Reports: Eagles Working Out Three Quarterbacks This Week

Jan 9, 2016; Frisco, TX, USA; North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz (11) throws a pass in the third quarter against the Jacksonville State Gamecocks in the FCS Championship college football game at Toyota Stadium. North Dakota State won the championship 37-10. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 9, 2016; Frisco, TX, USA; North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz (11) throws a pass in the third quarter against the Jacksonville State Gamecocks in the FCS Championship college football game at Toyota Stadium. North Dakota State won the championship 37-10. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Workout the Quarterbacks Week for the Eagles.  Ian Rapaport of NFL Network has reported that the Eagles brain trust are working out North Dakota State’s quarterback Carson Wentz today and will be working out Memphis’ Paxton Lynch tomorrow.

Rapaport adds that team owner Jeffrey Lurie will be taking the trips to the workouts as well.

On Monday, head coach Doug Pederson and VP of Football Operations Howie Roseman flew out to San Francisco and worked out University of California quarterback Jared Goff.

Is that knowledge shocking?  No, but it does tell us that the Eagles are doing their homework.  It would be a sign of incompetence for them to not have taken a good, long up close look at a promising young quarterback prospects like Wentz, Goff and Lynch.

There has been a report that the Birds took a look at Stanford’s Kevin Hogan on Tuesday when they were in the Bay Area.

“I think it’s important to evaluate all of them, especially those top three, four, five, six guys and really spend some time,” Pederson said regarding working out quarterbacks. “Because you never know when somebody’s a free agent and you got to exhaust all the positions. It’s something that I look forward to doing here in the next couple of weeks.”

“I won’t go to the Pro Days as much.  I prefer the individual workouts where you can go a little more hands-on, one-on-one with a guy.”

Wentz has some great numbers.   He’s a big guy at 6’5″, 237 lbs and he can run.  He ran a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash at the combine.   Jon Gruden says he’s the most NFL-ready quarterback that he’s seen in a while.

Former Eagles John Middlekauf reported that Wentz had scored 40 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test, which is the team’s way of testing the intelligence of the prospects.  40 is an excellent score.

Goff, who is not considered to be on the level of Wentz, when it comes to size and arm strength, had a 36 on the Wonderlic test.

Does this mean they’re going to select a quarterback with the eighth pick in the draft?  Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but it does put that scenario in the minds of all of the teams, who are following them in the first round of the draft.  Putting ideas in the minds of those teams could wind up being a very good thing for the Eagles.

For instance, the Birds could have their eye on an offensive tackle like Michigan State’s Jack Conklin, who they think is going to be around at the 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th pick.  Setting at the eight spot, they could work out a deal with one of those teams drafting in the teens and re-acquire a second round pick, in exchange for letting a team move up to eighth.  The team could move back to a position in the teens and gain that second round pick.

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    1. He is every bit as good as a prospect as Jamies and mariota. Actually higher rated prospect grade than yota had. I’m hoping we get him so this franchise can have a direction again and possibly a stud qb.

      Wentz is a going to be a very good pro.

      I feel like we did this last year so I’m not buying any hype that we gonna get him but I’ll root we do.

  1. Guys from ND state and is projected to go top5 maybe 1st for a reason. Some brain dead fools think it’s because of the premium on the position but it’s not scouts have graded him as high as last years top 2 and way higher than who kookbreeze thinks he compares to (Bryce petty and some other losers from last year )

    1. But the verdict was clear Thursday morning as the octogenarian slowly made his way to the sidelines: The man had been blown away. How — he was asked by onlookers from the Fargodome stands — did Carson Wentz do?

      “I thought,” Brandt after watching North Dakota State’s quarterback at his pro day, “he was off the charts.

      “There will be a lot of people finding Fargo, North Dakota, to work him out.”

      Not that all 32 NFL teams didn’t want to be here to see an FCS quarterback with only 23 career starts who threatens to rewrite draft history. Wentz’s pro day was a must-see doubly Thursday for those NFL coaches and executives who didn’t see it. They were shut out, grounded by a Midwest snowstorm.

      Only 18 teams made it to this quaint town 155 miles from the Canadian border. What they saw was a faith-based, hyper competitive, coyote-hunting prospect who made good on the hype. For now.

      Even if it was a tightly scripted 65-throw workout before media, friends, boosters and family at North Dakota State’s indoor stadium.

      Wentz missed on only three of those passes (all overthrows) then declared, “I wanted to be perfect. I wanted to be 65 for 65.”

      Be aware: Prospects are molded and coached and prepared for these things. It’s an upset if they don’t complete 99 percent of their passes against air. Still, folks were shaking their heads after the drill. It was all there: the perfect drops, the bootlegs, the arm. Oh, the arm.

      “Accuracy, athletic ability,” gushed Brandt, the longtime Cowboys player personnel director.

      It ‘s becoming clear now that the Carson Wentz story has legs — not just the ones the quarterback nimbly rolled out on Thursday. The tale is real. It’s (probably) going to happen at least as far as the draft goes.

      There are lower level college players who make the NFL each year. (Remember the Kurt Warner story?) But almost none of them are Football Championship Subdivision quarterbacks drafted in the top five. That’s what would happen if the Cleveland Browns — as mock drafted by some — take Wentz at No. 2.

      Almost none of them were 5-foot-8, 125-pound high school freshmen before experiencing a massive growth spurt to 6-foot-5, 235 pounds. Surely none of them missed 10 games as a college senior before — dramatically — returning to win a national championship in his final game.

      How often does an NFL franchise quarterback have that back story?

      “Very seldom,” Brandt said. “In today’s accelerated [world] … it doesn’t happen very often.”

      Try … never.

      Since Steve McNair in 1995 (Alcorn State), only one other FCS quarterback has been drafted in the first round. That was Delaware’s Joe Flacco in 2008. But even he transferred from Pittsburgh.

      “When I was the defensive coordinator at Northern Iowa, Flacco beat us in the playoff,” North Dakota State coach Chris Klieman said. “I had something to compare it to. I don’t know if he’ll have anywhere near the career Joe did.

      “But from a stature standpoint, from an arm standpoint, you could tell who the best player on the field was when we played Delaware. Every time Carson came on the field, you knew who the best player was.”

      So the question remains: How did Wentz slip through the cracks? You look at that pro-ready body and wonder how it stayed here for five years. It should have been at one of the local favorites — Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, even Nebraska.

      How did they all miss?

      No one paid attention while Carson Wentz dominated in North Dakota. (USATSI)
      No one paid attention while Carson Wentz dominated in North Dakota. (USATSI)
      “When you grow up in North Dakota, you don’t grow up wanting to go to Nebraska,” Klieman said. “You grow up wanting to be a Bison.”

