Thoughts On The Eagles’ Trade Up To Pick #2

HowieRoseman5On Wednesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Eagles announced one of the most significant trades in franchise history, agreeing to terms with the Cleveland Browns on a deal that will allow the Birds to select a potential franchise quarterback, in exchange for a package of draft picks that include 2016 and 2017 first and third rounders, and a 2018 second-round pick.

The Good

  • It’s incredibly refreshing to know that the Eagles didn’t actually view Sam Bradford as anything more than a stopgap, temporary placeholder. I’ve never been a fan of Bradford, and was very much in favor of letting him walk this year in free agency. While I don’t know that Carson Wentz or Jared Goff are truly worth the package that the Eagles paid to get them, I do know that the Eagles absolutely were not going to find an answer at quarterback by continuing to try and revive the careers of failed first-round picks from other teams. They needed to draft and commit to developing one.
  • The Eagles gave up a ton of assets to make this trade, but at the very least I have to give Howie Roseman credit for spreading out the cost over a number of years, so as not to completely cripple the team’s options in the upcoming drafts. They’ll still have a third round pick this year, and a second-round pick next year.
  • With the current quarterback situation, the Eagles have the luxury of being able to bring their prospect along slowly and develop them properly without throwing them to the wolves unprepared. Too often, I think a lot of first-round quarterbacks get pressed into duty before they’re ready, which has some real negative effects on their careers.
  • The preseason will be infinitely more tolerable with Wentz/Goff to watch in the second half of games.

The Bad

  • The rookie quarterback will likely not play any meaningful snaps in the regular season until the Eagles are well out of playoff contention. Sam Bradford will get the first crack at the job, and if he falters than the Eagles have too much money invested in Chase Daniel for him to not get his chance as well.
  • The Eagles will not get any major impact from the second overall pick in the draft until next year at the earliest, meaning the earliest chance they have to add an impact player for this season is at pick #79.
  • The loss of draft picks leaves the team with a number of holes that won’t be properly addressed, and may not be properly addressed for some time. With only one pick in the top three rounds, the team can’t fill their remaining holes at running back, offensive line, defensive tackle, and linebacker. Several areas of the this club are going to be lacking in depth.
  • For this team to have any shot at the playoffs in 2016, they needed to get a dynamic element to add to this offense to support Sam Bradford. Ezekial Elliot could have been that difference-maker, but no such help will be coming, meaning Bradford and the offense will have to hope that the young wide receivers are able to take positive steps in their development.
  • My biggest fear is that the Eagles are going to find themselves a 6-10 team in 2016, and wind up forfeiting a top-10 pick in next year’s draft, with potentially better quarterback options available to them.

Sam Bradford Becomes More Important Than Ever

One of the major keys to making this trade a success will be none other than current starting quarterback Sam Bradford.

The Eagles need him to come out and have a tremendous season in 2016, not just for the team’s short-term success, but for their future as well.

If Bradford could somehow harness his long-talked about potential, the Eagles would be in a position to flip him to another team next season to help replenish their draft pick supply.

I don’t believe in Bradford in the least, and the idea of him putting together any kind of strong season is realistically a pipe dream, but at the very least Howie Roseman was able to put together a potential scenario in which the Eagles could acquire their quarterback of the future and then flip a veteran starter to a team the following year to get some of the draft picks back.

Final Thoughts

Do I like the trade and would I have done it?


I don’t think the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft were worth giving away significant packages for. I’d have rather stayed at eight, taken an elite prospect at another position and built the team up for another year, and then gone all out for a quarterback next year.

But I understand why the Eagles made the move.

It’s very difficult to have an opportunity to take a quarterback at the top of the draft. Just to get into this position, the Eagles had to trade up twice from their original place at pick 13. But they saw a window of opportunity, and evidently they like one of those two passers enough to think that they can make them their future.

This is going to be a defining moment and turning point in the career of Howie Roseman. This is either his most brilliant hour, or the first steps in his undoing.

