Report: Eagles Interest In Drafting QB Early Is Very Real

Wentz,Goff,Lynch1One of the questions everybody has been asking is regards to the Eagles interest in drafting a quarterback early in the selection process.  Last week, the Birds worked out four of the top quarterback prospects in this draft, namely Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch and Kevin Hogan.    They were seriously doing their homework on the quarterbacks, but why.

Jason Cole of the took that information to the next step, when he reported the following.   “According to multiple sources around the NFL, the interest by the Philadelphia Eagles in taking a quarterback perhaps with the number eight overall selection or higher is very real.”

Cole added that he also has sources who refute the claim the Eagles are planning on taking a QB with that top 10 pick.  Some of those sources believe the Birds are only bluffing.

I personally don’t think they’re going to take a quarterback very early in the process.  I think they’re going to single out a quarterback, who will be taken later in the draft and they will try to select that signal caller with one of their latter picks.

I think Eagles V.P. of Football Operations Howie Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson would both get ripped to shreds by Birds fans if they drafted one of the top quarterbacks with the eighth pick, after signing Sam Bradford to a near $40 million dollar deal over the next two years, as well as giving $7 million dollars a year to Chase Daniel over the next three years.

If they drafted a quarterback with their top pick, it would also signal to Bradford that his days are numbered as the Eagles starter.    I also think the Birds have some serious needs on their offensive line.

164 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Interest In Drafting QB Early Is Very Real

  1. Aye!!! Let’s go ahead and pull a vikings move and draft a reach qb with our top 8 pick!! ( Christian ponder)

    I pray this is false and our organization is not that big of a joke. It’s not like we are in the top 10 every year. Take a Hargreaves or Ramsey or Alexander before we draft a goff or lynch

    1. Funny CT in other threads you speak that there are hits and misses throughout the draft at all positions but in this thread you worry about a QB being a ponder…. Interesting, but not genuine.
      You fail to grasp the importance of a face of the franchise QB…. We need one..Lurie needs one

  2. It would be a disaster,…however its an excellent move to try to induce teams to trade up and grab a QB to push some of the other talent down…give us better options

  3. If you are drafting a QB because you believe he is a potential franchise QB – you absolutely must! How many fans now wish we had drafted Aaron Rogers and let him sit for a year or two.Or what if we had drafted Bridgewater instead of Smith? How often do you have a shot at a franchise QB?
    As for Bradford’s days being numbered, not a bad situation- he can play this year while the kid gets ready, and then you can trade him (before his contract expires) for draft picks.

  4. There is no QB in this draft worthy of a top ten pick! None of them can come in and start right away and you dont sit a top ten pick on the bench for the next few years
    We need an impact player with that pick…an Oline man, a pass rusher, a cornerback..
    Make the smart move…get an impact player and dont reach for a QB who is not worthy of a top ten pick!

  5. If the Eagles can get Carson Wenz at #8 or move up to get him without trading away the farm, then do it… I would not be in favor of Selecting Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch at #8 or trading assets away to get either one of these two..
    Wenz appears to be the best overall QB Prospect in this Class
    If Eagles Draft QB Wenz, then Bradford becomes trade bait afterwards
    Would the Jets, 49ers,Rams or Browns be interested based on what happens with their Draft Selections or current QB situations
    Where does Ryan Fitzpatrick land?
    Is Kaepernick traded to Broncos as being worked on and rumored?

    Or the Eagles can wait and go to Summer Camp with Bradford, Daniels & Wenz and wait for that Team or 2 who suffer an Injury at QB in Pre-Season for it happens every Summer ..
    What happens if Drew Brees,Matt Ryan or Ryan Tannehill or any Starting QB go down with a major Injury?
    How many Teams can take on Bradford 2016 Salary/Contract?

    Worse case scenario for Eagles is that Bradford plays 10-12 Games in 2016 and then Trade him after the Season for a 3rd or 4th Rd Draft Pick in 2017 (depending how Bradford plays in these 10-12 Games)
    Word is the Broncos have agreed to give up a 4th Rd Pick for Kaepernick who has had much more success in the NFL than Sam Bradford has and the issue to resolve in Kapernicks 2016 Signing/Roster Bonus in terms on how much if any are the 49ers willing to pay for some of it..

  6. So Kool breeze we should keep Bradford and go 7-9 or 8-8 lmao yall love being avg make your move Howie get your qb were not winning a super bowl next yr any way so at least get your franchise qbs and prepare for the future… I also wonder if anyone between 4-7 would give up there 1st for cox maybe the Eagles could get two 1st rd picks…. what waste Cox yrs grooming your rookie or with Bradford

    1. IfDraft goes something like this
      1) Titans – OT Tunsil
      2) Browns – QB Goff

      Then Eagles Send Fletcher Cox,Josh Huff & #8 & #79 Picks to the Chargers for their #3 Pick and Select Wenz before the Cowboys do..

      This is what I see happening
      The 49ers & Eagles & Rams will all be in Play to move up to get Wenz..
      Who has the best Impact Player to help that Chargers DL out immediately in 2016.. The Eagles do with Fletcher Cox, and he will be moved since the Eagles were unable to get him signed to an extension as they tried to do in late January.. Fletcher Cox has priced himself out of Eagles Green.

  7. I believe Wenz has the best future upside of any of the other QB’s in this Class
    The Eagles a at #8 may not get as good as a chance than have with this 2016 Draft to get their Franchise QB..
    The Eagles Front Office, Coach’s and Player can say anything right now to the media and talk show hosts, & fans but it’s pretty clear that the future Franchise QB is not currently on their Roster..

  8. Paulman I think cox is worth a 1st alone I think you can send him,huff a 3rd this yr and 3rd next yr and the chargers may give up that 3rd pick without the Eagles giving up Their 1st he’ll I’ll throw Barwin in that to save the 8th pick

    1. Fletcher Cox is not returning a stand alone 1st Round Draft Pick
      DT’s just don’t return that type Value

  9. This jockeying is all part of the process .if you think the broncos,aren’t monitoring all this ,as well as the jets ,Browns ,Cowboys, Rams and 49ers ,and the Eagles ..the team that’s in direct competition has a pick higher than the Eagles plus a second rounder ,in San Fran…Begs to question ..who will blink and offer the most ..or will Cleveland try again to reach for a franchise QB I’ve stated they’re in a gun shy situation and probably are looking to deal …I can sense a 3 team deal in play ,perhaps with the Broncos or jets looking for Sam…and giving the Eagles the ammo they need ..and this would also justify chase Daniels $$ deal ,and follow ARs blueprint ..

    1. As I have stated several times, Cleveland has already made 2 (and now 3) “risk” moves at QB

      1 – Draft a 28 yr old QB everyone laughed
      2 – Draft a major risk in Manziel that everyone (but one right Koolidiot) knew was a joke
      3 – Draft another major risk/reclamation project in RGIII

      I don’t think the fanbase….and therefore the braintrust can handle another “rick. If they were to draft a Division II player (Wentz) and he were to fail….they would be crucified.

      It is due to their previous failures as why I think they will lean to the “safe” pick in Goff.

  10. According to WIP G Stephen Wisnewski will sign with the Eagles this morning. If this is the case, I doubt that the Eagles will go O lIne with their first pick. QB is a real possibility as the first round pick as depth has been added at LB, OL, DB.
    Sam has been added to provide the QB that will allow the Eagles to be competitive for the 2016-17 season, after that, I think the rookie they draft this year will be the guy as Chase Daniel will be teaching him the system to take over after Sam is relieved of duty . As I stated before, the eagles are in a perfect position to get the QB of the future, while being competitive with Average Sam. And when I say competitive I mean that the Eagles will be in the games…not wining more than 9 games.

  11. I agree 100% EHL that the Eagles are going QB with their Top Pick, or at least will try to depending on any Trades,etc..
    Sam Bradford is a 1 Year Insurance Policy, albeit an expensive one, but the beauty is that the Eagles can maybe get a Draft Pick back if they Deal him in the Summer or after next Season..
    Despite what Koolbreeze has been saying all Off-Season, Sam Bradford is not, I repeat, Is not the Future Franchise QB of the Eagles..

    On a side note, I am not excited about the Wisnewski Signing at all and think the Eagles are missing the mark with this guy..
    I’d rather see other Center/Guards brought it

    Fernando Velasquez – Panthers
    JD Walton – Chargers
    Jaques McClendon – Dolphins
    Doug Legursky – Steelers

    Amini Silatolu – Panthers
    Vladimir Ducasse – Bears

    1. I agree pman, Wisniewski is by no means a long term answer, he is reportedly being signed to a 1 year deal. They will address OL in the draft in the later rounds. I think they will be able to get G Vadal Alexander in the 3rd round. There is a lot of good depth at OL this year. Ole Miss OT Fahn Cooper, LSU OT Gerald Hawkins and Colrado St. OT Stephane Nembot are three guys I would like to see the Eagles target in the later rounds for the future RT spot.

  12. I went to the Franklin Institute this weekend with 5 out of 6 kids and the wife. I was watching the kids go through the giant heart exhibit and looked over and said…holy cow. That’s Howie Roseman.

    “Mr. Roseman….excuse me….”

    I need to say that in light of the moves this season I was encouraged to reach out my hand and give him some words of support and encouragement. I was VERY tempted to ask him about what happens with pick number 8. After a handshake and a brief exchange, I was impressed by his demeanor and even his pause to ask me what my name is, as if it were actually of any significance to him. As a fan, he made me feel important in that moment.

    After a few seconds of conversation I saw his family looking over for Dad and pardoned myself and told him to get back to what counts.

    Random post, I know. I hope with the talent we are mustering that the coaching selection passes the test. I know the D will be coached well, now have to hope that the head end is screwed on straight enough to get the most out of the talent we have.

    1. Rotary. What a great insight ..did you get the limp or firm handshake ? The fact that it’s symbols the was in the “heart” exhibit is too cool..

