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Eagles Should Draft Jack Conklin And Not Ronnie Stanley

JackConklin2I know most of the experts have been touting the abilities of Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley as the second-rated offensive tackle in the upcoming draft, but I’m confident that Michigan State’s Jack Conklin fits the Eagles better.  I think the Birds should make Conklin their guy with the eighth pick.

Stanley is the more talented of the two tackles with his quick feet, but Conklin is the more physical of the two.  The Spartan is a good athlete, but he has a very aggressive attitude.

“You look for guys, who can think on their feet”, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said when talking about the type of offensive linemen he wants.  “You want guys that are athletic. You want guys that have that nasty, dirty grit to them. No matter what happens during the course of the game or season, they’re going to take control they’re going to take charge. You look for those types of guys.  You can get a little more specific by position, but overall the types of guys you want on your football team. Guys that are versatile. Guys who can play multiple spots.  To me you want those dirty guys, those nasty guys. I’m not saying they’re cheap shot guys, but they’re aggressive when they step on the field.”

Conklin is Pederson’s type of offensive lineman.  He’s a better drive blocker than Stanley.   He’s going to bring some of the same attitude that Jon Runyan brought to the Birds.  Runyan was the Birds bruising right offensive tackle, who bought a bully-attitude to the Eagles offensive line for a decade.  On the other side, they had the more athletic Tra Thomas, who was able to use his quick feet and athleticism on the league’s best pass rushers.

The Birds already have an athletic offensive tackle in current right tackle Lane Johnson, but he will play the left side when Jason Peters hangs up his pads.  They need a bruiser not a dancer for the right side.

Pederson wants to run the football.  He wants to play some power football, by running right at the defense.  Conklin and his attitude need to be added to the Birds offensive line. on Facebook

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70 Comments for “Eagles Should Draft Jack Conklin And Not Ronnie Stanley”

  1. If Howie traded up to get a guy at 8 that he could’ve got at 13 that’s just dumb….there gonna draft 1 of 3 players
    Wentz ,elliot or Goff

  2. This draft isn’t about the 2016 season it’s about 2017 and beyond get your qb and rb of the future and keep it moving….

  3. Maybe Howie can move back and get Conklin + an additional pick. Another scenario would be to trade up to 6 and take Goff. Both scenarios are possible because we are at 8 instead of 13.

  4. You do not draft a right tackle, especially one of Jack Conklin’s skill with the overall # 8 pick. That is a total reach..he is a 13-20 player. You do not move up in the draft, then take Conklin. That would be stupid.

  5. Exactly ehl that would be stupid to trade up just to get the guy you could’ve got at 13 if this was the case they could’ve just trade maxwell and kiko for actual picks if they select any lineman at the 8th spot is a wasted pick…. if Howie is smart the pick should either be Goff or Wentz but most likely elliot or Hargreaves

  6. I am ok with Conklin, but not at #8… The Eagles should Trade Back with the Rams at #15 who may want to move up to get a QB, or the Jets at #20

    • and then the Eagles can get a 2nd Rounder back and maybe even more for trading back with any Team looking to move up…

      • G, I agree that Conklin is a better fit, I actually think Staley is a bit overrated.

        Th Eagles need a right guard for the 2016 season. Could Peters get hurt which would open a hole for a need at offensive tackle as well>? Certainly, but this is the NFL, injuries are part of the game, but the Eagles can’t solve every position of need in just this draft.

        Conklin is by no means worth taking at pick #8. I don’t like Decker from Ohio State at tackle, and although Jason Spriggs looked very impressive at the combine, I think he is more of an early 2nd round pick.

        The Eagles could simply focus on getting a guard for this season either in the second round by making a trade. They can draft a guy like Vadal Alexander from LSU in round 3, who has experience at both guard and tackle. The kid is huge, nasty, and the Eagles could use him at guard this year and then determine if they want to move him out to tackle next year.

        Here is my issue. RT is not one that should be this highly coveted in round 1, especially not at pick #8. If the Eagles do what most who cover the team think they will do and what fans anticipate with simply releasing Peters next year, the Eagles will save 7.2 million. The Eagles could certainly use that money to either sign a guard pr tackle in free agency with the money they save with parting with Peters. Or, the Eagles could dip twice into the offensive line pool, and Howie can find both a tackle and a guard in those mid rounds that are good NFL players.

