Eagles Stay Or Go: Wide Receivers

RileyCooper8Jordan Matthews: Stay

I’ll start by saying I’m not a very big fan of Matthews.

To me, he was one of the most disappointing players on the roster. Matthews struggled heavily with drops, and seemed to pile up a good deal of his statistics in garbage time. That’s not to say he didn’t have some legitimately good games or impressive moments here and there, but consistency was a huge issue for the former second-round pick.

It will be interesting to see if Doug Pederson continues to play Matthews in the slot, or gives him more of an opportunity to play outside.

Nelson Agholor: Stay

Agholor was another major disappointment as a rookie, but I don’t believe it was all his fault.

I don’t think that Chip Kelly made a nearly good enough effort to get Agholor involved with the offense. When the rookie did get the ball in his hands, we saw some flashes of explosive playmaking.

The Eagles have to hope he’ll be able to take a giant leap forward in his second season.

Riley Cooper: Go

It’s finally time to move on.

I’m not even necessarily as anti-Cooper as a lot of Eagles fans are.

Cooper takes a lot of heat because of what he’s being paid, but for a fourth receiver he’s fine. He contributes quite a bit to special teams, and every now and then he’s capable of making a play on offense.

The problem here is that Chip Kelly and the Eagles put him in a position where he has too much of a role on offense, and too much of a hit against the salary cap for the kind of production he can give.

But whether you’re a Cooper hater or not, its time to move on here.

Cooper has been an Eagle since 2010. Think about that for a moment. He’s played six years for Philadelphia. Guys of his talent level shouldn’t stick around for that long. Its kind of like how the Phillies held on to Kyle Kendrick for what was seemingly an eternity before letting him go.

Josh Huff: Go

Huff has some electric playmaking ability.

The problem is that he also makes a ton of mistakes. He’s too inconsistent to be counted on at the receiver position, and ultimately the best he has to offer this team are his skills as a kick returner. That’s not good enough, and the Eagles have several other capable options on the roster.

Seyi Ajirotutu: Go

Special teams ace. Made some nice plays here and there, but he’s very replaceable, and probably not a guy that should stick around multiple years.

Jonathan Krause: Go

Called up to the 53-man roster late in the season. Will likely get an opportunity to impress in camp, but odds are against him returning.

Possible Veteran Additions

The Eagles need to add a veteran to help round out this group. And I don’t mean another Miles Austin-type that has nothing left to give.

The free agent class’s only gem is Alshon Jeffrey, who will be much too expensive for a team that already has cap problems. Guys like Jermaine Kearse or Ruben Randle could be cheaper options that would help this group out.

Another name that could be a possibility is Jason Avant. He’s a perfect veteran voice for the younger wideouts, and could very much fill the role that the Eagles had in mind for Miles Austin this year. Plus, the guy still has some very reliable hands and showed in this year’s playoff game against New England that he can still be counted on to make some tough catches.

What I think Will Happen

The Eagles are going to be largely depending on their young wide receivers to step up and improve this position.

It’s possible that they could go after one of the cheaper free agents that I mentioned above, but I can’t see them going back to the draft in the early rounds to address this area for a third year in a row.

258 thoughts on “Eagles Stay Or Go: Wide Receivers

  1. The bigger issue to me is that this Draft Class is pretty weak & thin at WR so there are very few Rookie War’s coming into Year 1 and contributing much
    Loisk at Braxton Miller from Ohio Stste who most reporters state he was the top WR at the Senioe Bowl and still looks so raw and unpolished for the NFL Game
    I do think Pederson/Reich will utilize Ertz much more than Kelly did and we will see Kelly flanked out wide quite a bit like Jason Kelce or Greg Olson or Gates from the Chargers where Reich Coached that Ertzwill almost be that Big Target WR & Red-Zone Target while still having Velek in as a traditional in-line TE ..

      1. The Steelers do a very job coaching their WR’s and their QB (Big Ben) gets them the Ball in great positions while running in stride to maximize YAC ..

  2. I like Mohammed Sanu of the Bengals who is a Free-Agent and also plays on Special Teams and is from New Jersey and played at Rutgers
    He would be reasonable to Sign and have more opportunities on the Eagles than he gets with the Bengals with WR’s Green, Marvin Jones, TE Eifert

  3. Just a thought.. I would not do this but…

    If you could get the #1 overall straight up for Fletcher Cox thus ensuring you get the QB you love. Do you do it?

    Remember this leaves you the 13 to grab an OL or anothe WR or a DT to replace cox
    Or trade back

    I would rather keep Bradford

    1. Regal, I wouldn’t..

      Fletcher Cox is the best talent on the team.

      In my opinion, this team isn’t even close to contending. Many in the media, and on this blog overvalue mediocre talent that have really overachieved, or their game to game performances have been exaggerated – they really stunk it up, but the optimistically gullible claimed they played well –

      I saw Lane Johnson play LT against Detroit, and Ziggy Ansah ate his lunch getting 4 sacks. Now, the Optimistically Gullible will say, ” That was a game where he was getting USED to playing LT, and he played better the games after that “, No he didn’t, not really, because he never went up against anyone of any significance except Greg Hardy – and that was a collaborative effort by the Offensive Line – not him dominating Hardy on his own exclusively…..

      I do see where you are going though with the trade angle. I am on record stating I would have used Lane Johnson in a trade offer – of some sort – but not to get a QB, but the best OT in the draft. I do not think he is physical enough to excel at LT, and think it was a mistake by the Eagles to pay him long term, but we’ll see how it works out….

      but I would never trade Fletcher Cox – Chip Kelly would have, and replaced him with Taylor Hart – We can only hope that Pederson isn’t that dumb.

        1. My son may not enter the draft this year. Only his family would know that right now. I was on the west Coast when Oregon, played Cal supporting both my boys. Jaylen had 20 points

          When Jaylen does enter the draft, I won’t be there, his mother, her husband, and that household will be there. I told you that the last time you spewed your gibberish

          The rest of your jealous whining isn’t worth acknowledging…

          1. LOL, California trip? with what money? … you live in the economically depressed Wilmington, Deleware with a supposed terminal illness, recovering from a stroke and massively expensive multiple voluntary rotatory cuff surgeries and a baby under a year old but somehow found the money to take an expensive across the country trip to watch a basketball game?
            STOP LYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            you are a weirdo

            1. There is no contradiction. I am his family, and no one has heard anything like that outside of those with insight…I know who my kids are bruh.

              and I don’t have to acknowledge E0S’s criticism, or accusations – who cares?, who is he?

              Sounds like it’s his problem to me as I’ve stated for some time. I love my boys, and am very proud of them.

  4. If DeSean Jackson is a Cap Casualty, does Howie attempt to bring him home…

    I will appreciate everyone’s opinion – except Paulman’s – Your bias Paul, and wrong, and have always been wrong in your hate for DeSean Jackson.

    I would, and would also kick the tires on Josh Gordon’s availability from the Browns. No I wouldn’t give them a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th – but maybe a 6th, or 7th, as he is a free agent either this year, or next year…..

    1. He missed 7 games last year. 7! and when he played, he wasn’t that effective with only 1 hundred yard receiving game. I know that they need any upgrade, but can you count on him to be that guy? I would lean towards no.

    2. I would pass, D-Jax’s Best Playing Days are behind him.. I could see him landing out in LA for the Rams if he gets cut by the Redskins, where he finishes out his Career Playing at Home..
      Josh Gordon who is 1 incident away from being banned by the NFL,
      No Thanks on him either ….

      I hope the Eagles take a look at the Following Free-Agent WR’s – but would not offer any long-term big $$$ Deal.. These please are all coming off their Rookie Deals and have been in the NFL for 4 Seasons which I like to see as far as maturity, commitment,work ethic, etc, etc … Now a couple of these Players have had some Injury Issues and some have Played on Teams with poor to average QB play but I think all of these Players still have some Upside, would being Size and a Red-Zone Target and Contribute on Special Teams

      Jermaine Kearse – Seattle (Age 25)
      Mohamed Sanu – Bengals (Age 26)
      Reuben Randle – NY Giants (Age 24)
      Marvin Jones – Bengals (Age 25)
      Rishard Matthews – Dolphins (Age 26)
      Brian Quick – Rams (Age 26)
      Chris Owusu – Jets (Age 26)
      Chris Hogan – Bills (Age 27
      Jaron Brown – Cardinals (Age 26)
      Kamar Aiken – Ravens (Age 26)

      1. Thanks Paul, but as I stated I’m not interested in your opinion on this subject. You’re totally biased, and all those names you gave can’t hold a candle to DeSean in what he brings to a team….just more suggested mediocrity – no thanks

        Everyone else, thank you for chiming in……

        1. paul cant control himself, he has to reply to every article, every post, every day, every night, every morning. its one of his vices

    3. Cliff– jackson is completely over rated from a team stand point… dude averages 55 catches a year (only 50 if you exclude the year his coach CUT him)– he is 2-5 in post season where he averages 3 catches per game… and only has 2 TD’s in 7 games…. why would anyone want that??

      1. id take him for 3 years 14 million total

        but he aint going anywhere, redskins think they on to something and arent going to let talent walk.. cousins and him were having fun late in the year…

      2. Perhaps Ciggy, but unfortunately football is a tem sport, so I wouldn’t say he is 2-5 in playoff games; The Redskins, and the Eagles are.

        and if you can’t get the ball to him, he can’t put up the stats, and if he’s open, and the QB is laying on his back after being sacked, and of course he doesn’t play defense.

        Yet, he would be better than any WR available, but thank you too for your opinion – appreciate it.

        1. he disappears bro– he doesn’t help his team win… he demands the ball yet only gets it 3 times per game– the other 60 plays he’s whining and crying…
          when you say ‘better’ than any of our receivers you too forget its a team game– he epitomizes the me first not TEAM first player…. you can’t argue its a team game on one side but ignore it on the other…

          1. I disagree. Like I said before if the coach can’t find a way to get him the ball, I don’t blame him as much as I blame the QB, and the coach.

            He didn’t have a problem putting up those numbers 176 yds against the Seahawks, and Richard Sherman, plus a few 195, and 197 yd in 2013 games and I guess you think Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, or maybe Josh Huff can duplicate that with a safety playing over top him on the regular??….that’s funny, how many times did they take the top off the defense?

            I never saw a me first attitude in him. I saw a guy who wanted some appreciation demonstrated through being paid what he earned after being the last 2 year Pro Bowl receiver in years. I’ve always ignored that me first non sense…Pay the man, and bring DeSean back home where he belongs.

            1. Thats why you are clueless cliff– on one hand its a ‘team game’ and everyone else’s fault and the next you make excuses about him sulking on the bench etc… its ok, now that i know your background a bit i get it.

              1. There’s nothing clueless about me…..It’s laughable to hear that from guys on here that show no common sense on a regular, and show so much support for the idiotic decisions by the Eagles Front Office, and still think they have a clue although they still don’t have more than 1, or 2 Pro Bowlers a year, or a SuperBowl………

                They’re still waiting for Lame, Agholor, and Ertz to reach their potential….best to you with that but I’m clueless???……LOL!!!!!!!!!

            2. I am a Calvin Johnson fan, and even he had games where the opposing Defensive Coordinator game planned to keep him from beating them, and he did put up his usual stats, or didn’t have the impact in games. But he is a bigger, more physical receiver so he can hold up.

              DeSean being smaller, and less physical clearly may not have same success, but he serves his purpose in opening things up for the rest of the team. Celek, McCoy, and even Riley Cooper of all people benefited from his presence on the field…..he doesn’t have to do the same things for his team that other Pro Bowl receivers do to have the same impact for his team to win.

  5. The Eagles disagree with your assessment of lane Johnson cliff, as do most fans. In fact in that draft, where there were 3 projected franchise left tackles taken early, the Eagles got it right with Johnson. The other two tackles taken stink. Your agenda is clear, ziggy Ansah was the one, out of 25 prospects you named that year that turned out to be good and he was taken right after Johnson. Because Ansah is good, doesn’t mean Johnson is not. In a rebuilding year as 2013 was, a projected franchise LT will be taken over a DE every day of the week. On desean, he was always a one dimensional player whose biggest asset is speed. He is a guy who has excelled with a God given gift. At 29, that gift has a shelf life, albeit injury or just losing a step with age. I’ll pass on Jackson and I think the Eagles do too.

    1. Everz, I appreciate your opinion.

      The Eagles have never agreed with me, that’s why they’re still fishing for the talent to finally win a SuperBowl – because their talent evaluation is so much better than mine.

      Lame Johnson was viewed as a PROSPECT at LT, because of his performance at the Combine, because at the Senior Bowl, Ziggy Ansah ate his lunch there as well – because he was, and still is the superior prospect.

      As I have stated Lane Johnson isn’t physical enough to be successful at LT, consistently against the top talent on the Defensive end. He is a penalty waiting to happen. He wasn’t that good of a RT, so there is nothing that suggest he would be as a LT – I THINK THE eagles made a mistake, but we’ll see if that decision leads us to a Super Bowl

      Also thank you for your opinion on DeSean Jackson…

    2. Yes…speed is DJax biggest asset he can lose a step and still put fear in opposing defenses…he forces you to open the field…but another underrated aspect of DJax’s game is his hands…he doesn’t drop many passes thrown his way…..Lane Johnson is an average Offensive lineman best suited to RT…with the exception of Peters…our offensive line is just not physical enough…and the Eagles first couple of picks in this draft should be mean, nasty, and physical offensive lineman. No more damm finesse guys who can dance …but guys who dont mind knocking you down and sticking your head in the dirt…some guys with attitude…I’m tired of the nice guys who help opposing players up…friendly, and can speak nice to the media…

      We need some toughness on the offensive line.

      1. “Yes…speed is DJax biggest asset he can lose a step and still put fear in opposing defenses…”

        So right. Green Bay defenders looked absolutely terrfied in that playoff game.

      2. Speed is one of his biggest assets but sure isn’t the only one. First off I would like one of you tough guys to step on a NFL field at 160 lbs, so toughness and heart is a asset. . Another of DJax assets is his hands he doesn’t drop balls. 442 catches 7800 yards and 42 tds.. 52 catches over 40 yards. God why teams haven’t figured out that one trick pony. lol

        1. The unwarranted criticism by fans on Djax is absolutely hilarious. Fans don’t understand that Djax isw so small that he physically cant do certain things that bigger receivers can do or he would get knocked the fuck out. But saying that in the NFLs 100 plus years existence there have been thousands of receivers and Djax is the 2nd greatest deep threat(behind Randy Moss) to ever step on a football field. There were a lot of fucking fast players and at 160 pounds Djax is the 2nd best in NFL history. lol

          1. 2nd best deep threat in nfl history? Hmmm…off the top of my head Fred Bilitnicoff, LynnSwan, Drew Pearson, Lance Alworth come to mind…that is a ridiculous statement…

              1. Fred was a deep threat in that era– a major deep threat- not a classic burner but a deep threat no doubt.- cliff branch– forgot about him, also a better deep threat than jackson– as the person who said he is the second best deep threat ever mentioned – jackson is limited– kind of contradicted himself there…

              2. Freddie 15.2 yards per reception, jackson 17.7 in a totally different era– moss only15.6, swann 16.3 etc– to mention jackson the one trick pony with these men is assanine…

          2. DeSean Jackson had much more than speed. He had moves that were unlike anybody I ever saw. There have been many WR over the years that had as much, or more speed than DeSean, but there has been very few who could run a deep route as well as DeSean.

            I never cared for DeSean’s “High School Joe” antics on the field, but he had a very special kind of talent. There’s not too many guys you can compare him to…..

  6. Kool, I’m with you on the physical play on O-line. I disagree that lane Johnson is just a guy though. In today’s nfl your tackles have to be athletic enough to keep up with the 250 lb speed rushers coming off the edge. Your interior line is where the physical maulers need to be. I think that is why we struggle in short yardage because our guards are not maulers and our center is very undersized

    1. Joe Thomas, Andrew Whitworth, Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Russell Okung, Duane Brown, Terron Armstead, and of course Jason Peters, are some examples of Physical, yet athletic Left Tackles….The best in the league are…

      I’m not saying that Lame is just a guy, I think he is better than that, but just not half as good as the elite, so IMO, he could have been upgraded….

      He had plenty of games where that fact was exemplified for those who are optimistically gullible, and in denial at RT. He’ll need even more steroids to play LT…..

  7. Im good with kicking tires on Josh Gordon…just give him a contract that would be protected if he were to mess up. The other WR i think would be good to look at is actually his teammate Travis Benjamin. I think that kid has similar skills as Desean.

    1. Well if that was the case I’m sure there would be 25 other teams in the NFL that would line up to sign Gordon on a friendly contract. I’m sure Gordon would take his chances in a NE or Carolina. A team like Philly has to guarantee money to players. Its not exactly a hot spot right now.

    2. Yes!! Exactly Rhino!!

      The contract has to have language in it that would protect the Eagles, but my hope is that Josh Gordon has learned his lesson, and is tired of those checks from Autozone, and wants to remain in the league.

      1. so lets say you get some sort of contract that you like for loser gordon– ok so he comes in does what he’s told for the most part, he becomes a major cog in your offense- then a week before the super bowl he is busted for whatever…. why would you sign a guy that you need to have these major character provisions in his contract

        1. Well, number 1 – its called incentive, and insurance…..

          and I sign him because I need talent at a mediocrely staffed position, and haveacigar does know of anyone better that is available in free agency, on the team or in the draft….

          2. the Eagles aren’t going to a Super Bowl anytime soon, until Howie isn’t a part of the Front Office, so I wouldn’t be concerned about your scenario coming to fruition.