  13. Yardbarker is reporting chipkelly may have lied about his intent on krapernick,and the 49ers and Broncos have agreed in principal ..pinnochipio strikes again..the dominoes will fall,after this

    1. QB Kaepernick’s Situation with the 49ers had nothing to do with Chip Kelly
      Kapernick has stated that he could no longer play for or trust GM Trent Balkee and wanted out of the Organization… This has been no Secret since last Year and their Relationship became too toxic for him to remain despite the Hiring of Chip Kelly

  14. Signing Stephen Wisnewski simply gives them more depth on the offensive line…depth and experience they need. The Eagles should be drafting with the 8th pick a CB, Elliot, or hopefully Buckner falls to them at 8 to give them a bonifide pass rusher.
    Forget pman’s foolish “100%”claim about the Eagles drafting a QB at 8!
    Not going to happen…despite what the naysayers claim…the Coach who’s making the call likes Sam Bradford and he’s told us exactly what he wants to do…the Eagles concern about Bradford is injury and they got Daniels to guard with that as a backup, and the third string guy they draft will be a Prescott or a Kevin Hogan out of Stanford-a third string rookie to bring along see if he can play sort of player.

    1. With the kapernick clarity ,Denver and Cleveland have made commitments ,perhaps (long term) in there hopeful minds ..that leaves the jets as a viable trade partner or dare I say the 49ers …in any scenarios they both would have interests ,in a dialogue ..Kool your fallback plan is “just that ” it demonstrates at the very least a vision towards all the options that may exist ..personally ,nobody knows if Wentz or Goff are the proverbial savior ..I just know that ,if they’ve evaluated either ,to be so ,they’re going to offer everything conceivable to make it a reality as plan A ..nether you ,nor any of us will know for certain ,as that will never be made public in all likelihood …

      1. To DE, the Jets refused to Pay Ryan Fitzpatrick the Asking Price of $16 (Which is less than Bradford is getting)…
        Fitzpatrick set the Jets Franchise for TD Passes Thrown last Year and has 2 Veteran WR’s in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker who have come out publicly to Support Fitzpatrick…. The Jets have Offered $8 Million and will probably end up settling at $12 with Fitzpatrick…

        49ers, GM Balkee nad HC Kelly are not going to want to pursue Fitzptrick or Bradford and will take their Shot at getting QB in the Draft to play along Blaine Gabbert who can play well enough in Chip Kelly’s System to be effective for aseason until their Drafat Choice is ready to take over
        I think the 49ers will move up to get Jared Goff

  15. Buckner is not a Pass-Rusher Koolbreeze, or at least wasn’t up at Oregon
    He’s a 6-7″ 290lbs DE in a 3-4 Scheme and maybe can play as a DT in a 4-3 but is not a natural fit in Jim Schwartz’s 4-3 Scheme if you understand what Buckner was asked to do while at Oregon..

  16. Of course no one ‘knows’ 100% anything…but a balanced and intelligent reading of what the Eagles have done so far reveals what they will in all likelihood do…’visions towards options’ have to be weighed against probabilities.
    In a recent article on, David Murphy summed it up very well:

    “If you are the general manager of a team that likes one of these two QBs enough to make him the centerpiece of your plans moving forward, you do not waste the kind of money the Eagles spent on Bradford and Daniel, especially because you will need that money to address whatever position will go unaddressed with the first-round pick and whatever other picks you trade in order to use those picks on acquiring said quarterback. Think about it: The Eagles allocate, what, $18 million in cap space on Bradford and Daniel while reserving their first-round pick for a QB? They don’t have a second-round pick.”
    This is on point! Follow the money and it makes perfect sense, its logical..the Eagles have committed the money to Bradford and then signed an expensive backup…
    desert, your speculation is baseless. If they evaluated Wentz or Goff to be a franchise QB to build their team around…again why sign Bradford AND Daniels and tie up so much money?
    Murphy brings up another good point for those who want to make so much out of the Eagles working these guys out here:

    “Additionally, holding such workouts generates headlines from people who desperately want to believe that they were correct about Bradford when they wrote him off after Week 3 of the regular season and that the Eagles have been scheming to replace him with a True Winner this whole time, and that in turn gives GMs of teams that might actually trade up for Wentz or Goff something to think about.”

    In other words…a smoke screen that is given credence by people who just dont like Bradford…

    Follow the money…and you have your obvious answer unless the Eagles are simply stupid.

    1. Bradford Deal reveals little KB..
      They overpaid for 2016 to protect themselves in case they can’t move up and Draft one of the Top QB Prospects and at the time.. A simple $4 Million Buyout in Year #2 for Bradford (in 2017) and he’s Gone and better yet, they can possibly Trade him for a 4th or 5th Rounder in for the 2017 Draft for that’s about all he’s worth..

      1. The Bradford Deal reveals that the Eagles made a decision on QB the length of the deal protects them from Bradford’s injuries and gives Bradford another opportunity to get another massive deal if he plays well. They followed it up by overpaying for Daniels as well…
        If the Eagles wanted one of these QB’s they would be quiet..not announcing every chance they get that they are looking at Qb’s…

    2. Yeah all that follow the money talk would be correct if there was no control on rookie salaries.It doesn’t matter who the Eagles draft, the salary will be the same.

      What the Eagles are paying Bradford and Daniels is nothing. Tony Romo is costing the Cowboys $24 million against the cap next year by himself. Think that will prevent them from drafting a QB if they want one?

  17. Buckner has the natural talent and athleticism to play in a 4-3…he needs some coaching but he will be stout against the run day one…he needs some coaching…but he will give you some versatility as well to play inside and outside…he would be a good pick!

    1. i am not saying that Buckner is not talented or doesn’t have upside for all Top Picks in the Draft do.. But he is not a bona-fide Pass-Rusher who is going to come in and get lots of Sacks.. He played in a read-react, set the edge DE in a 3-4 Scheme up in Oregon, so putting his hand in the ground and go hell-bent after the QB is going to be something new to him.. Can he do, maybe in time but he has he learn moves, techniques, how to use his hands, being more explosive, stronger, etc,etc, but these are not traits that hes coming into the NFL With out of the gate..
      Better Pass-Rushers in this Draft – Shaq Lawson, Noah Spence, Richard Dodd,Joey Bosa, Leonard Floyd, Emmanuel Ogbah, Jonathon Bullard

    2. Kool, DeForest Buckner is not a pass rusher, he is a 34 DE. The Eagles need people to get after the QB, Deforest Buckner is not that guy. He would not fit into what Schwartz wants to do..I keep saying Kevin Dodd, he is not only a better fit, but a better athlete. De. Buckner would be fine for Pittsburgh, not for the Eagles, we are fine at DT that can stop the run, 4-3 DE’s are not going to be run stuffers. De. Buckner would be a complete waste of a pick for the Eagles period!!!

      1. KB doesn’t know EHL.. He reads and regurgitates the Prospect Profiles that he gets on Web-Sites..

        I love that Kevin Dodd kid from Clemson, who is going to make a Nice NFL Player for some team later in the1st Round.. I would take Dodd over Lawson,Bosa,Buckner any day of the week..

        1. fraudman, everyone knows that’s your specialty cut and pasting website scouting reports and then flip-flopping when your wrong…

      2. EHL….the kid had 10 sacks last year!..the main thing I like about the kid is his versatility! He’s a top ten talent who has the athleticism to do different things…. so Schwartz can use him effectively in our 4-3 defense…fraudman doesn’t know what he’s talking about…he would contribute right away and develop over time….Kevin Dodd is nice…but he’s not a top ten pick…we can trade back and probably get him at 15…and I wouldn’t mind that at all

        1. KB, Buckner is slated to go in the top 10 which I think is a major mistake as I think he is over rated. I watched Oregon and Buckner play, he is not athletic enough to play 4-3 end. I know he got 10 sacks last season in a conference you have disparaged. Not impressed with him though…stats are nice, but when I watched him play, he is not somebody I see being effective as an NFL pro, especially in a 4-3. Everybody was salivating over Clowney’s athleticism too..Buckner is not going to a 4-3 team…book it! Look at the teams that have met with him or is meeting with him for pre-draft visits.

  18. The kid has the attributes to be a good pass rusher in a 4-3 defense and you can move him around…he has a good bull rush, uses his hands, and quick feet. Is he a blazer coming off the edge…NO..but he can play in our system and be effective with his versatility…match him up against a guard one-one in pass rushing situations…swing him outside against right tackles in running downs…he can be very effective in our defense

    1. Kool, Buckner does not possess that initial quick first step or burst to be a 4-3 edge rusher. Bull rushing is nice but there is so much more needed than power to be effective, converting speed to power, agility, Just stop with Buckner. Ced Thorton was let go because he is a 34 DE, Buckner is a 34 DE. You see the type of DE’s Schwartz wants, builds like Curry, Graham, and Barwin. Buckner does not fit.

      1. EHL, Buckner has the athletic ability to do it and he works hard…he has good game speed…and again…Schwartz can move him around to do different things..if he’s there at 8 you grab him.

        1. Buckner is too slow off the ball, his Stance is too high for any quick penetration or up the field movement which Schwartz Demands from his DE.
          Buckner is a 3-4 DE and would be perfect fit for the Chargers at #3 or Ravens at #6 or 49ers at #7 but is not a natural fit for a 4-3 DE
          Buckner will be a Good Player in the NFL, but best Suited for a 3-4 Def Scheme

        2. Kool, I am pinpointing exactly why Buckner’s athletic ability does not translate into a 43 end, he is not fluid, agile or quick enough you keep saying he has the athletic ability, he’s athletic, but only for a 34 end. Bill Davis and chip is gone. Go back and look at the 43 ends Schwartz has had, they are not like Buckner.

