OT’s Conklin and Decker Are Possibilities For Birds

Jack Conklin 1The signing of Sam Bradford almost guarantees that the Birds will select an offensive lineman with their first round draft pick this year.  Drafting offensive linemen with your top picks was something Doug Pederson’s mentor Andy Reid made a habit of doing.  I expect Pederson to emulate that model by selecting an offensive lineman, who will be able to start as a rookie.

While at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, I got a chance to get a good look at two offensive tackles, who could be the Birds pick with the 13th selection of the first round.  I’m talking about Big Ten offensive tackles, Michigan State’s Jack Conklin and Ohio State’s Taylor Decker.

I thought Conklin was the more flexible of the two and his movement was smoother.  He showed everybody at the NFL Scouting Combine that he’s a very good athlete for his size.  He looked very good doing his slide step and looks very natural on the move.

The Spartan doesn’t look as good as Decker body wise, when it comes to body fat, but his quickness and body control is much more important.  He showed good quickness and coordination in all the on field drills.

I think Conklin could play the left side or the right side, which is a compliment to his abilities.  If the Birds were to select him, he could start off inside at guard this year, then slide outside to the right tackle position when current left tackle Jason Peters retires and right tackle Lane Johnson moves to left tackle.

Conklin is 6’6″308 with 35 inch arms, so he has that arm length, size and quickness to play the tackle position.

Conklin also completed 25 reps on the bench press after his arms measured 35 inches. His 3-cone time (7.63 seconds) and short shuttle (4.57 seconds) were both very good marks.

He ran the forty-yard dash in 4.98 seconds which is very good for an offensive tackle. He bench pressed 225 pounds 25 times.

Conklin is an aggressive and physical blocker, especially in the running game.

Taylor Decker 1As for Decker, who was the tallest offensive tackle at the Combine at 6’7″, he was the “Big Ten Lineman of the Year” for the Ohio State Buckeyes as he opened holes for Ezekiel Elliot.  He weighs 310 pounds and showed good quick feet during his field drills at the Combine.  He’s got a basketball background, which will help him tremendously in shuffling to his right and his left to stay in front of the speedy NFL pass rushers.

The big fella benched press 225 pounds 20 times. His forty-yard was 5.23 seconds, which is nothing to write home about, but you don’t pay your tackles to run 40 yard dashes.  He jumped 101.0″ on his standing broad jump and his 20-yard shuttle run was 4.76 seconds.

His arm length is only 33 3/4, which could make him a right tackle in the NFL, despite the fact that he played left tackle at Ohio State.  The youngster plays high at times, which is understandable at 6’7″, but it could allow the powerful NFL defensive linemen to push him back into the quarterback or running back’s face.

Decker has tremendous potential and outstanding leadership qualities.  The big fella also has a mean streak and he does a good job of finishing blocks.  This is what you want at the tackle position. He’s been helped by getting the opportunity to battle Joey Bosa everyday.

40 thoughts on “OT’s Conklin and Decker Are Possibilities For Birds

  1. Given they need to get younger on OLine I do see them drafting At least one if not 2 lineman early.

    If the lions release Calvin Johnson (very possible). Do you see if Schwartz can help lure in the 30 y/o WO???

    1. I can’t see any situation where Megatron is coming to Philadelphia is he plays at all in 2016 and is not retained by the Lions.

      As for Conklin and Decker. I don’t care for Decker and I see a lot of flaws with his game. His height is going to cause him problems with some of the shorter/faster and more athletic defensive players in the NFL. I also think he struggles when the pass rush is coming directly at him, he is best circling guys to the outside, but with the size of some of the defensive tackles/ends in the NFL, I see Decker being over-matched, although he does play with a chip and has the “look” that Philly fans would welcome. I give Decker an early 2nd round draft grade.

      i think the kid from Indiana (Jason Spriggs) is a better all around athlete and has a higher ceiling, and I have him ranked as the 4th overall OT in the upcoming draft. I know Springs has been mentioned by several people who are diehards with gcobb.com, and this was several weeks before his tremendous combine showing. Terrific scouting work by you!

      As for Conklin. I think Conklin is a safe pick, he gets a check mark by me in all of the needed areas to be a “good” NFL tackle. I could see Conklin playing offensive guard to start his NFL career, which would allow the Eagles to keep Peters and Johnson where they are currently slated for the a minimum of the 2016 season.

