So What, Doug Pederson Wasn’t Their First Option

DougPedersonKCChiefsFrom what I can decipher, the Eagles decision to hire Doug Pederson was made because they missed out on former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase, when he signed with the Miami Dolphins.  Later on, New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was promoted to head coach by the Giants, so he was off the board.   Next up former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin backed out on the Birds because of some assistant coach issues.   The Eagles wanted him to keep certain assistants on the staff and Coughlin was going to have difficulty building his staff because many of them were staying in New York with McAdoo.

The Birds were overcome by the anxiety of waiting throughout the weekend and maybe even longer until the Chiefs were eliminated from the playoffs.  They couldn’t take waiting, so they made their move.

They weren’t going to interview Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott because of a rumored run-in he had with Eagles defector GM Howie Roseman.  It’s rumored that they disagreed about a player and the disagreement got personal.  I wanted to see McDermott come this way because the Eagles currently have much better personnel on the defensive side of the ball than they have on the offensive side of the ball.

Still the fact that Pederson might not have been the Birds overwhelming first choice doesn’t mean anything.  Hiring him might wind up being the best move Lurie has ever made as the Eagles owner.   We will have to wait and see.

Pederson might be the best coach being hired this year.  It’s like the draft.  You don’t know which players can play based on when they are drafted.  We all have to wait and see.

Check out the playoffs this weekend.

Green Bay at Arizona – Nobody wanted Bruce Arians a few years ago, who was thought to have seen his best days.  Chip Kelly was the sexy pick, in fact the Eagles canceled an interview of Arians.  The Packers Mike McCarthy was under the radar as a offensive coordinator for the Saints and the Niners before taking over in Green Bay.

Seattle at Carolina – Ron Rivera wasn’t a celebrated pick when the Panthers signed him.  He had been defensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers and previously the Eagles linebackers coach.

Pete Carroll left USC in much the same way that Chip Kelly left Oregon.  There were rumors of NCAA sanctions.  Carroll had also failed in his previous coaching jobs in New England and with the Jets.  Seattle is glad they gave him a shot. It’s meant a Super Bowl title and another appearance.

Kansas City at New England – Was anybody jumping for joy when the Patriots hired up Bill Belichick, who was run out of Cleveland?  He’s been one of the best if not the best head coach in NFL history since he became the Patriots coach.  Eagles fans weren’t crying when Andy Reid was signed by the Chiefs.  He continues to win, so we all might appreciate him more from a distance.

Pittsburgh at Denver – Mike Tomlin was considered too young and unaccomplished when the Steelers signed him.  Gary Kubiak was fired in mid season by the Houston Texans, but the Broncos gave him a shot.  The signing of Kubiak is similar to the signing of Pederson, only Kubiak has been a head coach, proven himself and led a team to the playoffs.

Some of these coaches were second, third and fourth choices, but so what.  You can’t know how good a coach is going to be simply by how much fan fair was around his signing.

93 thoughts on “So What, Doug Pederson Wasn’t Their First Option

  1. True…I think its only fair to give Pederson a fair shot to prove himself.
    But I’m worried about this criteria that says a guy has to agree and get along with Howie the Accountant to be a part of the Eagles management team.
    This is a major concern

  2. “In Doogie, We Trust” …. We have No Choice…
    I believe Lurie still needs to Hire a Quality Player Personnel/Scouting Director to now help Pederson assemble the Players tha he will need to be successful and let Howie focus on the Contracts/Salary Cap Issues, then Lurie can maybe have the “Collaborative Effort” that he spoke about in his Press Conference
    Letting Howie Roseman run the entire Front Office is not “Collaborative”
    Lurie needs to let him do what he does well which is the Finances Part of things, and go out and Hire a true Football Talent Evaluator who can bring better Football Talent to the Organization

    1. paulman he’s not going to do it…he’s not going to hire a personnel guy…he’s already hiring Coaches…Howie is going to run the draft, make the key decisions…

      If you thought Kelly was a disaster…this is worst..not because of Pederson but because of Howie!

      Howie believes that he is a football guy who can evaluate talent

      Rueben Frank has an article over at CSN where he nails it…

      “Everybody knows Howie is holding back the organization,” an NFL front-office executive said earlier this week. “Everybody but one person. And that person is the only one who matters. Jeffrey Lurie. He just doesn’t see it.”

      Roseman oversaw the coaching search along with Lurie and team president Don Smolenski — not a football person in sight — and it was clear early on that anybody who had ever as much as exchanged an annoyed glance with Howie just wouldn’t be contacted. It almost seemed like the No. 1 qualification was being able to co-exist with Howie.”

      This is why Sean McDermott wasn’t even interviewed…one of the best defensive coaches in the league is not even looked at..

      It may work out..who knows…maybe Howie will pick brilliant free agents, draft well…maybe suddenly he has gotten better…

      But I seriously doubt it…

      Bradford is looking at this and probably thinking…”I’m out of here” and if we are depending on Howie to find a franchise QB …well good luck with that!

      We are serious trouble…big time, serious trouble!

  3. “Bradford is looking at this and probably thinking…”I’m out of here””


  4. “This is why Sean McDermott wasn’t even interviewed…”

    Typical Philly media paniced hyperbole.

    Do you know who interviewed McDermott? The Browns. The Bucs. Both dysfunctional franchises.

    You know who else interviewed him?

    No one.

    You know who hired him??

    No one.

    Yet Philly types hyping this up as some sort of crisis. This is a “sign” Eagles are dysfunctional.

    All this bullshit is is the reason why Eagles will never win anything….because no matter what the decision, the media pounces and screams dysfunction! Infighting!! Ineptitude!! Its a toxic environment.

    But as to your other point….

    ““Bradford is looking at this and probably thinking…”I’m out of here””

    If so, that’s the best news of the day. 29 year old loser. Who gives a shit. Let him slump his shoulders on the Texans’ sideline instead of ours.

    1. I agree Vinnie. The Philly media create these unbelievable tales of gloom and doom…. and the best is that they never have to worry about being wrong. Because they just change the story a little.

      I sooooooo miss the days when a newspaper reporter would rather die than print an inaccurate story. These days (with the internet), nobody is obligated to prove a word they say….

      99% of every story (including the one above) is crap that some unknown source told some two-bit reporter who twitted it and wrote it in a blog..

      What it all comes down to is relationships like talk show host Anthony Gargano and (soon to be ex) Giants DC, Steve Spagnuolo…. Spagnuolo will tell Gargano what he thinks, then Gargano repeats it like it’s a fact…. If it turns out to be bullshit – so be it…

      It’s a joke.

      1. They’ve already set up the “Why pederson will fail” narrative, and he hasn’t even hired 1 staff member and he hasn’t even held one practice.

