Is Howie Roseman Serious About Ezekiel Elliot?

EzekielElliot15If you were to believe every word that Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman was saying yesterday, you would believe that the Birds are sold on draft running back Ezekiel Elliot in the first round.  On the other hand, Roseman may be trying to reel in a sucker or he simply wants to keep other teams in the dark about what they’re going to do with that eighth pick in the first round.

The Eagles could use another quality running back to add to the injury-prone Ryan Mathews,  aging Darren Sproles and the unaccomplished Kenjon Barner.   They need to draft a running back, but when is the key.

The Birds may be trying to get in position to make a deal with somebody who is anxious to move up for Elliot.  Perhaps Roseman was to re-aquire that second round pick that Chip Kelly traded away to the Rams for Sam Bradford.  Here’s what he had to say yesterday in favor of drafting Elliot.

“There’s this narrative that you can get running backs in the fifth, sixth, seventh round and undrafted free agency,” Roseman said. “But when you look back at the last 10 years of guys that are really in the top 10 in rushing, those guys are high picks.

“And so, when you find a special talent at that position, that guy who can run the ball, who can pass protect, who can catch the ball out of the backfield, that’s a unique weapon.”

“There’s a difference between a special player and a role player at that position,” Roseman said. “Those guys [Lewis, Brown, Polk] are good players, but when you’re talking about the guys who are 1,500-yard rushers, the guys people are game-planning [for], those are hard to get later in the draft.”

Elliot has proven through his years at Ohio State, at the Combine and at the Ohio State Pro Day, that he is that special back.  He is a Game Changer in that a team can run most of their offense through him.  He will create match-up problems for defensive coordinators and that will make every player on offense better because of his presence.

Still do you use the eighth pick on a running back, when you’ve got huge needs on your offensive line and dominant young offensive tackles are still on the board?  That is the question for Roseman and Doug Pederson as Philadelphia prepares for this year’s draft.

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  1. OT Ronnie Stanley will likely go to the Ravens at #6, as they need a Day 1 Starter at LT for 2016 Season… The Ravens OL is real thin as they lost Guard Osemele in Free-Agency and may let LT Eugene Monroe go as a Salary Cap Casualty as Monroe has been a huge disappointment

  2. ***NFL News***

    Cowboys Sign Redskins Free-Agent RB Alferd Morris to a 2-Year Deal
    K Chiefs OLB Justin Houston had Surgery to Repair damage to His ACL and may now end up missing all of the 2016 Season.. Houston has missed a lot of Games..

  3. Paulman’s Comparisons of this 2016 QB Class

    1) Jared Goff to Blaine Gabbert – A Nice Quick Release and a Rhythm Passer who can very accurate in those short to intermediate Routes.. Tends to tense up with Pressure, Locks into 1 Receiver and does not see the entire Field real well and his Deep Ball/Arm Strength is suspect at the NFL Level…
    Gabbert was thin up top when he came out of College a few Years back as Goff Is .. Gabbert has now filled out to 6-4 235lbs as Goff is approx 6-4 215lbs
    and will need to get stronger

    2) Carson Wentz reminds me a lot of Blake Bortles, Big, Athletic, Strong Arm,Can move and make all the Throws but just does not have a lot of experience versus big time competition.. Wentz is very Coachable, likeable and has all the Intangibles (Leadership, Maturity) and if he gets with a Good, Patient Organization with Good Coaching can really turn out to be a very Good QB 2-3 Years down the road,,, but there will be bumps along the way…

    3) Connor Cook = Kirk Cousins & Drew Stanton.. They all went to the same School (Mich State) are a similar in Size & Arm Strength and they just about have similar mechanics and styles to their Games..
    A quality Back-Up is all I see to Connor Cook in the NFL

    4) Paxton Lynch = Brock Osweiler/Mike Glennon/Nick Foles Type
    Lynch has the Size, and the Arm Strength and is probably more advanced and more athletic than the 3 QB’s that I mentioned above as he was a 3 Year Start at Memphis so he go lots of snaps while in College with consistent, good Coaching.. Now at the NFL Level, can he play under Center, Read Defenses, make adjustments,shorten that wind-up and get the ball out quickly, etc,etc…
    I think Lynch with the Right Coaching/Team could be a very Good NFL QB but again, it will take 2-3 Seasons for him to mature and grow into a NFL QB

  4. Alfred Morrison to Dallas. Giving them Darren and Morris to go behind that Oline. Can’t see them taking Zeke now. More then likely goes qb or defense.

    Increased odds for elliot being in a green uniform

  5. If the Eagles pass on the Elliott, then Giant will grab him at ten. This will give the Giants dynamic receivers and running back. Lei entering his twilight years has one more run in him. With all the additions on defense Elliott would,make,their team complete. This would make the Giants a supervowl favorite.

  6. So the Giants will win their 4th 5th Super Bowl what ever and the Eagles will take Stanley and solidify their line for the next ten years. Sounds like a great plan go birds.

    1. So if thats all it takes the giants have to move up to secure him– There is no price to high to pay for a SB!! ok, I guess they don’t even have to play the games next year– Giants win the SB by drafting the back! congratulations to the 2017 SB champs.

  7. If giants take Elliott it will pretty much condemn him to failure. The Giants record of 1st round RB picks is beyond abysmal.

    2102 David Wilson (fail)
    2000 Ron Dayne (fail)
    1995 Tyron Wheatley (fail)
    1991 Jarrod Bunch (technically a FB, but still a fail)
    1990 Rodney Hampton (only mildly successful pick of the bunch)
    1985 George Adams (fail)
    1982 Butch Woolfolk (fail)
    1971 Rocky Thompson (fail)
    1965 Tucker Fredrickson (fail)
    1964 Joe Dan Coony (fail)
    1961 Bob Gaiters (fail)

    Giants are the perfect examply of why a team should never take a RB in the first round. Complete waste of time.

    As Mr. Burns said….”let the fools have their tartar sauce…..”

    ANyone calling for Elliott needs to give their head a shake.

    1st round…and especially top 10 need be reserved for

    1. Those fails did not or prevent them from winning chips. They take risk we play it safe and don’t win sh#%t. Believe it or not there is a ton of O lineman that have failed also.

    2. We’ve followed that guideline with Andy Reid for years. We were good but never won the Chip because our skill positions were never good enough

  8. I see Cowboys Trading Down from #4 to a Team Needing a QB…
    (Broncos or Jets come to mind)… The Jets have Unhappy DT Mohamed Wilkinson who the Cowboys would love to have as their Starting DT
    John Elway still has a Championship Level Defense in Denver and will need to get a Young QB as he is a Reload Type of Football Executive and not a “Re-Build” type of Executive…

  9. it would be nice if the following changes were made by the top dogs of the eagles organization:

    ditch the little kids jingle – aka the fight song

    lurie should never say the words “all in” ever again, its nauseating,overused and poker isnt mainstream anymore, make it stop

    ditch those hideous uniforms/team colors

    1. I can not WAIT til they change their colors. They made the change 20 years ago when there was a movement in the NFL to change colors or “modernize” and most teams did it. Most teams have changed since then too…not the damn Eagles. There was a movement to change a few years ago and there was even an online petition…wonder why nothing happened with that as the team’s statement was that it would take a year or two. UGH….PLEASE CHANGE THE DAMN COLORS. I will NOT buy another piece of Eagles’ gear in the new color until they change it, I’ll stick with vintage stuff. So frustrating…I thought the rumor was Lurie’s wife chose them and he’s been divorced a few years now, what’s his excuse?

      1. That’s exactly what I heard as well. The ugly ass midnight green uniforms are hideous. Especially when they wear white on white, unflattering. The fans have spoken LOUDLY, and still no change. I want to see those Kelly green uniforms, with the silver, and white, along with those black cleets…CMON LURIE!!!

  10. If the Giants grab Ezekial they will be the most dangerous team in the division. You can throw out history of their first round running back history all you want, BUT they are not going to get it wrong every single time. That would be reason to be scared if they grab Elliot. Because its only a matter of time before they get ONE right.

  11. Ezekial, or a CB.
    We already added a guard who we can slide right between Kelce and Johnson. Peters with a slowed down methodical approach will be our best linemen in 2016. With his athleticism he is still one of the best, freakish players playing Tackle in the league.
    Enter 2017 by sliding johnson to LT and drafting your tackle next year. Draft another guard or 2 in this year’s draft.
    So many options this season, we can’t really go wrong. Adding to this defense would make me extremely happy. I believe alot of people sleep on Bryan Braman. I kno Chip and the coaching staff sure did. This dude is a straight up animal and is probably the most tenacious player on the team. I forget the team they played but does anyone remember when he tackled someone without his helmet when he played for Houston?
    Bryan has been our best special teams player and every time he came in the game he made plays. One being a nice spin move to get a sack on brees. A 4-3 system led by Jim would bring out his strength for sure..

  12. Top 7 Mock Draft Picks and the aftermath

    1) Titans – OT Laramy Tunsil (Ole Miss)
    2) Browns – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State)
    3) Chargers – DL Deforest Buckner (Oregon)
    4) Cowboys – Trade Pick to the NY Jets who take QB J Goff
    5) Jaguars – DE Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    6) Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
    7) 49ers – QB Carson Wenz (N Dakota St)

    Eagles Announce Trade of QB Sam Bradford to the Cleveland Browns for their 2nd Round Pick (#34) and their 4th Round Pick in 2017


    #8 – CB – Eli Apple (Ohio State 6-1 200lbs)
    #34 – QB – Paxton Lynch (Memphis 6-6 245lbs)
    #77 – Center/Guard – Nick Martin (Notre Dame 6-4 300lbs)
    #79 – RB – Jordan Howard (Indiana 6-0 230lbs)
    #100 – OT – Joe Haeg (North Dakota St (6-6 305lbs)

    1. sams not going anywhere, his bonus counts now and eagles arent trading him. if browns wanted him they wouldve made him an offer in free agency so nah

      and eagles take eli apple? you ok?