        Look at where some of the most notable Eagle offensive linemen both drafted by the Eagles or their original team were selected.

        Mathis was a third rounder, Herremans a 4th rounder, Runyan was a 4th, Kelce a 6th and Jason Peters was an undrafted tight-end. Newly acquired offensive guard Brandon Brooks was a 3rd rounder.

        Offensive line is deep with talent this year. I’m going to cover this position group by weeks end, and there are guys in round 4-6 that I see playing a long time in the NFL.

  7. Paulman Rumors

    Eagles thinking of Trading DT Fletcher Cox, who turned down a $110 Million Deal, for a Package of Picks and then use one of these High Picks for a DT

  8. Yeah I would see if anyone would be willing to give up a 1stvrd pick for him

    • I am hearing the Titans are listening and mulling over a Package for Fletch Cox
      for their 2nd Round Pick (#32 this Year) and 4th Rd Pick (approx #100)
      and their 2nd Round Pick in 2017 plus RB Bernard Sankey

  9. For the Record,
    I am not a big Ronnie Stanley Fan and think he will be average at best..
    I just don’t see the fire that’s needed to compete in the NFL along teh OL
    and his looks a little too soft and flabby for me.. Hes a solid Technician, but is he nasty enough when the going gets tough, I am not sure about
    I pass on Ronnie Stanley all day long
    I rather take Notre Dame Center Ryan Kelly before Ronnie Stanley and have Kelly play Guard for a Year or two before taking over for Kelce

    Give me Players who are going to play and make a contribution early on and for the long run and bring some real attitude along that OL …

    • ***Correction***
      I meant that I would rather the Eagles Select Center/Guard Nick Martin of Notre Dame over OT Ronnie Stanley..
      Ryan Kelly is a Center Prospect from Alabama…
      (I will now suspend myself with Full Pay and Benefits for the remainder of the day…)

    • The one area that is hard to decipher is what type of offensive lineman the Eagles will target. Brooks is a massive human being, and Pederson referenced he wants that play with nasty intent, and can play multiple positions.

      One guy that I’d take with one of the third round selections is Connor McGovern-OG/OT-Missouri.

      At 6’4″ and 311 pounds, he is very athletic, strong and plays with that mean streak Pederson wants. Mitch Morse who played at Missouri and was taken by the Chiefs in the second round of the 2015 draft could certainly be a call that Pederson makes before the draft to get any additional info if there is interest in McGovern.

      I think he is best to start as guard in the NFL, but he could eventually transition to the RT position, he played both tackle spots and guard during his college career.

      • Excellent Point Jeff, If Pederson is anything like AR and most think that he is, then he will like the big beefy Guards that are nimble on their feet..

        The Tip-Top Athletic Types of Lean and Mean that Chip Kelly liked won’t apply to Pederson.. He is going to want girth but good feet and some nasty to them

        Guards that Eagles will check out in this Draft

        Vadal Alexander – LSU 6-5 326lbs (2nd/3rd Round Prospect
        Landon Turner – UNC 6-4 330lbs (3rd Round Prospect)
        Sebastian Tretola – Arkansas 6-4 320 (3rd Round Prospect)
        Spencer Drango – Baylor 6-6 325lbs (3rd/4th Round Prospect)
        Denver Kirkland – Arkansas 6-4 335lbs (5th Rd Prospect)
        Darrelle Green – San Diego State 6-3 325lbs (7th Rd/UDFA)

        I like the Landon Turner Selection with their #77 Pick in the 3rd Round
        and have had him mocked quite a bit to the Eagles..
        I like Alexander of LSU but think he will be gone in the 2nd Round to the Patriots

  10. Paulman if that deal was real I would do it

    • same here, its not too realisitc when thinking about it..
      Peters probably only returns a 3rd Round and a 5th/6th Round pick and that’s s about it..
      Getting 2 2nd Round Picks for a 34 Year Old earning $10 Million a Year Player at the end of his Career sounds more like a GMCliff Deal… Ha !!

