Eagles Podcast: How Serious Are The Birds About Trading Up For A Quarterback?

HowieRoseman5The NFL Draft is getting closer with every week, and with each passing day more rumor and speculation surfaces about what direction the Eagles may go in the first round.

The Birds worked out all of the top quarterback prospects last week, and some reports have them interested in trading up to the top of the draft to find their franchise quarterback.

In this week’s podcast for Eagledelphia, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky discuss how serious the Eagles may be about trading up for a quarterback, toss around several different scenarios in which the Birds may trade up, and discuss just how committed the team will be to Sam Bradford in 2016 if he suffers through a slow start similar to his 2015 season.


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  1. I sure hope not. I would shit a brick if Fletcher Cox was dealt. He is the engine that makes that Dline ROLL. Without him, it would be a damn long year on the defensive side of the ball.

    Pretty ironic if that does happen considering how little Howie endorsed Bradford. But yet when he talked about Cox it was as high as an endorsement you can get as a player.

    Draft a Cardale, Prescott, Cook, or Hackenberger in the 3rd or 4th to develop for 2 seasons. C’mon Howie PLEASE!! Go Vernon, Jalen Ramsey, Zeke, or Treadwell before you go qb!!!

    1. Yeah, losing Cox would just create a massive hole in the middle of the defense. No other viable defensive tackles on the roster other than Logan, I actually think this is a position the Eagles need to address in the third or fourth round to get a quality piece to rotate in with Cox and Logan.

      Howie actually wasn’t that high on Bradford, it was Pederson who pushed hard to get him back, and Howie was able to make it work with the team-friendly deal.

    2. Draft a Cardale, Prescott, Cook, or Hackenberger in the 3rd or 4th to develop for 2 seasons.

      That would be a wasted pick.. I would rather they just not draft a quarterback than to draft one of those quarterbacks. The idea is to improve the position, not to hire a third turd to join the other two.

      I would not give up Cox to move up in the draft, but I would give up draft picks.

      The Eagles top priority should be to find a franchise quarterback. If they think there’s one in the draft that they can get without giving away established players they should do it…

      I’m sure the owner feels the same with regard to finding a franchise quarterback, because he said so… I’m not sure he feels that way about a running back. After all, he let Chip give away the best running back in the league for a fishcake.

      But, who knows what the Eagles will do…. I just know what I want…lol

  2. Forget what either of them said …it’s meaningless… As for cox you overestimate his value…. Trading a top pick for an expensive one year player … Nah

  3. Quick….

    Name New England’s DT.
    Name Settle’s DT.
    Name Denver’s DT.
    Name Baltimore’s DT
    Name NYG’s DT
    Name GBs DT
    Name New Orlean’s DT
    Name……..forget it

    Dts are…well….important…..but……

    1. As usual… no idea what you are talking about.

      With the system they will be running, they will need to stop the run and create pressure up the middle. Many of the teams you mentioned run a 3-4 and need the bulk of the pressure to come from their Lb’s. Shwartz will be relying on pressure from the front 4 a ton. While I agree the Eagles will/ are struggling to sign him…. they will be flat our screwed of they trade him.

  4. Stopping the run and adding pressure on the qb is as important as it gets buddy.

    Fletcher cox playing in a 4-3 would create havoc on the opposition. He’s a probowl player who is just not hitting his prime.
    he can play DE and tackle

    Must i go on about Denver?

    Philly doesn’t have a Brady or Rodgers or Bree’s . We don’t have that fluke qb year the way Eli did it and flacco.

    Keep ur best defensive player. Period

    lmAo look at all the teams u mentioned.
    New England and Green Bay and New Orleans do not need elite defenses or tackles for that matter when u have the best qbs in the game.

    The way Eli plays in the postseason is something else and a fluke.

