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Agent: Fletcher Cox Was Not Offered $60 Million Guaranteed

FletcherCoxvsSeahawks1According to, on Monday FOX29’s Howard Eskin reported that Eagles All-Pro defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and his agent Todd France turned down an offer from the Eagles that includes $60 million dollars guaranteed.  Eskin vehemently criticized France for encouraging Cox to turn down the offer.

“He’s been offered over $60 million guaranteed,” Eskin said on 94-WIP radio. “It’s mind-boggling. His agent is a guy by the named of Todd France who is really, really — I’ve been told that people think he’s brutal and he’s a tough guy. But here’s the other things that I’ve heard from around the NFL, he represents other players that play the position on the defensive line. And in this case, there’s a belief out there that he is trying to get more money for Fletcher Cox just so that increases the value of the other defensive lineman out there that he represents.”

Yesterday, France went on 94-WIP on The Mike and Ike Show to defend himself and the claim Eskin made about them turning down a $60 million dollar guaranteed.  Here’s how it was reported on


“To say a contract is worth — whatever I’m gonna use $60 million guaranteed — and a certain amount of it he gets today”, France said.  “But the next year he gets some if he’s on the roster is guaranteed.  And the next year he gets it guaranteed if he’s on the roster then. And the next year he gets it if he’s on the roster — those are year-to-year guarantees.

“Any person that’s got any intelligence to the football business will write and say that really isn’t X amount guaranteed because the team can do what?  Get rid of the guy and cut him at any point and that quote-unquote guaranteed money the player never really receives.”

If this is the case then it was wrong for Eskin to report that Cox and France turned down an offer with $60 million dollars guaranteed because all that isn’t guaranteed, if you don’t upfront.  If you have to be on the roster each year in order to get the money then it’s not guaranteed money.

France made it very clear that Cox does want to sign with the Eagles and continue playing for them.

“One hundred percent of course he does,” France said in response to a question about whether Cox wants to remain an Eagle. “It’s the team that drafted him, it’s the team that believed in him coming out of college. He’s grown there. Yeah they’ve gone through some changes and all that kind of stuff. But he’s grown as a person, he’s grown as a player. He’s ecstatic with what [new defensive coordinator] Jim Schwartz is going to bring to the table. With the scheme that is coming it’s like literally a scheme made for Fletcher. So I think it’s gonna be scary in terms of what his trajectory is going to be, in terms of what he is going to be on the field. He’s young. I mean, the guy is 25-years-old. So his best football is obviously in front of him still.” on Facebook

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41 Comments for “Agent: Fletcher Cox Was Not Offered $60 Million Guaranteed”

  1. All Posturing …
    I stated back in January when there were Reports of Both Sides Talking
    that Fletcher Cox and his Agent would demand a 5-6 Year Deal of $100 Million + with at least $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$.. Now with Free-Agency, when a 1 Year Wonder Player like DL Malik Jackson gets a 5- Year $90 Million Deal with $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$ from the Jaguars based on future Potential, then Fletcher Cox’s Price went up even Higher

    I see no way the Eagles will commit that kind of $$$ to a DT or why they should to be honest… Fletcher Cox is a very good Player and Teammate, but he’s not a Reggie White or in today’s peer group, a JJ Watt in Terms of Production or simply taking a game over..

    I offer 5 Years – $100 Million with $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$$ which basically comes out to $20 Million Per Season which is $5-$6 Million above the present day “Franchise Tag” rate of $14 Million for a DT so this would be a very fair above Market Value Figure/Deal for Fletcher Cox
    If he Refuses, then I Trade him for Draft Picks… I do not Franchise Tag him Next Year or the Following Year, for that never works out for the Team or for the Player and too much bad blood and ill feelings comes out of it and then becomes a Distraction for the entire Team, Coach’s, Front Office and also turns off Drafted Players, Free-Agents and Players Agents about doing future, long-term business and deals with the Eagles…

  2. Trade alert

    Eagles trade cox,,huff,hart,77,79 and next yrs 2nd

    To the Browns for #2 pick

    Since the Browns new gm believes in money ball

  3. Scratch the Browns and make it the chargers same deal

  4. Nope it doesn’t the chargers are in win now mode with rivers so they need an impact player now not someone 3yrs down the line…and there. Getting a wr/returner and two 3rd Rd picks plus a 2nd or a 3rd next yr…the chargers have no impact players on defense there trying to win now for gates and rivers..

