Thoughts On The Latest Eagles’ Draft Rumors

CarsonWentzatCombineRumor and speculation continues to surround the Philadelphia Eagles as draft day approaches.

Despite the L.A. Rams already making a deal for the top pick in the draft, the Birds are reportedly still in hot pursuit of a quarterback, currently negotiating with the Cleveland Browns for the second overall pick in the draft.

The latest rumored proposal has the Eagles shipping the eighth pick, both 2016 third rounders, and first and third round picks in 2017 to Cleveland for the second pick.

Here’s some of my takeaways from those rumors.

The Eagles Would Receive Very Little Impact From The 2016 Draft

Thanks to Chip Kelly’s Sam Bradford trade from last season, the Eagles were already going into this draft with low ammunition thanks to the lack of a second-round pick.

If the Eagles lose both third rounders along with the eighth pick to move up and get a quarterback, its going to mean that the team will receive very little significant impact from the 2016 class.

Carson Wentz/Jared Goff would sit on the bench for the majority of this season while Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel play things out, meaning that the second overall pick in this draft wouldn’t get a real shot to make a difference until 2017, at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the team would receive no further help at any other positions until the fourth round. That’s right, the top three rounds of the draft would provide the Eagles with no help to speak of.

The Eagles Could Forfeit A Potential Top-10 Pick Next Year To Make This Trade

With no significant help coming through the draft, if this trade were to go down, the Eagles would be very hard-pressed to improve in a number of key areas.

The team would likely be stuck with injury-prone Ryan Mathews as their top running back instead of adding Ezekial Elliot in round one. They’d have to count on an aging Jason Peters to make it through an entire season healthy and effective instead of replenishing the offensive line depth in round three.

Depth at corner, linebacker, and defensive line would all not be properly addressed either, leaving the team with a great deal of holes.

Given the fact that Doug Pederson is a rookie head coach taking over what was already a mediocre team, the lack of incoming talent in the draft could make it very hard for the team to win more than six games, meaning that next year’s forfeited first-round pick would also likely fall somewhere inside the top 10 in the draft.

Whether the Eagles draft a quarterback or not, they’ve already committed to Sam Bradford as their starter in 2016, and if he falters, they have too much money invested in Chase Daniel not to give him an opportunity either. The rookie quarterback will not play meaningful snaps until the Birds are well out of playoff contention.

So either way, this is a team that will finish somewhere between six and eight wins, and have another high draft pick next year.

Is it worth it to throw that away on iffy quarterback prospects this year, or have a little patience, let things play out with Bradford/Daniel, build up other positions this year, and make a run at a better prospect next year.

I’ll take the latter.

It’d be one thing if I thought Wentz or Goff were great prospects. While I like Wentz, I don’t think he’s worth the kind of package it would take to get him.

Put it this way, no team in the league has been more desperate to find a quarterback than the Cleveland Browns. They’ve drafted three guys (Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel) in the first round in the last 10 years. If they’re now passing up an opportunity to draft a supposed elite prospect with the second overall pick, that doesn’t exactly speak too well about the kind of prospects Wentz and Goff are.

Teams in need of a quarterback don’t pass on the opportunity to draft one. And if they do, there’s a good chance that said prospect is much more likely to be as successful as Robert Griffin instead of Andrew Luck…

177 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Latest Eagles’ Draft Rumors

  1. Two 1st round picks and the best interior defensive linemen in foot ball arguably, and even more draft picks more then likely for a rookie out of North Dakota state??

    What is wrong with u people?

    Bradford was on pace to throw for 28 tds and 8 ints 65% the year he got hurt in STL when he was getting comfortable with his knee. Add on the final 7 games of the sEason when he threw 10 tds with about 5 more dropped/called back bc of dumb penalty and he was looking like the guy who was gonna have a pro bowl year in 2013.

    Jesus. Build around the guy. Don’t mortgage ur future get rid of ur best talent on D for a rookie who played no one

    Christian H impressed coach dougie apparently during their workout. Take him in the 3rd with one of ur picks and call it a day if we’re gonna waste a pick on a qb this year.

    We should just draft a qb next season In the 2nd or 3rd and address other needs this year which are all over. DE, DT, LB, WR, LINEMEN.

    C`mon man…..

    1. they aren’t trading cox… no one wants him as part of a package for a top pick– no one!
      as for the bust possibility… we are already in qb hell shouldn’t we take a chance to get out????

        1. “Bradford was on pace to throw for 28 tds and 8 ints 65% the year he got hurt in STL when he was getting comfortable with his knee. ”

          No he wasn’t.

          Waqterford was able to benefit from facing 3 pathetic teams over the first 7 games. He threw 9 of his 14 tds against the 4-12 Falcons (at home) the 4-12 Jags and the 2-14 Texans. Against the other 4 teams that he he had a pathetic 5tds and 4ints (and -4 record of course).