    Russell Wilson and lynch along with Bobby Wagner and those lb and the most elite secondary we have seen in a long time does not need an elite defense of tackle

    What joe flacco did that postseason 12 tds 0 ints was special. They won it all because of him. Not defense

    1. Eagles schedule pre draft Visit with ezekial elliot. He is 1 of 30 to visit.

      Told u all not to look into them bringing in wentz and other qbs. It’s just them doing their jobs. Wouldn’t make sense to not gI’ve them a look

      1. don’t you think that bringing in zeke is ‘just them doing their jobs’??????? It also ‘wouldn’t make sense to not give a llook” to him…

        Listen these men have full time jobs as coaches, there is nothing else for them to do this time of year then bring in potential draft picks…ITS THEIR JOB!!!! articles get written trying to determine what this means and what that means….

      2. Eagles are also scheduled to bring in Paxton Lynch. Looking at the list of scheduled visits thus far, 4 of the 16 people they are reportedly scheduled bringing in for visits are considered 1st round prospects. 3 of the 4 are QB’s, the other is RB Ezekiel Elliot.
        No Hargreaves, Treadwell, Stanley or Buckner on the scheduled visit list yet. I personally do not think the Eagles have interest in Buckner…0, no, zilch.

        1. DL Buckner does not Fit Schwartz the 4-3 Scheme.. Buckner has played primarily as a 5 Technique DE playing in a 3-4 Scheme and projects much better as a 3-4 DE (look for Chargers,Ravens & 49ers) take a strong look at him as opposed to Teams Running a 4-3

  5. Posted on ProFootballtalk.com

    Eagles reportedly have hearts set on Carson Wentz

    Posted by Darin Gantt on April 8, 2016, 6:29 AM EDT

    It’s been made sufficiently clear that Eagles owner Jeff Lurie wants a franchise quarterback, as he’s dragged around with his coaches and personnel staff interviewing the top prospects.

    According to one report, he may have settled on one, which leaves only the small problem of getting to him.

    During an interview on 97.5 the Fanatic, NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein said the Eagles’ preference is North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, who might not be available when they pick eighth overall.

    “Make no mistake about it, I still think the Eagles first and foremost are trying to find a way to get Carson Wentz,” Zierlein said, via NJ.com. “I know Doug Pederson loves him. I know that from people behind the scenes, in the know. That’s who he wants and that’s who he likes. It’s just going to be tough.”

    Of course, if the Eagles wanted to make sure they got him, they could make a deal with the Titans, who are openly auctioning the top pick. Otherwise, it might hard to imagine Wentz being there, with the quarterback needy Browns (second overall) and 49ers (seventh) in front of them, along with the needing-an-eventual-replacement Chargers (third) and Cowboys (fourth) creating a traffic jam.

    And there’s the small matter of the $34 million in guaranteed money they’ve thrown at free agents Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel this offseason, something which doesn’t seem to complicate Lurie’s pursuit of a new one.

    1. The 34 million means ZERO!!– IF and thats a big IF they get wentz, they dump bradford for a 6th rounder, they’ve paid I believe 5.5 — they structured his contract in such a way that he won’t cripple the eagles or whatever team he goes to.
      My biggest problem with the PFT report is that it is just sooooooo public– why would Pederson let it be known that he is THAT interested….??? sounds fishy to me

      1. There’s little doubt in my mind that Carson Wentz is the Eagles #1 Target in this Draft though they will likely have to move up to get him and who knows what that Cost will be…
        The Fact that the Eagles can then Trade Bradford after the 2016 Season to free Up $$$ and get an Asset in Return is not going to prevent them for Drafting Wentz if hes available…

        As I have Mentioned a few Times, the Eagles will need to at least
        leap-frog the Cowboys at #4 to have a realistic chance at Wentz who won’t last beyond the Cowboys Pick (Who are also very High on him)
        To ensure they get Wentz, they probably been to Trade with the Titans for
        that #1 Pick which will cost the Eagles the #8,#77 Picks, Next Years #1 Pick, DT Fletcher Cox all at the minimum….