  2. Add 2 more first round options-
    Relinquishing a 3rd round draft choice to move up to land Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley is an option or conversely receiving another 3rd round draft choice to move down to select Alabama Center Ryan Kelly is another option. Kelly looks worthy of a first round draft pick and is versatile enough to play OG and switch to Center if Kelce repeats his horrendous 2015 play again in the future.

    1. Peters cannot make it through a full season anymore. They have to find a replacement for him or for Johnson at RT in this year’s draft. Peters will not be here next year. I would love to get Stanley

  3. Aside from which QB the Eagles draft and when, I can see no scenario the Eagles don’t address their biggest need early and often. The 3 hardness to find critical building blocks in a successful team are QB, LOT, and CB. Obviously, QB should trump all other positions, but given Peters age, the below average 2015 Guard play, and lack of depth how can they not take CONKLIN at 13 and draft a guard in rd 3 or 4? Decker may be a good player, but is not as strong as Conklin (what 20 reps at the combine?)

    1. Spriggs is a lane Johnson clone, u can move back some spots and still get him….Jeff Allen in FA has got to be target and he would be perfect for what Peterson wants to run…..and since he has experience in pedersons offense its kind of a no brainier,then ID take the guard from asu, in 3rd that guy has some nastiness to him

      1. Zielnts, agree with your reference on Spriggs. If the Eagles go that route, move Lane to LT, Spriggs to RT, they could probably sign both Allen and Boone and only eat into the cap at about 2-2.5 million with the revised o-line.

        My only concern is changing three different starters from last year, but I’ve seen other teams do it in the past, not sure the Eagles are talented enough on offense in addition to a new head coach, o coordinator.

  4. I think are trapped a bit by Peters contract. Can’t really cut the guy, but can’t really have any confidence in him either. So I can’t see a FA (Schwartz) for this position this year…if Eagles dish out big $$ to a FA tackle it would be to start, and they already have 18 million in cap space tied up in the 2 tackles on the roster….so only way a FA comes for that position is if Peters is cut.

    So I think Conklin is a good choice at 13. Comes from a pro-style offence.

    Though again, do Eagles want a 1st round pick to sit all year?? That’s what an OT at 13 would do….less Peters gets hurt of course. If Eagles are all “win now!” then a pick that doesn’t play for a year seems strange.

    Also…picking an OT at 13 leaves the Birds in the excact same place next year at the QB spot…nowhere.

    Perhaps the Eagles might revert to their old ways and try to get a injured player on the cheap. Could Beachum fit the bill? Might be able to do that cap wise and he wouldn’t have to play right away, healing up his knee wile waiting for Peter’s back to disintigrate.

    A FA guard is more likely to go with a draft pick at tackle (just because of the cap situation at that position – unless they’re cutting Peters of course)

    Osemele is going to be expensive. Allen from the Chiefs?….that would seem to make the most sense, but I don’t think that’s going to be cheap either.

    I think the probable scenario is a guard at FA, a draft pick at tackle.

    But I rightly fear that’s going to leave the Eagles back at square 1 next year at QB. No solution at the position and another middle of the pack pick.

      1. City wage tax? Really?

        4% of 1 mil is 4K. Pretty sure that the Eagles would pony up the extra money if the wage tax was an issue for anybody.

        As far as dsyfunctional goes, didn’t they just invest a crapton of money into their own players? Are you just referring to the regime change or the QB situation. If you wanna say OL would want to play with Big Ben and the Pitt offense, then I agree with you, but I am not seeing a lot of dysfunction. I bet players don’t give a crap about Howie the way that you do.

          1. city wage tax is 3.5 if you dont live in the city… and that city wage tax paid lightens a players federal tax burden too…

            1. Didn’t know that about the federal Root. Just want to put the city wage tax barrier myth to bed completely. Doesn’t effect a pro athlete like it does normal dudes like us.

        1. – the eagles front office is scorched earth it has charred carcasses everywhere – every body leaves bitter – McNabb, Dawkins, Westbrook, Vick, Banner, Heckert, Banner, McCoy, DJax, Kelly, Herremans, Cole, Mathis, Gamble, Kelly, Marynowitz, Boykin, Cary Williams –
          No body respects the Eagles in the industry right now. They are not a preferred destination which is why they retained so many Kelly assistants under contract, near impossible to fill those positions with competent people.

