Report: Doug Pederson In Love With Carson Wentz

CarsonWentz14There are reports swirling around the internet about Eagles head coach Doug Pederson being in love with North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, to the point that he’s trying to move up to the get the first pick.

Yesterday Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback wrote about there being a possibility that the Eagles overpay for the chance to move up in the draft to the number one spot in order to draft Wentz.

Here’s how King wrote it, “But the top of the draft is in flux, and I will not be surprised if in the next three weeks the Titans move the pick for an additional high pick or picks—even though there’s not the Andrew Luck or Marcus Mariota out there for a team to move up and grab. But there are teams like San Francisco or Los Angeles or Philadelphia that might want a quarterback, and might be desperate enough to overpay for the top pick.”

Lance Zuerlein of the NFL Network reported that a NFL Executive told him to be ready for the Birds to make a move. “Don’t be surprised if a team like the Eagles makes a really strong move up the board to get (Carson) Wentz.   I don’t think he’s worth it, but I think they do.” has the comments that Zuerlein made when he was on 97.5 The Fannatic.

“Make no mistake about it, I still think the Eagles first and foremost are trying to find a way to get Carson Wentz. I know Doug Pederson loves him,” he said. “I know that from people behind the scenes, in the know. That’s who he wants and that’s who he likes. It’s just going to be tough — to move up that far is going to be a challenge.”

They may want to move but they’re taking a major chance putting so much into one position.  It’s going to take a lot of guts for Pederson and Howie Roseman to move up to the first pick in the draft in order to get Wentz, despite the fact that the team has already guaranteed millions of dollars to Sam Bradford as this year’s starter and Chase Daniel as the backup.

I do feel that if Pederson believes Wentz is his guy, he should go after him, but you can’t mortgage the organization for a player that you may have to give up too much to get.

What do you think?  Would Pederson and Roseman put so much on the line?

43 thoughts on “Report: Doug Pederson In Love With Carson Wentz

  1. If the Eagles, especially the head coach is “in love” with Wentz, then he must weigh the value of what the cost is in trade to what the value is in his opinion of Wentz. I do not believe the cost will be high like the RG3 deal, but at the same time it depends on the competition to get that #1 pick. If Howie can find away to get the #1 pick with the same skill he was able to move 5 spots for a cheeseburger and large fry…get it done.

    1. Right now the Eagles top 2 Qbs have, in 11 years, a scintillating total of…………26 wins.

      I’ll say that again….in 11 years on NFL rosters, the top 2 QBs on the Eagles have 26 wins.

      To put that in perspective, in 10 years, the pathetic Jay Cutler has 67 wins. And just about every Chicago Bears fan would gladly drive the limo, pickup, or hearse to move that bum outta their town.

      26 wins in 11 years. Ladies and Gentlemen meet the quarterbacks of….forget it.

      Of course they want Wentz, there isn’t a starting QB on the roster and everyone knows it.

      1. Irrelevant stats are your specialty, Vinnie

        A lack of context, weak assessments

        Football is a team game

        You dont win football games with weak defenses and poor offensive talent

        The Eagles made a significant upgrade at the QB position last year

        We have to contextualize our situation a lot better.

        Imagine just for the moment…the thought of being stuck with Nick Foles as the Eagles QB last year or now! Vinnie wanted to give him a long term contract with a massive signing bonus

        We would be doomed

        Look at how Foles singlehandedly denied the Rams a chance for the playoffs. The Rams had a strong running game, a very good defense, and average wide receivers…their weakness was abysmal QB play..the proof is the humiliating benching of Foles…twice!

        Foles wrecked the Rams season and most Rams fans feel that we snookered the Rams in the deal! When the Rams fans were asked who won the Bradford vs Foles trade the results were not surprising:

        Who won the Nick Foles for Sam Bradford deal?

        19% The Rams
        (1284 votes)
        81% The Eagles
        (5521 votes)

        6805 votes total

        The Eagles simply need to stay the course, upgrade the other aspects of the team…improve the defense, the running game…draft a third string QB later in the draft…stay the course no desperate moves…no reaching for overrated QB’s.
        Listening to Vinnie suggestions would be a total disaster…stay the course…pick up a sure starter with the 8th pick this year and keep your picks for next year…no desperation moves for overrated QB’s who more than likely will be busts!