        1. I am a Fletcher Cox Fan and wanted the Eagles To Draft Him some 5 Years ago
          but a DT is not worth the $100 Million Contract (with a Minimum of $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$) that he will be demanding next Off-Season..If I am Eagles, If I can move him to help facilitate Draft a Potential Franchise QB, and while his Value is High, then I am doing it…
          The other School of thought is if the Eagles do Trade just Draft Picks to move up to get Wenz, then maybe Fletcher Cox can be traded in a separate Deal to get some of those Picks back from another Club…
          There are 8-10 Very Good DT’s in this Draft

  6. **NFL News***
    NY Jets LT D Ferguson has Decided to Retire after a 10 Year Career in which he never missed a Game or a Practice.. The Former Pro-Bowler had a down Season last Year and he stated that he didn’t want to continue to Play if he couldn’t play at a High Level….
    The Jets recently asked him to take a Pay Cut which was probably the final straw for him but he;s earned over $65 Million in his Career so $$$ is not the motivating factor for him…..
    This move does lower the Jets caps by almost $10 Million and gives them more Cap Flexibility in Signing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

  7. With debrickashaw Ferguson retiring…. I find it odd the only to players not to show up to mini camp is Peter’s and cox could it be…
    Cox #8,huff to titans for #1
    Then Bradford and Peter’s to jets for Muhammad Wilkerson and a 2nd Rd pick

    1. That could very well be Gloomy as I was thinking along the same lines…
      Peter’s Never Shows up to the First Voluntary Work outs and Fletcher Cox will not participate as he and team do not want to expose him to any freak injury before he gets traded in a few weeks…
      Forget what gets said, watch the “actions” of the Front Office,Coach’s & Players..

    2. So wait… you think the titans would take 8, a one year rental of a $100 million DT and a 4th or 5th WR???? why?
      then why would trade for $30 worth of bradford/peters? what would motivate them to do these deals? Do their GM’s want to get fired????
      Trust me the Browns will give them the 2, PLUS– then the titans still get their tackle…. I really believe thats how this will go down…

      1. Titans are trying to get Competitive and with a few moves can likely compete in a Wide Open AFC north with the Colts,Jags,Texans who none of which are dominant and the Titans have $$$ to operate short-term while Mariota is still on his cheapo Rookie Deal.. They have new GM and also have Peyton Manning Lurking as a soon-to-be Hired Football Executive by 2017.. They need help along their Interior DT and Fletcher Cox is from Yazoo City,Miss about 5 Hours from Nashville so lots of Factors on why the Deal with the Titans works for all parties

        The Jets a lot less likely to reload Bradford & Peters to go along with their other High Salaried Roster with big names/players in WR’s Marshall, Decker and now RB Matt Forte are looking to make a Move to close the Gap with the Patriots… I would think the Jets would focus on retaining QB Fitzpatrick rather then pursue statute Sam Bradford, but the Jets could be very interested in LT Jason Peters for a 3rd Round Draft Pick to help solidify their OL

      2. HAC — Why do you keep bringing up the Browns as a likely/possible Trade Partner to the Titans for the #1 Pick ??
        The Browns are guaranteed one of Top 2 QB’s (Goff/Wentz) or the Top DB (J Ramsey) without having to give up anything and sitting there at #2 ??
        It makes zero sense for the Browns to be giving up any assets as they have multiple holes all across their Roster…If anything, Browns may look to Trade back if they were Smart… (Eagles and Browns could work out a Deal)

        1. I said in a previous post and i guess i should mention it every time… my reasoning is: 1. IF the TITANS are sold on Tunsil and 2. IF the BROWNS have a definite #1 QB in mind then the titans can just say to the browns…. I am getting this, this and this for #1 and that team will take your guy— titans get a boatload plus the tackle they want… if they trade down to 8 lets say then he will be gone–
          it is predicated on the browns having a definite #1 guy in their mind…