    • so you can’t get an impact player at 3 or 8??? interesting– my guess is you pay no attention to football–
      as for huff the ‘returner’ and wr…. um, what has he done to show that an unfa or high round pick can’t do? he is a dime a bakers dozen… your trade absolutely rapes the chargers or browns or whoever–

    • Two of my sleeper picks who would both need time but athletic ability is off the charts is Alex McAlister from Florida, character issues, small frame, but at 6 6 239, Speed and raw ability to get to qb is off the chain……will need a lot of coaching and added weight but can be had in 5th Rd…….another guy I really love is tj green from clemson,6 2 210 PD safety with 4.34 speed, very raw and needs a lot of experience( one year at safety starting) but great range in coverage, can be had in 3rd Rd maybe 4th, I love these kids would be great in eagles green, my two sleeper picks

      • I like TJ Green of Clemson also… He’s a big guy and a thumper who sometimes plays out of control and a tad too aggressive in pass-coverages… But with good Coaching I think he can really blossom in the NFL and be that Hybrid LB/Safety Madman that many Teams are utilizing these Days (Deone Buchannon with Cardinals, Shaq Thompson with the Panthers, Telvin Smith of the Jaguars to name a few)
        These Players are all in that 6-2 215-220lbs range and are Athletic, can fly, and tackle and Cover TE’s,RB,s Slot Receivers & Blitz or be that Spy on the QB when playing against Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Rodgers, Mariota, and those mobile QB’s of the NFL

        • Here’s a Couple of Under the Radar Players/Picks I would like the Eagles to check out on and potentially Select

          DE – Ronald Blair – Appalachian State (6-3 270lbs) – From my hometown University and have seen him play over the last 3 Years.. Blair is Quick, Explosive, Smart with a very High Motor and has Good Hands and Strong… He would be a steal in 4th Round and may sneak up to the 3rd Round.. Reminds me of a young Trent Cole.. Put on the App State vs Clemson Tape from last Season and this guy (#49) was unblockable making plays all over the field…

          WR – Bralon Addison – Oregon (5-10 190lbs) Can Flat out Fly with Great Hands. He had injuries missing the 2014 Season, but some Scouts liken his Talent and Upside similar to Desean Jackson.. Could be a steal in the 4th Round..

          CB – Harlan Miller – Southeastern Louisiana (6-0 185lbs) Fluid, Excels in Press Coverage, Good Hands, Speed, Physical and a Long Reach..Reminds Scouts of Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest who was their 1st Round Pick to Houston Texans last Year.. Projects as a 3rd Rounder

          DT – Matt Ioannidis – Temple (6-4 305lbs) High Motor, Great Hands, Smart and Tough and could be that perfect 3rd Rotational DT to play with Cox & Logan.. All the good Defenses Rotate their Interior Lineman to keep them Fresh and Active throughout a Game and Season.. Ioannidis would be a nice Pick-up in 5th Round

  5. The desperation here is becoming so ridiculous. And nothing is more ridiculous than the suggestion of trading the best player on the team -Fletcher Cox-to be able to move up in the draft.

    Its not going to happen.

    This would be the height of stupidity and I can not believe that the Eagles would be that dumb and trade Cox to move up in the draft.

    Forget and settle in…accept reality.

    Stay at 8 and if the guy you want is not there…trade down and pick up a second round pick.

    This is the best move…everything else makes no sense!

  6. Hey 44 had Wentz went to usc we wouldn’t be having this convo right now you would be singing another tune of

    • It has nothing to do with where he went, I watched a lot of his games and he is a reckless under pressure from pass rushers, he’s not near as calm as he should be, not saying he can’t get better, just saying hecklenberg and Jacoby brisett can be just as good and don’t have to give up picks and players…. But hey usc, what a great choice gloomy because they produce the best NFL qbs, hac is right u dont understand the nfl

      • that mother fucker wentz got the skills and fire to turn that recklessness into OMFG how did he do that though.

        unlike that pussy ass bradford who just fold when there is perceived pressure and throws it 12 yards shy of the first down marker

  7. Ha… I still can’t believe Chip Kelly gave up a 2nd Round Pick for this Bum..
    I knew soon as that Trade was announced last February that the Eagles were screwed and that the 2015 Season was going to under perform and that Chip Kelly had no Business being a GM or in charge of Personnel Decisions… Its a Good Thing that Owner Lurie did at least cut the chord sooner rather than later and before further damage was done and now Howie is back to fix the dumb deals that Kelly did..