        I have already read he’s just a puppet. He has to accept Shurmur as his OC and every other decent coach bailed on the job because Lurie and Howie are demanding he keep 2/3 of the staff or else.

        I have read Pederson was the Eagles 4th choice and they had to “settle” for him (even though the timeline suggests he was the first choice)

        I have read its a huge mistake that Eagles missed out on “first choice” Adam Gase even though 89% of Philly fans had never heard of Gase 2 months ago.

        I have read its an insult that the Eagles didn’t interview McDermott even though the only ints he got were Cleveland and TB, and they both passed on the guy.

        And on and on.

        Again….if the Eagles select a QB with the 13th pick (my feeling is they should wait till next year with a top 10 pick) do you think we could survive in this environment?

        Do you think the Philly media would give a new coach/QB combo the 3 years required to become a well oiled machine??

        I say no chance. Environment is too toxic.

        1. The story I get the biggest laugh out of is Coughlin pulling out because they were forcing him to accept our current assistants…

          If you notice, every time the media says someone is the front runner for the job – when that person doesn’t get the job, it’s because they turned the job down. It’s never because the Eagles just didn’t want them, and they were never really in the running.

          In the case of Coughlin, no one mentions that the Eagles hired Pederson’s LBs coach hours before Coughlin withdrew his name…. Ken Flajole notified UTEP that he was not going to take the DC job in the morning. Coughlin withdrew his name from consideration that afternoon. Pederson was already hired by the time Coughlin withdrew… Yet as you can see above, GCobb is sticking to the story….

        2. “Do you think the Philly media would give a new coach/QB combo the 3 years required to become a well oiled machine?”

          3 years?? Hell no…nor do they deserve 3 years. The expectation should be to start winning next year…why else would you quickly dump Chip Kelly after giving him the keys to the franchise after only 1 year?
          Howie doesn’t deserve a 3 year window to get it together. We have key pieces on defense now, the division is weak now, we have a solid quarterback in place now.
          There is no reason to wait 3 years…Pederson needs to come in and win now!
          No one wants to hear excuses, ‘oh give Pederson a chance to grow…give him some time…
          Bullshit! You moved on from Kelly so we can win now…not 3 years from now!
          We are not taking the ‘tank’ route with Howie who hasn’t proven a single thing. For all the bashing of Chip Kelly-guess who hired him…Howie
          No one is buying it…the Eagles have to win now…starting next year and fans shouldn’t accept anything less!

          1. “Hell no…nor do they deserve 3 years. The expectation should be to start winning next year…There is no reason to wait 3 years…Pederson needs to come in and win now! Bullshit! You moved on from Kelly so we can win now…not 3 years from now!”

            And there you have it.

            Koolidiot the absolute embodiment of the “win now!!!” culture that infects much too much of the Eagles fanbase and the media.

            Sadly, it has also infected the Eagles for the greater part of the past decade, and thus preventing them from re-setting and moving forward like they did in 1998.

            Koolidiot, this quote “the Eagles have to win now” is EXACTLY why you have been wrong on EVERY SINGLE THING you have talked about in here for the past 5 years. You are the King of “WIN NOW” and so you endorse the “best chance” losers like Bradford and VIck and Murray.

            You have no patience. No vision. No understanding of development.

            SO you will spend the offseason screaming for retreads like Bradford, or RGme, or whatever flash in the pan “superstar” with “potential” is out there….when deep down every single Eagle fan knows the is only one way to build a franchise.

            From the ground up.

            And its a fucking slow, frustrating process.

            That you, and too many other fans and media members cannot handle.

            1. “when deep down every single Eagle fan knows the is only one way to build a franchise. From the ground up. And its a fucking slow, frustrating process.”

              Vinniedafool, will you ever learn anything? Will you ever learn how to stop taking cliches, general statements, and your fantasies as reality.

              Build the Eagles from ground up with who…

              Howie the Damm Accountant are your drunk! .

              Only a complete fool would trust Howie the Accountant to build an NFL team.
              We have seen the Howie show and Rueben Frank is absolutely right when he says:
              “Roseman has been general manager since 2010, minus last year, when Chip Kelly had the power. These have been dark days, filled with coaching turnover, quarterback instability, poor to average drafts and free agency catastrophes.And precisely zero playoff wins.”

              Despite this…your fool ass wants Howie to rebuild the team!

              In the current Eagles situation they have to go for it now! No waiting, no ‘development’…we need to win now. We have to hope that going for it now means less input from Howie on personnel matters. Less room for him to mess things up totally. We have some talent on defense…we simply need a few more pieces on offense…some good Coaching and in this weak division we can make a run.
              Your foolish plan would have the Eagles return to the dark days of incompetence where losing was the norm. A return to the dark abyss of years with no hope, no fun…bottom dwellers in the league, losing game after game…getting blown out by the Cowboys on a regular basis…the dark days of embarrassing losses….

              Hell NO…Win Now..or else!

              1. Win now or else! Or else what??? Lurie is going to do what he wants to do.
                The fact is the Eagles must rebuild this teams offense..the O line, weapons must be brought in as Chump Kelly dispatched the weapons the team had and replaced them with slower less talented guys who could allegedly block and flat out neglected to infuse the o line with talented replacements but used FA bums and other teams cast offs. As long as Pederson is not acting like an ass he will get time..and Roseman is Jeff’s boy (maybe illegitimate) like it or not he is the guy right now. If Roseman can pull off a 2012 draft I will be good..we will see, but relax and chill with the sky is falling we are doomed narrative.

              2. Or else feel the well deserved wrath of Eagles fans when the Eagles dont win!
                Bottom line is that there are no breaks. Eagle Fans shouldn’t have to wait a few years’ with the hope that Howie the Accountant can ‘rebuild’ the team.

                Only a fool would buy into that notion!

                Lurie decided to give Chip the power after Howie fired Gamble. Lurie should have prevented Howie from dumping Gamble in the first place. What makes Howie so special. The organization is dysfunctional. They need to hire a real football guy as General Manager if they are going to rebuild the team…but turning back to Howie is beyond ridiculous…

              3. Well huffing and puffing will not do anything. I am sure Lurie has an understanding of a time frame the Eagles have put forth to see progress for this coaching regime and Howie Roseman.. In that time frame decisions will have to be made if progress is not being made. I highly doubt if Jeff is in the win now(next season) or else did not go that way with Reid, don’t expect it with Pederson. Especially with the talent on this team. The draft will be used to build this team..not FA dream team 3.

