Eagles Move Up To Second Pick In The Draft

CarsonWentz25In a daring move,  Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson and the Eagles have moved up to the second pick in this year’s NFL Draft by making a blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns.

The Eagles have given the Browns their first, third and fourth-round picks in this year’s draft, as well as their first pick in 2017 and a second round pick in 2018.  The Eagles will get a pick up a fourth round pick on the 2017 draft.

Everybody thinks the Birds have moved up in order to draft Carson Wentz, but no one can be sure because it’s not a definite that the Los Angeles Rams are going to draft Jared Goff.  He’s been rumored to be their guy, but they haven’t come out and said it.

I give the Eagles credit for moving up and getting a “Franchise Quarterback”, but they had better be right about the guy they get, whether it’s Wentz or Goff.  Pederson had no problem telling us earlier in the week that he thought both Wentz and Goff were “Franchise Quarterbacks”.  He had better be right.

They’re very close,” Pederson said of Goff and Wentz. “Similar characteristics, good height, good size, smart, intelligent guys. Good arm strength, mobility.”

The future of Roseman and Pederson along with the franchise is tied to the quarterback they draft, which most likely be Wentz because Goff is expected to be the Rams target.

Make no mistake that this was a move by Howie with Pederson in agreement.   Roseman is the guy calling the shots, despite the fact that he’s relying on others to point him in the right direction.

Sam Bradford has to know his days are numbered as a Philadelphia Eagle.  He will get the chance to show the rest of the league what he can do, then the Birds will be able to trade him for draft picks or good players.

If Bradford has a great year, it will put the Eagles in a great situation because teams will be climbing over each other to make a deal with them. Having too many good quarterbacks isn’t a problem in the NFL.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t play well, then it legitimates the Birds having moved up to get their “Franchise Quarterbacks”.

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    Scouting Report From NFL.com

    Tall with an athletic, proportional build that is made for the NFL position. Played in a pro-­style attack with plenty of snaps under center. Asked to make NFL throws and showed he could do it. Stands tall in the pocket and delivers with a relatively high release point. Keeps ball high and tight in the pocket and can uncork it quickly with tight, sharp release and little wasted motion. Throws catchable ball with tight spiral. Naturally accurate passer. Sees lurking linebackers underneath and throws receivers open to safest spot in the passing window. Able to change arm slots and still throw a strike. Has plus deep ball accuracy and touch. Calm in pocket and has no problems sitting in and taking a hit to complete a pass. Excelled in structured passing attack that required him to read the entire field. Has athleticism to escape pressure and hurt defenses with his legs. Already able to feel pressure on the edges and slide around in pocket without dropping his eyes. Adept in play-­action game at selling fakes and quickly finding safeties to help determine where to go with the ball. Intelligent with long list of academic achievements. Should be able to process and handle an NFL playbook quickly. Can play pitch and catch all day long against zone coverage.

    What He Said

    “First and foremost you got to win. I think being a winner in the NFL, that will take you place for sure. I think for me coming out of North Dakota State I think the track record speaks for itself as a winner. So when I think of a franchise quarterback not only do I think of the physical ability, but I think of being a winner, winning ballgames, taking command, being a leader. All those things come to mind.” – Carson Wentz on what defines a franchise quarterback

  3. The writing has been on the wall all along. Roseman was masterful at the execution. 1st he gets into the top 10 by trading cap gobbling bums, to be within striking distance and without gutting the team for the foreseeable future, or trading Cox. Next, he signs Bradford to essentially a one year deal, not as insurance against injury, but as insurance in case he can’t trade up to get up to get his guy. It’s called hedging your bet. This way, if Bradford somehow was able to recapture his junior year at Oklahoma, the deal could be extended, but in the more likely scenario he continued to play mediocre football, or the birds could move up to get their guy, he can easily be traded in the present, or cut in the future with little penalty. Now the contract given to Pederson 2.0 (Daniels) makes sense. He is a place holder in 2016 and a system savvy back-up beyond that. Next years 1st stings a little, but overall, mostly mid-round picks. I feel one or more of Barwin/Bradford/Graham/Agholor get traded draft day, to recoup a few mid rounds picks, which is primarily what was given up. Have to think the Birds have a handshake agreement with Rams that they are taking Goff and we get Wentz. My excitement will dwindle immensely if this move was for Goff, I want Wentz. Is there a chance it won’t work out, sure there is. But it was a risk worth taking IMO. Call Chip and tell him he can have Bradford back for a 2.