          Aren’t you concerned that Lame Johnson will do steroids again after giving him all that money???…Just as much of a risk……

          1. No I’m not… Gordon has an I going track record… If the Super Bowl is t the goal (as you idiotically stated) then why sign him? You only sign a high risk player to out you over the hump…. Your logic sounds like a dude that believes in fairy tales and let’s his life be governed by them….

            1. First of all Ciggy – spellcheck

              I never stated anything about going to the Super Bowl – You did

              Josh Gordon is 24 years old, and a beast when he has his head on straight, and his game face on. You sign him because he is one of the best young talents in the league.

              Yes he has a track record in being a knucklehead, but he also has the reputation for being a baller – 1650 yards in 2013; best in the league with a bad QB – You darn right I sign him.

              He’s more talented as a WR, than Lame Johnson is as a Tackle on steroids. Gordon has a track record, so does Lame. Gordon’s is longer (2) incidents, Lame has one as well. What makes him any less of a risk.

              Seeing things through the rose colored glasses of your opinion, for me is like listening to you read me a fairy tale.

              1. No one said it wasn’t the goal…I speaking of the reality of the Eagle making it there…..Not happening….You’re saying only sign Gordon if you’re one player away from winning the Super Bowl…He’s 24 years old, you sign him to be a part of your future in route to the SuperBowl – regardless of if you’re close or not

                Don’t put words in my mouth. You’re in denial Ciggy that you’re wrong in your reasoning, but if you wouldn’t sign him…That’s you…I would

                But, as you continue to build a Championship Roster you sign the best players that you can to reach that goal, and if Josh Gordon is available….you sign him.

              2. I disagree..

                Signing someone of mediocre talent keeps you further from the SuperBowl, and that’s why the Eagles will never win a SuperBowl under the influence of Howie; He’s like Paulman – Mediocre talent, come one come all – If you are a baller, I either can’t recognize it or I’m overly critical of it – and that talent succeeds somewhere else.

                I disagree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion – so I respect it – but we’ll just agree to disagree.

              3. Teams that have guys like him tend to implode… It’s not 100% of the time and there exceptions to the rule… But arrogant, asshole, me first WR who refuse to follow basic rules tend not to go far in the playoffs.

    3. I like Benjamin, but is he a free agent??

      If he is, and Gordon is done in Cleveland, Travis Benjamin would be their best receiver, and I can’t see then letting him walk, unless he’s just tired of that entire situation, and decides to come on his own.

      1. I believe he is GM..i was looking at teams UFA’s and if i remember correctly i saw his name on the list….basically we should ship out cooper and give Travis that contract..LOL

    1. For whatever its worth,
      Most Front Office Employees do not Change Teams from January to after the Draft, It just rarely happens unless that Person is unemployed already..
      Most Teams Scout Work is already completed by Dec/January and then just confirmed come Senior Bowls,Combine and College Workouts ..All Teams are reluctant to lose Employees who could then share Team Information/Strategy to other Teams around the NFL, etc,etc…
      You always see a rash of Front Office Hires/Fires in May (right after the Draft)

    1. It’s Very Unlikely that the Eagles Get any Compensatory Picks as they Signed
      Eagles Signed Free-Agents W Thurmond, B Maxwell, D Murray & R Matthews who all played significant Snaps for the 2015 Eagles
      The only Player they lost in Free-Agency who played Significant Snaps was Jeremy Maclin

      Cutting/Releasing Players under Contract like James Casey, Todd Herremans,Trent Cole, Evan Mathis, Cary Williams does not count as a “loss” to the Eagles as the Eagles Decided to Release these Players while they were still under Contract as opposed to being “Free- Agents”

      1. Add EJ Biggers to another Free-Agent the Eagles Signed that played significant Snaps during the Season …

        Eagles Had other Free-Agent Players Bradley Feltcher, Chris Polk who signed with other Teams but did not play much…

        If You Sign More Players in Free-Agency that actually Play than what you Lose is Free-Agency that actually Play, then you don’t get a Compensatory Pick..
        If You lose More Players than you Sign in Free-Agency (and who actually Play) then you would get a Compensatory Pick…

          1. Yes, the 2016 Draft Compensatory Picks are based on who lost more than they gained in Free-Agency for the Prior Season (2015) .. At least, that’s how it used to be set up…

  8. Cleveland Browns to Release Johnny Football in March per ESPN,
    after this most recent Incident involving Alcohol, his Girlfriend & Domestic Abuse… Really No Surprise to most that have followed this spoiled, troubled and to be honest, simply not a Talented enough NFL QB, to begin with …
    Expect the Cowboys to talk to him, but he will be on a short-leash no matter what, as many Teams will have completely taken him off their List in terms of his Personal Conduct or lack their of… This Guy is a classic Alcoholic who really needs Help in terms of getting his life together and should really Focus on this,,instead of worrying about Football or his Celebrity Status which I am sure is easier said than done…but somebody has to get this Kid help before he completely self-destructs ..

    1. Manziel is too small for the NFL.
      Which is the number one reason I don’t want Chase Daniels in free agency ( too tiny).
      Dallas took some character flaw risks this off season Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory & La’el Collins, Christine Michael. They tossed 2 character risks off the team in Randle & Michael. Wonder if they think another crew of character risks which includes Manziel is worth it since they finished with the 4th worst record in the NFL.

      1. It’s not that he is to small, he is not intelligent enough to play in the NFL, i.e., he is unable to keep himself out of trouble, not willing to dedicate himself to his craft. Manziel is content on using his ability to try to get him through the NFL instead of dedicating time to studying his craft and working on his skills ala Russell Wilson. I do not know how often Manziel is in the gym trying to strengthen himself and get stronger/bigger and more durable (not much I do not believe) by adding on some muscle. However, Manziel is not an NFL caliber QB, I called it way before the draft. Funny how someone in the GCOBB family wanted the Eagles to draft Manziel in the first round…what a disaster that would have been!!!..

      2. Cowboys are reportedly cutting the chord with DE Greg Hardy, who even his own Teammates, let alone the Coaching Staff can’t stand…
        I think the Cowboys Stay clear of Johnny Football and they target RG3 instead as their Back-Up or they simply will Draft Tony Romo’s Replacement..

        1. There is no reason to keep Greg Hardy, he was unproductive and had no impact whatsoever. Definitely more trouble than he is worth. I wish they would cut Randy Gregory.
          I would love for the Eagles to find away to get into the second round to grab Kevin Dodd if he is not taken by the end of the first. If the guys i want in the first are gone by 13, I want the eagles to trade back and grab him.

          1. DE Kevin Dodd would look great in Eagles Green and will rise up the Board by Draft Time..He’s more Explosive than Higher Rated Teammate Shaq Lawson
            in my Opinion…

              1. Yeah I don’t know that I agree about Dodd. Certainly he is a strong prospect, but I think that he definitely benefits from having Lawson on the field.

                How much did you actually see Dodd play? He only had one season starting.

              2. I watched 5 Clemson games this past season..in each of them I saw Dodd make plays beating the tackle with a quick first step and power. Him beating a tackle in one on one has nothing to do with Lawson. He can flat out play. If you watched the Clemson bowl game…Dodd was getting doubled..not Lawson.

              3. I saw 9 of Clemson’s Games this past Year when they played
                App State, Louisville, Notre Dame, NC State, Fla State, South Carolina , North Carolina and then the Bowl/Playoff Games vs Oklahoma & Alabama and the Guy (Dodd) was making plays in every Game against some good Competition..
                I think he would be a Great Pass-Rusher his 1st eason or Two and then develop into a Good all Around 3 Down DE as he got stronger and better technique and use of his hands, etc,etc.. But off the snap, he’s as quick as their is that I’ve seem play all year and again, he’s going against some pretty good Competition..

  9. Boomer Esiason (football guy) was interviewed during pre- Super Bowl festivities. Howard asked Boomer if he would re-sign Sam Bradford to a 20 million dollar contract, Boomer said “No I would not because you can’t count on Bradford to be there as his injury history is a problem, also, because Bradford played well at times, but then other times he looked as if he checked out”. Pretty damming. Boomer did say he would sign Bradford to a 12-13 million dollar per contract. That is close to Alex Smith, but Alex Smith is a more accomplished QB as he has playoff appearances, playoff wins and less injury prone. Howard thinks that the Eagles should re-sign Bradford simply because he is the best option amongst a crop of below average to average FA QB’s, but time and time again the point is made that you can not pay franchise money to an average QB with an injury history just because he is the best available QB out there. It does not make sense.
    25-37 overall record, no winning seasons, no play off appearances
    Troy Aikman said no, Kurt Warner said no, Boomer Esiason said no, Brian Dawkins said no. Johnson, Ertz and Celek like Bradford, but, they also wanted Foles back too, just team mate speak. Both Celek and Johnson said that they could win if Bradford wasn’t there as well, more player speak, but they said it.
    Boomer will be on Howard’s show Saturday morning on WIP.

    1. I agree with Boomer and the others…

      Picking a quarterback in the draft is a crap-shoot. It might take two or three picks before you hit on a keeper.

      There’s one thing for sure – if you never try, you will never find a great quarterback. You can’t keep a guy like Bradford because he is the best of the bums.

    2. i can see the reply now…

      Bull! there is this football expert from the Ukraine who said sam is just starting to scratch the surface, he said his 2nd half is a sign he is recovering from his injuries and starting to show all his tools that made him the 1st pick overall. cmon howie the accountant sign him, he is the only option!

      1. You have to add a little more Koolbreeze flair. Itd go something like:

        “Bull! Fools! You think quarterbacks grow on trees! Excellent Article by Sergei in the Ukraine who clearly points out that Sam Bradford was operating with PINPOINT ACCURACY all year and it was only the drops, the Drops, THE DROPS that kept him from being the best QB in the league over his brilliant second half. Face it Fools – Sam Bradford is the BEST OPTION!!

        All the Eagles have to do is simply add an offensive line manned by 5 pro-bowlers, sign 3 HofF WRs, a Gronk-like TE, and two 1400 yard RB and Bradford will be successful!

        1. You last line is right on there about Howie the accountant….but you should probably add some exlamation marks for good measure…

          “Com’on Howie the accountant. Do the right thing!! Sign him he’s the only option!”

            1. LMAO!!
              No a better one would be more fitting to you mhenski
              Bull…I got the scoop from my KKK pal who gave me the same scoop on DJax gang ties and provides me with my special porn flicks G Cobb won’t let me use!
              The Eagles are hiring Vinniedafool as GM and making haveablunt his assistant we need a front office guy that knows nothing about football

  10. Paulman’s NFL 2016 1st Round Mock Draft (Version #8)

    1) Titans – LT Laramy Tunsil – Mississippi
    2) Browns QB Carson Wentz – N Dakota State
    3) Chargers – DB Jalen Ramsey – Fla State
    4) Cowboys – OLB Myles Jack – UCLA
    5) Jaguars – DL Joey Bosa – Ohio State
    6) Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley – Notre Dame
    7) 49ers – WR Laquon Treadwell – Mississippi
    8) Dolphins – DE Deforest Buckner – Oregon
    9) TB Bucs – CB Vernon Hargreaves III- Florida
    10) NY Giants – DE/OLB Noah Spence – Eastern Kentucky
    11) Bears – DE Shaw Lawson – Clemson
    12) Saints – DT A’Shawn Robinson – Alabama
    13) EAGLES – CB Makensie Alexander – Clemson
    14) Raiders – DT Andrew Billings – Baylor
    15) SL Rams – QB Jared Goff – California
    16) Lions – OT Taylor Decker – Ohio State
    17) Falcons – OLB Jaylon Smith – Notre Dame
    18) Colts – DT Sheldon Rankins – Louisville
    19) Bills – DT Robert Nkemdiche – Miss
    20) NY Jets – QB Payton Lynch – Memphis
    21) Redskins – ILB Reggie Ragland – Alabama
    22) Texans – QB Connor Cook – Mich State
    23) Vikings – OLB Leonard Floyd – Georgia
    24) Bengals – CB Eli Apple – Ohio State
    25) Steelers – DT Vernon Butler – NE Lousiana
    26) Seahawks – RB Ezekial Elliot – Ohio State
    27) Packers – DT Jarran Reed – Alabama
    28) Chiefs – Guard Cody Whitehair – Kansas St
    29) Cardinals – OLB Darron Lee – Ohio State
    30) Broncos – OT Jack Conklin – Mich State
    31) Panthers – DE Kevin Dodd – Clemson

    **New England Forefeited their 1st Round Pick as Penalty in Deflategate
    so only 31 Selections in the 2016 1st Round Draft

  11. Interesting things Doug had to say about the qb today. Call me crazy but… The more he downplays Sam, the harder I think he is working to actually sign him. If they decided to move on… I think they would be praising him.

        1. Daniels is exactly the plan. They are going to sign him to a 3 year 15 million dollar deal and draft a QB in the first round. Rook will sit on the bench for either 2/3 or entire year and take over either around week 12 or 2017.

          1. I’m hearing Daniels isn’t the plan he is useless. He has played in 3 NFL games in his career and is a waste of money. The Eagles already have the bridge to the next QB in Mark Sanchez. Theres no need for another stop-gap. Sanchez is plenty good enough and competent to make the Eagles competitive. Yes he will make the big mistake in the game but he has more than enough talent to make the Eagles function until the heir apparent is ready.

          2. That would be a Vinnydafool move…grab a backup that stinks and reach in the draft for a rookie that is not even worth a first rounder…Dumb
            Typical Vinnydafool move…just like your move to sign Foles to a long term deal

          3. No vinnie, they are not. They will not reach for a qb. If the one they want is there… They go for it, but they are not getting one to get one.

            1. Why are you saying “reach”? One of the 3 will be there at 13 and its done.

              Daniels holds his place. Its the Andy Reid formula and it will be followed by his apprentice.

              Maybe it will be Sanchez holding the spot instead….but he’s putrid.

              1. You want us to sign a guy that has played barely any pro ball at all and then sign any of the top 3 qbs in the draft… Regardless which one. Reminder… This draft that might not produce a single decent qb and then give these 2 the franchise? No thanks. I mentioned this the other day… I call this the Christian Ponder method.

                I’ll say it again… If the qb they want in the draft is there.. Fine. Although… I’m not sure they should want any of them. But I’m going with whomever DP wants right now.

  12. If Bradford would sign for a fair deal I would do it but I’m not sold on him long term for big money. Outside of Houston.. I just dont see him doing better elsewhere. I think he knows that. I think they are working on a fair deal.

  13. Vinny Curry signs 5 year deal 47.25 million 23 million guaranteed. I like Curry bu our fan base has talked about him like he was Deacon Jones.lol. I may have never seen a Eagle player do so little and get so much. Hope they are right.

  14. Logan is the odd man out. You can find another DT in next years draft. After we sign Cox how much money are you going to invest in the dline. Buffalo did that. Well Vinny theres no more 20 snaps a game. Its time to drop that weight they made you put on and get that Simeon Rice build back and bring it.

  15. I’m hearing Bradford doesn’t have many options to command big money. Its a myth that Bradford can command any big money. There are 2 teams besides the Eagles that need QBs and that’s SF possibly and Houston. Cleveland isn’t spending on a QB they can get one early in the draft. If a Houston comes right out of the gait offering Bradford a big contract shame on them they are competing vs themselves. The Eagles may be able to get Bradford for 3 years 40 million lol

      1. Vinnie, I want to ask you a question… And I dont want to insult you…

        You have for years held up guys like Foles and Kolb as Stars when most of us could see they didn’t have what it takes to be even a good starter.

        You have bashed guys like Cam and Wilson (though you have flipped in him) as run guys who can’t read D’s and would “never win anything”.

        Have you ever just once.. After being proven wrong over and again thought… I really don’t know what I’m looking at here?

        I must say, I prefer a pocket passed who can run if needed (like Dmac) but honestly… I would be happy with anyone who wins.

        1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!

          As someone who knows Vinnie very well, let me give you the answer that he should give. If he would come clean with us Vinnie would tell us the following:

          “Stevo the truth is simple. I have had that exact same thought…”I just dont understand how I could have been so wrong? Repeatedly!! All of my stats on Foles and Kolb were pointing in an upward direction. Kolb had the best footwork that I have ever seen (even though my vision aint exactly that good and I dont know much about Quarterbacks and footwork for real), and Foles is a great kid with a wonderful family.

          I just dont get it. I’m baffled, dumbfounded, and feel like a complete fool

          Now I do like to flip and flop especially when I see that things are not going the way I predicted and can get away with it. Your right..I did a nice flip-flop on Russell Wilson, but my best flip-flop that no one noticed-except that koolbreeze guy who is always busting my ass- was on Sam Bradford.
          Early in the year I said I liked Bradford because he was a ‘pocket quarterback’…but in order to muster up some kinda of respectability I flipped on him because I didn’t think he would finish the year so strong…damm…no matter what I do…I end up looking like a fool ass!!
          Damm!! Stop asking me those tough ass questions Stevo, it makes my head hurt!!”


        2. For God’s sakes.

          1 – On Kolb. I said repeatedly and often that Kolb showed promise (he did – never materialized) and that he was a better option than the useless Vick because Vick had a decade of being a loser and was never going to win anything (correct).

          I chose the young guy with promise over the old loser. I still maintain Kolb would have been a better option for the Eagles than Vick, though clearly he’s a loser too.

          2 – On Foles. I said repeatedly and often that Foles showed promise (he did – never materialized) and that he was a better option than the useless Vick because Vick had a decade of being a loser and was never going to win anything (correct).

          I chose the young guy with promise over the old loser. (correct)

          I maintained Foles would have been a better option for the Eagles than Vick – and he was infinetely better (correct)

          I thought the trade of Foles for Bradford was beyond stupid. (correct)

          What exactly have I been wrong about again??

          I have been absolutely clear and consistent.

          When given the choice between young players that show promise I will always take them over long term re-tread losers like Bradford and Vick.