  2. It would take guts for the Eagles to commit two 1st round draft picks to Wertz. It would most likely cost the #8 pick in this draft plus next years 1st round pick. Wentz would really have to be good in the mind of Pederson and Howie to pay that much.

    If they feel he’s worth it – do the deal.

    1. To Move from #8 up to #1 or # 2 or # 3 (to get ahead of Cowboys) would cost a lot more then #8 and 2017 1st Round Pick… It would cost an Additional 3rd Rd in 2016 and 2nd or 3rd Round in 2017 plus a Player or Two
      Whenever a Team Trades up for a QB in the Top 5, the Cost’s is just crazy

      1. I’m not sure it would cost that much, Paul…. If it did, then you can’t make that deal. Andrew Luck is not worth that much… No player is worth that much…

        I’m not sure anyone would expect the Eagles to match the Redskins level of stupidity… I think a 1st round pick and at most a 3rd to swap this years #1 for #8 is all I would be willing to do for even a ‘can’t miss QB’.

        1. No one is just giving away a top 5 pick Irish…your offer would be laughed at…its too low

        2. I agree about Worth but that’s not the Value the other GM’s place on their Top Draft Picks .It’s a minimum 3-4 Picks in Return maybe spread out over 2 Drafts plus a Player
          The Titans have that #1 Pick and already have their Franchise QB in Mariota from last year’s Draft and they would be foolish not to Trade this Year’s #1 for as many assets as they can get .. There are 2 Top QB Prospects in Goff/
          Wentz with the Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Rams, Jets & Broncos all needing or interested in adding/upgrading to their Current QB’s situation…
          The Titans who have needs all up and down their lineup should explore as many options as they can get in return for that Top Pick..

    2. No it would take more than “guts”…it would be stupid and set the franchise back for years. Wentz is a one read take off and run QB…he has played against very weak competition…he has some raw talent but he is vastly overrated, him and Goff would not have been selected in the top twenty last year
      The calls to reach for him at 8 would be ridiculous and to trade up for him would be down right stupid.

      He’s not worth it…dont draft a QB until the 4th or 5th round

  3. The lesson, as always, is everything Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!!

    “Wentz is a one read take off and run QB…”

    What’s that whisper?

    That’s the sound of the last flimsy strands of your credibility leaving the building.

    “North Dakota State runs a pro-style system that saw Wentz making calls in the huddle and working under center. ”

    “… has a pre-snap plan and moves efficiently from target-to-target, making sound decisions … shows the ability to recognize defensive coverages and blitzes, changing the play at the line — reliable field vision pre and post snap … very smart on and off the field with excellent retention and execution skills”

    “Played in a pro-­style attack with plenty of snaps under center…..Excelled in structured passing attack that required him to read the entire field. ”

    ” taking snaps from under center and shotgun with several pro-style reads, including left-to-right and high-to-low progressions.”

    Kool”thedraftguru”idiot says Wentz is a one read and run QB (like his former hero??? LOL)

    Everyone else on the planet says the opposite!

    The lesson, as always, is everything Koolidiot says, the opposite is true!

    Oh and you are back to this shit?

    “him and Goff would not have been selected in the top twenty last year” Remembering that your new hero Bradford came from the weakest QB draft of the 21st century….up against the likes of Mike Kafka. Any other year and Sammy Sevens a nobody on the draft board. (see how easy that is)

  4. Once again…poor Vinnie..stuck on stupid and desperate

    Vinnie simply looks at one side of the scouting reports…the side that supports his desperation but fails and refuses to look at anything else

    Vinniedafoolass you simply cant think…cant get it right!

    Scouting reports includes positive AND negatives Fool Ass!

    Here are what the scouts say are his negatives:


    – Playing at North Dakota State, level of competition will always be an issue. Question will be how he adjusts to playing against better defenders in the NFL

    – Struggles with deep ball accuracy at times, often times lofting the ball up there and under throwing receivers

    – Struggles with ball placement on out routes and comeback routes outside the numbers which results in interceptions or incompletions

    – Broke his wrist in his throwing arm which caused him to miss 8 weeks

    – Relies on using his feet too much to make plays, needs to use check down more at the next level

    – Doesn’t step into every throw, would benefit on deep throws if he would step into his throws more

    Here is a scouting report from 2015 prior to all of the draft hype:


    Needs to speed up everything, decisions come too slow

    Want his internal clock in the pocket to accelerate, can hold the ball too long
    Struggles to read defenses and more intricate coverages
    Will trust his arm too much, forcing passes into coverage
    Needs work at moving through progressions, rarely moves off of first read or flips field with his eyes
    When moving to second read will sometimes panic and rip it without reading coverage
    Holds ball too low in his stance, elevating it will expedite delivery
    Deep ball accuracy is inconsistent, drops some dimes but misses vertical shots too
    Ball placement is a big concern, makes receivers adjust to off-target throws too often
    Decisions come too slow to make anticipatory throws, allows coverage to recover
    Bad tendency to throw where receiver was or is, rather than where they are going
    Will stare down targets and pre-determine throws regardless of coverage
    At times will rock back and really load the ball up unnecessarily for driven throws
    Only 22 games as a starter

    Want more…

    “Drawing similarities to former Texas A&M and current Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill, Wentz is a still-developing quarterback who may be over-drafted and rushed in the NFL despite clearly needing time to develop at the college level.

    “The Senior Bowl scrutiny and media attention won’t benefit his development any, as expectations are sky high for the former small school quarterback. Wentz needs to prove he can quickly grow comfortable away from his run-heavy, one-on-one matchup offense in college and adjust to the receivers and talent around him.”

    Or how about this report about Wentz:

    “Nevertheless, Wentz must show the ability to read through progressions. When he couldn’t go to his first option, he would immediately look to scramble or make a panic throw elsewhere.”

    The kid is not perfect…he’s being overhyped…and given his level of competition he’s not worthy of being a top ten pick….none of these QB’s are.
    Can he go somewhere and MAYBE, PERHAPS be successful….sure…is he worth gambling the eight pick in the draft or moving up and giving up draft picks for: HELL NO!!

    Vinniedafoolass once again you prove to have no clue and your talking out your ass again to suggest that their are no negatives on the kid….


    1. Its nice that you are quoting articles from over a year ago. Scouting reports written after his first year as a starter.

      Nice effort loser. Though I am suprised you didn’t quote kids from England this time.

      “One read take off and run”

      LOL. So wrong. You must have been daydreaming about your avatar hero again.

  5. “Its nice that you are quoting articles from over a year ago. Scouting reports written after his first year as a starter.”

    LMAO!!! What a complete idiot you are Vinniedafoolass!

    The scouting reports are BEFORE all of the pre-draft hype and his Senior Bowl and Combine stuff…fair game and the way to get a clear assessment!
    They are based on the relatively meager amount of games the kid has played. You do know that Wentz has only had 23 career starts in one-and-a-half seasons!

    Strike that…no you probably did not know…dumb ass!

    One read, cut and run…that’s what this kid was doing against weaker competition…difficulty making reads…locking into receivers on the first read, failing to use checkdowns…running too much….and again this is not unusual for a young Qb to have some weaknesses in his game but his lack of experience and the level of competition….and his problems in going to secondary receivers spells trouble for a guy trying to run a west coast offense like the Eagles offense..

    The kid needs to sit a few years probably to get ready to play at the NFL level!

    “And you’re making an issue of Wentz’s broken wrist is beyond comical.”

    Fool ass…so is and everyone else that’s scouting him dumbass!

    “Weaknesses: Broke a bone in his throwing wrist in October sidelining him for eight weeks. Dealt with arm and shoulder injuries as a baseball player in high school. Lower level of competition could cause issues for him adapting to NFL speed.” From

    Give it up Vinniedafoolass…your ignorance is causing you to descend to new depths of sheer stupidity…its embarrassing!

    1. What’s embarrassing is the guy who has spent 2 years slamming his head
      into a brick wall over and over trying to convince someone….anyone….that Bradford is a good QB is bringing up the injury history of someone he irrationally hates. (even though he hasn’t played a down in the NFL).

      If you can’t see the pathetic irony in your promoting Wentz’s broken wrist as , a problem after spending 2 years and 50,000 words trying to hype up a guy whose entire career has been defined by injury…..if you can’t understand why that’s ridiculous…..then no one can help you.

      And by the way, the ONE line you obv used to cut and paste your otherwise unsubstantiated claim of Wentz being a “one read and run” QB (wrong) came from a scouting report that was written after his first year as a starter. Before the 2015 college season. The premise of said article was whether or not he could rise into the first round after his senior season. The conclusion of that article correctly predicted he would BTW.