    1. I hope the Eagles get Wentz as well. I was also thinking the Eagles probably (HAD to) did their due diligence and checked with the Rams BEFORE making that deal with the Browns. Word in NFL circles seemed to be that the Eagles were in love with Wentz. Nothing to gain for the Rams by to lying to the Eagles since all the Eagles could do is not make the presentation to the Browns if their guy wasn’t going to be available and, besides, it would be morally unethical if they did. BTW, I think Chip Kelly would take that deal in a heartbeat.

  4. At some time after the draft the Eagles’ Brass is going to have to have a NC to “re-prioritize” expectations for this year.

    Fix the “mistake” Pederson made when he began talking about playoffs in his opening PC. Because that shouldn;t be the goal this year.

    This will be a learning year.

    Lets be realistic:
    Rookie QB
    New O and D co-ordinators/new systems
    New RB
    5 (6? 7?) new free agents.

    This isn’t coming together right away.

    Eagles brass has to be honest about this, to help create an atmosphere that will allow these massive new (and young) changes the best chance to succeed.

    I’m cautious, but excited for the first time in a long time. This is suddenly a young team that can develop.

    2016 Learning
    2017 Growing pains
    2018 – 2025 Lets go!

    If things work out…..Mattews, Ertz, Agholor, and Wentz all entering their primes together in a couple years…..

    fingers crossed.

  5. Next year Wentz will call Matthews and Ertz to invite them over to his place to practice running routes and to get to know them. Saddle up boys, gotta go out to North Dakota.

  6. NFL fans are all sheep. Theres collusion, back room deals and shady shit that goe son. The Eagles knew a month ago they were getting a QB that’s why I stated it is very odd that they signed all those FAs. They already knew they wouldn’t have draft picks. There was a hand shake weeks ago.

    1. why would Howie sign Bradford and Daniels then?
      He is going to make at least 2 horrible decisions between these 3. At the minimum 2 of these 3 were Huge mistakes.
      a.)Sam Bradford-22 million for a chronically injured QB
      b.)Chase Daniels- 7 million for 77 total career passes
      c.)Carson Wentz-5 draft picks & 2 players (Maxwell and Kiko) 7 players for him.
      Howie’s been accepting a lot of atta-boy back pats around here for trading away bad fits and/or contracts ( Murray, Maxwell, Kiko) well there are at least 2 really bad moves he now has to spin out of his own.

      1. Howie signed Bradford for 1 year just in case the back room deal was reniged on. He had a fall back plan. 1 if he didn’t move up Bradford was a least a option moving forward. If the deal went through he could just cut Bradford after one year or move him next year to try to recoup the draft picks he knew he would lose. Then everyone asked why Daniels, why so much? Presto Daniels will mentor Wentz, be aa coach on the field to Wentz and be a valuable backup and starter if need be with Wentz. Brilliant

          1. Chase Daniels because HC Doug Pederson wanted him on his Team to help teach/mentor a young QB his System & Philosophy..
            HC Pederson does not know Bradford well, and GM Roseman & Pederson probably would have never re-signed Sam Bradford to begin with if they knew they could get up to #8 with the Dolphins Deal ..
            Also the Risk was if Bradford left inFree-Agency and no Other Deals were made with Dolphins, then the chance of getting atop Rated Pick/QB would have been more difficult to achieve..
            Chase Daniel is Pederson’s eyes and ears in terms of the Offense and QB

            1. Especially in the era of the new CBA when film and on field time between coaches and players is severely limited.

              From what I understand there are no restrictions for players to head out onto the field “themselves” and practice.