69 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Eagles’ Trade Up To Pick #2

  1. I’m definetly indifferent on this trade up to the #2 spot. I personally want Wentz, but I’m sure we will end up with the California kid. Maybe Goff is better suited and more pro ready than Wentz. I’m bummed that we are giving up so much for a prospect. Now the Eagles need to get creative and find a way to ship Bradford. Makes no sense for the Eagles to hold onto Bradford and have him tutor one of these QBs when they paid a crap load for a backup in Daniels. I bet he doesn’t want any of it. Get rid of him on or before the draft and get some draft picks

  2. Picking a RB in the top 10 would have not been a good idea. We can definitely get RB depth in the later rounds, people put way too much premium on RB’s when any talented guy can run for a lot of yards behind a good offensive line. We can get DL depth in the 5th round. It’s a deep position in this draft. We can pick up a quality OL depth in the 3rd round.

    I like that the picks are spread out. Next year’s first is going to hurt, but the 2nd in 2018 should be able to be recovered, some what. And if we’re lucky, Bradford plays good this year and we can trade him for a 3rd round pick next year… or better yet Bradford finally plays great and we have an awesome situation on our hands with a real good starter, the franchise qb in the wings, and a top backup. That is a great thing.

    Now of course, all of this hinges on Wentz or Goff being a franchise QB, a perennial top 10 or top 7 QB in this league. We will see. It is a gamble but at least we stabilized some positions (like Guard and Safety) through free agency, and added some great depth like Reuban Randall, that linebacker guy, and some CB depth.

    We can compete this year if Bradford feels that fire and plays like he was expected to be so many years ago. And if Wentz turns out to be the franchise future, we are set up for great things.

  3. “With only one pick in the top three rounds”

    Correction we have 2 picks in the top 3 rounds bro! And the only reason we don’t have 3 is because of that dumbass chip kelly moving it for this scrub bradturd.


    “with potentially better quarterback options available to them.” highly unlikely, pending Watson doesn’t expose himself there’s 1 qb with a skill set worthy of a top 5 pick next year – Watson. And he will go 1st and the likelihood we get the 1st pick or can trade for it would be slim. As schefty put it on the radio this morning qbs don’t fall for n your lap, next years prospects look weak and there are no free agent qbs worth a damn next year. So when a qb opportunity knocks and you don’t have a franchise qb you better answer that door!!

    And the price we paid for a possible franchise qb was light. It only effects are draft in 1 round for each of the next 2 years. To me no effect this year because we had 2 3rds. And I’m 100000% sure Howie will get that 2018 2nd back somehow…’and if that happens it only effects us in 1 round!!!

    Imo brilliant move by Howie to spread out those picks to make this as painless as possible. Howie got rid of the losers chip got, and got us to 2. I’m happy as hell with Howie well minus him hiring Doug…

    1. Henski that point is always overlooked when people complain about a trade– absolutely they have 2 picks in the first three rounds… before the trade they had 3 picks in the first two rounds… so for this year they relinquished a 3 and 4 I think.

      1. No guys what Denny is saying is Wentz won’t play in 2016, so they only have 1 pick in the first 3 rounds that will impact THIS year.

        1. He was clear, this wasn’t about 16- they are going into 16 as a wildcard– it all hinges on sammy sideways- if he somehow plays out of his mind, the new defensive scheme is for real and they catch some breaks maybe they can be a playoff team- if sammy tears a______________ in training camp, you put in daniels and the mcnabb model plays out …. its pretty obvious really.

    2. All Good Points Mhenski except for the final one..
      It was Jeff Lurie who Hired Doug Pederson, and not Howie Roseman..
      Its Owner Lurie who is re-starting the Franchise back to the AR Model,
      Its his Demands that Roseman is following up on and making them happen…

  4. Also, even though i’m not a sam supporter i advocated a later QB and ride with sam- but they obviously felt that wenz is the real deal- I’ve watched about 10 minutes on youtube of Wentz, they have done a bit more than that so…. hope they are right. risky move obviously.

    1. Adding to the insanity is the first trade they made – which basically adds up to null value for the Eagles and a salary dump for trading two starters for basically nothing.
      Truly, it’s MAXWELL, ALONSO, 8/13, 77, 100, 2017 #1 and 2018 #2 for 2 (Wentz/Goff) and 99.
      They now have 2(1), 79(3), 99(4), 153(5), 164(5), 188(6), 233(7) and 251(7) for this year. Plus depth hampered next two years with top picks to the Browns. For Goff/Wentz.
      On paper this is reckless. And an article on Monday said they wouldn’t be reckless with the pick.