              4. ‘No breaks, no excuses’ hot air I agree… It’s a results oriented business… Your point is 100% correct…

                Last years starter was 6-2, this years 7-7… Results, no breaks, no excuses. Simple. Thanks for being honest

              5. HAC, that’s not fair…how soon you forget…Sam was knocking the rust off. Only Sam can have an excuse for his average success 17 TD’s 15 picks..7-7 record average Sam!
                Nobody else is entitled to excuses…NOBODY!!! least not in Kollbreeze’s world.

          2. Lurie canned Chip Kelly because he didn’t like how Kelly treated others in the Organization, the Players and the Media and JeffLurie simply did not Trust Chip Kelly..he realized halfway thru this Season that he erred in judgement by giving Kelly too much authority before earning it cut his losses with him and terminated a HC/GM that he personally didn’t like or respect..
            The Won-Loss Record of 6-9 after 15 Games in 2015 is not what got Kelly fired
            It was his attitude and the way he treated people…

      2. I don’t believe Bradford is Pederson’s type of QB anyways and will now likely look to move on .. (I say Texans will be his landing spot with HC Bill O’Brien who prefesrs more traditional Pocket QB’s)
        Doug Pederson has mostly worked with Favre, McNabb, Vick and now Alex Smith over the last 15-20 Years and would have to be aware of the more options you have as an Offense with a QB who is mobile, as opposed to a Pure Pocket QB

        I think Sam Bradford leaves in Free-Agency and the Eagles look to add another QB who is mobile with some NFL Experience and then will look to Draft one as well…

        QB’s that Pederson will take a hard look at in the Off-Season..
        Geno Smith, EJ Manuel,RG3, Chase Daniels, Joe Webb

        QB’s in the Draft
        Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, Brandon Doughty, Jacoby Brissett

        1. The reality is that Bradford from a pure talent standpoint is better than all of the QB’s that you just mentioned. If Pederson is a good coach he will be able to work with Bradford get the best out of him.
          See how excited the players on the team will be if Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel,RG3, Chase Daniels, or Joe Webb is the starting QB next year. See how much confidence the team will have in a untested rookie.
          The Defense needs just a bit of tweaking to be a top rated defense…get rid of Billy Davis and get a respected 4-3 defensive coach. Draft some tough offensive lineman…pick up a wide receiver and your very much in the hunt with Sam Bradford as the QB..
          If the Eagles dont resign Bradford no one is buying the ‘rebuilding shit’…you better have a QB that comes in a produces…Sanchez better become a franchise QB…losing for a better draft position is not an option!

          When Andy Reid came in he had the No#2 pick in the draft and made the best choice by grabbing McNabb.
          None of the QB’s have that kind of pedigree or talent to project them as a franchise QB.,

          1. Pederson has had great success working with Mobile QB’s ,
            He’s has little to no experience working with strictly Pocket QB’s..
            Sam Bradford is strictly a Pocket QB

            Sam Bradford and his Agent/Management probably want very little to do with remaining in Philly if Pat Shurmur is out of the picture..

          2. Koolidiot’s plan for “WIN NOW!!!!!!!!”

            Step 1: “Draft some tough offensive lineman”

            Eagles need an new LT and 3 guards. That’s 3 draft picks. What’s that Koolidiot? The first and the 2 thirds???? Oh…. It takes 2 years for an LT to acclimate to the NFL (min)…your three ol will be ready in 2018. Bradford will be what? 31 when the line is ready???

            Step 2: “pick up a wide receiver”

            Who is that shit for brains???? Can’t be a draft pick because A – you already used those on the ol, and B it takes at least 2 years for a WR to get up to speed…so he must be thinking Alshon Jeffry….what will he take 15 million??? To go with the 20 million on Bradford putting the Birds over the cap????

            Step 3: All other positions are set. CBs $$. LBs Pro Bowlers. Best edge rusher in the league. Eagles are ready to go!!!!

            GREAT PLAN!!!

            Koolidiot loved:

            Chip Kelly
            Taj Boyd
            Johnny Manziel
            Geno Smith
            BurfictAnd a host of other losers

            Koolidiot hated :

            Koolidiot now hates:

            Koolidiot is exactly what his name implies……an idiot

            1. LMAO…what a complete and desperate fool you are Vinnie

              On top of that your desperation leads you to be a lying ass

              Where do I say that I hate Pederson? He might be a good coach…but he needs more help from the front office in selecting players and your new man-crush-Howie the Accountant- is not the guy for that job.

              Your so confused and baffled…overwhelmed…guess you never sleep well. Swallow your pride Vinnie…and do as I suggested when I gave you the $2 tip…go to the shelter and find a bed-more comfortable than park benches you sleep on!

              You have always wanted to make moves that dooms the team to complete and utter destruction.

              –Before your perverted mancrush with Nick Foles, Vinniedafool you desperately wanted Kevin Kolb because of his excellent footwork..a franchise killing move
              -you now favor Howie the Accountant as GM. Just like you favored and supported his acquisition of scores of bums like Danny Watkins, Marcus Smith, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim drafted by Howie Roseman

              -You wanted to destroy the team with your mancrush the failed Nick Foles who you swore would be a great, franchise QB that we could build the team around. You begged and pleaded that the Eagles sign him to a long term multi-million dollar contract…your great hatred for Chip Kelly is soley because he dumped bane of your football existence-Nick Foles.

              So you are still crushed over the fact that Foles is no longer on the team. His embarrassing and humiliating benching in St Louis (twice!) is simply further evidence of how wrong you were…on your most insistent point…that you pressed relentlessly with an endless campaign of meaningless stats and incomprehensible babble

              -Your hated talented Eagles players that were the sole cause of Foles brief and limited success-DJax and Shady..which again shows how deluded and confused you really are..
              -you flipped flopped on Sam Bradford…you first loved him because he was a “pocket QB”…and then suddenly…presto…flip-flop you hate the guy

              Now in such complete and utter foolishness….you want Howie the Accountant to blow the team up and rebuild it.

              What a complete fool you are Vinnie…it is amazing

              1. I wanted Kolb, because he was a better option than Vick.
                I wanted Foles because he was a better option than Vick.

                Christ, I would have hyped Fitzpatrick….because he was a better option than Vick.

                Face it man, you love the overhyped nobodies. You love your little “tough guy” poud their chest nobodies.

                Mesean, Vick, Burfict. If they’re going to pound their chests beating up on inferior opponents, but fade away when the going gets tough….then they’re your guy.

                Which makes me question the whole Bradford business. He only fits half of your criteria. He folds when the pressure ramps up….but he doesn’t seem to cover himself in tats and pound his chest while beating up on the Buffalos of the world….oh wait, he lost to Buffalo, that might be it.

                Oh and hey. Love tht you still think Kelly is a good coach. At least you are loyal.

                Stay gold Ponyboy.