              So Daniels is the “player/coach” that can spend the time with Wentz installing the offence that Pederson and staff cannot.

  7. You guys kill me with that Daniels is here to teach shit. It was a bad signing period, that’s what the damn QB coach is for, gtfoh with that shit. You could have signed his ass for a couple of million all that damn money for a glorified teacher? Stop that shit.

    1. Agree with that big. I think he blackmailed Doug with the Andy Doug rift/Doug not calling plays / Doug fuckin the secretary. It’s absurd how much scratch he got. Now if Sam goes it makes sense.

  8. Who cares how much he got… Do note that as 1st time HC, Doug Pederson will have many more duties than overseeing the QB’s or Offense.. He even stated this iswhy he surrounded himself with a quality and experienced Coaching Staff
    As I stated, Chase Daniels will be Pederson’s eyes and ears for Carson Wentz over these next 2 Years as Pederson learns the craft and duties of being a HC in the NFL which we all know is more than simply Coaching X’s & O’s ..

    1. Hire his ass to be a coach then, eyes and ears my ass if he’s a true competitor he wants to play not be a damn well paid consultant.

      1. I’m sure he does want to play and with Bradford’s injury history, there’s a good chance that he’ll play or now if Bradford gets traded then he’ll Play..
        Signing Daniels was a security blanket for HC Doug Pederson.. And if he’s overpaid, then so be it!!

  9. I still don’t get arguing over funny money, which is all sports is, FUNNY MONEY– also, I have an issue with harping on salary, it screams jealousy- There is not one free agent out there that we want to sign that we can’t afford– the plan is clear– bradford is an expensive bridge,if he does what his supporters think he can do and lead the eagles into the playoffs this year then the eagles have a pleasant problem. They have a ‘proven’ veteran guy in a QB starved league, along with a guy they believe to be the future–PERFECT- as for daniels eyes and ears thing– I think thats a little overblown but yeah i’m sure in the qb room it helps to have another guy that has been immersed in the system.

    1. It would be nice to have some of that funny money to throw at Josh Norman. The jealous thing? I think you’re reaching a bit there.

      1. I gotta agree with Big about the jealousy things. Tired argument. We are are resigned to the fact that these guys make obscene amounts of money. What I am more concerned with is how much cap money is spent towards a player. 7 million dollars committed out of your cap money to a back up QB is ridiculous no matter how you look at it.

    1. a pleasant problem to have…. they get paid to figure it out.
      as for josh norman…maybe, carolina doesn’t seem to be all that impressed? we will see what he commands- the eagles look like they are going to build from within, they locked up a group of players and I assume there will be another group next year. They spent on FA this year– the money is not an issue– jealousy wasn’t the right word– just seems like a stupid argument- the one thing with howie, i will agree i question his talent evaluation but I don’t question his cap handling.

    2. If Bradford plays very well and the Eagles made a Deep Playoff Run in 2016 because of his play, then you Keep Bradford for 2017 and then have Wentz ready to hit the ground running to Play for 2018…
      Wentz is a 10-12-14 Year Investment.. whats another Season if the Eagles are Winning Playoffs Games and Competing for Championships with Bradford?
      If Bradford Plays Well individually in 2016 but the Team still is mediocre, then you Trade Bradford next Off-Season for Draft Picks in Return and if Bradford played at the High Level in 2016, then the Eagles would gbet multiple Picks back for QB’s are always in demand and would be a great problem to have…
      Despite what the Fans may think or want because of the Trade up to #2,
      Coach Pederson and Co are going to use all their Options at QB before sending a young QB out onto the Field before he’s ready…
      If Eagles Start out 2-8 in 2016, then we may see Wentz in 2016
      Chances are that the Eagles will be battling for a Playoff Spot in the NFC East with Bradford at the helm for there is no dominant Team in the NFC East and 9 to 10 Wins gets the Division Title and automatic Playoff Spot
      If Pederson and Company can achieve this while grooming a Young QB for the Future, that would be the best scenario anyone could have dreamed of.
      Wentz will not be playing in 2016 unless Injuries to Bradford/Daniels or if the Team really stinks and plays like a dog and gets eliminated by Thanksgiving then maybe we will see Wentz in December but besides this, it will be 2017 before we see Wentz on the Field in a meaningful game..