          1. This is where we disagree, EHL…I think he is fluid, agile, and quick enough to play in the 4-3. He needs some coaching on pass rush moves but he is improving and can play in any defense. Starting off you can start him off at end and move him inside on passing downs where he might be even more disruptive next to Fletcher Cox and in the wide-nine alignment.
            I think he will be a better inside pass rusher than Bennie Logan!
            So where you are exclusively locking him in as a 3-4 defensive end…I see him as playing more than one position. I’m looking at his flexibility …and with his height he’s going to knock down passes and develop…

            1. Kool, we will see in a couple of years. if for some unknown reason a 43 D team drafts him in the top ten, hell the top twenty he will be a bust. A 34 team will draft him though. As far as Jim Schwartz and the Eagles are concerned, they are not going to take a player like him and put him on the interior line to play, to slow to make a difference against the pass and to light to be in on the run , he will get eaten up inside in the NFL and be a nonfactor. Aaron Donald is light but has that burst of speed off the line to play inside, Buckner doesn’t. If he puts his hands up to knock down passes, any O Linemen worth their weight will gut punch him to make him keep his hands down.
              We will see how he turns out in 2-3 years.

    1. I think the Eagles are working behind the Scenes to move up with the Titans or SD Chargers to ensure they Get Wenz but the Cost would be huge to move up to the Titans for the #1 Pick and still steep to move up with the Chargers at #3
      (depending what QB the Browns take at #2)

      To the Titans
      Eagles Send Fletcher Cox, Jordan Matthews, #8, #77 & 100 and 2017 1st Rounder

      To the Chargers
      Eagles Send Fletcher Cox, Josh Huff, #8, #79 and a 2017 1st Round Pick

      Eagles would then turn around and attempt to get a 3rd Round Pick in Return for Sam Bradford to lessen the pain if they could find a Team interested but would have to eat some of Bradford Guaranteed $$$

      1. pman, Zeitner also stated that he knows that the Eagles want to move up to get’s all about the cost though. Bradford and Daniels was signed before the Eagles got up to 8 so the thought of moving up far enough was not in play.
        It appears that they are more enamored with Wentz than Goff who I think is more polished, pro ready and would be a good WCO fit. Don’t get me wrong, I like Wentz too and would be happy with either one of them as the future face of the franchise.

      2. Titans in the cat bird seat– they have a franchise qb and there are a bunch of teams that need a qb– i think a lot of their strategy will depend on how highly the feel about the tackle– Tunsil- if they really want him then they field all the calls from eagles, rams, 49ers etc…. then they dial cleveland– ‘so browns, do you want to keep being the browns? or do you want a top QB? oh whats that you say you are going to believe in RGME? are you sure? cuz I get a helluva package for Weentz…. ” “oh you’d like to discuss a swap 1 for 2?”…. Browns end up with the first pick– no doubt. and titans end up with picks, players and of course tunsil…

        1. I think the Titans are Trading Down but want to do so with a Partner willing to move up more therefore costing more to complete the Deal..
          I see the 49ers at #7 and Eagles at #8 or any other Team willing to give up a while lot more to the Titans than the Browns who are at #2 and will get a crack at both QB’s if Titans Select OT Tunsil so Browns are in the cat-bird seat and don’t need to do anything and will end up with a QB for Hue Jackson

          49ers have 12 Draft Picks this 2016 Draft (4 of which are Compensatory Picks which cannot be Traded) but the 49ers have lots of ammunition to offer the Titans

          1st Rd – #7
          2nd Rd – #37
          3rd Rd – #68
          4th Rd – #105 & #133
          5th Rd – #142, #145, & #174
          6th Rd – #178, #207,#211 & #213
          7th Rd – No Picks

          Eagles have some Talented Yuong Players they could Trade like F Cox,etc, but do note that F Cox will become a Free-Agent after 2016 and demand a Big Contract for whichever Team he plays for… Would the Titans be interested in Fletcher Cox or more Draft Picks to build around Mariota at a lower Cost.. I suggested to Peyton Manning that the Titans go with the Draft Picks and build the Franchise correctly from the Ground up (Peyton Manning will work for the Titans beginning the 2017 Season as VP of Football Operations similar to what John Elway does with the BRoncos)

            1. I believe that starts in the 2017 Draft Gloomy,
              I just read that earlier today .. For 2016 Draft Compensatory Picks are still hands off..

  19. Forget it…Not going to happen…the QB obsession is all a smokescreen.
    How stupid would the Eagles be to make one of those trades pman is talking about…ridiculous.
    We are supposed to believe that suddenly the Eagles have fallen in love with Wentz? They didn’t see his college tape, they didn’t have this great love for him at the Senior Bowl…BEFORE signing Bradford and Daniels??

    Bullshit…its a smokescreen!

    I wonder who the Eagles really like…is it Elliot, Buckner, or maybe Jack…the smoke is so thich they are really trying to throw teams off of the player they really like..

    1. We are supposed to believe that suddenly the Eagles have fallen in love with Wentz? They didn’t see his college tape, they didn’t have this great love for him at the Senior Bowl…BEFORE signing Bradford and Daniels??

      Let me just say that I don’t know if the Eagles love Wentz or not, but I do know that Bradford was re-signed a week before the Eagles moved from 13 to 8 in the draft.

      I can certainly understand why the Eagles would feel differently about their chances of acquiring Wentz after moving up in the draft from 13 to 8.

      I know the Eagles will draft a quarterback this year because the coach said so…. In what round they will draft a quarterback we don’t know. We do know that they have interviewed quarterbacks that will be drafted in the 1st round, and some that will go in the 3rd-4th round.

      As far as the smoke-screen theory goes – I don’t see any benefit of trying to convince teams that they might move up to take a quarterback. I can see why that might benefit the Titans by making other teams think they are competing with the Eagles for the first pick. But I don’t see how that benefits the Eagles.

      And I sure don’t think Jeff Lurie would fly across the country to wine and dine a college quarterback just for show.

      I think the Eagles have a sincere desire to evaluate the quarterbacks in this draft, becaus they WILL be drafting one, according to the coach.

      1. “As far as the smoke-screen theory goes – I don’t see any benefit of trying to convince teams that they might move up to take a quarterback”

        If there is no benefit why all of the leaks, the big show of Lurie going to see the Wentz, the leaks to selective reporters that the Eagles want a QB?

        What’s the benefit in letting everyone know they want a QB? Dallas needs a QB because Romo is up in age,they dont have a back up and he has been hurt consistently over the past couple of years…

        They are being really quiet about who they may want…

        Its simple…they are doing all that they can to drive up the value of the Quarterback in this draft on the market. The hope is that other teams will grab QB’s early and push talent that they really want down to them.

        1. Actually Dallas is not being that quiet. They made it known that they had Zeke Elliot in this past Sunday for a workout and Paxton Lynch in for a work out last week. If we were in Dallas or Dallas fans tuned in to what they were doing we would be hearing a lot more. I do not buy the smokescreen theory, in 99 they made it known that Lurie was on the trip to workout McNabb, then selected him. Lurie was also on the trip to see Geno Smith, they just did not like his ass and passed…understandably so!

          1. Totally a different situation…they had the second pick in the draft…so the only team they had to worry about was Cleveland that year.
            The ‘smokescreen’ theory is far more plausible than the notion of the Eagles moving up in the draft by trading Bradford, the 8th pick, a first rounder next year, a third rounder this year all to acquire Wentz…that makes no sense and would be stupid…
            As to Lurie gong on the trips…so what…he likes to look at Quarterbacks…that tells us absolutely nothing…

            1. I never said anything about trading Bradford, I did say that I knew the Browns had no interest in Bradford, who else would they trade him to? No one was interested in Bradford, we know this because his agent did not allow him to test the market…because there wasn’t one for him.
              As far as the other value talk for a trade, I do not get into that because trade values are not set in stone…the Eagles gave up #13 and two bums to move up 5 spots…the Dolphins got snookered…so stating what would be stupid to move up is worthless because we do not know what the Titans will accept.
              As far as Lurie, I disagree with you, it only makes sense for him to go to determine if he feels comfortable with such a high value position and possible face of the franchise. Lurie is being more hands on..for better or’s not for show.

              1. EhL …..Lurie going to see the Qb’s means nothing precisely because Lurie goes to look at the QB’s in every draft….Now if he is meddling in personnel this is a really bad sign….this is the only way that this call for drafting a Qb in the 1st round makes any sense…if Lurie is meddling and telling them…to grab a QB…
                The Eagles are well situated…improved the offensive line…made some improvements to the wide receivers (including Coaching.) improved the defensive side of the ball…they need to make smart plays in the draft…pick up an impact player that can start right away…..
                Not a project that may well be a complete bust like the QB’s in this draft

              2. Kool, yes they have strengthened positions of need, now they have more flexibility as to what they can do in the draft. They can get a running back later. If the Eagles feel that one of these QB’s are future franchise caliber players, then they should grab him, you can’t depend on Sam, one good hit and he’s off to retirementville. Sam has not proven anything yet. They have built themselves up to be competitive, if they identify a QB that they want in the first to build their future on, it’s the smart move, if they don’t they won’t take one. All 3 top QB’s in the draft have skill, they just have to be coached and brought along correctly. Regardless of the player they take in the first, the Eagles will not win one more game because of that player…unless it’s Zeke. I’m starting to think he is going to the cowboys.

        2. They are being really quiet about who they may want…

          What the hell are you talking about koolbreeze?

          According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Cowboys have set up pre-draft visits with six quarterbacks: Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, Christian Hackenberg, Connor Cook, and Jacoby Brissett. All six will make the journey to the Cowboys’ facility before the draft.

          It’s common knowledge what teams meet with what players…

          You might view the Eagles meeting with prospective quarterbacks as a leak, but I can assure you that it is not something that any team tries to hide. Jeez, is this your first off-season?

          And the smoke-screen theory is nonsense… How the hell do the Eagles benefit by the driving up the value of quarterbacks? No team is changing their draft board based on the Eagles interviews…

          Go to www kffl com….. they list every interview every team has with every prospective draft pick…. There’s no secrets, no smoke. The NFL has this shit worked out pretty well…

          1. “According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Cowboys have set up pre-draft visits with six quarterbacks: Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, Christian Hackenberg, Connor Cook, and Jacoby Brissett. All six will make the journey to the Cowboys’ facility before the draft.”

