Evaluating Doug Pederson

DougPederson3The Eagles’ hiring of Doug Pederson has been met with little fanfare so far.

Let’s evaluate some of the positive and negative aspects that Pederson may bring to the table.


A More Traditional Offense

One thing I’m absolutely thrilled about in regards to the Eagles’ upcoming season is that the fast-paced offense of Chip Kelly will be a thing of the past.

Defenses had been catching up to Kelly’s scheme, and the flaws in Chip’s approach were on full display last season. The three-and-outs came much too frequently and too easily, leading to prolonged periods where the offense was unable to generate any kind of success or consistency during games. The Eagles’ defense continued to lead the league in defensive snaps logged, leading to a unit that looked worn out at times.

With the gimmick offense now a thing of the past, Pederson will return the Eagles to a much more traditional and fundamentally sound attack.

The Eagles won’t be running every play out of the shotgun. There will be some variety in their formations. The tight ends are sure to be used much more effectively. Heck, there’s a good chance that we’ll even see the return of a fullback, which could help running back DeMarco Murray recapture the All-Pro form he displayed in Dallas.

Better Quarterback Development

Pederson may not have been a very effective quarterback during his playing days, but he’s been regarded as a very smart guy who understands the position well.

Pederson has been around guys like Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Donovan McNabb during his playing days, was coached by guys like Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid, and has played a role in Alex Smith becoming a better quarterback out in Kansas City.

Whether he’s working with Sam Bradford as his starting quarterback in 2016, or drafting a young passer to groom and develop, Pederson is a guy with a solid background of teaching the position to other players.

Front Office Harmony

This can easily be viewed as a positive or negative aspect depending on one’s point of view, but Pederson is almost certainly not going to be a guy that tries to stir up any kind of power struggles within the front office.

He seems to have a strong relationship with Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie, and for an organization that has endured multiple power struggles between head coaches and general managers since 2010, it could do a lot of good to have some peace and quiet between all factions.


A Lacking Resume

Pederson isn’t a big name, and doesn’t have the types of claims to fame that other new head coaches have.

Adam Gase has received high praise from guys like Peyton Manning. Ben McAdoo has been credited for Eli Manning’s resurgence. Pederson’s accomplishments are a bit of an unknown.

The Kansas City offense hasn’t set the world on fire during the last three years. Pederson doesn’t call the majority of plays during games. Just one year ago, the Chiefs offense that he coordinates failed to manage a single touchdown pass to a wide receiver.

Pederson’s name did not come up in any coaching search with the exception of the Eagles. Around the league, he clearly wasn’t held in very high regard.

The biggest thing that he seemed to have going in his favor was the vote of confidence he received from Andy Reid, who reportedly highly recommended him to Jeffrey Lurie.

Can Pederson Command Respect?

Pederson may be a student of the game, and a legitimately smart football guy. But does he have the true leadership skills of a head coach? Can he be the type of guy that can command the respect of the 53-man roster, and find ways to rally his guys when times get tough?

You have to hope that Pederson has learned a lot about leading a locker room from his time working under Reid.

One of Reid’s best traits as a head coach is that he has almost never lost the respect of his players. Guys always fought hard for Andy, and this year’s Kansas City team is another great example of that, having rallied from a 1-5 start to win their last 11 games.

Hopefully Pederson was able to absorb some of Andy’s traits.

Final Thoughts

After having some time to think about the hiring of Pederson and let it all sink in, I’m not nearly as down on the idea as I thought I would be.

Yes, the route that the Eagles took to get to him was very unimpressive, and I thought the front office did a remarkably poor job conducting their coaching search.

However, now that its all said and done, when I look at Pederson, I don’t see a guy that’s doomed to fail like I did when the Eagles first hired Chip Kelly back in 2013. 

I don’t necessarily see a guy that’s going to take the NFL by storm either, but I’m actually pretty interested to see what he brings to the table, and how this team will take shape moving forward.

It’s easy to look at this hire and write it off, but keep in mind that once upon a time the Philadelphia Phillies made a very unpopular hire that many people mocked at first. A guy named Charlie Manuel. And that same guy turned out to be a beloved figure in Philadelphia sports that helped end the championship drought.

Who knows, maybe Pederson could do the same for the Eagles.

