Roseman-Pederson Partnership Is Working Well, So Far

Roseman&Pederson1I know Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made it very clear that Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman is going to be held responsible f0r what the Birds do in free agency and in the draft, but I think Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson have formed a partnership which is serving each of them well as they put together this year’s roster.

Roseman is going to be held accountable for what type of record this football team has in the next few years and Pederson is sitting in the same situation.  They’re going to sink or swim together.

Despite the power and responsibility Roseman has been given, I give him plenty of credit for humbling himself enough to lean on and listen to the experience and knowledge of Pederson and his coaching staff when deciding what players to acquire.   Trusting in their seasoned eyes for talent gives Roseman a very knowledgeable group to utilize.

Pederson is a secure type guy, who doesn’t need to get all the credit for the team’s success, so it’s much easier for Roseman to work with him than it was to work with Chip Kelly.  In fairness to Kelly, I think Roseman realizes his shortcomings as a player-evaluator.  He just doesn’t have years of experience in that area, so it would be foolish of him to think he’s ready to excel at this time in that area.

Roseman has his strengths but they’re not in talent evaluation.  He is very adept in cap management, anticipating what rounds certain players will be drafted and negotiating contracts.   His feel for the draft will come in handy during the last weekend in April.  Roseman may be able to turn the Birds eighth pick in the first round into gold, by finding a desperate team during the first round in need of a quarterback or a certain player that’s still on the board at number eight.

Pederson was the number one reason Sam Bradford was resigned.  From what I have heard from sources close to the Eagles, Pederson was sold on Bradford, but Roseman wasn’t nearly as high on him, but the Executive V.P. stepped to the side and let Pederson have his way.  Nearly every Eagles fan knows that Pederson is also the reason Chase Daniel is here.

This quarterback tour that they’re on right now will likely come down to which of these quarterbacks, Pederson and his offensive coordinator Frank Reich are sold on. Even though Roseman may have final say, he’s smart enough to let Pederson make the call in his area of expertise.

DougPederson&HowieRoseman1We all know that defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is the reason that former Buffalo Bills defensive backs Leodis McKelvin and Ron Brooks were added to the roster.  It wasn’t Roseman who decided on his own to acquire either one of the defenders.

Roseman is sharpening his ability to make player evaluations, while learning the nuances to look for from position to position, but right now, he’s helping the coaching staff acquire the guys they want.

As you read this, numerous members of the team’s coaching staff are on the road working out players in one-on-one situations and monitoring Pro Days throughout the country.  Their evaluations will play a huge role in which players the Eagles select in the upcoming draft.

The Roseman-Pederson partnership seems to working out very well so far.   It makes sense for these guys to continue to work together because their fates are tied to each other.  We’ll see if they stay loyal to each other when the situation gets hot here in Philadelphia.

14 thoughts on “Roseman-Pederson Partnership Is Working Well, So Far

  1. It’s all harmonious when your record is 0-0 ..however,in stark contrast to the ego driven pursuits of pinnochipio ,it’s always conducive ,to have everyone check their egos ,and be all inclusive and stop playing the blame games ..which only cause sniping and ferments to a derisive toxic environment ,causing ,an owner to chose sides ..That and Jeffrey’s poor decision making ,are in the rear view ,and we’re going in the direction that everyone shares the organization ,and they’re utilization of each organizational assets and capabilities is showing Jeffrey learned from his mistakes ..No copious notes ,deferring to the coach ,it’s all a healthier approach..The removal of coaches who can’t coexist and coach players who are in that emotional derisive storm spawns a team that can’t rise ..I’m confident they have a vision ,to pursue a franchise QB if there is one in there estimation ..They also feel they’ve accumulated assets to pursue that pursuit ,now the competition determines if plan A B or C is reality..Just having those options and planning for there possibility ,is a huge step forward ,from the past ..

    1. Good One Deserteasgle and a appropriate term when describing Chip Kelly’s strategy with Roster Management, Contracts, Game Plans, Talent Evauation, Player Worth and having a real pulse of what is going on around the League with your Competitors and Peers…

  2. G what’s your opinion on what the organizational commitments are to Sam and chase in this process ..and how do they utilizes arms basically one year show me deal ?

  3. “Pederson was the number one reason Sam Bradford was resigned. From what I have heard from sources close to the Eagles, Pederson was sold on Bradford”

    Here is the point that the ‘Sam Bradford Haters Club” simply do not want to acknowledge or accept. Why is Doug Pederson the former Qb and current Head Coach sold on Bradford? Why?
    Could it simply be that Pederson believes what he has said publicly:
    “Sam Bradford is a ‘top-notch Quarterback”
    With the possibility as a very likely reality it is obvious what the “plan” really is…its as clear as day:
    Plan A: Win with Sam Bradford as the franchise QB.
    Plan B: If Sam Bradford gets hurt, Chase Daniels gets a shot
    Plan C: Look for a young QB in the later rounds of this year’s draft who may have some potential. No pressure on him to start anytime soon…a developmental player who can be cut if they find someone else better next year. Or could start a few years down the road
    The contracts given to Sam and Chase reflects this plan…Sam Bradford’s contract is a “can you stay healthy contract” that is good for the Eagles and Sam. It protects the Eagles from a devastating long term financial commitment to a injured player. For Sam, if he stays healthy and plays adequately he gets free agency more of an opportunity to make a lot more money…and well compensated financially to give it a shot with a $35 million dollar contract with up to $26million in guarantees if he stays healthy.

