Can You Believe What Chip Offered For Marcus Mariota?

Marcus&Chip11We all know that deep down former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wanted his former Oregon Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Marcus Mariota in the worse way, the astonishing report of what he offered the Tennessee Titans to get him is breath-taking.

According to FOX Sports NFL Insider Peter Shrager, Kelly was willing to give the Titans the Eagles 1st and 2nd round pick in 2015, then their 1st pick in 2016, Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez, and any defensive players on their roster like the combination of Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins and Mychal Kendricks.

Think about it, we had this guy in charge of player personnel.   He could have set back the Eagles organization for a decade with that trade.  Thank God the foolish Titans turned it down.

It was offer on the level of the one that the Dallas Cowboys got from the Minnesota Vikings for Herschel Walker.  That Walker trade ended allowed Dallas to add Emmitt Smith to Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin, which led to three Super Bowl titles.

Mike Ditka made the same type of deal to get Ricky Williams.  That move didn’t work well for the Vikings or the Saints.

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  1. Personally I doubt Chip’s offense will ever win a championship – regardless who his QB (good defenses will slow down his fast pace offense and wear down any defense he fields). Chip as a GM was an unmitigated disaster. Christ, Paulman for all his flailing would do a better job. If Howie didn’t do such a masterful job undoing Chip’s ill advised moves, we would have been screwed for years and I WOULD Sell my season tickets (rather than endure watching overpaid players playing out of position in a dysfunctional System.

  2. Honestly I would do that deal right now. I know it’s a lot to give up but Mariota gonna be a beast in this league. I would do it. Okay so we wouldn’t have agholor,Cox,Bradford and a pick this year. Impound take Mariota over all of them

  3. I am actually a little split on it.

    What would Eagles have given up?
    Agahlor (1st round pick)
    Rowe (2nd pick)
    Whoever this year’s first is

    As far as I can tell….

    Kendricks isn’t looked upon highly
    Bradford is gone after this season
    Cox is looking like he’s gone after this season

    (and before everyone blows up on those last 2, it is based on 2 proven realities: 1. Bradford sucks. 2. After the spending spree Eagles have lowest cap room in the league from 2017-2019 – there’s no room for both those guys)

    Honestly, I think its entirely possible Kendricks, Bradford (a given) and Cox aren’t on the roster next year anyway.

    Rowe and Agholor may turn out to be superstars, but a superstar QB is worth a lot more than those guys…….

    Think of it this way…>Eagles aren’t winning a SB with Waterford this year….that’s an absolute given….and we’re probably not winning next year with a second year QB making his first starts….so that takes us to 2018…..Do you not think Egles could have replaced those players by 2018 with a superstar QB at the helm….


    Anyway….all the Eagles had to do was folow my plan and trade Mick Illusion Vick for the 2 first rounders Buffalo was offering back in 2011 and we’d be a perennial SB contender right now,,,,hindsight right??

  4. The way I read the proposed Trade to get #2 Pick (Mariota) was the Following

    Eagles 1st Round & 2nd Round Picks in 2015 Draft
    Eagle 1st Round Pick in 2016
    1 QB on Eagles Roster (Bradford or Sanchez)
    Any 1 Defender from the Defense (Cox, Curry, Logan, Barwin, Kendricks, Jenkins, whomever but not multiple Players)

  5. Just the fact they let them choose either QB ,tells you how much chip valued. Sam I am ..what s even more interesting is wether this leaked into the locker room,and what cause and effect it had ..Chip was hellbent on obtaining the top Duck ..his season of discontent followed in its wake..

    1. Hey DE,
      I guess it’s all water under the bridge…
      I’ve seen a lot of Recent Mocks with this’s Draft Class QB’s all falling..
      I’m thinking that Wenz will be there at #8 for the Eagles if they are interested
      And I am still not sure what the continued Cat & Mouse Game is all about between the 49ers & Kaepernick and once this situation is resolved, so will the QB situations with the Jets/Broncos wHich likely impacts the Draft
      Word in Cleveland is that they are no longer looking at Wenz or Goff with their #2 Pick as they are looking to trade down for more Pics and Value for their Picks they do make..
      Could the Eagles move further up? Do they even need to ??
      Players like QB Wenz, DE Bosa, LB’s Mack & Jones from Georgia are all falling ..

      OT L Tunsil, DB J Ramsey are the Safest Picks and likely go 1 & 2 with DL Buckner, RB Elliot & CB Hargreaves III & CB Alexander all moving up

      1. Pman if the Eagles target the corner Hargreaves they may be better off not reaching,for any of the Qbs ..none have projected that highly .and are not in my estimation worthy of a risk reward .There are a few guys (as you’ve mentioned) that will be day one contributors..I don’t think personally ,howie isn’t adverse to moving pieces to try to recoup that number two ,he still wants back….kool this was a draft day trade …as reported so Sam I am ,was on the showroom floor ..and chip did absolutely nothing for the team by trading a two and Foles,for a guy that very well may have been released by the Rams

          1. Pman. With running the rock as Pedersons would seem likely ,however I really don’t think take a running back that high is putting the cart after ththe horse ,until they address the Tackle position ..fortify your back end or the O line

  6. Chip Kelly saw Mariotta as a Hall of Fame type QB…no surprise he would give up as much as he did for him. However, when was this trade offered up? Was it before or after obtaining Bradford? There is a good chance that the main reason the Titans would turn down the deal was that the available QB’s choices were Foles, Sanchez, and Matt Barkley.
    As you could see…we had to give the Rams a 2nd rounder for them to take Foles off of our hands…and now its very obvious who got the better of that deal!
    Chip Kelly was done in by the firing of Tom Gamble…his locker room was lost when he kept Riley Cooper around…but the best move he made to give us any glimmer of hope was getting rid of Nick Foles

    So we can at least say Chip did something for the team!

    1. “There is a good chance that the main reason the Titans would turn down the deal was that the available QB’s choices were Foles, Sanchez, and Matt Barkley.”

      Sorry twit,,,,,Eagles offered Bradford. No one but you likes the guy…sorry about that,

      As you could see…we had to give the Rams a 2nd rounder for them to take Foles off of our hands…and now its very obvious who got the better of that deal!

      Y. Clearly the Rams. End of story.

      1. “Clearly the Rams”

        Your eyesight is really bad Vinnie…

        The Rams failure last year was due solely to terrible Quarterback play…Nick Foles… Rams fans were saying that we suckered them and sabotaged their season by giving them Foles.

        Foles fell apart so badly that now the Rams will have to reach and draft another QB…who will also be a bust…thus Nick Foles has put a serious hurt that has far reaching consequences….

        Unloading that guy was worth the second rounder we gave up!

        We clearly got the much better end on that deal!

        If Bradford never plays another down for the Eagles we still got the better end of the deal!

    2. Kool..if you read the story posted on bleeding green and birds 24/7…the guy who broke the story clearly states that Sam Bradford was on the team and was offered up as an option for the Eagles to get pick 2. I never believed during the trade for Bradford that he was part of Chip’s actual plan..just a pawn. He was a plan B after Chip could not get Mariota. Clearly the Titans was not interested. Sam is not as highly prized as you believe…if he was his agent would have taken him into free agency.

      1. EHL…its all speculation. It is very conceivable that Bradford was Plan B in an effort to get Mariotta who we all knew would have been Chip’s first choice above any other QB in the league.
        It is very conceivable that Kelly traded Foles for Bradford to get a more attractive chip in obtaining Mariotta.
        So while a guy coming off of 2 ACL injuries is not going to have a high value at all…he clearly had a higher value that the guy we got rid of in Foles!

        No Question about that at all…and there is no question that we significantly upgraded the position…for all you may not like about Bradford he had a much better year than the twice-benched and disgraced Nick Foles. Rams fans are saying that we got the better of that deal after watching Foles implode.

        Chip probably had a very clear indication that he had absolutely no shot in getting Marriota with Foles and he saw that Foles was falling apart mentally under the pressure. The guy had no value which is why we essentially had to pay the Rams a second round pick to take Foles off of our hands.

        But again…its all speculation…meaningless…Kelly is gone, Foles is gone…the starting QB for the Eagles is Bradford…just as the new Coach and his teammates wanted and if Howie can somehow do a good job in the draft…and the defense improves…we will be a better team next year!

        1. Foles had No Valuebecause GM Kelly did not know what the he’ll he was doing last off-seasonfeomthe terrible Trade of McCoy, to the Trade of Foles + 2nd Rounder (which was completely uneccessay- do note that Foles was earning less a $1 Million on his final year of his Contract Year and basically cost nothing at the time of the Deal…
          Then seeing how Chip Kelly over Paid for Graham, Maxwell, Murray and the extended M Kendricks just proves how little about Players Values arounf the NFL .. He was a complete shoot from the hip type of GM ..

          1. Koolidiot:
            “We clearly got the much better end on that deal!”

            You have a strange sense of the word “better”

            Eagles W-L record was….wait for it…..”worse.”

            Eagles now do not have a 2nd round pick which is…..”worse”

            Your continual use of the word “better” when in fact reality was “worse” is again another indictment of the Philadelphia public school system which you are currently struggling through.

            1. 2014 total yards 6348,
              2015 5830

              2014 passing yards 4356
              2015 4087

              2014 points 474
              2015 377 (WOW almost 100 less points)

              It was an excellent trade no doubt for the giants, cowboys & redskins

              1. sam made the offense worse, made the team worse, made this years draft selections worse and got the coach fired. lmfao, excellllllllllllllllllllllent. is your real name bill or ted?