      1. “IF” that happens (and before we continue can we all not admit its a pretty big “IF” as there is nothing in Bradford’s history to show its possible – but I’ll roll with the premise for kicks)

        “If” that happens, then we have to applaud Howie Roseman for “buying insurance” on Bradford’s last deal.

        Roseman protected the Eagles for esxactly this scenariio. Instead of tagging Bradford and paying him 19.9, he worked out a 22 million dollar contrace.

        The Eagles paid what amounts to a 2.1 million dollar insurance premium in case Bradford lights it up.

        If that happens, t5he Eagles have options as they control his rights for much less than it would have taken to “re-tag” Bradford in 2017.

        Think of it, “IF” Bradford lights it up, they have him for about, what? $13 mill (real money – not cap $$) next year?? That’s better than the 20 they would have had to pay if they were tagging him a 2nd time. Also, they control his rights, so if he plays well he becomes a tradeable asset.

        That 2.1 million dollar insurance premium protects the Eagles from exactly the scenario you propose. Bradford plays well and Eagles can trade him or keep him at a low $13.

        And….if he sucks (a much more likely scenario) then he is easily cut.

        1. I hope Sam Bridgeford plays very well this season. That will increase his trade value, that way we can recoup some of the picks we lost in the trade. Chip felt he was worth a two, so maybe next year the 49ers will want him, especially with Chip at the helm.

  10. “I have a better question what if Bradford sets the NFL on fire next year, what’s the move?”

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but if by some miracle that happened, thats awesome we can get a good package for him. lets be honest sam doesnt have it and this wont happen though. Best we can hope for is competent this year, so that denver or some other team without a qb pays up next year for his average slumpy ass. i think its more likely he plays himself out of the league than lights it on fire

  11. Ill tell you what, regardless of if wentz pans out this was a great move for business reasons for the birds. the linc, the fan base, the national media was done with the eagles after last year. for most of the year we were just this embarrassing lifeless organization with no hope, nothing to watch, just downright the worst team since the rich kotite days… this brings everyone back, grabs everyones attention, everyone will be following the team in camp and preseason and during the year. everyone will have an opinion everyone will be begging for wentz…

    people think sams gonna sit all year, but if his hopeless ass plays like he did last year and them merch sales are down and everyone leaving in the 3rd qtr again the kids coming in. dont get it twisted this is a business and the owner wants/needs asses in seats and in lines

  12. some shorr parks hot takes since gary has none

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 15h15 hours ago

    If Bradford really is out to show everyone “who’s best”, as report says….that sounds like a super healthy QB room the #Eagles will have

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 15h15 hours ago

    Bradford should be mad. #Eagles basically said today two QBs — Goff or Wentz — are better.

    But his subpar play made this happen
    24 retweets 79 likes

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12h12 hours ago

    If Wentz gets 6 years and 63 games like Bradford to prove he is a franchise guy, than we won’t have our answer until 2024. #Eagles
    31 retweets 99 likes

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12h12 hours ago

    I’ve met/talked to Carson Wentz twice. At Senior Bowl, he seemed timid. At Combine, he seemed confident, ready for spotlight. Good sign.
    8 retweets 65 likes

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12h12 hours ago

    For better or worse (and I think better), this trade completely changed outlook for #Eagles franchise — which is exactly what they needed
    46 retweets 104 likes

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12h12 hours ago

    “Bradford’s last 7 games were so impressive!”