  5. There is not one story with any source even un identified source that says the eagles wanted to pick TC’s asst. coaches…the inky report is that the giants asst were staying there and he wanted to assemble giants south.. I’m glad he withdrew

    1. The NY Post and several other local reports suggested the Eagles wanted Coughlin to keep Duce Staley on as his offensive coordinator and that soured the deal…

      The fact is, Coughlin decided to withdraw only when he realized that the Eagles were planning to hire someone else. Keep in mind, Coughlin and the Giants also spun his departure from the Giants as a resignation, even though it is clear that the Giants’ pushed him out.

      1. Irish I would love to see that source cited and with any credible knowledge… NY media said TC pissed all his giants asst were being kept by giants…making him e lone scapegoat ..
        It’s ok either way I didn’t really want him… I think historically even tho there are 2 SB (admittedly huge) eagles I thought always did ok against his teams…

  6. Let me just call this like I see it. So Howie is the GM from 2011 till last year or about that. Chip goes 10-6 two years, gets control and fails to pieces. Howies can’t work with anyone because he got rid of Gamble( a chip guy) and Chip. Question…Who got a long with Chip? Players? anyone? I don;t see many. The drafts Howie is responsible for got better as the years went by. Marcus smith was a bust yes, (so far) But he had some good late round picks also. He isn’t the best GM but he is being blamed and or demonized my the media mob mentality. Who the F has Rueben Frank ever picked in a draft? Sounds like a bunch of Aholes picking a narrative and ignoring the facts. All these A– kissers were on Kelly’s D as was this fan base and look how that turned out? IMO the cancer has been cut and the healing can Begin. Don;t forget this team has two Tackles a center and talent at RB. Coached up correctly and playing a 4-3 that we have actual talent to play, If Jim Schwartz is the guy…we can take this division. So we keep captain check down for 3 years but Draft A QB first round. If Wentz, Goff or Lynch drop that far..then you don’t need a Brittle bones for more than 2-3 years. This is an opportunity we didn’t have 2 weeks ago. Don’t listen to the media hype, This could turn out really well, both in the long and short run.

  7. Potential Eagles DC’s per Phil Sheriden

    Jim Schwartz – Unemployed in 2015, DC at Bills, HC at Detroit , DC with Titans
    Leslie Fraizer – DC & HC Experience with TB Bucs & Vikings and worked for the Eagles earlier in his Coaching Career
    Ed Donatell – Secondary Coach under Vic Fangio at the Bears & 49ers
    Perry Fewell – Seconday Coach with Redskins, Former DC with Giants

    it appears that Billy Davis has already been Terminated though no word about
    other Coach’s on the Staff

    1. ****NFL News****
      Leslie Frazier Hired by the Ravens as Secondary Coach
      Ken Wisenhut returns to the Chargers as OC replacing Frank Reich

  8. Just read on Bleeding Green Nation and saw on the news that Ron Jaworski assisted on the coaching search and recommended Doug Pederson. If that name is not good enough, Bill Polian, a much respected “football guy” also assisted with the search. Now all of the Reuben Franks and screaming mob Eagles fans crying about Howie Roseman and this coaching hire can cry about Jaworski and Polian not being football guys too.

    1. Lurie should talk to Chris Polian (Bill’s Son) about heading up the Player Personnel/Scouting Depts and let Roseman handle Contracts/Salary Cap Mgmt.. This would be a better Front Office Set-Up and offer new Coach a better chance at success..

    2. EHL if you buy such bullshit, let me sell you Vinniedafool’s palace in Fairmount Park those cardboard boxes he calls home.The bum is late on the rent and I can sell it to you for cheap!

      It is so obvious that Jaws is being used as a public relations move to sell the fans on the new Coach but plenty of us are unimpressed.
      What was the rush to hire this guy? There are plenty of other candidates with a better resumes than Pederson who would not have been considered except that he worked under Andy Reid.
      Spare us the bull with Polian and Jaworski “assisting’ on the coaching search and ‘recommending’ Pederson…Bullshit!
      A public relation ploy that has come out now since the plenty of the Fans are not excited or like the hire!
      Doug Pederson may be a very good coach but you have to give the guy a fair chance by providing him with a sound, football guy as GM.
      Howie the Accountant is not the sound, football guy that a Coach needs to get quality personnel. You win in this league by getting good players and Howie is not the guy for that job!
      He’s a pencil pusher and that’s what he should stick too!
      The Fans have the right to demand Wins…you fired Chip Kelly because he didn’t win…so the guy you have hired to replace him needs to win. Lurie stated himself that we have talent on the team…I dont want to hear about a damm rebuild…we need to make the playoffs next year, so Pederson doesn’t get a year to stink…the Fans are not having it!

      1. Kool, what proof do you have to back your statements and beliefs up…please share as I am ready and willing to listen. You act as if you are irate and taking this shit personal like somebody stole your toy..relax. How are the eagles using Jaws ..Jaws has no reason to buy into that or allow him self to be used in that matter. Basically you are calling Jaws a liar..once again what proof do you have? I will be waiting for the PROOF? Your opinion does not count as proof.
        Chip Kelly got fired for being an asshole that not only the fans did not like, but the front office, people in the Nova Care and some of the players did not care for either as you could see on game day some players were jaking it on the field because they no longer liked or believed in Chip and his bullshit 4-5 running plays that opposing defenses laughed at. Chip was a fraud and a blame deflector…finally Jeff saw it and had the gumption to get rid of him. I applaud Jeff for making such a bold move and admitting his mistake..then correcting it. Koolbreeze you are completely denying the facts to continue to push your agenda and sky is falling we are doomed narrative…even Stevie Wonder can see it. I think you are ranting because you are concerned that Bradford may not comeback so you are getting it all out now.
        As for your offer on the real liked Johnny Manziel and Tahj Boyd, you are not a good judge or reliable source to buy from…I will pass!

        1. I totally believe Jaws helped in the search. Jaws said it himself… It’s the only story I have hear all week that didn’t come from some un-named bullshit source.

          I damn sure don’t believe that a NFL front office executive told Reuben Franks that “Howie Roseman is the Eagles biggest problem and everyone knows it except Jeff Lurie”… There’s NO self respecting front office executive that would bad mouth another team’s front office personnel. That’s just flat out bullshit…. Maybe a former front office executive – not a current one.

          1. Dick vermeil told Neil Hartman that he knows Pedersin will be good…’how do you know?” Andy told me, Andy knows what he’s talking about….
            Ok that’s the two most successful coaches in the suburb owl era, the most respected QB of the Super Bowl era… We have to move on.. Go Doug

          2. Irish, it’s amazing, the man (Jaws) publically states that he participated in the Eagles search…and Kool says it’s bullshit and comes up with a theoretical excuse (with no proof whatsoever) to discount what Jaws stated himself..lmao…I have heard it all…denial is the first phase of people falling into their own fantasy world of make believe to comfort themselves and runaway from their real world fears .