            2. Vinniedafoolass

              Are you really that stupid?

              All we have to do is look at the Quarterbacks and that tells us all we need to know about ‘better’ or ‘worse’!

              One QB has completely fallen apart. One QB was benched and humiliated….Twice! One QB completely destroyed any of his teams chances to make the playoffs with a team that had: a) a better running attack with a star running back b) a better defense c) better wide receivers

              I’m sorry Vinniedafoolass, you are incapable of critical thinking and have difficulty reading with your bad eyesight….I’m talking about your mancrush Nick Foles!

              Again…say what you want about Sam Bradford…the Coaching Staff and the Players on the team disagree with you and the ‘hate Sam’ crew. Instead of getting benched, like Foles, he became the unquestioned leader on the team. So the team didn’t go in the direction you insisted, they rejected that and decided to go with Sam Bradford.

              Good move and just as I predicted.

              Fool ass Vinnie!

              1. Koolidiot would immediately trade

                Matthews, Aghalor, and Ertz for (just a sec I have to look up who the STL WRs are) Kenny Britt, Miles Austin and Lance Kendricks because he….wait for it….thinks they are better!

                The lesson, as always, is that everything Koolidiot says is wrong.

              2. You are so desperate, dumb, and delusional Vinniedafoolass

                You cant win straight up…so you resort to lying,twisting and distortion…

                It will not work FoolassVinnie

                The Rams wide receivers (not tight ends FOOL ASS) were better with Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Brian Quick were a better than the Eagles who were saddled with the atrocious Miles Austin, the awful Riley Cooper, and the unproductive Josh Huff

                The Rams’ biggest problems that hurt their receivers production was the atrocious, embarrassing play of the absolutely worst QB in the NFL last year…Nick Foles.

                Its clear that he was the problem….he was humiliated going from a franchise QB to a Qb that sabotaged the Rams chances at the playoffs so badly they benched his ass….TWICE!

                You can dance, duck, dip, dodge, and deny Vinniedafoolass…but your legacy is chained to Foles. He was the franchise QB you wanted to desperately to lead our Eagles team and who you wanted to return to the Eagles…

                Kelly the GM for all of his faults and mistakes…avoided that catastrophic disaster that you wanted the team to commit to…a long term contract designating him as the Franchise QB!

                GM Kelly was right about Nick Foles…and you were dead wrong!

                Fall back Fool Ass!

          2. “Foles had No Valuebecause GM Kelly did not know what the he’ll he was doing…”

            Bullshit…he had no value because he sucks and Coach Kelly knows that the film reveals a QB that sucks…GM Kelly had very little options. When the trade first went down many of us thought that the Eagles had pulled the Steal of the Century and that the Rams were handing over their 10th pick in the 1st round….us giving up the second round pick when we know that there was a team willing to give up a first round pick for Bradford at the time…made it a fair deal.
            GM Kelly’s best move by far was getting rid of Nick Foles

            1. Koolbreeze now announcing Chip Kelly the GM knew what he was doing.

              The lesson, as always, is that everything Koolidiot says is wrong.


              In 3 mins you announced the STL receiving corps are better than the Eagles, and Chip Kelly knew what he was going as GM.

              Keep digging putz.

              1. LOL…Vinniedafool…we all know that I was right and you were dead wrong about your mancrush-Nick Foles…

                GM Kelly’s best move for the Eagles franchise was dumping him…the other things were snake eyes…he gambled and lost!

                We also know that you have been dead wrong about everything this year…about the Eagles direction, about the moves…about the direction of the new Coaching Staff that you now hate with a passion since they have rejected and embarrassed you…


                Fall back…waaaay back Vinnie…your outta touch!

              2. Update.

                Koolbreeze would now only trade Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor for fatso Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin because he clearly thinks STL wide receivers are better.



                No wonder you liked Chip Kelly’s GM moves because you are as stupid as he is.

              3. Poor Vinnie! You are still stuck!

                Desperate looking to escape your humiliation…

                now you are babbling incoherently…

                Chip Kelly didn’t get it done…but he absolutely did one thing that we all can thank him for…one thing that was getting rid of your mancrush…the guy you thought was going to take us to a Super Bowl…

                How could you be so ignorant…so wrong…you thought he was a franchise player…but he turned out to be a complete and total bust

                You thought he would redeem your faith in him in St Louis and it gnaws at you that he failed so miserably

                Good Defense, Solid receivers, excellent running game…

                The Weak Link? Nick Foles

                CTFU!!! Thanks Chip…you at least helped us out by getting rid of Vinny’s mancrush! .

  7. One thing that gets lost in all this was the Curious timing of the Trading of Franchise RB LeSean McCoy by Chip Kelly early last Off-Season
    If Chip Kelly was serious about obtaining the Titans #2 Overall Pick in order to Select QB Mariota then why trade your Franchise RB (McCoy) to the Bills for a LB coming off an ACL Injury (Alonso) when trying to make the most attractive offer to the Titans who actually needed a RB as well as a QB.,

      1. Well we do know that is no QB or really any Player in this 2016 Draft that is worth mortgaging for the future. I hope the Eagles remain aggressive and can use a combination of some Mid Round Picks (4th/5th) with some of their Players to get some better picks ..
        Maybe a DE Graham or a WR Huff or a MSII or a Ryan Matthews with a 3rd or 4th or 5th Round Pick to get an earlier 2nd or 3rd or 4th Rd Round Pick

    1. Chip never followed a cogent plan. …ever ..nothing was cause and about trading Murray ,who we know now they liked ..that would have made even more sense ..

  8. Sam I am …is still a pawn ..Howie retained an aset..rather than watching a two and the qb..walk out the door..I still sense a deal which is why Daniels deal was loaded as it was…I really think that this is the most viable plan B.More moves to follow..

    1. You can desperately hold out that hope but Sam Bradford is the QB and will be the starting QB of the team this year. His issue just like it was for Vick is simply staying healthy…and the moves we make in improving the offensive line goes is important.
      You “Sam Bashers” are reminding me of the ‘Obama birthers….delusional denials….its over…

      Sam Bradford is the QB…he’s not going anywhere he wont be traded and Pederson has made it obvious-He’s the Starter

      His contract protects the team in case he gets hurt again…otherwise it reflects what the Eagles believe…He’s the QB!

  9. I’m going to kindly avoid any LLCB post’s but I will ask What in the blue hell was Tennessee thinking by turning that down? Chances are they would’ve had 2 too 5 picks in this draft. Idiots.

  10. Agreed Big. Insane to turn that deal down.

    For as many people in here saying that that is a crazy deal, there were just as many advocating for Chip to trade the farm for Mariotta. A lot of revisionist history in here.

  11. 3 to 4 High Draft Picks plus a Player or Two is about right for a True “Franchise QB” .. Will Mariota be a “Franchise QB” .. Who knows but he got off to a pretty good start last year playing on a pretty bad Team

  12. The fact that the titans turned that down is a major indictment of sideways Sammy. If that deal was proposed and a 28 year old Romo or e guy in San Diego can’t think of his name (I’m stuck on Dan Fouts) or breeze or Eli or just about any really good qb they would have taken that deal. Let’s see a top five D tackle , a ‘franchise ‘ qb, multiple high picks… Um yes you take the deal….
    Notice I didn’t say a 28 year old Peyton or Brady or Rodgers …

          1. John Hadl (that’s the correct spelling), played for SD under Sid Gillman in the old air it out AFL days… Threw the ball to two Lances…Alworth and Rentzel. My uncle won the job as his back up in 66 or 67 but had a job, wife and 2 kids back in Delaware and it didn’t pay enough for him to move his family out there. So I always followed him as a kid.

    1. Mayock is wrong. How Wentz is so highly rated and we never have seen him against top flight competition is beyond me. Goff hasn’t played that well against good opponents either…these guys ‘might’ be good but they simply benefiting from a QB starved league…

      1. Charley Casserly said basically the same thing as Mayock.

        The Eagles would be wise to move into position to get one of these QBs…. The better Sam Bradford plays in the next two years the more important it is to get a new QB NOW. We might not be in position to draft this high for a couple years if Sam delivers his typical 7-9 season.

      2. Kool, you can’t have it both ways as it relates to Goff not playing well against good competition. Cal’s offensive line was craptacular and their WR’s are average..sound familiar? You have repeatedly argued to me that football is a team sport…correct? The same argument you make to explain Bradford’s bad play can be used for Goff. However, Goff got beat up this year behind that O-line, Goff was never injured, unlike Sam in college. I have stated I watched Goff for two years, he is the perfect QB for Doug’s system (WCO). I acknowledge Sam is the starter for 2016, I have had to get over it..move on and acknowledge that, as it stands now it’s a fact, however, I do not see him as the long term solution. I think with the right coaching, Goff will be a very good highly effective QB, especially in the WC system, his strengths play directly into what would be asked of him, plus he can get it down field. I like Wentz too, but, this post is in response to your criticism of Goff. I have to be honest, at this point I do not know what the Eagles are going to do, I do know that if the top two tackles are off the board before 8 the Eagles will not reach for a Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker. The O line can be addressed in later rounds with players that will be able to come in and play. Also, watch out for player already on the Eagles squad, Guard Malcolm Bunche, I think the kid is a player.

        1. Sam Bradford has, what was it…12 wins or so against teams over .500 in his entire NFL career (and 4 were against Arizona).

          When he faces “tough” competition he folds like a walmart tent. So the “only plays well against bad competition” describes his love to a “t”.