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71 thoughts on “Evaluating Doug Pederson

  1. I am down with the hire. No probls….IF Pederson is allowed to clean house and start anew like every other coach is.

    I believe this will happen and am interested to see what happens moving forward.

    I hope, when he is announced, Pederson says the same things Hue Jackson said at his PC. That the team will continue to compete….BUT….there is a lot of work to be done and it is a multi-year rebuild. Be patient.

    Will win over just about every fan not named Koolidiot if he tells the truth.

    1. Fool…

      This big “IF” is just another hedging, fudging…preparing for a flip-flop

      Pederson is the Coach…Howie Roseman is in charge of personnel…with this clean house process…are you supporting Roseman as the guy who should rebuild the team? Forget Pederson…he’s not the guy pulling the trigger on deals, free agency, the draft….its Howie.

      Take a position…stop waffling, ducking and avoiding the real issue…

      Either your with Howie or your not!


  2. I think Vinnie’s position is the same as most Eagles fans…. We hope the Eagles win… We have no control over who the coach or GM is, so we just hope for the best.

    What’s your plane? Do you intend to sit with your fingers crossed hoping that Howie Roseman drafts a bunch of bust so that you can continue crying?

    1. Exactly. Howie was a supposed “rising star in the NFL” a couple years back.

      Clearly he (and the rest of Eagles FO) made a huge mistake hiring Chip Kelly and allowing him to gain control and gut the roster. Not to mention making stupid trades and screwing up the cap. (I mean seriously – how much damage can a guy do in one season??? Kelly set a record!!)

      Now I am hoping Roseman can be part of a new team that rights this ship.

      I see a team that has no QB, is missing 3 olinemen, needing an ass-kicking pash rusher, needing a new CB and probably a strong safety.

      That’s a REBUILD.

      IF I see Roseman continue the “win now” BS we’ve been suffering though for the past 6/7 years I will be upset.

      Tear it down and rebuild. If, 3 years from now its a mess. Try again.

      1. LMAO!!!

        What an complete idiot!

        Howie Roseman has been a disaster every since he has taken the guy in charge! He pushed Banner out and the team has stunk automatically went south.
        He was architect of the Dream team debacle that got Andy Reid fired.
        Chip Kelly got a football guy in the organization with Tom Gamble..a proven, experienced football guy to work on free agent player acquisitions and the draft and wanted Howie to stay in his lane working on contracts…
        Howie couldn’t accept that..fired Gamble and forced Kelly to make the move he made…now foolishly Lurie goes back to this guy after his moves are the ones that ruined the team.

        Only a fool like you Vinnie who call for this guy to rebuild the team the make key decisions in rebuilding the team..

        So Vinniedafool once again in his impulsive desire to get rid of a Quarterback he doesn’t like wants to burn the team down…and “rebuild” with Howie the Accountant…and he foolishly tells us

        “If, 3 years from now its a mess. Try again”

        You Dumb ass…lets just have three years of awful Football …

        You are a complete idiot Vinniedafoolass

        1. “Howie Roseman has been a disaster…”

          What? You loved the Chip Kelly hire. You love Chip Kelly.

          Roseman hired Chip Kelly….so how could he be a disaster in your eyes???

          I can’t keep track of how many times you change your opinions.

          1. Fool…you loved Chip Kelly too until he got rid of your man crush Nick Foles!

            In fact, Nick Foles provides a good example to expose your ridiculous and dumb ass arguments.

            When Nick Foles got benched twice last year at St Louis. Prior to his second trip to the pine, he completed two very good passes in his last game against Arizona.

            However those two good plays didn’t convince anyone that he didn’t deserve to return to clipboard duties because of the picks, incomplete passes, dumb ass plays he made through the rest of the game.

            So think of Howie like you would think of Nick Foles…sure he has made a good play every once in awhile…but his ass needs to be on the bench because he has made too many dumb ass plays…

            The same can be said for you Vinniedafool…every once in a blue moon you say something that resembles a fact…but the problem is that you have so many dumb ass statements on here that justifies your name…Vinniedafool and when you get really dumb…Vinniedafoolass!

            LOL…one day, one day who knows you might be able to get a clue!

            Applying the logic you use for Howie Roseman…those two good passes should have enabled him to keep his starting job!

            But people with at least half a brain released that while Foles did complete a couple of good passes

              1. Correct. I hate the RO offense in the Pros. Said right of it works great against the McNeese States of the world, but otherwise its only result is to get QBs planted into the turf.