        2. EHL…please…spare me the dramatics…

          I watched the interview with Jaws sitting there with a big white binder book as the camera zeroes in on Pederson’s name and his date of birth

          I know a sales job when I see one!

          The Eagles know that Howie has no credibility, they are also aware that a lot of people are not impressed with the hire…so what do they do…they drag Jaws in the mix and say they hired him as a ‘consultant’ to sell us on the notion that they are competent. So there ‘consultants’ who just so happen to be two guys that everyone knows from seeing on television-Jaws and Polian.
          What a coincidence that the two ‘consultants’ they hire for the coaching search are two TV guys!
          Please…spare me the bullshit!

          Again, Doug Pederson may be a very good coach. Everyone like GCobb says knows that they like him because they know him and he was an Andy Reid guy-and most important-he could work with Howie.
          Fine…my problem is not with the Coaching hire but with the Eagles front office and Howie-especially if they are getting rid of Bradford and rebuilding the team. Pederson needs a fair chance. Why not give him a better chance to succeed by providing him with a sound, football guy as GM?

          Instead of asking me about proof and evidence about the public relations ploy with Jaws….where is your proof that Howie Roseman is a good GM?

          Lastly, yes I liked the Heisman Trophy Winner and one of the best College Quarterbacks in Football-Johnny Manziel like a lot of people, and I thought the Eagles should take a low round flyer on Taj Boyd…just like you and others insisted that Nick Foles was a franchise QB that could lead us to a Super Bowl, that Danny Watkins was going to be a dominant Offensive Lineman, that Marcus Smith was an excellent pick by Howie…and a bunch of other stuff that you and others have been dead wrong about.

          1. Kool, spare you the dramatics?!?!u are on here ranting and raving about Howie Roseman and how the Eagles are doomed…spare your self with the mad rantings of a petulant child lunatic….”NOEXCUSES!!!….GOTTA WIN NOW!!!…PENCIL PUSHER IN CHARGE!!!…FOOTBALL GUYS!!!…WE’RE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE”..blah blah blah…hibidee hoooblah…on and on and on….lmao…that is overly dramatic. You get OCD with this Foles stuff, now Roseman.

          2. Kool…NO , do not answer a question with an answer, when you do that you are on some bullshit… Where is your proof?
            I never said GM Howie was good, I said he had a good 2012 draft and to give the process a chance with Doug Pederson, do not put words in my mouth and try and change the argument to fit your narrative. You said that the Eagles was using Jaworski and it was bullshit after Jaws proudly made it known what he had done…what I took from it was that he was proud of his role in the search as everyone who listens to Jaws’ show knows he is interested in this line of work..again without trying to deflect and change the story, where is your proof? Just site your source!

            1. EHL…what a bunch of ignorant babble…’sources”

              Where is your sources to support what you cite here:
              “I am sure Lurie has an understanding of a time frame the Eagles have put forth to see progress for this coaching regime and Howie Roseman..”

              What do you base this on? The 14 years Andy Reid coached or the 1 year he gave Chip Kelly to run the show? Where are your sources?

              Stop being an idiot..only a fool would refuse to see that trotting out Jaws to say…”I helped the Eagles find a new Coach…with the cameras running on a big binder with Pederson name on it…was a public relations stunt to ward off the heat the Eagles are now receiving from skeptical fans

              Stop ducking the issue…either you are a: You believe that Howie the Accountant Roseman is a competent GM to make personnel decisions for the team b. You want the team to get a bona-fide GM

              I’m not making any final judgements on the Coach…but I’m not buying the Eagles management bullshit…simple as that!

              Either you support Howie the Accountant as the GM or you dont

              1. Koolbreeze..Yeah just like I thought…your rantings are nothing more than baseless emotional irrational ignorant psycho babble thoughts. You refuse to site a source because you do not have one…not a shred of evidence…my source is history…Lurie gave Reid 14 years…the only reason he did not give Chip more time was because of the culture Chip had established at the Nova many people did not like him..players and office people. That has been reported. That is why his ass was rightfully fired. If Chip had some social skills and was not such a pompous jerk to everyone including the owner he would probably still be the coach. As it relates to your childish take on Howie…there are no either you are with him or not rules that I know of…I will wait and judge him off of what he does with the draft.I liked the 2012 draft..2011 sucked..2013 I will judge this year. Koolbreeze you are whining on here like your period is on simply because you are concerned about your boy Bradford…he may get signed by the Eagles…then will change your tune on the pencil pusher? I have backed up what I said…your turn.

          3. Kool, Stop making shit up… please go in the archives and find, then post where I said Danny Watkins or Marcus Smith was a good pick by Howie..please do it…I am waiting…lol…Stop making shit up!

            1. Koolbreeze…still waiting for you to go in the archives and post where I supported Danny Watkins and MSII pick…more lies from you that you can not back up. Don’t make shit up son!

  9. Ron Jaworski will be on 97.5 the fantic Wednesday at 6 pm where he will discuss it…Kool, you can call him up and say that he did not do it and that his story is bullshit and the Eagles are just using him..I will be waiting to hear that as his response to you will be quite entertaining I am sure…lmao!!!

  10. Vinnie i really think you touched a nerve when you said Kool was unemployed he won’t let it go and keeps trying to throw it back at u… Sad but the job market isn’t strong for peeps who don’t know the difference between worse and worst

    1. LOL…mhenski mr spellchecker…i know i touched a nerve with you when I called you a racist pervert.


  11. Koolbreeze says:

    1 – Eagles have no “football people” Eagles need “football people”. Kelly and Gamble were “Football people”

    2 – Bradford is a great QB and this is recognized by “football people”

    What will Koolidiot say when the “football people” he praises. (Gamble and Kelly) blessed with the 3rd most cap room in the league DO NOT sign the great FA Bradford???????????????????????????


    Bradford is a shoulders slumped 7-9 shitter. Kelly was played by the league when he tried to use Bradford as leverage to get Mariotta.

    Why didn;t it work???

    Because “football people” know he is shit and wouldn;t touch the guy.

  12. Irony of Ironies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kooltwit constantly screams that Howie is an idiot.

    If Howie signs Bradford he’s an idiot right??

    Everything he does is an idiot move right??

    That’s your position right????

    He;s just an accountant with no football knowledge. SO signing Bradford would just confirm that right????

    LOL. Putz.

    1. Its no irony at all…your a fool and only a flipping-flopping fool would put yourself in such a position like you did with Bradford.

      “I’m happy Bradford’s the guy-he’s a pocket passer that I wanted”

      Now..flip-flop ass tells us

      Bradford is a ‘shoulders slumped” …Idiot ass fool!

