Lurie Hoping That Doug Pederson Is Andy Reid 2.0

DougPederson3As a die-hard Eagles fan, you may look back at Andy Reid’s run as the Birds head coach and think about nothing, but all those heart-aching losses in the NFC Championship games and that disappointing 24-21 loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

You may have been bothered by Reid’s news conference and the way he cleared his throat all the time during the question and answer segments.   Reid’s constant answer of “I’ve got to put my guys in better position to make plays” may have made you so angry that you were cheering when Reid got fired.

Despite all of your bad memories of the Reid’s tenure here in Philadelphia, it doesn’t change what Reid accomplished and what Jeffrey Lurie remembers.  Nine of his fourteen years in Philadelphia, Reid led the Eagles to nine playoff appearances and five NFC Championship games.   That’s an amazing run.

Think about the fact that during that period of time, Lurie’s football team increased its value to $2.4 billion dollars.   He bought the team in 1994 for $195 million and now it’s worth that astronomical sum. Lurie realizes that Reid is probably more responsible for the success of his organization than anybody.

If Lurie could, he would rehire Reid, but he can’t do that, so he’s leaning toward hiring the guy he believes in Andy Reid 2.0 in Doug Pederson.  The Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator knows Reid’s version of the West Coast offense through and through.  I’m sure he has Reid’s notebook and what to say to a team after a tough loss.  He knows how Reid reacts after close wins and blowout wins.

Peterson has seen Reid’s people skills with young, challenging players like DeSean Jackson and rookie first round draft pick Marcus Peters, who was Red-Flagged by much of the NFL.  One NFL GM said he wanted no part of Peters.  Chip Kelly wanted no part of Peters, but Reid was able to coach him to a great rookie season with eight interceptions.

Like Reid, Pederson learned from Super Bowl Championship coach Mike Holmgren in Green Bay and he’s spent over a decade learning from Andy.

By the way, don’t think the fact that Reid is again in the playoffs and on a run escapes Lurie attention, while the Chip Kelly-led Eagles were self-destructing.  Reid, who oversaw a trade with the 49ers for a quarterback, Alex Smith, and have helped him develop into a quality performer.

I think Lurie is hopeful that Pederson can oversee the development of Sam Bradford with Reid just a phone call away.  I could see them keeping Pat Shurmur around for the project as well because he knows the West Coast offense and he’s got a great relationship with Bradford.

Lurie has said numerous times that a franchise quarterback is the most valuable item on a Championship football team.  I think they may feel that they have their guy and only need to develop him.

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  1. I agree that Lurie is doing exactly what you say G-Man..
    HIres Pederson as HC, Retains Shurmur as OC/Asst HC and keep Bradford
    to keep some continuity on Offense which all makes sense in terms of what Lurie wants in his HC’s .. A Young, Hungry Coach with an Offensive Background and High in “Emotional Intelligence” wih familiarity of the Philly Region and its Fans ..
    The 2 Big Questions that Remain for me as a Fan of the Eagles are the Following

    1) Who is going to Run the Defense and it cannot be Billy Davis for obvious reasons…

    2) Who is going to Assist Howie Roseman in terms of Player Personnel and Scouting Areas as the Eagles are very Young and Unproven in the Front Office area after the Changes that occurred last Year in the Front Office

    Dwayne Johnson – Director of Scouting — 40 Years old .. Hired just Last Year from the Bears Organization to work with Ed Marynowitz & Chip Kelly.. Johnson only has 5 Years Experience Total with Scouting & Talent Evaluation with the Dolphins & Bears..

    Micheal Davis – Player Personnel Executive – 51 Years Old .. Has 3rd Years with the Eagles after being the Eagles Mid-West Region Scout for his First 2 Years…Last year he was promoted to Personnel Executive and reported to Ed Marynowitz.. Prior to joining the Eagles, Michael Davis worked for the Jets for 16 Years in a variety of Administrative Functions for their Front Office

    Trey Brown – Asst Director of College Scouting – 30 Years Old
    3rd Year with the Eagles and was promoted from West Coast Regional Scout.. Worked the previous 3 Seasons as the Patriots West Coast Regional Asst Scout

    Matt Lindsey – College Scout Coordinator — 25 Years Old
    Finished his 1st Year with the Eagles as Scout Coordinator,
    was a Scouting Intern in 2013.. A Scout Coordinator acts a liason between the Coaching Staff and the Field Scouts to go out and research, interview, watch and find the right kind of players that best fit their schemes and systems…