        1. the 4th from the Browns is NEXT year – so they have 99 and 100. We have 2 of first 152 picks this year. Unbelievable. For WENTZ/GOFF?!?!?!

          You become great by drafting and adding depth through the draft. We could have been a much better team with a damn good draft this year.

          We have no first next year either. There goes our new linemen to replace Peters.

          Howie watches too much ESPN.

          I just have a bad feeling about this. Damn I hope I’m wrong and we end up celebrating to that ugly mug Wentz has.

          Doubt it.

      1. reckless? are you stupid– sorry rhetorical question– they wouldn’t have had the ability or had to have given more picks to go from 13 to 2– as i’ve stated numerous times teams trading from the very top of the draft don’t want players with big contracts in return– they want pciks

      2. If Wenz turns into a 10-12 Year Franchise QB, then its worth it,
        If he doesn’t then the Eagles are right back where they’ve been since 2009 and that’s without a Franchise QB with no real legitimate chance for a Super Bowl, so why not roll the dice in 2016 and take a chance
        When will the Eagles have the Chance at the #2 Overall Pick Again ?…
        5 Years, 10 Years ???
        You guys are acting as If the Eagles were close and a player or two away from making Super Bowl Runs… They haven’t Won a Playoff Game in what 6-7 Years ?

  5. For CT,
    Moving on from Bad Deals with CB Maxwell and RB Murray will allow them to keep and Sign DT Fletcher Cox.. If they kept those bums with their crazy contracts, re-signing Cox probably wouldn’t be able to happen or some of the other Free-Agent Signings like Safety McLeod and Guard Brooks…
    You have to look at the Big Picture of “Roster Management” , Player Value which Howie Roseman does very well in relation to the Salary Cap..
    Now when the Hire a New Player Personnel Director after this years Draft in May, then they will be in serious Business for the future.. Book It..

    1. Great points Paulman I didn’t even think of in terms of fletcher.

      I’m just irritated and worried asf.

      So let’s just say Sam comes out and throws 35 tds and leads up to playoffs. I kno u guys don’t think it will happen, but LET JUST SAY.

      What happens? Trade him for a 3rd or 4th?

      1. dude CT you need a dog brother!!!!!!!!

        sam throw 35 tds?????? Cmon u cant be for real. you think its within the realm of possibilities he is going to average over 2 tds a game? you think its possible he is gonna throw for 14 more tds than he ever has? stop!!! if youre gonna say that then you might as well say 40 tds and a mvp and a super bowl ring…

        but if he did that youre getting a 1st and then some…

        you shouldve been worried about this team with sam, not worried about what happens to sam in the future. he isnt a frachise qb and you wont find 1 professional talent analyst that thinks he is.

        relax bro. dont be scared of the unknown. the long term future of this org is significantly better than it was 24 hours ago

        back to 35 tds the only way thats possible is if ryan matthews and darren sproles combine for 3000+yards and 20+ tds b/c thats all he does is check down and throw the ball behind the LOS or under 10 yards

      2. If Bradford puts up a Great 2016 Season Statistic Wise, His Value would go up to 1st or 2nd Round Picks in Return…
        If Bradford plays lights out and the Eagles go 12-4 and make a Run in the Playoffs, then you bring him back for 2017 and let Wentz wait another year..
        What’s 1 or 2 Years wait time out of a Potential 12-14 Year Career for a Franchise QB? Didn’t Aaron Rodgers sit behind Farve for a few Years..