        2. “Kool, you can’t have it both ways as it relates to Goff not playing well against good competition. Cal’s offensive line was craptacular and their WR’s are average..sound familiar? You have repeatedly argued to me that football is a team sport…correct? The same argument you make to explain Bradford’s bad play can be used for Goff.”

          EHL, what a desperate reach here…its like comparing apples to steak…there is a world of difference between an NFL starting QB evaluation and a college QB prospect that we are trying to figure out if he can play in the NFL.
          Goff hands are small, he’s often inaccurate, he is rail thin…he’s not a high end prospect like Andrew Luck or Jameis Winston….he’s a player that should be taken towards the end of the 1st round or probably the second round.
          Bradford with all of those things that you mentioned still completed 65% of his passes in the NFL…that is a world of difference from the Pac-10, EHL!

          1. Kool…Bradford is rail thin…injury riddled and briddle..but this is not a problem…Goff is rail thin and has never been injured…but somehow in your world this is a oroblem..OK…LMAO..Bradford is not to accurate himself…Goff will only improve as he has yet to reach his ceiling…and he will fill out size wise. Bradford is what he is…average. You make excuses for Bradford…it is a team is the o line…it is the wr’s. However no one else gets the benefit of these same reasons and excuses. College or not…ultimate double standard and hypocrisy you got there buddy. Chris Givens an excellent pick up but he stunk with the Rams while Bradford was there…now he is excellent…lol…you got a million of them.

            1. Oh, forgot to mention that Doug Pederson stated that Sam Bradford has put on 5 pounds of weight..lmao…why was it important for him to mention that?! 28 year old man with a gangly rail thin teenage boy body that is brittle.

            2. EHL…your desperate and your comparison is desperate and ridiculous

              Using your logic, why not just draft a kid like Vernon Adams out of Oregon with our No#8 pick since some say he plays like Russell Wilson?

              Again…Goff is a college QB that has to prove he can play on the NFL level…are you telling me he is a can’t miss prospect like Andrew Luck or Winston?

              Bradford played here last year and the new Coach saw the film of what he did on the NFL level…again EHL, like it or not, there is a big difference from evaluating a college player and projecting him as a pro and looking at an NFL player. Bradford, NFL film showed toughness, he stood in the pocket and made throws. This is why he is here as the No#1 QB! His film speaks for him.

              It spoke so much that the Eagles are taking the gamble with his injury history and decided that Bradford will be paid as the 11th highest player in the NFL in 2016 with a 2 year 35 million dollar deal.

              Given his injury history…the deal works for me

              EHL, you can stomp and whine and make these illogical comparisons of evaluation between an established NFL QB and an unproven, questionable prospect out of college

              You are only kidding yourself buddy…the Eagles are not drafting Goff, Wentz…they will grab a QB…take a flyer in the later rounds…a rookie to ride the bench…but get used to it…Sam Bradford is the QB of this team!

              1. are desperate to show Bradford is an above average QB..You make all the excuses up in the world to justify why Bradford who is an NFL qb for six years has never been successful and is still looking to become successful. I will give Sam credit for making plenty of money riding that potential wave and pedigree nonsense. Make all the excuses you want..Sam has been unsuccessful…or do you disagree..without floating your excuses out there what has he accomplished? Lmao.
                All college qb’s must come in and prove they can wanted Manziel because he had IT…you was not concerned about him having to prove anything coming out of college. I told you he could not play in the nfl…but you wanted Chip to bust a move and take him. The 3 players you wanted the Eagles to take in the first…Manziel, Louis Nix and Boyd are either out of the league or not on a team due to non production. Sorry bruh..I can not trust your evaluation when it comes to college talent translating into the pros. sound desperate making all the excuses up to try to explain away Sam’s less than average career…he is a one year prove it to me bust thus far.

              2. EHL…I haven’t tried to prove that Bradford is above average QB at all…

                I dont have to prove that Bradford is a ‘top-notch’ QB like his Coach obviously believes…

                I dont have to argue about Bradford’s career at all…

                My argument is sound and simple. I have simply contended that Sam Bradford is the best available QB to the Philadelphia Eagles.

                Bottom Line….

                His teammates believe in him

                The New Head Coach wanted him, has made it clear that he wanted him and has said that the Eagles can win with him!

                This is good enough for me!

                In playing for the Eagles last year, I saw exactly what I predicted

                A Qb that played better as the season went on…A Qb who completed 65% of his passes coming off of a 2 year layoff due to ACL injuries…and despite having a poor offensive line, shitty receivers like Riley Cooper and Josh Huff, and a weak and inconsistent running game, and a defense that sucks and could not keep the team in games.

                These are not excuses they are facts…when a QB completes 65% of his passes under these kind of conditions it tells me the guy can play.

                EHL , any guy you suggest that is available to the Eagles is simply not better than Bradford. The rookies in the draft are not that good…Wentz, Goff, and Lynch are all reaches as top ten picks. All of them. There was no other free agent QB that was available that is as good as Bradford.

                This is the basis of my sound argument….
                You want to desperately reach and distort the record in a lame effort to discredit me…Taj Boyd I liked as a late round pick…I didn’t know Manziel was an alcoholic and I liked Nix as a second round pick…

                So what they didn’t work out…are you going to tell me EHL that every guy you liked in the college draft made it and are successful players in the league…you dont have any misses?

                If you say that I’ll say you are lying…everyone misses on someone in the draft.

                The reality is that the Eagles made the right move at QB…

                Sam Bradford is the QB of this team and if other parts of the team comes together, if our defense and running game improve, if we reasonably protect the QB…and Bradford stays healthy, I have no doubt the Eagles will be soon signing him to a long term deal because he can play!

                Accept reality EHL

                Sam Bradford is the QB of the Team!

              3. Kool, I have already acknowledged that Bradford is the QB for the 2016 season, I have done so on 3 posts, one of them in direct response to you so there is no need to say that I need to accept it when I have done so already. However, that does not mean I agree or have to agree with it, that is neither here nor there as I have no control over that. I have also stated that once the season starts I will root for the Eagles with Bradford under center. That does not mean I have to like Bradford, I do not believe in him as a franchise QB that can get it done and elevate the level of the players around him. I am rooting for the team though, so by default I will be rooting for Bradford to be successful.
                To answer your other question, no I have not gotten that many picks wrong in one draft when it comes to high draft pick choices (rounds 1-3)…call me a liar, don’t care.
                I am not desperate enough to hang my hat on a perennial average QB who has come up short when the moment counted to win a big game to get into the playoffs. Bradford has done this, I will roll the dice on finding a QB that can get it done when it counts. As far as the players, Multiple players came out in support of Foles being the guy when he was here so I take all of that player talk with a grain of salt. The undisputed fact is that Bradford got a 1 year prove it to me deal, the Eagles made it clear they are looking for a QB to groom for the QB of the future. I do not think Bradford is the long term answer, the one year deal says that that is what the Eagles are thinking too, it’s not about his injury history, he was ok on that front last year. he has all kinds of incentives in his contract if he performs well, meet certain escalator clauses and gets to the play offs. it’s about performance, not injury. He gets 4 mil to go away if he gets hurt.
                For the last time, Yes, in my opinion Bradford will be starting under center in 2016 until he goes out with an injury…it does not kill me to say it or acknowledge it. He will get us the standard Bradford 7 wins, couple of games off for injury and inconsistency, then people will blame Pederson, the coaches, the O line, the receivers and smoothies.

    2. Kooltwit does not respect the opinion of Mike Maylock because Maylock is not a 20 yr old student in the UK.

      If that were the case, Kooltwit would be screaming about “excellent articles and opinions!!”

      1. Well we know not to respect the opinion and view of Vinniedafoolass!

        The 20 year old kid in the UK did a better job than you Vinnie…CTFU!!

        Remember? You were so locked in on the Bradford situation:

        March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
        Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

        “Its 4:30
        Do you know where your franchise tag is?
        Crickets. No deal.
        Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days. (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)
        He hasn’t signed the Eagles “upped” offer (if there ever was one) and will test the market and there’s no reason why he would accept an Eagles Deal now before March 7th. What would be the point.
        He must feel great too. The Eagles want him back so much, they reduced the offer they made to him last year by 30%.
        “We love you Sam! You were great over your last 7 games! He’s our new offer….We know you will agree that paying you 14 mill, the lowest of any veteran QB not named Dalton or Fitzpatrick is fair don’t you think? We love you so much, we’re offering you an embarassingly low starter offer! You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less! See how much we think of you Sammy Baby! How could you not sogn. Forget testing the market in 6 days buddy…oh, and don’t forget….this fanbase LOVES you! They are extremely excited of the prospect of you leading the Birds next year. They’re The enthusiasm is ozzing from their pores. Wait till you hear the ovation you get next year! And don’t worry, they will be very very forgiving when toss an early pick and spend the rest of the game throwing 2 yrd curls on 3rd and 8.”
        He’s testing the market now.”

        CTFU!!! The kid from the UK had it right…fool ass…LMAO!!!

        1. Ummmm….what did I say that was wrong? Oh…it wasn’t a 14 mill deal?

          Instead it was a pathetic, insulting one year deal. LOL. Lots of “respect shown there right? A one year deal. Osweiler got 4. We love you so much Sam…here’s a one year deal to hold the place of our new rookie coming in. Enjoy it now!

          And the fanbase is very very excited about it too. Enthusiasm is ozzing for Sammy Sevens right?? LOL. Only you are excited about the twig under centre this year.

          And especially with his terrible WRs that you would instantly trade to Stl for their Wrs who are so much better.


          You can’t make this shit up!