  11. Paulman’s Mock NFL Draft Top 10 (Version #21)

    With all the Rumors of Wheeling & Dealing and the brunt of Free-Agency about over, Here is my Updated NFL Mock Draft (Top 10)

    1) 49ers from Titans – QB Jared Goff (Kaepernick gets Cut or Traded)
    2) Browns – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State)
    3) Chargers – OT Laramy Tunsil (Miss State)
    4) Cowboys – QB Carson Wenz (N Dakota St)
    5) Jaguars – DL DeForest Buckner (Oregon)
    6) Ravens – DL Joey Bosa (Ohio State)
    7) Titans – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
    8) EAGLES – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (FLorida)
    9) TB Bucs – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson)
    10) NY Giants – OT Jack Conklin (Mich State)

  12. Yes.. I’m not mad at all with that pick. We clearly need mean and nasty on the offensive line…can the Eagles trade back to the Rams and get Conklin at 15? Or would Oakland snatch him at 14?

  13. Your qb Howie get your qb.

    • Eagles will have to Trade up to #2 or #3 to get their QB…

      They will have to Part Ways with Multiple High Draft Picks plus DT Fletcher Cox and maybe another Player too..

      Browns need DL,LB,WR,Secondary & RB
      Chargers need DL,LB,Secondary

      • paull, the cost to move up may not be that high, depends on how badly Titans want to get out of that spot and the demand of teams wanting to get in. The Washington trade up cost for RG 3 was an anomaly by a stupid FO who got hosed. Seriously, who would have thunk that Maxwell and Alonso would be enough coupled with #13 to move up 5 spots. i would have taken a turkey ham sandwich and a bag of Herrs potato chips for those two guys.

  14. “Get your QB Howie.”

    Lol. Here we go again with another “Do the Deal” Sequence during draft time. Moving up that high is gonna take something similar to what Washington did back with RG3. I just don’t see giving up players, and our future for 1 player in Carson Wentz. Just pray he goes to Browns so he stays out of our Conference.

    Resign Fletcher next offseason, an continue to add pieces to this defense. Make it a juggernaut under Jim S. Whether its adding Bosa, Buckner, Jack, or a CB. Draft your running back in the 2nd or 3rd if Zeke is not your guy.
    Make this defense a top 7 that does not have to run back on the field every 30 sec and Sammy can win with this sqaud around him.

    If a team can win a SB with a QB throwing 9 tds and 17 ints then Sam can win. I guarantee if Broncos decide to keep Sanchize as their qb they can win with him as well with that defense.

    Trent Dilfer, Eli (2), Brad Johnson, Big Ben (06), Russell Wilson (2012), Peyton (2015) if they can all win superbowls with a great defense then so can Sam.

    Sam is ONE man on a team sport. It’s really not rocket science.

  15. 2 Deals on the Table for Howie/Pederson and the Eagles

    To the Titans for the #1 Overall – Send DT Fletcher Cox, WR Josh Huff , the #8 Pick , #77 Pick, #153 Pick in the 2016 Draft as well as the 2017 1st Round Pick

    To the Browns for the # 2 Overall –
    Send DE Connor Barwin, & WR Josh Huff with the #8th Pick, #79 Pick and a 2017 2nd Round Pick

    • Not worth it to move up….more beneficial to trade down.

      If both QB’s are off the board, as well as Ronnie Stanley, would be open to trading down a few spots for a 2nd round pick, and drafting DeForest Buckner, if he is still on the board with our #1, and drafting Noah Spence with that 2nd??

      I am very high on LeRaven Clark, and feel in the long run he will be as good, or better than Stanley, and hands down better than an overrated Jack Conklin, who will be over drafted in terms of talent; He got exposed, and his tail handed to him in their Bowl Game by Alabama.

      • Cliff, I agree with you about Jack Conklin, people wanting to select him at 8 tells you they have no clue about draft value based on skill and game performance. I am not interested in hearing his name associated with the Eagles at all. No thanks to Deforest Buckner, he is going to bust, not due to physical ability, but desire and motor…you heard it here first.
        Leraven Clark can be had in the 3rd round. I like Stephane Nembot OT Colorado as a late round developmental prospect with true upside and potential.