          Why? And this is the part you loser QB lovers juuuuust can’t grasp – they have potential. They MIGHT develop. While old losers like Vick and Bradford are DONE developing. They’ve reached their ceiling and it is a pretty low one indeed.

          Eagles will NEVER win the SB with guys like Vick and Bradford that have nbeen tossed and rejected already by other teams. They MIGHT win with a new guy like Gorr, Lynch, Wenz….or Foles for a time.

          MIGHT is better than NEVER.

          End of story.

          1. I never flipped on Wilson.

            Newton is doing better than I thought he would. He’s still a immature “look at me” guy that runs great when everything is rolling, but shrinks if things go bad. If he were on the Browns he’s have been out of football by now.

            1. After the 2010 season I said Vick’s success was a complete mirage based on him being out of the league for 3 years and that the Eagles should have grabbed the 2 first rounders Buffolo was offering for the bum in a heartbeat. (correct)

              I said Foles was a better option than the loser Vick (correct)

              I said trading Foles and a second for the loser Bradford was a mistake (correct)

              WTF have I been wrong about again???????????

              BTW – There are only 1 person in the known universeis interested in Bradford as Eagles QB and that’s Koolidiot.

              Kelly never wanted him either….just got played trying to trade up for mariotta and stuck with the bum. Kelly won’t sign the guy now (he would if he was sooooo great wouldn’t he?) But he won’t. Kelly won’t even persue the guy.

              Love for Jay Bradford is ridiculous.

          2. “Eagles will NEVER win the SB with guys like Vick and Bradford that have nbeen tossed and rejected already by other teams. They MIGHT win with a new guy like Gorr, Lynch, Wenz….or Foles for a time.”

            I knew it…LMAO…I knew it!

            Still desperately hoping against all reason that Nicky Foles returns, because they just MIGHT win a SB with Nick Foles

            CTFU…So this prove just what I though…Vinniedafoolass is desperately hoping that the Rams cut Nick Foles so he can make a magical return to the Eagles and lead us to a Super Bowl. Peterson knows Nick Foles…he can bring the best out of Foles and we might win a Super Bowl with Foles…



  16. So no. Thats fine, thank you for being honest. A few points;

    1) You have flipped on WIllson. It started the year of his first SB- you back peddled from the “no rushing qb qill ever win the SB”. You tried to rebrand him a pocket QB… it’s ok, many were shocked like you.

    2) I find it funny that you repeatedly talk about young players with “promise” and bash other posters for seeing “potential” in others. You do know that those 2 words are synonyms right? neither of those guys you loved showed nearly as much potential as you thought. And THATS the point. They were both in QB friendly systems and struggled to make the reads. Thats why there were guys like me and a million others that wanted to pump the hype brakes for a second.

    It is fair to ask the question… if these guys play well (and neither had the college career to suggest they would be a very good pro), how good could elite college talent talent like Bradford or Vick do in these systems?

    Now Ill be clear…. i didnt want either Vick or Bradford to come here… but… i still say that both are better straight up then either Kolb or Foles, and clearly the head coaches agreed.

    Moving forward (and I suggest you would do the same), I hope the Eagles could resign Sam for a fair deal for 3 years. I would also like them to draft a qb-only if one they really like is there) for the future. The eagles are not in a rebuild mode. They dont have a top 5 pick like they did when they drafted Dmac. They should NOT grab Chase with the mindset that they are drafting their Franchise QB this draft. That is what Vikes did with Ponder and it set them back 3 years.

    1. “. They were both in QB friendly systems and struggled to make the reads. ”

      because they were in their first or second years. They were also both within their first 16 starts.

      I have stated, repeatedly, that it is asening to judge QBs so early. They need a minimum of 16 starts,….but really can’t be judged effectively until their second season.

      “Promise” and “potential” apply for these guys in their 5th, 10th 16th 20th starts.

      “Promis” “Potential’ no longer apply to 6 and 10 year veterans like BF and MV7wins

      Bradford WAS in the “quarterback friendly system” And after his 12 game was stating he didn’t know the playbook and was having a difficult time. This is the same playbook that Vick and Foles had down pretty f-ing quick wouldn;t you say?

      Sure sure…Drops drops drops…but I am not talking about that. I’m talking about the formations. Where were they? Where were the stacks? The bunches? The unbalanced lines? They were all there the previous 2 years and they disappeared this year with the QB stating he was having a hard time with the “quarterback friendly” system.

      Kelly did not think Bradford was better. He wanted Mariotta who he thought was better. He got stuck with Bradford and his offence suffered because of it.

      Why should I hope the Eagles resign Sam Bradford?????

      He stinks. 3 years of spinning the wheels medioctiry? I’ll pass.

  17. 1 – “On Kolb. I said repeatedly and often that Kolb showed promise (he did – never materialized) and that he was a better option than the useless Vick because Vick had a decade of being a loser and was never going to win anything (correct).
    I chose the young guy with promise over the old loser. I still maintain Kolb would have been a better option for the Eagles than Vick, though clearly he’s a loser too.”

    So your argument is that you chose the lesser of the losers because of age and inexperience? Do you realize that 2 seasons Mike Vick threw nearly as many TD’s as Kolb did in his entire career? Do you realize that you STILL support the guy that was only in the league like 5 or 6 years and Vick is STILL in the league? Its silly really. I cant believe im still doing this but no Vinne… you were not right about him. You were wrong. To boil down what you think you were right about here is what you are saying ….. “I was right that he was somebody, he just never lived up to it”. This is ridiculous. This is EXACTLY what you claim others do to a fault.

    2 – On Foles. I said repeatedly and often that Foles showed promise (he did – never materialized)”

    Same argument as the past point. You are saying that the “promise” of Foles is something we should have paid lots of money for. That although he didnt “realize” his potential… the birds should have stuck with him. You’re right Vin, everyone else was wrong…. the coaches especially just never seen how he could have been an elite player. No vin… you were wrong. Foles played well for a handful of games and now he is what he is. To be honest… I think he is slightly better than the way he played in Stl. This is why i say over and again that you need a good TEAM to win. You were wrong about Foles like you were wrong about Kolb.

    About Sam… how do you know Kelly didnt want Sam? I mean we all speculate that but how do you know this? Where has he admitted it? Did Chip go for #8? yes. But isn’t it very likely that Chip knew that Foes was nothing special and figured he would do better with Sam? Isn’t it reasonable to put forward that Chip felt that Mariota was better than Sam who was better than Foles? What does it say that he felt having Sam as a trade chip was better then having Foles as a trade chip? This is the CLEAREST thought one could have. And why wouldnt all the coaches and GM’s share your thought that “When given the choice between young players that show promise I will always take them over long term re-tread losers like Bradford and Vick.” Why did the eagles think having Sam as a trade chip was better than having Foles as a trade chip?

    And i have a little bet to go along with my question…… I bet $5 that Sam Bradford gets a bigger payday this offseason then Foles does. Fair? You take it? If not…. why? Sam is a “retread loser” and Foles is a “young” “promising” qb. Right?

    And here is the biggest chunk of trash that I will now take out to the curb…..”While old losers like Vick and Bradford are DONE developing. They’ve reached their ceiling and it is a pretty low one indeed.” Vick and Sam’s ceiling is still 20 feet higher than that of the 2 you have put forward- Need proof? more TD’s, more wins, more years in the league…. in fact…. If you add Foles and Kolb’s Td’s.. they have about as much as Sam. So please….. stop it with this trash. If you say… “I didnt like the trade”.. fine, i thought it was too much too. But if you want to talk about Foles/Kolb… please…. give it a friggen rest already.

    The plan should be… Sign the best QB for now and Develop the best QB for the future. You dont go to the draft and say.. we are taking the best Aval QB in the middle of the 1st round when we pick. You dont say.. whoever he is (3rd, 4th, 10th qb taken), you are now the face of our franchise and you will start some point this season. Its a stupid stupid plan Vinnie. And the guy who puts this forward as the best plan also put forward spending a ton of money on guys like Foles and Kolb. You are a simpleton Vinnie…. and you dont know the game. Please stop talking.

    I say…. Birds resign Sam if they can get a fair deal for him. Birds also look to get a QB in this draft or next draft that fits what they want.

      1. “Vick and Sam’s ceiling is still 20 feet higher…………… ”

        Honestly. It is beyond the realm of comprehension that guys still wail on here about Vick and Bradford.

        Vick…in 12 NFL Seasons….twelve….had ONE good full year. In 12 seasons…despite it being a league that is bending over backwards to increase passing…reached 21 TDs….ONCE. He reached 3000 yrds passing just twice in a league where 4000 is the fucking average.

        I mean that’s a fucking joke. That is embarsingly pathetic for a #1 pick.

        5 playoff games in 12 years for a #1 pick?? 2 wins??? and one when GB turned the ball over 5x for a freebie??

        If you want me to do the same with Bradford I can…its just as embarasingly pathetic for a #1 pick.

        To say either of them have a 20x higher ceiling is pure comedy.

        BTW –
        Over his first 16 starts Foles had 9 wins.
        Over his first 16 starts Vick had 8
        Over his first 16 starts Bradford had 7 wins

        Over his first 16 starts Foles threw for 4590 yrds
        Over his first 16 starts Vick threw for 2574 yrds
        Over his first 16 starts bradford threw for 3512 yrds

        Over his very first 16 starts Foles threw 33 tds.
        Over his first 16 starts Vick threw 14tds
        Over his first 16 starts Bradford threw 18tds

        So don;t talk to me about ceilings being 20x higher than anyone else. Early in their careers your heros were being humiliated by a guy you say is complete shit.

        Fine. If Foles is complete shit, what the hell does that make the two clowns you and Koolidiot fawn over??

        Worse than complete shit.

        Bradford and Vick are still around for the exact same reasons guys like Heath Shuler and David carr had 10 year careers. Because they were drafted right up at the top of round 1…or in the case of your two terrible heros…number one.

        NFL GMs always play the cautios route….to avoid getting fired. “Someone liked Bradford – he has all the toold” will be repeated and used as an excuse to take the “safe” play.

        Its to cover their asses….because if the risky play fails then their ass is on the line….but if the “safe” play fails…they can always fall back on “well, he was the best available right? I had no other choice”

  18. “The plan should be… Sign the best QB for now and Develop the best QB for the future. You dont go to the draft and say.. we are taking the best Aval QB in the middle of the 1st round when we pick. You dont say.. whoever he is (3rd, 4th, 10th qb taken), you are now the face of our franchise and you will start some point this season. Its a stupid stupid plan Vinnie. And the guy who puts this forward as the best plan also put forward spending a ton of money on guys like Foles and Kolb. You are a simpleton Vinnie…. and you dont know the game. Please stop talking.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. While I prefer “fool ass” to “simpleton”, it conveys the same meaning. Stevo has described the pure stupidity of your “plan” Vinnie.

    A dumb ass, stupid plan!

    Dismantled, broke, and busted…give it up Vinnie..you have been exposed as a fool.

    You see Vinniedafool, you have never been able to place things in their proper context, you confused yourself with meaningless stats to make meaningless arguments.

    When I talk about Bradford, I dont see him as Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady…I’ve never used “elite” QB with reference to Sam Bradford. He is simply better than Chase Daniels, Mark Sanchez, or some other journeyman QB and the QB’s that you and others are suggesting we draft are not highly rated prospects in the Mariota or Winston mode…they are more on the level of the Christian Ponder’s and other mediocre back QB’s.

    Selecting any of the QB’s in this draft at 13 is probably a desperate reach.

    The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…it only makes sense to resign Bradford. He is the best available QB to the Eagles. He’s not the best QB in the league, he’s not Tom Brady…he is the best QB the Eagles can get and they should keep him. Anything else is a gamble that can assure us of losing for the next three or four years or maybe more….its that hard to get a decent QB.

    But Vinnie, we will pass on anything you have to say about football…Stevo is right:

    You are a simpleton Vinnie…. and you dont know the game. Please stop talking.”

    1. “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space”

      did you get this hot take from Ibrahim in India’s twitter account?

      1. well i didn’t get it from that Aryan Nazi German site you frequent

        and no i dont need any of those porn sites you are so enthralled with either m “the pervert” henski

        1. when youre made fun of for being a complete imbecile and when you cite sources from someone in college in England and you got no comebacks what do you do? RACE CARD!!! low life loser, aint no racist up in here but you and 1 or 2 others.

          race and colors on your mind 24/7 its pathetic and its losers like you that create divides nationwide. whatever gets you by dumb dumb.

          you go home to tent city every day and have no real job but at least you got that race card!

          1. He doesn;t get that part. That he opened himself up to an unending stream of merciless jabs after the “Excellent article!!!” by some 20 yr old kid in England writing on his very own blog site.

            You can;t make this shit up.

            Oh course his only recourse is to parrot back some lame copycat “and what site do you….” business. I’ve told the kid 100x he has to start writing his own material and stop plagerising. But what can you do with the educational system the way it is now-a-days….its difficult for kids today.

    2. ” the QB’s that you and others are suggesting we draft are not highly rated prospects in the Mariota or Winston mode…they are more on the level of the Christian Ponder’s and other mediocre back QB’s.”

      Highly rated prospects means nothing – Sam Bradford is a perfect example. So is Marc Sanchez.

      Ben Roethlisberger was the third quarterback picked in 2004, he was not highly rated. Russell Wilson was the sixth QB picked in 2012 he was not highly rated.

      Anyone of the top three quarterbacks coming out this season have as good a chance of winning as Sam Bradford. And there is 6 years of evidence to prove it… Sam is a loser!

      1. the bottom line is that we know Sam Bradford is a starting NFL QB

        he demonstrated that this year and this is without a full training camp after being off for two years….he has the highest completion rating in Eagles history while the team has the highest drop percentage…

        If you were going with a new QB, you should have tanked with the hope of getting a Deshaun Watson in next year’s draft…a guy who has the pedigree to be a franchise QB…instead of signing guys to long term deals you should trade them for draft picks, trade Cox, cut the fat, get rid of the vets, go young…do a tank…lose and stockpile draft picks to rebuild the team…

        But that’s not the way this team is going…they want to win next year

        So it makes absolutely no sense to sign these guys to these long term deals and then go out and take a flyer on a QB that may stink, or start a Sanchez or get a Chase Daniels…

        Stupid, Dumb, and real foolish!!!

        1. “the bottom line is that we know Sam Bradford is a starting NFL QB”

          So is Ryan Tannehill. Who gives a shit???

          Uh Oh Kooltwit…..
          “And then you start just kinda filling in. A hole here, a hole there, get some depth here, you know, get you a young quarterback possibly, and then you just start developing your talent and you see what happens after that.”
          Doug Pederson today.

          “We love Jason Cox. Cox is part of our future.”
          “Bradford is good. We are examining the position. He’s part of the process”
          Howie Roseman.

          Better get used to the idea that the Eagles Brass does not agree that Bradford is their starter and are moving on. You are the only idiot that thinks he is a starter.

          1. Ouch…..

            “So the immediate fix is to find the top available free agent. I think in our situation [now], you may not have to go that route. Therefore, the draft, there’s some good quarterbacks in this draft. I’d love to be able to pick one up, develop him, and eventually he becomes your guy over time. ”

            Doug Pederson

            Should I start singing the old Canadiens song “na na na na….na na na na….hey hey hey….goodbye….”

            Now or in a couple weeks? Bradford is toast. Thank Goodness.

  19. And BTW Stevo…why won’t you apply the same metric evenly?

    Lets go with your and Koolbreeze’s mantra that Foles is shit. Fine. Any why is he shit? I am sure you might argue:

    He’s had 4 years and is only 19-16…so its not a great record. Only .540
    He’s only thrown 53 tds. He throws an average of 1.5/game
    His TD %age is…well its actually decent at 4.3%
    He’s thrown a lot of Ints. 27 in those 35 starts. Avg .77/game
    His int is 2.2%
    He was a 1 hit wonder.
    He’s never won a playoff game

    Ok fine. We’ll take those or any others and toss Foles to the curb. Bub-bye. Gone. Not good enough.

    But you can’t do that and then come right back in the next sentence saying Bradford is “best available”

    Because he’s WORSE across the board.

    He’s had 6 years and is only 25-37-1…so its not a great record. Only .390
    He’s only thrown 78 tds. He throws an average of 1.2/game
    His TD %age is very very low at 3.4
    He’s thrown a lot of Ints. 52 in those 63 starts. An average of .83/game.
    His int is 2.3%
    He was never even a one hit wonder.
    He’s never won a playoff game

    So seriously….what the hell are you hanging the Bradford hat on. If Foles is shit, what the hell is Jay Bradford???

    You are hanging your hat on one thing and one thing only….that he went #1 so someone, somewhere thought he was good.

    And that’s why some idiot GM will resurrect the loser again….because that’s what happens….that draft status will keep him popping around the league for the next half decade while 3rd and 4rh rounders will be kicked to the curb.

    Its the nature of things……but it sure as hell doesn;t make Sam Bradford a good QB. He stinks.

    20x higher ceiling!!!! My ass.

    1. LMAO…still on your dumb stats


      Bradford has never, ever played with the talent that Foles had around him

      Its a team game stupid…you never get that point!

      Foles best year was when he had DJax and Shady McCoy

      Djax has always been among the top pass catching receivers-he has always been towards the top as far as fewest dropped passes

      Foles then had Maclin…Sam Bradford has never had outside receivers of this caliber

      Foles had better receivers with the Rams this year than what Bradford had…according to Pro Football Focus Bradford had “to deal with the highest percentage of drops. 7.9% of his passes (42 out of 532) were dropped, which was the most of any NFL quarterback.”

      When they did have similar talent…this year the Rams receivers were better than the Eagles receivers…and what did Foles give them in a similar situation…what was his completion percentage…and why was he benched twice!