    Cant beat that deal!

    Time to accept the reality…Like it or not…the Eagles believe they have their franchise QB….Sam Bradford…and they believe that they have an adequate backup who can fill in capably as a starter…Chase Daniels…forget the “Sam haters contentions about drafting a starter…on making Sam a ‘chip’ to trade..

    Face facts, accept reality…Sam Bradford is the Eagles Franchise Quarterback!

    Book it!

    1. Kool…careful ,dry hump with caution…those damn orstrich legged knees ,are fragile …just like Sam…I told you ,don’t spew soundbites …that’s what the organization ..wants ,and you solemnly swear that ,that’s the gospel…let’s agree ,it’s going to play out live in a few weeks ,and If I’m SAMs realtor,id advise he looks into rent and not own …

  4. desertdork…you’ve been dry humped in the brain by the ‘hate Sam’ crew so badly you cant think straight. The impact of this skullduggery has you complete delirious and desperate searching for a bailout…looking for G.Cobb to throw you bone to salvage some credibility.
    Listen, Sam signed the deal..and your wild speculation that they will trade is so ridiculous its embarrassing. Look its already played out they spent and committed over $36 million bucks to the Quarterback position…stop desperate shots in the dark and follow the money. .

    1. I’ve told you ..they’re fortified with trade chips ,assets ,if you will…if they love or see a franchise guy ,they wouldn’t hesitate to move anybody ,on the roster ..They ,obviously have some one in mind ..The lame excuses associated with ,your contention of allocated money ,is ,transferable in a trade ,so it holds less weight than Sammy sideways ..they ,may fail in this pursuit ,and thus ,the plan B or C will supersede doesn’t mean you can toot your horn ..either way ..nor mine just means they had perceived value and another team ,felt there deal exceeded ,others ..why is it so important ,you step at the top of the library steps ,proclaiming a rockyesque moment …when in reality your dry humping Sam I am in a back alley off Sam I am Blvd?

  5. Fortified with what trade chips and assets??…the Eagles have less trade chips. They dont have a second round pick, they have signed Bradford to a deal that for most teams wouldn’t be cap friendly
    . You dont make sense…if believe your assessment of Bradford is accurate, then why would other teams want to give him the $35 million with $26 big ones if he stays healthy? If the Eagles wanted to put together a trade for a new franchise QB (Wentz or Goff) in the first round why keep Bradford…why not simply get Chase Daniels
    Your notions are so weak and dumb..Get off your knees and stop being skull humped, desertdork…make some sense.

    1. Kool ..I’ll spell it out for you ,since you asked ..Stop first and understand ,that the “business” of football removes all “emotion” from the equation ..You fail to comprehend the autonomy ,at which this coexists with the fandom.Last year Sam had a no trade clause ,this year under his new contract (the ownership bargained that ,into the agreement) ..that’s invaluable ..had they attempted to trade him prior (your suggestion) the ownership would have lost all that leverage that is why ..understand? So far the Eagles have spent 5.5 million in bonus money ,with until post draft (sept 1st) next payment they’re not literally on the hook $$ far as other one year chips they possess ,sproles ,cox,Sam ..all are palatable ,with the upside being flexible to being re-constructed to conform to a new teams needs ..this and the multiple3s and a top ten one at number 8 ,all. Are in play on draft day ..let’s let it play out ,and then we can better grasp the situation

  6. desert, you would spell it out but you don’t spell very well at all. You dont have a clue…Sam Bradford never had a ‘no-trade’ clause at all in his contract…he there was some rumors his agent asked for that but there is no proof that he ever had it at all. He clearly didn’t have a no-trade clause in his contract with the Rams either.
    You are reduced to incoherent babbling desert.. you continue to work off of the ridiculous assumption that the Eagles were simply trying to sign Bradford to be a trading ‘chip’ without any evidence. You cant site a single situation where a team signed a QB to a major contract, announce in a very public way that he is the No#1 Starter…and then trade him.
    You dont have a leg to stand on or a pot to piss in….if you are not delusional you have a grasp of the situation…the Eagles are not trading up for a QB, they will get the 3rd QB later in the draft..(I hope they get Prescott in the 5th round)…

    Sam Bradford is the franchise QB and he’s option A!

    Book it!

    1. Hield & Sooners just had a terrible performance.. They were tight from the get go, turned the ball over too much and Nova played outstanding on both sides of the Ball .. Hart ate Hield’s lunch all game, got up in his face, has the lateral quickness to stay in front and then out muscled and wanted it more all game long and had help from Jenkins, Bridges & other Nova Defenders to put a body on him . Hopefully Villanova has some left in the tank for the Championship Game for the caused about 18-19 Turnovers and Shot almost 72% from the Field..

  7. the whole team is off…I’d take Simmons 1…but if I get LA’s pick at 4 or 5 and Hield is there…I’m taking him

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