      These Bison would make Alabama blush. They’ve won five consecutive national championships. Craig Bohl won three in a row from 2011-13 before bolting for Wyoming. Klieman, with Wentz at quarterback, has won the last two.

      In 2014, there was a come-from-behind job against Illinois State in the championship game. After rehabbing a broken wrist for 10 weeks, Wentz returned for the 2015 title game in January beating Jacksonville State 37-10.

      “His ability to process information is second to none,” Klieman said. “He’s a 4.0 student. His memory is just unbelievable.”

      Did we mention a 40 on the Wonderlic?

      Wentz is from Bismarck, about two-and-a-half hours west of here. He was a three-sport star who didn’t play quarterback his junior season because of thumb and shoulder injuries. That put him behind in the recruiting cycle. Most major programs offer quarterbacks after their junior season.

      Plus …

      “They [major programs] just don’t recruit here,” said offensive coordinator Tim Polasek. “A kid like that who is playing three sports is not going to go on some traveling 7 on 7 team.”

      Polasek sums it up bluntly: “You’re looking for your skill [players] in other places.”

      North Dakota State is about as close to an FBS program as there is. NDSU’s athletic budget is $20 million. Its Fargodome holds 19,000. Season tickets will be sold out within minutes when they go on sale in August. The tailgates are legendary.

      No one cares here if FCS is limited to only 63 scholarships (FBS maximum is 85). Since 2006, the Bison are 8-3 against FBS competition. They open 2016 against Iowa. Klieman says calls from FBS schools have dried up. The Bison are too big a risk.

      By all rights, NDSU should be playing in FBS. There’s money here. North Dakota is the nation’s No. 2 oil-producing state. Microsoft has an office here. The population is booming.

      Because of all that, maybe a Wentz was bound to happen sooner or later. Klieman said his quarterback is “not only the best quarterback in FCS, he’s the best in college football.”

      Jon Gruden famously called Wentz the most NFL-ready quarterback he’s seen in years. One NFL team came to town and broke down all of Wentz’ two-minute drives. That team concluded that in recent years only Jameis Winston and Wentz had such a high percentage of those drives end in touchdowns.

      Wentz basically began blowing up at the Senior Bowl in late January. The game’s best seniors get an in-depth look from NFL coaches for a week in Mobile, Alabama.

      “Every day you kind of had to reaffirm he was the best quarterback on the field because I was a skeptic,” CBS Sports draft analyst Rob Rang said. “I couldn’t believe my own eyes. In my mind, he’s a first-round draft pick all day long.”

      The kid is a product of his environment. Polasek recalls the quarterback bolting for hunting trips after Saturday home game and being back in time for Sunday meetings.

      “He’d drive his truck out west after games and hunt from 4 [a.m.] until noon,” Polasek said. “I’m breaking down the game tape and I’ve got the Packers on. I’m [calling] Carson, ‘Turn it on, Aaron Rodgers is lighting it up.’

      “He said, ‘Coach, I can’t take the call right now, I’m on a coyote. Leave me alone.’”

      For the record, Wentz is a multi-species guy: “Birds, deer, coyotes — whatever I can find.”

      Whatever team drafts him, they’re not getting complications.

      “There is not going to be a YouTube video of him drinking and slapping some girl on the ass,” Polasek said.

      “I told the NFL scouts, if you ask him to work 60 hours, he’s going to work 80 hours. In that off time, he’s going to be with his two companions — his dog and he’s got a significant other [girlfriend].”

      Wentz’ competitiveness borders on unreasonable. He and backup quarterback Easton Stick were nannies last summer, babysitting to earn spending money. Wentz, Stick said, had to win playing Wiffle Ball with the kids.

      How old were the kids?

      “Nine, 10, 11,” Stick said.

      Polasek challenged Wentz to a game of “500.” The combatants stand 10 yards away from each other firing footballs at the head (100 points per catch) and chest (50 points). First one to catch 500 points wins.

      “I beat him,” Polasek said. “Next day … boom, nails it. He beats me. I get pissed. He said, ‘Let’s do this the next day.’ I haven’t beaten him since.

      Cathy Anhalt, Wentz’ mother, says her son berates her when she wins at Monopoly.

      “He just doesn’t take losing well,” she said. “When he was little, we’d kind of wake up in the morning and tip toe around. You’d have to know what kind of mood Carson was in. He set the stage.”

      Anhalt grimaced a bit when the Browns were mentioned as a potential destination for her son.

      “If we could go to the 49ers, somewhere warm,” she said. “I’m all about warm.”

      Meanwhile, the NFL is all about falling in love with this unlikely prospect from the hinterland. Cleveland offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton threw in a change up late in the workout, squirting water on the ball as Wentz was about to drop back. The first throw went into the ground.

      Wentz quickly adjusted to the slippery ball, finishing smoothly.

      “I just want a team to believe in me,” he said.

      It’s obvious, even if the entire NFL wasn’t here, that several already do.

      1. Now that sounds like a qb who has IT not the drunk jackass midget qb who made it rain on the football field. Smh

  2. Quarterback is a special position on the football team. Moving up to grab a Qb is great if they can do it. That would be a great accomplishment, instead of sitting their taking an offensive lineman. Finding a franchise quarterback is tough, as we can all see. God luck Eagles go birds.

  3. LMAO…the dreams, delusions, and pure fantasies

    Vinnie, EHL, and a bunch of others thinking that the Eagles-after spending more than 34 million in guaranteed money to the QB position with $18 million in cap money committed to this year-will somehow move up to draft a QB or stay where they are and draft a QB in the first round..

    I cant wait until the draft…the illusions will be shattered, the reality will set in…

    Sam Bradford is the Eagles Franchise QB…and barring injury he’s going to be here for years to come

    Book it!


    1. I can’t wait until the draft…the illusions will be shattered, the reality will set in….LMAO…is your life that boring?! GCOBBing during the SB….Yes it is!
      Whether they draft a QB or not in the first, they feel right now they have to investigate into looking at future QB’s. The GM, HC and owner does not go out holding private workouts for QB’s slated to go in the first round when you have your franchise guy of the future already on your team. That tells me all I need to know about what they think about Bradford and his one year prove it to me deal.
      If they don’t draft either Wentz or Goff if available, then obviously they did not feel it was the right pick….I will get you a big cookie as your reward for being right. 🙂

      1. I wonder if the Eagles brass checked in with Sam Bradford to see if it was ok for them to go to check out college QB’s. They probably called Ertz and J Matt too to clear it with them also. Don’t want to hurt Sam’s feelings, or Ertz’s, or J Matts since they are rooming together to practice running deep routes.. They probably told Sam not to worry, it’s all a smoke’re the Guy for the next 5 years Sam..we will get that contract extension to you next week….just take care of those knees, that shoulder, and don’t get anymore concussions.

        1. “The GM, HC and owner does not go out holding private workouts for QB’s slated to go in the first round when you have your franchise guy of the future already on your team.”