      He stinks….that is why and Sam Bradford is a much better QB than Foles, or any of the other QB’s you want to drag in here

      Fall back Vinniedafool…just fall back…you dont know what you are talking about at all!

      1. The drops!! The Draop!1! The DrAAAAAWWWWPS!!

        You still on this? Bradford had the highest %age of drops…but not the nost…Brady had 44, Bortles 44. They had nore actual drops and still managed to throw 30+ tds….Brian Bradford a pathetic 19 (4 in garbage time)

        But I digress….

        Lets eliminate those drops!! Let bring the Eagles to the NFL average!! That would be fair right??

        Well///Pro Football Focus (who you use) says the AVERAGE DROPS for an NFL tema is/was…..30.

        SO Eagles had 42 more than average.


        12 more completions.


        How could we all not see it.

        With 12 more completions Sam Hoyer would have probably had the greatest most amazing season in NFL history.

        Koolidiot is right…those 12 completions change the whole dynamic. Sign this loser now for whatever it takes!!! Best Availableeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  20. as usual…. exaggerate what a person says to try and hold your opinion up higher.

    “20x higher ceiling”. Not what I said. Not at all. Reminder…. im not really sold on and of the 4 qb’s we have been talking about.

    As usual…. take the thoughts of several people who disagree with you and treat them as 1 person.
    I am my own person, I am not kool or anyone else. It was me who talked about the Ponder model. I have no interest in going down that path. Dont assume the 3rd qb takin in the draft is as good as thew guy on your team. Also… dont draft a QB and throw him in as the starter unless he has earned it. Both ideas are bad.

  21. 20x …..20 feet….whatever…..that’s splitting hairs.

    You were in here rambling on about how the ceiling for SB was soooo much higher 20x……20 feet….whatever.

    Its totally BS either way.

    You also stated you “knew” Foles and Kolb were shit….if that is the case….why don;t you “know” SB is shit? Because by every single metric, his numbers are worse than Foles!!!

    If Foles is shit….then Jay Bradford is wrse than shit. You got caught in your own “trap”. You said you knew Foles was shit….yet Sam Cutler is shittier.


    Bradford is nothing. Hoping he signs with the Eagles is dumb.

    1. As always… you never listen and you are quick to make huge leaps that the writer (arguer) never wished to make. And not surprisingly… you didnt take the bet. Not that bets matter much to you… when you lose you simply ignore the payment. A few points i made that ill break down for you (since its clearly 2 hard to grasp)

      1) I said…. if guys that were so/so in college excelled in philly, it was fair to wonder how elite college talent would do in Philly under Reid or Chip.

      2) I said I never wanted Vick or Sam

      3) I said Sam is better then Foles.

      4) I pointed out how you see “promise” in the QB’s you like, and you bash people for seeing “potential” in others. As if those 2 things are not synonyms.

      5) You have flipped on WIlson. You have flipped on Sam. You have no idea what to say about Cam

      6) And lastly i offered u a bet that gives you a chance to put money where your mouth is. WHo gets paid more on their next deal? I say Sam…. how could you not say Foles? Look at it this way…. if you win you get $5.. if you lose, just ignore having to pay like you have all the other bets you’ve lost.

      As usual… you go on a rant about how the birds are stupid for not seeing how great your ideas were and how they should have followed your plan from 10 years ago.

      The Plan remains. Sign Bradford to a fair deal (and they will), and IF…IF…IF… there is a qb in the draft that they like…. draft him.

      1. 1 last thought….. I think you get hung up when guys say resign SB. This isnt a madden fantasy draft. Guys like me say take him because he is possibly the best option out there. Your plan has us taking a qb round 1… any qb. Lets look at the most recent 1st round QB’s and chat about what it could be like,,,,,

        1 3 Blake Bortles QB Central Florida Jacksonville Jaguars
        1 22 Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M Cleveland Browns
        1 32 Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville Minnesota Vikings

        1 16 EJ Manuel QB Florida State Buffalo Bills

        1 1 Andrew Luck QB Stanford Indianapolis Colts
        1 2 Robert Griffin QB Baylor Washington Redskins
        1 8 Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M Miami Dolphins
        1 22 Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State Cleveland Browns

        1 1 Cam Newton QB Auburn Carolina Panthers
        1 8 Jake Locker QB Washington Tennessee Titans
        1 10 Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Jacksonville Jaguars
        1 12 Christian Ponder QB Florida State Minnesota Vikings

        1 1 Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma St. Louis Rams
        1 25 Tim Tebow QB Florida Denver Broncos

        1 1 Matthew Stafford QB Georgia Detroit Lions
        1 5 Mark Sanchez QB USC New York Jets
        1 17 Josh Freeman QB Kansas State Tampa Bay Buccaneers

        a couple of Franchise guys…. lots of backups… and several that are now waiting tables.

        1. Successful teams have Qb;s drafted in kind of a hodgepodge order… in this years playoffs 3 overall number 1’s, 32, 102, 24, 75, 199 and 11…my guess is if you analyzed it most positions would have a similar curve..
          Bradford cannot command the $ that some of you throw out there (and i never argue about another mans money) but some of you ‘whatever it takes’ people are just wrong- you cannot be held hostage by a below average QB just because you are desperate … some sort of team friendly deal i’m ok with sam i am… but a crippling contract– he hasn’t earned it.

          1. imo the most reasonable comparison out there for sam is alex smith and he isnt quite up to his level when you take into account sams injured more and turns it over more and most his stats are little less… alex signed a 5 year deal for 76 mill and with that signing kc said we are ok with meritocracy and are playing to limp into the playoffs and go out in the first round. if the eagles sign sam theyre gonna have to pay around 5 years and a little over 80 mill (taking into account inflation and deducting for subpar play). and by doing so they are saying we are open to mediocrity at best for the next few years. if thats the deal they do, it will suck and it will cost howie and doug his job before long…

            hopefully our FO is smart enough not to handcuff themselves for a minimum of 3 years with a signing like this. i need a fast forward button

          2. agree. And thats all i have seen or heard…. give the man a fair deal. I wouldnt rule out a transition tag if that gets us going, but thats not ideal.

      2. Ummm…of course Bradford will get more $$. He was a first round pick. Those guys get resurrected more than Lazurus. Its the nature of things. Doesn’t mean anything other than there are desperate and stupid NFL GMs out there desperate to look like they know what they are doing.

        4th round picks get kicked to the Curb…1st rounders get brought back over and over. Your bet is stupid.

        I am not making leaps and bounds and guesses. I am asking you questions based exactly on what you said.

        1)You stated Bradford’s ceiling is “20 feet higher”

        All I am asking you is based on what?

        His numbers? Nope
        Wins? No Yards? No Tds No

        What has he ever done for you to make that claim??

        Nothing. Its a completely irrational statement.

        2 ) stated (on Kolb and Foles “most of us could see they didn’t have what it takes to be even a good starter.”

        You “knew” they were shit right off. Fine. You had this amazing Kreskin like ability for those two guys. You “could see”

        I am just asking you why your Kreskin-like abilities do not extend to Jay bradford. Because he’s stunk for 6 years and you still think he’s the “best option”

        1. “Ummm…of course Bradford will get more $$. He was a first round pick. Those guys get resurrected more than Lazurus. Its the nature of things. Doesn’t mean anything other than there are desperate and stupid NFL GMs out there desperate to look like they know what they are doing.”


          But of course, you Vinniedafoolass, know more than the “desperate and stupid GM’s”

          Now if our GM had listened to you…we would have had the great Kevin Kolb locked in for a long term deal.

          If you were Eagles GM, Nick Foles would be leading us to a Super Bowl

          The reality is that if Sam Bradford market value is not 20 million…he wont get paid that…if he is on the level of a Nick Foles, Chase Daniels…that’s what the market will pay…

          I dont care what he gets paid but the simple reality is that despite the dumb ass claims about Bradford…his market value is higher than the backups that you want to bring in…

          As to cap space, well there is where we agree about Howie…we have won the Salary Cap Bowl for a number of years…Howie is an expert accountant on Salary Cap Management…he will work Sam in there and still leave us space for whoever else. The moves Howie is making now frees up cap space by reducing our cap number for next year…each signing has freed up more not less space.

          But to let Sam walk, and have a bunch of salary cap space and backups starting at QB is the height of stupidity that GM Vinniedafoolass would leave us in…

          I simply hope that the Eagles are not listening to his fool ass!

          1. “each signing has freed up more not less space. ”

            may want to double check that. must flunked 3rd grade math

  22. Eli Manning, Phil Rivers,Big Ben, Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Joe Flacco were all 1st Round Draft Picks..
    Andrew Dalton, Colin Kapernick, Geno Smith were 2nd Rounds
    Russell Wilson was a 3rd Rounder
    Foles a 4th Rounder

  23. That’s what the “sign Sam” guys cannot see. How the team would be handcuffed by the @20 (19/18 whatever) million dollar deal. You cannot pay that for the mediocrity that is Sam Bradford.

    Not the actual $$. No one could care less about that….but of the chunk of limited space every team has available to put together to create a roster.

    Sam Bradford has never thrown more than 20 touchdowns. That’s pathetic. AND you can find one of a large group of guys at$5 million who can give a team that kind of production.

    So its not about Sam vs Daniels (or whoever) straight up…..its about the %age of cap space given out for that production.

    Daniels and Sam will come in at just about the Same production if both were starters. One can be had for probably 5-6 mill, the other 18-20. Why shell out triple the cap space for equal production??

    That’s stupid.

    Teams like the Saints are currently handcuffed by their QB deals….and that’s with HoF type guys who consistently and constantly light the league on fire.

    Doing the same for Sam Bradford is suicide.

    Why pay 20 mill for 20 tds when you could pay 5???????

    1. oh god kool gonna love this

      rather than give sam 17 mill+/yr with 50 mill gtd.. just sign vick for the veteran minimum and you will get very similar production for a fraction of the price

    2. what the ‘get rid of Sam” guys cant see is that signing Sam Bradford will not kill our cap even if we have to franchise him…

      Howie the Accountant is not the guy I want picking players but he is a master at managing the cap!

      Here is how CSN Philly explains it:

      “The NFL’s unadjusted salary cap is expected to rise from about $143 million to somewhere between $150 and $153 million this year.

      Every team’s actual cap figure is different, depending on adjustments based on how much room a team had under the cap when the previous year ended.

      The Eagles have $7,255,362 in adjustments, which means their final cap figure will be more than $7 million over that $150 million figure. That’s the ninth-highest adjustment amount in the league. That means the Eagles will have more money to spend than 22 of the 31 other teams in the league.

      After the Lane Johnson and Zach Ertz deals but before the Vinny Curry contract, the Eagles had $135,983,600 in 2016 salary cap obligations.

      So without even shedding any players under contract, they have approximately $21 million available under their projected cap.

      But they can easily clear cap space by shedding higher-priced veterans who are late in their contracts and wouldn’t carry a high amount of dead money.

      Releasing a player accelerates the remaining prorated portion of their original signing bonus against the cap. So the fewer years remaining in the deal, the easier it is to release a player without absorbing a significant cap hit.

      For example, if the Eagles released DeMeco Ryans, Riley Cooper and Mark Sanchez, it would clear nearly $10 million in cap space.

      “We’ll have the flexibility to make decisions on players here,” Roseman said. “Can we (sign) five or six guys? Those are high numbers. Historically, teams can pay somewhere between 10 or 11 guys (a ton of money).”

      Translation…plenty of room to sign Bradford and Cox at at big money!
      There is other moves, restructuring , cuts the Eagles can make to free up even more money.

      So relax…take it easy Vinniedafool and the Hate Sam Crew…the money is there…the Eagles got it…and we will be fine under the cap.

      Get it done….sign Sam Bradford!

  24. So we have gone round and round and people want to put others in a “sign him for whatever it takes” group or a “dont sign him he’s a bum” group….. so I ask it this way…..

    If we could sign him a fair deal (as i have said over and again) would you want to bring him back? I say yes. What are those numbers? Im not so sure what they would be…. as always the market is crazy diff every year.

    1. What does “fair deal” mean?? Honestly?? And does “fair deal” have any basis in reality??

      1 – Bradford is 28. He’ll be 29 mid-way through next season. He WILL NOT accept a 3 year deal. He can’t. He can’t have his deal end when he’s 31 – no one would re-sign him for anything substantial. (especially if he struggles – which he will) His agent knows this. He is going to be asking for 5 years. (min)

      Does anyone want Jay Bradford quarterbacking the Eagles for 5 years????

      Note: I admit there is the possibility of him taking a one year “prove it” deal….but I read so many people talking about a 3 year deal in the 13-14 mill range. That’s pipe dream)

      2 – What is “fair” money wise? I keep hearing about 13-14 million. Is that the market? I can’t see it. Alex Smith’s deal averages 17 million/year. That was created a year ago. Isn’t that the template? I mean Smith sucks, but at least he made it to the NFC champ before his contract. Jay Bradford hasn’t ever been in a playoff game….(but he does have “potentiual!!)

      I don’t know what is going to happen……but I think if you’re hoping for a “fair” deal (ie 3 years and under $15 million) you’re dreaming.

      He’s going to be asking for 5 years 80-90 million (closer to 90). That’s what he’ll be asking for….now he might not get that (I’d never pay it) but can the Eagles afford to wait?

      All this is moot anyway.

      Howie –
      “Cox is a priority!!!”
      “Bradford is part of the process”

      He’s gone.

    2. A ‘Fair deal’ is determined by market value…

      If he was such a bum like so many proclaim…there would be no argument

      But it is pretty well established that if he hits free agence his services would be in demand

      So his agent job is to get ‘fair market value’…

      So the Eagles will have to pay…he’s not coming on a cheap home town discount…why should he?

      We got the cap space, there are no better options

      We have to do what it takes…unless we have a viable alternative

      Chase Daniels, Mark Sanchez are not viable alternatives..

      A green rookie from this draft class is not a viable alternative

      We may have to ante up…and that’s fair, because its our situation

  25. “Whatever it takes!!!”

    Right putz?

    Got it. Koolbreese fine with 5 years 90 million, thus drilling the Birds with a .390 losing albatross until 2021.

    And you laughed at “Krapernick type deal” that Eagles could have tossed after 2 years. And you want to lock a perennial loser down to a cap crushing 5 yeardeal.

    “Whatever it takes”

    Well doneKoolidiot. Worst proposal evar!

  26. Here’s a statement putz. If Daniels signs here….I guarantee you hesurpasses Bradford’s pathetic 19 TDs in a season. For a third the price!

    Eagles can get any of 5 or 6 20 td losers for 5 mill. Koolidiot wants to pay 20 for the same output.

    I hope you are not in charge of you mom’s finances kid, lest you want to remain in the same one bedroom apt for a long time.

    1. LMAO…


      Listen, the Eagles have rejected your approach

      They are not tearing down the team and starting over in a rebuild like you stomped your feet and demanded like a spoiled ass brat throwing a hissy fit

      They want to win now and the new Coach has made it clear…the talent is here to do that. Pederson has said that repeatedly.

      Bradford is the best available QB…fool!

      With no outside receivers, no running game, and poor offensive line play Sam Bradford threw for 3,725 yards fourth-best season in Eagles history, completed the highest percentage of his passes while his receivers led the league in drops.

      This is why the new Coach has called him a “top-notch” Quarterback.

      Vinniedafoolass, you keep harping on how much money the Eagles will have to pay. You keep ignorantly forgetting that we have your buddy, the Cap Master…Howie the Accountant…who is working his cap magic.

      I am skeptical about him picking players and I’m bothered that we dont have an experience, NFL personnel guy calling the shots for the draft…

      But Howie the Accountant can work the cap and can sign Bradford to a cap friendly deal like the other players he has signed…who cares how much money…it wont be a deal that ties our hands and prevent us from acquiring other key needed players.

      The Eagles have more cap space than 22 out of the 31 teams in the league now and have the ability to make more cap space by cutting some of the dead weight that will be on the team.

      So stop whining and crying like chicken little about the ‘cap, the cap”

      Stop bitching and moaning about money….

      Howie has gotten that covered!

      Now c’mon Vinnie…step it up. Your football analysis is so weak, and you need to learn how to manage your own salary cap so you can stop sleeping on that park bench in Fairmount Park. So while you wont get any salary bonuses or tips by begging people with that cardboard sign..

      .”Help me bring Nick Foles back to the Eagles…I”m down on my luck and need Nicky to chuck it deep to make me feel better-please help me”

      Step it up man…you are getting any change with that sign…people are stepping over you ignoring you as deranged and stupid…get a new cardboard sign offer a service like washing car windows or carrying grocery bags…do something man!

      Fool ass!

      1. “With no outside receivers, no running game, and poor offensive line play Sam Bradford threw for 3,725 yards fourth-best season in Eagles history, completed the highest percentage of his passes while his receivers led the league in drops.”

        dunno if you know this or not but the rules for NFL defenses have changed drastically over the past 10+ years 3700 yards 10-15 years ago in the NFL was very good, 20 tds was solid, 28 tds was upper echelon. the game has changed resulting in more passing tds and more scoring b/c you cant hit anyone anymore… so with that comes new records. any old quarterback is gonna have top 10 all time franchise numbers these days cause of the rules fool ..

        shit bradford had more yards this year than elway did in 13 of his 16 years and more tds than he did in 9 of his 16 years. he had more yards than joe montana did in 14 of his 16 years and more tds in 11 of joes 15 years (1 year tied). so by your silly logic this would make him up to par with them?

        its a new NFL and sam dont cut it. oh and his completion percentage lmfao :



        by the way he completed a pathetic 50% of passes between 11 & 20 yards
        and a putrid 23% of passes between 21 & 30 yards..

        he is a gamer! lock him up!!!

        he threw a whopping 14 passes over 31 yards this year. gamer baby! what a competitor !!