          1. For the Titans who also have Plenty of Needs up and down their Roster as the Browns do…
            Is OT L Tunsil that much better than Stanley or Conklin that they have to Select him at #1 .. Can Tunsil Drop to #4 where the Cowboys are .. Absolutely.. Can the Titans get a Stanley/Conkling later in the First Round while accumulating 2-3 More Picks for doing so, absolutely…
            Would the Titans garner more in Return from a Team moving Further up Draft Boards that Trading back 1 Spot? Absolutely..
            I just don’t see your Trade Scenario playing out between the Titans/Browns
            If Titans are trading Back, then its a to get a boat load in return
            I see the Browns looking to trade back to acquire as many assets (Picks) as possible for they are completely rebuilding..At least the Titans have their Franchise QB while the Browns may go with RG3 and look to fill other Roster Needs for the short-term
            Who knows.. All a crap-shoot and we’ll find out soon enough…
            but I definitely feel that the 49ers,Eagles & Rams will be the biggest Players for the Titans #1 Overall PIck

    1. cox is $8 this year, franchise tag would be in the high teens …. ok that still gets the GM fired… I’ve tried to tell you that you way over value our players….

      1. I don’t listen to shit right now, I’m going off of last year’s draft, picks are too important these days, and the eagles will either trade down or just take Paxton Lynch who I think has more upside anyway,or they take bpa

  8. Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson said trade talks about the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft have intensified. “I would say that with each day we inch closer to the draft, the discussions probably become a little bit more serious,” Robinson said. “That’s something we’re going back and forth with. Do we stay put with where we’re at, or do we really entertain the thought of moving? I would say the interest has increased some. I wouldn’t say there are 31 teams calling, but there are certainly teams that have interest in moving up.”

    I would say the Eagles are in the mix. I would like to know who else is bidding…

    1. Jesus yawl believe everything right now…….it’s all bs…..could it be the Titans GM is trying to make teams interested by lying about interest

    2. I have 4-5 Teams in mind who all would be interested into MOving into that #1 Spot to get their Future Franchise QB


  9. New 2016 Mock Draft

    1) Eagles – Trade #8,#77,Fletcher Cox, Josh Huff and 2017 #1 Pick to the Titans and Select QB Carson Wentz
    2) Browns – DB Jalen Ramsey (Fla State)
    3) Chargers – OT Laramy Tunsil (Miss)
    4) Cowboys – DE Deforest Buckner (Oregon)
    5) Jaguars – LB Myles Jack (UCLA)
    6) Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
    7) 49ers – QB Jared Goff (Cal)
    8) Titans – OT Jack Conklin (Mich State)
    9) TB Bucs – CB V Hargreaves (Florida)
    10) NY GIants – RB Zeke Elliot (Ohio State)

    1. Yes he has Vinnie
      The biggest thing Is that all January the Eagles and Roseman in particular stated how imprortant it was to extend and lock Fletcher Cox as a long-term Eagles.. then they meet in late January/Early Febuary and all reports are positive in thepress that they are close on a mega deal, then poof, nothing..
      The next Reports come out stating that both parties will revisit the negotiations at a future time.. When have we ever witnessed this with Roseman in charge of negotiations.. In the Past, when Roseman and the Player wanted to get a Deal done, they got the Deal done…
      Im afraid Fletcher Cox has priced himself right out of the market and Roseman had to take a step back and say “do we really want to do this and put so much $$$ into the DT Position especially with the Guaranteed $$$ of 50 + Million meaning over the next 4-5 Years of a big Cap Hit..
      At least this is my take on things

      With the NFL Game so much a passing game any more, The Good Defenses have Dl of about 7-8 oplayers who get rotated in and out to stay fresh… Gone are the Days of having or really needing a 60-70 Snap A Game DL for they poop out too often at the end of Games, End of Season..
      Look at bennie Logan last year after a hot start to his Season, he faded big time like Trent Cole did every Years…
      Give me 6-7-8 Good DL who are versatile, know their Roles instead of 2 Very Good with only and mediocre behind them…
      The Pats, Seahawks,Rams,Cardinals,Panthers,Bengals,Vikings and Giants have been doing this for a while now

  10. Fletcher cox and Sam I was ,just installed EZ PASS …smoke screen ?or NJ Tpke..Gps..alert..stay tuned …Kool ? Found under a rock of recent posts as the smoke thickens ..