        I know all Fans are very excited about this Trade Up for #2 to get their QB, but Instant Gratification doesn’t work in Real Sports like it does with X-Box or Video Games… It will take Wentz, Goff, Lynch or Hogan or whichever Young QB a Good 1-2 Years to get acclimated to the NFL Game..
        Look at Brian Bortles at Jacksonville who I think Carson Wentz compares too physically, Its taken him 2 Years to really get comfortable, get the speed of the game down and work on his rhythm with his Teammates and is now becoming a a Good to very Good QB in the NFL, Tedy Bridgewater is going into Year 3 and still isn’t there yet and both these QB’s were groomed heir Rookie Seasons before playing their first Game with Veteran QB ahead of them..
        Now Look at Jamies Winston and Marcus Mariota in 2015 and even Derek Carr in 2014 who were all Drafted by Basement Teams, who really had no other viable options at QB and were not going to be legitimate Playoff Teams right away anyways, they had nothing to lose but to put these Young QB’s out there and let them learn under Fire as they build those Teams around these Young QB’s .. The Eagles Situation is different as the have QB Sam Bradford under Contract and who finished last Season playing pretty well and is in the Prime of his life right now with a Team in a very Wide Open Division Race with 3-4 Teams all battling to get to 9 to 10 Wins which likely Wins the NFC East in 2016. So while the Eagles Draft their “Future Franchise QB” in 2016 Draft, they still wanted to field a competitive Team with a Chance for the Post-Season now which is exactly what Pederson/Roseman and Lurie have said all Off-Season and gone out and done from a Roster Management side of things.. Now they have to Coach up these Players and Win Games…..

  6. What makes this a bad risk is the simple fact that Wentz is a reach. We are not talking Donovan McNabb here started for 4 years at a major program who played in big time games at Syracuse.
    We are talking about a guy that has a high probability for flopping when we talk about Wentz. We are not talking about a prospect anywhere close to the level of an Andrew Luck, Jameis Winstion, or Mariotta.

    This guy is not on that level

    He played in only 23 games at Division 1 AA and he had a very good offensive line and running game They ran the ball so much the guy didn’t throw the ball that often…612 attempts in 4 years…his arm is real fresh!
    One of the knocks on the guy was that there was a lot of times that he didn’t read those great Division 1 AA defenses all that well, he likes to hold the ball-that Nick Foles quality we all loved.

    Now lets keep this in perspective, I’m not saying that the kid has no chance of success.

    However, the chances of him being successful is not high enough to justify this trade…its just not. This kid has had a very easy time in Division 1-AA, he’s never been booed, he knows nothing about the kind of pressure of being a QB in Philly with the expectation of bring a Super Bowl…unlike even Jared Goff…the kid has never had tough games where he was knocked on his ass.
    You can’t “develop” this kid sitting on the bench studying film and plays…you need to get his ass on the field and let him experience the speed of the NFL game, let him get knocked on his ass a few times and if he gets up and rises to the challenge and performs…great…but if he folds under the pressure you know…you screwed up big time!

    1. The football people who were hired by the Eagles to analyze QB’s do not believe he is a reach, they love him…no longer a rumor stated by another source. They do not believe in your plan, they have rejected your plan of Sam being the man. Get over it. The Eagles have spoken and their plan is clear and it makes perfect sense.
      Doug Pederson, former QB knows QB’s, that was the thing when Sam was the man, now he does not know what he is doing? Hmm?!?! LMAO.

      1. You can let go now Kooltwit. You’ve been hanging on to the Sam Bradford narrative that you never ever truly believed for so long. Just let it go already.

        Everyone knows you never believed in Bradford. You wouldn’t comit to him passing Foles. You would’t even comit to him winning 8 and tying Foles.

        hell, you wouldn’t even say “I think he’ll make it….”

        You had no faith. So let it go.

        Besides. he wasn’t “your” kind of player anyway. There was no flash. No perma-scowl. No showboating. No pounding the chest and making sure he had the camera’s attention at all time. There was no pointing inward and saying “I” when things were going well, and pointing out at others and saying “them” when things were going poorly like all your other favourites do (Vick, Newton, Manziel, Owens, Mesean…..)

        You love those good enough for ESPN highlight, but don’t have the character to ever win anything guys, and Bradford certainly wasn’t that.

        So let it go.

        The Eagles rejected the guy you never believed in anyway.

        So let it go.

        Now I know you are probably pissed that it appears that neither Wentzxz nor Goff are one of “your” snarly faced “me” guys either, and that’s probably got you bummed, but give the kid a chance man.

