW GM meaning that all the Players that JH said would be interested in the 76ers because of Jerry Colangelo are now going to be interested in the Brooklyn Nets instead..
    Show Your 76ers Luv !!!!!

    1. Wrong again Wrongman

      If you recall wino, I said DeMar Derozen could possibly show interest in signing here since there is a Colangelo connection

      Bryan is not a lock in signing on with the nets. Youre jumping ahead because in between shots you happen to see an internet article about the nets supposedly showing interest in Bryan

      You know nothing about basketball

      Heck you don’t even know the difference between someone resigning and someone being released or fired hahaha

  49. Joel Embiid News

    According to source, Embiid has fired his Wasserman Media Group and will be hiring Leon Rose

    Front Office News

    Jerry Colangelo, Sam Hinkie and Brett Brown are all huddled together sitting down talking at practice.. changes are on the horizon

  50. Lets take a Poll of Regular GCobb Posters

    How may agree that JH has been all over Adam Gase’s Nuts since the Coaching Search began, Who was the one speaking highly of him and stated it was his Gase’s Job if he wanted it and that the Eagles would lock him down with a strong Offer if they were impressed.. Jon Hart said so, that’s who… Now he back-pedals saying they made him offer after “Preliminary Discussion’s” — GTFOH… It doesn’t work like that in the NFL
    You want your Coach, Then You Hire him on the Spot and make him an Offer he can’t refuse.. If your not sure or still want to complete your Search, and have others your interested in, then you wait until others are interviewed and then invite him back to him for a 2nd Interview to get deeper which never happened with Gase …

  51. ***Jerry Colangelo News***

    Mr. Colangelo spoke to the media moments ago and this is some of what he had to say…

    “With 3 centers, if Embiid gets healthy, trade could be an option. Embiid’s got a chance to be a real difference-maker.”

    They are trading someone not named Joel Embiid. I guess they’re not planning on Embiid being a mere “bench player” huh?!

    Okafor or Noel.. leaning towards Noel but they’d get more in return for Okafor

    Trading Noel they’d have to put more assets (picks) with him.. I’m not clear on what there thinking is on this yet..

  52. More from Jerry…

    He believes that the Sixers could be able to “flip” fortunes sooner than people think. Considers 2016 big year.

    Colangelo: ‘There’s a chance for things to turn around real quick.’ Says it’s possible that team could be much better in 2016-17.

  53. Sam Hinkie feels that seeds for a turnaround have been planted, and process could happen more quickly than anticipated

    Hinkie: ‘We planted seeds for a harvest. It’s possible that harvest could come soon.’

  54. “If you Plant Ice, you’re gonna Harvest Wind… Roll the Way, the Dew,
    You better Roll the Way, the Dew… Roll Away” …..

    1. It should be “Roll away, the Dew” …
      Lyricist – Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead – Song “Franklin’s Tower”

  55. More from Sam…

    Hinkie: “Embiid’s day-to-day approach has grown a lot – maybe by the situation, maybe by his maturity & maybe the way we’re handling it.”

    1. I agree E0S

      And Dee is at practice every single day and watches them more than most and has total access. She would know

      Embiid is more athletic than Okafor, I mean it’s not even close. Watching him move in the post at practice looks totally different than last year. And his shooting stroke looks better than most guards!

      I hope this kid can be what us true fans hope he can be!

  56. Jerry Colangelo’s full quote

    “I’ve learned a lot in just a few weeks here, I think we’ve done some tweaking. If you’ll recall at the press conference, I said there may be some things that you could do of an immediate nature that could be helpful and beneficial. But as far as the plan, whatever the people think the plan is, nothing is changing in terms of a course.
    The reality is, and I’ve come to understand this, Sam has done a really great job of accumulating assets. If you look at the trades, if you look at the draft picks that have been accumulated, it’s all there in place. And now it’s a matter of when do you pull the trigger on using all those assets or any of those assets. As I look at the board, if you will, I see some things that could happen sooner rather than later.

    “That’s because if somebody gets healthy (Embiid). If the player from Europe comes in (Dario Saric) and is part of the rotation and we will have a very high draft pick. Then using some of those assets to do other things to consider, be it free agency, be it a trade, whatever. This thing could flip a lot sooner than people understand. I think that this is not a situation of when are we going to come out of this or when are we going to be able to compete — I think that could be sooner rather than later. 16′ is the year, It’s a big year, to look at all the assets and best utilize them. What do we do here? Do we take a couple picks and move up? Do we make a trade? Do you look at it from free agency, realistically, and see what you can do there? It’s great to be in a position where you have the assets to use. There’s a lot of teams in the league you can’t say that about. They’re kind of locked in in terms of where they are. There’s one way to go here, and that’s up. I’m very optimistic. You’ve got to be a little bit lucky, too, in terms of all the things I’m talking about. I use the expression, ‘the stars have to be aligned.’ And if we have a good alignment, it could happen in ‘16. So we could have a turnaround in one year that would surprise people. But the assets are in place to potentially make that happen. There’s no guarantee, but the thing that you have to do is give people, I think, hope, that, listen, this isn’t like a five year, let’s look down the road and see where we are. No. I don’t see that at all. I see the opportunity here to get some big things done over the next year.”

    1. With Jerry and Hinkie together with all these assets, if we thought Hinkie was unpredictable at the deadline and draft night, let’s wait and see how these two will fare together…

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