  13. That would be awkward. Especialy with Ertz and Matthews both moving in with Sam to throw, workout and train together this offseason.

  14. Reports per 94 WIP, teams are investigating rumors of Ezekiel Elliott, and drug use. It is also rumored that he declined to take his drug test at the combine. The entire League is looking into this, and reports are that it has legs.

    Joey Bosa, is also being investigated because he declined to take his drug test, claiming he had ayderol in his system. GM’s are saying if you have a prescription, than you can justify the finding – But he outright declined.

    So Paulman, does this mean that I don’t have to hear anymore talk about Ezekiel Elliott, because of the risks, and the fact that the Eagles don’t bring in those types of players????

    Like I said, Do not trust any players from Ohio State….

    1. This story reminds me of the pre draft drug allegations leveled against Warren Sapp, which were completely unfounded. the Eagles were scared off from drafting Sapp and took Mike Mamula. Let’s find out what is true and separate fact from fiction before dragging these guys names through the mud. As of now these allegations are unsubstantiated…not much weight behind them, just speculation. If true it will blow up and become an issue, but let’s be fair to these guys.

    2. If these Reports are True about Elliot/Bosa or any other Player that the Eagles may be looking at, then Yes, you can take him/them off the Eagles Draft Board…
      Cliff you state that it was rumored that Elliot and Bosa declined to take their Drug Tests at the Combine, Are you sure about this, I don’t believe this is an option for Players?? They have to take the Drug Test as far as I know, now whether they failed them for certain substances or not is another matter all together, but I’ve never hears of a a Prospective Player Refusing to take a NFL Drug Test at the Indy Combine.. I don’t believe these Drug Tests are Optional for Players…

      1. Paul, here is the article, and what has been discussed all day on WIP

        Report: ‘Teams Looking Into’ Ezekiel Elliott’s Party Drug Use
        March 22, 2016 4:21 PM
        Filed Under: Eagles, Ezekiel Elliott, nfl draft

        Ezekiel Elliott

        INDIANAPOLIS, IN – FEBRUARY 26: Running back Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State participates in a drill during the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 26, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

        PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Apparently, potential NFL first-round pick Ezekiel Elliott could have some off-the-field issues.

        “There are a lot of rumors floating around about him using party drugs — MDMA, ecstasy, stuff like that — attending raves, and all that kind of stuff,” NFL reporter Ben Allbright told the 94WIP Josh Innes Show on Tuesday. “Nothing substantiated, a lot of anecdotal.

        Last week, reported that Elliott — a star running back at Ohio State — was a roommate of Buckeyes defensive end Joey Bosa and their “shared place was a party destination.” Furthermore, indicated “sources say they suspect that Elliott was also using molly and ecstasy while parting.”

        While Allbright says there is no concrete evidence, NFL teams are certainly investigating, and it could hurt Elliott’s draft stock.

        Listen: Ben Allbright on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show

        “I’ve had stuff sent to me on and off — pictures of him down in Florida partying,” Allbright explained. “There’s been a couple of other whispers here and there from guys in the league that are saying, ‘Hey these rumors are hanging around, but I can’t substantiate. Do you have anything?’ Teams are definitely looking at it, I’ll tell you that much. But as far as hard evidence, in it of itself — a bombshell photograph — I haven’t seen it yet.

        “The talks will have teams looking into it and if teams do not feel comfortable with him off the field, then they will pass.”

        Allbright believes Elliott will be available at eighth overall if the Eagles are interested, but he feels Philadelphia should consider moving back in round one.

        1. Thanks for sharing the above report Cliff..
          Where are the reports about the Players (Elliot/Bosa) declining to take the Drug Tests at the Combine? I would think this would have been big news back when the Combine took Place last month?

            1. I’ve never heard of a Player refusing to take a NFL Mandated Drug Test at the Combine.. It would be big news the day it occurred andPlayers would be sent home..players don’t have adoption to not take pee-test

        2. College football players party? Shocking.

          This guy has no story. No concrete source. No pictures. No nothing. This is another example of irresponsible journalism. Guys has nothing and he reports it, because there will be no accountability for him spreading this without anything to back it up.

          No one is going to pass on these guys because of unsubstantiated rumors.

  15. You mean to tel me a 20 year old has partied a few times in his life?!? Please. There is not a player on that team who hasnt experimented a little in their life. There athletes and are exposed to alot. Has 100% of them tried drugs and alcohol? No. But I guarantee you atleast 90 percent of them have including in Highschool

  16. Teams worry Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott use hard party drugs

    Josh Benjamin
    Mar 15, 2016 |Josh Benjamin

    Former Ohio State standouts Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott are two of the most intriguing names in the 2016 NFL Draft class and both have what it takes to be NFL stars, but there still appear to be some concerns. Per Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball, multiple teams are concerned that both Bosa and Elliott are hard partiers and may experiment with hard drugs.

    To be fair, neither Bosa nor Elliott tested positive for ecstasy or molly to the public’s knowledge. However, Bosa was suspended for the first game of the 2016 season for what he claimed was refusal to take a drug test. His reason was that he would have tested positive for adderall, which he takes for ADD, but Ohio State never clarified why Bosa was suspended.

    Thus, since Bosa admitted that he liked attending raves, teams are of the belief that he didn’t take the drug test because he knew it would come back hot. But Bosa also said that after being roommates with Elliott for a while, he had to get his own place because of Elliott partying at their shared apartment regularly.

    Other Ohio State players confirmed this, thus the concern was born. They also said that Elliott’s personality rubbed some of them the wrong way.

    Despite all that, scouts don’t expect player’s stock to slip, even though Elliott apparently didn’t interview well at the Combine.

    Be sure to stay tuned to Campus Sports for any further updates on this story as well as Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott’s paths to the NFL

  17. Joey Bosa And Ezekiel Elliott Character Concerns?

    Before we get to far, this is firmly in the rumor category, and everything that follows comes from a singular report. Charlie Campbell of is reporting that NFL teams have “hard-party drug concerns” with DE Joey Bosa and RB Ezekiel Elliott.

    At the senior bowl, former OSU DE Noah Spence said that he wasn’t the only Ohio State player using ecstasy at Ohio State. According to Campbell, multiple teams believe Bosa and Elliott were those players. Bosa was suspended a game in his senior season at Ohio State for refusing to take a drug test. Bosa told teams that he was going to test positive to Adderall because he has ADD/ADHD. He doesn’t have a prescription for the drug and teams believe that Bosa was going to test positive for ecstasy. Bosa said he likes going to raves for the music, which teams found suspicious.

    Bosa was a roommate of Elliott at Ohio State, but Bosa moved out because Elliott threw too many parties. Elliott didn’t interview well at the combine, with teams suspecting he’s a partier.

    Finally, Campbell reports that neither Bosa nor Elliott should see their stock fall because of the partying concerns. Bosa should be gone in the Top 10, and Elliott in the Top 20.

    1. google the interview Josh Ennis had with Ben Albright on WIP today Eagle.

      He, not me – He is stating that it hasn’t been confirmed whether Elliott even submitted to a drug test at the combine. There is no determination of whether he passed or failed, which he found strange, and suspicious.

      1. IMO… Something such as a refusal would have come out by now as it would have been a major red flag and big story, if not during the combine, by now, especially with a player of Elliot’s notoriety and high draft status. We will see very shortly if this is true or not though. As of right now, I have my doubts, if Albright had a real story with concrete evidence, the NFL network and other visual media outlets would be all over this. Even Albright is saying that this is just a lot of speculation, no smoking gun, just rumors. Interested teams in Elliot should do their investigations and due diligence, even if nothing comes out of this rumor, we will see if there is any validity to this by when and where Elliot is drafted.

  18. Paul – are there any players you haven’t projected to the Eagles? Maybe it would be easier to tell us who they won’t draft.
    BTW, I wouldn’t assume the Ravens are going to take Ronnie Stanley. Think they will have Buckner ranked higher or may trade back to LA for Conklin + a 2nd + 4th.

    1. Joey Bosa won’t be Selected by Philly..
      My Mocks Change because circumstances Change…
      Free-Agency’s Signings around the NFL change Teams needs
      Salary Cap Cuts for Teams change Teams Needs
      Injuries to current NFL Players change Team Needs
      New Coaching Staffs & Systems change Teams Needs
      Injuries or Scandals Or Legal Issues with NFL Prospects will change the Draft Boards for many Teams…
      I think most of us pretty much know the Top 8-10 Players, but there are always a surprise Player or two that comes out of nowhere just like there are Players who drop for various reasons… The biggest thing thst none of us know is what the Teams think of these Players and what Teams/GM’s are willing to Trade up to get their “Player”.. There are not many Playmakers in this Draft
      QB’s need 2-3 Ayers, WR & TE are weak… RB’s pretty Good but not as deep as recent Drafts… OL/DL are the strengths by far…

  19. Zeke and Bosa popped Molly. Ok it’s not right but we move on. The Giants will have a great pick at ten, they will go on and compete for a championship. We will get our guard/tackle, sure up that offensive line so Chase Daniel can lead us to the promise land. GO BIRDS!!!

    1. I believe what can be made of the randle and givens signing speaks of what was available in draft.

      EAGLES aren’t going wr at pk 8….and by the time they select again in round 3, there aren’t nfl ready guys like the last two years.

      Randle is a big body wr who had started on the outside in the nfl…has had moments of success but also plenty of drops.

      It’s a one year deal. .and like givens…it provides two vets incase agholor takes a little longer to get going his sophmore year…and huff is likely 5th on depth chart moving forward…

  20. Think this signals WR isn’t in the Eagles draft plans. Looks like OL, DT, RB, QB, and LB will be addressed before WR. Maybe 7th round or UFA.

    1. Thesis not a very Talented or Deep WR Draft Class at all
      I expect Randle to battle for the #3 WR behind Matthews/Agholor and be a nice Red-Zone/-3rd Down Target for Bradford…
      Rankles issue has always been his minor leg issues and his lack of heart and passion to committ himself… He was sort of an enigma with the Giants and was known as a player who disliked practice and just wanted to play when the bright lights came on which is probably why he has a lot of drops.. His lack of practicing was a issue while with the NY Giants…
      Turf Toe, Pulled Calf Muscles, Ankle Sprains, Hamstring Pulls..
      Many inside the Giants questioned Randle’s Heart & Passion to be his Best..