          1. “Ummmm….what did I say that was wrong? ”


            You are so stuck on stupid, Vinniedafoolass!!!!

            “What did I say wrong?”….LMAO

            Vinniedafoolass bold prediction…the Eagles draft Paxton Lynch and gets rid of Sam Bradford:

            “We love you Bradford, but we’re picking a new QB at 13 because…well…you know….” Does Bradford want to sign with a team that is picking his successor just as he is signing his FA cxontract.

            “What did I say wrong?” Vinniedafoolass, how about this here:

            “You know it… you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

            He’s still here Vinniedafool…

            “Where was I wrong”…

            March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
            Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

            “Its 4:30
            Do you know where your franchise tag is?
            Crickets. No deal.
            Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days.

            WRONG, Vinniedafoolass

            (I’m sure he’s already had “nudge nudge wink wink” negotiations already)

            WRONG again Vinniedafool

            He hasn’t signed the Eagles “upped” offer (if there ever was one) and will test the market and there’s no reason why he would accept an Eagles Deal now before March 7th. What would be the point.

            DEAD WRONG…deal was signed right as you were typing this…Vinniedadumbass

            “We love you Sam! You were great over your last 7 games! He’s our new offer….We know you will agree that paying you 14 mill, the lowest of any veteran QB not named Dalton or Fitzpatrick is fair don’t you think? We love you so much, we’re offering you an embarassingly low starter offer! You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less!”

            WRONG… Vinniedafoolass…

            Eagles sign Bradford to a 2 year $35,000,000 dollar contract! His contract makes him the 11th highest paid player for 2016…a far cry from Vinniedafoolass “worst starter contract”…LMAO

            WRONG, WRONG, WRONG….smh…dam…ya dead wrong Vinniedafoolass!

            1. Again, reading comprehension, nuance, subtelty, ….all these things lost on you eh kid?

              (Again that poor public school system)

              14 million….whatever…the fact is I was talking about how the Eagles didn’t respect Sammy swevens. And sorry bud, they don’t.

              Its a one year embarassment of a deal.

              Its now a deal for a #1. Not a deal for a guy they respect. Not a deal for a guy they think is capable of carrying the team forward. Its a 1 year “insurance” deal as they bridge to whatever comes next. Nothing more.

              Spin it any way you want…but I was completely correct. Its an embarassing deal for a “starter”. Especially for one who you pretend to love as much as you do.

              Its no big beal…I’ll have to watch ole slumpy for another 6 or 8 games before he gets snapped in half again and the future takes over.

              1. “but I was completely correct”


                No Vinniedafoolass…what you are is “completely delusional”

                Over and over again you embarrass yourself over QB’s…you are so incompetent, so foolish…always missing the boat…

                Your repeated statements and predictions had Sam Bradford out of here…I know your decreased mental capabilities brought about by being homeless and destitute stimulates a lot of this delusion you exhibit, Vinniedafool…but let me assist your faulty memory.

                Remember it was you who claimed:

                “You know it… you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

                Well…where did he go Vinniedafoolass?

                When that didn’t work, you come up with more bullshit:

                “You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less!”


                The deal Sam Bradford signed makes him the 11th highest paid player in the NFL for 2016, it provides him more guaranteed money than the franchise tag would have given him and given his injury history…Its a good deal for the Eagles that didn’t hurt their cap…and a good deal for Sam Bradford.

                smh…how dumb you look Vinniedafoolass

                You are always short, Vinniedafoolass…always wrong, always missing…

                Fool Ass!

              2. Why do you keep lying??

                According to

                Bradford’s contract (35mill – total value) ranks 20th among NFL quarterbacks.
                (hmmm…that’s weird that I said 20th eh??)

                His avg/year ranks 17th amnong QBs

                His total cash for next year only ranks 8th among QBs

                So this “11th highest paid player in the league” bullshit is just another in a long list of desperate pretender lies you attempt to make up to somehow convince others that Sammy Sideways is great.

                Its a pathetic, embarassing deal for a once touted, #1 pick, “full of potential” loser who has to now grovel for “2” year (really 1) year “prove it” deals to keep his career alive for another 6 or 8 games.


              3. Sam Bradford aka sideways Sammy ..Sam I am..sham the man ..was paid commiserate ,to his value,which when scrutinized through a non -biased prejudiced optic ,is ,mediocrity ..middle of the pack..yes he got a tad more like n a one year deal,but ,that’s because ,it is team friendly ,and you need give up something to obtain that ..So in essence ,it was below mediocrity ,if fiscal football is on the table..

              4. “Why do you keep lying??”

                I can answer. because for years he has been raked over the coals and made fun of for years everyone laughed at him – from boyd, to johnny drunk, to ej manual, to sanchez, vick and the 10 other losers he backed… well with sam this offseason he finally got what he wanted, the eagles players and front office is saying things that support his guy so he is basking in being right (and i say that loosely) for now about his boy. he finally got a blog win and he is cherishing every second as noted by his 1am, 4 am and 24/7 bradford posts

              5. What is truly embarrassing is your desperation Vinniedafoolass

                Sam Bradford’s cash salary for 2016 ranks him 8th amongst QB’s in the league- see Spotrac

                8 Eli Manning
                Eli Manning
                Quarterback $18,000,000
                Sam Bradford
                Sam Bradford
                Quarterback $18,000,000

                The total value of his contract according to the Sporting News makes him the 18th highest paid player in the NFL

                According to Spotrac, ranking players according to cashvalue of his 2016 contract makes him the 11th rank player along with Malik Jackson and Eli Manning:

                11 Malik Jackson
                Malik Jackson
                Defensive End $18,000,000
                Eli Manning
                Eli Manning
                Quarterback $18,000,000
                Sam Bradford
                Sam Bradford
                Quarterback $18,000,000

                Anyway you slice it fool, Sam Bradford has nothing at all to complain or be embarrassed about when it comes to his contract. The Eagles got a short term contract which is totally reasonable given Bradford’s injury record…and you Vinniedafoolass are ass out, dumb, and WRONG yet again…

                Fool Ass!!

              6. What “desperation” twit?

                Sam Bradford sucks. You know it. I know it. Eveyone, including Eagles brass knows it, that’s why they have him as a one year placeholder (and perhaps not even).

                Again….very simple. Sam Bradford is a terrible, injury prone pussy at QB and the Eagles will never win a SB (let alone make the playoffs) with him playing like he always does when a game is important (terribly).

                There is nothing desperate about that. And I’ll be very patient watching that wuss check down 282x untill he gets snapped in half around week 8 like he always does and we’ll (finally) get to see the futute of the Birds take the field.

                The only desperate one is you, trying so desperately to “prove” the guy is legit.

                In fact…think about that for a moment. You constantly write self-flagellating opuses about the guy….if he was any good….would you need to?

              7. and BTW…you did read where I wrote:

                “His total cash for next year only ranks 8th among QBs”

                before you wrote:

                “Sam Bradford’s cash salary for 2016 ranks him 8th amongst QB’s in the league- see Spotrac”

                That whole “reading comprehension” thing biting you in the ass again.

                Now please, tell us again how you’d trade the Eagles Wrs for the Stl Wrs because they are so much better…..

              8. “and BTW…you did read where I wrote:

                “His total cash for next year only ranks 8th among QBs”

                before you wrote:

                “Sam Bradford’s cash salary for 2016 ranks him 8th amongst QB’s in the league- see Spotrac”

                That whole “reading comprehension” thing biting you in the ass again.”

                CTFU!!! Poor Vinniedafoolass

                You see, “comprehension”-reading, understanding situations and circumstances is your problem period, Vinniedadfoolass…probably why you still reside on that bench in Fairmont park!

                You just don’t get it…you don’t see that Bradford’s total cash for 2016 gives him a very respectable – 8th highest ranking amongst QB’s…when your dumbass proclaimed that Bradford took a demeaning deal…

                In addition to that, his deal places him 11th amongst all players in the league:

                According to Spotrac, ranking players according to cashvalue of his 2016 contract makes him the 11th rank player in the NFL along with Malik Jackson and Eli Manning:

                11. Malik Jackson
                Malik Jackson
                Defensive End $18,000,000
                Eli Manning
                Eli Manning
                Quarterback $18,000,000
                Sam Bradford
                Sam Bradford
                Quarterback $18,000,000
                (Taken from Spotrac)

                Only an babbling Fool ass idiot like you Vinnie would see contract with a cash value that places him as 11th in the NFL in compensation amongst all players-would see a deal like that as demeaning.

                Sleeping on them damm park benches must do something to your ability to process information and comprehend facts, Vinnie you fool ass!

                This is in direct contrast to what you proclaimed about what Bradford would be getting…you forget that it was you who proclaimed that Sam would be on the low end of salaries in the league for 2016:

                Remember it was you who claimed:

                “You will be the 20th paid QB in the NFL! Only guys on rookie deals and backups will get less!”

                So instead of 20th like you predicted he’s up to the 8th paid…and so you are so flummoxed, confused, and baffled….you harp in a bewildered daze:

                “His total cash for next year only ranks 8th among QBs”

                Way to go Vinnie…you are good at biting yourself in the ass, Vinniedaidiotass…LMAO!!!

                And to add to this utter stupidity on your part, we cant forget that according to you Sam Bradford wasn’t going to have a deal here at all with the Eagles you said:

                “You know it… you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

                Dumb, Dumber…Idiot Ass

                Anyway you slice it fool, Sam Bradford has nothing at all to complain or be embarrassed about when it comes to his contract. Sam Bradford by any reasonable standard has got an excellent deal for him and its a good deal for the Eagles…its not a “hometown discount’, and its clearly not how you are attempting to characterize it….a humiliating deal for Bradford…

                However, it does serve to prove that yet once again…you are a dumb, fool ass-Vinnie…LMAO

                smh…you are just Ass out…CTFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fool!!!!!!!!!