    **#Eagles give up multiple picks to draft a new quarterback **
    14 retweets 56 likes

    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 12h12 hours ago

    This was a smart trade by Howie. Didn’t decimate one draft class. Spread it out. We’ll see if Wentz is legit, but the trade itself was good
    66 retweets 119 likes

    1. Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 2h2 hours ago

      Taking the chance Sam Bradford was going to turn into a franchise QB is way riskier than trading picks in hopes Wentz is # #Eagles

  13. Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer

    Now, this is a lede:

    If the Eagles followed the same template in 1999 as their trade-up for the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, they would have given up Doug Brzezinski, John Welbourne, Corey Simon and Quinton Caver, and passed on David Boston, to move up six spots for Donovan McNabb.


    “Since 2010, 20 quarterbacks have attempted at least 2,000 passes. Bradford ranks last in [rating, YPA, and TDs].”

  15. “If Wentz gets 6 years and 63 games like Bradford to prove he is a franchise guy, than we won’t have our answer until 2024. #Eagles”

    That’s brilliant.

  16. The best sign that it’s a terrible trade is that Anthony Gargano loves it…he will join haveablunt and so many other idiots in the call to run Pederson and Howie out of town if Wentz turns into a bust…like he most likely will.

    1.  koolbreeze
      April 12, 2016 – 11:37 pm

      In reference to Doug Pederson as it related to re-signing Sham Bradfraud

      koolbreeze posts:

      But he’s the Quarterback expert…a former QB…he’s the guy whose judgement the Eagles are relying upon…not to mention that his Offensive Coordinator is an ex-QB as well…
      They all said please…please sign Sam Bradford!
      Money talks and bullshit walks

      LMAO, now Pederson has no clue what he is doing now that it appears he is taking Wentz or Goff…you already are ready to run Pederson out of town and Carson, nor Jared has even been drafted..you’re already hatin and neither of these guys have taken a mini camp snap..CTFU. My..how yur tone has changed since early last month. YOU MAD BRO!!!

    2. Oh god that’s a real hot take Kool. Gargano is the biggest dumbass mush I’ve ever heard. That’s not good at all.

      I just hope you’re mushing powers are stronger than his

  17. Josh Norman just signed a 5 year 75 million dollar contract with the Redskins. Now that is a franchise player contract…money plus years. Sam Bridgeford will be passing against him…tight windows…should be fun!

    1. Matthews and bradturd vs him 2x a year gonna be lit haaaaa

      On the real odb vs him 2x per year will be awesome to see

  18. CB Josh Norman Signs a 5 Year – $75 Million with $50 Million in Guaranteed $$$.. I’m not sure if many are aware that Josh Norman is already 29 Years Old..
    Top CB’s seem to Peak by 30 Years of age and then lose a step, etc…
    He’s a good Player that I have watched a lot over the last 3-4 Years but not at that amount of $$$.. I imagine the Redskins will have a Cut a Player or 2 to get their Cap situation under control.., WR Andre Roberts comes to mind…

  19. The Bradford handshake was and is plan A..it’s always a conditional shake ,but it still s as Dag. Pointed out ..a backroom (as I tell Kool ) men in suits with jobs..what we learned in the past72 hours is exciting as an eagle fan.We are being bold but not brash ,we are examine at many layers all plans and more important ,contingencies …chip went in with guns a blazing ..he traded not only for expensive players ,but injured ACLs galore ..we were readily as an organization ,on a wing and a prayer ..Now i e read all your SAMs going to play great …well if he does it won’t be here …it’s not Plan A …the revenue paid so far is 5.5 million with 5.5 sept 1 …if he’s due 22 million ,and 4 for standing upright ..he’s costing someone 11 as the Eagles are on the hook for the bonus $ in 2016. ..but …and nobody has mentioned plan A …the Eagles defer that money in 2017 and they don’t have to pay a number one pick slotted(part of this years trade) ..so now ,plan A gets clearer ..too often we look at our toes on the shoreline in a business metaphor …guys with jobs in suits look. At the horizon ,and foresee very twist and turn …I agree with Daggs assertion ,this all was constructed a while back..after chip waddled out the door ….”clean upon aisle 7 ” began. A fly on the wall in the nova care ..heard we gave up a non -conditional two ..now what are we supposed to do? Howies swept in and talked with other clubs and knows who is a potential suitor for Sam …what will be watched by me ,is wether chip. Has any leverage in SF and he truly did like Sam …or was he the pawn in the m&ms factory heist he tried to pull on tenny……I say the latter ..he may get left at the alter by chip ..ill be interested in that scenario..Then you have what to me is still a yesterd..how John elway on the my Rushmore of Qbs already has but boy …and he’s going to add Sam ? I just can’t get my arms around that …I don’t see in any way why you’d deal with Dallas ..that leaves the jets …fitz has now lost leverage as Bradford with the Eagles eating a large chunk might be the leverage the fitz camp ,hadn’t bargained for..I say 75% he’s gone ..but I also say 100% he’s plan A