                Also hated the TOP mess that I knew Kelly was going to bing.

                Never in my wildest dreams did I also think he was going to be able to come in and completely dismantle an entire offense AND handicap the team with the cap and missing draft picks – all in one year!!!

                I never wanted the guy, but didn’t think he’d be as bad as he was.

  3. ***Eagles News****
    49ers HC Chip Kelly brings QB Coach Todd Day and WR Bill Bicknell from the Eagles over the 49ers…

    No one did ever guess my unhappiest man in SF contest since the announcement of the Chip Kelly Hiring… It’s DC Eric Mangini

  4. Wow Panthers all over the Seahawks 14-0 in just a few minutes into the Game
    Tons of time left, but Panthers and Crowd are Sky High…

  5. To me the hire is a transparent hire ,to keep with the status quo.My focus will be on the defensive hire ,and who will be assembling that side of the ball.Harmony is a good thing ,after the turbulence ,it will be an unfasten your seat belt sigh of relief ,in comparison to pinnochipios wind draft ..The NFC east is wide open and rebuilding might be a succesful draft away ..id like see an effective hire of an offensive line coach and a DC that has a clue ..and then give Pederson a chance to become the calm after the storm

  6. Does anyone else wonder if the Eagles hired the Wrong AR Asst Coach….
    What’s the Seahawks have 20 Yards of Offense, 2 Ints, 3 Tackles for Losses..

  7. I’ve said a few times that I was surprised that no Teams were interested in talking to OC Mike Shula , the guy has done a terrific job with Cam Newton and this Panthers Offense..
    Panthers are dominating both lines of scrimmage vs the Seahawks..
    The Panthers have been doing this to most Teams for a while now

  8. Here’s the Blueprint of Panthers
    Big Physical OL & DL
    Big Receivers & TE’s
    Athletic LB’s who can drop inPass coverages
    Physical, Fast CB’s who can cover 1 on 1
    Physical Safeties who make you pay

    They have Drafted well the last 3-4 Years
    They’ve added Hungry Veteran Free-Agents/Acquired by Trades who want to play for a Winner with a chance for a Ring
    Players like Jared Allen, Roman Harper, Kurt Coleman, Michael Oher, Ted Ginn, J Crotchery, M Tolbert, C Finnegan, C Tillman
    You add these type of quality Players and leaders and Team Players to the youthful Talents of the recent Drafts and you Coach them up with a identity and focus and this is the type of Team you can build..
    It’s been 3 Years in making with the arrival of GM Dave Gettleman who was the Asst GM for the Giants and has built this Team like the old Giant Teams
    The Panthers have been on the way up since Gettleman’s Hiring while the Giants have been on the way down since his departure..
    He’s a good Talent Evaluator and knows how to get Value with his Roster
    He should be GM/Executive of the Year hands down

  9. First of all, home teams 75% of the time in this round. Teams off the bye with a huge advantage. Drops to 50/50 next round.

    But this Seattle collapse was completely predictable. Last second win in an extremely difficult game in Minnesota. Travel back to Seattle. Days later travel cross country to Carolina for a game that begins (for them) at 10:00am,

    Travelled 6000 miles and 7 timezones (total) over the past 6 days.

    AND played at 1:00!!! Freebie for Carolina.

    The question is why the NFL scheduled this as a 1:00pm game. They knew what was going to happen to Seattle.

    1. Thank the Patriots last game Loss to the Dolphins for the Panthers 1pm Stsrt Time , on Divisional Weekend, the #1 Seeds get the Sunday Games
      In this case it was Panthers & Broncos so naturally, Carolina gets the early game with the Broncos getting the late Game..
      This is how they schedule it ..

  10. Now….for the second half….Seattle will wake up a bit (obv) and Carolina will relax a bit (natural)…but Carolina better be careful to avoid what they just did (commit a stupid personal foul) which could breath life into the Hawks.

    I mean a comeback is unbelievably unlikely….but Carolina shouldn’t do anything stupid

  11. Eagles hired Tim Hauck as asst DB coach. I used to love that guy. No business being in the NFL but he kept his career alive through pure heart and determination.

    Maybe he can bring a little of that grit to the team.

    1. I’m a big fan of Tim Hauck too, an over-achiever who always left it on the field type of Player ..he will gave the Players Respect and Attention..