      Now the reality is that Howie has a track record either you

      a) believe that he is a competent GM capable of making the right decisions for the team

      b) he’s a pencil pusher that was in over his head and Lurie is making a terrible mistake by giving him the job back

      Only an idiot thinks we can judge his moves before he makes them…we have to wait to assess each move….right now as we speak we can only go by his track record!

      Either you a) have confidence that Howie will make the right moves to improve the team. b) you have no confidence in Howie

      Stop flip flopping, hedging your bet asswipe…take a position


      Which one is it Vinnieda-flip-flopping-Fool

      1. LOL. You have backed yourself into a corner putz.

        “Howie is an idiot accountant who does not know football at all.”

        Preach it baby. That’s your line. You are stuck with it good or bad.

        I now actually kinda want the Eagles (Roseman) to sign your love Padmystatsford now just to see you squirm out of your latest bout of idiocy.

        “Howie is an idiot in each and every case………except when he signed Bradford!!!!!”

        That will be priceless.

        Still love your Mike Vick pic too. That guy was soooo good. Represent.

        1. LMAO…dumb ass

          You can desperately try…but it wont work

          Stop ducking, squirming and flip-flopping

          So based on your football acumen, knowledge and understanding of how Howie Roseman performed previously as General Manager…you now want him to lead us into the future. You want Howie to tear the team down and rebuild it.

          This is what you are telling us. Yes or No?

          None of us have crystal balls that predicts the future…the Eagles will win the Super Bowl next year …this statement can only be proven false when and if the Eagles are eliminated from playoff consideration.

          No intelligent person would offer can offer an assessment of moves before those moves occur…we can only look at the past record and actions to provide a prediction on the future.

          So what is it Vinnie…?

          You have called for the team to be rebuilt, so that means you are confident in Howie Roseman.

          Even your simple ass mind can grasp this simple question and provide an answer.


          You support and believe in Howie Roseman as the General Manager

  13. Jaws is a wealthy man. He owns businesses that cater to the public – golf courses, restaurants, etc…. He would never jeopardize his reputation, and business by telling a bullshit story for Howie Roseman’s benifit… The Eagles could not pay Jaws enough to endorse a coaching candidate that he did not research and believe in…..

    And, Bill Polian would be jumping up and down denying his involvement if he was not part of the search…

    1. But so what Polian and Jaws were apart of a ‘search’…

      Jaws is a business man…good relations with the team is good for his brand, his business, his endeavors.

      The bottom line is that there ‘input’ was minimum at best and the primary purpose of including Jaws and Polian in the ‘search’ was to sell Pederson to a doubting fan base who have plenty of reservations and doubts about Doug Pederson as Coach!

      The Eagles organization looks very dysfunctional right now. They look confused. You fire Tom Gamble to place Howie in the position of power, when Chip Kelly complains and has the power struggle with Howie…you humiliate Howie by stripping him of his power and giving everything to Chip…and then after one short season you do a complete 180 back to Howie.

      This has all of the feeling of a front office that doesn’t know what they are doing. You dont see this kind of instability in Winning organizations like New England and Pittsburgh.

      Pederson might turn out to be an excellent Coach…no one can sit here and say that he wont…but the process for selecting the Coach looks terrible…it seems that a major criteria was the ability to get along with Howie…who we all know and realize is not a football guy…he’s a contract guy and anyone who thinks that Roseman can build a Superbowl winning team needs their head examined.

      1. Hot air I know you’ve never had a job but a major criteria in ANY job is the ability to get along with your boss… I don’t know why extra sensitive eagles fans are saying that…. Getting along with your boss and co workers is SOP

        1. haveablunt…we all know you have smoked out all of your brain cells so you remain permanently stuck on stupid.

          However, with the few small brain cells you have left even you should understand that the NFL is not simply like that janitor job you had at the Piggly Wiggly when the Manager fired you for incompetence.

          The NFL is a little bit different

          Coaches want to get along with GM’s, Players want to get along with Coaches, and everyone wants to get along with the Owner…what prevents this happy get along fest is losing. Everybody got along during the Andy Reid era but losing is what got Andy fired…funny that Andy’s losing really begin when Howie pushed Banner out and began dabbling in Player personnel!
          What good experienced Coaches recognize is that Howie can certainly help you lose your job, get you fired and harm your NFL career…so when you make getting along with Howie a criteria your placing yourself in a dangerous position as to your career as an NFL Coach.
          So its a sign of organizational dysfunction that Howie is still in the mix to begin with. Can anyone tell me why Howie Roseman is so important to Jeff Lurie and the Eagles organization? Can you haveablunt? What so special about him? Why was he in a position to fire a well-known and competent football guy like Tom Gamble?

          1. Office politics are immaterial …mean nothing. You are not knowledgeable about any of the specifics nor am I… That’s fact. Hiring someone that fits in with the office culture is important…

  14. Reports are that New NY Giants Coach Ben McAdoo will not be keeping many of Coughlin’s Coaching Staff intact , in fact, he’s looking to replace most of the Defensive Staff and a few on Offense…
    It appears that Tom Coughlin will have plenty of his Assistants available and looking for work as the Eagles misplayed their Coach Search again if they truly were interested in Tom Coughlin which I’m not sure they ever were..
    I do think the Eagles had a strong Interest in McAdoo who I stated would be elevated to the next Giants HC back in December

    1. Another in the long list of stupid declarative stamens a by Fraudman. “Misplayed”….. .?…tom coughlin had I think a 6-12 record in his last 18 games against the birds. I think it was due diligence, I think they were intrigued with a successful coach who ran his course (much like AR)….

      1. I believe the Coughlin interview was out of mutual respect and to pick his brain and find out more about Ben McAdoo more than Coughlin himself who is just not the type of HC that Lurie is looking for …
        The Coughlin can’t get a Staff together because they are under Contract with the Giants was just an excuse for both the Eagles/Coughlin to back out gracefully, nothing more, nothing less…
        Lurie wants to Hire the Next AR and have an Offensive minded Coach who can Coach and Grow for the next 5-10-15 Years and that’s Pederson,McAdoo, Gase type and not a Tom Coughlin, S McDermott or Hue Jackson or Lovie Smith Type.. etc,etc
        McAdoo could have very well been the #1 Target but they were unable to pry him away from the Giants as Pederson was always going to be there for Hiring if the others fell thru…

        1. Was it out of mutual respect and to pick his brain or was it a misplay? Can’t be both…your posts four hours apart directly contradict one another