        He hasn’t even played a down and you are pronouncing him a bust.

        That’s weak.

  7. sam would get us a 3rd rounder this year or next at best.

    only teams i see that could be interest is

    denver – but i cant see them being very interested as he isnt any better than sanchez

    dallas – good fit behind romo

    jets – b/c geno sucks and fitz isnt showing up

    he doesnt fit anywhere else. chip is dumb but he isnt retarded he wants no part of him

    1. Trade him. Even if they have to eat the money. They were already going to have to do that anyways. At least they would get a pick out of it. All this they are not going to because they have so much money tied into him is BS. They paid the back up QB 7 million, so they were already eating a lot of money for QBs this year anyways. Now that they have traded up to get their guy, you have to get something for one of the other guys. Who cares what Howie and Pederson have said about Sam being the starter. For the right pick, he will be gone.

      Trade him or Daniels. Do not need all 3 guys.

    2. Who know what QB Needs are going to be around the NFL MHenski…
      1) Who knows who gets seriously Injured in 2016, there’s bound to be 1 or 2
      2) Teams like Dolphins & Bears really need to see their QB’s Improve in 2016 or they may be looking at a QB Change for 2017 …
      3) Carson Palmer is probably 1 more Injury away from the Cardinals looking for a permanent Replacement… You could say the same thing with Tony Romo or Drew Brees or Phil Rivers if they were to sustain a major Injury or continue to go 6-10 every Season…
      4) Is Tyrod Taylor the long-term Answer in Buffalo ??? Could Kapernick get Traded to Buffalo to reunite with OC Greg Roman…

  8. Sam is signed to a team friendly contract and easy to trade.

    The Eagles were expecting that Sam might be injured – So, him asking for a trade results in the sane thing. No Sam… Hence the high dollar contract for Daniel….

    I say trade him…

  9. The knee jerk reactions about (not their) money spent on QBs was laughable…. Sam either plays her this year and then gets us a pick or he leaves now and gets a pick… Either way Ba bye sam

  10. Nothing has changed in terms of the Qb… We know the same today as we did 4 days ago… 1. Sam Bradford is the starting QB and is given a chance to succeed. 2. Chase Daniels is the backup and only will play if Sam gets hurt early in the season. 3. We will have a rookie develope over this year and most likely won’t touch the field except preseason, garbage time and unless they suck for 7 weeks in a row.

    Honestly.. I dont understand the hate for Bradford. I also don’t understand the all out love for him either. I am hopeful he has a good season… I think he can.

  11. Just speaking for myself Stevo, I don’t hate him, but he doesn’t seem neccessary anymore. Well at least him and Daniels. Having both of those guys is a luxury now that you have a rookie that you are picking so high that he almost has to be the starter next season. If Sam has value now, then they should trade him and roll with Daniels. Or if Daniels has value to another team, then you trade him. Having all 3 doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. Howard Eskin reported on the NFL Network morning show that the Eagles had a deal with San Diego in place for pick #3 when they made the Maxwell, Kiko & #13 swap to #8.
    But with the Rams hopping up to #1 Howie got nervous and scrapped that plan and made a deal with Cleveland to guarantee he gets a QB. Wow. wonder how much Howie offered the Titans which was turned down and how much Howie had to sweeten the pot from the San Diego offer to Cleveland.
    Sashi Brown the Cleveland GM out muscled San Diego and forced Howie to deal with him. Wonder how much more it cost Howie?

    1. Really? Sanchez whispering sweet nothing is what you want? Cuz the redneck can’t deal with the mean philly media? You guys way over analyze that one…. Do you know how to handle the philly media? Say cliches… The fans eat it up…. Answer the questions with rah rah , gotta be tough and in it for the team, play harder, play smarter blah blah….
      And what does salary have to do with it? Are you in the financial board!

        1. It’s just that these guys live it, know it inside and out and to argue that is like arguing with a botanist on the best way to grow pot, or a neurosurgeon on how you’d operate on a brain, these dudes have it down… I don’t worry one bit about what they pay a guy…

          1. My only question was if the move was really needed. I really felt that if Goff was taken first, Wentz would slide. I wonder if they could have held out on Cleveland a bit longer or if there was another bidder.