  21. I just figured it out. I woke up this morning and said to myself why in the world are the Eagles signing all these FA. Why are they filling out there roster now. Why sign Chase Daniels to this contract. Reuben Randall, a L:B a safety, another DB? The Eagles are preparing to not have many draft picks. These MFs are moving up to get Wentz or Goff and are preparing to get rid of Bradford and many draft picks. They are filling out there roster now/. They are thinking we wont be drafting this low again;. That’s what they are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal is in place with Cleveland already.

    1. Especially after the Eagles have been burned by the FA route with the dream team and last year to think the Eagles would spend all this money on FA right after it just screwed you again last year and you publically state that building a team through free agency doesn’t work. you sign even more FA this year. This team is preparing not to have many draft picks. This is why Chase Daniels got that ridiculous contract. This is all part of the plan. Plus for them to spend so much on Daniels they must have guarantees from Cleveland.or maybe Tenn. You ask why didn’t Cleveland just go and get Bradford? Maybe its not Cleveland, maybe its Tennessee. that wants to dance. Maybe its a team drafting behind them or maybe Cleveland said lets make a deal with Philly, trade for Bradford plus get a a shit load of picks. But all these FA deals don’t make sense they are preparing for something..

      1. But then I think to myself wouldn’t that be a bush league move and a red flag to all FA to stay away from Philly they are liars if they would trade Bradford. Especially if he didn’t want to go to Cleveland. You sign me then trade me right away to a team I don’t want to play for. If I would of known that I would of never signed with the Eagles. You lied to me. That wouldn’t look good for the Eagles either. So maybe they keep all 3 QBs and just trade draft picks.

        1. I enjoy the early morning Eagles vision you shared.

          I have and continue to change my stance on what I think Eagles will do round 1. Personally, there isn’t a franchise qb that I see in this draft, and I’ve said that once draft prep began. I don’t want to waste anything but a 5th rder to take the 2016 3rd stringer for the Eagles offense.

          Id focus on what this draft offers and not try to get too cute wirh anything.

          The trenches both o line and d line are strongest position groups. There is cb, S and lb depth…

          Roseman will have the opportunity to show he understands talent with this draft.

          1. Sam Bradford / chip Kelly led Eagles killed the future of this team. They stripped it’s fan base of all excitement, the link was hurtin last year. Everyone leaving early, merch, food & drink sales way down. And as this team is currently constructed there is absolutely nothing to be excited about short or long term. With that said I can see this dag. Our fans aren’t ok with this teams upside being 8-8. We aren’t foolish enough to believe Sam can lead us to a super bowl so hopefully they can make this happen.

            With the current plan we aren’t competing for a title for at least 5 years (2 years with no hope Sam then 3 to groom a real qb pending we suck enough to draft a top notch talent ). Speed it up now and start with Wentz. Pass on golf.

            But I just don’t see it going down this year unfortunately. I see steady hand lurie rolling safe and it costing Doug and Howie their jobs eventually then lurie might wake up and hire a guy with a rebuild vision.

            As it stands Eagles have a real shot at Watson next year. We are the worst team in the NFc east with a brutal out of conference schedule I see 7 wins as our upside this year.

            1. Jeff I disagree wentz is a franchise qb. Qbs from North Dakota state don’t just show up in the top 10 just because… NFL teams and evaluators know he has all the tools.

              1. Yes, he has the tools, based on what the other QB prospects offer. If Wentz was lined up to a more talented class, take 2014 for example, he would have likely been drafted after Borles, Bridgewater and Carr.

                I recognize his physical stature, maturity, and running a Pro style offense is appealing. But… Just because the guy is the best out of the class, doesn’t mean he is franchise worthy.

                If I’m the Eagles, I’m looking at round 5 to draft a QB….Spending that type of money on Chase Daniel “buys” the Eagles time to wait until next year to focus the first 3 rounds on a QB….

              2. I agree With JEff…
                My Strategy for any Draft, is to focus on the Players from the Strengths of the Draft Class and stay away from the Weak Positions for you will end up “Reaching” at a Position.. I think I’ve been pretty consistent since early on that this is not a very Talented,Deep Draft with lots of Playmakers or Impact Players and especially on the Offensive side of the Ball…
                It’s a Meat and Potato’s type of Draft that’s strength is along the DL, LB & OL with some good DB’s and RB’s mixed in but that’s about it …
                QB,TE,WR I would simply stay away from unless your simply looking to all back-up Depth
                This is not the Draft to find your Franchise QB or Stud WR or PLaymaking TE.. It’s just not there…

              3. jeff a round 5 qb is getting you nothing, its a wasted pick imo…

                now on to bortles, carr, bridgewater nfl . com gives grades on the draft prospects and while they obviously not the end all be all when it comes to evaluating talent, here are the grades:

                Bortles – 6.22
                Carr – 6.14
                Bridgewater – 6.15
                Wentz – 6.51

                Wentz grade is signifcantly higher than the other 3 so im not so sure that all 3 would go before wentz…. bortles is a beast love that guy, think he is a top 10 qb now and is going to be great. Carr is solid, bridgewater im not sold on.

                If the best football analysts (not employed by nfl teams) are telling me Wentz is just as good as those 3 if not better im sold, give this team what it needs – a makeover, hope and promise

                again i dont think it will happen but i would be on board. if it doesnt thats fine but we will be having this conversation annually until we get a real qb here

                by the way can we address why you and denny arent writing as much? will be getting phils stories? if you cant talk about it, i get it…

              4. Paulman its seldom that I agree with you…because normally….well….your wrong…but on this rare occasion…you absolutely right:

                “It’s a Meat and Potato’s type of Draft that’s strength is along the DL, LB & OL with some good DB’s and RB’s mixed in but that’s about it …
                QB,TE,WR I would simply stay away from unless your simply looking to all back-up Depth”
                The biggest mistake the Eagles could make is to reach for a QB, they need to concentrate on the offensive line…shore that up…

          2. Jeff, why waste a 5th round draft pick on a QB who has no shot to become a viable solution as a long term QB. If the Eagles do that then they should just re-sign Bradford to a long term deal as he would be the best option at QB at that point going forward. What 5th round QB in a weak QB class has gone on to become a QB that has lead a team to a championship…because that is what we are talking about here..that is the goal and objective. The O line and D line class is deep, that is why you can pick up those developmental guys this year in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th round. If they are seriously trying to get a QB of the future in this years draft they have to get him in rounds 1-3. Forget about Deshaun Watson next year, that is not happening.

        2. How many of these FA contracts are long term?

          Brooks and McCleod.

          The rest of them are short term fixes to try to fill out the roster, so that they can put themselves in a position to draft whoever is highest on their draft board. The roster is completely unsettled at this point even at the QB position.

          What else would you have them do? Not fill the roster out?

  22. The FA spree is strange.

    What are they going to do with their 8 picks? Where exactly are they going to fit in?

    McCloud was signed to start. So both S starter spots filled.
    Brooks was signed to start.
    Bradham was signed to start. So the LB starters are set.
    McKelvin signed to be the slot.
    Caroll I think will start at CB. So the 3 starting Cbs are signed.

    Daniels, no matter how it is spinned, got stupid $$. The amount he got makes absolutely no sense to be a backup. None. (its not “starter” $$ wither, but its way more than they needed to pay for a backup.

    Randall was signed to be the 3rd wr. Givens the 4th.

    The Eagles have 3 “needs” right now: Another starting guard. A 2017 replacemtns at QB and a 2017 replacement at T.

    But where are the rest of these draft picks (8 of them) going to go??

    Eagles currently have the highest payroll in the entire league (real $$) for 2016, 2017 and I think 2018. You don’t throw out that kind of $$ for guys to sit on the bench.

    They, (and I do not agree with the strategy) filled out this roster in Free agency.

    So what are they going to do with the draft picks?

    The idea that they’re trading them away to move up in the draft seems to make sense.

    1. Eagles have 9 Selections

      1st Rd – 1
      2nd Rd – 0 (None – Traded away to Rams in Bradford Deal)
      3rd Rd – 2 (Extra Pick from Lions from last Years Draft Day Trade)
      4th Rd – 1
      5th Rd – 2 (Extra Pick is from Steelers for CB Boykin)
      6th Rd – 1
      7th Rd – 2 (Extra Pick is from Cardinals for QB Barkley)

      I expect the Eagles To Package some of these PIcks with a Player and try to move up…
      Maybe Trade a Brandon Graham Plus a 5th Round Pick for a 4th Round Pick from another Team (Falcons or Browns)
      Maybe Trade a Ryan Matthews and a Pick to some Team (Dolphins) for an earlier Pick
      Maybe Trade a Josh Huff and a 5th Round Round Pick for an earlier 5th Round Pick to some Team (49ers)

      1. Pretty risky business trading Matthews without another viable starting RB to be found. I mean matthews isn’t reliable by any means, but they can’t go into the season with just a 3rd and 5th round pick at rb can they?

        I figure it’ll be Matthews and a 3rd round pick with Sproles to start the year. I think there’s too much risk trading Matthews. Besides, with him getting hurt again last year (and this with limited touches) does he have any value???

        1. At $4.5 Million for Ryan Matthews, who hasn’t played a Full 16 Game Season in 4 Years with Howie Roseman already on Record stating Matthews is on the Trading Block so why bother bringing him back…
          Eagles can Draft 1-2 RB’s in this Draft to go with SProles and then go out and Sign a Free-Agent RB to a cheapo 1-2 Year Deal

          Here’s a list of Veteran, Quality RB’s that would offer the similar production as Ryan Matthews does for a 1/3rd the Salary

          Anthony Dixon (Age 28)
          Steve Ridley (Age 27)
          Bobby Rainey (Age 28)
          LeGarret Blount (Age 29)
          Chris Polk (Age 26)
          Bernard Pierce (Age 25)

      2. There is a hot rumor/speculation on profootball, BGN, and birds 24/7, started by Lance Zeierline on that the Eagles are going to try to trade up to go for Carson Wentz. Who knows, like HAC says, and I now agree with him, everything that comes out now you take it with a grain of salt. Pre-draft jockeying for position and to make deals.