              9. As usual, Vinnie takes the most extreme point of view to try and really push his point. When will he learn?

                You were wrong about Kolb
                You were wrong about Foles
                You were wrong about Vick
                You were wrong about Bradford.

                Perhaps just sit tight and root for the guy thats under center. Or…. quick…. make another bet that you have no intention on keeping.

                It’s time to pick a new topic simpleton, the joke (aka -you) has worth thin.

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              1. And the real racists have exposed themselves – mac dolo and koolbreeze. that is an amazing song and video, no body humiliating themselves whatsoever. But your take on it is ” nothing but a bunch of black people looking, and acting, like a bunch of imbeciles”.

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                2 fuckin looozers with no life. kool posting at 4 am last night loooooooooooooooozah, watching the super bowl on gcobb . com loooooooooozah, mac dolo crying about about how racist it is to post a hilarious song Pyscho

              2. according to mac dolo

                posting an ice cube video – racist
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                posting a music video – racist!

                how what an imbecile you are

  13. Kool I wouldn’t be so dismissive and confident that Sammy is unequivocally the QB for 2016 for the Eagles.Lets dissect the plausibility of this argument ..He is now an increased value asset ,signed basically on a one year deal ,with a friendly second year option ..He’s now entering his second season removed ,from a twice injured knee..He now is more attractive ,than he was ,unsigned seeking a free agent deal …His value would have been zero,had the Eagles let him walk ..IF …the Eagles are high on any of the Qbs which of the teams ahead possibly would be interested in Sam I am vs an albeit ,healthy unknown quantity ?in my estimation the Jets perhaps.Perhaps San Fran ..or Dallas ? So there are potential suitors ..if you don’t discount that there was interest last draft for Sam ,why would one year removed from injury ,and a “short term “show me” deal might not tempt ?

    1. LOL…c’mon deserteagle…some of you guys simply refuse to accept the reality…

      Its over, its a wrap..

      Sam Bradford -barring injury- is the starting QB for 2016

      I have consistently provided the sound reasons why and my prediction in this have been dead on target.

      Book it!

      The main thing that all of you refused to look at and consider is that Sam Bradford’s teammates wanted him back. Ertz, Matthews, and other teammates have badgered the Eagles about resigning Bradford. You continually reject the new Coach’s statements over and over again…”Sam Bradford is a top-notch QB”, “We want Sam Bradford back”, “Sam Bradford is the No#1”, “We can make the playoffs with Sam Bradford”

      You continually ignore statements from the GM…”We want Bradford”, “We havent’ looked at Bradford’s cap hit if we trade him because we haven’t discussed trading him”

      After all of these statements do you really believe Eagles Management would undermine their credibility by getting rid of Sam after he signed the deal??? Would they so foolishly undermine their new Head Coach and his relationship with the Players to bring in an untested rookie reach in the draft??

      Bullshit…Sam’s the Quarterback!

      Keep burying your head into the sands of denial…

      Its over, done and finished-Sam Bradford is the guy.

      And if he doesn’t get seriously injured, buckle up…he going to be here for awhile!

      Book it!!

      1. Statements are irrelevant.

        He was signed to a one year embarassment of a deal for a “starting” QB.

        “We love you Sam!! – Now here’s a one year contract!!”

      2. Kool… you need to understand that “teammates” and management spin is a ploy used by the NFL ..Murray stated “I’m not unhappy” after th story broke ,that he wanted out of philly..Looking back,Nick Foles was the “guy” all likelihood Sam is a Missouri license plate “the show me state” he’s basically ,a one year wonder boy ,or what he’s always been ..Wether we can tempt a likely suitor on draft day is up for review ..all I’m stating is that a few ,things point me,to believe that’s plausible..He’s on a one year deal ..Chase Daniels wasn’t …the smoke screen that th Eagles aren’t looking at QB ,makes me believe they ,very well may covet one of them ..all of this is mere speculation and will be sorted out ,within the next few weeks ..your leg humping of Sam ,aside ..

        1. deserteagle, my history is better than yours….we all have a few mules but you have way more than me.

          Your conspiracy about a trade of Bradford is ridiculous….and on Draft Day…you will discover just how ridiculous it is.

          What the Eagles are doing with regards to Sam Bradford it is obvious when you factor in all of the components. The notion that Sam is a ‘draft day chip’ can be dismissed as ridiculous because there has been too much stated publically from the Coaches, from players, from management about Sam being the No#1 QB.
          Not to mention the cap considerations, the front office credibility that the organization has worked hard to re-establish with the Kelly fiasco and the Riley Cooper disaster, and the very simple reality that Sam Bradford is the best available QB for the Eagles.
          Its playing out like I called it…deserteagle…you are grasping for straws

        2. deserteagle, everyone knew that Murray saying he was happy was bullshit…no one believed that…there is a big difference between that and the Sam Bradford situation where you had the Coach coming in with repeated statements saying that Bradford could lead us to the playoffs and that he is a “top-notch” Quarterback, combine that with repeated reports that Bradford is the leader of the offensive and that the Players wanted him back..(no such reports about anyone wanting Murray back)

  14. Sam Bradford & Fiance seen looking at Chip Kelly’s old House in Haddonfield
    per Sources at Coldwell Banker Realty…

      1. Tribe was awesome! Still annoyed they broke up and never got back together. Saw them at the electric factory with talib.

  15. Kool ,your history isn’t great ..some of the mules of the past ,are self evident.I will state that ,he’s currently being shipped to potential suitors,if the deal returns a two,and more ,he’s discussed at. High levels ..politics ,always is an ingredient ,in fact because it’s not disclosed,it’s a poison pill ,in back room ,discussions..Howies bug up his behind parts ,reaches much further..I contend SAMs deal was a face changer deal.By that I mean , Sam I s still a chess piece ,that has Chips DNA fingerprints all over it..Howies signed a one year ,promissory note ,(probably had to ,overpay for that accommodation ). …I haven’t heard any disclosure. ,as in the past deal ,taht Sam has any trade clauses? Mmmm…possibly that was. A critical piece of news ..they sign Daniels to a deal that at first (based upon commitment ) time and value of a back up ,are ambiguous..They committed more as an organization ,to Daniels..that’s a fact ..Sam is being packaged as a known commodity ,with tape vs.last year ,which was a complete roll of the dice by chip…that cost Nick Foles and a two ,which with your dismal season ,was a highly coveted retrospect, unless one of two things happen will go down as an abject failure…either Sam ,who you didn’t allow go anywhere else ,or haunted lay ,nobody else was creating any solvent ,long term deals ..and book it ..he’d have been on the first flight out.So now at the draft he’s a marketable ,packaged short term option ,of quarterback dialogue..Lets analyze who is in. That shallow pool to draw comparisons ..kapernick possibly …but. His 13.5 million dollar salary is guaranteed for injury on April 1 st…kapernick has a torn labrum…stay tuned in this ..RG 3 ,was due more than 16 million ,so his bar is not. Low..Ryan Fitzpatrick quote of QB index Gregg rosenthal around the NFL editor..Chase Daniels wether it’s happened late in pre season or in the regular season ,Daniels rarely looks like a step down from Alex Smith in Andy Reid’s system ..and the Sam assessment in that same article ,is an opinion ,I think of many ,who are not watching Sam his whole career .theres no denial that Bradford played better ,down the stretch ,(some with no playoff implication pressure ) although we wouldn’t call his play inspiring ,it looks like a team may very well overpay ,again ..( pre signing rating) ,in which looking now as history ..there. We’re none..of consequence ..So he’s bundled as a former number one ,all spit polished ,signed sealed and possibility ….soon to be delivered ..

  16. Wow. you guys are still on this subject? I thought you would have ended this thing already…. anyway….

    Truth is… Sam is the starting QB for the 2016 Eagles UNLESS…… a team offers something really great for him. What does “really great” look like? Only DP knows.

    I think the plan has been put forth pretty clearly here guys….. I mean… they basically have told you outright.

    1. Sam is the man.They are giving him 1 or 2 years to show what he can do and/or hold down the fort while rookie gets it going. If Sam rocks it… score!!

    2. Much like DP himself, Chase is there to help with the system and also act as insurance policy if Sam breaks knees again. Obviously if he plays lights out in camp he could be the #1 but…. there is no competition.

    3. Rook. If it’s round 1 or 3 or 7… they are bringing in a rook. Personally I think they have a first rounder they like but…. i dont think they will break the bank to get him. They would like the rook to learn the system. They have like 9 qb gurus to teach. No pressure on rook at all. Learn… that’s it. If the birds go 2-7, rook comes in. If not…. rook learns.

    I dont know why this is hard for you guys. I mean…. over and again it’s all been clearly stated both by words and actions what the plan has been. Vinnie may not like it (clear bias) but Sam is the QB. Kool might not get it (no idea why he loves Sam so much) but ANY player has a price. If the Browns offer 7 #1 picks for Brady, he’s gone.

    In other news…… how did the flyers screw that up last night? Grr. They will make the playoffs tho.

    1. DP just said some nice stuff about the uptempo. I am happy to hear that they will use a bit if it here and there. Especially in light of ANdy’s failings in crunch time, I think they could keep a small playbook section for this. I also like they he mentioned giving the QB “more freedom to do more things in, say, a two-minute type mode, that hurry-up tempo.” I would like to see Sam have that freedom because I dont think he did last year.