  15. No contradiction, I believe the Eagles have misplayed their entire Coach Search as many NFL Followers/Talking heads also agree with.. They did not get enough quality Coach’s in the building for Interviews in my Opinion..
    Settling for an old comfy blanket like Pederson is not much of a Search as his Team is in the Playoffs and is not being pursued by any other Teams…
    The Eagles Defense over the last 5-6 Years has been among the worst in the entire NFL, Do the Eagles even Interview anyone on how to address this glaring weakness on the Team?
    In the end, it’s Luries Team and not the Fans and he can choose whoever he wants, but that doesn’t mean as a Fan that I or others can’t be critical of their Process or Choices or Selection..
    Just like when Lurie stated that “he fired Kelly a week before the regular season to get a jump onthe other Teams in the Interview Process” was a crock of shit for he only Fired Kelly to stick it up his ass and to embarrass/humiliate him for Lurie knew that he got duped…
    Lurie is so full of shit and that’s the Problem as this overall arrogance and bs exudes from the Top Down throughout the Organization…
    AR put up with it for a good 7-8 Years until he got numb of everything and then tuned it out as had other pressing issues with his Sons to worry about
    Bottom line to me as a Fan, I will always follow the Eagles for they are my hometown, childhood Team, but I don’t like the Owner/Front Office or the way they go about things and really never see them Winning anything with Lurie/Roseman running the Team.. It is what it is…

  16. They got the guy they wanted just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it was misplayed … They did not, nor should they seek your opinion

    1. Misplayed as is the entire Coach Search and not just pertaining to Coughlin..
      Even with the help of Jaws & Bill Polian and the Best they can come up with are Staley, Shurmur, Gase, McAdoo, Coughlin & Pederson..
      Time will tell, but this Fan is not very impressed .
      Does Lurie want a touchy freely Organization where everyone is a yes man or does he want to Win a Championship .. It’s one thing to have a Vision, an Identity with cohesion and focus, but who brings the Football Smarts??
      Howie Roseman? Good Grief…

      1. Your post is very specific to TC… When you get called on your nonsense declarative statements you back track.
        Paul you sit in Boone all day speak to no one with football knowledge and claim to be football smart. Yet guys who do it full time with REAL football people you hold judgement.

        1. “As the Eagles Misplayed their Coach Search again”. Means what to you?
          i’m referring to the entire Search and citing the TC backtrack of not getting a Staff Together as another example as the most recent “misplay”
          What Staff is Pederson bringing?
          In Fact, Lurie/Roseman wants half the Staff to remain??
          What experienced Coaching Candidate wants to deal with that?
          That’s right, No One, only Newbies who are hopeful & thankful for the opportunity..

          As I stated 3 Weeks ago, Lurie should have focused on Hiring a GM, who in turn, leads the HC Job Search

          Lurie keeps doing things ass backwards which is why there is dysfunction, a lack of trust and integrity between the Executive Staff, Front Office to the Coaching Staff down to the Players.. We’ve seen this now for a good while now and it doesn’t work..

  17. they. Had their guy from day one,there was no misplay, no dysfunction, lurie went to people he trusted,AR being one and said I want a stable emotionally intelligent guy…. His words from day one… I want a 10-15 year entrenched guy, not the latest shiny meteor, it was very well thought out and methodical. Funny fraud you do understand that the shiniest FA is usually a turd but don’t apply the same principals here… It is why you are the fraudman.

    1. My Shiny big name #1 Choice was DC Vic Fangio, a lifelong, mature, confident Coach & Teacher without being arrogant who wants an opportunity to be a HC and who would have been a great fit for the Eagles in terms of knowing the region and its Fans/Media while more importantly, be able to fix this atrocious Eagles Defense and bringing back some damn Pride & Physicality back to the Franchise…
      My 2nd Choice was Hue Jackson
      My 3rd Choice was Brad Seeley

      All Lifelong NFL Coachs from Successful Teams and backgrounds
      None of these guys are high profile look at me Coach’s as neither is Doug Pederson, it’s just that these 3 Coachs have a large sample size of success in various Teams over a Long period of time for multiple HC’s & Players so being “Collaborative” is what these Guys are all about..

        1. Its not about what the other Teams need or a popularity contest.. My Choices are about what the Eagles need now n 2016 after the fiasco left behind from Chip Kelly & Billy Davis… My Choices may not necessarily be good fits for some of other Teams that were looking for a Coach
          Giants were keeping McAdoo to keep Eli Manning and their Passing Offense in sync hand keeping Eli happy
          TB Bucs New HC is about building on QB J Winston
          Titans next HC will be about building with Mariota
          Lions retained HC Caldwell who turned them around after a horrible start and made changes on their Staff…
          Browns HC Hire is going to be about developing their next Young QB which will likely be Jared Goff with their Overall # 2 Pick in the Draft
          Dolphins HC Was going to be an Offense minded Coach to further develop
          QB Tannehill who took a step back in 2015 after a promising 2014
          49ers HC ,as I correctly called, was about getting a big-name HC after the disaster of the Harbaugh fallout and the overmatched Jim Tomasula Mistake hire from last year …

          Eagles Need Defense, Defense Defense and could have retained Shurmer & Bradford to keep consistency with their Offense, which they could still do under Pederson but now Bradford would be learning another system but still not have addressed the Defense..

          1. Right now paulman they have to bring in a strong defensive coordinator and switch to a 4-3…I’m not at all excited by Pederson and the Andy Reid west coast offense which we saw once again on full display today….same old Andy with the clock management issues,boring and predictable offense…
            I think they should keep Shumur and the simple language of the offense without requiring all of the verbiage that Andy Reid’s offense demands

            1. With Pederson coming on as Head Coach, he not only needs a strong Defensive Coordinator, but an even stronger Offensive Coordinator – for me that isn’t Shermur – to make up for Pederson’s lack of experience, and innovation.

              If Howie is going to remain the Unmentioned GM, then we have to deal with more mediocrity with the talent that’s brought in for Pederson to work with. His Coordinators, and Coaches are going to have to make him look good.

              This hire was NOTHING BUT, a vote of confidence from Jeffrey Lurie to stroke Howie’s ego, because he knows a stronger candidate would bring in higher standards for success.

              I wonder if things go astray with Howie’s decisions if Jeffrey Lurie will have a quick trigger finger with relieving Howie with his duties???????

              1. I believe that if this set up fails again, that it’s really time for Lurie to Sell the Team to another Owner with a different Vision & Leadership
                Lurie has made a ton of $$$ and done a lot of great things for the Franchise but going on 20 Years now that peaked about 8-10 Years ago may really need go to a New Owner

            2. I cannot agree with you more Kool…..

              The same old Andy, so what should we expect from a guy who could do anything to help save his coach from the old results, from the same dumb strategies – predictable strategies…..

              What did Pederson show all you today with a team that arguably has more talent than the Eagles have?????

