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Should The Eagles Take Ezekiel Elliot at Number 8?

EzekielElliot1I was very impress3ed with Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliot during the Ohio State Pro Day last week.  We all know about his tremendous explosive through a hole and into the secondary.. He didn’t run the 40-yard dash in the Pro Day workout, so it wasn’t his speed that impressed me.

They split him out in the slot during the Pro Day at Ohio State and Elliot put on a clinic running routes and catching the football.  He showed route-running ability, quickness, speed and pass catching ability make him such a GAME CHANGER.

Elliot showed the rest of the NFL that he could be an outstanding receiver out of the backfield, who allows you to create mismatches nearly every time the ball is snapped. This would allow a smart offensive coordinator like Doug Pederson and Frank Reich to start him off in the backfield to get a run defense on the field with at least three LB’s in a  4-3 defense or 4 backers in a 3-4.  After the snap count starts, Elliot shifts out into the slot.  If a linebacker covers him in man to man it’s a no brainer.   If a safety moves up to cover him, the secondary is likely vulnerable in the cover, so you attack the weakened secondary.

I think Elliot is a game changer.  He’s 6’1″ and he weighs 225 pounds.  The young man is strong and run strong with take it the distance speed.  I think Doug Pederson will have a good feel for how to use him because he showed that ability last year in Kansas City with the way they utilized their backs out of the backfield.  To Pederson, a short throw to a back is a running play. Sam Bradford’s strength is accuracy to put the ball in a place that will give the back a chance to run with it after he catches it.

Many draft exports see the Dallas Cowboys picking Elliot with the fourth pick in this year’s selection process or the Eagles grabbing him at number eight.   If the Cowboys take him and put him behind that outstanding offensive line, the Birds are going to have their hands full every time they meet Dallas.

Still if he were to fall to the Eagles, I don’t want to see the Birds select him because they need to put together that offensive line.  They’re in desperate need on the offensive line and I think there will be answers there at the eight spot.  If they don’t put together a good offensive line, Bradford and whoever is running the ball won’t last.

The Eagles can get a good back later in the draft, but I want them to select Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley, if he’s there.  If not then take Michigan State’s Jack Conklin.  I think he’s a good pick for that eighth spot. on Facebook

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23 Comments for “Should The Eagles Take Ezekiel Elliot at Number 8?”

  1. If OT’s Tunsil and Stanley are both gone, which I expect, then Select RB Ezekial Elliot, who is the only Player I see in this 2016 Draft that can help the Eagles Offense right away in 2016, which is sorely needed…

    OT Jack Conklin is strictly at RT at the NFL Level and not worthy of the #8th Overall Pick as he’s rated anywhere from the 20th to the 25th NFL Prospect in this Draft, so why take a Jack Conklin at #8 when a RT can be Drafted in the mid-Rounds and be groomed behind LJ?

  2. Paulman’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft (Top 10 – Version 17)

    1) Titans – OT L Tunsil (Miss)
    2) Browns – DB J Ramsey (Fla State)
    3) Chargers – DL D Buckner (Oregon)
    4) NY Jets in a Trade with the Cowboys – QB Jared Goff (Cal)
    (Cowboys Receive the Jets #20 & #52 Picks & DT Mohamed Wilkerson Plus the Jets 1st Round Pick in the 2017 Draft
    5) Jaguars – DE Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    6) Ravens – OT R Stanley (Notre Dame)
    7) 49ers – WR L Treadwell (Ole Miss)
    8) EAGLES – RB Ezekial Elliot (Ohio State)
    9) TB Bucs – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Florida)
    10) NY Giants – OLB/DE Noah Spence (Eastern KY)

  3. Notable QB’s

    Rams at #15 Select Carson Wenz
    Broncos at #31 Select Paxton Lynch
    Browns at #33 Select Connor Cook

    Other NFC EAST Teams

    Cowboys get Starting All-Pro DT Mohamed Wilkerson in Trade W/JEts
    Cowboys at #20 (from Jets) – Select OLB Leonard Floyd – Georgia
    Cowboys at #35 – Select RB Derrick Henry – Alabama
    Cowboys at #52 – (From Jets)- Select CB Artie Burns – Miami

    Redskins at #21 – Select Center Ryan Kelly – Alabama
    Redskins at #53 – Select Safety Jeremy Cash – Duke

    Giants at #41 – Select Guard Vadal Alexander – LSU

  4. Carolina Draft Picks in the 1st 3 Rounds

    1st – #30 – DE Kevin Dodd – Clemson (6-5 277lbs)
    2nd – #62 – OT La’Raven Clark – Texas Tech (6-5 316lbs)
    3rd – #96 – Safety TJ Green – Clemson (6-2 209lbs)

  5. Eagles Mock Draft (Version #13)

    1st Rd – #8 Overall – RB Ezekial Elliot (Ohio State 6-1 225lbs)
    3rd Rd – #77 Overall – OT Jerald Hawkins (LSU 6-6 305lbs)
    3rd Rd – #79 Overall – DT Justin Hargrove (South Carolina St 6-1 310lbs)
    4th Rd – #100 Overall – OLB Jordan Jenkins (Georgia 6-3 260lbs)
    5th Rd -#153 – WR – Charone Peake (Clemson 6-2 210lbs)
    5th Rd -#164 – QB – Jacoby Brissett (NC State 6-4 231lbs
    6th Rd #188 – DB – Darryl Worley (West Virginia 6-1 201lbs)
    7th Rd #233 – Guard – Parker Ehinger (Cincinnati 6-6 310lbs)
    7th Rd #251 – ILB – Josh Forrest (Kentucky 6-3 249lbs)

  6. The Eagles should prioritize the offensive line because keeping Bradford healthy is one of the biggest keys to the Eagles success. Pederson said as much in a recent interview..offensive line and pass rushers.