          1. Zero, I call bullshit. In the nfl very few guys finish their careers where they start it. One of the reasons Kelly rubbed Lurie the wrong way was his indifference to the eagle family. The eagles try to have an organizational culture similar to flyers.
            Dawkins is not bitter, he does promotional stuff fort he eagles as does b west. “Nobody wants to come to the eagles” I heard that about tom coughlin and I’m sure you recently read the true story about him…

          2. Wow…. ill break this crap down bit by bit…..

            “every body leaves bitter”
            McNabb- Where have you seen this? He’s mostly talked well. Andy signed off on it… it was Andy that finally made that call.

            Dawkins- They messed it up but that was nearly 10 years ago. Most of these guys were in middle/High school.

            Westbrook- Played what… 1 more year after leaving Eagles?

            Vick- Understood that the eagles had… um…. a franchise…. um….

            Banner/Heckert/Gamble/Marynowitz- Literally not a human on the planet that cares.

            McCoy/DJax- Chip made the call on both. He is gone.

            Kelly- haha

            Herremans, Cole, Mathis- Tough biz. No one finishes their career in the town they played most their career. Herm got old, Cole wouldnt restructure and Mathis wanted more cash. He never got it.

            Boykin, Cary Williams – really? Really? Who cares about backups and journeymen?

            “Nobody respects the Eagles in the industry right now. They are not a preferred destination which is why they retained so many Kelly assistants under contract-”

            NOPE…. while I agree we didnt get a huge new HC with a name, the guys that are still here are here because they were good at their job. Our special teams is a TOP unit. Our CB coach is very very good. Duce is Duce and was here before Chip. Please… educate yourself a bit before speaking.

            I would agree that we are not the “it” team right now. But who is? Who is the team everyone is dying to play for? And lets be real…. players are going where the cash is. THAT is it. This isnt basketball where 1 or 3 players can decide it all.

            Also…. guys like Bwest and Dawk still do Eagles stuff. Dmac would do more if he wasnt locked up all the time.

  5. I would like the Eagles to do the Following in Terms of their O/Line
    (Center David Milk Retired by the way today..)

    In Free-Agency

    Look to Sign 1 of the Following Free-Agent Guards
    Jeff Allen (Chiefs), Amini Silatolu (Panthers), Brandon Brooks (Texans) or Alex Boone (49ers)

    In the Draft
    Trade Back from #13 with the Texans at #22 and Acquire their 2nd Round Pick for doing so (Texans #54) and Draft the Following in the first 3 Rounds

    1st Rd #22 – OT Jason Spriggs – Indiana (6-6 301lbs)
    2nd Rd #54 – Safety Darian Thompson – Boise State (6-2 210lbs)
    3rd Rd #77 – Guard Josh Garnett – Stanford (6-4 312lbs)
    3rd Rd #79 – RB Kenneth Dixon – Louisiana Tech (5-11 215lbs)

    1. And just like that, Paulman is back.

      I like this plan. I would add in signing a FA WR. Marvin Jones and Travis Benjamin would be high on that list. Although Jermaine Kearse is a good option too.

      1. With a Weak WR Draft Class this Year and the Eagles still having 3 Young WR’s in Matthews,Huff & Agholor still on their Rookie Deals, I would like them to Pursue the Following 2nd Tier Free-Agent WR’s who are all 3-4-5 Year Veterans and in the 25-27 Years Old Range and still with Upside

        Marvin Jones (Bengals) & Mohammed Sanu (Bengals), Chris Hogan (Bills)
        Chris Owusu (Jets), Kamar Aiken (Ravens), Marlon Brown (Ravens)
        Brian Quick (Rams), Rishard Matthews (Dolphins)

        Jermaine Kearse & Marvin Jones will likely Cost more Bucks for the Stats they put up last Season.. But any of these WR’s would give the Eagles Some Size,Strength and some outside Speed and these Players a great opportunity to make a name for themselves..

          1. Hey there Z44
            I think you are confusing the Cardinals Free-Agent WR Jaron Brown with
            my man, John Brown Jr, who is in his Final Season of his Rookie Deal and still under Contract with the Cardinals for 2016
            Jaron Brown is the Free-Agent with Upside and Speed but is not John Brown..