    All these Guys will be reports to Louis Clark (Senior Director of Player Personnel and Toma Donahue (Senior Advisor of PLayer Personnel) as well as Howie Roseman so there is a lot of Youth and Inexperience that Report
    to Clark/Donahue who are older and more old school…

    I am sure we will see more changes after the Draft as most Teams have already done their homework and Draft Boards on the Upcoming Draft
    This Year things will be way Different for the new Eagles Coaching Staff/Howie Roseman won’t be looking at the same type of Players that Chip Kelly had Ed Marynowitz looking at …
    This will be an important Draft and Scouting time over the Senior Bowls/Combine/College Workout days and Howie is going to need his Voluminous Notebooks to dig deep..
    Also expect the Eagles to look at SEC/ACC Players as he seems to favor Players from the South more than the Pac-10 as Chip Kelly did which in itself is probably a good thing…

    A very interesting Off-Season this Year even though the Players on the Roster probably won’t change much this Off-Season, there will be many changes in the Front Office & Coaching Staffs

  2. Strong points G…I simply hope they dont blow the team up and then turn to Howie the Accountant and say…find us a Quarterback, take 3 years to rebuild the team and maybe we’ll have something…

    1. Because you’d prefer a solid 7-9, 8-8, 7-9 fiasco over the next 3 years with PadmyStatsFord instead right?

      Nice. Great times.

      Hey….what is the winning %age for QBs in their first playoff game (if that were to even happen) again???

  3. **NFL News****
    Per NFL’s Mike Silver, The Eagles put in a Call to Hue Jackson but were told by Jackson’s Camp that they were too late in the game and that he was signing with the Browns..
    What are these bumbling Executive Leaders of the Eagles doing..
    What an embarrassment this Eagle Franchise has become in such a short time.. Good Grief…

    1. And you’re just as dumb if not more so for posting this crap

      None of it is true at all, they never called. They put it in the media just for this purpose

      All BS

      You really believe they’d put in a call the night before he accepts a contract with the Browns showing there interest in him?

      NO they would not

      They would’ve given him a proper interview a long time ago

      Moving on!

    1. 49ers & Interviewed Hue Jackson…
      Dolphins asked for permission, and then cancelled after they hired Adam Gase
      NY Giants had him Scheduled for this week..

        1. Leading Receivers who had Nice Seasons for the Browns

          TE Gary Barnidge (79 Receptions – 1,043 Yards with 9 TD’s)
          WR Travis Benjamin (68 Receptions – 966 Yards with 5 TD’s)

          WR Brian Hartline (46 Receptions – 523 Yards & 2 TD’s)
          WR Andre Hawkins (27 Receptions – 276 Yards & 2 TD’s)

          1. Defensively, the Browns were a Hugh Disappointment in 2015
            Ranked 27th Overall and allowed 27 Points per Game

            They are getting a little old at some Spots with LB Karlos Dansby & Safety Donte Whitner being their leading Tacklers and Best Players on Defense but Veterans LB Paul Kruger has been a Bust, CB Tramon WIlliams, CB Joe Haden and Safety Tipshaun Gipson all took a step back and Top Draft Picks of Recent Seasons DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo, CB Justin Gilbert have been invisible and even 2015 Top Pick DT Danny Shelton had a very quiet Rookie Season with only 36 Tackles and Zero Sacks and only 4 Tackles for Loss of Yards which he was expected to be more productive than this…
            The Browns Rush Defense allowed a 3rd Worst 128 Yards Per Game
            and only generated 28 Sacks which was 5th Worst in the NFL
            They only had 11 Int’s and Forced 10 Fumbles as a Defense

            When your not Stopping the Run or Getting to the QB, and only Generated 21 Turnovers in 16 Games, then your in big Trouble as a Defense…

  4. Let’s hope we get Tom Coughlin over Ben McAdoo..

    I’d rather get to the Super bowl sooner rather than later

    I think Tom could bring us there, he’s a proven commodity

    Forget his age… Think about his track record, everywhere he’s been he’s been successful

  5. **Cleveland Browns News***

    New HC Hue Jackson said its time for the Browns to Move on from Johnny Football and was part of him accepting the Browns Job that the former Heisman Winner would be Released/Traded and Gone .. Jackson says he got a commitment from Ownership to Move on from Johnny Football and to start fresh..
    The Browns have the 2nd Overall Draft Pick and Hue Jackson and Browns will Select QB Jared Goff of California University to build their Offense and Team around which is probably one of the biggest reasons he took the Job
    Any Coach that can turn-around the Browns and make them even get to the Playoffs will be a hero in Cleveland