    2. Stevo your on point for the most part except for two important considerations…

      1-I never said Sam doesn’t have a ‘price’…sure if Tampa says look we will give you Jameis Winston and a 2nd rounder for Bradford and your first rounder….guess what…see ya Sam…however, your not going to get that offer for Bradford…its a pipe dream

      2-putting aside pipe dreams, stupid speculation, and foolish considerations-Sam Bradford is simply the best available QB for the Eagles… this is the bottom line to me liking him. Is he Tom Brady…NO…is he Russell Wilson…NO
      Does he make my top ten QB’s in the league…NO…

      As I have said, over and over again…he is simply the best QB available and I’m convinced that he is better than Wentz, Lynch, and Goff…all of whom are overrated in my view and have ‘bust’ written all over them.

      When anyone starts talking about acquiring a QB that’s better than Bradford…I’m all for it…but Vinnie’s choices of Nick Foles, RG3, or anyone not named Bradford are ridiculous…

      The bottom line is simple and exactly what you stated:
      “Sam is the man.”
      The Eagles contract wisely protects them if he gets hurt, guarantees him 26 million if he stays healthy and plays well for two years
      If he plays well, shows he can stay healthy…we sign him to a bigger deal…if not we cut him loose…

  17. I’m hearing RB Ryan Matthews to the Dolphins for a 4th or 5th Round Pick…
    Eagles may toss in one of their 7th Round Picks with Matthews for the Dolphins 4th Round Pick…

      1. More wishful thinking on my part Pdiddy,
        But The Dolphins are in the Market for a RB since the Broncos matched their offer to CJ Anderson leaving them short at RB with the loss of Lamar Miller to the Texans in Free-Agency andHowie has stated for awhile thatRyam Matthewdwas on the Trade Market

  18. I was right about Kolb. He was better than Vick.
    I was right about Foles. He was better than Vick. He was better than Bradford.
    I was right about Vick. He stinks. His early games in 2010 were a mirage, and the Eagles could/should have traded him when they had a chance.
    And I am right about Bradford. He is a fraidy-cat fragile loser who will not lead the Eagles anywhere.

    1. “I was right about Kolb”

      “I was right about Foles”


      You are falling apart Vinniedafool…you are in a state of pure delusion

      Who today does not know what EHL says about Kolb:

      “He flat out stunk and had no business on an NFL team. His QB career should have ended at the Univ. of Houston. Dude could not make plays or make it through a season. Kolb was simply unaccomplished in any season”

      This is common knowledge about Kevin Kolb that no serious football fan argues with at all…Only a complete fool who proclaim that Kolb was better than almost anyone…


      You call Bradford a “fraidy-cat fragile loser” but defend Kevin Kolb ?!!

      I’ve never seen a QB who was more petrified and scared to death of a pass rush more than Kevin Kolb…he was much worst than Nick ‘Back Foot’ Foles…LOL!!!

      You have absolutely zero credibility Vinniedafoolass

      Kevin Kolb!!


  19. C’mon Vinny, Kolb better than Vick? Kolb was a doughy concussion prone waste of a second round pick. He flat out stunk and had no business on an NFL team. His QB career should have ended at the Univ. of Houston. Dude could not make plays or make it through a season. Kolb was simply unaccomplished in any season.

  20. Yes, I think he was a better option moving forward after the 2010 mirage than Vick. Firstly, they could have gotten 2 firsts for Vick AND had the same production out of the QB position with Kolb as they did with Vick.

    2011 – 2012

    14 games 6W 8L 255 for 436 (58%) 3129yrds 17tds 10 ints 10fumbles
    23 games 10W 13L 457 for 774 (59%) 5665yrds 30tds 24ints 21fumbles

    I don’t give 2 shits if people think Kolb was shit. He was. But so was everyone’s old hero. If Kolb had no business on an NFL team, then what do you have to say about the mini-man scrambler?? He was just as abysmal.

    I was absolutely correct stating that the Eagles would have been better off trading away the mirage MV7wins after the pretend 2010 for what was being offered than trading Kolb away.

    1. Vinny…I would take Vick over Kolb every day and 2x on Sunday.Kolb brought nothing to the table except a glossy glassy eyed stare as if he was looking at a runaway train headed right towards his paralyzed body. Vick was inconsistent…Kolb was consistently horrible and a complete joke.

  21. Let me put this out there with regard to Eagles quarterbacks…

    My feeling (and I think Vinnie and some others feel the same), is this – My first choice of quarterbacks will always be a guy that the Eagles drafted. I can fully understand leaning toward McNabb, Kolb, or Foles over a failed starter from some other team.

    These guys might not have worked out, and they were certainly not always as good as some of the mercenaries that have been here (Garcia, Vick, Sanchez, Bradford), but I would always prefer the home grown guy be given every chance to fail, first.

    Even now, I would much prefer that the Eagles draft a quarterback high in the draft and get him in the lineup as soon as possible.

    In my opinion – The Eagles will never win a super bowl with a retread quarterback. The Eagles will win their first super bowl with a quarterback that they draft.

    To me, time spent with Bradford at quarterback is time wasted.

    1. You can have Matt Barkley, Nick Foles, Mike Kafkam Kevin Kolb, Andy Hall, A.J. Feeley if you want…. none of them are good enough. These are the QB’s the birds have drafted over the last 15 years, ALL of them came after Dmac.. and PLEASE.. never put Kolb in the same sentience as Dmac.

      1. McNabb is also one of the quarterbacks the Eagles drafted and he gave us the best chance we ever had to win a super bowl.

        The next guy that will give us a legitimate chance to win a super bowl will also be a quarterback that the Eagles draft.

        Stevo – your response to my post indicates that you either can’t read, or you are just a dickhead… Do me a favor – don’t attempt to read my post, you’re not equipped.

        1. Correct about McNabb, as I had stated. But that was 16 years ago.

          Also, great comment about my reading skills. Your quick jump to insult instead of dialog reveals much about you. Happy Easter.

          For those who wish to talk rationally, I would draft a QB within the first 3 rounds this year. I lean towards drafting one at 8 but would not break the bank or reach to get it done. Bradford was the best QB available for us and I am glad the Eagles brass sees this as well. Draft a QB and bring him long slow. I am thankful they didnt try to do a Christian Ponder thing here.

        2. What a foolish claim…there is no basis to assume that the guys in this draft can be another McNabb…

          Desperation is setting in…people dont want to give the new Coach a chance…dont want to accept the sound assessment he has made about the Qb position with relation to his own offensive!

          Sam Bradford barring injury will be fine…he showed character, poise, and guts last year. His contract is short term simply because of injuries, not performance related at all…Bradford is not going to be folding under the pressure…he has already put $75 million in the bank and he’s not fretful over a job..he’s smart, he has the arm…the question is can the parts around Bradford perfom…will the running game be better, will the offensive line perform better…and will our defense improve?

          If the other elements are good…Sam will be better…he has already taken leadership over the team…this is Bradford’s team
          So the talk about drafting a rookie high is simply a smoke screen, a ruse, a trick to hopefully induce two of the teams in the top 8 to reach for the Qb’s and then allow the Eagles to have even a better chance to grab maybe even a top 5 talent..

          The Eagles will do well this year…they are on the right track…they simply have to stay on the right track by getting the draft right!!

  22. What we have in this year’s draft are QB’s on the level of Garrett Grayson or Bryce Petty from last year but have been catapulted to the top by pure desperation. Both of the top QB’s bring huge question marks..Goff was a turnover machine in college…and he ran that spread offense in college, since we dont have Chip Kelly anymore how long…if ever will Goff be able to adapt to a pro style more conventional offense? Wentz has the intangibles, he has the body and the arm…but the level of competition is so different…who has he played at North Dakota State…
    The rest of the Qb’s are not even worthy of discussion…
    The Eagles should play it smart…get a player that can come in and start on your offensive or defensive lines…if you have evaluated Eliot as a superstar running back…take him…no need for a desperate reach!

    1. Kool, you have made it very clear that the Eagles will not take either Wentz or Goff so no worries for you…no need to keep explaining why. They are garbage….got it. Manziel n the other hand has “IT”. Don’t blame it on the alcohol, he can’t play in the pros period. He was an alcoholic in college too…but he had it!!!

      1. I have explained it as much as you have pestered us with updates on these QB’s…you dont have to keep telling us how great Goff is…as for Manziel…so what…he never played for the Eagles and in the system that I thought was suited for him…your point is irrelevant…I never said he would be great in Cleveland…and we dont know how good you could of been because he is a drunk…

        1. Kool…I never exclaimed how great Goff is…I do not hype QB’s like you do..”Manziel has IT…bust a move Chip”. I believe Goff and Wentz will be very good with the proper coaching..I think Wentz can be special with the proper coachibg..I do not hype them up stating…oohhh…look at that throw….tight windows..look at the scrambling ability…you gush and ooze over qb’s like you did with Sanchez in the Thxgiving 2014 game against Dallas.
          Sorry kool…I do not care if Manziel never played for the Eagles you wanted that bum here because he has it! I will never let you live that down or forget it!

          1. EHL…embarrassing…desperate and lying

            My ‘gushing’ for Sanchez was to say if he led the Eagles to the playoffs he should have the starting job over Foles…

            Your consistent with your lies and distortions EHL…LOL…lets dismissed the thousands of times on here that I said and I quote:

            “Sanchez and Foles both suck”

            Doesn’t fit your narrative…so ignore it..