            Irish have you kept up with anything….Jerry Jones has all but declared that he’s not drafting a QB. I hope he’s lying but the Cowboys have been pretty direct in declaring that they are not going QB in the first round.

            “Jerry told me recently that he will unequivocally not take a quarterback at No. 4, where the Cowboys draft this year. I believe him,” Brandt wrote in a review of developmental QB options for the Cowboys in the draft. “It makes sense if you think Romo will make a full recovery from offseason surgery, will be your starter for at least three more years, and your team has a window of opportunity that will remain open by filling more glaring needs with the top pick in the draft.” (see

            As to why the Eagles would blow all of this smoke about getting a QB…i keep telling you…the more QB’s that are picked before them allows a true top ten maybe a top 5 pick to be driven down to them at 8. The Eagles want teams to jump ahead and grab Wentz, Lynch, and Goff…all potential big time busts

            But every team is going to look at and work out the QB’s. Very good…but when you listen to the rumor mill chatter their is no emphasis on the Cowboys taking a QB. Irish you are not hearing ‘rumors’ that the Cowboys are leaning towards taking a QB…like you are with the Eagles. A lot of people have the Cowboys taking Bosa to put an inpact pass rusher on their defense to replace Hardy.

              1. smh…you see ….some people just cant help it

                this thread has been some spirited debate without descending into cheap name calling…but along comes haveacigar…he just could not help it…smh!!

                Now, of course, I have no problem engaging in mean-spirited insults but I will take the high road and ignore you…for now


  20. I haven’t posted on here since the week after the Eagles lost to Dallas second year of Chip Kelly lol. I literally stopped giving a f*^ck. Chip Kelly era almost killed me. I watched games fast forwarding through in between plays and pressing pause for hours at a time after dumb mistakes for a year and a half. Doug Peterson era does not excite me but at least I don’t know what to expect. I will say this NO WAY THEY DRAFT A QB AT 8! It’s due diligence as well as smoke up the rear end of the rest of the top 10. They will go O-line, RB, even WR before they go QB @ 8.

  21. This franchise is doomed if Bradford is qb beyond 2016 he’s the worst…. get Wentz start over build a young group with a couple of vets here and there…
    And paulman the package I would send the titans would be
    Whatever we get for Bradford,#8,huff,Barwin and a 3rd Rd pick either this yr or next yr

  22. Lot of talk about the titans very willing to trade down. One question is which scenario would have actually been better for the Titans?

    Draft Mariotta in 2015 and get a handsome return trading down in 2016.


    Trade down in 2015 for the ridiculous bounty Kelly was offering and draft Wentz or Goff in 2016.

    1. No one is going to give up the massive deal for Wentz or Goff that Kelly was going to give up to get Mariota…not going to happen…

      If someone like the 49ers really like one of these Qb’s they have much more ammo than the Eagles have…especially with having a second round pick that they can dangle for this year .

  23. It’s pretty clear why everybody on this message board wants a qb at 8. You can look around most message boards on the internet, and nobody is arguing this much about the qb position. Most have accepted it, and have moved on to discuss other topics, but not gcobb.

  24. if the eagles have a deal In place with the titans they should make the deal now and just get it over with that way they can start fielding offers for bum ford

  25. how does it hurt them not to make a deal if the deal is right make it the titans obviously want to trade the pick in fact if they wait til the draft the teams may just say screw it were not gonna gonna trade with them and the titans may either be stuck picking a player they really didn’t want to take at 1 or end up taking less then compared to what they can get now.

    1. Gloomy… You must have went home with the first cute little thing that asked you to dance… This is the nfl… They will hold out for the homecoming queen….
      Titans like tuns ill browns want the first qb…, it’s a natural 1 2 swap.., with 1 raping 2….

  26. The eagles have their board and I do believe them when they say they have 9 or so guys they want. They are in a good position to add talent. I believe Bradford is the starter this year and I support that but… Kool… i dont get your never ending love. You and VInnie are on such extremes of all this.. i dont get why. Personally Id prolly take Ramsey but…. at 8 that might be a stretch.

    Im curious what the 2016 holds for the O. I pray we dont go back to bombs away like we had under Andy. I also hope we can get the run game going a bit more… this was the focus under Chip and it fell off each and every year. This was his main undoing.

    1. The Eagles under Chip’s rushing attack had
      2566 rushing yards in 2013
      1992 rushing yards in 2014
      1743 rushing yards in 2015

      thats an 800 yard diff from start to finish,

      the passing yards are 4110, 4356, and 4087 respectively

      Im telling you guys…. Chip’s play calling was a major problem. Not the only problem… but a major one.

    2. Stevo the reason why you dont understand me is because you dont read close enough to what I am saying. You and many others have inflated my vigorous defense of Bradford while ignoring several points that I have made…
      1. Bradford is the best QB that is available to the Eagles
      2. He showed me what I expected to see last year-steady improvement
      3. He is NOT Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, or Aaron Rodgers…not on that level
      4. If I could get a young QB like Jameis Winston or Mariotta for Bradford…Bradford would be gone with the quickness
      5. Wentz,Goff, and the other QB’s in this draft are NOT on that level
      6. I predict that if Bradford stays healthy and the Eagles effectively build the O-line, the defense, and give Bradford a running game…he will get you to the playoffs and then we have to see.
      This in my view is a very balanced way to look at Bradford…you haven’t heard me say the words ‘Super Bowl’ in connection with Bradford

  27. Let’s start in our division first to see who Bradford is better than..
    Romo is better
    Eli is better
    And cousins is up for debate
    I guess he’s better than cutler and Bridgewater
    And in time Winston will be also
    Palmer are both clearly better
    So out of 16 teams in the nfc we have the 10th best qb and you don’t want to get a qb in the draft to get better lmao

    1. cousins is better than bradford period, there is no debate there. any angle you took to say sam was better would be crushed in every metric except for where he was drafted.

      jay cuter also way better than him

      id take sam over bridgewater as i think teddy stinks

      id take him over san fran qb, rams qb and minny but i wouldnt like it.

      1. His body language is also in question ,drawing attention to his leadership quantification ,or lack there-of ..He a serviceable ,plan B ,alternative but clearly he’s not elite ,and you are what your record states …sideways Sam …

        1. reasons i have seen (but dont think are good ones) are:

          he was the best option

          he completed 65 % of his passes

          he has all the tools but just needs better from his coaches, o line, defense, receivers and running backs

    1. So Gloomy your telling me that Riley Cooper and Josh Huff were running wide open 20 yards down the field yelling…”throw me the ball Sam”

      1. Kool ..excuses and franchise Qbs are like oil and water man. They just don’t mix…stop dry humping a dry gulch …a plan B’s embarrassing …calling him a winless playoff QB a franchise changer …those kind (Rogers ) comes to mind ,with many excuses surrounding him ,and still on talent overcomes all those obstacles …Sam isn’t that guy ,both physically and mentally say otherwise is delusional,on your behalf…that said he’s still a former first overall pick ,and I’m hoping other GMs are as you are ….delusional ,and will package him out of here ..

      2. Doesn’t matter if Huff, or Cooper, or (failed to mention) Matthews, Ertz, Celek, or Aghalor were running open because clearly neither you, nor Sam Bradford, pay any attention to anything happening 5 yrds past the LOS.

  28. Its simple. There are no QB’s available to the Eagles that is better than Sam Bradford.

    No free agent QB’s , none of the top rated rookies like Wentz and Goff are better than Bradford-( I think both of them will probably be busts).

    The best QB the Eagles could acquire for the 2016 season is Sam Bradford.

    Bottom line!

    Deny all you want! Moan all you want…Sam’s the Best Available.

    He was an upgrade over what we had in Nick Foles/Mark Sanchez!

    Sam Bradford, after missing almost 2 years, after not having a full training camp, in a brand new offense, came back and improved as the season progressed.

    How he compares to other QB’s at this stage is irrelevant.

    He completed 65% of his passes to receivers who led the league in drops, behind an offensive line that fell apart, and with no running game, and a Coaching that was poor.

    Sam Bradford has a strong and accurate arm, he’s smart, he played smart, most of the criticism of him is unfair. When I called Nick Foles a ‘checkdown charlie’…he would have receivers running open in the secondary while checking down …Sam Bradford’s checkdowns were so frequent because Riley Cooper and Josh Huff were never open….and Bradford unlike Foles was not a guy to hold the ball excessively and take additional sacks behind a poor offensive line.
    Bradford reduced the number of sacks and unnecessary hits by getting rid of the ball…(and he still got hit way too much and stood tall in the pocket)

    Sam Bradford this year is playing in an offense he is familiar with a full training camp, if his offensive line, running game, and wide receivers are better….he will be better than how he played at the end of last year-which was pretty good.

    Sam Bradford is the franchise QB…period…his contract guards against injuries…if he stays healthy…He’s the guy!