        1. oh and this “no running game” you speak of was ranked 14th in the NFL. Some no running game

          teams with a worse running game then us and a worse o line whose qbs outperformed the sleeved one

          Ryan Tannehill
          Matt Stafford
          David Carr
          Blake Bortles

          and a few more.

          but dont let the facts get in your way, sam is the truth and is worth it… he is a playmaker, a fearless leader who rallied up the team and has all the tools (even though stats show he cant throw over 20 yards)

          1. now insert your cookie cutter reply


            Slavomir from Slovakia tweeted he throws dimes!!!!!!!

            You like naked women, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross.

            Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm youre a racist!!!!!

          2. LMAO…

            No problem mhenski…I got my standard response ready for you…

            Dumb ass…pervert, racist!

            So you watched the Eagles and would argue that they were effective in running the ball last year?

            You are that stupid. Get off the porn and KKK sites and watch a few of the games, fool!

            Lets look at that QB list you threw out there..

            KIRK FKN COUSINS-better than any of the rookies in this draft, Washington will resign him for big bucks.
            Ryan Tannehill-better than any of the rookies in this draft, unavailable
            Matt Stafford-better than any of the rookies in this draft, unavailable
            David Carr-better than any of the rookies in this draft, unavailable-would take him over Bradford if he were available…a good young talent
            Blake Bortles-better than any of the rookies in this draft, unavailable
            Eli-won more Super Bowls than his brother, better than any of the rookies in this draft-unavailable
            Rivers-better than any of the rookies in this draft-unavailable

            Dumb ass…even if you argue that these QB’s are better than Bradford, (and several of them are not) the fact remains they are not available to the Eagles now…and all of them had a higher pedigree than any of the Qb’s coming out in this year’s draft!

  27. Good article by Mark Eckel on NJ.com titled If The Eagles Do Not Start Acting Like The Sixers They Will Become The Phillies…here is a piece from the article.
    What else has to happen is a new quarterback, because anything close to the money being talked about for Bradford is too much for a team that isn’t going to win n 2016.

    Rose-colored glasses wearing fans tell me that if the Eagles don’t sign Bradford they’ll become the Cleveland Browns. I tell them if they do they’ll become the Miami Dolphins, a team with an average quarterback making $20 million that never makes the playoffs.

    Is there that big of a difference?

    Yes, I know the 2016 quarterback class isn’t a great one. There is no sure-fire pick as there was in 2015 when Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota went 1-2. History says one of the top QBs, maybe North Dakota’s State Carson Wentz, or Memphis’ Paxton Lynch, or Cal’s Jerod Goff will be good. Except for 2013, at least one decent quarterback usually comes of the draft and most years there are two. Maybe this year it it will be a sleeper such as Stanford’s Kevin Hogan.

    That’s Roseman and his scouts job to figure out which is the right one; and to also get other help out of the draft. It’s the Eagles only choice, get younger, get better and look to the future.

    1. Comparing NFL to NBA or MLB is completely ridiculous. It’s not even apples to oranges, its like Apples to Cars. The cap, guaranteed contracts, and such make this conversation completely moot and it points to how slow a news period it is for philly writers. It’s simple… we are fortunate to have a guy like Howie working our cap. I dont worry about this at all.

      In Football you can turn a franchise around in a jiffy if you have the right people in place. Teams like the Browns are in the kind of trouble they are in because they cant get good people in place and are changing every year. Could that be us soon? Sure… i guess…. but i dont see that happening.

      Locking up guys like Lane and Ertz and hopefully Cox are a good thing. We need to be better in the draft… we need OL and CB’s and hopefully a QB to groom for the future.

    2. “History says one of the top QBs, maybe North Dakota’s State Carson Wentz, or Memphis’ Paxton Lynch, or Cal’s Jerod Goff will be good. Except for 2013, at least one decent quarterback usually comes of the draft and most years there are two. Maybe this year it it will be a sleeper such as Stanford’s Kevin Hogan.”

      Bull! What ‘history’ shows us for real is that a lot of teams reach for QB’s that are not worthy of first round picks.

      You are delusional and desperate EHL..this is not 1999 where we are sitting with the second pick in the draft, when everyone was clamoring for Ricky Williams and Andy Reid takes the greatest QB in Eagles history-Donovan McNabb. This QB class is not rated as high as the QB class in 1999 and most of those QB’s as you know where flat out busts!

      You dont draft QB’s based off of “History”. Clearly most of the analysis that we have now shows that these QB’s in this draft are simply not that good. The historical comparison we are doing only shows that none of them are rated anywhere near Mariotta or Winston last year…and we all had hot and heavy debates whether or not those guys were anything more than backups!

      “Maybe” can lead to you making a desperate reach and grabbing a kid who cant play on this level…”History” shows that most of the QB’s drafted over the past few years are not quality starting QB’s.

      The Eagles would be better off grabbing a Cardale Jones on the 4th or 5th round and seeing if they can develop him…than take a huge risk on these low rated QB’s who are all probably backups.

      Lets say for argument sake that one of the QB’s separate himself from the pack in the combines like a Wentz or Goff. Lets say that “Roseman and the Scouts”, along with Pederson in the “collaborative” process that Roseman keeps talking about -settles and says Wentz is their guy and he gets grabbed up by Cleveland.

      What do you do then…reach and hope that the other guy may, perhaps, hopefully will be good?

      What if Roseman, Pederson, and the Scouts look at these QB’s and honestly thinks that none of them are first round material? Pederson has said there are some good Quarterbacks in this year’s draft that he would like to develop for ‘years’ down the road.

      This shows he doesn’t think they are ready to step in and start right away for you. Reaching for a QB at 13 is dangerous, stupid…you have to take the best available player at that spot and it will NOT be a QB.

      Roseman’s job should be focused on the Cap…the Eagles need to draft the best available player at 13…tighten up the offensive line, draft a QB later in the draft to try and develop for later down the road…and sign the best available QB for now…

      Like it not…All of the intelligent assessments for QB leads to Sam Bradford. Bottom line, he is the best QB of what is available NOW

      Face the facts!

      1. koolbreeze…Bull, bull, bull…lmao.
        Once again, what has Sham Bradfraud accomplished in the NFL outside of a losing record and injury history?

        I do not want to hear excuses..excuses are the tools of failures! Injuries and turnovers are a part of the game and quite frankly your excuses are trite and lame at this point.
        As it relates to delusional and desperate, as I stated, if the Eagles can sign an average QB in Sham Bradfraud to a cap friendly short term deal (2-3 years while they develop the future QB) so be it, it is delusional to think that a historically mediocre chronic loser, chronic injury prone QB is going to all of a sudden turn into a QB that is a difference maker because you (Eagles) are stupid enough to pay him franchise player money when he has done nothing to deserve it. I see you are changing your stance on the do whatever it takes mantra though..you know Sam is not worth big money as he is a BUST of a overall first round pick. You are so desperate to have a mediocre QB it’s quite sad, but hilarious at the same time. Let’s not forget you proclaimed Sanchez as the savior too…then he showed his true self and you flipped flopped. Sam is not taking the Eagles to a SB, he can’t even lead a team to a wild card playoff loss…that is a historical fact!
        I am desperate…desperate to see a SB championship in Philadelphia, Sam can not bring that here, so I am desperate to get him out of here. I will take a chance on a rookie that I believe has a very good skill set and no chronic losing and chronic injury record as Sam Bradford has.
        So the question remains…why would anyone with any desire to see the Eagles become an elite football team want a mediocre QB like Sham Bradfaud…Average Sham I am. Sham is like Chip Kelly ..a complete fraud who sells a bill of goods….tossing garbage time TD’s to pad the stats and the gullible amongst us fall for this fools gold.
        Here, let me start off your response….Fools…bull…Sam Bradford haters club..blah blah blah

        Kool…What has Sham won, when did he lead his team to a winning record. No need for you to answer that, we both know the answer..as much as you do not like it..it’s a FACT!!!
        NO EXCUSES!!!

  28. Nobody can convince me that Paxton Lynch (or one of the other top rookie QBs) is not capable of coming to Philadelphia next year and producing as good, or better record than Sam Bradford.

    In 2013 Sam went down in game 7 – Kellen Clemens finished out the season and had a better record than Sam.

    The Eagles could end next season with a 4-12 record as easy with Bradford.

    1. Yes Irish Eagle you are correct no one can “prove” a negative !
      You can’t prove that Wentz will not be better than Tom Brady!
      We can only speak and predict with in terms of probability. These rookie QB’s are not rated as can’t miss prospects, they are high risk gambles for first round picks….foolish gambles with a low rate of probability that they can start right away if at all.

      1. You’re a laugh riot koolbreeze…. In your response to me you put quotes around the word “prove”…. The problem is, I never said the word “prove”.

        Of course you can’t “prove” anything that has not yet happened. What you can do is make predictions based on history. History tells us that Sam will very likely lose more than he wins.

          1. Since 2004 there have been 28 quarterbacks drafted in the first round. Of those 28 players, 16 are starting quarterbacks in the NFL today.

            That’s better than 57%…. That’s wayyyy better odds than Sam having a winning record any time soon.

        1. smh…LOL…guys are so desperate

          Ok Irish Eagle..you didn’t say “prove”

          You said “convince”

          “Nobody can convince me that Paxton Lynch (or one of the other top rookie QBs) is not capable of coming to Philadelphia next year and producing as good, or better record than Sam Bradford.”

          No one can “convince” you that a rookie is NOT “capable”

          How is someone supposed to be able to ‘convince’ or ‘prove’ to you what a rookie is “NOT” capable of..Irish Eagle?

          You can’t convince me Paxton Lynch is “NOT capable” of being better than Tom Brady.

          The point is that no one can prove a negative Irish.. its illogical and yes reading is fundamental EHL…

          You should remember that more than anyone!

  29. I swear this place is insane…. we do this every year. There has always been/ there will always be a group of Philly fans who want the backup to be the starter (or in this case it’s a rookie… ANY rookie… or a backup on another team… ANY backup on another team. Furthermore, the stats get mixed around to suit the bias… this year it’s Win’s and Losses. Regardless of the teams they play on or the talent around them… whats their record? By this rubric- Terry Bradshaw is the greatest of all time.

    Logic goes bye bye on both sides of the debate…. I want my guy and thats that, Forget QB comp’s in camp. Forget ability. Forget what the coaches think. I am a GM and the birds are stupid if they dont listen to me.

    I also enjoy the names….. Jay Shamford, Kevin SLob, Mike &%^#.. it really drives the ignorance home.

  30. YAWN

    Same old lame, delusional, and dumb ass linear arguments

    All of the Eagles losses last year were because of the terrible play of Sam Bradford.

    The “its the Quarterbacks fault” is a knee-jerk, dumb ass response to what happened to the Eagles. So EHL, mhenski, Irish Eagle, and others want us to put the blinders on…ignore every single factor about the Eagles, and pin all the blame on Sam Bradford

    Criticisms of Chip Kelly’s offense-irrelevant

    Inconsistent, terrible running game-ignore

    Not a single good outside receiver- no mention

    Eagles leading the league in drop passes-forget it

    A inconsistent and weak offensive line-not a problem at all

    A Shabby defense with a defensive coordinator who stinks-no issue

    Ignore these facts and pin all blame on Sam Bradford.

    Its his fault that the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs last year and it was all his fault that the stinking Rams never made the playoffs under him.


    So now here is their answer to improve the team

    Get anybody, draft anybody, put Sanchez, Chase Daniels, or any of the rookies you can get and throw them in there. What’s the big benefit here…it saves Jeff Lurie money!!

    What an important priority…saving money for Jeff!!

    So now lets get rid of Bradford, save money and reach in the first round for these low rated QB’s. Any of them will pass for over 3,725 yards, in the ‘new’ NFL as one idiot proclaims. Any of these rookies will be surpass the fourth-best completion yardage in Eagles history. Anybody, hell Mark Sanchez, Chase Daniels, or any rookie we pick up we can reasonably expect from all of them-once they get acclimated to Pederson’s new offense- in their last 7 games to complete 68.2 percent of his passes with 1,959 yards (280 per game), 10 touchdowns and four interceptions, for a passer rating of 97.0

    You idiots are either drunk, delusional, or just stupid

    Or maybe all of the above…

    Once again, the money is irrelevant…its not my money so who cares. You are willing to listen to Howie the Accountant and trust him to pick players, yet refuse to listen to him when he makes it clear that they can sign Bradford at big money and still remain cap flexible…again even if they sign Bradford at a high price

    The facts are clear…The Eagles have to build the team off of talent-not irrelevant speculation, hope, and guesswork. The most talented player available at Quarterback is Sam Bradford and its not even close…He’s better than the rookies in this draft class who are all reaches at 13, he’s better than Chase Daniels, Mark Sanchez, RG3, Nick Foles, or any other free agent QB or QB who is about to be released and cut. He showed enough talent and smarts as a QB last year for the Eagles to warrant being resigned and Pederson clearly wants the guy….

    No Excuses at all…Sign Sam Bradford!

    1. LMFAO when your ass keeps getting raked over the coals what you gonna do?:

      RACE CARD !!!!!! guess that was already used, lets try something else.

      YOU LIKE NAKED WOMEN, EWWWWWWWWWWW GROSS!!!!!!! used that a couple times recently. lets think of new material.

      SERGIE FROM SLOVENIA TWITTER FACTS… nah everyone laughed at me last time

      I GOT IT LETS PLAY MAKE BELIEVE AND SAY PEOPLE SAID THINGS THEY DIDNT !!!!!!!!!!! BOOM !!!!!!!! ie”All of the Eagles losses last year were because of the terrible play of Sam Bradford.The “its the Quarterbacks fault” “is a knee-jerk, dumb ass response to what happened to the Eagles. So EHL, mhenski, Irish Eagle, and others want us to put the blinders on…ignore every single factor about the Eagles, and pin all the blame on Sam Bradford””






      A inconsistent and weak offensive line-not a problem at all – PLENTY WORSE O LINES OUT THERE AND THERE QBS OUTPERFORMED SAM. YOU KNOW THOSE LEGENDARY KIRK COUSINS, Ryan TannehillS,Matt Staffords, David Carrs, Blake Bortles

      A Shabby defense with a defensive coordinator who stinks-no issue

      Ignore these facts and pin all blame on Sam Bradford. WHO SAID THAT AINT NOBODY BUT YOU LYING ASS TRYING TO PUT OUT YOUR FIRE BY MAKING UP LIES


      1. After looking at the cap situation, it is clear the best option is to franchise the guy.

        As I said in a different post, they have more than enough cap space to Franchise Bradford and still extend cox. The franchise number for 2016 isn’t looking like 25 mil but more in the 20 mil based on some recent reports.

        Realistically, the only thing that Franchising Bradford prevents is signing big name free agents. But if this team is truly in rebuild (which most anti-Bradford people claim) than there is no reason to sign big free agents.

        Franchise Bradford and draft a QB should be the plan and seems to be what they want to do based on how Howie is structuring these deals and when you read between the lines in the comments being made in public.

        There is literally no downside there. If Bradford truly is a bottom ten QB (as most of the anti-Bradford people claim) than we will suck next year with him at the helm and improve our draft position and only screw 2016’s cap numbers. Then, let the drafted QB who you are grooming take over in 2017.

        If he is good, then we sign him to an extension.

        Again, the downside of the Franchise tag is that it prevents you from signing other big free agents. This team is not in the position to sign big name free agents. We have already locked up the core youth of the team to cap friendly deals in 2016. Cox’s deal will likely have a 10 mil 2016 cap number. They are also talking about extending Jenkins which will lower his 2016 number. After they cut the dead weight we will be in good shape to franchise the guy.

        If both sides of this debate are honest with themselves and put the blind biases aside, this appears to be the best option.

        1. yup. Agree. I said this a few weeks ago before the contracts went out to other guys. I believe they intend to do that if he doesnt sign a new deal that actually makes sense. Bottom line Sam… we are keeping you here.

          I would possibly do the transition tag and lets see how this goes.

          These silly arguments go back a long way. Some guys just dont get it when it comes to QB’s.

        2. I dont have a problem with franchising Bradford at all.

          We have plenty of cap space and will have more when we cut some dead weight…

          The odd thing is that while everyone is so willing to trust Howie the Accountant in picking players for the Eagles yet they are not willing to trust his ability to sign Bradford and still effectively manage the cap.

          They got it backwards…whatever Howie signs Bradford too…if they sign him…will not handcuff them from other moves or destroy the salary cap…

      2. LMAO….Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

        I see your mad mhenski!

        Its not my fault that you are a racist, pervert..I got a lot of guys on here that I argue with mhenski…Vinnie is a fool ass, haveablunt is all smoked out, and there are a few other idiots, but you are a verified racist, pervert.

        You are the only guy I know in here with that distinction!

        So I make clear distinctions when they apply…when the shoe fits ya gotta wear it…and that racist, pervert shoe fits you well mhenski…

        The facts are clear that it was so many other factors beyond Sam Bradford that led to the Eagles losing…all you and the anti-Bradford crew have done is lay all the blame on Bradford for the Eagles losses and now you want to move on without any clear replacement that we can definitively state is better than Bradford.

        You DO ignore all of the positives Bradford showed last year. The facts are clear for a guy coming off of a two year layoff…playing in a new system, his numbers were not bad at all, his play wasn’t bad and improved as the year went on:
        Bleeding Green Nation quotes ProFootball Focus and says:

        “Bradford ranks fourth overall in PFF’s “Quarterback Accuracy Percentage”, which accounts for “accounts for dropped passes, throw aways, spiked balls, batted passes, and passes where the quarterback was hit while they threw the ball.” His 78.1% figure in this category only ranks behind Teddy Bridgewater, Kirk Cousins, and Russell Wilson.