        • I disagree about Oregon’s DL Buckner who I think will have a real nice NFL Career.. He has a very High Motor, Skill Level and is not the typical “Scheme Player” from Oregon that we usually see year in and year out…. He’s a real Player and will likely blossom in the NFL..
          I see him very much like a Calais Campbell Type of DL in 2-3 Years Time where you can have him Inside or outside, etc,etc
          Just my Opinion of course

          • paul, I know, most fans and analysis agree with you, I tend o disagree. I see a hot and cold player in college, I think he will be more cold than hot in the NFL and will not live up to his draft selection.

            • We’ll see, I believe Buckner may be one of the first Oregon Players to actually exceed expectations.. He needs to get onthe right Team/Situation with Coaching that knows what they are doing
              With the Cowboys under Rod Marinelli, of Jags under Bradley or the Ravens under DC Don Pease and I think Buckner shines and does fine
              He ends up with the Browns, Chargers or 49ers and Buckners Future is shaky as all these Teams have unproven D/C’s and Defenses ..

      • Thanks for your opinions fellas.

        I’m just tired of people expecting more from Barwin, and Graham in terms of pass rush. So, I am not against drafting Buckner, or Jack – we need more impact on defense

        Eagle, LeRaven Clark is high on the list of a lot of teams, and some may overdraft him because of the attention he is getting. So the 2nd round may not be out of the question.

    • Or perhaps Myles Jack at #8, and then making a deal for a #2, or (2) – and drafting Spence, and LeRaven Clark.

      Trading down results in more talent on the roster, as well as staying put at 8, and wheeling, and dealing

      1.Myles Jack OLB or DeForest Buckner DE
      2nd A – Noah Spence – DE/OLB
      2nd B – LeRaven Clark – OT
      3rd A – DeVonte Booker – RB
      3rd B – Jaylon Smith – OLB
      3rd C – Karl Joseph – SS
      4th A – Willie Beavers -OT
      4th B – Yannick Ngkorue P- DE
      4th C – Sabastian Tretola – OG
      5th A – Maurice Canady – CB
      5th B – Jacoby Brissett -QB
      5th C – William Houston – Carson – FS
      6th – Tajae Sharpe – WR
      7th A – Antoine Williams – ILB/OLB

      • Some Nice Players on your List GM…

        I like DB Joseph of West Virgini, CB Canady of Virginia
        and DE/OLB Ngkorue of Maryland

        Guard Tretola of Arkansas would be a nice fit for Pederson’s Style

        OLB Antwoine Williams of Georgia Southern would be a great 6th/7th Rounder Selection

        • Paul, have you seen some of Williams games??….I saw him play against Delaware, and he was a man amongst boys. Would be a steal that late in the draft.

          I think Jack/Buckner, Spence, Jaylon Smith, Ngkorue, and Williams, bring more potential for a consistent pass rush than Brandon Graham, and Connor Barwin – to go along with Cox, Hicks, and Vinny Curry.

          • I’ve seen Williams play twice against my App Stat Mountaineers the last 2 Seasons asbothGeorgia Souther & App Statemovedup from the Southern Conference to the Sun-Belt Conference ..He’s a Player .. There’s another LB/DE from App State named Blair (#49) who will be a Mid/Late Round Draft Selection… Watch the App State/Clemson and this kid Blair was unblockable..

            • I saw him, – Ronald Blair 6-2 284lb DE – he may be a nice 6th round pick, or UDFA if he isn’t drafted.

            • Paul, I actually like Blair more than I do Ngkorue; I really do, and would much rather draft him in the 4th if he is still available….Very Good call my man!!!

  16. WIP reporting that Jeff Lurie is on the trip with Howie and Doug to work out Carson Wentz and tomorrow Paxton Lynch. There is legitimate intrigue, if not interest there, Lurie is not going on those trips to put on a front to throw other teams off or ramp up the value. You can just bring players in for a workout to do that. There is interest, make no mistake about it…whether they decide to move up or not will depend on how well these QB’s perform during the personal workouts and the feel Pederson, Howie and Jeff get from being around these guys as far as professionalism and desire to play, learn the position, leadership, drive, and motivation.