        1. I’m hearing QB Sam Bradford, DE Brandon Graham & WR Huff + 8th Pick to the Browns for their #2 Overall Pick

  23. Bill Rabinowitcz from the Columbus Dispatch was just on WIP and discussed various topics including Ezekiel Elliot. He covers OSU. He totally backed E. Elliot as being a character guy and that he (Zeke) comes from a quality two parent household. The rumors about Zeke and this drug stuff are unfounded and baseless. Attempted smear campaign perhaps to bring his draft stock down for a team angling for him. Guilt by association due to him rooming with Joey Bosa.

    1. NFL draft is a seedy business… i understand eliott did take his test and Bosa didn’t– so if you are sitting at 10-11 maybe you let it slip as an unnamed source that ‘nfl scouts are hearing…”– if it get legs the guy slips a couple spots and you nab him and then the beauty of it when you draft him you say “our security department fully vetted him, he is of great character and we are happy he is part of our team”–

  24. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice ..if the Eagles were able finally to move Sam (now with a no trade clause ) removed ,to the Browns and jump over chip to grab Wentz or Goff…#howiesmakemyday

    1. Bullshit, desert…

      Your biased, jaded view wont change the facts

      Bradford arm is stronger than any QB we had here since Mike Vick

      There are no throws he cant and wont make…

      He can make all of the throws as noted by the new Coach, former QB Doug Pederson…

      Stop resorting to desperate lies to put forth your sure to fail agenda

      The Eagles are not drafting a QB…you are going to be proven dead wrong on draft day when Sam Bradford is still on the team….

      I cant wait…

    1. Desert, I was watching it too. Wentz is nice. He adjusted well to the speed of stiffer competition at the senior bowl, I have very little concern about his ability to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. I have to be honest, given his arm strength, I like him a little bit more than Goff. With that being said, I still would be happy with either of them.

      1. I think a Blake Bortle’s Comparison is pretty close in regards to Wenz..
        Wenz is probably ahead of where Bortle’s was, since he was a 3 Year Starter and playing in about 45 College Games where Bortle’s really only played 1 Full Season in College as a Starter…
        Remember with Wenz that North Dakota State winning 3 Consecutive Championships in the FSC Division means about another 3-4 Football Games a Season as they have a Playoff Format in FSC Division instead of 1 BOwl Game or now a 2 Game Playoff Format for BSC Division

        I just don’t the upside with Jared Goff and he reminds me too much of a Blaine Gabbert type which is more of a “System QB” .. No Thanks with him..

        1. paul, the difference between Goff and Gabbert is what is between their ears. Goff is a lot more savvy and appears to be a faster processor than Gabbert, allowing him to make better decisions in and out of the pocket. From a physical stand point I see where you are coming from, but football intelligence separates the two.

          1. We’ll see about Goff…. Gabbert looked pretty darn good and had gaudy Stats coming out of that Spread Offense of Missouri (as did CHase Daniels) also and was a disaster his first couple of Seasons with the Jaguars which I admit, he did not get very good Coaching or have much support while with the Jags either… Gabbert actually played pretty well for the 49ers late last Year after taking over for the injured Kapernick..
            Goff does seem more mature and comes from a Coaching FAmily so he is probably more prepared than the immature Gabbert was coming out of College .. Goff playing for Coach Hue Jackson or Chip Kelly would be a good thing for his development

        2. I don’t get it Paul in the last 24 hours you said there are no franchise qbs is this draft then said wentz compares to bortles but better. So you don’t think bortles is a franchise qb?

          If wentz is a better bortles sign me up now!!! Whatever it takes. Bortles is a beast

          1. No, I do not think Bortles is a Franchise QB in Terms of Winning Playoff Games Championships… He’ll get to a couple of PLayoffs and lose out quickly and that’s about it …
            Do I think Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford are Franchise QB’s, No I don’t either..

            1. I do not think there are any “Franchise QB’s” in this 2016 Draft, especially short-term where a Wenz, Goff or Lynch are going to Step in Year #1 and Play and Play Well.. Its going to take a good 2-3 Seasons for any of them, just to become middle of the road QB’s in the NFL ..

              1. u dont think bortles is a franchise qb… thats crazy dude, may want to watch him play a few times this year. he is a top 10 qb now, in his 2nd year, throws one of the best balls in the league, throws wr open all day… his picks are a problem but as the game continues to slow down for him they will decrease.

                behind an awful o line with no running game bortles put up insane stats… kids a beast and will be a top 5 qb this year or next

              2. and no rookie ever comes in and carves up the league like ever. it always takes a few years and a few lumps

                if wentz is as good or better than bortles im selling any 2 players, my 1st this year, 1st next year and 2nd next year if thats what it takes

              3. you cant find a qb with better #s in their sophmore year than blake just had. dudes legit as they come

              4. Let’s see how Bortles continues to progress..
                He’s has to do a lot better than go 6-10 in a weak AFC South Division before he’s any higher than an average QB
                Colts were GD last year with no Luck, who was bad when he did play..
                Texans went thru what 3-4 Starting QB’s and an Offense that couldn’t average 16-17 Points a Game and then you had Titans with Rookie Mariota playing in his First Season
                2nd Year QB Derek Carr took the Raiders to an 8-8 Record in a much stronger Division than Bortles did with the Jags
                Year #3 could be a big Season for Bortles & Jags , but he needs to start Winning Games or all his Passing Stats become as hollow as Matt Stafford’s Stats have become..

  25. Interesting backstory on the fiscal side ..SAMs 11 million dollar signing bonus was an installment of $5.5 mill in March and the second payment isn’t due until sept..first..this scenario of tag and trade on or during draft day is highly unlikely ,however the money on the table is not the 26 million ,but rather. $5.5 exposed as the draft approaches’s interesting that they would be enabled to work on a deal or have a fallback plan B ..Eitherway ,they could conceivably have enough skin in the game to attract a suitor ..

    1. Interesting take on it eagle… the phillies have been using fiscal strength to get better prospects- maybe the birds are doing something similar. a ‘cheaper’ sammy sideways has more value than an expensive one.
      as for RGME– interesting- not sure his ego can handle them drafting wentz at 2… i think it might devalue the pick for them a bit but… does this mean they don’t look qb?

      1. I see no reason the Browns would state anything publically..other than there interest in a q.b..they’d be driving there own price in a potential trade..otherwise..eerie reality is that this is going to involve dallas..jets..and pinnochipio..Howie has played this perfectly..he’s got the cattle and now at 8 .he’s in play..I personally think Cleveland bluster is just that..rgme..can’t deal with the Browns fans and looking over his shoulder. .what is now unlikely is Sam going to now I’m looking at the Jets or Denver in that respect to move sam..mark Sanchez in denver..must be wondering do I shake this dude? Lmao

      1. Broncos still don’t have a qb… I do hope krap stays with chip so all the fans that wanted Krappernick in chips offense can see how awful it would’ve been

        1. Cowboys at #4 are the Wildcard… Looks like Fitzaptrick wants more $$ than the Jets/Broncos are willing to pay, So now Fitzpatrick likely returns to Jets as he has little leverage now.. Broncos/Jets will look to Trade down with the Cowboys at #4 to get their Future QB’s… or maybe the Cowboys take their own Future QB at 4… Maybe the Eagles Trade Up to #2 with the Browns to beat all 3 of them to the punch..
          The Cowboys are the key on how the the Top 8-10 Picks of this 2016 Draft go…

    1. Gloomy I believe it is only a two year deal…that makes it likely that Cleveland is still in the market to draft a QB. If they like Wentz or Goff they may still take him.

  26. Y I don’t think the RGIII deal prohibits them from drafting a QB at 2. Its a 2 year deal, but probably set up like Sammy Sevens really a one year “prove it” deal. But we’ll see.

    The draft certainly will be interesting in terms of Wentz falling to the Eagles.

    1 – Tenn. No QB
    2 – Cleveland…QB selection has to be questioned with RGIII in fold
    3 – SD need a QB but can’t here
    4 – Dall – need a QB but can’t here
    Both SD and Dall are in similar situations. Have older QBs and need to find replacements. However, the contracts are an issue here. Both carry tremendous “dead cap” hits untill 2018 (and really its 2019 before either can be cut). Basically both teams are locked into their starters for 3 more seasons. A team cannot take a player at 3 or 4 and have them sit untill their 4th season before starting like GB was able to with their 29th pick.
    5 Jax – No QB
    6 Balt No QB after Flacco contract
    7 SF – the wildcard I guess.
    * Eagles. Will Wentz get to them….today’s Cleveland news can only be seen as positive.

    Also….how much would it really cost to move up 2 or 3 spots to Jax or Balt now….probably not very much.

      1. Toss in either DE Brandon Graham or LB M Kendricks to the Jags and 1 3rd Round Pick to move down to #5

    1. Kevin turner was a good Ole boy..when my son was young and i did work with eagles youth partnership breakfasts..he was always approachable and accommodating to all thevkids..hear he had Lou gehrigs ..sadly..great guy all my prayers to his family..

      1. Kevin Turner was one of the Good Guys on and off the field..
        Thoughts & Prayers go out to His Family & the Eagles Family ..

  27. No reason I see Philly taking a QB at number 8, or even moving up to do so. Why would you? When you already have a Qb in Sam who the head-coach and players have endorsed all offseason. They believe in him which is why they are bringing him back. Don’t give me its basically a 1-2 year deal and its not a long term commitment. This is the NFL. Not the MLB or NBA. It does not matter what type of deal you sign in terms of longevity because of the fact that this is a What Have You Done For Me Lately League. The money you make one season or week, you might not the following.