        • 11 dropped passes were 20+ yards. Two dropped passes were 40+. Bradford completed the 20th most 20+ yards and 4th most 40+ yards this year.

        • 24 passes were dropped on third down. Without even accounting for YAC and the possibility of missed tackles, at least 14 of those would have been first downs.”

        The drops were huge…drops that led to interceptions in key moments of games…like the Atlanta game.

        You and other idiots want to act as if his stats are meaningless while other QB stats are so important…other QB’s with good offensive lines, good running games, good defenses are given far more consideration.

        The reality is that there is no bias with me…I haven’t said that Sam Bradford is an elite QB…For me he’s just the best available QB to the Eagles right now…none of the rookies project as well as Mariotta or Winston and we argued about those guys last year.

        My approach is balanced and clear…you take the best available talent at every position and when you can upgrade you upgrade.

        No one is showing and making any clear arguments that anyone else is an upgrade over Sam Bradford!

        You are also completely ignoring the guy who has to win next year.

        Doug Pederson is the Coach and he says the talent is here for us to win…NOW!

        The New Coach has made it absolutely clear that he believes he can win with Sam Bradford. Pederson has gone beyond anything he was required to say about Bradford and has made it perfectly clear that he thinks Bradford is a “top-notch” QB that he can win with in his system.
        Pederson said that Bradford’s last 7 games were impressive, that Bradford is smart, that he can make all the throws.

        Why wont any of the Bradford bashers put this into fair consideration?

        I dont care if they sign Bradford for cheap, franchise him, sign him for a long term contract..the bottom line is that he is clearly the best available Qb…and its not even close!

        There is only one side of this debate that’s being unreasonable and biased…the anti-Bradford side that says get rid of him and ‘hope’ that the new guy is better…hope that a rookie can come in and play better…


    2. Koolbreeze you present no facts as it relates to Sham Bradfraud, you only speculate, make conjecture, and at best guestimate. None of what you say backs up Sham “the scam” Bradfraud’s NFL history performance. Even when he was healthy he never managed to get his team beyond 7 wins or to the playoffs, that is crystal clear..but oh yes, that’s right… it was his receivers and O lines fault…it’s always something or someone else’s fault to justify his mediocrity….YAWN. Look it’s ok, I understand you are willing to settle for mediocrity, I get it, I am not though. Sam can lead the Eagles to 6-10, 7-9, that’s who he is, that’s what he can do, that’s what his history demonstrates…that is an undisputable fact that you can’t ignore or argue against..and that is clear. Sign Sham Bradfraud and be mired in the clay of mediocrity and miss the playoffs, but hey, Sham will look good here in there as he throws meaningless touchdowns to pad his stats while the Eagles are getting soundly beaten! All hail Mr. Mediocrity…Sham “the scam” Bradfraud.

      Bottom line, Chip Kelly had a QB friendly system that every QB that played in it for the Eagles had great first seasons so Sam’s performance was nothing that distinguished him, clearly he was helped by Kelly’s system as he checked down constantly so of course he is going to have a high %age of completions. Ty Detmer would look good in that offense. Bradfraud had difficulty mastering Chip’s system when opposing defenses stated it was easy to dissect and predict what was coming, but Chip had to cut the book by three quarters to help Sham digest it, how is he smart when Vick and Foles got the whole offense by the time training camp was over in their first year in the system?
      Bradfraud primarily threw between the hashes and in the seams..as far as making all the throws…where..when???
      First you say you are unimpressed by Pederson’s hire, now you quote him from his first presser repeatedly like a preacher quotes Jesus , yet, you refuse to recognize how he (Pederson) backed off of his position as it relates to Bradfraud when interviewed at the Senior BowlYes, you have seen the quotes that he and Roseman made as it relates to Bradfrauds history..must sting your ears and hurt your heart….Funny.

      Here, allow me to start your response
      Bullshit, bullshit…bullshit,,bull, bull, anti Bradford crew, fools fools…


      1. “Bottom line, Chip Kelly had a QB friendly system that every QB that played in it for the Eagles had great first seasons so Sam’s performance was nothing that distinguished him…”

        LMAO!!! The translation to what you say here EHL does start my response very well:


        What a dumb statement…Sam’s performance was arguably better than any of the Eagles previous QB’s that played in the system for at least two clear reasons:

        1. Nick Foles and Mike Vick had much better talent around them far exceeding anything Bradford had around him.

        The Eagles had DJax in that system who is one of the most talented receivers in the league…Djax didnt kill Quarterbacks with drops-he was one of the best pass catchers in the league…the biggest error of Chip’s time in Philly was getting rid of DJax! The major reason for Nick Foles success in that 27td-2 year…was his one-read throws to DJax…No Djax, defenses figure out what Chip Kelly was doing a little more…Foles goes to crap the very next year even with an okay receiver in Maclin…

        Bradford did not have ANY receivers of the quality of Djax OR Maclin!

        2. The Eagles had a much better running game with Shady McCoy than anything Bradford had…
        The offense of Chip Kelly relies heavily on the running game and Bradford had to overcome the severe limitations caused by the absence of an effective and consistent running game that both Vick and Foles benefited from:

        Despite these two severe limitations, the loss of talent, defensive coordinators catching up with Chip’s methods and schemes, and we wont even talk about the woeful offensive line…
        Sam Bradford’s STILL had:

        -fourth-best completion yardage in Eagles history- 3,725 yards

        -“ranked fourth overall in PFF’s “Quarterback Accuracy Percentage”, which accounts for “accounts for dropped passes, throw aways, spiked balls, batted passes, and passes where the quarterback was hit while they threw the ball.” His 78.1% figure in this category only ranks behind Teddy Bridgewater, Kirk Cousins, and Russell Wilson.

        -AND this is with the Philadelphia Eagles receivers leading the league in drops!

        • 11 dropped passes were 20+ yards. Two dropped passes were 40+. Bradford completed the 20th most 20+ yards and 4th most 40+ yards this year. These are drive killing drops

        • 24 passes were dropped on third down. Without even accounting for YAC and the possibility of missed tackles, at least 14 of those would have been first downs.”

        The drops were huge…several of the drops were balls that bounced off of the receiver hand that turned first downs into interceptions-key example the Atlanta game-where Bradford’s hits Matthews in both hands only to see it bounce off his hands negating the first down, into the hands of a Atlanta receiver…game over

        You and the “hate Sam crew” have not produced any facts with your linear, brain-dead, and delusional assessments. You dont provide a single available QB that is a clear upgrade from Sam Bradford…not one!

        The course you propose is a foolish one…untested rookies from a weak, QB class where we reach for a QB hoping that he may be good…a ‘transition’ to this maybe good QB to another guy like Chase Daniels who hasn’t played enough to know how effective or good he will be…or taking a flyer on RG3 who couldn’t cut it in Washington…or worse, hoping that the Rams decide to take a QB in the draft cut Foles and then resigning him…

        Vinniedafool would love that dumb move…

        No answers, no clear upgrades, just a lot of hoping, wishing, and dumb suggestions with the main caveat as to why Sam is so hated:

        “The Quarterback didn’t win enough games”


        Without Bradford the Eagles would have had one of the top three picks in the draft…they would probably only have one 2 or 3 games last year.

        You and other idiots want to act as if his stats are meaningless while other QB stats are so important…other QB’s with good offensive lines, good running games, good defenses are given far more consideration.

        Criticisms of Chip Kelly’s offense-irrelevant

        Inconsistent, terrible running game-ignore

        Not a single good outside receiver- no mention

        Eagles leading the league in drop passes-forget it

        A inconsistent and weak offensive line-not a problem at all

        A Shabby defense with a defensive coordinator who stinks-no issue

        Ignore all of the facts and pin all blame on Sam Bradford!

        Dumb and stupid Bullshit!

        1. Koolbreeze, you never answer the question. What has Sham Bradfraud won in 6 years..what has he proven? since you can’t answer the question because it hurts your ego and argument…I will help you out..NOTHING!!!

          koolbreeze’s Cookie cutter cut and paste ..responses….zzzzz….yawn…LMAO…what a long drawn out booklet of psycho babble regurgitated excuse making drivel that is not even worth reading anymore as you say the same thing over and over again. Your bitching and crybaby poor Sham Bradfraud argument is trite and boring already. Fact, Sham Bradfraud is a chronic loser who obviously needs all the help in the world and everything to go right in order to win…just like Nick Foles did!..Sam has better fluidity…but he is a loser just as Foles is so what the hell is the difference. Bradfraud has been with two teams now and his performance has been the same…mediocre…No Excuses. You stated that Johnny Manziel has the “it” factor and passed the eye test, to you Sanchez passed your eye test, now Bradford is your latest greatest inspiration. A #1 overall BUST chronic injury prone loser who has done nothing in the NFL but get paid a ton of money based on a flawed projection and unfulfilled potential. Let’s face it, Sham Bradfraud is average at best. Glad you like mediocrity. Have fun middling at 6-10, 7-9, with no playoffs…keep that excuse book at your finger tips…you have more excuses for Bradfraud than Vinny had for Foles…it’s the o line, it’s the recivers. Sham is a check down Charlie that thrived on wheel routes and dump offs from 1-10 yards. At the end of the day he is just a guy that you pine for because you are scared to take a risk and would rather stay safe wrapped in your security blanket of mediocrity. Let’s see where that gets you…history says 7-9 Enjoy, that’s loserville!

          Here…I will start you off…whaaaaaa (crying and whining)…bull…bullshit…hate Bradfraud crew….fools


          1. You’re right he has won nothing. However, what has Eli manning won when the rest of his team sucked? How about Joe Flacco? how abiut drew bess? in defense of bradford super bowl winning quaterbavkers have struggled when they don’t have the supporting cast. The guys I mentioned had terrible years and yet they once won the superbowl.

            I get it there are alot of excuses when it comes to bradford but even supervowl winning quarterbacks can’t do it on the their own.

            Didn’t pay as much attentiin while in stl but I do know he was offensive ROY…had one bad year…on average year…then was on his way to a pro bowl before first acl tear.

            Then I saw first hand when he was here how drops, oline, and scheme killed him.

            It’s all potential at this point which is why the franchise tag makes sense

            1. Canttakeit…please do not mention Sam Bradford in the same breath with Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. Two SB champions…Eli a MVP of a SB as well. Sam has not sniffed a playoff game..nonetheless even been in a position toblose one. 7 years of excuses..I understand the injuries. He gets a pass on those years…but the years he played at some point you have to step up and will your team to win if you have the “IT” factor . An average QB does not deserve a franchise tag. Bradford’s lackluster career is marred in excuses…when does it stop? He was a #1 overall draft pick with a pedigree…he has failed miserably to the point that he was traded…that makes him a bust as #1 overall picks who get traded or cut are bust!

            2. Here is another fact to ponder..Why is it that when Bradford has been injured his back up comes in and gives the team basically similar production? Sam is not a difference maker. He had never elevated the play of the players around him..hence their middling production…his..and the team overall…both the Rams and Eagles. That is what average players do..I expect more from a #1 overall pick…I do not expect excuse after excuse after excuse…for god sake Sam..do something besides middle.

          2. EHL…LMAO…

            You never answered any relevant question and you keep bombarding us with a bunch of irrelevant babble that is meaningless.

            Who cares what he did in his years with the Rams…everyone knows the Rams sucked ass…

            He doesn’t play for the Rams, he played last year for the Eagles

            So What matters is what he has done with the Eagles

            With the Eagles he was:

            fourth-best completion yardage in Eagles history- 3,725 yards

            With the Eagles he was;

            -“ranked fourth overall in PFF’s “Quarterback Accuracy Percentage”

            So the most objective way to assess his value is what would he get if he hits the open market? Who would get more on the open market?
            Mark Sanchez, Nick Foles, Chase Daniels or
            any other QB that you propose the Eagles should start next year
            or Sam Bradford!

            We all know that it is Sam Bradford that would get more!
            You have ducked and dodged any relevant questions…who will be our QB, EHL! If not Sam who…???

            You come up with more bullshit…”Sam has never “elevated” the play of the players around him!


            Bradford hangs in the pocket, side-stepping defenders, pressure all around him and he heaves the ball 40 yards perfectly to an open Riley Cooper

            who drops the ball!

            WTF do you want Sam to do…run down the field 40 yards and catch it for Riley Cooper.

            He hits a receiver in the hands with the ball and the receiver drops it…what the hell is the QB supposed to do to ‘elevate’ the ‘play’ of the receiver.

            Sometimes receivers ‘elevate’ the play of the QB…case in point…DJax for Nick Foles…one read, chuck it deep to DJax who blazes by a couple of defenders and catches the ball…

            The bottom line is that QB play was NOT the major reason for the Eagles lack of success last year…through all of the bickering and arguing…the anti-Sam crew has not come up with a single viable replacement for Sam Bradford. Not a single explanation as to why or how Chase Daniels, Mark Sanchez, any of the rookies QB’s in the draft is a better option next year than Sam Bradford!

            Spare me the bullshit about Bradford in his 4th year with the Rams, or what he did or didn’t do as a rookie…who cares!!

            What did he do as an Eagle last year is what counts and what we have to evaluate…and if you say he sucks…fine…who do you have that’s better?

            This is what it comes down to…who do you have that’s better??

            If you are stumbling and bumbling on that…or you are telling us “throw anyone back there”…you are an complete idiot!

            1. Who do you have that’s better?? If you are stumbling and bumbling on that..or are you telling us “throw anyone back there”..you are (should be a, not an) complete idiot…idiot!!! LMAO @ you again.

              I have already answered that trite question that you asked 3 times…check the archives..I laid out my plan, I do not care if you do not like it, I answered it. You do not have the balls to answer my simple question…like cant’takeit did. But that’s ok, you are to scared to go for risk vs reward too, that is why you want average Sam..that is clear to me.
              I know you do not want to look at Sam’s history with the Rams as it demonstrates mediocrity and losses, even with the Eagles. Fact, Sam threw 70% of his passes for 10 yards or less, you say the Eagles had no receivers, well those receivers got plenty of YAC for Sam..like when Ertz caught that 10 yard pass from Sam and took it 30 yards down field, you tried to say Sam threw a forty yard strike to Ertz, which Vinny quickly called you out on your bullshit lie. Sam padded his stats during garbage time so much that Ray Didinger called him the king of garbage time stats..Yeah I know you will say HOF writer Ray Didinger does not know what he is talking about, but some 20 year old kid from the UK is your source and a great writer…BWAHHHAHHHA. You can’t have it both ways, the facts are clear, if the receivers are garbage, including Agholor who you predicted would take over for Maclin replacing his production this year(wrong) then where did all of Sam’s great yardage come from? The receivers got the YAC for Sam to pad those stats..Sam rated 29th overall starting QB’s of throwing +20 yards..he is the king of the checkdown…you like to throw Sam’s yardage stats up but deny, ignore and hate the stats that demonstrates Sam’s mediocrity. With all those yards what did it get us, nothing because a lot of those stats were in garbage time against prevent defenses when the Eagles were getting their asses kicked. You blamed the defense for the eagles failures, and yes they deserve some blame, however, I saw Sam throw pick after pick (19 td’s -14 int’s. pathetically average) this year, I also saw that same defense save Sam’s ass by getting the ball back or hold the opposition to a filed goal. The defense kept the Eagles in the games this year for the most part after repeated 3 and outs so stop the excuses..just stop. I am disregarding your excuses of dropped passes as it has been repeatedly pointed out to you that the drops the Eagles had were not as influential in the end result of games as you would have us to believe,( the Pats had more drops still went to the AFC championship), theEagles run game ranked 14th, the pass protection could not have been that bad if Sam managed to throw for all that great yardage that you like to strut out there. This backs up my point, Sam is no game changer, just a game manager. Also, You can’t say stats are for losers, then tout Sam’s stats for yards thrown(hypocritical). I never said Sam was the major reason for the Eagles losses, my argument is simple..like you, Sam is not worth doing everything to keep as he is AVERAGE and can not carry a team to a post season, including a wild card playoff game in a weak NFC East. You can put an average QB back there and get the same result..no playoff appearance. But like I said, you are content with 6-10, 7-9..not me, I will not settle for mediocrity. The Eagles will not get to the SB next year with or without Sham Bradfraud, so there is no dire need to keep him her..for what..to go 7-9..please!!!
              Sham Bradfraud reminds me of Andre Iguadola, he looks good, can put up some numbers, but can’t carry his team, just middles, may get you to 7-9, no post season though..but a fucked up draft pick. Sham is no winner, historically a loser 25-37 overall..7-7 with the Eagles(Average!!!). What do I want him to do, stop being scared to throw down field, put the ball on the money in the tight windows regardless of the coverage, will the team to wins.
              Boomer Esiason said it quite clear today..At times at the end of Games, it looked like Sam Bradford checked out”!!!..loser body language and play!!!
              If Average Sam is willing to take 12-14 mil a year for 2-3 years sign him, he can be the place holder for the future QB, if by some miracle he stays healthy and shows he was worthy of being a QB taken #1 overall then sign him to a more lucrative contract…but I do not see that happening, his history says that.

              Sigh..at the end of the day…more mediocrity with average Sham Bradfraud!!!

              1. LMAO@EHL…

                What a fraud your truly are…what a bunch of lame ass crap!

                Pure Bullshit!

                Your arguments are just so lame, tired, and exhausted…Now we are so desperate we are reaching for Boomer Esiason’s assessments of QB ‘body language’ and Ray Didinger’s gripes

                Boomer is reading ‘body language’ and Ray is still begging for Nick Foles.
                My guy from the Ukraine agrees with Coach Pederson who we are told by Louis Riddick a personnel guy:

                “I do know Doug Pederson feels that Bradford is a very good fit for the type of offense that he wants to run, namely the west coast offense.”