          Truer words have never been written in here.

  4. Word is from the Carson Wenz Camp that after researching the Eagles Fan Base and the general Delaware Valley & Eagles Franchise History that he and his Agent/Family would prefer to land in the Bay Area and play with the 49ers
    San Fran has to rid themselves of Kaepernick which is expected by Tomorrow sources state… Stay Tuned…

  5. Kool…..owners don’t attend QB workouts when they already feel they possess one on there roster ..
    They learn early on ,that there time is critical ,and they spend it wisely ..

    1. Owners dont give away more than $34 million dollars in guaranteed money to two QB’s if their intention is to obtain a new franchise QB in this draft where they could pay significantly less. Andrew Luck’s rookie deal signed for 4 years at 22 million than the $34 million whoppers the Owner is shelling out.
      Just as Andrew Brandt, an experience NFL analyst who has worked in front offices said…he would follow the money…and wouldn’t buy what the Eagles were going after a QB…with the significant investment they have already made.
      David Murphy sums it up perfectly in today:
      “If the Eagles thought there was even a chance that they might make an aggressive play for Wentz or Goff, there’s no way they would have signed Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel to contracts. They would have signed one, and they would have used the remaining money to add to other areas of the roster that might ease a young QB’s transition into the NFL. That alone eliminates virtually any rational scenario in which the Eagles are secretly plotting for either Wentz or Goff. Forget about everything else. If you are the general manager of a team that likes one of these two QBs enough to make him the centerpiece of your plans moving forward, you do not waste the kind of money the Eagles spent on Bradford and Daniel, especially because you will need that money to address whatever position will go unaddressed with the first-round pick and whatever other picks you trade in order to use those picks on acquiring said quarterback. Think about it: The Eagles allocate, what, $18 million in cap space on Bradford and Daniel while reserving their first-round pick for a QB? They don’t have a second-round pick. They might need to trade one of their third-rounders to move up to No. 1 or No. 2 and assure themselves a chance at whatever one of those QBs they covet. Suddenly, a team that went 7-9 and has a roster that desperately needs youth/depth/speed at offensive line, wide receiver, running back and cornerback will have less opportunity to address those areas.
      It just makes no sense.”

      “It just makes no sense…”

      The Paulman dumb trades, Vinniedafoolass empty contentions, EHL desires and longings for Goff, desert musings and fumbling contentions…

      none of it makes sense….

      Follow the money…forget about Wentz, Goff, or Lynch…focus more on the Prescott or Kevin Hogan as a third string…

      Book It!

      1. Owners dont give away more than $34 million dollars in guaranteed money to two QB’s if their intention is to obtain a new franchise QB in this draft where they could pay significantly less.

        Are you joking? Most top quarterbacks have contracts that pay far in excess of $34 million guaranteed. At least 10 starting quarterbacks make more guaranteed money by themselves than the Eagles are paying Bradford and Daniel.

        You can only hope the GM, Coach, and Owner don’t like one of those first round rookies or your boy Sam will be losing games somewhere else next year.

  6. Hmmm, I wonder if the Colts, Chargers, Saints, Packers Giants, Raiders, and Steelers are holding private workouts for first round slated QB’s even though they have their franchise QB’s on the roster. Further, I wonder if the owners are traveling to them? I know the owner of the Bucs and Titans held meetings and attended the personal workouts for Winston and Mariota..that was just an elaborate smokescreen to boost the price of possible trades though.

  7. I think the Eagles have a Dwal going on with The Chargers at #3
    It all Depends if the 49ers move up to get a QB.
    I believe if Chip Kelly learned anything from last year’s debacle is that he needs his GM Trent Balkee to do whatever it takes to get his QB
    49ers and Chip Kelly & Tom Gamble going to spoil this Draft for the Eagles or at least the 1st Round.. There is no way they are letting Howie Roseman to sneak in before them and take their QB…
    The Biggest thing the Eagles & Howie Roseman have going for them is DT Fletcher Cox who likely will be part of any Trade to move up..
    The Chargers are dying for some DL Help too

  8. It’s a shame that Cleveland perpetually needs a qb and picks in the top 3 spots. The Eagles have done exactly what I had hoped, in bringing in Daniels who knows the system and seemingly trying to land the franchise qb for the next chapter in eagles history via draft. I had thought they’d let Bradford walk, but clearly the demand for him wasn’t great and they were able to hedge their bet and sign him to team friendly and tradable contract – unfortunately to get Wentz you have to move to 1 – because the Browns take him at 2. I just wonder how much it takes to move up 7 spots?

  9. ‘No no we love you Bradford, we really do. Now here’s a nice one year deal for you. Oh, and here are the keys to the Novocare complex. Could you lock up every evening for us…..huh… no, its all good, nothing wrong….we’re just off to wine and dine the top 3 QB prospects for the next week or so. Think nothing of it. You’re our guy! (wink) See you in a couple weeks. And really. Don;t mind the 10,000 trade up for a QB rumours out there – you are the man for us. We see a great future with you. Love to talk more, but gotta get to the airport now. Gotta make our dinner reservations with Goff, Wentz and Lynch. No, I know we didn;t take you out for dinner, but really, doesn’t mean anything. You’re the guy. Oh, but before we go, here’s a tub of “weight-gainer” Might want to mix that into your smoothies about 6x a day. We’d love you up another 10 lbs or so when you take your physical with the Bro….I mean when you arrive for spring camps. See you soon buddy.”

  10. Wow…I didn’t know that the “Owner” was there….boy…that must mean the Eagles will grab one of the QB’s!

    Jeff Lurie mere presence guarantees they will make it happen.

    They must be grabbing Wentz or Goff for sure…lets see…what will they have to give up to get the No#1 pick or the No#2 pick from Cleveland

    the 8th pick this year
    a #1 next year
    a second round pick…oops…we gave that up when we suckered,….humph…huh…traded Nick Foles to the Rams
    so probably a third and a fourth…


    Its going to be soooo sweet…when Bradford is starting, putting up numbers…doing well and when the Eagles resign him to even a longer term deal…it will be even sweeter…

    Book it!

    1. “Scam artist sells some swampland to Koolidiot for $1000. Koolidiot realizes its worthless and sells it for $200.

      Koolbreeze screams, “I suckered him!!!”

      2104 Rams 6 wins
      2015 rams 7 wins

      Up one win and ADD a second

      2014 Eagles 10 wins
      2015 Eagles 7 wins

      Down 3 wins and LOSE a second round pick for the privelege

      “suckered” indeed.

      “putting up numbers…..”