  12. Panthers End the Seahawks Dynasty Era
    Seattle has many Off-Season difficult decisions with 6 Starters all up for Free-Agency with WR Kearse, LT R Okung, RG JR Sweezy, OLB B Irvin
    CB J Lane & 2 Rotating DT’s
    They also have RB MLynch under Contract due for a $12 Million Hit on next Year’s Cap
    They also have 2 Veterans under Contract who are not happy about their current Contract Status , Safety Kam Chancellor & DL Michael Bennett
    And on top of all this they have TE J Graham who will count $9 Million towards the 2016 Cap who will be coming off a major injury, surgery & rehab and was not a very good fit in the locker room or even onthe field for them…

    Lots of Issues and Agnst in the Northwest this Off-Season..

    1. Cam Newton is finishing up his MVP season strong

      Carolina and Arizona is going to be a good one next week!

  13. Steve Spagnuolo and Frank Reich…these are the names that Bleeding Green Nation and others are throwing out there that Pederson is said to want…


    When was the last time Spags had a good defense?

    Frank Reich was fired for stinking in San Diego…

    Not very inspiring

  14. Spats last 3 Seasons as a DC

    2015 – NY Giants – Ranked 31st (Yes, worse than Billy Davis)
    2014 – NY Giants – Ranked 29th in the NFL
    2013 – Was a Position Coach for Ravens
    2012. – NO Saints who were Ranked 32nd and gave up a Total of 7,000 Yards of Offense which is the worse Defense Statistically ever since they have been keeping them….

    Flat out No to Steve Spagnolo… The Game has past him by as it did Tom Coughlin & Lovie Smith

    Frank Riech has had mixed results with the Chargers
    As QB Coach he help Phil River re-emerge as a Top QB
    Thenwhenit OC Ken Wisenhut took the Titans HC Position, Reich was elevated to OC where he, Rivers and the Chargers Offense struggles the last 2 Seasons
    I will give him a benefit of doubt as the Chargers OL & REceiver Corps have been decimated with Injuries.. In 2015 the Chargers used 14 Different OL to Start this Season.. 14 ?? Some of these guys were literally off the Streets as they had no continuity , Top WR Kennan Allen, Malcolm Floyd missed most of the Season, # 1 Draft Pick RB Melvin Gordon went down halfway thru the Season .. Their leading Yard Producer was Danny Woodhead who is a nice 3rd Down/Change of Pace Back but not really a playmaker… It was that kind of Season for Reich who was fired as the Chargers re-hired Ken Wisenhut to become their OC for 2016

      1. EHL, Frank Reich is a personal friend of mine, yes the Eagles are interested and yes it’s a mistake he just doesn’t have the system to be a successful O coordinator.

  15. It appears that New HC Pederson is retaining 4 Assistants from last Year’s Staff
    RB Coach Duce Staley, OL Coach Jeff Stoutland, Secondary Coach Gary Undlin and Special Teams Coach David Fipp
    All others are goners including Pat Shurmur, Billy Davis, Jerry Azzinaro, etc..

  16. ***Eagles News***

    Eagles may be announcing Doug Pederson hire sometime tomorrow or Tuesday I’m hearing
    Also I’m hearing Doug will possibly look to bring his good friend Steve Spagnolo over to be the defensive coordinator

    No that’s someone I woulnt mind having. Especially with all the defensive talent the Eagles have, he could have us in the top 3 in sacks and top 5 overall defense.

    They must give Thorton and Curry new deals in order for that defense to reach its max potential

    1. its very unlikely the Eagles Retain Cedric Thornton and especially if they convert back to a 4-3 Scheme which requires its DE’s to be more explosive as pass-rushers than what Thornton offers…
      If they go to a 4-3 Scheme as expected, the Eagles will have Curry, Graham,
      Barwin can line up as a DE on passing downs and most likely MS2 will see snaps as a DE , what they will need is another 300-310 LB DT to go along
      With F Cox, B Logan & B Allen..
      I rather see a Jim Schwartz As a DC Hire than Spagnolo who has been terrible for the last 5-7 Years now .. Rams Defense was bad when he was there, the Saints were the worst Defense inthe history of the NFL when he was there in2012 andthe last 2 Seasons with the Giants, the Giants ranked worse than Billy Davis & Eagles Defense

      1. Spagnolo hasn’t been very good over the last years. He’s another name that has emotional ties to Philadelphia, but wouldn’t be a very good selection for the Eagles as a Coordinator.