            I don’t think Cleveland, nor SD or Dallas were interested in a QB this year. Certainly Balt and Jax weren’t and I saw them as good partners should Wentz get to that spot.

            Oh well….the price wasn’t too much, and I do like how it was spread out.

            Any talk of trading now (sorry Desterteagle – I just don’t see it). He wasn’t getting any offers as a FA, so I can’t see a big market. Best option (I hope) is for him to have his best season, scrape his way into a 10-15th ranked guy and garner a 4th or something next season)

            Though someone did suggest Dallas, and I brought this up months ago…I think Dallas makes complete sense as a trading partner.

  13. 49ers can’t give their bust away Eagles got the same problem. Sink or swim time for bradturd in 2016 in philly he isn’t going anywhere because he has 0 value and Howie knows it which is why he said he isn’t going anywhere.

    1. The Eagles did not give away 5 picks. For the life of me I can’t understand why people keep saying this. The Eagles swapped 1st rounders in 2016. They gave away a 3rd rounder in 2016. They also gave away a 4th in 2016, but got a 4th back in 2017, so that’s a wash. The Eagles gave away a 2nd in 2018.
      So that is a 1st in 2017, a 3rd in 2016, and a 2nd in 2018. That is only 3 extra picks.
      The first and the 4th is a wash..but the Eagles moved up 6 spots from 8 to 2 .
      It’s not 5 picks, it’s 3..but the Eagles draft higher. It’s a good trade for the future franchise QB.

        1. It’s not crippling at all, it is innovative and intelligent to do it that way. Howie is very smart and I appreciate what he has done thus far…unlike that fraud Chip!

  14. ****Other NFL News****

    Cowboys DE Demarcus Lawrence Receives a 4 Game Suspension for failing his Drug Test (For Amphetamine Use).. Lawrence led the Cowboys with 8 Sacks last Season.. Add the 4 Game Suspension to DE Randy Gregory for Marijuana and letting DE Greg Hardy walk in Free-Agency leaves the Cowboys very thin at DE going into the 2016 Season with Jeremy Mincey about the only Player on their Roster at DE as a Pass-Rusher with NFL Experience… The Cowboys added former Eagle Cedric Thornton to play DT in their 4-3 Scheme and Benson Mayowa who has 2 Career Sacks
    so you can expect the Cowboys to Go DE Joey Bosa with their #4 Pick of the Draft out of Necessity..

          1. I was going to mention it yesterday but got lost in the shuffle with the big Trade .. Not to change Gears, But has anyone heard from that 20 Year Old Kid from the UK whose been feeding Koolbreeze the Bradford Story….

    1. Read that about an Hour ago, apparently he’s had some health issues as recent as last week where he was Hospitalized and had a to cancel a couple of Concerts while he was on the Road but stated he was ok and just battling the “flu”.. He was a Talented and Creative Musical Artist who was an exciting and energetic Performer…. RIP Prince at the age of 57 ..

  15. On CB Josh Norman News
    It appears the Jaguars, Raiders, Titans, 49ers , Bears & Cowboys all have Interest.. The Jags, Bears, Titans and 49ers have plenty of $$$ under the Cap to work with and just have to decide if he’s worth the Big Contract he’s looking for and the proper Fit for their Schemes, Locker Room, etc,etc

    The Panthers Offered a Long Term Deal worth in the $11-$12 Million Per Year Range per Reports, which was not acceptable to Norman and his Agents, so the Panthers decided to Move on and will address the CB Position in the Draft as well as whatever Free-Agents are out there…

  16. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports Sam Bradford is likely to request a trade out of Philadelphia.
    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that Bradford was angered to the point of being “hot” after the Eagles’ trade up to No. 2 overall, where they’re expected to draft Carson Wentz. Cole reports Bradford wants to play for a team “that is going to be invested in him long term.” The Eagles have already paid Bradford $11 million of his two-year, $36 million deal, and wound undoubtedly want an early-round pick in exchange, if not a first-rounder. Bradford’s best approach would be to turn in a career-best 2016 season, after which he could command enough compensation to make a trade worth the Eagles