    • I agree with that EHL,, Jeff LUrie is not making the Trips out to see these QB’s to throw smoke.. Its his Desire and Mission to help the Eagles find their Next Franchise QB which he has stated for the last 2 Years and another Reason that Chip Kelly is gone who went thru QB’s like we go thru socks.. Lurie understands that Having that Franchise QB for 8-10-12 Years is the Best Way to Win a Championship.. It doesn’t mean its going to happen, but that’s the Model that he will be working on..,.
      I think they will make a Move to get QB Wenz which means they will have to move up to #3 in my Opinion ahead of the Cowboys…
      If this can’t be done, then Paxton Lynch may be a Fall Back QB at #8 if they have to stand pat with their Pick…

      • There is something even more basic than winning that a franchise qb brings… its value to the franchise- actual $$$ — A stable face of the franchise guy that helps you win is the most valuable thing in FB. The key word in that last sentence was STABLE- you need a guy to put in that seat, give you a chance to win, sell jerseys, get their face on national commercials etc… they build your brand.

  17. Draft according to your own board…If you have Conklin rated higher than Stanley you grab him. Lance Zierlein over at is one expert that sees Conklin as more physical than Stanley as well and he’s got the Eagles grabbing him at 8.

    The real reach would be at QB with Goff, Wentz, and Lynch…Andrew Brandt, an excellent NFL analysis with experience working in front offices said on the radio this morning he believes the Eagles are smoking screening on the Quarterbacks since they have already tied up more than $34 million in guarantees to Bradford and Daniels…
    Move the teams in that direction…hopefully Cleveland, Dallas, and the 49ers take the QB’s and maybe the Rams jump in front of us to grab a QB too…push the legitimate draft talent our way…then maybe a Bosa or Jack falls to us at 8.

    • Lance Zierlin also happens to think that the Eagles are moving up for Wentz…but you’re right Kool, draft according to your own board…unless it’s the QB right?! And Kool, you do not have to keep stating your case for Bradford as it relates to the money…I look at the years. As far as Jack is concerned, he may drop a little, canceling his pro day may send a red flag, Bosa…meh, I don’t think he is going to be that guy in the pros..reason being he has an average get off, it was fine in college, but not in the pros.
      I am not concerned about what Andrew Brandt says, he is speculating just like everyone else, including you and I. You don’t have to smoke screen for Paxton Lynch, he will be there in the teens so there is no one he will push down to 8.

      • Probably all part of the Deal for Roseman was to get to that #8 Spot which would give the Eagles a Very Good Chance of Drafting one of the Top 3 QB’s (Goff,Wenz or Lynch) and without having a 2nd Round PIck, you really can;t wait until the 3rd Round to find your Franchise QB is probably Howie’s thinking..
        The Way I see this Off-Season going, is that Roseman is doing exactly what has been asked of him… Get me a Teacher/Coach who is like AR and Good With QB’s (Doug Pederson) , get me an Agressive, Experienced DC with 4-3 Schemes (Schwartz) get rid of these Bad Contracts (Murray, MAxwell Deals) Get me Back-Up QB Chase Daniels for HC Pederson
        Sign me 3-4 players in the Secondary/LB that Jim Schwartz wants

        Now from Owner Lurie Use the Draft and that Top Pick to get us that Franchise QB that Pederson/Reich can Develop and Grow to be our Face of the Franchise for the next 8-10-12 Seasons…

        This is Howie Roseman’s pecking orders from Owner Lurie and with his Job on the line, this is exactly what this Off-Season has been about …

        Now whther any of this Works or not, who knows, But Lurie and Roseman are following the Andy Reid Model of his 1st 2 Seasons as Eagles Coach
        get a Good Staff of Teachers, Get smart, tough passionate Football Players, Get a Young Franchise QB and Coach these Guys up as 1 Unit on each side of the Ball… This how to build a Winner Model has helped Lurie become a Billionaire in the Andy Reid era so nothing else is going to sway him from doing anything different in 2016..

    • Smoke Screen? No, Eagles On the Hunt For a Franchise Quarterback
      BY TIM MCMANUS | MARCH 30, 2016 AT 1:33 PM

      A lot happening on the quarterback front. Let’s make some sense of it.