    The only think that could possibly screw up Cleveland Browns Plans is the
    Tennessee Titans Trading Back from their #1 Spot to gain more Assets to a Team who is desperate for a QB and wants to move up to #1 to Select Goff..
    49ers are at #7 , Rams at #15 and Darkhorse Saints at #12 who could go all in to get a QB… Rams moving to LA may want to roll that Dice…

      1. More than half the teams need a QB….it is the most important position in all of sports ….there are like 7 new coaches hired every year…the successful ones have a QB.. The unsuccessful ones have Bradford, mallet, etc…

      2. Cowboys will obtain QB Johnny Football or RG3 or could possibly Draft a QB with their 2nd Round Pick since they have Romo for at least 2 more Seasons

  6. I like Hue Jackson’s interview. He’s got an infectious personality. Seems incredibly enthusiastic.

    Hope he does well, but…….Clevaland….man he’s in tough.

      1. Browns have #2 & #32 Pick this Draft
        (remember the New England Pats have no 1St Rounder due to Deflategate)

        #2 – QB Jared Goff
        #32 – An OT, WR or RB

    1. Hue Jackson is a good Coach and will do well with Cleveland..
      Eagles should have at least Interviewed him, he’s a charismatic, smart, passionate Coach with High “Emotional Intelligence” that Lurie was looking for
      Instead, in rolls in Doug Pederson who is as charismatic as a sponge…
      The 3 Amigos will be warming up the Eagles Jet again 2 Years from now..

      1. After over a year of dealing with the redskins own stink of management and RG me Gruden shook off the stink agreed…. But let’s face it when you mix Marvin Lewis + browns stink = some nasty stink!

  7. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Eagles will have a “face-to-face meeting” with Tom Coughlin on Thursday.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter
    Jan 14 – 10:01 AM

  8. Couglin isn’t a “sexy” pick. But its Tom Coughlin. He’s a solid coach. Like everyone, I am worried about his age, but here’s hoping.

    What I do like:

    1 – He has twice built a winner.

    2 – His history says there’s a young QB coming – and he has a pretty good nose for getting the right one. When he arrived in Jacksonville he traded a 3rd and 5th for a young Brunell, and upon arriving in New York grabbed Eli.

    If he comes in here and uses the first rounder on a QB, or does that next year – I will be a fan. No more trying to make do with other team’s rejects and low rounders.

  9. 3 Things to Note about Tom Coughlin

    1) He wants to Go Out a Winner and yes his last 3 Seasons have been disappointments but his Front Office, Draft Picks, Free-Agent Signings have sucked, his Defensive Coordinator (Spagnola) has Sucked so he has a chance for a clean slate here with the Eagles and go for it .. Coughlin and the Giants as a whole are very loyal, and sometimes to a fault with staying with people too long who become too comfortable and stale..

    2) He will be able to stick it to his Former Team

    3) Coughlin realizes that this is it for him Career Wise and will be energized and committed to seeing it thru..

    On a Side note about Steve Spagnolo…
    This is the Job he has done as DC in his 3 last Seasons

    2015 – Giants – Ranked 31st
    2014 – Giants – Ranked 29th
    2012 – NO Saints – Ranked 32nd (Worst Defense in the History of the NFL)

    I hope Coughlin does not feel the need or obligation to bring Spagnola to the Eagles for it would be a mistake in my opinion.. but I would like to see him bring OL Coach Pat Flaherty & DL Coach Robert Nunn to the Eagles
    and keep an eye for Secondary Coach Dave Merritt to be mentioned as a DC

  10. There’s that “He wants to Go Out a Winner” speculation again.

    Nothing in his history says he is a “win now” guy.

    Everything in his history says he is a “long term vision” guy.

    He will not suddenly change what has worked for him in the past.

