Ben McAdoo Front-Runner For Eagles Job?

patriots-giants-footballNFL Insider Adam Schefter spoke with Anthony Gargano of 97.5 on Wednesday morning to share some of his thoughts on the Eagles’ coaching search.

Schefter believes that it will ultimately come down to either Giant’ offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, or Kansas City offensive coordinator Doug Pederson.

Schefter didn’t cite a source in this instance, but its worth noting that back in November Schefter commented that he felt signs were piling up against a Chip Kelly return in Philadelphia despite not making an official report through sources.

If McAdoo is really the front-runner for the job, than the Eagles should make an announcement before the end of the week. With no new interviews in the cards, there’d be no reason to wait to hire McAdoo.

The only reason for the Eagles to hold off on an announcement is if they’re waiting for their guy to officially become available, or in other words the Chiefs would need to be eliminated from playoff contention before Pederson can accept a job elsewhere.

I’m not in love with either candidate, but I’d certainly take McAdoo over Pederson.

With McAdoo, there’s a much stronger track record of success. Aaron Rodgers had some of his best years with McAdoo as his quarterbacks coach in Green Bay, and Eli Manning has also improved considerably since McAdoo went to serve under Tom Coughlin in New York.

As for Pederson, I just don’t see what he really brings to the table. He’s been forever billed as a smart guy, and someone who understands the game considerably well, but I just don’t see that translating on the field out in Kansas City.

Pederson doesn’t call plays. Just two years ago, Pederson’s offensive crew couldn’t manage a single touchdown pass to a wide receiver. And now, for no other apparent reason other than Andy Reid’s recommendation, he finds himself a serious candidate for the Eagles’ job.

21 thoughts on “Ben McAdoo Front-Runner For Eagles Job?

    1. when will your career of pure stupidity ever end…

      Hue Jackson is a quality NFL Coach who should be given just as much consideration as the rest of the candidates.

      None of them are all that impressive at all.

      1. Honestly…how obtuse are you?????

        I cracked a joke about Jackson accepting the Cleveland job (dumb move on his part) saying that’s the end of his career.


        Oh, I dunno….because he’s the 9th coach for the “new” Browns since they were re-instated 17 years ago.

        Palmer, Davis, Robiski, Crennel, Mangini, Shurmer, Chudzinki, Pettine….where coaches go to die.

        The franchise is a complete disaster and Jackson made a mistake going there.

        Go back to dithering on about how great Sam Bradford is and tell us again about Foles on the Stl Louis Rams.

  1. I think the new head coach will be Pat Shurmur. He has the coaching experience and ticks off all the boxes that Lurie mentioned.

    I don’t think the fact that Shurmur stepped on the same rake as Belichick (Cleveland), will be held against him.

    I might be wrong, but the lack of urgency on the part of the search committee makes me think they know who their guy is already…..

    I really don’t have a guy who I think should be the next head coach. I’m not ‘for’ or ‘against’ Shurmur…. There’s nobody except David Shaw that would make me happy, and he’s not available…

  2. Cleveland Browns Owner stayed back in Cleveland to hash out a Deal for Hue Jackson instead of going to Owners Meeting in Phoenix as he sent his Wife in his Place which did not go over real well with most Owners…

  3. I believe that whoever it is…pederson, Bob Macadoo or shumur that Duce will be the OC… Lurie likes him, he is a believer in the NFL’s mission to promote minorities in leadership roles and I think he will be great. With those three HC candidates The OC won’t necessarily do all the heavy lifting. This would prepare Duce for the next step…. As for DC…I don’t have a name …I’m assuming a defensive position coach from a top defense

      1. I remember one time somebody was talking negatively about Ted Williams on this site, and the next thing you know Ted’s daughter was on here blasting the person.

        Watch what you say about Ted or you will hear from her!

  4. Don’t really have an educated opinion on who the next coach should be. In reality, neither do any of us. The only reason I didn’t want chip during that coaching search was because he was a gimmick coach, whom which Laurie fell victim to chasing the nfl fad at the time, the read option and Kelly could run it “really fast” lol. All the current candidates have nfl experience, so I don’t have a feeling for any of them at this point. Whoever it is, get them in here and hope for the best outcome.

  5. ****NY Giants to Name Ben McAdoo as their Next HC now that Hue Jackson is off the Board.. The Eagles are likely to Hire Doug Pederson as soon as the Chiefs Season is over as they have no one else on their list to Interview
    I gues that extra week that Lurie needed to start his Coach Search really paid off… I can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to at least Interview a Vic Fangio, Winston Moss, Paul Guenther, Sean McDermott, Darrell Beavall, etc…

    Reports are Pederson is in with Shurmur the OC & Billy Davis remaining as DC

  6. Paul are you serious? I’m ok with pederson, usually crappy players are good coaches. But shirmur and Davis? Keeping shirmur, means keeping Bradford. Bradford is an average qb with serious injury history who will likely be way overpaid in a qb needy market- no way is he worth 18-21m as I’ve seen projected. And Davis, in addition to not maximizing the talents of his players would mean were staying in a 3-4, which were ill suited for. I hope your kidding about the assistants anyway

    1. Yes on Ben McAdoo, the Giants will make the announcement tomorrow

      Hiring Pederson and retaining both Shurmur & Davis is the plan for 2 Reasons for Lurie

      1) This allows Pederson to come in with relatively the same Staff and without many big scheme changes outside of scrapping Kellys constant hurry up Offense so Pederson can build thos Coach-Player Relationships which were sorely lacking with Chip Kelly

      2) Lurie wants to prove to Chip Kelly that he can He can Win and have the Eagles return to the Playoffs with most of the same Assistants & Players by having a higher “Emotional Intelligence” Leader leading the Team.. A real Collaborator who allows his Asstistants do their Job, etc, etc..including inthe Front Office with Howie Roseman

      I am not saying any of this is right, wrong or what I would do, merely what Owner Jeff Lurie is going to do and why..

      1. Go reread what Bill Belichick said about the firing of Chip Kelly. That’s all you need to know. We should have gave that man more dress to bring in the type of players that would have bought in. The players with class and dignity have never said a bad word about chip like Nick Foles Maclin and among others. I will believe them over LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson any day.

        On a more interesting note Jon Gruden is in Philly and when asked what he was doing here he smiled and said “business”

        1. How many teams are banging down the doors for Chip the genius?

          That’s what tells you all need to know, not what his buddy Belichick had to say. I mean jeez, not even the Titans with his ideal quarterback will give him a look.

          Kelly needed to go. Unfortunately he was just one of several deep-rooted problems in the organization.

      2. I can’t see that Paul. New coach brings in new staff (maybe a minor player like Duce stays or whatever)

        Can’t leave the old co-ordinators there. It undermines the new HC. (not that any players are enamored with Davis…but there is the possibility that some might prefer Shurmur)

        If Pederson is coming in, he’ll be hiring a new staff. It is the way of things.

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