  29. Regardless of what Jerry Jones Says Publicly, the Dallas Cowboys have scheduled Private Workouts for the Following 6 QB’s before the Draft
    Carson Wenz, Jarod Goff, Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg and Jacoby Brissett per CBS Sports

  30. Latest NFL Mock Draft # 26 (Top #10)

    1) 49ers – Trade with Titans and Select QB Jared Goff – Cal
    2) Browns – DB Jalen Ramsey – Fla State
    3) Chargers – OT Laramy Tunsil – Mississippi
    4) Cowboys – QB Carson Wenz – N Dakota St
    5) Jaguars – DE Joey Bosa – Ohio State
    6) Ravens – DL DeForrest Buckner – Oregon
    7) Titans – LB Myles Jack – UCLA
    8) EAGLES – QB Paxton Lynch – Memphis
    9) TB Bucs – CB Vernona Hargreaves III – Florida
    10) NY Giants – OT Ronnie Stanley – Notre Dame

    1. I believe the Titans/49ers Deal is a done Deal
      With the Browns Signing QB RG3, I’m hearing they are going after the BPA in the Draft and will look at Drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds
      I thought the Cowboys would be in PLay for RB Ezekial Elliot but with McFadden under Contract and signing Alferd Morris on a 2 Year Deal,
      they really don’t need a RB now, but they need their QB of the Future just like the Eagles do and HC Jason Garrett and his Offensive Staff are simply Ga-Ga over Carson Wentz
      The Eagles will have to just ahead of the Cowboys at #4 to get a crack at
      Wentz and right now, I don’t see that happening

      1. The Eagles “will have to jump or trade up ahead of the Cowboys at #4”
        to have a chance at Wentz

        1. Pman all were doing is reading teal leaves,and that’s fine.Assuming tenny and Cleveland don’t want a perceived franchise QB…as you know ,they may make that pick for someone else or out right trade for existing assets let’s not assume anything ..if the teams assumed in play ,are Dallas and the Eagles along with the jets …eliminating Cleveland ,for there legitimate concerns ..three strikes you’re out (with an angry fanbase ) …then the Eagles have a higher number one than Dallas ,and don’t ah e a two (this year)…Dallas offer (if measured on a draft metric ,outweighs the Eagles …That’s why I feel Sam may be in play ..or cox and or sproles ..All basically one year deals ,and though costing serious cap $$ ,then who has that ability to take on that commitment ,I’d assume shrinks the field ..leaving the Eagles left with one option ..get to the head of the draft ,or tempt fate …that’s a certainty …IF they truly believe someone’s a franchise QB…the concerns we all have ,is we have to trust they’re right …or that’s one giant Matzoh ball

          1. You really need to drop the “Sammy in Play” concept Deserteagle for there’s no Interest in Sam Bradford and especially at his Salary #.. There just isn’t much of a Market for Sam Bradford
            Ryan Fitzpatrick is still out there for 1/3 to a 1/2rd of what Bradford Earns and can actually bring better results.. Kapernick has been to a Super Bowl and to 2 NFC Championships and costs $4-$5 Million Less than Bradford and is younger than Bradford and SF still can’t move him….

            Sproles has little to no interest in terms of Trade Value at this Stage of his Career.. Fletcher Cox has Value but some Teams will be scared off of by his Big Pay-Day next Off-Season for a less Valued Position at DT..

              1. pman…your amateur assessment is meaningless…

                Bradford was able to obtain a massive $35 million dollar contract with more guaranteed money than he would have obtained with the franchised tag placed on him.

                So analysis by real football people who are paid to do the assessment…the same folks desert just referred to…looked at Sam and rejected you and the “Sam Haters Club” assessment.

                Sam Bradford is the Eagles franchise QB…they are banking on him…they put the money up on him….and the Coach has made it clear…he thinks Sam is a ‘top-notch’ QB. The guys who are paid see the win-loss record and because they understand that Football is a team game…they reject your flimsy and generalized assertions about Sam Bradford

              2. KB,
                Just because the Eagles overpaid for Sam Bradfordlast Off-Season and again this Off-Season somehow makes him a legitimate franchise QB??
                Just like the poor judgement they have made with many Players like Byron Maxwell, D Murray, Riley Cooper, Nnamdi Asamough, Steve Smith, Vince Young, etc, etc that all of a sudden they have it right with Sam Bradford?
                The size of his Contract means little to me for I can easily judge with my own eyes which tell me Sam Bradford is a bottom 1/3rd QB in the NFL and they will not compete to win anything with him at the helm .. He’s ever won more than 7 Games in a Season..? Talk about a Reach, a Bust inthe Draft, Sam Bradford is living, current proof of a overrated QB out College who 5/6 Years later is still searching for his game… Enough with the Excuses.. He’s a Bust!!!

              3. pman

                I’ll say it once again…Sam Bradford is the best QB available to the Philadelphia Eagles. His play coming off of 2 ACL injuries improved as the year went on. Now of course, your knee jerk amateur analysis that absolves the horrific play of the offensive line, the excuses you racked up for receivers like Riley Cooper and Josh Huff, and the excuses you give to the poor running game of the Eagles–to lay all blame on the QB is typical of the kind of amateur analysis I’ve come to expect from you. Anyone with a balanced view can see these deficiencies in the Eagles and understand that the Eagles not winning last year was not primarily due to poor QB play at all…(not to mention the awful play of our defense)

                pman–your position on Bradford as it relates to the current Eagles situation simply shows that you do not have a very nuanced understanding of football…

            1. Paulman …hers my hope and theory ..Sam is being weighed ,as is there diligence by other clubs in the league ..they can only compare him to the draft class coming up ,or Fitzpatrick …that shines the light on the jets …as heard they are far apart …he shit the bed in the playoff loss ,and that is fresh in there minds ,no matter what the Brandon marshals and soundbites resonate ,how they love there guy…discount that and other than an unknown high pick ,in a draft that seemingly has two guys Goff and or Wentz to choose..Sam is in play ,in that head to head with Fitzpatrick in the jets eyes …we know the Eagles are likely attached at the hip with Sam ,and pray that howie can pull this rabbit out of his hat …and I think with chip in the equation and jerry jones ..this gets very personal with our caped crusader …HOWIE

              1. I understand where you are coming from Desert but the reality is that the League does not view the former # 1 Overall Pick like Koolbreeze does or even as the Eagles Front Office does as they way overpaid for a less than average QB… After 6 Years in the NFL, Sam Bradford is what he is, and that’s a bottom 1/3rd of the League QB with little to no Ceiling..if all these “upsides” were going to occur with him, they already would have happened..

                Sam Bradford is way less than (<) what most would describe as "Average NFL QB's" such as Alex Smith, Andrew Dalton, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford

                Teams needing QB's will rather roll the dice with the unknown than with a 5- Year under-achiever who has never had a Winning or Playoff Season.. The fact that he was the the 1st Overall Pick of the 2010 Draft means nothing now in 2016

                The Eagles overpaid for Sam Bradford once again.

              2. paulman your crappy evaluations about Bradford are exactly like the others, incomplete, inaccurate, and out of context.
                Sam Bradford was coming off of 2 years of ACL injuries…he improved as the year progressed. What he has done in previous years with the Rams are irrelevant…its what he did last year with the Eagles and this team that counts
                Assessing him has to take in all of the factors surrounding him…his talent is not the question at all…he showed great arm strength, accuracy, and he has heart. He played better last year as the situation around him got worse!
                This is why the Eagles paid him big bucks to bring him back.
                He’s the best available QB to the Eagles, they have paid him in that way and its not even close.
                So its irrelevant who may or may not have wanted him…we’ will never know and your speculations, pman are baseless.

                The Eagles played Bradford situation perfectly and made it a win-win for themselves and Bradford. They were intelligent not to give him a long term contract because his biggest weakness as nothing to do with his skills…his weakness is staying healthy.
                Bradford is a middle of the pack QB…he’s not elite, nor is he in the bottom 1/3 of the league…and he is light years ahead of the college QB’s everyone is clamoring for…
                The Eagles should pick up a Qb in the 4th or 5th round…keep their draft pics…if they make any trades they should trade down to pick up extra picks…but the very worst thing they can do is either draft Goff or Wentz and have them languish on the bench or even worse is to trade up and get one of these weak Qb’s…that would be a disaster.

              3. Sam Bradford’s a Loser, it’s what his Record states that he is…
                I don’t care about 5-6 Year worth of Excuses that you or others want to make for him (Bad Coach’s, Bad WR, Bad OL, No Running Game Crappy Teams, Playing Indoor’s, Playing Outdoors, Yada, Yada, Yada) The NFL is Not For Long and I guarantee you that if Sam Bradford was Picked 5th, 8th, 20th or anywhere else but #1 Overall, he would be out of Football already… He has shown/proven nothing to this 40 Year Fan of watching Football that he can lead a Team to the Championship… He just doesn’t have it ..

              4. When you post things like weakens our chances to fulfill my dream …keep pumping Sam up ..and buyers beware!I am sticking to the trade scenarios..until the clock strikes midnight..

              5. Poor desert…your “hope and theory” are simply delusional…an empty, wishful reflection based on nothing more than your disgruntled view of Sam Bradford.

                The simple fact that you are in so much denial about is that the new Head Coach who played in the NFL and has coached as an assistant for years, who has another former QB who played in the NFL on his staff, along with the Players on the team all of them are fully behind Sam Bradford.
                Howie, as GCobb mentioned, wasn’t crazy about Sam but he deferred to the football people..Pederson and Reich about Bradford.
                While accepting their assessment of Bradford as a player who can be successful in the system that Pederson will be running…they guarded themselves against Bradford’s injury record…the biggest factor in his lack of NFL success.
                So face it desert…accept reality…there are no magic tricks, no rabbits that Howie can pull out of any hats…they have already sealed the direction they are going in with more than $34 million dollars of guaranteed money to Bradford and Daniels….the money tells you all you need to know..
                Accept it…save yourself the embarrassment and agony of watching the draft and seeing the QB’s-Goff, Lynch-Wentz-going to other sucke…oopps I mean teams desperate for QB help.

  31. Kool breeze I pray that your just joking cause the
    Owner – stated were still looking for a franchise qb
    The gm – when asked is Sam your franchise qb his reply it depends on what your definition is of a franchise qb
    The coach -says Sam’s the)#1 qb and chase is gonna push him…
    The team signed the backup to more yrs than bumford and gave him low end starter money
    They moved up in the draft
    There taking Wentz out to dinner
    There are a bunch of reports saying they want to move up and get a qb
    So your either joking call him our franchise qb or blind

    1. The Coach said that he believes Sam Bradford is a “top-notch” QB that can take the Eagles “deep” in the playoffs.

      Sounds like a ‘franchise QB’ to me

      The Owner said that he was “”Very, very happy to bring Sam back…”

      His teammates praised his leadership and believes that he can lead them to wins…the best offensive players on the team…Zach Ertz and Jason Matthews have vouched for Sam and other guys on the defense like Malcolm Jenkins

      They gave Sam $22 million dollars guaranteed….more guaranteed money than they would have if they had franchised him for a single year…and put him in a position see free agency again if he plays well…and make even more money!