        How about Jerry Olsavsky – Steelers Linebackers Coach, Reggie Herring – Broncos Linebackers Coach, or Bob Sanders – Cardinals Linebackers Coach??

        1. Cliff… They want to run a 4-3 not a 3-4

          Spags is a savage if he has the defensive line that allows him to be creative

          The Eagles have one of the best Dlines in the NFL

          Spags probably loves Curry and Cox, but then you throw in Graham and Throrton etc

          Remember how good Spags was during their first championship run in the early 2000. That Dline was ferocious

          Spags would flourish here..

          1. JH, he hasn’t looked like it since he won a Super Bowl….point blank; as a Head Coach, or again as a Defensive Coordinator.

            4-3, or 3-4, doesn’t matter. Your thinking of his prowess from back in the day. At this point that swag for Spags has long past.

            I wouldn’t complain if he was the hire, but I won’t be holding my breathe for much success from him, because I already know what to expect…the same old results from the last 6-7 years

            He’s another name that has emotional ties to Philadelphia, but wouldn’t be a very good selection for the Eagles as a Coordinator – and there are better options than Spags…

            1. But Cliff what talent did he have on the DLine in St Louis?

              I mean c’mon that Rams team SUCKED

              He hasn’t had the same talent as he did for the championship team

              Hes a great defensive coordinator when he has the talent to create havoc and can be creative

              Putting DEs in at DT etc

              Spags is more than capable of being a great defensive IF HE HAS THE TALENT AROUND HIM.

              Name some guys you consider better candidates than Spags, Cliff

              1. And some guys should remain coordinators and not venture into the HC pool for they’re better as coordinators.. I think Spags is a prime example of that

              2. I do agree with you on that point JH. Spags is in all honesty just a Coordinator, but not Head Coaching material.

                You’re also correct in your statement about the need for talent in being a successful Coordinator. Every Coordinator looks good when you have a surplus of talent. But the better Coordinators are the ones that succeed in spite of the lack of talent.

                The Seahawks strength has always been in their Secondary, and outside of Bobby Wagner, there are no other real superstars, they’re just good complimentary players.

                Who are the actual stars on the Cardinals Defense?. Campbell, Peterson, Buchannon?? Freeney is playing off the complimentary players, at this stage of his career he is a complimentary player himself. They just have great chemistry.

                Even Billy Davis has had his moments, and all he really has is Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, Kendricks, and Jordan Hicks. The rest are complimentary players, and we know he sucks as a Coordinator.

                I would like to see a Defensive Coordinator that has developed his philosophy in a consistently successful Defensive System currently – ala Jim Johnson – I consider those individuals as just as good, or better options than Spags, because the league has figured him out – Spags failed as a Head Coach with the Rams Defense, Coordinator with the the Saints Defense, and his stint as the Giants DC

                – They all ranked at the bottom of the league, and the Saints, and Giants did have some talent. as much as the Eagles have now. So what do you imagine he will do with the talent we have here????…I have zero confidence in Spags as our DC…..BUT THAT’S JUST ME….

              3. I’ve already stated the names – Jerry Olsavsky – Steelers Linebackers Coach, Reggie Herring – Broncos Linebackers Coach, or Bob Sanders – Cardinals Linebackers Coach

                The key, more than anything else JH, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me is the talent evaluation, and drafting of the talent by the GM. if Howie can’t bring in talent, this team isn’t going anywhere no matter who is the coach.

                That’s why a better GM option is more important; Bringing in someone, with a philosophy from a more successful organization, that has been more successful in drafting talent – because that isn’t Howie

  17. paulman
    January 18, 2016 – 11:24 am

    Profile photo of paulman

    Steve Spagnolo’s Recent Track record since 2009

    2015 Giants – Ranked 32nd in the NFL (Worst in all the NFL – No Playoffs)
    2014 Giants – Ranked 29th in the NFL – No Playoffs
    2013 Ravens – Was Secondary Coach (Ravens Ranked 12th)
    2012 Saints – Ranked 32nd (Worst Defense Statistically in the History of the NFL with over 7,000 Years Given up – No Playoffs -Go Ask Malcolm Jenkins)
    2011 Rams – Defense was Ranked 22nd (2-14 Record – No Playoffs)
    2010 Rams – Defense was Ranked 19th (7-9 Record – No Playoffs)
    2009 Rams – Defense was Ranked 29th (1-15 Record – No Playoffs)

    Can anyone give me 1 Good Reason why Steve Spagnuolo should be the Eagles Next DC…. Just because he was part of the NY Giants Super Bowl Staff in 2007 is not good enough for me and living in the Past?