      He’ll have to “put up” 12 wins just to get what to what Nick Foles won as an Eagle putz. Think about that for a moment before you go Exclamation marking your way to trumpeting Sam Bradford’s pathetic “numbers”

      1. lmfao this is never going to stop… whats funny is i can see the board comments for the next few years – we sign a qb the board laughs at dude and dude replies for years how bad howie sucks how big of a reach it was and so on regardless of the stats he puts up or the wins he accumulates (similar to foles when he was lashing out that he took vicks job), we dont draft a qb in the 1st dude laughs at us and chants “bradford is the franchise qb get used to it! “. bradford sucks and puts up bradford numbers and its did you see the line? wheres the weapons? and so on

  11. Zeke has openly stated he wants to play for Dallas. Few reports out there that Elliot and Dallas have made a deal under the table and that he will be a Cowboy.
    Several Dallas cowboy players have followed him on Twitter including Dez Bryant.

    That could be, or mean anything. But pretty interesting. Zeke behind that OLINE, with Morris and Darren could be a 3 headed Rb monster.

    Does Philly go defense if we stay at 8 and Zeke and the top qbs are off the board?

    1. If QB’s are Gone, Zeke & Top OL are gone, Then the Eagles should Draft one of the Top CB’s (Hargreaves, Alexander or Apple) for they will need a Top CB with the WR’s in their Division for the long-term

  12. I would 100% fine with them landing Wentz. I pray we get him and he’s everything we could hope for. That said… i hope Bradford has a great season and looks like everything we could hope for. Ill never get the bias and hate for our players. Dont we in the end want the same thing? Im amazed at the stupidity in regards to this.

  13. I’m not satisfied with avg that’s why I don’t think Bradford is anything special… it’s time to get our guy if your an eaglez fan and happy with 7-9 something is really wrong with you…the guy 6’5 240 a cannon for a arm oh and he runs a 4.77

  14. No one hates Sam Bradford. What I hate is morons proclaiming he’s some sort of saviour, when everyone with any acumen knows he’s useless.

    I’ll let Shannon Sharpe explain:

    “I know what Sam Bradford is. I’ve seen the movie, I’ve read the book… pressure, he fold like lawn chair in the face of pressure. He’s a guy that’s gonna win you about six to seven games. And that’s what he was in Philly. A seven win quarterback.”

    Who the hell can get excited about Sammy Sevens?

    And I’ll add in another point…..what do you think he’s feeling right now. Guy already has a china cabinet like psyche. Now he, A – gets offered an embarassing 1 year deal which he has to sign because his agent has informed him its the best he’ll get. B – He then sees the team he signed with sign a “backup” who has never started a game to a longer deal than him, and C – He now gets to watch Lurie and his posse fly all over the country having dinner with the top QB prospects in the draft.

    Does Sam Bradford seem to any of you the type of guy that’s going to get all “piss and vinegar” on the world and come in here and rip the season apart. I certainly don’t.

  15. Oline, WR’s, DC, and above all HC. How do you just brush this aside as meaningless? Does the QB play a role in this? For sure.. no doubt!! But look around… in 2015 we lost Shady and Jmak- the 2 best O players we had. Add to this the loss of Mathis… how do you brush this away as nothing? 3 yards per carry for our starting RB. This same RB was rush champ 1 year prior with 2.5 times the yards. How does this count as nothing? I would like to hear specifically how this falls on Bradford. With that… i expect to hear how the passing game sets up the run. BUT THIS IS NOT SO in CHIP’s O. He has gone on record that it starts with the run game.

    And the O line- we got rid of Mathis and also Peters was injured/wouldnt play for Chip. I want to hear how this falls on the QB. We went out and grabbed a FA Olineman right away… why?

    I mean… i get it…. Bradford is not an elite QB and we will continue to look to draft one…as we should. But i just dont understand you idiots. You point to how many games he has won as in if he does this singlehandedly. We are trying to add a speedy WR to replace Jackson. We are trying to get our young WR’s to step up and be Jmak. We are trying to find the next Shady. We just went after the biggest name DC we could find. We traded away our starting CB. We are trying to find solid OLmen. All this and all you say is that people are making excuses for Bradford. Stupid, really stupid.

    Here is my point and i would LOVE for the idiots to argue it.

    in 2016 Bradford was an average QB who played behind an Oline that could not create lanes for the rb. The Wr’s led the league in drops and could not get over the loss of Jmak. Our headcoach’s playcalls were simple and the D’s figured it out long before they snapped the ball. Our D looked good early but the DC’s playcalls were trash.

    This is a serious look at the WHOLE team. Why cant you all do this?

    1. Beautiful points Steve.

      On Carson Wentz, I really like the kid. His skill set is beautiful and he has all the intangibles.

      But who did the kid play in college? It’s not like Dakota was playing elite college teams…like ever?

      Correct me if I’m wrong.

  16. You only get to suck for so long and draft this high, once in a decade as a Philadelphia eagle …what ,about the transparency ,don’t the Kool fool ,leg humping fail to comprehend? Sam is plan B ,same as he was last year ,same as he is this year ..something the Eagles organization under Chip Kelly ,and Howie Roseman ,shared ,is there evaluation and utilization of Sam the man a pawn a”big Picture” pursuit of a perceived franchise QB ..kools fiscal argument holds less water than a 70 year old manwith. A depends diaper …that considerable money is transferred ,in any trade scenario..the financial commitment to a perceived “backup” in Daniels tells you that Pederson is hell bent on following the AR blue print ,that he was a part of in the high pick of number 5 …it’s all a clear precise path to there pursuits in the 2016 draft …but for Kool “..he can be handed a treasure map ,and he’d use it for kindling …

  17. my concern…assuming Wentz is all that: 1. why would cleveland trade out of 2 unless its to number 1…. if i’m the titans I tell cleveland that I have a bunch of offers for the one– i get their 2 and a couple of picks and still pick my OT at 2….
    2. if Wentz is this good there are a lot of teams in need of a qb–eagles won’t be able to get.

    1. Eagles to work out Christian Hackenberger as well. Maybe they draft him?
      All this talk about because they are working out Wentz they are gonna move up is hilarious. It would be idiotic to not give him a look, especially when ur looking to draft a qb In this draft. They wouldn’t be doing there jobs.

      U have to look at everyone. Philly even looked at geno smith and passed on him..twice

      1. Eagles to work out Christian Hackenberger as well. Maybe they draft him?

        Maybe… If they think he could be the franchise QB in the next couple years they might draft him.

        CT, The Eagles workout many QBs. Until Chip came around the Eagles would draft a QB every three years or so… AJ Feeley, Kevin Kolb, Mike Kafka, Nick Foles… Andy drafted these guys to be backups, because a franchise QB was at the helm….

        Things are different now…. The Eagles have no franchise QB, they are looking for one. Sam Bradford is not our franchise QB in the mind of the Eagles brass.

        The Eagles never thought of Foles as the franchise QB after he posted a 27-3 TD/INT – 8-2 record – a playoff berth, 119 QB Rating, and a Pro Bowl MVP.