      They took Wentz out to a cheap restaurant for a happy meal…the ‘bunch of reports that they are “moving up” is simply a smokescreen, a ruse, a trick to get teams to grab up QB’s ahead of them to push the real impact players down to them at 8.

      So you are either joking about Wentz and the other Qb’s in the draft or your delusional

  32. Day after the draft ….GCobb headline …..Eagles hold. Em at draft and keep franchise twig , QB Sam in their winning hand …kools fantasy …or. Mine …. Turnpike deal as Sam heads north for jets ,and Eagles maneuver to grab there man ,to hitch there franchise for a decade …to come ..and change there fortunes ….fans always can dream ..

    1. The Boone Zoo is not Open until May… (its written in my Contract that I wait until after the Draft Weekend to resume work again…)
      Anyways, the Jets don’t want to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick more than $8 Million a Year and he set their Franchise Record for TD passes and has their best 2 marketable players in Eric Decker nad Brandon Marshall coming out publicly with their Support in Fitzpatrick.. Why would the Jets ever be interested in the much more expensive, and weaker arm strength of Sam Bradford ??
      There was Two Teams for Bradford — The Texans who ent with Osweiler and overpaid for him surprisingly or the Broncos who made it known that they were not able to pay big $$$ for a QB since they had little Cap Room in which to operate…
      No other Teams are interested in Bradford, Not Cleveland, Not SF, Not the Jets, No One…

  33. desert…mines is not a ‘fantasy’ at all…the Eagles have put the bucks up to confirm what I think…you guys are grasping at straws…there are no ‘maneuvers’ for the Eagles to make that wouldn’t involve something completely stupid
    Give up what to get Wentz? A first round pick next year…they dont have a second round pick…a third, a fourth rounder this year…there are teams like the Rams that can give up a better deal than the Eagles
    Your dreams are desperate illusions borne of Sam Bradford hate…they have no basis in anything that makes sense…the only way that your dreams come true is for the Eagles to fall for the hype of two severely overrated college QB’s -Wentz and Goff

    If that comes true then we are all in for some nightmares!

    1. Kool. My dreams are a parade down broad street …Villanova ..proves dreams come true….besides Sammy the twig. Would blow off the parade float device …and I.R. Himself

  34. Kool. I’m curious ? Did you watch. Wentz pro day workout? Did you see him on tape ? All year ? Did you see coaches tape ? And the same for every other QB …for you to posture that you know more than grown men with jobs ,whose,job,it is to make those decisions ..just shows ..why if you take away the K …and substitute an F …describes you and your theory that none of these Qbs are better than twiggy ..

  35. desertdork, what I have done is watch tape of the games these guys have played, highlights, and other things just like you and everyone else does…except I listen to what the ‘grown men with jobs’ have said positive AND negative about the prospects.
    So what I’m not willing to do is to overhype a Wentz or a Goff when I know that if these guys were in last year’s draft they would not be in the top twenty….as some pretty astute draft experts have admitted.
    Most draft experts dont see these guys as better than the prospects that were available last year…yet last year we had big arguments right on this forum about whether or not Jameis Winston and Mariota would be franchise QB’s or busts.
    Fast forward to this year where the ‘Sam’s Haters Club” members are desperate and ‘presto’ suddenly these weak QB prospects are franchise QB’s that will lead us to a Super Bowl!

    Sorry I just dont buy the bullshit! Plenty of prospects look good in shorts or at the Senior Bowl….or their Pro Days…so what…a lot of those negatives that scouts cite about players come to fruition when they are blitzed by an NFL linebacker and they are shocked by the speed of the game…

    There is a big, big difference and a lot of QB’s who looked good in shorts at their Pro Days dont look as good in the NFL , desert…

    We all have the same dreams of wanting the Eagles to get a Super Bowl…but they wont come close to becoming true by making the stupid moves you and others suggest.

    Throwing away draft picks to grab subpar prospects…trading future picks to get guys like Goff or Wentz and then pretending like these guys are Andrew Luck or Jameis Winston….

    I’ll take my chances with Sam…build around him, see if we can draft a prospect in the 4th or 5th round…and move on from there…as opposed to making a desperate reach for guys who just are not sure bet NFL starters by a long shot!

    1. ” what I have done is watch tape of the games these guys have played, ”

      LOL Bullshit.

      Newsflash genius- youtube highlight videos are not “tape”

  36. Your incorrect KB,
    I look at the totality of Sam Bradford’s Carrer and all I see are lame excuses
    He is not a Franchise QB, no where close to it and cannot carry an Offense on his Own as the Top Dozen QB’s will have to do from time to time..
    There is nothing, I mean nothing in this Guys NFL Career that excudes Confidence,Leadership or a Winning Pedigree and I don’t care what kind of $$$ his Agent has made for him over the Years, but it suyrely has little to nothing to do with Results for his PLay has averaged in the bottom 1/3rd of the NFL over his 5-6 Year Career.. Bottom 1/3… DO you understand how medicore and bleow average that is… Worse than Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, Andrew Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kurt Cousins, Ryan Tannehill for crying out load… Carson Palmer, Derek Carr, Alex Smith,Matt Ryan, Brian Bortles, let alone any of the Top QB’s
    Bradford is Hot Garbage , Anyone with any Football Acumen at all knows this…
    In terms of Best QB available that was out there means little to nothing also..
    Eagles could Start Chase Daniels in 2016 and do no worse, made a play for Osweiler, or RG3 or Fitzpatrick or Kaepernick and all for less $$$ and probably done just as well as Bradford will do in 2016..

  37. And there’s the rub.

    What the hell is the difference between 5 wins under Chase Daniels and 7 wins under Sammy Sevens other than a lower draft pick next year?


    Sam Bradford isn’t winning the 11, 12 or 13 games required for bye weeks, homme field and an easier route to the SB.

    There is absolutely nothing in his history – absolutely nothing – to remotely suggest he is capable of leading a team to a record like that.

    Knowing this – the Sam Bradford idea is pure futility unless you are comfortable constantly running up mediocre win totals that do nothing but mire the team in a sea of mediocrity.

    The choice is between settling for constant mediocrity or taking a chance on a decade+ of potential greatness. I’ll choose the latter, and I think the Eagles are about to do the same.

  38. pman you are dead wrong!

    The reason why your look at the ‘totality of Sam Bradford’s career’ shows you nothing but ‘lame excuses’ is because you are the one that’s making the lame excuses.

    Your lame excuses are for every weak offensive line, subpar running backs, inefficient defenses, and poor receivers that Bradford as played with.
    You have the lame and tired excuse of blaming the QB for everything

    It reflects an amateur, knee-jerk assessment from you pman that’s not surprising at all.

    Even the frustrated Rams fans understood that…so much so in a recent poll when asked who got the better of the Nick Foles/Sam Bradford trade…%81 of the Rams fans overwhelmingly stated that the Eagles got the better end of the trade…these are the same fans who went through his frustrating injuries and watched him play with different offensive schemes and coaches

    The legitimate criticism of Bradford are with his injuries…not his QB play.
    Last year is a perfect example…there are not many QB’s in the NFL who would have done as well as Bradford given the massive limitations of the Eagles team.
    Again, you want to excuse the shortcomings of the Coaches, the offensive line, the defense, the running back-Murray, the receivers who led the league in drops…give all of them a pass and blame Sam Bradford…who with all of these shortcomings still completed %65 of his passes!

    The new Coach, thank God, has a much better understanding of the game then you Sam Bradford haters. As a former NFL QB, Pederson has a much more nuanced and better understanding of the Quarterback position than you do pman….which is why the Eagles have ponied up more guaranteed money for Bradford than he would have gotten with the franchise tag!
    The bottom line with you Sam Bradford haters is that you want to give a free pass to Riley Cooper, Josh Huff, Matt Tobin, Dennis Kelly, Demarco Murray and all of the other hot, stank garbage that surrounded Sam Bradford….in your close watching of Bradford on the Rams….how many Pro Bowlers has he played with? …Has he ever had a receiver of the caliber of DJax or even a Maclin? A running back comparable to Shady McCoy? say…bullshit…stop making excuses for the slop all around the QB

    1. Career Record’s of Sub-Par NFL QB’s with more than 50 Starts

      1) Sam Bradford – 25 W 37 L 1 Tie for a .405 Winning %
      2) Matt Cassell – 35 W 44 L for a .443 Winning %
      3) Ryan Tannehill – 29 W 35 L for a .453 Winning %
      4) Matt Schaub – 47 W 45 L for a .511 Winning %
      5) Jay Cutler – 67 W 67 L for a .500 Winning %
      6) Matt Stafford – 42 W 51 L for a .452 Winning %
      7) Chad Henne – 18 W 38 L for a .340 Winning %
      8) Josh McCown – 18 W 39 L for a .316 Winning %

      If Sam Bradford goes 10-6 in 2016, He will Tie Matt Cassel.. Wow ….

  39. “The new Coach, thank God, has a much better understanding of the game then you Sam Bradford haters. As a former NFL QB, Pederson has a much more nuanced and better understanding of the Quarterback position than you do pman” Koolbreeze, when Doug Pederson was hired you stated you were underwhelmed. Now you quote him as if he is Lombardi..What has changed your mind, he has not coached 1 game or exhibited that he has an understanding of talent evaluation. I am not saying he does not, by all accounts he thinks very highly of Carson Wentz..loves him. 2 interviews at the Combine, a private workout, dinner…does that mean they will draft him? No, but their actions indicate Pederson likes him…so if available when they pick, I think they pick him. So if Pederson is all you claim he is evaluating QB talent as it relates to Bradford, then that same eye for talent must be applied to his ability to judge college talent as it projects to the pro game.
    Bradford and Daniels was given their deals before they were able to trade up to 8, this trade changes how you think in terms of draft strategy.