    Make no mistake about it, Sam is gonna have the opportunity to prove if he is the long term answer this season, and the following. There is zero excuses from this point on out. If he gets hurt again it just was not meant to be.

    You also have another Qb in Daniels who our headcoach loves and is very familiar with. I can see us drafting our 3rd string Qb to groom in the later rounds at best, and even that would be a waste of a pick in my opinion for the reasons I have listed above. We already have our Qbs on the roster and under contract. Draft a Qb next season and use eveyr single pick this season to address other holes on the roster.

    Alexander, Hargreaves, OLINE, Or Zeke. Use that 8th pick for a game changer that will make our team better next year and immediate. Not a project QB. Even though I love Wentz, he needs to go to Dallas, San Fran, or Cleveland.

    1. It doesn’t matter what kind of deal you sign, this is the nfl in terms of longevity …ok possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read on here and that includes stuff paulman, hot air etc say…. Ok type of deal doesn’t matter? Really…. Tell that to flacco, Breez, Rodgers, Eli, cam etc….Bradford’s deal is not a deal that shows great confidence from management

      1. “Bradford’s deal is not a deal that shows great confidence from management”

        A two year $35 million dollar contract,..contract cash value makes him the 11th highest compensated player in the NFL

        But they don’t have any ‘confidence’ in Bradford

        That statement goes right to the top of dumb ass statments list-haveablunt!

        The ‘hate-Sam’ club is filled with dumb ass, ridiculous statements

        What they have done is obvious….Bradford has an injury history so they signed him to a very lucrative albeit short term contract…gives him plenty of money and shows confidence in his abilities while protecting them from any recurring injury problems with his knees.

        Smart and Fair….

        The ‘hate-Sam’ club just cant accept reality…and on Draft Day…it will bite em in the ass again…Sam Bradford is the QB and barring injury…he will be here for a long time!

        Book it!

        1. Except he is 77th in the league in guaranteed money…. Let me say that again 77th…. 29 year old STAR qb signs for only a guarantee of $22… No confidence from the team absolutely

          1. Yeah, yeah…what a warped way to look at a massive $35 million dollar contract…only you desperate ‘Sam-haters’ could look at a 2 year $35 million dollar contract as a cheap or bad deal
            Let me say again…the cash value of his contract makes him the 11th highest paid player in the NFL for 2016…the guaranteed money is MORE money than what they would have had to franchise him for…
            Sam Bradford has been well compensated in a fair deal for him and the team…
            Only a biased, bitter agenda could construe this in any other way…

            1. Fact check. NO ..the contract wasn’t more than a $26 million franchise tag ..why would the Eagles pay more ? That’s for one year,as we know ..SAMs deal is $22 ..stop..please

  28. Good points CT…Bradford’s contract protects the Eagles from injury…

    But the smoke screen is helpful…maybe the Rams want to jump in the mix and draft Goff or Wentz…or maybe a team is desperate enough to jump in the top 10 and get Lynch as well! If out of the top ten most talented players in the draft, if the Eagles can have three teams pick QB’s in the top ten of the draft that simply gives us more options and opportunities to maybe even get a top 5 talent in this draft…and offensive lineman, a defensive lineman…a cornerback…ignore the rumors about Bosa…if he slips to 8 it would great for the Eagles to snatch up a pass rusher like him…

    1. Kool ..stop making all of us use fact check ,with your bold pronouncements ,used deftly to ,persuade any ,of your feeble attempts to being prescient’s my take on the Sam contract in a nutshell with the facts ,you so cleverly enable,to trumpet your feeble leg humping of a mediocrity ,both ,fiscally ,and talent wise ..and why this deal was struck.None of which has anything to do with soundbites of coaches and or teammates ..Factcheck state in a bold manner to defend your argument The Eagles surely had confidence to give Sam a $35 million dollar deal ..(blatant lie) as the deal like a soundbites ,is window dressed to appease the agent and assuage his client agent egos.$22 million is the deal ..with an additional $4 million Asa roster bonus in 2017 ..If Sam goes down so does the $4 large ..his base Salary for 2016 is $7 million ..Why you don’t ask yourself weren’t there anyother suitors ? Never heard you once address that? Perhaps that just enables you ,to lay claim to know. More than any other NFL executives? SAMs cap hit was actually lowered from 2015 to 2016 ..that’s called regression..albeit infinitesimally ,from $12985..mill to. 2016 $12500 I’ve stated all along last year ,Chip as a novice GM who admitted “what do I know about contracts”.grabbed Sam without a conditional two (foolishnegotiation). Or lack there-of..and even more foolish ,no contingency when the Eagles held all the leverage to restructure a deal ,prior to consummating a deal..all that ,was what howie re-assessed ,and paid a little over $5.5 million (first installment on $11million bonus (next due sept 1) to create an asset. Where one may have been lost ..due to chipsholehearted attempt to be blinded by fiscal pragmatics ,in pursuing Mariotta let’s be clear ,Sam was a. Save “face” short term “show me ” deal ,with the upside that in a devoid qb(free agents at the draft year ) may be a chip in either a pursuit of a highly thought of draft player ,or even an attempt to cost5.5 money on the table to recoup a draft compensation ,already lost ..Or an insurance policy to have none of those materialize and ask a QB to be highly motivated to stay healthy and show me something ..he didn’t show enough ,last year to create a competition financially for his services ,.the facts ,matter ,in your silly arguments ,and pronouncements ..when it comes to your football acumen ,you dry hump ,and with bluster ,try to grandstand ..why not just let the stuff ,play out and then ,eating crow ,will go down ,taht much easier

      1. deserteagle, what a meaningless post. We can dismiss most of that bullshit to address this here:
        ‘$22 million is the deal ..with an additional $4 million Asa roster bonus in 2017 ..If Sam goes down so does the $4 large ..his base Salary for 2016 is $7 million ..Why you don’t ask yourself weren’t there any other suitors ?”

        The deal in total is $35 million with $26 million guaranteed…If Sam stays up he grabs the extra $4 mil and drops it in the bank with the rest…this is what we know…the rest is bullshit speculation that we can argue all day long…who knows and who cares…no one can prove a negative…what we can only affirmed what happened…he had one big suitor that matters…

        The Philadelphia Eagles!

        My main contention through out was that the Eagles should sign Sam Bradford and slap the franchise tag on him if necessary. They wanted him and have made him the No#1 QB that’s the bottom line…they have in the deal wisely accounted for his injury history.

        Anyone with half a brain, knows that the deal is fair for both Sam and the Eagles. If you stop jock-sniffing Vinnie for a sec, you might be able to see that. Bradford is being well compensated and it was only smart for the Eagles to draft up a deal that takes his history of injuries into strong consideration.

        The deal basically says….show us you can stay healthy…we will guarantee you MORE than what we could have franchised you for…again stop sniffing jocks and let that fact marinate for you…the $22 million that’s guaranteed is MORE than what he would have gotten if they franchised him. He blows out that ACL the first day of training camp-$22 big ones are still going to the bank for Bradford and if he simply plays average an extra $4 big ones goes to the bank!
        Sam bet on himself in a very comfortable way with a fat 22 mill in guarantees-he plays well next year proves that he can stay healthy…the Eagles we redo the last year and sign him to a long term extension, if not and he plays well..he hits free agency where bigger bucks await. …

        What we are waiting to see come to fruition is whether or not your claim of him being a trade chip for draft day is right or wrong.
        I wonder how much jock-sniffing you will do when the draft comes and goes and Sam Bradford is still here as the No#1 QB.
        What will your excuses be then…or will you simply slink to the sidelines like you normally to avoid any heat…go out with a whimper hoping no one notices…

        Deserteagle, lets not research your cheap ass flip-flops, your hiding, ducking and dodging you have the football acumen of a wounded duck..and maybe I shouldn’t insult wounded ducks! With all your pretentious, stuck up bullshit…you do nothing more than jock ride and flip-flop while never really taking a position…except this time…you are on the record…we will see who eats the crow…

        You better bring something to drink to wash down that rough crow you are about to be served up buddy…

        Book it!

          1. Ok…here is what Spotrac says haveablunt

            “According to Spotrac, ranking players according to cashvalue of his 2016 contract makes him the 11th rank player along with Malik Jackson and Eli Manning:

            11 Malik Jackson
            Malik Jackson
            Defensive End $18,000,000
            Eli Manning
            Eli Manning
            Quarterback $18,000,000
            Sam Bradford
            Sam Bradford
            Quarterback $18,000,000”

            Sam Bradford is not doing bad at all according to Spotrac…

            1. I have highlighted the word GUARANTEE …multiple times. The fact that a 29 year old qb signed for a measly $22 GUARANTEE …indicates there is low demand for him , that the organization isn’t sure he is the man… A 29 year old qb signs for GUARANTEE of 45$ maybe… Minimum…
              Would any of us on this board like $22… Of course but we are not QBs

  29. Browns are not relying on RG3 to solve their QB Position.. RG3 will get a lean start and will have to resurrect his Career similar to what Mike Vick did with the Eagles .. The Brownssigned him to a 2-Year $13.5 Million Deal with $6.5 Million in Guaranteed $$ (Similar to what Eagles Signed Chase Daniels to)
    They will likely Draft Goff/Wenz and have that QB compete with RG3 come Summer time..If RG3 plays well on and off the field, the Browns may be able to move to a Team who sustains an Injury or even next off-season

  30. Stop whining…its like a lot of NFL contracts with incentives…$22 million guaranteed if he gets hurt the first day of training camp…with an extra 4 stacks if he stays upright…it is what it is…stop bitching

  31. Back-Up QB Chase Daniels received a $12 Million Guarantee over 2 Years
    RG3 Just signed a $6.5 Guaranteed Deal (Over 2 Years with the Browns)
    Talking about Hand-Size, Didn’t Mike Vick have very small Hands for an NFL QB?

    1. It is clearly a prove it for me contract by the Eagles. I had stated earlier in the year that Sam will be back and take a pay cut because he is sick of changing teams, systems, and Personnel every single year. I had also stated that Sam had signed one of the richeSt contracts in nfl history before the new CBA, and that him resigning was going to happen because it’s not all about money right now for him. It’s about winning and proving himself.