    This stuff is too funny a reporter reporting someone is likely to do something. Lmfao. Sam ain’t doing that shit bc he knows nobody wants him. His last hope to have a starting future in the NFL is to finally shut the fuck up and prove it

  17. HAC,
    What’s the Story of a 16 Year Old Girl beaten to Death at a Wilmington,Del High School in a Fight this afternoon…

    1. It was this morning… The city of Wilmington is the most violent small city in America… They are doing a network series here called “murdertown”
      Kids in Wilmington settle things with violence and it’s been creeping into the schools since before I retired. It was only a matter of time, I’ve been involved in some big brawls but was never too afraid of weapons (I have heard here was a knife)…. Hey have no respect for life or the rule of law.
      Many have made claims about me and my views on race???in their mind justified and I’m ok with that… I’ve witnessed the determination of he neighborhood where I grew up to a place where no one would in their right minds would walk day or night…. Kids are killing each other yet when he cops show up no snitching and even when a cop shoots an armed man terrorizing a neighborhood they are met with more violence from the hood rats… Shame… Multiple generations are in complete despair with no end in sight….both sides of the issue need to sit at the table and GIVE in for a solution… I swear HAC could mediate, one side needs to acknowledge the impact of institutional racism and the other the impact of faster less generations….
      Sorry you asked and this incident struck me at the core

        1. It is an epidemic in this country and the national politicians say nothing the city politicians look to line their pockets with big money…. They take advantage of their uninformed, uneducated voting block…play disgusting racial politics… Meanwhile the city goes to shit…

            1. This is real criminal justice reform:
              After the Pentagon and World Trade Center Jet bombings, Congress passed the Patriot Act and a provision in the legislation allowed money to be tracked in banking system. They were searching for terrorist money. The DEA quickly started to use the Patriot Act to also track narcotic money profits in the banking systems. Then a funny thing happened, a massive withdraw of money left US Banks and headed off shore, fearful of being tracked. The DEA was about to solve the narcotic problem in the USA. They had a law to track the money flow. Congress buckled under lobbyist pressure and changed the Patriot Act to only allow “Terrorist Money to be tracked ” not narcotic money. The result 15 years later the USA has a Heroin, Meth and Cocaine epidemic. I believe the only way to help cities like Wilmington is to allow narcotic money to be tracked in the banking system and confiscated and Bank employees to be prosecuted as co-conspirators. I know the money will lead to the richest families in the world. The richest families over the last 400 years will be the same people running the narcotic business. Instead of profiting off Chinese drug addicts in Asia in the 18th and 19th century they are profiting off USA citizen drug addicts today.

          1. Forget about race Hac, not far from me in Jacksonville some idiot decided to kidnap and murder a Priest for his truck. A white guy did this again race doesn’t matter cities don’t matter it’s like EHL said its the total lack of respect that has taken over in this country. Total disregard for human life.

            1. Obviously. It is a problem of drugs, archaic drug laws and poverty… I was speaking directly about the state of Wilmingtonp to Paul’s question which is pretty well publicized to be a black on black murder capital. All blue collar jobs are gone, we build more prisons than schools…

              1. Blame it on the govt blame it on the politicians blame it on the laws all you want but at the end of the day it’s community problems and individuals making individual choices. I happen to have the ability to see these things first hand in the worst poverty stricken communities in philly. I see the successes and the failures first hand and see the individual choices that are being made on a daily basis that effects these comminities. It’s just as much a social problem if not more. You’re point about the richest people in the world controlling the drug world is a fact. It’s no coincidence heroin is everywhere and started being everywhere right after we invade Afghanistan. But shutting down the drug trade which would be relatively easy would create a whole world of new and probably worse set of problems

        2. That sucks to hear about.. Hopefully all the various parties, groups can come together soon, before there is no Town Left…

            1. Check out the Shenadoah Valley of Virginia..
              Harrisonburg, Staunton & Charlottesville are all nice College Towns that offer the 4 Seasons, a nice quality of life, great outdoors activities and stillwithin2-3 Hours of Richmond, DC,Balt and Gettysburg/Lancaster area ..

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