  40. EHL sometimes you are so disingenuous with your arguments and claims.

    All I have acknowledged about Pederson is that as a former QB in the NFL and a Coach of NFL QB’s playing against NFL defenses he has a basis of credibility for assessing the NFL QB position.
    I’m still underwhelmed by the hiring of him as a Coach and there is nothing inconsistent with my position. I’m not sold on his ability as an evaluator of college talent which as I keep telling you is different from evaluating already established NFL players. I see nothing in Pederson’s resume that tells me that he is a skilled evaluator of college players at all.

    You and the Sam Bradford haters make absolutely no sense at all because you do the opposite. You want to ignore his expertise as it relates to the NFL QB position and his evaluation of Sam Bradford…while hyping his supposed ‘really liking’ of Carson Wentz.
    If you think Bradford sucks so badly-and Pederson says the exact opposite by calling Bradford a ‘top-notch QB’- why are you suddenly willing to give Pederson’s opinion about Wentz such credibility?

    1. Kool, I am not disingenuous at all.
      I do not think Pederson is as enamored with Bradford as you are or you do. I do not think Pederson sees Bradford as a long term solution at QB, just a viable option as a short term competitive piece to help his (Pederson’s) career as a new head coach while he brings along the guy he wants. Hence, the short two year deal that can be easily removed off of the books in 2017. So, the question to you still remains..if Pederson is good at talent evaluation as it relates to QB’s, why wouldn’t he be able to spot a good college QB without it being a disaster if he chose Wentz or Goff? Please do not go to the two different situations argument!

    2. I’ll also give you my answer to those questions if you don’t mind, koolbreez….

      First, lets take Pederson’s words regarding Bradford and assume he embellished his remarks. We know that a coach will never talk negatively about a player. Let’s just look at the contract they gave Bradford and accept it as a reflection of the coach’s true feelings about Bradford’s value.

      Judging from his contract – this is my take…..

      The Eagles believe Sam Bradford is the best quarterback available for the 2016 season. They don’t have confidence in his ability to stay healthy, which is why they paid a premium for a backup.

      Also, the Eagles have no confidence in Bradford as a long term solution and (they have stated), they plan to pursue other options in the draft, which is why he is on a short term deal. That’s also the reason why his backup’s contract extends longer.

      As far as Pederson’s words regarding Wentz – there are no words…. People are assuming the rumors about Pederson loving Wentz are true…. We don’t know this… We have to wait and see WHO the Eagles draft… And WHEN they draft him.

      So far all we know for sure is that Bradford is the quarterback to start next season….

  41. “So if Pederson is all you claim he is evaluating QB talent as it relates to Bradford, then that same eye for talent must be applied to his ability to judge college talent as it projects to the pro game”

    EHL you are dead wrong…not it doesn’t have to be applied to any ability to judge college talent. Again…judging an NFL QB who has played in the NFL against NFL talent is much more easier than projecting how a college QB will be able to do against NFL talent. Wentz has weaknesses that he may or may not overcome in the Pros…Pederson may believe or think that with coaching and development he can overcome those weaknesses, but he has no way to be certain..its a hunch a projection
    . This is miles apart from than his assessment of Bradford who he watched NFL game film on and watch him improve last year against NFL defenses and talent with notable weaknesses on the Eagles team-offensive line, running game, and receivers.

    Again, These are two totally different evaluation processes.

    1. Kool, no two situations or circumstances are exactly alike, yet, you continue to attempt to bring forth counter arguments using this as your basis to disprove what is clearly unfolding in front of you. You make a point and then counter your same point therefore arguing against yourself as it relates to the big picture.
      For example..Carson Wentz had a broken wrist..bad..Sam Bradford, Busted shoulder in college, busted shoulder in the pros, two torn ACL’s and two concussions, but that’s ok because it’s Sam Bradford. Kool, you reek of double standards and cover them=m up with the it’s different because they are different situation arguments. Time for a new strategy/tactic, that one is worn out.

      1. i vote they change this websites name to koolbreze . com

        for without him there are no clicks here

        1. KB is Gcobb’s nephew that….um how do I say it…. needs a little extra attention…. gcobb pays him a cheeseburger for every 100 posts he makes– If one of KB’s posts generate 50 angry responses he throws in a coke!

      2. “For example..Carson Wentz had a broken wrist..bad..Sam Bradford, Busted shoulder in college, busted shoulder in the pros, two torn ACL’s and two concussions, but that’s ok because it’s Sam Bradford.”

        EHL, once again your points are irrelevant, illogical and bordering on ridiculous.
        1. I have stated on a number occasions that the legitimate criticism of Sam Bradford is his injury history. I have lauded the Eagles for signing him to a deal that protects them against Sam’s injuries and the signing of Chase Daniels as a back up
        2. The focus for me with Carson Wentz injuries is not at all to suggest he is injury prone but to show how little experience he has at the 1-AA level. The NFL is a big leap for this kid and he has only played in 23 games because he missed a number of games due to injury.
        3. We are not making an assessment of Sam Bradford based on what he did in college. I’m not making any assessments based upon what he did with the Rams. My assessment is primarily based upon what he did with the Philadelphia Eagles last year with a poor offensive line, a weak running game, receivers that led the league in drops, poor coaching, and a terrible defense…having not played in 2 years, in a brand new offense he still completed 65% of his passes and he improved as the season went on.
        4. You keep insisting on comparing Steaks to grapes…its a dumb comparison.
        Once again, you cant seem to see the difference between the evaluation of a QB that is already on an NFL level…who again…completed 65% of his passes last year opposed to a college prospect who played at Division 1-AA and who scouts say had problems reading the defense, locked into his first read, did not use checkdowns and ran too much, and again…only played in 23 games for his college career.
        In mentioning his Wentz’s weaknesses, I’m am simply saying that I don’t believe that he is worthy of the No#8 pick in the draft…Wertz has enough positives to be a late first round pick and he may turn into a good player….he is a reach at 8 in my view.

        To somehow use this evaluation of Wentz in comparison to my belief that Bradford is the best option at QB for the Eagles is absolutely ridiculous.

        1. If you find your Franchise QB and it takes him 2 Years To Develop but you get a very Good QB for the next 8-10-12 Years, what Difference does it make whether you Selected that Player at #1, at #8, or #13,ot #23 or in the 3rd Round for that matter… Get that QB is what We all Want as does Coach Pederson, GM Roseman & Owner Lurie too, for they all realize that Sam Bradford is not that type of QB with Future Upside who can compete for Championships… … Its really that Simple…

          1. That is so right Paul!!! You preaching now brother!!

            If this QB is going to be developed for the future it doesn’t matter what round they are taken in

            Cook, Prescott, Brissett, Hogan, maybe Hackenberg, or Sudfeld, or maybe somebody completely off the radar of the public eye, like Brady was – who knows exactly – but they all have enough skill to be developed into what Wentz, and Goff, are perceived to become.

            I agree 100%!!!

        2. Kool…ok…I will follow your argument..I will not compare the two QB ‘s…so I won’t compare your beloved apples to oranges and steak to hambugers. I will make my position clear. The notion that SB is the best option going forward is not viable in terms of wanting a QB that can get the Eagles over the hump. If the Eagles had an elite defense I would be ok with Bradford long term…but they do not. Bradford will get us to 6-7 wins with the way the defense and special teams stand. You are ok with that..I am not.
          I prefer to attempt to get my rookie qb..who neither you nor I can say for sure what he will turn into..but I do know what I have in SB..and what he has aint it! No thanks to mediocrity. I am not interested in settling for the best qb option available. Bradford is a bust…I prefer to find a qb that can generate wins with his arm and will to win so I prefer to take the gamble.

    2. If…”judging an NFL QB who has played in the NFL against NFL talent is much more easier”

      Then how the hell is your Avatar still that loser Mick Vick and how the hell do you still spend all your waking hours pimping that loser Sam Bradford??

      The only possible explanation for loving those two guys who have been losers “in the NFL against NFL talent” is that you are a stubborn idiot.

      1. “The only possible explanation for loving those two guys who have been losers “in the NFL against NFL talent” is that you are a stubborn idiot.”

        or it can be explained as a lonely person (superbowl…) who takes these stances to get attention, repeats them 390,340,353 times until a new contrary to the masses stance can be taken

  42. CTFU!!!!!

    I know the mention of Nick Foles hurts bad, Vinniedafoolass

    He is the albatross on your neck…I mixed your Kevin Kolb mancrush to provide you a bit of relief.

    I’m simply trying to help you Vinniedafoolass…you have to deal with problems at the root…so your obsessive hatred for Bradford comes from your unnatural mancrush on Nick Foles…

    I’m just trying to help you get over the pain…LMAO!!!!!

    You see I remember how hurt you were when you thought the Eagles were going to sign Foles to a big extentsion with a nice signing bonus and commit to him as the Franchise QB.

    When Kelly dashed your hopes and killed your dreams you were devastated…I remember your emotional lashing out talking about the pain of Nick Foles family and how hurt they were by the criticism…


    You thought that Foles would redeem your faith in him…I remember your crowing on about him when they lucked up in the Seattle game…you chirped endlessly about your hero and how sorry the Eagles would be to get rid of him…

    Boy, did that turn around to your utter humiliation and embarrassment!

    I understand how much it hurts…Vinniedafoolass…I understand your pain…

    Get ready for more of it this year…when Foles is stuck to the bench and Bradford is playing well…

    Its going to get really bad for you Vinniedafoolass…real bad!

    1. Man you invent a lot of shit.

      I honestly think you truly believe the lies you make up. I’m worried about you kiddo.