    1. Coughlin is a changed man Vinnie, has been for a few Years now..
      Get with the Program and put the Canadian Bacon away already..
      He is not Taking the Eagles Job to be a Long-term Vision Coach for he knows that he doesn’t have time on his side, He’s in it to Win now and yes, a will mean some changes for him to make, but that’s also what probably excites and energize him about the opportunity..
      Who thought Coughlin would allow a young OC (McAdoo) to come in and work with ELi and WR’s and become the pass first Offense that they have been for the last few Seasons…
      It will be nice to see the Eagles go back to a 4-3 Scheme
      It will be nice to see a FB on the Roster, TE’s who can actually Block
      and not Carry 6-7 WR’s and Not Carry 8-9 LB’s like Chip Kelly did

      1. lmfao @ paulman… dudes over here playing ‘days of our nfl lives’ and creating dramatic plot lines and scripted narratives. stop and grow up. its the nfl, he wants to win, all coaches do, he gonna come in and develop and coach up a team and try to win like every other coach would.. his vision isnt changing, his vision will be on preparation, evaluation and week to week gameplanning… cmon bro

  11. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Tom Coughlin has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Eagles’ head-coaching vacancy.
    And Philadelphia whiffs again. After missing out on Adam Gase (Dolphins) and Ben McAdoo (Giants), the Eagles failed to prove they were the “right fit” for the 69-year-old Coughlin, who understandably wants to win right away. The good news for Philadelphia is Chiefs OC Doug Pederson, who was thought to be a favorite early this week, is still available. Their attention will likely turn to him once the Chiefs are eliminated from the playoffs.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Jan 14 – 1:02 P

    1. ‘missing out on Gase and macadoo’ ‘failed to prove THEY were a right fit for TC’== this all MAY be true–maybe TC failed to prove he was the right fit– spin doctoring

  12. ok heres the deal.

    shurmur as hc
    duce as oc
    billy davis stays at dc

    with the 1st pick in the 2017 nfl draft eagles select clemson qb watson

    1. QB Watson’s Father has already stated that he wants nothing to do with the Eagles and will not Play for them if Drafted by the Eagles…
      He wants to stay South and Play for the Dolphins or Saints or Falcons

      Howie Roseman will have to Trade that #1 Pick or Select another Player

      Good Grief the Eagles and their Brand have sunken so fast and its more than just Chip Kelly.. this has been building a while for AR last few Seasons ..
      Its Lurie & Roseman.. they both just turn off too many People in the Football World that few want to work with or for them.. Lurie probably needs to look into selling the Team

        1. We’re gonna do the monkey (oh oh ah ah oh oh ah ah)
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      1. Good, because Watson isn’t a Franchise QB either; He’s a College QB like EJ Manuel, and Geno Smith, decent as a College QB, overrated as a top NFL Prospect………

  13. ESPN Reports the 49ers have their HC Position narrowed down between Mike Shanahan and Chip Kelly and will decide this evening and make an Announcement Friday

    I thought Lurie let Kelly Go with a week left in the Season to get his Search jump started and here in the end, it appears that Kelly lands on his feet and gets a job before Eagles even grant 2nd Interviews…

    1. Re 49ers — GM Trent Balkee is leaning for Mike Shanahan
      Jed York (Owner) is leaning for Chip Kelly…. It will be interesting to see who Wins out.. GM Trent Balkee has to get it right this time of his own Job will be in jeopardy…

    2. whoever we hire is an upgrade from chip…

      btw chip getting arizona and seattle twice a year is awesome!!!!!!!! chip has 3 years left in the nfl… now we all get to see him get “his guy” in krappernick



      1. bruce arians is going nuts right now fist bumping everyone in sight at chip… pete carrol loves it too

  14. Will be very interesting to see if chip can change his people skills– by all accounts his people skills is what did him in… so he has Krap… should be very interesting… VERY.

    1. 49 ers got panthers falcons bucs pats jets and sea & az 2 times next year

      im going to love carrol and arians whooping that fraud ass 4 times a year


  15. The New York Daily News’ Gary Myers reports Tom Coughlin could have had the Eagles’ job, but withdrew because “the core of his staff is under contract (in New York) and staying with Ben McAdoo.”
    It’s probably a bitter pill to swallow for Coughlin, who wants to keep coaching at age 69, but isn’t in position to assemble an entire staff on the fly. With the 49ers also off the board after hiring Chip Kelly, Coughlin could be out of luck for 2016.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Gary Myers on Twitter
    Jan 14 – 2:55 P