    This Guy has gone the last 7 Years without a sniff of the Post-Season outside his short stint with the Ravens as Secondary Coach as a favor from Harbaugh.. In fact 4 of his 7 Years , His Defenses have been Ranked 29th or Lower and in 2 of those Seasons, Ranked Dead Last ….

  18. Rams had Defensive Lineman Chris Long, Leonard Little, James Hall, Freddie Robbins, Robert Quinn, Eugene Sims, Justin Bannan among others during his Tenure as HC from 2009-2011 with the Rams

  19. Some Stats from Frank Reich’s Tenure as OC for the SD Chargers the last 2 Seasons

    2015 Season
    Ranked 9th Overall in Yards Gained with 372 Yards per Game,
    Red-Flags for Me..
    86 Yards Rushing per Game (Ranked 31st)
    20 Points Scored per Game (Ranked 26th)

    2014 Season
    Ranked 18th in the NFL with 342 Yards per Game
    85 Yards Rushing per Game (Ranked 30th)
    22 Points Scored per Game (Ranked 18th)

    The Eagles Biggest Issues Offensively the last 5 Years has been
    Scoring TD’s in Red-Zone and 3rd Down Efficiency and both Pederson and Reich come from backgrounds and experiences from Teams and under other HC’s that struggle with 3rd Down and Red Zone Scoring too.

    Of Course, who knows how any of this will pan out, but to me, that’s my biggest concern moving forward is who to improve this Rushing Attack and 3rd Down/Red-Zone Scoring Efficiency and having a Strong, Physical Rushing Attack goes a long way to improving the situation…
    (Year 1 of Kelly’s Offense was very strong in Rushing and hence the better Offensive Stats and Scoring and Winning Games that Follow)

  20. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww jim schwartz

    so to recap we going :

    wide 9 on defense
    andy reid at best on offense… im fine with doug i guess but i dont see how he earned his stripes? is he even a “coaching guy”?

    1. 20 years in the nfl and you are questioning his stripes? Really?
      Look he is the antithesis of a sexy hire… I actually don’t think any of the hires were sexy but in reality sexy sucks… Remember all the dudes on here wanted Byrd as a safety? Criticized Jenkins? Weel Jenkins who is boring was the better guy…remember all wanted Bradley to coach? 13 wins in 3 years…yikes… Then it was chip, the prettiest girl at the dance, fucker had zero personality… So ok it’s a boring hire..,yawn… Can you get me to the playoffs and give me a chance to win.. . Please

  21. I like the Hire
    Jim Schwartz mixes up his Fronts a lot more than Old Jim Washburn does…
    Schwartz is a firm Believer about the D/Line and Front 7 Setting the Tone
    He is big on having physical and fast DT’s & DE’s and LB’s that Play downhill which should really benefit Players like Kendricks & Hicks
    With Undlin & Hauck Coaching the backend, this could be a very good combination… Or at least a nice improvement of what we’ve seen for a good while..
    Schwartz is also he is own man and not a yes man and has little problem telling
    Players, Coach’s & Media what’s on his mind…

      1. He’s a fiery guy and going to have to bite his tounge around Howie,
        In fact I’m surprised they are talking to him…
        Check his Teams Defensive Stats and Sacks

        2014 – Coached the Bills to the most Sacks & Negative Plays
        2011-2013 – Had the Lions up towards the Top in Sacks and Negative Plays
        2010 & Before, – Coached Quality Defenses for the Titans

        He’s a little undisciplined and not a very good HC, but as a DC, I think he’s one of the best Coach’s that are out there and available
        Bring him in…

  22. ****Reports from NovaCare is that Jim Schwartz Punch’s out Howie Roseman and sends him to Jefferson Hospital Emergency Room..
    Not Confirmed yet, Jon Hart will Follow up later on…

  23. I am good with Schwartz. He was not a good HC, but his defenses were strong and that means that they will be going back to a 4-3 which is a better fit for the players on this roster.

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