        Do you really think Bradford won over the front office with his 19-14 TD/INT – 7-7 record – no playoff berth, and 86.4 QB Rating. Not likely…

        I don’t think the Eagles a certain to move up to draft a QB in round one. But they are certainly looking for something different than what they were looking for in the past. They are looking for a starter, not a backup.

        1. I sure hope not on Christian Hackenberg…
          I rather see the Eagles Draft a Kevin Hogan, Brandon Dougherty ,Jacoby Brissert or Jeff Driskel or even Nate Sudfeld as a Long-Range QB Prospect over Hackenberg…

  18. If Chip Kelly’s “system” used the run game to set up the pass then how come….

    2013 650 QB dropbacks 405 handoffs (62% qb dropbacks 38% handofffs)
    2014 704 QB dropbacks 424 handoffs (62% qb dropbacks 38% handoffs)
    2015 692 QB dropbacks 446 handoffs (61% qb dropbacks 39% handoffs)

    Chip Kelly was as pass-wacky as anyone else. That he said it was a “run first” offence was just another of his 100s of lies because its not what happened.

    But go ahead Stevo…keep rolling out with excuses.

    In 2013 it was a brand new system that no one knew…yet the Qbs were able to excel.
    In 2014 the oline had been absolutely devastated. The RBs were doing nothing till the final few weeks, yet the QBs did better and the team was winning,
    2015, yes, the line was in bad shape (though I think 2013 was worse) and The WR corps was young, but Sammy was still there struggling.

    You can come up with excuses every year, for every pleyer, yet for some strange, inexplicable reason a couple people on here (yourself included) seem obsessed with trumpeting them for certain players…most notably Mike Vick and now Sammy Sevens.

    Why do you guys keep making excuses for these 2 terrible quarterbacks?????

    1. Reports from Chip Kelly was that he was going to wait until Year#4 to Unleash
      his Rushing Attack..

    2. See… Here is why I call you simpleton…. Because you can’t even quote me right. I said “it starts with the run game” and you quote me as saying “run first”. Wrong. I didnt say that. And… There is a HUGE difference. My point is that the threat of a run game MUST be present BEFORE you will have success in the passing game. This was very much Chips perspective. In your silly misunderstanding of my quote, you took me to mean that he wants to run more than pass.

      1. Oh it needed a “magical” threat…not an “actual” threat then?


        Chip Kelly had his Qbs drop back over 60% of the time every year he was here. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th down. I don’t care at all what he, or you “said” about it being run-first, or run to set up…or whatever you want to say about the “run” because none of it actually happened.

          1. ” This was very much Chips perspective. ”

            No. This is what you think Chip Kelly’s perspective was. The problem with what you think Kelly’s perspective was, is that it never actually happened.

            1. Yawn… You are right… We are unable to look at such things as ; 1) paying big bucks to a wr whos best skill is blocking for the run. 2. Moving on from Wrs like Jackson and Jmak 3. Trading a dancing RB who catches many passes put of the backfield for 2 who run a more traditional style. 4. We cannot pay any attention to his inside zone and outside zone reads both in college and when he had a mobile qb in the pros.. Or how he molded the read aspect to a short pass to the TE instead of running with Foles or Bradford. Even though these were Staples of his O both in college and in the pros, we are unable to look at any of these and make the claim that he wanted to build his O off his ability to run. Furthermore we cannot use any of his soundbites speaking about the importance of running the ball as proof that it was important to him. Please… Stay in your Lane.. Talk about backup qbs and let the game of football be talked about by those that understand the game.

              1. He said it was run-centered. He brought in larger “blocking” wrs. He changes the RBs.

                As these point to a philosophy that says “run first!”

                BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED.

                That’s the issue isn’t it. Everything else is speculation. All we can do is look at the playcalls, and for three years it was 3-2 pass – run.

                Again, you guys love to speculate. I don;t. I look at what has happened. Kelly may have said “run” but it isn;t what he did.

                I didn’t speculate about Vick. He sucked. I saw it.
                Foles threw 27-2. He was good. I went with that.
                Bradford has always sucked. I don;t cross my fingers and pray that this is suddenly going to change because it won’ putz. Bradford is a sub-mediocre QB, better than Sanchez, but not good enough. Kooltwit is an idiot.

                Guys are what they are. Kelly is a ly

                End of story

              2. Again.. Because your simpleton mind doesn’t understand the difference between “run first” (your words, not mine) and an O that’s built with the threat to run at anytime. They are not the same thing at all. But as I always say… Im arguing that you don’t know what you are looking at.. And you are arguing that I love some qb that is no longer even here. You are in a world of your own.

              3. How can a team be a “threat to run anytime” if they never run???????????
                You can harp “philosophy” till you are blue in the face.

                It NEVER happened.

              4. haha… Vinnie.. in 2013 What team led the league in rushing yards per game? Where were the Eagles in 2014? You really have no clue.

                Under Chip Kelly the run game was VERY important. And in 2015 it came to a quick stop. WHY?????

              5. Still waiting. The Eagles (just as I said) were using the run game, and threat of it, in 2013 and 2014 AND IT WAS WORKING.. and in 2015 it stopped. Look at the stats vinnie. The stats, his words, everything show this to be true. And it was working. What changed?

              6. Waiting for what?

                2013 Eagles #1 in rushing
                2014 Eagles #9 in rushing
                2015 Eagles #14 in rushing

                Slowly dropping every year…..

                (when they were #1 did they not have a 300 yrd outiler in the Detroit snowstorm game. and Vick scrambling around for a few hundred yards….but I digress….)

                The run sets up the pass….you can argue it….the pass sets up the run….I can argue it….the run sets up the pass, the pass sets up the run……

                All I know is that Kelly ran the ball a hell of a lot less than he passed it.

                BTW….can you explain to me the first 3 games of 2014???

                Eagles oline a disaster.

                Mccoy 74 yrds Mccoy 79 yrds Mccoy 22 yrds

                Absolutely NO running game…..

                Yet the passing numbers??
                322 331 325……

                How could they possibly have had a passing game with absolutely no threat of a running game?? That’s weird right? Absolutely goes against your thesis doesn’t it???

              7. Finally. Yes… Birds were a running team for the first 2 years under Chip. You can argue it was the pass that sets up the run but that’s what Chip has said. Also not what his manifesto says. Also not what the stats say. And I’m glad you brought up Vick (yet again)… Im not going to bite.. Move on. But McCoy having problems early in the year is EXACTLY why chip moved on from McCoy. Go listen to him talk about those games… He was frustrated. You stepped on a landmine talking about the run game. You are (yet again) dead wrong. As always your bias against the starting qb (u love the backups) has placed you in the corner arguing against things you know are wrong. Bottom line… The run game us very important in Chips O and EVERYONE knows it. Even you. So… The question remains.. What changed in 2015 AND does this fall squarely on the qb?