      Oh, and again, that you cannot see the irony of slagging a guy for being “one read and take off” and promoting that as a problem after spending years and 10s of thousands of words championing the loser who was perhaps the worst “one read and take off” QB in NFL history is beyond ridiculous.

      “The 8 game injury is a problem for Wentz!!!! – but not for my new hero even though he has missed over half his career on the trainer’s table!! Injuries count for Wentz, but not for Sammy Sevens!!!”

      “One read and take off (completely untrue, but I love making shit up) is a terrible trait for Carson Wentz – but was a great trait for my old hero – the greatest QB in NFL history and a guy I still have as my avatar. For him it was great.”


      You can’t make this shit up.

  6. Poor Vinnie…your frustrated, bewildered, baffled and confused

    You want a new hero so badly…a new mancrush to pour your heart into since your other guys the Kevin Kolbs’ and Nick Foles have so embarrassed and humiliated you.

    You are incapable of stringing together thoughts in a logical and coherent fashion. You are smashing your own head with a brick in futile delusion about the Eagles course of action. Your angst and gripes over the Eagles rejecting your foolish course of action leads you to utter dismay and incoherence.

    Its all closing in on you. So in an irrational, rambling, confused posting you seek to recreate every dumb ass, wrong, foolish contention that led to your utter and embarrassing defeats in our previous arguments.

    So now in a desperate plea you want the Eagles to throw you a bone to save you from total despair and humiliation by drafting Carson Wentz.

    You simply do not realize that even if the Eagles were to pull off such a move it still wouldn’t validate your utter stupidity…Vinniedafoolass!

    You cant discern the difference between the evaluation of a college player coming into the NFL level…and a NFL player who is already had his mettle tested in the NFL. You cant rationally fathom the portion of scouting reports that assess a prospect’s ‘weaknesses’…from the assessment of a NFL QB . You foolishly inflate a player who has only played in 23 games on the college level against weak competition…to a player who has played well against NFL competition…and as a result has been established as the starter for the team.
    The scouting reports are there in black in white…I didn’t write the reports that noted he missed 8 games and only played in 23. I didn’t write the scouting reports that he locked into one receiver, that he doesn’t use check downs properly and takes off and runs too soon. The scouting reports are there…and what they simply indicate in the case of Wentz is that a kid who didn’t play against major competition in his college career may need a lot of time to develop into an NFL QB…if he develops into a NFL QB at all.
    There are plenty of QB’s who have had Wentz’s pedigree and expectations that have failed miserably as NFL QBs’…and it would come as no surprise if Wentz flops!
    The Eagles even with the change of coaches have not accepted your view, Vinniedafool…your irrational hatred of Bradford is due to one reason and one reason only….the dumping of your hero…Nick Foles.

    Get over it’s done…youve been proven wrong about Kevin Kolb, wrong about Mike Vick, wrong about Nick Foles, and wrong about Sam Bradford…

    Your simply a dumbass who’s wrong Vinniedafool…


  7. “There are plenty of QB’s who have had Wentz’s pedigree and expectations that have failed miserably as NFL QBs’…”


    And Sam Bradford is one of them.

  8. What’s failed is your own weak assessments Vinnie

    You repeatedly fall short, miss the boat..

    Learn how to read all of the scouting reports Vinniedafoolass

    The positives and the negatives…

    maybe one day…you will get a clue!

    1. The 6-7 Year Old Scouting Reports on Sam Bradford are now meaningless.. He has enough Tape nad NFL Experience since 2010 to show waht he is which is medicore at Best, there is no more any “upside’ to Sam Bradford for he’s reached and actually past the Statue of Limitations on”Potential” which I will give any NFL Prospect, 3 Years to Show that Upside and Potential… … Bradford has had his Chances, He’s not taken advantage of his Opportunities, He’s a Bust and it was a mistake to re-sign him in the first place by Pederson.. Howie & Lurie should have stuck with their Gut Feel and moved on from Bradford and the Chip Kelly Era completely…

  9. Trade alert
    Eagles send #8,#77,cox and huff

    To the titans for #1 and a 5th Rd pick

    Eagles then send Bradford

    To the Jets For Muhammad Wilkerson and a 3rd Rd pick

    1. Now your Talking Gloomy….
      I like both of these Deals..but you forgot about the 2017 1st Round Pick that the Eagles will be sending to the Titans as well…

      1. Giving up Cox, our #1, and our #3 to draft a Division II QB#1??????

        I see why you would like that Paul; because it’s a stupid trade. You hate having elite players on your team, so you want to get rid of them…Why???