      What he was able to do in the 2nd half of the season with Jordan and zach specifically was record breaking. Ertz had broken multiple records for a tight end in the month of December with Jordan going off as well.

      In terms of nobody wanting him. Why would cleveland want him? Or San fran for that matter? They both have high draft picks in this year’s draft. Houston obviously had there eyes set on Brock. Teams more then likely knew sam was coming back to Philly, for their was multiple reports that owners and general managers expected him to come back anyway.

      Genius move on his part to come back because of the fact Bradford recognises this might be his last chance to prove himself in the league. Quit switching teams every season and personnel with no Talent around you like he had in St.Louis. people like to judge players individually in the ultimate team sport and it’s hilariously sad. He is one man and a quarterback is only as good as his Supporting Cast. Let’s see what happens with another year of experience under our receivers belt, and improved o line and slow down methodical approach, and him being with the same guys for more than one year

    2. Yes Vick had some of the smallest hands ever, but that does not count because Vick is in the pros and Goff’s whose hand size is 9 is in college, according to Hot Air it’s peanuts to pineapples…so you can’t compare the two The man of 1001 excuses…hand size is hand size.

      1. The NFL is the NFL and College is College

        Vick proved that he could overcome small hands in College…he accomplished much more which is why he was the No#1 pick easy and Goff is not…

        Still stuck on stupid and whining…..

        The bumbling beaglehasfallen comes up with more lame excuses. Stymied…he first claimed..that Goff protected the ball well…look at his TD to interceptions…fumbling…forgot to look at all of those fumbles the guy had as a part of his turnover problem…then he continues to stumble with foolish comparisons and more lame excuses for a mediocre talent of a QB in Goff…a fumbler…a guy in the big games against tough teams like Utah came up real small and weak…
        Small hands, questionable heart, didn’t run a pro offense
        I say the Eagles will pass on this guy and for good reason…I just hope that there is another sucker who will take the kid high…I hope Dallas takes him at 4! Push the real talent down to us…and we will get a guy like Prescott in 4th or 5th round

        Apples dont compare with Lobster…get ya mind right

          1. If philly drafts Goff or Wentz..

            I am going to
            1. Rage and throw a shit storm
            2. Buy a fifth of crown royal
            3. Get hammered
            4. Argue with all my friends on how great he is going to be.

        1. Lmao….Hot Air commenting on anyones football acumen as it relates to discussing and analyzing college qb’s is sheer comedy. Your hit parade is a comedy of errors…the difference here is you are speculating about Goff’s nfl future…I told you about Manziel.and Boyd and I was proven right. So the beaglemay fall…but the eagle always lands on his feet…the thing about hot air is that it always dissipates into nothingness. Just like Manziel and Boyd…nothingness. Hand size is hand size and that is what you wad bitching about…no matter how much you want to argue’s a fact.

  32. CTFU…..stumbling, bumbling, and always fumbling

    Beaglehasbungled again…

    I was right about what we are talking about now

    Sam Bradford is QB of the Eagles…

    Who knows what you said about Manziel…he didn’t play in Chip Kelly’s system

    Who cares what you said about Boyd we didn’t draft him with a 5th round or 6th round pick…

    You were wrong about Foles, wrong about Vick, wrong about Bradford

    You always land on your ass never your feet…

    Hand size is hand size and you boy Goff has small hands, fumbles, and has choked in big games…

    No arguments at all…facts are clear!

    1. Beaglehasbungled, baglehasfumbled, beaglehasbuttfumbled, beaglehasfallen and can’t get up, easterbeagle…lmao..keep em coming snoopy.
      Sam Bradford is the Eagles QB for (this year).., I agree and posted so numerous times now, for some reason you don’t get that. Perhaps it makes you feel more comfortable to not acknowledge that…gotcha! Just because he is the short term answer means nothing, I am looking for the long term solution. Sam had his best season as it relates to injury since his rookie year, the Eagles should have given him a long term contract if they feel he is the long term answer, I could accept that. The fact that they did not tells me they do not believe he is the long term answer. Therefore, they need to identify a QB that can be drafted and developed into the future QB. Your arguments against Goff and Wentz can not be proven as they have not played one NFL down, you’re just blowing hot air. There is a difference between college and pros….so you can not judge them yet, I can judge Manziel, Boyd, and Sam…garbage, garbage, and Average. Lol, Hot Air.
      Beaglehasbungled..beaglehasfallen…and can’t get up…lmao…keep em coming.

    2. “You were wrong about Foles, wrong about Vick, wrong about Bradford.”

      You have a strange measure of right and wrong… Foles is the only one with a winning record…

      Vick 20-20
      Foles 15-9
      Bradford 7-7

      I keep trying to tell you koolbreeze – The fact that the Eagles signed Bradford don’t make you right about anything… When he loses half his starts again this year you will be wrong about him the same way you were wrong about Vick, and Sanchez.

    3. Wrong about Vick, wtf are you talking about, I did not care about Vick either way…pulling shit out of your ass again…after Vick got hurt and Foles performed well I wanted Foles because Vick was struggling, then got injured…nothing wrong about that.
      You were wrong about Manziel, wrong about Boyd, Wrong about EJ Manuel, wrong about Louis Nix, wrong about Sanchez, wrong about hand size…Wrongbreeze…if I landed on my ass, you got your head stuck up your ass!!!

      1. kool, you also said Nelson Agholor would come in his rookie year and immediately replace J Maclin’s production…WRONG AGAIN…LMAO…wrongbreeze, nobody is as wrong as you are.

  33. Easter Holiday NFL Mock Draft (For a Change of Pace)

    1) Titans – OT Laramy Tunsil (Ole Miss)
    2) EAGLES from Cleveland – QB Carson Wenz (N Dakota State)
    3) Chargers – DB Jalen Ramsey (Florida State)
    4) NY Jets from Cowboys – QB Jared Goff (Cal)
    5) Jaguars – DL Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    6) Ravens – DL DeForest Buckner (Oregon)
    7) 49ers – OT Ronnie Stanley (Ole Miss)
    8) Browns – QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis)
    9) TB Bucs – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Florida)
    10) NY Giants – RB Ezekial Elliot (Ohio State)

    Eagles Send the Browns their #8th & #79th Picks as well as DE Brandon Graham & WR Josh Huff and 2017 4th Round Pick to move up 6 Spots to #2 in the Draft

    1. Eagles Selections

      #2 – QB Carson Wenz – N Dakota State (6-5 237lbs)
      #77 – RB Jordan Howard – Indiana (6-0 230lbslbs)
      #100 – OT Joe Haeg – N Dakota State (6-6 305lbs)
      #153 – Guard Graham Glasgow – Michigan (6-5 307lbs)
      #164 – DT D J Reader – Clemson (6-3 325lbs)

      1. The Eagles and GM ROseman addressed the 2016 Season so far this Off-Season… My above Draft will have little to no impact for the 2016 and these above Players were selected with 2017 and beyond in mind…

  34. What worries me is that the Eagles will most likely be picking in the high teens in the next two years with Bradford under center generating 7 to 8 wins.

    Now is the time to get a high 1st round quarterback. Both Golf and Wentz are much better than anyone that will be available in the middle of the first round next year.

    The only way to find a franchise quarterback is to keep trying. The more darts you throw at the board the better your chance to hit a bulls-eye. Just because we signed Bradford doesn’t mean the search for a franchise quarterback is over.

    1. Exactly Irish, they are in a position to strike. if the Eagles feel Sam is there long term guy then invest in him with a long term contract and show him that he is their answer and QB of the future. Sam will get the team to 7-8 wins…never won 8 but I will give him and extra win because he is a nice The Eagles will not be in this position again, if the opportunity comes they have to take the shot to grab a QB if they like one of them. If they choose not to, then they better make sure Sam stays healthy because he will have to be that guy..and the Eagles better be ready to be average for a long time too.

      1. That’s it exactly. Bradford makes 13 starts setting an all-time Bradford record with 22 tds. Goes 6-7 or 7-6…wins one when Romo goes down, splits Wsh and NYG, beats Chic and Clevland, Atlanta before getting pummeled by GB, Pitt, Seattle, Cinci etc. Daniels goes 2-1 or 1-2 in his relief games and Eagles finish 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7


        Then what?

        The Eagles aren’t going to donate 35 million of cap space to that mess. So a QB will be needed.

        And Eagles picking around 15 next draft in what everyone says is a weaker QB class than this year.

        That’s no good….so re-neg Bradford onto another one-year “prove it” deal and roll with the same slop????

        8-8 again in 2017.

        Wash rinse repeat.

        The iron is hot right now. Only one person on the planet thinks Sammy sevens or Chase Daniels is any sort of long term answer…..they have to move now.

        1. I have to laugh my ass off at this guy Lombardi on the radio… He was saying “The Eagles need to draft a offensive lineman because Sam proved at the end of the season that he can play” Then he says “The Cowboys need to draft a quarterback in the first round, they can’t risk Romo going down” LOL….

          Are you kidding… Romo, a bigger risk than Sam Bradford??? The only risk with Romo is he might get injured – if he plays he is one of the best…. With Sam you risk that he might get injured or he might just suck like he has for 6 years…

          This team is making a huge mistake if they waste this opportunity to draft a top 10 QB…

  35. Wrong

    Its a good thing the Eagles have decided to go in the opposite direction…

    At the Quarterback position, they have listened to the Players on the team that have rallied around the leadership of Bradford…they have obtain a receiver in Givens who he is familiar with gotten rid of dead weight…like Riley Cooper
    With a sound move…they bought in a back up QB who knows the system and can serve as insurance just in case Bradford gets hurt…
    These moves have secured them so they can take a low round pick and grab a third string QB who can learn and perhaps develop without the pressure…a young Qb that can have 4-5 years developing while the Bradford era takes off…when Bradford proves he can stay healthy…they will lock him up with a long term deal…and in the mean time they develop other much needed areas of the team!