              8. ‘the run game was important and EVERONE knows it”

                Well…if by EVERYONE you mean STEVO then ya…you are correct.

                The “run game” was important to everyone except the guy who was calling the plays who called 2 pass plays for every run play.

                Shout “run game” all you want.

                It never happened.

                You sound like a global warming alarmist.

              9. Vinnie, you are a special kind of stupid. First you tell me the Eagles never ran the ball.. Then I tell you they lead the league in 2013. Then you tell me a Chip didn’t care about the run, then I tell you that he spoke about its importance all the time. Here is a coach that knows him very very well… Read what he says Vinnie…”Chip wants to be able to establish the run and be able to put people in conflict off of the run game,” Casteel said. “A lot of their throwing game is the play-action stuff”

                The conventional wisdom in the NFL these days is that a team has to throw the ball to pile up points. (This was a particularly well-worn talking point for Marty Mornhinweg during his tenure as the Eagles’ offensive coordinator.) Teams that have relied primarily on their running game to win (the Seattle Seahawks in recent years, the New York Jets in 2009 and 2010) have also needed elite defenses to counteract their relative lack of offensive explosiveness.

                But there has been ample evidence already over Kelly’s first two seasons here that, with a healthy and vibrant offensive line and without a franchise quarterback, his running system can be the more dynamic aspect of the Eagles offense: Opening night 2013 against the Redskins, the “Snow Bowl” against the Lions, the two victories over the Giants last season.

                “First and foremost always,” Casteel said, “is the running game.”

                So.. All this dancing around, trying to avoid my question by arguing a point that we both know you are wrong about… So I’ll ask it again… Knowing that Chip’s O was based off the run game (that’s why Jackson was let go (lack of blocking), that’s why LeSean was traded (money and too many plays for a loss for Chip), what changed in 2015? They were #1 and then #8 with their Rbs picking up Lots of YPC and a passing game feasting off that and poof… All gone. Y? Stop dodging my q and answer.

              10. I don’t giv a shit what you “told me” It didn’t happen.

                You’re entering Koolidiot territory thinking that just because you say something over and over it somehow makes it true.

                You “think” you know what Chip thought about the run game. You speculate about it.

                I just look at the fact that for 3 years Kelly’s QBs dropped back to pass 6+ times out of every 10 downs. Period. Obv those 38% of the time run plays worked in 2013, and not so much in 2015, but that doesn’t change the fact that under kelly, the run game was 38% of the offence – successful or not.

                So go ahead…speculate all you want…look deeply into Kelly’s mind…formulate your opinions off some asst coach dropping a pre-packages standard like. Use your Kreskin-like abilities to “know” what Kelly’s philosophy way and scream “run first” from the mountaintops all you want.

                Scream all you want – That’s not what happened.

            2. EVERYONE LOOK!! As USUAL Vinnie, you pick and choose stats that fit your bias and ignore the big picture. It’s not just what Chip said. It’s what he did) as I have laid down in detail in this debate) and also what others that have coached against him have said. Vinnie… The Eagles O under Chip Kelly was based off of the success of the run game. It’s how it is. It does not mean that they ran it 75% of the time. Noone does that. Noone. But the success of the Eagles was linked directly to their ability to get yards in the run game. Stack the box? They will throw it over your head. This is unlike AR who is going to throw throw throw regardless of what he sees (remember all that your teacher taught you about “bombs away” days) . The first 2 years under Chip we had a great run game. Great. It was great Vinnie. Yes it had rough patches (see Chips frustration after the first few games a couple years back) but overall they ran the ball great. And then… It stopped. As did the passing game. Am I saying that Murray was the reason Bradford struggled at times? No. Am I saying that the drops are WHY he struggled at times? Nope. Am I saying that the Oline was main culprit? No. What I am saying is that the entire O struggled because the wrs and the Oline and the rbs and the qb didn’t do a good enough job. Furthermore (and most importantly) their HC did nothing to change his system to help out. Instead… Do what we do because It is smarter than the rest and we are due to get lucky. Your overall lack of understanding of the game of football and the team effort needed to win is astonishing to me. I have shredded this debate with statistical facts, quotes from coaches going against Chip and basic logic. By all means… Keep going with your silliness.. We both know you are wrong.

              I hope we draft a qb, I hope is is amazing.. Meanwhile.. I hope SB can do what I believe he can do. I have seen guys like Foles, Kolb, SB, Vick have success when the coach plays to their strengths.. I am an Eagle fan and I root for my team..NOT place my bias and pissedofness in 1 Baskett because I wish to the be the GM and want to be right. Get over yourself.

    3. And.. Im not going to bite on your Vick debate… I dont care to fuel your obsession. You are blind to the entire game of football because you can’t turn your eye from anything other than the win loss record of a starting QB. In your world it doesn’t matter who the he other 50+ guys on the team are… It’s the qb who carries the team alone. Yuck. You are clueless. It’s a team game and Bradford deserves some of the blame but not all.

    4. “Why do you guys keep making excuses for these 2 terrible quarterbacks?????”

      You are a pathetic joke Vinniedafoolass

      You had all kind of excuses for Kevin Kolb…and a million more for Nick Foles

      When will you and others understand that football is not tennis…its a team game…and what Stevo said is Football 101…if your offensive line sucks and your wide receivers drop more passes than anyone in the league…and you cant run the ball in Chip Kelly’s offense

      Your going to have a hard time at QB

      Sam Bradford STILL passed for a 65% completion rating!

      I know, I know..drag out the same lame ass stats…the same ‘check down’ Charile…someone will say “you bashed Nick Foles for being a check down charlie’ why not Bradford

      Again…its Football not tennis, Fools!

      Nick Foles had DJax and Maclin…as targets while Sam Bradford had Riley Cooper and Josh Huff…only fools that simply do not understand football deny the difference

      1. Nope, never made excuses.

        65% though?!?! Wow…especially powerful in a league wehre everyone hits 65.

        Dude, 65% would have been impressive in 1088, hell 1998 even, but in 2015 its mediocre.

      2. The great Vince Lumbardi said — “Your 21 guys can be better than my 21 guys, but if my 22nd guy is better than your 22nd guy, I can beat you….”

        The 22nd guy he was talking about was the quarterback. Lumbardi knew even in the days of the power sweep that a great QB wins games even when the whole team is average.

        Last season the Cowboys win the first two games of the season then Romo goes down and they lose 12 of the next 14.

        The Colts go to the playoffs 9 years in a row.. 2011 Manning goes down and they go 2-14…. 2012 Luck comes and the go back to the playoffs….