  8. Draft hinges on the frikkin’ Cleveland Browns.

    I actually think they’re going to take Goff (for reasons already given). If that’s the case, its an easier move for the Birds to switch with SD to get the kid.

    • Yes I believe Browns and Coach Hue Jackson will go with Goff at #2
      It will be the Cowboys, 49ers & Eagles Calling the SD Chargers trying to make Deals…
      The question remains, what Team offers the Best Package to the CHargers who need a DL in the worst way… The Cowboys & 49ers dont have much Depth at DL to offer the Chargers… The Eagles do in Fletcher Cox..

      Eagles Send DT F Cox, #8, #79, and their 2017 1st Round Pick and a Choice of Oregon Players J Huff, K Barner or T Hart just to make Mhenski Happy to seal the Deal…
      The Chargers who have holes up and down their Roster would be fools to turn this Down Offer and won’t get a better Deal from the Cowboys/49ers who are not as desperate to land Wentz as the Eagles are…

  9. pman with another stupid ass trade offer

    To consider it stupid all we have to do is add Fletcher Cox name to the mix and it automatically constitutes a dumb ass, stupid trade for the Eagles

  10. paulman i don’t think you have to offer that much to the chargers….. and the only way I’m throwing cox in the trade is if i have a deal in place for bradford so they can replace cox

    • You are forgetting the Cowboys who also love Wentz?
      They can Offer #4 instead of #8 plus a 2nd Round Pick (#36) to the Chargers along with WR Terrance Williams or one of their Extra OL who would probably Stsrt for Chargers..
      Eagles would have to come to the table with Fletcher Cox to get the Chargers attention

  11. and if wentz gets past the browns i call every teams bluff and let wentz fall to the ravens and you give up far less…
    cause i can’t see the chargers either wanting to pass on ramsey
    cowboys also in win now mode will either take bosa or jack
    then the jags take the player the cowboys don’t take
    which leaves the ravens you could give them 8,77 and huff just to move up 2 spots
    and you can still deal coxs to say a team drafting in the mid 1st or to the packers who needs cline help
    lets say you send cox to the packers for #27,125 &163

    • Can you bozos please explain why you think any team would play value in acquiring josh huff? You are insane… He doesn’t sweeten a pot

  12. he is pretty much a 5th rd pick possibly a 4th

  13. i think the browns take goff and for some reason i don’t think the 49ers take qb i think they go defense…

    • The Cowboys at #4 take Wentz without a double
      1) To be groomed as Romo’s Replacement by 2018 or sooner injuries hit Romo
      2) To Prevent the Eagles from Selecting him

      Eagles will have to get to #3 if they truly want Carson Wentz..

  14. In a Real NFL Transaction today
    The New England Patriots Cut Former 1st Round Pick from the 2014 Draft
    DT Dominque Easley who has had Injuries and a suspect drive or motor..
    He had knee injuries at U of Florida and was in Germany Recently getting some Knee Rehab/Procedures done against the advice & consent of the Patriot Medical Staff as well as hiring his 3rd Agent in 3 Years which had the Team question his Comittment to the Patriots… The Pats are going to eat his $3.9 MillionCap Hit for 2016 unless another picks him up so you know there had to be other issues going on with him.. Easley was a Top 15 Talent but a Knee injury during his Last Season with Florida drove him down the Draft Boards..
    Someone will give him a chance (Cowboys, Giants, Falcons or Dolphins) if his head is on straight, he could be a low risk high return acquisition or he could be a complete flameout and unable to perform at a high level anymore

  15. I believe Belicheck’s last few 1st Round Picks have been ?
    DT D Easley gone in 2 Years , DE Chandler Jones was Traded after his Synthetic Weed meltdown last Holiday Season
    Some of their High OL Picks have not panned out..
    Their High Draft Picks at WR have been brutal ..

  16. For Gloomy,
    Talking about the Cowboys needing to or wanting to Win now..
    They feel with Romo playing 16 Games that they can still Win th NFC East
    They did end up with 3 First Round Talents last Draft in CB B Jones, DE R Gregory and OL L Collins so if there is a year where they can roll th dice and get their future franchise QB after Romo, this is the year for them to do it with the #4 Pick .. Jerry Jones may be an idiot, but his Son Stephen Jones looks longer term and actually has been doing a better job with their recent Drafts

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