  20. The. Plan A if he’s. Traded is to Use that extra money to supplement your lost second with resigning cox and a late hanging fruit cap casualty to bolster your roster “.actually depth on both sides of the ball and competition are being created except running back ..so I look at that and O line as both priorities..I stated at the end of the season when MS 2 sightings were seen in a meaningless Giant game ..he got on film …it took the genius of BDavis and chips personal grudge with Howies guy ,to bury this kid..they jerked him inside and outside in his first season ..he was a true pawn in the howie ..chip tug of war …Watch this guy become like a draft pick ,as he actually can play …book it ..Kool …

  21. Final blue print ..Plan A ..move Sam ..move in Chase Daniels ( in KC ) he outplayed the starter in pre season ..he’s a perfect game manager who is a professional stopgap…I’m on record he’s better than Sam ..now ..why. ? He knows the system ..he’s a mentor (big) I agree with you ..that’s a lot of $$ for a mentor …you could get the Maharishi for less ..but it’s ARs blueprint ..Pedersons sale pitch to Jeffrey was a “hallmark pitch” remember the good old days ..and Lurie after a stormy marriage with chip needed solace …it’s a perfect fit,as howie is balling …after having his masculinity challenged ..he’s got King Kong sized ones ..hilarious ..he’s taken the duck by the tail ..think about the slop on a toast we had here ..he’s at least turned it into From yesterday’s hash into a tasty buffet …with a main course as the second pick…my greatest drama is wether the Rams worm on the birds on the clock and say. I think we changed. Our minds we love Wentz…

  22. Its booked…desert…Sam should be on the first thing smoking so we can all see the franchise…the hot shot rookie you are all so excited about

    The Franchise…Carson Wentz

    He needs reps…you gotta get him on the field

    Let him take his lumps

    I hope that ya’ll are all right..and bust my ass all the way to an Eagles Super Bowl…pass the mustard for that crow and I’ll eat it with a smile

    But If this kid cant play…you know…you will hearing from me because I strongly believe this is the move that has doomed Howie and Pederson….

    Book it!!

      1. Kool – you have to get yourself a new Eagles Jersey now, maybe purchase a few Carson Wentz Jersey’s for your family members too.
        Wentz wore #11 at North Dakota.
        Eagle website has WR Chris Givens listed with number 11. Wonder how that shakes out because you know the very next day after the draft, maybe even the day of the draft at their official fan draft party Carson Wentz Jerseys will be for sale at the Linc. What number does he where?

  23. Naw..I’ll pass on that eagles0superbowls…maybe I’ll buy his jersey when you can put a 1 between Eagles and Superbowls…

    For a Superbowl…I would so love to be wrong about this kid

    But I think what we have is Nick Foles Part II

    When I read that a guy was slow reading Division 1 AA defenses and was holding the ball down on that level, I wonder what is going to make him a sharp reader of defenses on the NFL level…

    We need to prove me wrong quickly…by getting the kid out on the field and watching him improve.

    I know he aint gonna get better at that by sitting on the bench while his teammates rally around Sam Bradford…

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