        The Eagles go to 4 NFC championship games in a row – 2005 McNabb goes down they go 6-10…. 2006 McNamb comes back 10-6…

        Yeah, it’s a team game, but even a good team losses with a sub-par quarterback. Sam is sub-par. We will lose next year with Sam – book it!

  19. ***Vegas Lines about the Draft****
    Las Vegas now has the Titans as a “7-2 Bet” to Trade Down from the #1 Spot…
    Some Team is going to move up to #1 to get QB Wenz and its either the 49ers
    or the Eagles or possibly even the Bronco’s from what I am making up…

  20. the problem is that so many simply fail to make clear, logical assessments…too many cant see beyond what they like and what’s good for the team. guys like desertdork, Vinniedafool are stuck on what they dont like…as opposed to realistic assessments of the team.
    So the Sam Bradford haters never give the guy the fair shake. They give excuses for every aspect of the team except the Qb position simply because they hate Sam Bradford.
    desertdork’s “Sam as a pawn” theory is a perfect example of the kind of desperate reaches simply because they dont like Sam.
    Let’s ignore everything the, General Manager, the Owner, the Players said about Bradford…lets dismiss what the new Coach made clear about Sam Bradford, and most important lets just ignore the 2 year, $36 million dollar contract they signed the guy to…
    Sam is simply a ‘pawn’ to get Carson Wentz or Jared Goff!
    Two unproven, over-hyped rookies who simply do not have the pedigree of other top rated QB’s that have been drafted in the last few drafts…these guys are NOT in the Mariota, Winston, Luck, or RG3 category of NFL QB prospects that you go all out and get.
    Foolish comparisons to the Andy Reid era are just that…foolish and illogical…desperately grabbing on to straws. desertdork is stumbling around without a clue. You dont follow the “AR blue print” blindly…shooting in the dark for any prospect that comes along. Andy Reid knew what he had in the highly rated,QB prospect- Donovan McNabb…he had the second pick in the draft, the team didn’t have any viable starting QB at all…

    The Eagles need to follow a sensible ‘blueprint’ that fits their current situation. They need to improve the offensive line and defensive lines…at 8 they should grab a player that will start immediately…what they have to avoid is the plan of action suggested by the desertdork, Vinniedafool, and other Sam haters…their “plans’ are a recipe for disaster

    1. All the while you are ignoring the fact that Lurie and his possee are touring the country taking all the top QBs out to dinner.

      Just because right? Robert kraft is up next I suppose.

  21. Word is that Titans are looking to Deal that #1 Pick and have the Cowboys,49ers,Eagles,Rams, & Jets all proposing Deals for them to acquire additional Assets as a Team that has needs up and down their Roster…..

    The Chargers at #3 have also made it known that they are open for business on trading Down…

    Bottom Line, the Eagles will not be able to get Wenz or Godff unless they Trade up to the #1 Spot in the Draft, as the Browns at #2 will take one of these Guys and very likely that the Cowboys will Select whoever QB is left after the Browns Selection..

    I find it curious that Fletcher Cox was never re-signed even though he was mentioned as a Priority by the Roseman and the Eagles Front Office.. Typically when the Eagles Target a Priority Re-Signing or Extension of one of their own Players, then it happens..Do the Eagles feel like they made their Best Offer possible to Fletcher Cox and now are going to Plan B , and will now look to move him to get some Draft Picks Back in Return…

    Was the decision made by the Eagles internally to use their Best Trading Asset in Fletcher Cox to move up in the Draft to get their Franchise QB ?

    I think it has …

    1. The titans will call the browns the second they go on the clock– they will get the number 2, a 3 and maybe a 2 next year… something like that… titans want that tackle– they can get him at 2 … wenz to the browns with the first pick–

      1. I don’t see the Browns having to give up anything to get their QB
        At #2, they are already Guaranteed Wenz or Goff to be there at #2 and since they Signed already and signed RG3, they don’t necessarily have to Start their young QB Pick right away and toss him out to the wolves before they are ready … that’s what RG3 is there for…
        Browns and HC Hue Jackson can work with either QB

        It’s Teams Selecting #4 (Cowboys), #7 (49ers) or #8 (Eagles) or #15 (Rams) or #20 (NY Jets) that will have to make that Move if they want one of these Top 2 QB’s

        1. speaking of rg3, how bad did we get ripped off with chase daniels????? wtf is that deal? rg gets 2 yr 15 mill, we get a total bum with no talent for 3 yrs 21 mill, that shits crazy. chase cant play in the nfl, he is 29 and is doodoo. thats insanity, rg3 is 100000000000000000000 times more talented that this dwarf

          1. While I disagree with you on RGIII’s ability (he’s just another in a long line of run-first mini-man losers who make a splash then quickly fizzel because they don’t know how to play QB) I will agree that the Chase Daniels deal makes absolutely no sense.

            It is completely illogical to A – ever offer him that deal, and then to pay him 7 million this year and next to sit on the bench, when they could have a comperable guy for 3.

            This deal is the strangest part of the whole offseason as it makes no sense whatsoever to pay him that $$ to sit on the bench.

            1. It’s AR blueprint..Daniels is pederson..and d I no van is perceived as a top pick in there estimation.assune and indulge me that they know they’re packaging’s a guy that knows the system and didn’t show a drop off in k.c..if Sam’s in a deal it’s evaluated in that prism

              1. That is the only way Daniels contract makes sense. The $$ is too high to just sit around (also too low to actually be a bonafied legit starter) But it kinda makes sense if the plan is he comes in and plays, fanbase with no expectations, limp through the year and new guy starts with a few games to go (a la McNabb)

    2. I think Howie has a proper perspective fiscally of his two best assets and three if you include not only your self evaluated offensiveand defensive assets to trade.Add Iin special teams and sproles in that discussion as well.cox and Bradford offensively and defensively all are number one rated on each sides of the ball.How you configure number 8 and that will be determinate by the market and your per dived competition on draft day..cox..sam..sproles..all have short moneyattached hHowie ready if need be doesn’t validate sam in the organization as more valuable , if a trade can’t be constructed. .it’s more poignant to grasp he’s being potentially able to return perceived value , that’s out weighted in the big picture…

    3. well paulman…we wont worry much about what you think…

      Your wrong to often for it to matter

      The Eagles are not trading Fletcher Cox…it makes no sense

  22. “All the while you are ignoring the fact that Lurie and his possee are touring the country taking all the top QBs out to dinner.”

    Hmmmm…lets see…

    Two Quarterbacks get over $34 million in guaranteed money while the other guys are being whined and dined…in a well publicized effort to make everyone aware that the Eagles are looking at Quarterbacks.

    You are falling for the okie-doke…falling for the old “52 fake out” move…

    You also fail to see is that what would it cost for the Eagles to move up? They dont have a second round pick…what would they give up..their 2 third round picks and a 4? A 2 next year…a 1 next year…

    A smoke screen

    The Eagles are desperately trying to convince other teams to move up in the draft to take the QB’s so that another player they like and are not talking about will fall to them.