            You need to learn how to distinguish an ‘excuse’ for ‘reality’

            Reality: I said Manziel would do well in Chip Kelly’s system
            Reality: Manziel didn’t play in Chip Kelly’s system
            Reality: Manziel is an alcoholic, its hard for any drunk to play well in the NFL

            Those are not excuses EHL…its reality…wake up son…

            One day you may learn the difference!!

        2. Manziel is a drunk…more excuses from the excuse maker..koolbreeze…the king of Manziel did not make it because his ability is not good enough…Koolbreezes book of 101 excuses..should be a best seller.

    2. Kool. Take it easy dry humping Sam’s leg..those knees are fragile..I must admit if Sam’s I line protected him as well as you..he may prove you precient..

    3. Kool, Goff was a turnover machine in college?

      2013 18 TD 10 ints
      2014 35 TD 7 ints
      2015 43 TD 13 ints

      That’s a turnover machine?! LOL….OK…especially considering his wr core.

      Goff’s skills and ability are strongly suited for a west coast offense in a pro system, you continue to provide evidence that you do not know what you are talking about when it comes to college QB’s…as I said before you watched a clip or two of Goff and try to analyze his game, it’s quite comical. You have no idea what you are talking about. Manziel has “IT”!!!

        1. Are you kidding…you are leaving out the kids fumbling problems too…

          In a pressure, primetime game on national television against Utah who was ranked 5th in the nation at the time…..Goff fell apart in the first half and threw 4 picks and added another pick in the second half for a whopping 5 pics in one game

          2013 18 TD 10 ints
          2014 35 TD 7 ints
          2015 43 TD 13 ints

          Add on this the 23 fumbles in his career…

          Now to the kid’s credit he cut down on fumbling the ball this year as his interception rate went up…

          Your guys need to stop acting like this kid is a ‘cant miss’ prospect…he’s NOT a sure-fire All-Pro QB….he’s got question marks…we are not talking Jameis Winston, Mariota, or Andrew Luck when we talk about Jared Goff..

          The kid as some skills that should make him a low first rounder early second rounder tops…not a Top-15 Quarterback he should hope that Chip Kelly grabs him up so he wont have to go under a center for the first time in ages…

          Short of that…the kid is probably a bust…

          Book it!

          1. Kool, any college QB you do not like, I am good with…college QB’s you do like, e.g. Manziel, Boyd, Geno Smith…Nah..I will pass.

            I will take that TD to interception rate anytime…you see the progress year after year.
            Two of the 5 interceptions were directly responsible on the Ute receivers as the ball hit them in the hands and bounced up to get picked. But only Sam Bradford can use that excuse. The other 3 were on Goff…bad happens.

            1. EHL…the simple problem is that you now want to overlook facts. ‘TD to Interception ratio’ is not the only indicator of turnovers…also included in ‘turnovers’ is fumbling the ball.

              Its not a stat just for running backs…but QB’s too…and Goff was among the leading QB fumblers in College Football.

              The kid is a fumbler…23 fumbles is included in why I called him a “turnover machine”

              The kid has small hands…and he’s fumbling the ball out of the shotgun…we haven’t seen him take the ball from center, dropback and have those NFL defensive ends and linebackers swatting away at those small hands in cold weather….and by the way…another knock on the kid that he doesn’t throw the ball that well in cold weather…

              I have bought forth sound reasons as to why the kid is not and should not be considered by the Eagles at 8…rather than accept the sound reasoning and clear football arguments you want to engage in distortions and lies…you want to go back to my wanting Manziel in the Chip Kelly’s offense (you neglect that I also wanted Bridgewater too…conveniently left that out)

              No matter…the starting Qb for the Eagles is Sam Bradford who does not have small hands, a fumbling problem…he simply has to stay healthy and if he does…we will see some good QB play…

              Book it!

              1. Koolbreeze, you wanted every QB in the draft that year then, sorry, I do not recall you hyping up Bridgewater the way you did Manziel…because you did not hype him up…Chip…bust a move. You may have casually mentioned in passing…I stated Bridgewater was the best QB in the draft even after his nightmarish pro day. Speaking of hand size..Mike Vick’s is 8.5″you never mentioned that you had problems with Vick’s hands or his fumbling, you blamed it on the o line being weak(more excuses and double standards and double talk)…Goff’s hand size is 9…you can strengthen your hands and do things to cut down on fumbling. Also, how do you know he can not play in cold weather, the vast majority of his games was in warm weather climates…there is not enough of a sample size to even make that claim, once again, making things up…Bradford’s only problem is staying healthy, well that’s a pretty big problem, what good are you if you can’t stay on the field..that was one of your knocks on Foles …more double standards…Bradford also has a low touchdown per season percentage…that is a problem too…19 TD’s 14 interceptions in Chip’s QB friendly system…not good buddy…you like to ignore that! Oh yeah, that was rust..never mind his turnover’s with the Rams. Now go ahead and give me more excuses…you are the king of Bradford excuse making. Can’t wait to hear what excuses you have cooked up in the lab for him this up coming season.

              2. EHL, what a ridiculous argument….you do it over and over again

                You are comparing apples with steaks to conjure up ‘double standards’ to defend your weak ass arguments.

                Jared Goff is a College Quarterback…he hasn’t played in the NFL yet..comparing him to Mike Vick is downright stupid.

                You keep comparing established NFL Quarterbacks who have proven that they can play at a high level in the NFL to a College Quarterback that you are all ga-ga over, but who hasn’t proven that they can play in the NFL at all and is not all that accomplished as a College QB to boot. The kid is okay…but well below the lofty heights that you want to put the kid at…and damm sure not worth us spending the 8th pick in the first round for…he’s not that good! .

                And so instead of defending your position with sound arguments and facts… you are engaging in petty nit-picking and dumb ass comparisons.

                The point about Goff is that he has a lot of turnovers in his college career-interceptions AND fumbles On the big stage against good college teams, Goff has been at best average and several games…like the Utah game..he flat out stunk. Many of the scouts have looked at his small hands and made and obvious connection to his fumbling problem…so like I said…he’s a turnover machine….with interceptions AND fumbles!

                I’m not making this up…this is a fair look at him as a College player coming into the NFL and assessing whether or not the Eagles should draft him. Its a tough but fair shot that I am giving to Goff…I’m not making up negatives about the kid that are not well established.

                He’s good enough in my view to be a low first round to high second round pick. Not that bad…but he damm sure is not in the category of a Mike Vick coming out of college…not by a long shot!

                So your points about Vick’s small hands are ridiculous. Vick established himself as an All-Pro QB, and in College Vick was an unquestioned No#1 pick with loads of speed and amazing arm-strength…

                Goff has no where near Mike Vick-like talent…its not even close

                No one remembers you being high on Bridgewater at all..for the most part you hide and make claims after the fact. But I liked him a lot…you remember Manziel because we argued about him. Simple as that…whereas you didn’t take a stand…you waffled…a lot

                I said that Manziel would be a fine fit, a better fit for Chip Kelly’s system than Nick Foles…we will never know if I was right about that or wrong…he didn’t play for us. Plus, how was I supposed to know the kid was an alcoholic? Who said anything about the guy being a drunk in college?
                The Manziel arguments are weak and lame as hell.

                And your Nick Foles are even weaker, Bradford arguments are ridiculous too…everyone knows that Bradford has an injury history…I said the same about him that I said about Vick…the guy has to stay healthy if not…they have to get rid of him. Stop acting like the ONLY criticism I have of Nick Foles was his injuries…that is so disingenuous…my problem with Nick Foles was that he sucked as a QB in ways that Bradford doesn’t come even close
                Bradford is way better than Foles and he proved it last year in difficult circumstances…Foles team had a better defense, a better running game, and a better wide receiver group….Foles was benched twice…while Bradford got better and the Eagles have rewarded Bradford accordingly!

                Bradford did just what I anticipated last year….after missing two years of football, he got better as the year progressed in circumstances that were not favorable to him at all.
                Stop with the lame ass, cheap shot argument EHL…be fair, and stop comparing apples with cheese steaks!

              3. keep giving the same cookie cutter responses. You seem to have auto-generated responses. Kool regardless of whether one is pro or college…hand size is hand size, there is no distinguishing the two and to attempt to do so is silly and shows desperation. You have all the excuses in the world boy I tell you. Your claim and assertion about Goff not being able to play in cold weather is completely baseless and unfounded due to a lack of sample. No need for me to continue to debate this with you. Regardless of where Goff and Wentz is drafted we will be able to track their progress and see if they will be good qb’s or busts as you believe. Time will tell. I will prepare my koolbreeze book of excuses after year six to explain why they have not excelled if they fail to do so.
                As far as the draft…last week you stated the Eagles should not take Zeke…but O line..this week you said you are good with Zeke at pick 8…waffling..flip flopping a bit there kool?! Anybody but a qb!!!
                Always remember…Manziel has “IT”!!!

              4. LMAO…EHL ‘hand size is hand size:

                Ducking, dodging, slipping, running

                Are you really that dense and helpless. You cant defend your own want to reduce what I said to just being about “hand size”

                Lets duck and dodge…lets not be honest..lets lie and distort. rather than look at the facts.

                Lets ignore all of those fumbles by Goff…one of the leaders among QB’s in the draft at fumbling the ball, his hand size has absolutely nothing to do with that…
                Also let’s compare him to Mike Vick who also had small hands…

                So since Goff has small hands and Vick had small hands…Goff will be a successful QB…and we cant make the observation that Goff has small hands because we like Mike Vick and he had small hands…so that means we should like Goff too

                LMAO…what a dumb ass argument

                You should quit while you are way behind son…

                In reality…you make no sense whatsoever

              5. The lesson, as always, is whatever Koolidiot says – the opposite is true. There you go spouting lies again with no shred of proof (you think you might want to look something up before writing once)

                “No matter…the starting Qb for the Eagles is Sam Bradford who does not have small hands”

                Sam Bradford hands measured 9 1/2″ at his combine. In the 9s. Small.