    2. One of your better drafts, but I think V. Martin might make more sense than Garnett because he is a really good option at center in addition to Guard.

      1. You mean Center Nick Martin of Notre Dame… He is a good one and I did think of them selecting him over Guard Garnett for that very reason.. Let him learn/play Guard as well as backup Center to Kelce woul be a very good move..
        With Dave Molk Retiring due to Back issues, the Eagles don’t really have a Backup Center on their Roster

  6. Bradford may be the best athlete to ever play in Philly. He could of went to juniors in hockey but didn’t want to move away from home in Oklahoma and gave up the sport. One NHL coach who knew him said he had NHL potential. He was a Div 1 prospect in Basketball played AAU and with Blake Griffith and avg 18 and 10. He is a scratch golfer. He was a Div 1 baseball prospect and he is a NFL starting QB. Oh he also played the cello up until middle school.lol

      1. Very true eagles0.

        Allen iverson is the greatest philly athlete of all time in my book and is a top 7 nba player of all time.

        Most people won’t say that because he never won a ring.
        But a ring represents a team effort. Not an individual.
        Pair a.I up with shaq, or dwade, or bosh or ray Allen and he would have gotten 2 or 3.

        Shaq. Jordan. Magic. Bird. Curry. A.I and Nash and a few others. A.I would have been one of the best corners to have ever played the game in the nfl.

          1. Makes zero sense. How could u say that if he never had the chance to play with a superstar?

            And for the love God do not say carmelo Anthony at age 20. I hope everything everyone has a high enough iq for that.

            1. AI was a selfish prick. GREAT talent and skills no doubt bout that. But could not play with another scorer on the floor he was options 1,2,3,4,5… Anytime they tried to bring in a complimentary scorer it didn’t work.

    1. “Bradford maybe the best athlete to ever play in Philly”..LMAO…dag I know you like Bradford..it’s cool…but C’MON MAN!!!!…C’MON.

      That’s some powerful stuff you got your hands on.

      AI……waaaay better.
      Sam is obviously a good athlete among his peers, but there is nothing special about him as far as speed, agility, ability to carry a team, success at the pro level.
      And I am not bashing him this time, just pointing out the facts according to his present body of work

      1. Ai was selfish? What’s wrong with u? He never had a scoring complement his 10 year career in philly. Especially during the years when they were contending.

        Everyone always said he’s selfish cause he never passes or shot 30 times again.

        Coach brown was on record stating “the offense was designed to have him shoot 30 times a game”.
        I mean who else was gonna score? Eric snow? Theo? Tyrone Hill? LOL.
        The man took a bunch of bench warmers to the finals by himself. Let kobe or the overrated un clutch LeBron try that. That 2007 cavs team was light years better then the 01 sixers.

        Don’t forget a.I wasn’t a point guard. He was a undersized sg that averaged just under 7 assist a game.

        Was a damn good passer, and led league in steals multiple times.

        1. Brown surrounded him with blue collar defenders and rebounders… Tried to bring in scorers and it was a disaster… AI selfish … Absolutely.

          1. Selfish. Lol. No evidence to back that up. What scorer did brown bring in? Chris webber when he was done? A young Korver? Iguadola? A bunch of bust draft picks?

            Stop listening to the media who killed the man cause he kept it real and just so happened to have corn rolls and tatoos.

            Man was the truth. And if he played with shaq and Derek Fisher he would have gotten 2-3 rings. Period.

            Pair him up with bosh or d wade and Ray Allen with all those nice compliments in charmers and Mike miller. He would have gotten 3 rings especially in today’s nba east.

            1. Go take a hard long look at that sixers teams record thru his 10 years when he didn’t drop 20-25+. He had to be “selfish”

              Had the best player on the planet and jewdelphia didnt put nobody with him.

            2. kept it real? hmm what does that mean exactly? does that mean he wouldn’t practice, would argue with the coach, party till dawn? thats keepin it real? …interesting- as for his compliments– no one wanted to play with him– Kucoch etc– i agree he single handedly took them to the finals (losing 4-1 btw) but because he was such a me first guy, a total pos he could never get to the true goal– AI had magnificent talent– un-natural talent, heart, desire and all the intangibles but ONE– that intangible of being a team first championship first guy–

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