                I guess the Coach himself is a complete idiot when he described in detail what he liked about Sam Bradford:

                “I think Sam’s a quality quarterback,” Pederson said Tuesday. “I think he’s a top-notch quarterback. Look what he did that last half of the season, the numbers he was able to put up. As a quarterback, he would fit perfectly with a system that I’m going to bring.”

                You keep bringing up the same lame ass, tired arguments…”checkdown” charlie, ‘wont throw the ball down the field”…while ignoring every other factor that leads to successfully throwing the ball down the field .

                You are not telling us that the Eagles had receivers open down the field to throw the ball to…you have not claimed that the great Riley Cooper, Josh Huff and Agholor were streaking down the field wide open and ready to make plays.

                It’s just Bradford wouldn’t throw them the ball…


                You dont tell us that Chip Kelly said the same thing he said about Foles when he studied the film and saw ‘there were plays down the field for the QB to make but he didnt’ make them”

                Bradford was just a checkdown charlie!


                You dont complain that Bradford was holding the ball too long, or throwing off of his back foot, but your complaint is that his passes were too short without consideration to the notion that maybe with the offensive line and running game problems along with receivers having trouble getting open down field, the Eagles were mostly running short quick routes to catch the ball within 10 yards…the short passing game without any real deep threat is what the QB was supposed to do!!!!!

                News Flash!! The Eagles dont have receivers to throw the ball down the field too…the talent level wasn’t there!!!

                If you had the slightest clue…the fact is Chip Kelly’s offense was/is designed to take advantage of checkdowns…the Quarterback is supposed to make quick decisions and checkdowns if no one is open down the field

                I said that Bradford would struggle in the early part of the year. The guy hadn’t played in two years and was coming into a new system with not a lot of time in training camp. As I predicted…he got better and better, in his last 7 games Bradford completed 68.2 percent of his passes (176-of-258) for 1,959 yards. Bradford threw 10 touchdown passes and four interceptions for a passer rating of 97.0!

                68.2 percent is a high and efficient completion rate. When you factor in the other considerations, a reasonable assessment of Bradford in this Eagles offense shows that he did what he was supposed to do in running a short, fast passing game.

                Here is a hint since you cant buy one EHL…you need playmakers to make big time plays…the Eagles didn’t have them!!

                Stop with the tired, lame, mealy mouth arguments EHL…you are good at Monday-morning Quarterbacking laying in the background so you can carp later that someone was wrong…while you lurk in the background with no real position. After all your whining and bitching about Bradford…what do you tell us:

                “If Average Sam is willing to take 12-14 mil a year for 2-3 years sign him, he can be the place holder for the future QB, if by some miracle he stays healthy and shows he was worthy of being a QB taken #1 overall then sign him to a more lucrative contract”

                He’s so terrible, he’s such a loser, he stinks so badly yet you are willing to have him on the team for the next 2-3 years!!!

                LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! So at the end of the day, after all the bitching, moaning, complaining about Sam…you want him on the team for the next 2-3 years!!!

                So if Sam plays well next year you can say…”hey I was on board with signing Sam…he signed for less money” If he doesn’t play well…you can say…”I told you Sam sucked”

                Hiding, lurking in the background…double talk to save your ass…

                What a lame!! CTFU!!

                Fall back EHL…you have no credibility at all..

              2. Koolbreeze, you are the true definition of a hypocrite, you bitched and moaned about Foles checking down under Kelly’s tutelage and offense, but now your excuse for Sam Bradford checking down is that it’s the design of the offense to take advantage of the check down. Foles had djax an winged it to him down field, and did not check down as much but you never claimed the check down was part of the offense..fact..it was the same offense, but more excuses as usual. Foles needed everything to be right in order for him to win, sounds like Sam does too if I am to take your arguments and excuses seriously…OK fine, Sam needs everything to be working to perfection to be successful..mediocrity! And stop bitching about the talent, you backed all of Kelly’s 2015 acquisitions FA and the draft touting them as excellent…now these “excellent moves” are the reason Bradford floundered (flip flop)…more excuses…sigh.
                I think you need to be evaluated for autism (if you have not already been identified) as I can tell you meet some of the criteria through the rants in your writings… you demonstrate echoalia…I tell you your argument is tired, you tell me mines are tired…you repeat my same words but just subtly change the verbage, I tell you to lean back…you respond by telling me to fall back…you obsess on the QB position…you write long pages of the same garbage attempting to justify average Sam’s performance.
                You have more excuses for Sham being a chronic loser than a dalmation has spots. You should write a book called Koolbreeze’s 101 Bullshit Excuses for Sham Bradfraud Busting In The NFL.
                Sham Bradfraud is an average at best QB, the excuses you continuously make for him can apply to every average QB in the league, as I stated he does nothing to elevate his teammates plays nor will his team to wins, that can not be debated or argued against, the tape does not lie…but you do!

                LMAO..I think Boomer and Ray Didinger has a little more credibility than the guy you cited who just happens to be a 20 year old college student from the UK…I mean you actually tried to pass that kids writing off as a pro source of reference…that is beyond desperation, it is historically sad and hysterically funny. Please do not mention credibility as you have made yourself look like a fool and an incompetent stooge using the UK kid as your source..you just got busted on that then cried about Vinny checking your source..lmao.

                At the end of the day you have nothing to back your claims of Sam Bradfraud being a good QB but your feelings, the stats nor his history does nothing to support your claim..you keep citing Pederson’s first presser…lol..what did you expect him to say….he was nervous during that presser and no coach is going to speak ill of a player..especially a starting QB, but go and listen to what was said after the first press conference..We have to evaluate Sam..we are not sure if he will be the QB..that is Roseman..who signs the contracts..which Pederson echoed.
                Go dry off kool…you’re all washed up…..lmao…I can’t believe you mentioned credibility…but you tried to sneak in a story from a 20 year old kid from the UK as a reputable and credible source….LMAO…BWAHHAAAA…check your sources son…check your sources! Here’s a source for you to cite…Stevie Wonder says he sees that Sam Bradford can make all the throws and was only hindered because of the defense, the o line, the offense..but Sam has all the tools….lol.
                Sam doesn’t have “it”
                As it relates to desperation, you are desperate to try and make an average QB into something he has never been or will be, a franchise type QB…unfortunately for you the tape disproves that claim. If I was desperate I would want Sam, but I am willing to take a risk on a college player’s skill than a pro players skill that has shown he has chronic injuries, can not carry a team, has never sniffed a wild card playoff..and has a losing record..but I am desperate?!?!…smh & lmfao! You are the embodiment of desperation as you pine for a mediocre QB because you are scared to find a very good to elite QB in the draft. You ranted and raved like a petulant child about Howie Roseman being the GM because he may not bring Sham back…you are desperate!
                Now go ahead and post the next chapter in your new book.. you are writing all that crap and saying nothing.

                bull, bullshit, fools…hate Bradford crew….lmao

  31. EHL, do a google search for – grantland + deep thoughts + Bradford.

    Bill Barnwell wrote an article that outlines Bradford perfectly. It gives you a good picture of his time in St Louis and the frustration the Rams felt.

    1. The best thing about Barnwell’s piece is that it was written 3 years ago and everything he wrote in it repeated itself to the letter last year with the Eagles.

      The man plays scared. Will not throw the ball. Check down machine. Looks fantastic in pre-season and late in the 4th crown 28 d in prevent. Shoulders always slumped.


  32. Who cares what he did in his years with the Rams…everyone knows the Rams sucked ass…
    He doesn’t play for the Rams, he played last year for the Eagles
    So What matters is what he has done with the Eagles”

    Haaaa what an argument. Let’s throw out the majority of his career and not look at it! Haaaa

    Nick foles had soooo many weapons – haaaaa Riley cooper was the #2 wr and foles hit him with 8 tds.

    This is awesome.

    Kool definitely in that the earth is flat crew.

    1. koolbreeze is definitely desperate..but hey, Chan Lee Ho from N. Korea just wrote a nice story that agrees..Sam’s history with the Rams should be disregarded. Just totally wipe it away and ignore it. What a joke!

  33. Eagles coach Doug Pederson is “interested” in bringing Nick Foles back to Philadelphia, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
    The quarterback wheels are spinning in Philly. Schefter reported Sunday the Eagles are no longer planning to place the franchise tag on Sam Bradford and now it looks like Pederson is gearing up for a reunion with Foles. Pederson was the Eagles’ quarterback coach when the team drafted Foles in 2012. Foles is coming off a dreadful year in St. Louis but the $7.75 million he’ll make in 2016 ($1.75 million base salary plus a $6 million roster bonus) is far less than what Bradford will sign for in free agency. It’s unclear what the Rams would be looking for in a trade for Foles.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Feb 7 – 12:29 PM

    1. LMAO!!!!!!!

      Nick Foles coming home!

      Now I guess you idiots will tell me that is what the Eagles should do

      Bring Nicky Foles back home…

      Vinniedafoolass is salivating…his dream is in reach

      If the Eagles do that it would be the dumbest move in franchise history

  34. Desperate, delusional and dumb…

    LMAO on the one hand EHL tells us

    “Sam Bradfraud”, “He stinks”, “He’s a checkdown charlie”

    Then turns right around and for all intent and purposes says..

    “Well, I dont know anyone we can get better so I’m okay with signing him for the next 2-3 years!!!!


    Bases all covered…

    You are all confused and messed up EHL…flip-flop double talk

    1. Koolbreeze…can you read..I posted my plan 3 times already. Go do your thing and find it archive checker. Bradford is fine as a stop gap (key word..stop gap) for the right price…that makes sense..he is not fine for a franchise price tag. That is intelligence..but a one track minded imbecile such as yourself can not fathom or understand that concept. You act as if saying Sam Bradford must be the guy no matter what gives you some kind of credibility or bravado..it does not..it shows your incompetence and sheer stupidity just like when you wanted Chip to spend a first round pick on Manziel. Yes..all my basis are covered..that is intelligence..your idea is sheer stupidity. Kool..you do not get any credit for sticking to a stupid plan such as the one you propose…sorry..lmao @ u.
      You are truly wasting space with your posts.

  35. Idiots….everyone knows how much Foles stank and only a complete fool would fail to realize the big difference.

    Of course, this is the same crew…Vinniedafool, EHL, mhenski, and Irish Eagle that told us that DJax stank too…

    Nick Foles was certainly a ‘checkdown charlie’ but the difference was he had receivers running wide open down the field..for example watch the tape of the New Orleans playoff game where DJax is running free in the secondary waving his hands frantically and Nick does his checkdown charlie…and then when people started criticizing him for the consistent check downs…he got flustered and started holding the ball, scared to step up into the pocket, throwing off of his back foot in fear of the pass rush, confused cant read the defense, stymied and baffled….much like many of you lames here…LMAO

    Sam Bradford has never played with the quality of receivers that Foles had at all…

    You lames are desperately searching for every ‘expert’ you can…and you still haven’t come up with a better option…name a player…who should start?


    But the guy who is about to install a new offense, the guy who ass is on the line because he said that this team can win the division and go deep in the playoffs-namely the new Head Coach Doug Pederson tells us:

    “I think Sam’s a quality quarterback,” Pederson said Tuesday. “I think he’s a top-notch quarterback. Look what he did that last half of the season, the numbers he was able to put up. As a quarterback, he would fit perfectly with a system that I’m going to bring.”

    Pederson could have easily just stated: “I think Bradford is a good QB and I hope we can sign him but if not…we will be able to get another good QB”

    But he didn’t say that…he said Bradford is the guy -a “top-notch” QB that can run HIS system!!

    His teammates are hounding Eagles management to them to resign Bradford….

    So my guy in the Ukraine knows has far more credibility than you idiots right here…at least he has a television set that works….you guys must be blind…





        2013 FOLES WAS 40% OVER 10 YARDS.


        1. WHILE WE TALKING ABOUT “the guy who is about to install a new offense, the guy who ass is on the line because he said that this team can win the division and go deep in the playoffs-namely the new Head Coach Doug Pederson”

          ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports new Eagles coach Doug Pederson is “interested” in bringing Nick Foles back to Philadelphia.



        2. Dumb ass…

          the difference is Foles had receivers open down the field…he was checkdown charlie with Maclin running wide open…

          Bradford checkdown when he was supposed to when the shitty Eagles receivers were covered like a blanket.

          When he did throw the ball down the field the receivers dropped it!

          1. Yea cooper and maclin were totally running free and unguarded. They were eke of the best wr in football. Excellent point !

  36. No confusion on my part…. I’ll roll the dice with Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, or Paxton Lynch next year and let Sam Bradford walk. If it turns out to be a mistake, I’ll draft another quarterback in 2017.

    To me, the 7-9 record that Sam might get for the Eagles in 2016 is worse than the 2-14 record a rookie might get. I know we can draft a franchise QB in 2017.

      1. E0S…you can’t look at Goff’s frame right now as a finished product…he will put on mass as he matures and gets into strength and conditioning. J Russel was a physical beast but could not play due to a lack of commitment.

        1. So Goff is going to be super committed, fill out and become a great QB, EH? …No chance he’ll be another Christian Ponder, Matt Barkley, Nick Foles, Brady Quinn, or among the numerous QB’s that are now sitting the bench on practice squads.
          All good hard working guys who simply just didn’t cut it?

          1. Koolbreeze, showing your hypocrisy and stupidity again..you wanted to take Johnny Manziel in the first round. Manziel was 5’10” 175 pounds soak and wet, wore shoulder pads and a helmet during the combine to make himself look bigger(never done in the history of the combine) and you are questioning Goff’s size and ability to get bigger, he will fill out naturally as he gets older, that is simply nature..lol. Further, it was well known that Manziel did not put time into studying his craft to become better, his work ethic was called into question, but you want to question Goff’s work ethic which has not been questioned in the college ranks, but praised. As I stated before, I know you do not know anything about Goff so your opinion of him is irrelevant. Let’s not forget you stated Manziel has “IT”…yeah, he has it alright..lol.
            You also wanted Geno Smith..6’3″ 220, No concerns about his size right? Jared Goff is 6’4″ 215 and has put on 20 pounds since his freshman year, but his size is a problem to you and you question his ability to fill out. Like I said your ignorance of Goff makes your opinion of him irrelevant..what a hypocrite and fraud you are!
            Thirdly, you was interested in drafting Tahj Boyd also, don’t hand me that flyer crap either. Tahj’s work ethic was 6’1” 222, but his size was no concern to you either…more hypocrisy.
            I would take my chances with Wentz or Goff over Sham Bradfraud who I know is only good for 7 wins, 9 losses, and missing games due to injury. By the way one of your complaints about Foles was him getting injured and missing games, but it’s not a concern to you as it relates to Bradfraud..more excuses…it’s the o lines fault..more hypocrisy!

    1. Boy there is a plan…did you sit down with EHL and Vinniedafoolass to come up with that plan….Irish Eagle???

      You guys really put your heads together to figure out the great plan to solve our QB situation!!! LMAO!!!

      We gamble this year with No#13 for a rookie…Goff, Wentz or Lynch…any of them…find out that they cant play go 2-14 stink ass…and draft ANOTHER QB in the 2017 draft and hope again…that he can play!!! More than likely Goff wont be there and Lynch may not either…so just reach and go with Wentz??


      What dumb ass, stupid plan! What other bright plans do you guys have along with the get Nicky Foles movement?

      Dumb, bewildered, befuddled

      1. The percentages are better that a rookie will take us to the playoffs before Bradford will…

        57% of the quarterbacks taken in the first round since 2004 are starting for the team that drafted them. I’ll take those odds.

        What’s your plan? You want to repeat the same mistake the Rams made when they signed Bradford. Look what it got them.

      2. koolbreeze..wow, Get A Life… what a loser you are posting during the Super Bowl. I mean it was a good game and the game was still in the balance when you posted this asinine post…It’s not even about the game…lmao. You clearly have no friends, had no party to go to or no one to watch the game with. Sitting at home in mommy’s basement looking for someone to talk to during the game, looked around and no one was there, so you come on GCOBB looking for someone to have a discussion with..lmao..smh! What happened, the cable got turned off at 9:31 so you could not watch the game. Pathetic. You gotta get a life, some friends, a girl, or a dog buddy..what a loser!!!

        1. Hey kool, maybe you can hook up with your 20 year old buddy in the UK for SB LI…the L stands for 50, but as it relates to you the L stands for Loser, the I which equal plus 1 is your UK buddy..you two can discuss the attributes of Bradford and slap each other five about he great he is…pathetic!

        2. Total loser ehl. So pathetic obviously no friends or girl or family. Posting away his Saturday until what 2 am then posting away about his butt boy bradfraud during the biggest holiday of the year – the super bowl. Feel bad for the guy. More I think about he probably a closet queer the way he clings to men and always has a man he fighting for.

  37. man shady loves philly

    Sources tell Action News that two off-duty Philadelphia police officers were assaulted by former Eagles player LeSean McCoy.

    Both officers were hospitalized as a result of the incident.

    It happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Recess Lounge located at 125 South 2nd Street in Old City.

    It was there that McCoy, and a friend, were involved in a physical altercation with the two officers, sources said.

    Sources also say that while McCoy and his friend were not arrested, they are the focus of the investigation.

    A police report was made at the time the incident took place, those sources added.

    Action News has reached out to McCoy’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, for comment.

    1. Been there and done that, no thanks to Nick Foles, he should stay with the Rams. Like what Brian Westbrook said on the Anthony Gargano show on the fanatic this morning “Sam Braford is slightly better than Nick Foles, but neither one of them are going to give you what you are looking for”.

    2. yea saw schefter report that and what makes sense is doug pederson was responsible for the eagles drafting foles. but what doesnt make sense is if rams cut him it comes with a cap hit of 8 mill. so it would have to be a trade and what the hell would u give up for foles? marcus smith?