    1. OC and close Friend of Coughlin’s Kevin Gilbride is Retired from the Giants and not under Contract and lives in Connecticut..
      Jeff Lurie demands that Pat Shurmur remain’s as Eagles OC in order to keep QB Sam Bradford… Coughlin wanted to bring Gilbride in and Lurie said No, so Coughlin said “Forget about it” … It is what we thought it was…
      Lurie is becoming too meddling on how Coach’s want to run their Teams and is beginning to turn off Coach’s/Candidates that have other options …

      1. “Jeff Lurie demands that Pat Shurmur remain’s as Eagles OC”

        Pure speculation

        ” in order to keep QB Sam Bradford… ”

        Pure speculation

        ” Coughlin wanted to bring Gilbride in and Lurie said No”

        Riciculous speculation

        “Lurie is becoming too meddling on how Coach’s want to run their Teams ”

        Pure speculation

        ” It is what we thought it was…”

        No. Not really. All that is is your musing on what perhaps, potentially, but probably not at all what went down.

  16. NFL States that the 49ers will now have 4 National Broadcast Games next Season while the Eagles will only have 2 National Games all Season Long

    Chip Kelly Sells Advertising and makes the NFL $$$$$
    Pat Shurmur, or Doug Pederson put Casual Fans asleep and cost the NFL $$$$

    Lots of 1 PM East-Coast Start Times for Eagle Home Games next Season for the Fans who like that..

  17. Giants Officially Announce that Ben McAdoo is Now the HC of the NY Giants
    Congrats to Him and his Family..

    1. No, they do not Play the 49ers

      Schedule for 2016
      6 vs NFC East Divisional Games as Every Season
      4 vs NFC North (Vikings,Packers,Lions & Bears)
      4 vs AFC North (Benglas,Steelers,Ravens & Browns)
      2 games vs 2nd Place NFC South (Falcons) and NFC West (Seahawks)
      since the Eagles finished in 2nd Place in the NFL East in 2015

      Schedule for 2017
      6 vs NFC East Divisional Rivals
      4 vs NFC West (Seahawks,Cardinals,49ers & Rams)
      4 vs AFC West (Broncos,Chiefs,Raiders & Chargers)
      2 vs Games NFC Conference – 1 from the NFC South and 1 from NFC North, based on what Place the Eagles Finish (1st Place 1st Place, 2nd Place plays 2nd Place, 3rd Place plays 3rd Place, Basement plays Basement)

      Schedule for 2018
      6 vs NFC East Division
      4 vs NFC South
      4 vs AFC South
      2 vs NFC West and North Foes based on where you finish as listed above

    1. Paulman’s Current Eagles Free-Agent Landing Spots

      CB Nolan Carroll – Goes back home to the Ravens or Redskins
      DE Cedric Thornton – Goes to the Falcons, Saints or Cowboys
      QB Sam Bradford Resigns with Eagles to remain with Pat Shurmur
      DE Vinny Curry Resigns with the Eagles
      Safety Walter Thurmond goes to the Highest Bidder no matter what Team.
      He’s had injuries in 2013 & 2014 and the last 2 Years playing on the cheap, so he’s going to Cash-In this time to the Highest Bidder and it probably won’t be the Eagles…

      1. Jokes aside…we’ll now find out for sure what Kelly really thought of Bradford and if he indeed though he was “the guy” for his offense and not just a mistake ina bid to get Mariotta.

        49ers have the 3rd most cap space in the league and could easily outbid the Eagles or anyone else for Sammy Boy. We’ll find out soon enough how much Kelly actually values Padmystatsford, and I don’t think its very highly.

    1. You Guys are way over estimating the authority ove rPlayer Personnel that Chip Kelly will have with the 49ers.. GM Trent Balkee will make those Decisions
      The 49ers have Kaepernick and Gabbert under Contract and also have the
      #7 Pick in the 1st Round where Paxton Lynch, Carson Wenz will be sitting and then have the #39 Pick in the2nd Round where a Connor Cook,Dak Prescott, Cardale JOnes, etc,etc will still be on the Board
      Kelly will imput no doubt as every Coach has, but he won’t be the main decision maker in terms of Roster Management for the 49ers, that’s Trent Balkee.. Chip Kelly was Hired to Coach the Team which is what he will do

  18. When Coach Reid landed in KC, the Chiefs had major salary cap issues where they had to shed players so Coach Reid couldn’t pilfer his former draft picks from the Eagles until this year when he outbid the Eagles for Jeremy Maclin ( which turned out to be catastrophic for the birds). Chipper doesn’t have that problem in SF, 49ers have plenty of salary cap space.

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