    In Free Agency, they spent their money wisely…obtaining a starting offensive guard…and now in the draft they need to find more nasty and mean offensive lineman to improve the running game and protect Bradford

    They also made important moves to build the defense that cost them important games last year…bringing in players who are familiar with the Coaches new system

    So in a weak NFC East, they have positioned themselves to make run…to get to the playoffs…

    Sound, intelligent moves….not based on desperate reaches, foolish chances…shots in the dark with overrated QB’s who are more likely to be the next Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder or Brady Quinn as opposed to a QB with legitimate talent like Jameis Winston, Mariotta, or Cam Newton…

    You bide your time.. develop other aspects of the team with a focus on defensive and offensive lines and cornerbacks. Trust the judgement of your Coach who has told you that Sam Bradford can get the job done!

    Steady and wise development…sound planning and good moves as opposed to desperate reaches and unnecessary chances.

    Stay the course…build on what you have…be smart and consistent and above all…NO desperate reaching

    You assess, study, and make careful moves that allows you to build your team. With your higher picks you take the sure shots…at QB you grab players like Jameis Winston, Mariota, you make sound moves…
    In the absense of a sure shot at QB…you take players that you know can contribute to your offensive and defensive lines right away…you grab corners that can come in and play immediately …You grab players that you know can come in and contribute.

    You take you shot at QB later in the draft… you’ll find someone who you can develop and groom without pressure, and when and if disaster strikes…injuries and you get a high pick…you take a shot at the QB when you

    You look at your QB who completed 65% of his passes and improved during last year…who has the confidence of the players around him…and you build on that…

    You guard yourself with a contract to see if the QB that you have can stay healthy…and you take steps to guard and protect him better…

    You build around the QB you have by taking Offensive line man that will help protect your QB and establish your running game. With that the 7 wins can easily turn into 9 wins.

    You build your defense and get some game changers…you get a dominate pass rusher. The 9 wins turn into 10 or 11 wins and a playoff spot.

    You upgrade your wide receivers, you get rid of unproductive players like Riley Cooper and improve your morale…now you have a better chance in the playoffs.

    1. That’s a perfect recipe to doom your franchise to mediocrity. In the NFL you don’t strive to win a weak division. The goal is to win the super bowl. You need a franchise quarterback to win a super bowl. When you don’t have a franchise quarterback you do everything you can to find one.

      Jeff Lurie said that this team will continue to search for a franchise quarterback. If the Eagles believe there is a franchise quarterback in this draft, you can bet they will do what they can to draft that quarterback.

      The Eagles view Sam Bradford as a short term stop-gap. As evidenced by the short term contract he was signed to.

  36. Sam Bradford short term contract is simply a smart move on the Eagles part to ensure that he can stay healthy. He is the franchise QB because he is the QB that is leading your franchise now.
    The real recipe for disaster is to fall into the illusions of trying to ‘find’ a franchise QB. Desperate, reaching for players can leave you team destitute…you reach for a ‘franchise QB’ and end up with Christian Ponder….
    They must build a team…build a strong offensive and defensive line. Build a dominating defense…get a strong running game
    This is the direction to a Super Bowl…not desperate reaches for supposed franchise QB’s who may or may not be up to the job.

    1. koolbreeze, It sounds like you are afraid that the Eagles might draft a quarterback in the first round who turns into a bust. You can rest assured that there is no possibility that a quarterback from the draft will be as big a bust as Sam Bradford has been.

      After 2016, Bradford will have made $76 million in guaranteed money over his 7 year career…. He has won only 25 games! I think the fact that Bradford has earned $3 million per win qualifies him as one of the biggest BUST in NFL history.

      If ever there was a desperate reach, foolish gamble, shot in the dark, with an overrated quarterback, it was the day Chip Kelly traded for Bradford with the hope that he could use him as a chip in a trade. The Texans laughed at the notion of including Bradford in a trade.

      There are at least four quarterbacks in this draft that could win as many games next year as Bradford will. The bar is not that high!

    2. “He is the franchise QB because he is the QB that is leading your franchise now.”

      Haha, I remember you arguing bitterly that Nick Foles was not the “franchise quarterback” despite the fact that he was leading the franchise back then… I guess the definition has changed.

      Just so you know, Christian Ponder has quarterbacked a team to a winning season – something Bradford has never done.

      1. Yeah….I remember that argument very vividly…

        But what you are forgetting Irish, Is that I gave Nick Foles a fair shot.

        Mike Vick had gotten hurt yet again, Foles came in and took advantage of the tremendous talent of Djax and Shady McCoy…

        I then agreed…it was time for Mike Vick to go. I said that Nick Foles should have the opportunity to be the franchise QB and let this year…the year he came off of 27-2…let this be the year that we use to decide if Nick Foles could lead us…
        He failed miserably, he choked under the pressure and eventually got hurt.

        This is when I said Foles is not a franchise QB, while Vinniedafoolass and others were arguing that we should sign Nick Foles to a massive extension a $114 million dollar contract with $61 million dollars guaranteed like Kaepernick got…

        Vinny and I argued about this repeatedly…Vinnie said that the Eagles were going to sign Foles to a long term deal…and I argued that Foles wasn’t worth it…

        I was right…Vinniedafoolass was wrong…and Chip Kelly made the best move for this franchise

        Sam Bradford is now getting his shot…except the eyetest, his poise in a difficult situation, his ability to stand in the pocket and throw the ball, his stepping up in the pocket as opposed to fearfully drifting and throwing the ball up for grabs off his back foot…his accuracy…all tells me if he doesn’t get hurt…he will be here…and guess who else takes my position:

        The New Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

        The reasoning that I am giving you Irish…is what the Eagles are doing…like it or not

  37. I am hopeful they draft a QB round 1. I am very happy they locked up Bradford and I expect him to start but I would be happy if they drafted a qb. They have a team that is good enough to compete; if you get into the playoffs ANYTHING is possible. That said… They need a franchise qb. I don’t believe we have had one in a long time. This would allow a young guy to learn without having to throw a Chase D out there as a starter. If if if.. Someone offers us something for Bradford that is worth it… Go ahead and trade him. But.. Im thankful they brought him back.

  38. “Desperate, reaching for players can leave you team destitute…you reach for a ‘franchise QB’ and end up with Christian Ponder….”

    Christian Ponder has the same winning percentage (.390) in the NFL as……….wait for it……….wait for it……………Sam Bradford!(.390)

    This shit just writes itself!

    1. Another dumb, meaningless, and stupid ass stat

      Dumb ass Vinnydafool

      Fortunately, the new Coach has rejected your stats, and dumb ass arguments.

      The new Coach wanted and kept Sam Bradford and he looked at Bradford’s film, talked to his teammates…

      Result…Sam Bradford is the Starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles

      Saddle up and Ice down son…

      The Eagles are taking none of your bullshit, dumb ass notions at all.

  39. Wentz looks nothing like Ponder lmao but I get your point…. if they can get Wentz I’ll take a 3 &4 for Bradford just to get rid of his contract….
    In fact I was checking out and next season the Eagles will have money to play with again
    If they cut these players next yr the cap savings
    Bradford =13 million
    Peter’s = 9 million
    Ryan Matthews= 4
    Graham= 4 mill
    Not to mention sproles money is off the books
    So they can have money to spend for the 2md yr qb

    1. Hey Gloomy & Happy Easter..
      All Drafted Rookies Sign 4-Year Deals and cannot be extended until Year #3 of their Rookie Deal.. All Rookies Drafted in the 1st Round can be Extended to a 5th Year by their Draft Team, so if Eagles do Draft a QB in the 1st Round, they won’t have to worry about big $$$ until a few years down the road FYI…

        1. Yes Gloomy, they will shed some Cap Space after 2016 regardless of who they Draft or who the QB is moving forward…and we should all have a better idea on who those Players are by who they Draft early with their first few Picks…

    2. A pipe dream

      They are not getting Wentz…

      No to Goff

      Hell NO to Lynch

      They will get a guy like Prescott or some other project in the 4th or 5th round

      Sam Bradford is not being traded

      Book it!

  40. On a Side Note,
    This SG Buddy Hiedl of Oklahoma would look great in a 76ers Uniform next Season and be that legitimate outside Scorer that they lack..
    They should seriously consider selecting him with their First Round Pick..

    1. Mixed feelings on Buddy Hield. For a player that shoots so well the rest of his game sucks. He cant handle the ball, he cant create his own shot, he cant pass and he cant play defense. But he damn sure can spot up and shoot the damn ball. .

      1. Dag, that statement right there proves that you are one of the more insightful posters on this blog…..

        So many take what they see for granted, and are so enamored with the sparkle, that they can’t see the vital flaws; now that is true evaluation; looking beyond the obvious.

        and you are so right. Many did the same thing last year with De’Angelo Russell, and were so wrong – just like I said.

        I will be discussing this very topic on 97.5 the fanatic with Anthony Gargano before, and after the draft…

      2. I’ve seen Hield use his Step back and quick elevation to go along with his size to create may shots when it appeared he was guarded closely..
        Is this not creating your own shot??
        He’s not a great dribble penetrator but he handles the ball pretty well for a shooter
        He’s no shut down defender but he can use his size and play decent Defense and get some rebounds too..

        If the 76ers can’t get a pure outside shooter to spread the Defens to go alongwitha true PG, they simply are going nowhere with the Group of Players they have..

        Ben Simmons needs a couple of Years and is not the next Savior of the NBA as many on here proclaimed last November/December and Ingram is a player without a position in the NBA until he adds strength and some weight and is a terrible defender,maybe Ingram Plays as a #2 or #3 depending how your Roster is set up but is a huge defensive liability.. The 76ers already have enough to Defensive Liabilities on their Team (Okafor, Ish Dmith, Nick Stauskus, R Covington all give up more Points Defensively almost every Game!!)

        1. Okay Paul…..I can show you better than I can tell you…

          Let’s see if all of what you’ve noticed translates into star, or weapon in the NBA, against professionals that see those same moves every game, as opposed to inferior college players who don’t have any idea of how to defend this particular talent.

          eventually, I think he’ll make one heck of a 6, or 7th man off the bench….