      First, the nuts and bolts: The Eagles are working out Carson Wentz today. They were in Berkeley Monday to look at Jared Goff, spent Tuesday with Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan, and will turn their attention to Paxton Lynch of Memphis on Thursday. Owner Jeffrey Lurie is part of the Eagles traveling committee, per Ian Rapoport.

      Lurie, you might recall, was also a member of the crew that went out to see Geno Smith leading up to the 2013 draft. The Eagles ended up passing on Smith — twice, actually — so his presence doesn’t mean everything. It’s also true, though, that before Smith, he hadn’t made such a trip since 1999 when the Eagles pulled the trigger on Donovan McNabb.

      “It’s a common thing when it’s an important decision,” Lurie said back in ’13. “We haven’t had a very high draft pick in…14 years. It’s true on anyone we look at, we want all the information we can if we stay at No. 4 there.”

      Now they’re at No. 8, and still searching for the long-term answer at quarterback. Don’t allow the presence of Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel on the roster — or the money committed to them this offseason — to distract you from that point. The contract given to Bradford hardly suggests that the Eagles see him as the solution moving forward, but rather, the best option for 2016. It might be at a price, but they designed his deal so they can cut ties cleanly after this season if they so desire. Daniel is not just an insurance policy, but a trusted ally of Doug Pederson who will embrace the role of mentor to whatever young quarterback they decide to bring in. And they are bringing one in. It’s just a matter of with which pick.

      Lurie has made it clear over and over that securing a franchise quarterback is the top priority. Why wouldn’t it be? And while the process of finding one is obviously an inexact science, the best odds lie at the top of the draft.

      “It hit me last night like a ton of bricks,” said Adam Schefter during an appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic Wednesday. “It’s just obvious that the Eagles are an x-factor in this draft in terms of taking a quarterback — and trading up to get a quarterback. Now, you don’t know how the price is going to shake out, you don’t know what they’re going to have to give up, you don’t know if Tennessee is going to get a better offer. But I think the Eagles will be in the mix because that’s what they do — they’re aggressive.

      “And if you’re sitting there at No. 8, which is not something you get to do very often…and you’re in striking distance of getting a quarterback that you identify as the future of the franchise when you’ve got Sam Bradford under a two-year deal and you’ve got Chase Daniel, who has been a good backup and somebody you want around your locker room but not somebody that you believe you’re going to build around for years to come, then why would you not explore every opportunity to get as high as it takes to get whichever quarterback you identify as the guy that you want?”

      The player that “everyone seems to want in this draft,” says Schefter, is Wentz. If the Eagles want Wentz as well, they might have to move up to the top spot to get him.

      What would it take?

      “To me, I think you’d be talking about your one this year, your one next year, probably your two…it’s a one, a one, a two, and probably something else,” Schefter said.

      The price to jump ahead of San Francisco and into that 5-6 range to try and snatch Goff, say, would be less, but will the Cal quarterback even be there?

      “I don’t sense or believe right now that the second quarterback is going to make it to seven because quarterbacks go, there’s a premium on them, there’s too many teams in the market for them,” said Schefter, adding that a team very well might have to jump Dallas at 4 to ensure a shot at one of the QBs.

      Bottom line, the Eagles might have to make a big move to secure the guy they want — assuming they want one of them. Perhaps they’re only lukewarm on the top QB prospects, and see more value plucking one later in the draft. Roseman told reporters a little while back, though, that they have identified 10 potentially elite players in the first round, hence why they wanted to move from 13 to 8. Is it realistic to think that not one of the quarterbacks is in that top 10? If Roseman has identified an All-Pro caliber quarterback in that group, that’s going to drive that player right up to the top of the draft board due to the importance of the position. If he has honed in on a potential franchise quarterback and has the chance of landing him, you have to think he’d take a shot at it.

      So no, I don’t see this QB journey as an elaborate smoke screen. I see the brass of a quarterback-needy team out on the hunt for a quarterback. Whether they ultimately make a splash and push up for one will come down to 1) their final evaluation of Wentz and Goff versus Lynch and the rest of the class and 2) whether they’re able to out-maneuver the rest of the quarterback-hungry teams around them. It might prove to be a difficult feat, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try like hell if they have the quarterback of the future in their sights.