  11. you guys need to stop with including josh huff in any trade. aint no teams giving up anything for josh huff. guys value is legit 0

    1. a 6th round draft pick, chosen by that dumb fuck kelly in the 3rd. who performed like a 6th round pick. his value is 0

    2. Josh Huff is simply a Toss in Mhenski..
      Huff has little to no Value on his own, I think we all know that ….
      (you could say the same thing for DL Taylor Hart, RB Barner,etc,etc)
      But a Team like the Titans could actually use a 4th/5th WR/Returnman and Huff could be added to sweeten the Deal since his has 2 Years left on his Cheapo Rookie Deal…

      1. and the fact that Titans QB Mariota played with and has a good relationship with Josh Huff could be enticing to them as opposed to someone else…

        1. NO Josh Huff is no sweetener. Josh Huff is a turd, teams arent dumb enough to think a turd is a sweetener. Just stop, this aint mlb, aint no sweeteners

          oh but you know him and mariota have a good relationship? thats a total difference maker then, im sure that titans gm will ask mariota if he wants us to get his talentless friends to play with him. btw how you know they friends?

  12. only person that would trade for huff is chip but san fran wasnt dumb enough to give him gm duties

    1. idk mad about hinkie quitting/getting pushed out? nah i could care less about that dweeb. never thought he was some genius like hart did at all and didnt think he did anything special at all but bring a plan any 14 year old that has played easports hoops couldve brought and made sure we were awful – its actually really simple to do that

      however i do think the sixers owners are lying frauds and this team now is showing severe disfunction and now saying we have no plan… i think this collangelo stuff is nonsense and think him hiring his son without interviewing anyone else is irresponsible. i think bryan did nothing significant in toronto at all, signed nobody, traded nobody, drafted bargnani over aldridge, so im not excited about that

      mad the sixers owners lied to the fans? yep

      mad the older collangelo keeps leaking gossip and sams ridiculous letter? yep

      mad the guy is hiring his son without doing due diligence ? yep

      who knows where this is headed, but it feels like a bigger mess now then it did last week.

      1. I do agree with your assessment/concerns about Jerry Colangelo
        who was asked/hired by the NBA to stop the Hinkie “Tank Plan”..
        Colangelo was a great NBA Executive in his time but he’s older now (Age 76) and simply does not have the Energy, Commitment or the ability to be Top of things as he was 10-15 Years ago so what is Jerry doing…He Hiring his Son (Bryan) to become GM and Hired his Friend (Mark D’Antonio) to actually help turn things around , Good Luck with these Under-achievers..
        Jerry Colangelo does not have the clout or magic wand that Jon Hart seem to thinks he does… The Man is 76 Years old and at a stage of his Life where he’s wounded down and is just not what the 76ers Franchise needs in order to Rebuild it which is a High Energy,Focused & Engaged Front Office….

        1. Its just irresponsible and the more I think about the situation and remember the time just prior to the hiring of hinkie our owner Josh fuckin Harris was the man preaching this would be a tear down and multi year process. Our owner not Hinkie called the shots of full on tank/tear down and he just picked the guy (hinkie) that had a similar vision and would take the fall eventually.

          so reality is it was our owner that did this, it wasnt sams fault we just missed on towns, jabari, wiggins….

          and now the nba steps in and says sixers u are taking this 76 year old to call shots, and our owner like a huge pussy says sure i will do whatever you say… and now we have a force fed gm… which just tells you our ownership literally has 0 clue

          heres hoping bryan does nothing here like he did in toronto and somehow can get beal, derozen, barnes to sign here. Hopefully they dont try to sell the practice facility being in camden to anyone, thats awful

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