          1. I have a question for you gmcliff what is your take on Brandon Graham overall as a player, and his contract relative to his production? I post on other sites, and posters are acting like moving back to a 4-3 will all of as sudden turn him into Michael Strahan.

            1. RE: Brandon Graham
              BG is simply a Rotational Player whether it’s in a 4-3 or 3-4 Scheme
              He will get his 6-8 Sacks a Season, but he is not really an impact player or a difference maker… He’s a complementary player good for about 25-30 Snaps a game … Most 4-3 Schemes carry 5 DE’s on their Roster and Graham is about a
              3rd to 4th DE on any of the better DL’s in the NFL ..
              Eagles should have let him walk ast yearwhenhis Contract was up and it’s very likely that is Marcus Smith was able to show anything at all, they would have lethimwalk, but since MSII appears to be a bust, The Eagles panicked and over-paid gor B Graham last Off-Season … Another GM Chip Kelly/Ed Marynowitz mistake as was extending LB Michael Kendricks who is another under-achiever who seems to not catch the flak as BG does and that he should..

              1. Graham Signed a 4 Year – $26 Million Deal with $13 Million in Guaranteed $$
                Which averages out to $6.5 Million per Season and is not Top End $$$ which is $10 Million… But $6.5 Million is lot more $$ than what Rotational DE’s get..
                Same with DE Vinny Curry who was overpaid and still has to prove that he’s a 3 Down DE which he’s never done yet…

              2. V Curry Signed a 5 Year $47.5 Million Deal with $23 Million in Guaranteed $$
                Will he become a full time, every down DE or put up great Stats ?

            2. Simply put Mac, I think Brandon Graham is a bench player. I’ve been saying he is below average as a defensive player for years now.

              Many thought he would have a break out year based upon his sack per play ratio or something – but that was nothing but the optimistic displaying wishful thinking.

              He stinks in a 4-3, or a 3-4; It doesn’t matter – same results. Anyone who feels otherwise is just in outright denial, not to mention dumb, and wrong.

          2. I never said or think Buddy Heidl is going to be a Superstar for he’s not, just like none of the other Players in this 2016 NBA Draft..
            What I am saying is that the 76ers have to consider Selecting him for their needs.. The 76ers are Currently heavy at the Forward/Center Position
            What they need is a Pure PG and realSG for they have neither right now and will never be more than a 20 Win Team without good Guards
            Unless they are going to break up what they already got which actually may too late now as their Top 4 Assets probably have less Value than they did a Year Ago.. (Noel, with the unproven Saric & Embiid are unlikely to Return any Top Lottery Picks in Return as they are not Franchise Type Players and there are lots of questions about where Okafor plays at the NBA Level as he gets lost as a #4 and is best suited as a #5 but many Teams don’t even run a Traditional Offense where a True #5 are part of their Schemes anymore and the 76rs already have Noel/Embiid )

            All I read from You and others all year was how great this Ben Simmons is going to be and to be honest, he disappointed big time at LSU, granite he has College Coach’s and Teammates, but the lack of hustle, determination and willing your way to Victory was not seenthe 2nd half of LSU’s Season raising big doubts about his toughness (mentally & physically) as well as his maturity…
            76ers are no longer in a Position to keep Drafting Plyers that are 3-4 Years away from Contributing .. they need Playmakers, Scorers and Defenders who are athletic, well coached and physically & mentally tough and right now they lacking I mist of these areas big time..
            Too many of you continue to put your hopes and wishes on 18-19 Year old Kids and the reality is that these Kids need 3-4 Years to mature physically & emotionally before they ever turn into quality consistent NBA Players. The 76 Franchise is a good 4-5 Years away, at the pace they are going, to even become a 6th-8th Seed in the weaker Eastern Conference .. They are this Bad…

            1. I disagree about Ben Simmons. He has Magic Johnson type skill. Magic didn’t have a jump shot either – even after his Sophomore College season.

              I don’t this his freshman season was a failure at all. LSU upset a lot of ranked teams this year, and teams started to focus their game plan on Simmons, because the rest of the team wasn’t very good.

              I think most of the negative talk about Simmons comes from the critics trying to outsmart the majority, but He will only get better. If the Sixers chose any other player they would only be setting themselves back even further.

              I wouldn’t be upset if they drafted Hield, but I would if they did before Simmons. But I think many are overhyping him as a pro.

              1. Top 12 NBA Prospects
                Simmons, Ingram, Bender, Bentil, K Dunn, J Brown, J Murray , B Heild,
                G Allen , D Valentine & M Tremble and the Big Guys from Marquette & Utah

                There are lots of Underclassmen Declaring plus we will know the Draft Order
                Here over the next few weeks

                I still stand by the 76ers needing a True PG & SG before adding another #4/#5
                They add this new PG/SG to the Big 4 of Embiid, Saric, Noel & Okafo and see what happens… They’ve already Tanked for the last 4 Years so they may as well see what these Core 4 Players can do with a top notch PG & SG
                If little to no improvement after the 2017 Season then blow the entire Team up again..
                If Embiid & Saric can actually play and play well, then Okafor/Noel can be used better off the Bench and then a nice Rotation for the Frontline can be established and improved upon with Better Guard Play and decision making

              2. I feel that outside of Simmons, every underclassman should go back to school, because they aren’t ready for the pros

                Paul, if you think that Murray,Tremble, Allen, and Valentine are top prospects, then you really need to improve your eye for true, and viable NBA talent; you’re nuts…

              3. And we can say that every Year of the NBA Draft that 50-75% of the Players should Return to School but the Reality is that if a Kid is a Top 25 Pick of the 1st Round, hes Declaring to get that Guaranteed Rookie Deal.. Why go back to School and risk an Injury ?? They will work and develop on their Game as a Paid Professional of the NBA
                Every Player I named above will be a 1st Round Pick in the Top 25, which makes them NBA Prospects whether you like them or not… And just because they get Drafted in the 1st Round does it mean that half will ever amount to much, outside of the Role Player.. Its what the NBA Draft has become which is a Hype Machine for the NBA, Its Teams and Players..

              4. But, I am speaking specifically about the players, as opposed to the pretenders. like Valentine, Allen, Tremble, and Murray….

  41. Paulman, drafting players that will contribute to wins is not what the sixers do… It is against the process. The sixers will draft immature Simmons and claim he has to develop as part oft he process…. He will make millions of dollars and finish his career with a 390 winning percentage. The sixers have no desire to win… They are an embarrassment as are the trust the process fans… The sixers should be contracted, folded up…Harris should be stripped of his ownership and Stinky should be chained up in mommys basement. The trust the process people have been absent from the blogs, maybe it’s because they can finally see what the process means

    1. i dunno about that hac. sixers have been really unlucky in the draft so far. if they get wiggins, towns or parker, its a totally different situation. if they get simmons, buddy or ingram this year and if they get 2 of them this year theyre in real good shape.

      you fail to realize or consider that there was/is no other way to try to be great. look at the knicks and lakers – they blow theyve been done and everyone knows and they keep signing people, trying to compete, and giving up future draft assets… look at the nets -went the hired gun approach and are putrid

      look at the celtics, theyve been super crappy but keep getting solid 1st rounders but not top pick and now where they at? gonna make the playoffs and have 0% shot at a title.

      mostly every team in the nba east isnt scary at all and sixers are getting the players and top picks that will enable them to have more talent then anyone in the east in the near future. this will be a playoff team in 2 more seasons…

      we werent winning with iguadala, or jrua or mcw or thad… those are the type of players that win you just enough games to get you the 8-14th pick – which i pass on.

      if there was another way id be all ears but theres not

      cavs are good because of the draft, lotto, and getting lucky
      warriors are good because of draft, lotto and luck
      okc – same
      portland – emerging – same

      pelicans got dumb – they got davis then sold their assets to get mediocre talent and now are stuck in mediocrity..

      1. Henski your premise has merit… I don’t agree with it but understand it. The nba is a shell of a league simply based on your statement. To put a billion dollar franchise at the fate of ping bong balls then in the hands of 19 year old coddled AAU kids… It’s dirty, sleazy and really not good business. Ben Simmons is exhibit 100…. A POS coddled kid who basically took a year off will likely be the number one pick… Does he have talent sure …do you want him as the face of your billion dollar franchise, I doubt it

  42. Congrats to Coach Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats for their Victory over
    #1 Seed Kansas and a berth into the Final 4 where they will face the high flying Oklahoma Sooners and Tournament MVP So far Guard Buddy Heild

  43. Who do you have in your top 4 specifically paulman because that is where the Sixers will be picking? They have the heat pick at around 22 and the Thunder pick at around 26.

    1. I’m taking PG Kris Dunn or SG Buddy Hiedl if I’m the 76ers as it stands today

      Now if they can Trade Okafor for another Lottery Pick, then the 76ers Can grab another Forward like Simmons or Bentil or Bender then great… but if they are planning to keep their Core 4 (Noel,Okafor,Embiid, Saric) then they need to add Guards to the Roster…

      1. NO NO NO AND NEVER TO KRIS DUNN!!!!!!!!!!

        a turnover prone PG that cant shoot. PASS! although the sixers do love guys with awful jumpers

  44. The Sixers offered Ish Smith, Nik Stauskas and a protected first-round pick in exchange for Dennis Schroder at the NBA trade deadline, sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News.
    Despite the way he’s played while earning Brett Brown’s stamp of approval, Smith’s future with the Sixers is (again) up in the air with Jerry Colangelo now calling the shots. The report cites sources stating Philadelphia has interest in drafting Providence’s Kris Dunn, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise with the club looking for a long-term answer at point guard. Although there are concerns about his efficiency from the field, Smith should have no problem fielding several free agent offers this summer. As for the Sixers, trying to predict their plans is like trying to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. Nobody knows.
    Related: Dennis Schroder, Nik Stauskas
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Mar 28 – 9:40 AM

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