        Because you think mediocrity, while preserving the cap, will trump the value of talent. Stupid.

        I do like the Bradford trade to the Jets, but I’m not giving up a 3, and I wouldn’t want Muhammad; I would want Sheldon Richardson, and I would also throw in Connor Barwin, and a future #1, for their #1 this year, and use that pick to trade down for more picks in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Rounds.

  10. Adam Caplan reporting that Eagles are bringing Jared Goff and Carson Wentz to the NovaCare. More workouts perhaps?!?…Spending more time with them to get to know them better personally perhaps?!? To meet Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel

    1. I heard that they will be showing them Chip Kelly’s Place in Haddonfield (which the Eagles own) and Sam Bradford’s Place (which will be going up on the Market in May)

    2. I think the Eagles are putting on a façade to encourage teams to move up with the objective of attaining a 2nd or 2. I don’t like either one of them. Of the two, I think Goff is the most overrated, and looks less like an NFL QB.

      I rather have Paxton Lynch, if I was desperate to draft one in the 1st. He would make the better 3rd string sitting, and learning for the future amongst the three.

      But you can get a QB in the later rounds as well.

      1. I hope you’re right gmcliff. This hysterical overrating of this year’s crop of qbs is beyond ridiculous. By no means am I delusional in that Bradford is the second coming of Marino, but I’ll be damned if I allow these talking heads to pretend it makes sense to target a qb who has been playing against pop warner and community colleges as this can’t miss. And I agree that Lynch appears more ready than Goff and the Community college All-american.

        1. I don’t know if Lynch is more ready Brewski, but I feel he has more ability than both because his arm, accuracy, mobility, and size.

          LOL!!! I love your Pop Warner reference…Hilarious!!

  11. So they traded up just to trade back and Howie comes out and says it’s 8 good players worthy of the top 10….naw not buying it they want Wentz I think they would settle for Goff

    1. They didn’t trade up from 13 to 8 just to trade back down and collect a second round pick or something….otherwise they would have just traded for Miami’s second in the first place.

      1. Wouldn’t be the first time that was done. It’s actually a smart move.

        Jimmy Johnson moved up, and down several times in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th when he was assembling his Championship team with the Cowboys after he traded Hershel Walker…..the surplus of talent lead to a Championship, and drafting several HOF’s…

    1. Reading it where? I haven’t seen that any place.

      i told you last year that veteran players at a high price aren’t as coveted as you think they are. They are rarely if ever used in this type of deal-

    2. Kelce isn’t going anywhere Gloomy.

      His season was directly affected by the poor Guard play. They got one, and need another.

  12. I think the #8 and DT Fletcher Cox could be in play to move up to get Wenz and if he’s gone, then to Trade #8 and Fletcher Cox to acquire more Assets (later 1st & 2nd Round Picks..

      1. They very well could Cliff
        Obviously they were unable to sign him to along term deal in January when they sat down with him and his’s pretty rare where GM Roseman sets out to extend one of their core players and is unable to do so which proves how far apart both sides are … With the Value of Top DT’s just going up and Up, Fletcher Cox is looking for a $100 MillionDeal with $60 in Guaranteed $$$ which the Eagleswouldbe foolish to do… Think of DT Malik Jacksons Deal with the Jaguars for &90 Million with $45 Million of Guaranteed $$$ and add to it.. No thanks, No DT is worth that, not even Fletcher Cox who I like a lot and have been a fan of since his Draft Year ..

  13. pman

    What is this amateur assessment hour again?

    pman you are still coming up with the lame ass wild speculation-that is absolutely ridiculous!

    I’ve figured you out now pman…throw up a bunch a stuff against the wall and something will eventually stick

    Trade Fletcher Cox and the #8 for Carson Wentz

    There’s the ‘Hate Sam Club” for you….dumb and getting dumber as we get closer to the draft…

  14. In other great news…Sam Hinkie has been given the boot!

    The tank is over

    The ‘Analytics’ bullshit is over

    Now maybe we can rebuild the Sixers

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