      On another note….this is your best line of the day;

      ” I’m not making any assessments based upon what he did with the Rams. ”


      That’s all you do Well, that’s all you do if the “he” in question is Foles. But if its Sammy Sevens….well then. That’s off limits for the man who must never be criticized lest your feelings get bruised.

      I mean, the fervor with which you rush to your Sammy Bear’s defense is borderline obsessive buddy. The venom you spill, and the heartfelt emotion you pour into every post defending little Sammy.

      You know…you did the same with mini-man Vick…and now its the same for oft-injured twig legged Sammy. Do you have a little “mini-man” syndrome going on there Kooltwit?? Gotta step up for your brethren? I think we’d all understand that. Besides, its a better thought than the other….you know….I mean….not that there’s anything wrong with that……

      Its admirable, but I’m wondering if ‘Ole Waterford is going to have to take out a restraining order at some point. Do you follow him home every night “protecting” him from all the “haters”.?


  43. The Eagles will work out Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg privately on Friday.
    Hat tip to Adam Caplan of ESPN for the report. In addition to looking into Hackenberg, the Eagles will host QBs Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Dak Prescott for pre-draft visits in the coming weeks.
    Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter
    Apr 6 – 4:19 P


      1. Very compelling , argument by kool.The coach said he loves sam..he closed out the season and his mount Rushmore of 65%…and he accomplished nothing..he didn’t overcome …whatever obstacles were dealt him..aka..Rodgers who had pieces dropping and still he finds a way… assumptions you make are hazardous to your crystal balk…Sam’s winning a playoff game….I really hope he’s ..not here….that would have more promise…you never hear his name associated with any franchise qbs…for one simple reason….you know the truth but you worship at the mediocrity altar…what this franchise needs is a “face of the franchise guy” please tell me that you see a the head eagle…very inspiring. ..

  44. EHL your move is a desperate shot in the dark.

    It makes no sense…there are no Qb’s in this draft that you can pin Super Bowl expectations upon…none of them.

    As I stated before if Tampa called me and said “Give us Sam Bradford and your No#8 pick and we will give you Jameis Winston”- I would say quickly

    “See ya Sam! ”

    None of the QB’s in this draft are worth the desperate move to acquire. None of the QB’s in this draft are ‘cant miss’ prospects.
    The Eagles best player is on Defense…Fletcher Cox…it would be a much better move for us to add defense player like a Buckner or trade up and grab a Myles Jack or Bosa …or take the best cornerback available to bloster your secondary…then you have a the chance to have a better chance at having a dominating defense..
    As to Bradford, he’s not a bust and if you improve what is around him…and we have already improved the offense line and wide receiver positions…you will get even better play from the QB who completed 65% of his passes despite having receivers that led the league in drops!
    There is no doubt…we have the best QB that is available…your prediction of 6 to 7 wins is based upon looking at the QB spot as if that is the only way to get wins…you and all of the Sam Bradford haters make excuses for every other aspect of the team by dumping everything on Sam…
    I say Sam will get you 7 wins, the defense will get you 3, and special teams may squeeze a win out for you for 11 wins….that will win the division and then lets see where we are…
    But your move is a disaster an unnecessary gamble that has more of a chance in failing miserably than it does to succeed!

    1. Kool, yes I am desperate to get a franchise QB on the roster. Average Sam Bradfraud is not that guy…I am very desperate for a Super Bowl, Average Sam is not the guy to get us there, he can’t even get his teams to a wild card play off game. Yes, desperation will make you take a shot in the dark, you can’t be scared to do it…I’ll take the gamble. No player in the draft is a guarantee…I know a QB who was selected #1 over all, he has never won more than 7 games, is injury prone and has never made the play offs in his 6 year pro career. He is a bust…hoping he can lead his current team deep into the play offs is sheer desperation based on a very old pedigree that he has failed miserably to live up to.

    2. Your move is an unnecessary disaster…I did not know you could tell the future. A disaster would have been taking Manziel in the first, and Louis Nix in the second…that is what you wanted to do. Like I said before, if you do not like a college player…I more than likely will like him and he will probably be successful. If you say do not do it, the Eagles should, and vise versa!

    3.’s real men with jobs in the NFL …who seem to be fanning the smoke screen. flames, you keep alluding to..if Sam is here , it won’t be, anything but plan B..or even C. If he was plan A the actions of the owner and organization aren’t smokescreens..the maneuver to get to 8 …the men in suits ate reviewing Sam’s contract….tick..tick…

  45. On a Side Note
    QB Paxton Lynch had a very impressive Work-Out Day per NFL Channel’s Mike Mayock, Daniel Jeremiah & Charles White who all feel he has made nice strides with his Footwork, Mechanics and working from under Center and he has a NFL Arm to make all the throws.. His gunslinger attitude, humor and playfulness with his Memphis Teammates reminded a couple of Scouts of Brett Farve in the way he interacts with Players & Coach’s …
    Everyone stated that he looked very good and improved his Draft Stock and that Teams such as the Eagles, Rams, Jets & Broncos are high on him

  46. EHL…what a bunch of pure malarkey!

    round and round we go…you don’t want to give the new Coach a chance…don’t want to give him a shot.

    Sam Bradford is better than anything else we can get…period

    You can stomp your feet, tear your hair out..cry, bitch , and moan

    You are not winning any Super Bowls with a offensive line that sucks

    You are not winning any Super Bowls with a defense that sucks

    You are not winning any Super Bowls without a running game

    You are not winning any Super Bowls with receivers that lead the league in drops

    The Quarterback needs a chance…improve the other aspects of the team and then lets evaluate him…

    Sam Bradford is the best available QB and you don’t know how good he can be because you have never seen him with any real talent around him.

    Blaming last year’s failures on Sam Bradford is absolutely ridiculous…he was the best player on the offense last year…and its not even close.

    Again…he got better as the year went on…and I believe there is reason to believe that in an offense where he can audible, with a decent offense line and running game….he will play even better.

    The desperate grabs for QB’s who don’t have the pedigree…like Goff, Wentz, and Lynch…would be ridiculous…the Eagles need to grab real top ten talent…improve the defense….

    1. Kool…you can write your holy roller sermons about the virtues if Sham Bradfraud and how he has been the victim of circumstance..Sam is no more a victim than anyone else…he just does not have it. Excuses, excuses…yawn….excuses. Sam Bradford is a matter how much you protest, complain…scream bullshit…accuse me of bitching, whining and moaning…it does not change Sam Bradford’s record, history, or lack of olay off appearances…lol. You sound like you mad bro…don’t take it personal…Sam does not know you even exist..lmao!!!

    2. It’s just easier and more truthful to type , “Your not Winning a Super Bowl with QB Sam Bradford” ..

  47. “A disaster would have been taking Manziel in the first, and Louis Nix in the second”

    No it wouldn’t..who knows how well Manziel would have played in the Chip Kelly offense? Louis Nix got hurt…that can happen to any player..

    The real disaster would have been keeping Nick Foles…Sam Bradford is a big upgrade over Foles…He gives us the best shot and no one has a viable alternative…Chip Kelly did us a big favor by getting rid of Foles

    I’m giving the new Head Coach a chance…

    He has made it clear…Sam Bradford is his guy…

    Bottom line…and I believe he’s going to play well and stick in you Sam Haters face!

    I’ll be right here too!

    1. Kolbreeze..get real…I told you Manziel could not play in the NFL….I told you. Now yo are bringing up we do not know how he would have performed with Chip…Chip Kelly would not touch Manziel..Gee..I wonder why…because he knew he could not play in the NFL. Kool, you are the biggest excuse maker in the world. Didn’t you say Manziel was no good because of the alcohol…even though he was drinking in college too..but he had it then…come on Chip…bust a move…get your guy…get Manziel…lmao…Chip said no thanks…he can’t play…only you thinks otherwise…lmfao@u #kingofexcuses.

  48. desert, Sam Bradford is Plan A…Chase Daniels is Plan B if Sam gets hurt

    The young QB way down the road…the third string developmental guy is Plan G….because they may bring in plan C, D, E and F in the next few years

    Fasten your seat belts and just get ready for the ride Desert!

    Sam’s the Man…the Franchise QB…barring injury…he’s going to be here for a long time!

    Book It!

  49. EHL…the problem is that the new head coach refuses to agree and go along with your whining, bitching, and moaning…

    You whined about Chip Kelly’s bringing Bradford here and getting rid of Foles….in fact you whines now only means that you believe we should have kept Nick around…you along with Vinniedafoolass..

    The new head coach comes in…and he doesn’t see Bradford as a bust!

    Pederson says that the guy is a ‘top-notch’ Qb and to your chagrin…they have given him more guaranteed money than he would have gotten if they franchised him!

    I simply agree with the new Coach and the direction the team has obviously decided to take…

    Bitch and moan…keep up the excuses for everyone else and blame Sam…

    I’ll be right here when the Eagles grab a QB in the 4th round and shatter your dreams, and will be right here when we make the playoffs this year if Sam stays healthy…

    Book It!

    1. Koolbreeze I am not really to concerned about what the coach (Whom you are underwhelmed with) has said at this point as far as a 2 year contract (which can be really seen as a 1 year contract)regarding Sam Bradford. A one year contract does not signal I have all the faith and confidence in you. I do not care if the 1 year contract is based on the probability of injury, skills or lack thereof. Bradford has a 390 winning %age, a 25-37-1 record, and a history of injuries, he was the # 1 overall pick and traded. What QB drafted #1 overall gets traded if he is a franchise QB? What QB drafted #1 overall is allowed to see free agency if they are truly a franchise QB? The answer is none. Sam Bradford is the definition of a BUST! Sam Bustford!
      Keep on preaching your sermons about Bradford’s great QB ability, skill, and leadership, keep on throwing your excuses up against the wall to cover his 6 years of mediocrity. Bitching, moaning, whining, crying…call it what you want, it is the truth and his history demonstrates that. 🙂

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