    • koolbreeze, you might as well face the fact that the Eagles will be drafting a QB in this draft. It will be in either the 1st or the 3rd round. Regardless what round he comes in, the plan will be to groom him to replace whoever is the starter this year.

      According to Jeff Lurie, ‘the team will continue to search for a franchise quarterback’. And you can bet your ass, if the GM, the Coach, and the Owner think there’s a guy in the first round who could be the Eagles next franchise quarterback, they will do what it takes to get him…

      You can only hope that the Eagles brass don’t view Golf, Wentz, and Lunch as worth a top 10 pick, or I have a feeling you will see one of them in midnight green this season.

      • Irish, forget about the Eagles using their first round pick to draft a QB

        Its not going to happen

        The Eagles will probably grab a rookie in the fourth or 5th round…

        if they are really impressed with Prescott and think he wont last until the fourth round…they may grab him with their second third round pick…a chance at that but not likely at all.

  18. Eagle

    Of course there is “interest.”
    Your going to workout every top prospect when u have a top 8 pick to weigh out every possibility. It doesn’t mean all that much and I wouldn’t read into it intensely.
    Eagles, along with alot of other teams always work out the top prospects.

    It would be idiotic to not give carson a private look, and everybody and there momma knew it was going to happen regardless.

    • I disagree CT, you are not going to workout players you do not have interest in, I don’t see them working out Laquan Treadwell who I happen to love, what about Zeke, (we will see) Bosa, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey who I said in 2014-15 was going to be a guys are late comers? They are bringing in Dak Prescott..but not going to him. Paxton Lynch is not a top prospect..he is a mid to late 1st round draft pick. My point is the Eagles are interested in drafting a QB this year, and if they believe one of these guys can be a franchise player, not Kool’s definition of a franchise player, but a real franchise player, they will take him regardless of Sam Bradford’s contract, feelings, J Matt or Ertz’s feelings. If these guys stink up the private workout, well then they won’t bother selecting them.

  19. Koolbreeze better take down his Fathead Stickers of Sam Bradford all around his House for Sam will not be in Philly 12 Months from now

    • It all depends if or not sam plays well this year. If he doesn’t, he is gone. It is a prove it deal. Keeping Sam on the roster the next 2 seasons cannot hurt the birds in anyway. Keep the man on the roster and let the rookie develope for a season or 2. Coach Pederson has stated he believes it helps a qb tremendously if he sits for a season. And this is coming from a ex qb.

      • CT— let me introduce you to the bridge QB….Mr. Chase Daniel. They structured Sideways deal in such a way that a team trading for him won’t have to bite off too much salary– eagles wound eat some of it based on how his signing bonus was paid–
        I’m not a huge fan of moving up– and I do understand that every move this time of the year is smoke and mirrors but you have to admit at 8, with bradford on an easy deal to trade away they are in much better shape to do it this year than last.

    • He hasn’t taken down his Mike Vick posters yet.

      • Well at least Mike Vick accomplished something in the NFL…a celebrated player, won some playoff games…what’s your excuse for those Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles pictures on your cardboard box homes in the park?

        • “a celebrated player”

          I won’t even make a witty comment. Just let that idiotic statement stand alone.

          • Here’s a Telling Statistic on Mike Vick who was the #1 Overall Pick of the NFL Draft in comparison with other QB’s who played about the same # of Games

            Player Games Played — (Won Loss Winning %_ Post-Season Record
            Mike Vick 118 Games 63-54-1 for .538 % 2-3 in Playoffs
            Jake Delhomme 104 Games 61-43 for .587 % 5-3 in Playoffs
            Trent Dilfer 119 Games 63-56 for .529 % 5-1 in Playoffs
            Jeff Garcia 122 Games 60-62 for .492 % 2-4 in Playoffs
            Alex Smith 126 Games 70-55-1 for .560 % 2-3 IN Playoffs

            (I believe Delhomme & Garcia were Undrafted QB coming into the NFL)
            Alex Smith was a #1 Overall Pick and gets hammered,labled all the Time as a “Game Manager only” even though he Career Stats are Better than Vick’s and appears to have a couple of more Season’s to add to his Win total

  20. Excellent points CT..its due diligence to get an assessment of the QB’s even if you are not interested in them. You may be able to utilize the evaluation at some other stage….the pipedreams are in full effect.. Even if the Eagles were set on a Wentz…what would it take for them to move up? A first round pick next year for one of these unproven, overrated prospects?