    That’s why they are telling everyone that Jeff Lurie is taking QB’s out to dinner..

    Fool Ass Clown…Vinniedafool!

  23. Things I think I know heading into the Draft

    Top 2 QB’s go #1 & #2 in the Draft
    DL Joey Bosa drops out of the Top #10
    OLB Myles Jack drops out of the Top #10
    RB Elliot goes in the Top #10

    More Teams will be looking to Trade Back than Up after the Top 2 QB’s are Selected, so the Price/Payoff to slide back is not going to bring in as much in Return as years past…

        1. IF the cowboys are dumb enough to pass on elliot the ravens wont. I just cant see the cowboys not taking him with that disaster of a core last year running behind an amazing O Line

          1. If the Eagles are really looking at BPA, then they would have to take Jack if he slips to 8. Otherwise they are drafting for need which I am still ok with. If both QBs and both top tackles are gone at that point, then they should take Jack even if Elliot is available.

            1. imo there is only 1 top tackle, and only 1 tackle worth taking at 8 and thats tunsil but he will be gone. i think there are better prospects than conklin and stanley at 8… I dont think those other tackles are cant miss tackles, and think taylor decker and LaRaven Clark can be just as good as them..

              i want eagles to steer clear of tackle if they pick at 8 because the bust factor seems to be quite high these days with olineman drafted early.. id rather get someone who we know can play for this team – wentz, elliot, buckner, jack, bosa. if im gm and wentz, elliot or buckner arent there im trying to move back.

    1. And that’s why franchise or perceived franchise qbs are always worth the cap shoot..I’m not sure I’m on board with cleveland..twice burned. They may have been interested in sam last year…why wouldn’t they avert risk one year removed from an unproven injured sam this year? That’s logical ..which probably defies cleveland logic..that’s why they’re cleveland.theyd have to not only pick a guy..they stay put ..meazipns they’re picking choice b vs. a..that after two years of subjecting your fan base matters ..birds jets cowboys 49ers are much more vested than a twice scorned cleveland I.m.o.and we know at qbs is being if you think anybody the real thing you go get himat one

      1. I tell you why Cleveland is not interested in SamBradford
        New HC Hue Jackson likes working with young QB’s before bad habits are too entrenched to break… Bradford is going on what, 29 Years old..
        They signed RG3 and will Draft a Young QB
        Hue Jackson wants to look forward and no backward
        Sam Bradford os on no Teams radar other possibly the 49ers depending what happens with the Kaepernick drama
        Chan Gailey with the Jets likes mobile QB’s who can move
        Broncos don’t have the Cap Space for Bradford’s Contract
        Rams in LA, No Thanks with Fisher & Les Snead
        Bradford is an Eagle for 2016 whether we like it or not…

          1. Fitzpatrick is no threat to Run, but he can pass on roll outs and move laterally around in the Pocker better than Bradford who cannot throw real well when on the move..

  24. Eagles bringing in Paul Perkins in for a pre draft visit. Perkins, 5-10, 208 is a shifty running back with good speed. Big fan of Perkins. That would be a nice addition at running back.

    1. How is Perkins Blocking and Catching the Ball which HC Pederson & OC Reich are going to want to see in their Young RB?

      They worked out the RB from Cal the other day whose bane escapes me while working out Jared Goff…he was a similar size as Perkins

      1. I disagree with you completely about Perkins as a blocker. In fact, I think that that is his biggest weakness. The other unkown with him is that UCLA runs a spread offense (pistol and shotgun), so you don’t have much to go on with him in a traditional NFL running scheme which is likely to be run by Pederson.

        That being said, I would be ok with them drafting him in the 3rd or lower. Not sure that he is going to be a full time game changing back in the NFL. I think that if they really wanted a potential stud that wasn’t Elliot, they should look at Booker or Dixon.

        1. I really like Kenneth Dixon of Louisiana Tech with one of their 3rd Round Picks..
          He’s built like a caboose, 5-10, 212lbs, shifty and tough and has great hands out of the backfield and not afraid of contact or blocking ..
          The thing that concerns me is that as a 4 Year Player/Starter at Louisiana Tech
          He’s had about 800 Carries plus another 100 Receptions giving him lots of touches and hits over the last 4 Years.. I typically stay away from RB’s that have more than 600 + Carries at the College Level
          Dixon averaged 5 Yards per Carry and 12-13 Yards per Reception the last 2 Seasons plushest an excellent Returnman on Kickoffs/Punts and I see him as a bigger, stronger, younger “Darren Sproles” Replacement for 2017 & beyond

    1. Yeah, brother. Great game against the Caps. Felt like a playoff game. Chippy, tight play. Great goalie play and low scoring.

      Flyers are playing great hockey. Still a flawed team, but they are playing very well. They will be a tough out if they do end up making the playoffs. 3 sets of back to back games left. That stinks.

      Patience with Schenn is finely paying off as well as trying to leave him in one position for most of the year. They really need Voracek to start contributing on the score sheet though if they want to make a run at this.

      I feel like it is bonus hockey as they will probably have Provorov and maybe Konecy next year at some point. That is with other solid prospects like Sanheim and Morin not too far behind.

      1. “Fitzpatrick played fine for them last year.”

        Oh….April Fools. I get it.

        Com’on man. In the final important game to make the playoffs he went 16 for 37 for 181 (43%) yrds and 3 interceptions.


        Because he’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sure he playyed “fin” coasting through the regular season.Playing ok here and there. But is he a guy that a team can count on when it counts? Can he elevate his game when the going gets tough? When it matters? In do or die games? In the playoffs?


        Maybe the Jets realize it. Hopefully the Eagles will realize it soo too.

          1. Fitzpatrick told Jets he wants Bradford/Osweiler $$$ ($16 Million per Season)
            Jets said no deal…

  25. “But is he a guy that a team can count on when it counts? Can he elevate his game when the going gets tough? When it matters? In do or die games? In the playoffs?”

    I’m finally seeing the brilliance of Vinnethevictor

    Vinnie is right…we do need a QB that can elevate his game when the going gets tough.

    I’m going to swallow my pride and put aside my long, and often acrimonious battle with Vinnie and admit that I was wrong about the QB

    Vinnie you were right…Bradford should not be our Quarterback

    Our Quarterback should be as wisely stated: Nick Foles

    I now see the brilliance of your football acumen, Vinny and will no longer call you Vinniedafoolass…I will call you vinniethevictor

    1. Happy April’s Fools Day Vinniedafoolass

      This is truly your day..especially if you for one second bought any of the bullshit that I said in the previous post!! CTFU!!!

  26. Cleveland Browns Release Safet Donte Whitner as they continue to purge their Roster over quality Veteran Playerswho were making decent $$$$

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