              1. You three ( hot air, gm stupid and Fraudman) know zero about sports.., and deserve each other.., now predictably talk about how smart you are … Meanwhile not one of you has ever had a football discussion above gcobb… Dummies

              2. We and others on here have had better Football Discussions and Ideas than
                Jeff Lurie & Howie Roseman have demonstrated over the last 5-6 Years… When was the last Eagles Playoff Win? 2007 or 2008 , hell I can’t even remember who it was against…

              3. No you haven’t… You’ve thrown out a million suggestions with no definitive answers and no accountability… You are a number one jackass second guessing, hind sight dick

              4. And you have to be the biggest Eagles Apologist on this Site… Year after Year you say the same garbage without adding anything new or original and continue make excuses for the this Owner & Front Office & Coach’s

              5. To that I’ll just say whatever Ciggy.

                I don’t know what your problem is, but to think after the many YEARS of discussions on here that I don’t know anything about sports is really just a dumb statement.

                I just thinking you just want to be difficult, and make a mountain out of something very small, because no one reasonable can take what I just said and say it wasn’t logical….so whatever guy….

                The Eagles haven’t won a SuperBowl because they do everything right huh???…..

                and there is no reason to complain right???……

                and we’re all just suppose to be gullibly blind, and believe that History is never going to repeat itself, although they maintain the same standards of talent, and logic – especially hiring a man as Head Coach who really isn’t qualified, but won’t question Howie Roseman who isn’t qualified himself…right????

                YOU feel that way but I’m stupid RIGHT???……check yourself Ciggy. You are more illogical than you’d want to admit. I’m comfortable in my skin, but thanks for the compliment.

              6. havablunt is all smoked out

                the weed has fried his brains

                he hasn’t made a good football point since we have been on this forum

                We can all have disagreements and fights…but anyone with a brain sees the dysfunction of the Eagles front office right now…

                Stumbling, Confused, Bumbling…and we are supposed to do cartwheels over Doug Pederson..and believe in Howie Roseman

                Only idiots like haveablunt and his cohorts mperverthenski and Vinniedafool believe in Howie the Accountant..smoked out, pervert, and a damm fool!

  18. it’s all so transparent ,and yet the immeasurable X are as plain as the nose on ones face ,and can’t be seen?The political debates are full of the very same matrix as are the Eagles organizational dysfunctionlitties ..Flip flopping ,from howie to chip and back to howie.If that connect the dots scenario isn’t debate able ,why thn are we discussing it? The stewardship of this team has done every billionaires smoke screen possible.The Jaws card was played to save face vs a fan base ,that can’t stomach the obvious ..we are an organizational chart that went from plan Ato plan B and back to plan A …

  19. I’m not in denial of the fact that Pederson was a hire that insulated. “Howie” ..what we need debate and discuss ,is why this one individual has gone from picking players and coaches ,and then appointed to buy supplies ,back to running the good ship Eagle ? Why has he weathered more coupes than Fidel Castro? Why is he been propped up to such a status..In my estimation ,Jeffrey has his fingers up his puppets arse,and we are seeing only the upper half of the truth

    1. My gut feel DE is that Lurie never fully trusted Chip Kelly and wanted to keep Roseman on the back-burner in cars Luries gut-feel of Chip Kelly was correct, which in time was correct…
      I think Lurie also gave/forced the entire Personnel/GM Duties to Kelly to see if it would bring a Super Bowl Run Or If Chip Kelly would hang himself, which Lurie probably wouldn’t have thought he would do so in 1 years time..
      In the end, Lurie and Co let Kelly made the blunders in Personnel & Acquisitions only to hasten and quicken his termination
      Now Lurie goes back to the “Linus Blue Blanket” comfort of Howie Roseman and a familiar AR Disciple as HC for the Eagles…

  20. When Pederson takes the stage we will be told we are back to a winning formula..The A R era has spewed its seedlings ,and we will be editorialized about the winning tradition of the AR regime..we won’t have one damn trophy. In the showcase,but we will have that sensible stability ,and howie. the words of Pman ..good grief ,and in my words lord help us

    1. Did you hear about the new 30 for 30 Show on ESPN
      “What if the NY Jets Hired Howie Roseman in 2012”
      It should be a good one for all the Conspiracy Theorists… Ha..

    2. Looks to me like we are going back to the “forumula” but i dont know how ‘winning’ it is…Looks like we are going back to the Eagles of 2011…the waning years of Andy Reid when Howie took over. Who can really get excited over Spags as a possible DC? The offensive is going back to the old west coast stuff that is so easy to defend now days…look at the teams left in the playoffs now…New England, Denver, Carolina, Arizona..none of them run that tired West Coast offense

      1. With Today’s more Athletic LB’s who can play better in Pass-Coverages and the more Sub-Packages using Nickel Backs, etc,etc being used to Defend the Passing – Game .. The West-Coast Scheme can get “Squeezed” by the better Defenses and especially those with Good Safety Play who can come in and really lay the wood on these 5-6-8 Yard Routes that make Receives think twice about crossing the Field
        The best Offensive attack is a strong Running Game from which Big-Plays can develop from Play-Action which is many cases end up with a 1 on 1 battle down the field for the Ball.. This is where that Outside Speed or that Big Monster WR comes into Play where they can beat the Defender to the Ball…
        To simply rely on 10-12-14 play Drives full of “Dink & Dunks” means a lot of things have to go right and against NFL Defense’s & Coordinators, it’s hard to do on a consistent basis, even for the Good QB’s and Offense’s that have been around for Years together…
        You have to attack the entire field and the more vertical an Offense is, the more dangerous it becomes .. I look at the Cardinals,Steelers & Panthers and even the Seahawks Offense where about 1/2 the Pass Attempts are down the field 20 Yards + and not these constant 4-5-6-7 Yard Routes

  21. The journalistic gloves finally came off for Howie Roseman! (how much will he weigh in on personnel decisions?, will he be held accountable?, will the personnel director report to him?, who will be the decider?)

    …All I can say is that it’s about damn time.

    Even though right now this changes nothing if the team doesn’t start winning immediately Jeff Lurie and the staff man enough to step up to the podium can expect a significantly increased number of barbs targeting Roseman IF it looks like another year of draft picks free agent acquisitions is wasted.

    1. Butch’s imperative that we hold Howie into focus ,and question the “curiosity” of Jeffrey’s infatuation.Its. Even more essential we try to create a successful organizational pyramid,with real football evaluations being made by those who have credibility and are mutually respected in the league..Trying to accomplish maneuverability in trades and the draft all are inter-related in my estimation.Lets give the. new staff its ability to implement its vision and compliment that with sound decision makings.It starts with Sam I am …that will be a decision both fiscally and otherwise ,that has to fit with the coaches desires,and not be conditional..

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