  38. I know there are reports out that the team isn’t interested in using the Franchise tag on Bradford although they are still open to working out a long term deal (funny how the last part of that report is constantly left out by the anti-Bradford faction on the media).

    Instead of insulting Koolbreez, I’d like just one of the anti-Bradford folks on this board to explain to me the downside of franchising Bradford. As I’ve explained many times, there is absolutely no downside and I’d like one of you to explain why it is a bad idea. Based on our current cap situation and state of the franchise, it makes the most sense for both sides of the debate as I’ve mentioned many times.

    Someone prove me wrong.

    1. i think sam is awful and dont think we are gonna win with or without sam next year so go for it, franchise him if you want the game. if youre 50/50 on him do it so youre sure next year. but i find it hard to believe any gm, or nfl personnel guy in the nfl (not named chip kelly) has confidence in bradford being a top 10 or 15 qb in this league…

      based on my info we have approx 20 mill in cap space at the moment and if that number doesnt go up (it likely will) we dont have room to franchise him and still sign our draft picks

      its been said many times here you can most likely get the same production from any random qb this offseason than sam for $4/mill or $5/mill instead of $20+ so why pay $20+?

      1. The have 20 mil right now pre-cuts. They are at least cutting Cooper and Sanchez which gives you the money needed for rookies. They are likely cutting Demecco and trading/cutting one of the running backs which takes care of extending cox and signing a free agent guard. They are then talking about extending Jenkins which will lower the number even more in 2016.

        Point is – Cap is not an issue at all. Assuming cap isn’t an issue it makes complete sense to spend 20 mil for one year to see if the guy can be something. I know the anti-Bradford people think he is what he is and will always be a guy that never lived up to the potential. But there are plenty others in the NFL that still think he can be a quality NFL qb. Doug Pederson said so. Other exes and NFL people speaking to Elliot Shorr Parks at the Super Bowl said so as well. There is no debating that at this moment, he has not shown nearly enough to prove that he is worthy of a long term deal – that I agree with.

        But if there is at least the chance that he can be a quality QB, wouldn’t it be worth seeing that, I mean, next year is going to be a waste one way or the other. Why not waste it giving Bradford one last chance to prove himself while the drafted QB is groomed?

  39. This post was amazing

    February 3, 2016 – 3:17 pm
    “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…”

    2016 cap hit as of January 1
    Curry $0 –
    Ertz -$1.467
    Lane – $6.128

    As of now
    Curry $3mill
    Ertz $3.31
    Lane $8.128


    1. Mhenski – Kools is not completely wrong with that statement. Literally, are they saving cap room by signing players – NO, obviously not. But, by signing prospective talent to long term deals early, before market value increases (which it always does), you actually save cap room in the long run. Its Joe Banner 101.

      Further, with the way Roseman worked the deals, the 2016 cap numbers are much lower than the yearly average. As such, Roseman back loaded the contracts which is smart because it shortens the contract.

      Before you mock the guy (or girl) try thinking next level on what he is trying to explain – or else you are the one that comes across as a 3rd grader.

      1. the context to what he said was ““The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…” ‘so they have plenty of cash to sign bradfraud’ this came right after the lane, curry, ertz signing. so you tell me which is more

        A. 0+1.467+6.128
        B. 3+3.31+8.128

        dont know what planet you live in but kookbreeze never ever said anything along the lines of ‘getting these deals done now is saving us money long term’ He didnt say that or infer it and if he did why the fuck would i disagree? its true. “try thinking next level on what he is trying to explain ” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??????????????????? aint no next level with the post i referred to it was cut and dry ““The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…” ‘so signing/franchising bradford isnt a problem when it comes to money because we just spent less than more’

        A 3rd grader wouldve understood that 3+3.31+8.128 is LESS THAN 0+1.467+6.128 and that we have less cap NOW then we did prior to the signings.

        show me where kookbreeze ever posted we are saving money long term with these signings and show he didnt say these signings created a lower cap number now and ill leave this site and never return

        1. A 3rd grader wouldve understood that 3+3.31+8.128 is MORE THAN 0+1.467+6.128 and that we have less cap NOW then we did prior to the signings.


          cut and paste numbers in wrong order.

          1. The premise of what he was saying was that the contracts where giving the Eagles flexibility to sign Bradford, and he is correct. Contracts, as you know, are for more than.

            By signing the players now and structuring the contracts the way Howie did, gives the Eagles the ability to either Franchise Bradford this year or sign him to a long term deal. Here is how that is accomplished:

            Franchise – Howie back loaded the deals and worked the numbers that the even though we were signing these guys to long term deals our overall cap number for 2016 did not go up all that much (i.e. 6 Million total increase for three contracts that carry a yearly average well north of 8 million a piece).

            Long term deal – By signing these players during their first year of eligibility, you get them at lower deals because the Market will only increase over the next two years. Thus, you are saving money on players you would want to eventually sign regardless. By saving this money, you have more money to use on Bradford.

            The point Kool was making was that the deals were giving the Eagles the flexibility to sign Bradford, either to a long term deal or Franchise. And he was 100% correct in that regard.

            Did our cap number increase for 2016 and beyond because of the three signings – Of course. That is what happens when you sign players. You are trying to slam him on a particular statement when the overall premise is correct.

            That is akin to someone calling someone else out for typos on this board when the message they were conveying was accurate.

            1. Ok sure guy. so if what you say is true 1 of the following things has to be true.

              1-you have real estate in kookbreezes mind and can know what he was thinking even though nothing he ever posted has implied what you just said.

              2- you are kookbreeze

              3- you feel bad or are in denial that someone could post something so idiotic that you feel it necessary to speak for them b/c they cant speak for themselves

              4- you are a friend of his that is sticking up for him – nah nevermind he has none as demontrated by watching the superbowl alone

              either way youre wrong. kool writes novels daily explaining his echos in his brain and is capable of positing what you wrote if thats what he meant. he did not post that, imply that or suggest that ever never. what he posted was what i quoted, what he has always said was sign him, franchise him, do whatever it takes. NEVER DID HE SAY or IMPLY anything you just tried to say he did EVER

              1. OK canttakeit you are saying kool made a typo or was implying that he meant long term when he wrote ““The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…”:

                January 30, 2016 – 11:15 pm
                Profile photo of koolbreeze

                “You got it backwards…signing players to long term deals actually lessen the salary cap’s impact for upcoming season. The most sensible play with the moves being made is to resign Bradford…not throw a back up or draft a long-shot project with the hope that he is your franchise QB”

                lets just go to the meat of it

                “You got it backwards…signing players to long term deals actually lessen the salary cap’s impact for upcoming season”

                WEIRD THAT STATEMENT IS EXTREMELY CLOSE TO “February 3, 2016 – 3:17 pm
                “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…”


              2. clear as day he meant exactly what he said, was consistent with it and did not infer anything else (especially not anything about long term) he said multiple times on multiple days that the new deals were smaller cap hits THIS YEAR nothing about flexibility or long term…

                whats next you gonna try to convince me when he quoted the 20 year kid from england that the kid in england is a super analyst and has an excellent reputation and knows more than people on espn, past qbs, past gms…?

              3. Mhenski – I don’t care nearly as much about it as you do to go and research the context of what he was talking about. But if he was talking about veterans on their 2-3 deals, then he was correct. By signing Celek to an extension they lowered his 2016 number. They extend Jenkins the same thing will happen.

                If he was talking about guys coming off their rookie deals, then yes the number in the next year will almost always increase. However, in the case of a guy making big money (like Cox) his number may actually decrease slightly.

                Regardless, I am not saying that Kool understands cap space and speaks intelligently on the subject. However, the point I was defending was that by signing guys to these contracts, the Eagles were giving themselves flexibility to sign Bradford.

                That is what you said Kool’s point was and the point was a correct one. Whether he understands the cap or not, I have no idea.

              4. uhhhhhhhh ok?

                u dont care now, but you did 2 hours ago? you dont care “to go and research the context of what he was talking about” but you did care enough to try and call me out and erroneously tell me that i was taking his point out of context and you were telling me the proper context ? you cared enough to try and tell me i was not comprehending his point and being ignorant.

                before you were telling me what kool was saying and implying but now youre saying If he was saying this, if he was saying that, i dont know if he knows… and so on. you get you have just completely backtracked on what you wrote originally and now are saying/arguing something completely different right?

                wouldve been much easier to just say my bad dude, i was wrong, kool clearly was saying ertz+curry+lane deals saved us cap $ this year and that wrong

                on to your points about deals now before rookie contracts are up saving money long term – yea no shit, im not kookbreeze bro

              5. Go back and read this entire dialog. The entire time I was not defending Kool’s comprehension of the cap. I admitted in the first response that he was clearly wrong regarding the 2016 cap. He says stuff all the time that baffles me.

                What I was defending was the point he made regarding the contracts giving us the options to sign Bradford based on overall cap space. He was correct about that. Did I go back and read his posts – No. But your original quote of Kool, “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…” has some truth to it (just not in 2016), which is what I was pointing out and what started this ridicules waste of time.

  40. Ok let’s reread it

    ” Kools is not completely wrong with that statement ” Yes he was he was referring to 2016 and that was factually incorrect. He never discussed alluded to or implied any year after 2016. The point you are making is correct but Kool never made it.

    Before you mock the guy (or girl) try thinking next level on what he is trying to explain – or else you are the one that comes across as a 3rd grader.” He wasn’t trying to explain anything but the ertz curry and Lane deals saved cap money in 2016 which is not correct. Then you tell me I should be thinking next level on what he is trying to explain. Here you are factually incorrect he was never trying to explain anything but the 3 deals saved us money in 2016. There’s no next level to that bro it’s not true nor the point he was trying to make.

    1. “The premise of what he was saying was that the contracts where giving the Eagles flexibility to sign Bradford, and he is correct” except that wasn’t his premise

  41. “The point Kool was making was that the deals were giving the Eagles the flexibility to sign Bradford, either to a long term deal or Franchise. And he was 100% correct in that regard.
    Did our cap number increase for 2016 and beyond because of the three signings – Of course. That is what happens when you sign players. You are trying to slam him on a particular statement when the overall premise is correct.”

    Nope you’re putting words in his mouth that was not his point or his premise. His point premise was the 3 deals freed up 2016 money so we can do whatever we want to sign him now which again is factually incorrect.

    When you take what I quoted originally and add it to what he posted the week prior it can’t get any simpler his point and premise was the deals saved 2016 cap space and there is no debate that is foolish dumb and wrong and a 3rd grader can figure that math out.

    1. Ok….this is getting ridicules.

      I’ll say it again…I DID NOT GO BACK AND READ KOOL’S POST.
      Based on what YOU quoted (i.e. “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…”) I was saying how there was truth to that statement. Every other time you have quoted ME above, you are pointing to times when I was explaining why that point makes sense.

      In your original quote you said nothing about 2016. The quote just said that the new contracts opened up space for Bradford….which was correct.

      You then responded to my original post with this quote from Kool

      “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…” ‘so signing/franchising bradford isnt a problem when it comes to money because we just spent less than more”

      To me, that indicated that Kool’s premise was correct even though he was wrong about 2016.

      My entire argument stemmed from two quotes that YOU included in your responses/original post. I didn’t not read his original post. But based on what YOU quoted, I understand what he was trying to say even though he clearly wasn’t articulating it correctly.

      Fair enough?

  42. Posted on Bleeding Green Nation by Brandon Lee Gowton

    Adam Schefter doubles on his Eagles report about Sam Bradford and Nick Foles

    NFL insider Adam Schefter sent Eagles fans into a frenzy on Sunday morning when he reported the following two things about the Eagles’ quarterback situation:

    1) The team is not going to put the franchise tag on Sam Bradford
    2) The Eagles are interested in acquiring Nick Foles

    As a reminder, here’s the source of Schefter’s report. This is what he had to say during an ESPN broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday:

    Shortly after Schefter’s report emerged, multiple Eagles beat reporters came out and denied both parts of the original report. It was noted that Pederson was a big fan of Foles when the team drafted him in 2012, however.

    Now Schefter seems to be doubling down on his report despite the denials from others. He sent out the following tweet on Monday afternoon:

    Once again, I can totally believe the first part of the report. Bradford did not prove to be a franchise quarterback during the 2015 season. It’s true that he played his best football in the second half of the season, but his best stretch doesn’t even look that great compared to other quarterbacks:

    Franchising Bradford would cost nearly $20 million (all guaranteed) for the 2016 season. Tagging and trading Bradford would be ideal, but the Eagles might not want to take the risk that he’ll sign his tender and play on the deal. Or he could opt to hold out. The point is that the franchise tag isn’t necessarily a slam dunk option, so it’s easy to believe the Eagles might not be interested in it.

    The Foles thing, however … that’s pathetic. That the Eagles would be interested in giving up any kind of asset just seems ridiculous. Even a conditional seventh round pick would be too much. Foles was terrible last season. He was the worst starter in the NFL and he got benched for Case Keenum. For those who want to say Foles’ surrounding cast wasn’t awesome … there’s some truth to that. But Keenum played significantly better than Foles did, so the former Eagles quarterback deserves a lot of blame as well.

    Even if the Eagles got Foles for free, I just don’t see the point. I’d guess the Eagles would be bringing him back as a placeholder to pair with a rookie quarterback. That’s not the worst thing ever because it means the team is serious about bringing in a new franchise passer to develop. But Foles is so awful. Why not Chase Daniel? If Doug Pederson doesn’t like Daniel, well, than that’s not probably not a good sign since he’s seen Daniel up close. But at least a guy like Daniel MIGHT (though not likely) have some theoretical upside. We’ve already seen what Foles can do. Aside from a fluke 2013 season, he’s been terrible. The idea of him coming back and people trying to talk themselves into him (again) is nightmare-worthy.

    I can’t help but feel a lot of this Eagles offseason has been the team wanting to go back to the well of the team’s success under Andy Reid. That doesn’t seem like the WORST idea ever, but I feel like this team basically chose between either Chip Kelly’s way or Andy Reid’s way. Those were not the only two options available to the franchise this offseason. The organization’s offseason plan feels unoriginal and uninspiring.

    Maybe Schefter is wrong. Maybe I’m wrong. In the meantime, it’s just hard to feel genuinely excited about the direction of this team. There are a lot of question marks.

    1. I fear Eagles putting this out there for Sam , his agent and competeting teams bidding for him to say hey don’t bid against yourself we value him at foles money to try and drive market price down so everyone low balls him. Howie trying to shape his Marlet.

      I pray he goes to Denver or Houston so we can all see that he can’t do shit even with weapons like nuk , demarious and or sanders. I’d love to read the exercises when he doesn’t throw the ball over 10 yards to them.

  43. Dumb ass…

    “it can’t get any simpler his point and premise was the deals saved 2016 cap space and there is no debate that is foolish dumb and wrong”

    No its you that’s so dead wrong…the deals DO save cap space and this along with other moves like cutting your buddy Riley Cooper, along with the increase of the cap by at least another 10 million in March will give the Eagles the ability and flexibility to sign Bradford

    “His point premise was the 3 deals freed up 2016 money so we can do whatever we want to sign him now which again is factually incorrect.”

    “The Johnson, Ertz and Brent Celek deals are pretty cap-friendly for 2016 (Ertz, for instance, costs just a touch over $3 million against the cap). The Eagles currently have about $21 million available in space, per overthecap.com. Even with new deals for Cox and Curry, there is plenty of salary to be shed that can help make it work with Bradford.”
    Philly Mag

    The way that the cap hit is reduced is simple, they give the player a bigger signing bonus which puts more cash in the player’s pockets while spreading that number out over the course of the contract…they then reduce the base salary. Andrew Brandt offers a real good example with how the Ravens reduced their cap with Terrel Suggs:

    “Let’s use the Terrell Suggs’ recent extension with the Ravens as an example. Suggs was in the last year of his contract and scheduled to make $7.8 million. The Ravens increased that $7.8 million to $12 million with a completely different structure: $11 million signing bonus and $1 million salary. With the signing bonus now prorated over this year and four additional years, Suggs’ cap number—excluding previous unamortized proration—went from $7.8 million to $3.2 million, calculated as follows: $2.2 million of proration on the new bonus and $1 million salary.”

    This is exactly what the Eagles did in restructuring contracts of Johnson and Celek, and what they are seeking to do with Cox- they reduced the number that counts against the cap by giving the players a raise in the signing bonus and lowering the base salary! This lowers what is counting against their cap in 2016 and with the raise of the cap of about $10 million in March, and the cuts of dead weight like Riley Cooper…the Eagles are in better cap shape to do what they need to do….sign Sam Bradford!

    The brilliant mhenski aka spellchecker, aka mthepervert aka Mr Multiple-profile aka mhenskkki simply does not know what he is talking about!

    1. Ok looser who watched the super bowl by himself on gcobb

      February 3, 2016 – 3:17 pm
      “The Eagles are resigning players, creating more cap space…”

      Dead wrong and foolish

      1. January 30, 2016 – 11:15 pm
        Profile photo of koolbreeze
        “You got it backwards…signing players to long term deals actually lessen the salary cap’s impact for upcoming season. The most sensible play with the moves being made is to resign Bradford…not throw a back up or draft a long-shot project with the hope that he is your franchise QB”

        Dead wrong and dumb.

        Don’t know the point of ur dumb ass last post or what Suggs has to do with these deals.

        But lane Johnson 2016 is higher now then it was pre deal. As is currys , as is ertz, celeks is less. The 4 deals added up is higher that they were going to be your wrong and stupid.

        Maybe if you had any friends to discuss this with you would know, or if you knew how to use the Internet or if you could read.

        You’re dumb as fuck

        No friends

        Peeps diagnosing with autism and shit. U a damn fool with no friends and Don’t know how to do 3rd grade math.

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