    • For Koolbreeze,
      If OT’s Tunsil and Stanley are both gone at #8, which is very likely
      then Who are you taking? Please don’t tell me that they should Trade back to acquire more Picks, etc,etc, give me a Pick at #8 assuming that both OL Tunsil/Stanley are off the Board, as expected.
      C’Mon Make a Stand and Put it out there like you have been telling everyone else all off-season …

      I hear the Logic that taking a RB at #8 is not worth the Value..
      Can anyone tell me the Logic of taking OT Jack Conklin who is rated as the 20-25th Top NFL Prospect when you have the #8 Pick as G-Man suggested in his piece up above… Where’s the Logic in this? What happened to taking the BPA ? Everyone Talks about Not Reaching for a QB early in the FIrst Round since they are not NFL Ready or worthy of a Top Pick, can’t the same be said about OT Jack Conklin at #8 or another OL who is rated as a late 1st Rounder ?

  7. Should they take Ezekiel Elliott…ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

    He will be another overhyped failure in the NFL.

  8. So we draft a guard at eight that makes no sense either. Everybody acts as if we need to replace peters right now. We can draft a guy next year or draft a guard in the third round to play guard. We already have the future left tackle on the team. I just don’t see why we can’t draft a guard in the third round to upgrade Barbre.

  9. At least let’s try to get on the quarterback’s then, not draft a guard. See to me I think Elliott is more special at what he does than Stanley at what he does. I understand you can draft a running back in the later rounds, but you can draft a guard/right tackle later also. If we needed a left tackle then I get drafting a lineman in the top ten. Not a right tackle or guard that just makes no sense.

  10. There is no way Jack Conklin is a top 10 pick… He is a 15-20 pick. After Tunsil and Stanley no OL should be drafted until the teens. For the sake of this argument I am removing QB Wentz and Goff off the board surmising they will be gone and Stanley off the board as well. I would not take Hargreaves at 8 because I like William Jackson III who I would trade down to get and accumulate more picks. At 8 it’s either Zeke or Treadwell…BPA.
    I can get Jerald Hawkins in the 3rd to be my future RT, draft OT Stephane Nembot for depth and development and insert Malcolm Bunche to play LG. In 2017 my target at G is Fla St G Kareem Are if Bunche does not work out.
    The Eagles are not going to fix every position in one year so you have to draft with long term planning in mind.

  11. If anything lets go defense then, a lot of talent on that side of the ball in this draft. Game changing type defenders in this draft, I just don’t want to waste 8 on a guard/ right tackle.

    • I agree diddy, no G or RT at 8. As for defense…my favorite DE prospect is Kevin Dodd who I would not take at 8 either…If Myles Jack slips and his knee is a full go I seriously consider it…

  12. I’m happy with Bosa, Stanley, Hargreaves, or Buckner

    One of these guys will be there at 8 for us to take.

    • Kool, Bosa nor Stanley will be there…bet that and book it! Hargreaves…at 8…maybe…. Buckner, no way, I think he will bust. I am one of the only ones who think Buckner will not live up to where he is projected to be drafted.

      • Buckner is the real deal…its not fair to judge him by other Oregon busts…

        • Kool I am not basing my belief that Buckner will bust due to the duck connection, watching Oregon play, and him by default, I do not like his game when it comes to translating to the NFL. I know most scouts like him so I am going out on a limb…I think he will bust.

  13. Gcobb, can I write a Phil’s article? I will sit at a computer (not a tablet) use correct grammar, punctuation etc. I will address what to look for this upcoming year, I will ask for predictions and what your readers are looking for from the team? I can send it to you however you’d like… But we need some articles on the other teams, I don’t feel qualified to write about the Flyers and if you ask me to write a sixers article it would be so profanity laced that you wouldn’t print it.
    Anyway the on,y payment I ask for is free membership to the gcobb blog….

  14. Ezekial, or a CB.

    We already added a guard who we can slide right between Kelce and Johnson. Peters with a slowed down methodical approach will be our best linemen in 2016. With his athleticism he is still one of the best, freakish players playing Tackle in the league.

    Enter 2017 by sliding johnson to LT and drafting your tackle next year. Draft another guard or 2 in this year’s draft.

    So many options this season, we can’t really go wrong. Adding to this defense would make me extremely happy. I believe alot of people sleep on Bryan Braman. I kno Chip and the coaching staff sure did. This dude is a straight up animal and is probably the most tenacious player on the team. I forget the team they played but does anyone remember when he tackled someone without his helmet when he played for Houston?
    Bryan has been our best special teams player and every time he came in the game he made plays. One being a nice spin move to get a sack on brees. A 4-3 system led by Jim would bring out his strength for sure..

  15. Draft Zeke if he is there. Case closed.

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