                SB does not have ” a fumbling problem…”

                Bradford has 37 fumbles in 63 games (.58/game)

                For comparison, a guy you hate, Nick Foles has 21 in 39 games (.52/game),

                He might not have a terrible fumbling problem, but he’s not great.

                Though I must say, SB is not as notorious fumbler as your old hero Mike Vick who fumbles at a hideous rate of .85/game (laughable)

              6. koolbreeze you ‘re arguments are inconsistent as you like to throw out the apples to orange mantra…how trite. Oh this is the pros, that’s college…hand size is hand size bruh..just stop. You have one set of rules for players you like, and another set of rules for players you do not like , even when the comparison is the same, you go to the apples and oranges, bread, milk, eggs and steak looking to differentiate. What are you a chef, butler…what? We are talking football and physical attributes, not grocery shopping. Kool, you are all over the place with your excuses. Manziel would have it…if he was not a drunk…lmao. bust a move Chip!

        1. deserteagle you are only a small notch up from Vinniedafoolass in idiot statements, waffling, and double talk…

              1. Mac…they are hurt, bruised and banged up CTFU!!!!

                This goes back to when Mike Vick was here and I was one of his sole defenders. Many of them, especially Vinniedafoolass, hated Vick

                They were certain…Vick is out…

                Chip Kelly came in and to the chagrin of many Vick wasn’t cut…and then to add to that Vick kicked Foles ass like I predicted in training camp to take the job…and they have hated me every since…LMAO

                Fast forward today…I told them all…

                “Dont listen to Vinniedafoolass, EHL, or Deserteagle…

                Sam Bradford is going to be the starting QB, the Eagles need to keep him”

                They all thought they knew what they were talking about..

                They all predicted…”Sam Bradford is gone”

                The Eagles are getting rid of “Sam Bradford”

                “No way is Bradford back…we are rebuilding”

                So now the draft is upon us…the Eagles have secured Bradford with a big time contract making him the No#1 QB, got Daniels as a backup, when some said Bradford was gone and Daniels would be the starter…and now with the writing on the wall…the Bradford haters still hold out hope that somehow Bradford will be gone and they believe that the Eagles will spend the 8th pick in the draft on Goff or Wentz…

                Deluded, despondent, and mad…

                I got em right where I want em Mac…


  23. Another argument crushed….

    Koolidiot constantly arguing along the lines of…. “In another draft year Wentz, Goff, Lynch would be 2nd and 3rd rounders”

    “They’re not worthy of 1st round picks!”

    We’ve heard this 1000 times.

    Has anyone looked at the 2010 Sam Bradford draft and who he was “up against” Had to be the most pathetic group of QBs in history. A complete whitewash of nothingness.

    And I’m not talking about 1st round washouts like in 1999, I’m talking about the QB class was so terrible, none were even drafted….

    Take a look

    Sammy Sevens went number one….after that…………..

    Tim Tebow at the end of the first
    Jimmy Clausen mid second
    Colt Mccoy mid third
    Mike Kafka end of the fourth

    And it got worse.


    Here in 2016 most mocks have 3 first round QBs and probably 2 more in the 2nd and between 7 or 8 chosen by the end of the third and Koolidiot all “the QB class is weak!!!!!”

    When his chicken-legged hero comes from probably the weakest QB class of the century!! He was the best of a bunch so pathetic, Tim Tebow was the second qbchosen! One QB a round, with the incomparable Mike Kafka as the 4th QB taken!!

    Sam Bradford was up against Mike Kafka, Tim Tebow, and Colt McCoy, and Koolbreeze is stating that Goff, Wenz and Lynch is “weak” LOL

    1. Vinnie the only thing that’s crushed is your brain

      First, I said that these guys are at best, bottom part of the first round, early second round picks….but I hope that someone reaches for them and push more talent to the Eagles so that they can get a Stanley, a Buckner, or Eliot…

      Here you go back into your absolutely meaningless, deranged stats that never matches with any meaningful reality

      Sam Bradford is the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016…Period

      Who cares who was in his draft class

      Who cares who he was up against in that draft

      Lets see what moves the Eagles make to acquire ‘Goff, Wenz and Lynch’

      since you and others have predicted that this is the direction the Eagles are pursuing in the future…


      I’ve already busted you up Vinniedafoolass…already proven you wrong

      And you helped by telling us how right you were about your mancrushes- Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles!

      CTFU…your credibility is dead and shot to hell…LMAO!!

      More dirt to be thrown over it after the draft….

      When I murder all of you clowns…CTFU

      Sam Bradford will be the starting QB, barring injury for 2016….

      Book It!!!

  24. Hand size counts!! 9 inches is small. Unless its Sam Bradford and Mike Vick – then their 9″ (or less) hands don’t count!

    Fumbling counts! Unless its Mike Vick (the worst QB fumbler in NFL history) or Sam Bradfrod – then they don’t count!

    Its a “weak” QB class that has moved these QBs to the top of the first and if there was competition they’d be lover – it counts! Unless its for Sam Bradford who was in the weakest class of the century then it doesn’t count!

    Actual lengths and $$ value of contracts don’t count – you have to look at them and see what they really are – Unless its for Sam Bradford then the entire thing counts!

    Its a team game!!! Sam Bradford (and Mike Vick) struggled because of shitty oline, terrible wrs, horrible coaching, no defense and what brands of beer are being sold in the stadium. This counts! Unless its for a QB I hate like Foles, Goff – then it doesn’t count – they have to step up!

    Stats count! 10tds and 4 ints over 8 games!!! And if they come from a 20 yr old in England who writes “excellent articles” then they really count!! Unless they make my heros look bad. Then they don’t count!

    Oh…and of course…..

    Stl Wide receivers are better than the Eagles!

  25. Hand size counts!! CTFU

    Both Kevin Kolb and Foles had big hands…LMAO

    and they both sucked ass

    To your chagrin and despite the repeated claims over and over

    “You know it… you might as well find some new shitty QB to pimp because Bradford is gone.”

    “Bradford is done”

    “Bradford is out”

    March 1, 2016 – 4:36 pm
    Profile photo of vinnietheevictor

    “Its 4:30
    Do you know where your franchise tag is?
    Crickets. No deal.
    Sam will begin negotiating with other teams in 6.5 days.”

    Lets get the “stats” on how often you have been embarrassed by dumb ass, wrong, stupid statements….Vinniedafoolass

    Nick Foles…the twice benched, disgraced QB…who may end up on the street or third string for the Rams as opposed to Sam Bradford who just got a nice fat contract with guaranteed money up to $26 million bucks…LOL

    oh and I cant forget…Kevin Kolb is a great Quarterback and Vinniedafoolass sure nailed it on him….


    1. “Hand size counts!! CTFU”


      So now it doesn’t count? It counts. It doesn’t count. I counts. It doesn’t count. It counts for Goff. It doesn’t count for Bradford. It counts for Wentz. It doesn’t count for Vick. It counts for Trump. It doesn;t count for Cruz. It counts for your girlfriend. That’s why she left you.

      Lets review the timeline….

      YOU brought up the topic. Slagging Goff (who you know nothing about) because of his 9′ hands. Saying they were small and caused fumbles.

      You identified this as a MAJOR ISSUE,

      Then I bring up that Bradford and his 9′ hands and how in the NFL he fumbles at a higher rate than average.

      Now you are all defiant saying “hand size – get the fuck outta here…!


      That’s pathetic dude.

      Talk about flip-flopping….
      Agholor is better than Maclin – more physical! I didn’t say that!
      Hand size matters! No, it doesn’t!
      Sanchez is great! I never said that!
      Manziel has “it”. I never said that!
      Taj Boyd will be good. I never said that.
      STL Wrs are better than the Eagles. I wouldn’t trade Eagles Wrs for Stl Wrs!
      Bradford is super-amazing. I never said he was great, just best available.
      Stats are irrelevant. Highest comp %! 10tds and 4 ints!
      Oline Coaching WRs count for Bradford and Vick…but anyone else has to step up!

  26. CTFU!!!!!…Fool Ass

    Its a thin line between love and hate!

    Vinniedafoolass for so long you have been so Baffled, Dumb and so confused…

    Kevin Kolb is great…you looked at his footwork-he had big hands too

    Nick Foles is great…you love his family-he has big hands and big feet!

    You loved Chip Kelly and then you hated him when benched Foles For Vick

    You Loved him again when Vick got hurt…and .hated him again when he traded Foles…

    You was all for Bradford…because he’s a pocket passer…but now you hate Bradford because he blocks bringing bring back Foles..and you want Foles back because he’s got big hands and good footwork!!

    Foles is great…you always said that
    Foles has ‘it’…and even though he stinks you think he still has it
    Foles will lead us to a championship…even though you didnt you were still right and everyone else was wrong because….well he has big hands and feet!!
    Foles will now lead StL to a championship…even though he has been benched for Casey Keenum

    Foles is great look at his stats

    Repeat all the same things for Kevin Kolb..
    and you still think you were right about him too!!

    Vinniedafoolass you dont know much else about Football except big hands, big feet, and Nick Foles!

    CTFU!!!!!!!!!! Fool Ass!!!

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