    With more than 32 million already tied up in the QB position, to invest another first rounder next year plus additional salary would be foolish.

    Pederson already has an insurance policy against Bradford getting hurt…Chase Daniels…time to pick up an offensive lineman to protect the starting QB rather than reach for a rookie with additional draft picks this year

    • Excellent points CT..its due diligence to get an assessment of the QB’s even if you are not interested in them.

      LOL – keep telling yourself that. You might as well get used to it – There will be a shark in the pool with your boy Sam this year….

      When Sam starts out the season with 9 TDs – 10 INTs and a 3-4 record, he will be looking over his shoulder.

      • Well…the Eagles have forked over quite a bit of money to Sam Bradford, Irish…

        They have two former QB’s who evaluated him and decided to make him the No#1 with massive guaranteed money…and they protected themselves Daniels in case he gets hurt…

        If Bradford stays healthy, he will play well…unlike last year he wont be rehabbing his knee and he will get the reps he needs, the preseason play he needs to be sharper…So When Sam Bradford plays well this year,,,he will play well…

        Book it!

  21. To review draft-guru Kooltwit’s position:

    A – all the first round Qbs are “unproven, overrated prospects”
    B – all the first round OL and Rbs are “ready to step in and contribute right away”


    • LOL….

      Vinniedafoolass who thought the greatest Eagles QB prospects were Nick Foles and Kevin Kolb!

      In fact, Vinniedafool wants us to trade our first and third round picks in this year’s draft to make to reacquire Nick Foles and make him our franchise QB!

      Fool ass!

  22. I still predict they get their guy later in the draft– and wouldn’t be surprised if sideways gets moved– Give daniels a year and a half with an improved D, an improved O and go from there…

    • what a way to go out on the limb there havablunt!

      It makes perfect sense to pick up a rookie in the 4th or 5th round…they may go as high as the second pick in the third round if someone they really like to groom is still there…someone to ride the bench as the third QB

  23. A 3 Way Paulman Trade Rumor involving the 49ers,Jets & Eagles

    49ers Send QB Kapernick to the Jets for DT Mohammed Wilkerson
    Eagles Send QB Bradford & WR Huff & DL Taylor Hart to the 49ers
    49ers Send for their #7th Pick, #105th Pick & 3rd Rd Pick in 2017

    Eagles Now have the Following Draft Picks

    1st Rd – #7 – QB Carson Wentz (N Dakota St 6-5 237lbs)
    1st Rd – #8 – OT Jack Conklin – (Mich St 6-6 308lbs)
    3rd Rd – #77 – Guard Landon Turner – (UNC 6-4 – 330lbs)
    3rd Rd – #79 – DT Javon Hargrove – S Carolina State (6-1 – 310lbs)
    4th Rd – #100 – CB Zach Sanchez – Oklahoma (5-11 – 190lbs)
    4th Rd – #105 – OLB Jordan Jenkins – Georgia (6-3 – 260lbs)
    5th Rd – #153 – WR Charone Peake – Clemson (6-2 210lbs)
    5th Rd – #164 – Safety Jayron Kearse – Clemson (6-4 215lbs)
    6th Rd – #188 – RB Aaron Green – TCU (5-11 205lbs)
    7th Rd – #233 – TE Jake McGee – FLorida (6-5 250lbs)
    7th Rd – #251 – FB Devon “Rockhead” JOhnson – (Marshall 6-0 240lbs)

    • another dumb ass paulman trade rumor…have you have gotten one that made any sense at all?

      • Yes they all make Sense… Out with Old and In with the New…
        Kaerpernick should be gone by Thursday (3/31) so 49ers don’t have to pay him that $11 Million Roster Bonus and then we’ll see some activity
        Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Wild Horse here and may end up in Denver

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