          Had he played he would have been eaten up by the 2 seattles, Colts, Saints, SF and @Arizona that were coming up.

          Sammy Sideways had 3 good games against pathetic competition that inflated his numbers – have we seen this before??”
          ” Add on the final 7 games of the sEason when he threw 10 tds ”

          First of all….10 tds in 7 games is NOT IMPRESSIVE. He never once threw for more than 2 tds after week 5.

          And of that so super-amazing 10 tds. 2 were in the completely irrelevant last game when the Giants, who had a horrific defense to begin with, didn’t try. 1 in the last 4 mins of a 21 point blowout against the Skins, 1 in the 4th Q of a 27 pt beatdown vs Arizona.

          Those are the 10 ‘hollowest’ tds I’ve ever seen….racking up tds at the end of blowout losses or in meaningless final games when the other teams is already on the bus.

          What’s that? Good stats against pathetic competition that inflated his numbers – have we seen this before??

          Just stop already. Its pathetic.

  2. ow many SB’s being won by great Defenses does it take before it sinks in you can win with Trent Dilfer, Eli Manning, Doug Williams, Jim McMahon, etc.? Rodgers has as many SB’s as Joe Flacco and Jeff Hostetler. They all have one more than Dan Marino.

    The jury is out on Andrew luck but I admit he’s pretty damn good. But 8th overall, TWO 3rd rd. picks in a year where you have no 2nd rd. pick, and your #1 next year, which will be in the top 12 and another high 3rd rd pick? Is Andrew Luck worth that? Is Wentz ranked higher than Luck was?

    Andrew luck has feasted off the weakest divison in football like Peyton did the first few years in his career. He was guaranteed 6 wins right off the batt and only had to go a measly 5-5 to go 11-5 and make the playoffs. Do I think he sucks? No.

    He has no talent around him. No offense or running back that has eclipsed 100 yards in how many games? No offense or receiver help and does not have a defense at all to shout about. It doesn’t mean he sucks, it means his team does and that front office with grigson. Trading away first round picks for trent Richardson…lol

    A qb is only as good as his supporting cast.

    What if this kid who had how many(?) starts at North Dakota state, turns out top be Tim Couch? Then what do you do? Do the same thing all over again in 2019?

    1. Sams PR man… never heard such dribble– luck took over a 1-15 team and took them to the playoffs–
      as for the mortgage the future trade– i get it but without a QB you have nothing– as for him potentially being a bust– every player drafted has that potential…

  3. Remember guys, the Eagles are smarter than all of us..they will most likely mortgage the future on a QB that has the potential to be a bust! The Eagles would be in such better shape if they just stayed at #8 and draft the best player available, or trade back and acquire more picks. But, the Eagles will probably pull off some BS trade, and f**k for another 5 + yrs..

  4. Don’t forget that the Eagles were very active in Free-Agency Singing 2 OL in Brooks/Wisnewski to take over the Guard Positions
    They Signed 2 WR’s to give them solid #3 & # 4 options and they also Signed 3 Defensive Players who are familiar with Schwartz Schemes in McKelvin, Brooks & Bradham along with sign Safety McLeod & Resigning CB Nolan Carroll

    Where are any 2016 Draft Picks going to play from Day 1 ?
    Even if Eagles Draft OT Stanley or Conklin, they are not playing in 2016 unless an injury ova curs to Peters/Johnson??
    The only Draft Pick from this Class who could potentially make an impact would be RB Z Elliot since Ryan Matthews cannot be counted on.. Thats about it .. Any 3rd/4th Round Selections will be competing as /Rotational at Best but most likely Backups/Special Teams whether they are OL, RB, WR,CB.LB or DL

    1. pman, do not forget about G Malcom Bunche. I believe he will be challenging for that LG the very least he will be the 1st back up G in the rotation.

      1. Yes, Malcolm Bunche, Brett Boyko, & Josh Andrews will compete with Wisnewski & Brooks

        Barbree & Gardner & Tobin & Kelly and Draft Pick will compete as Back-Ups to Lane Johnson and Jason Peters..

        Don’t be surprised to see former Alabama Center Barrett Jones shine this Camp at Center & Guard… Jones played for Alabama and was Coach by Jeff Stoudtland .. Jones was a 4th Round Draft Pick by the Rams in 2013 and started some Games before Injury and was a late season pick-up last year by the Eagles — At 6-4 310lbs, Barrett Jones has the Size/Power that Kelce lacks and which Doug Pederson will like… Doug Pederson, similar to AR likes his OL to be Big,Nasty and still light on their Feet and not as finesse and proto-type super athlete as Chip Kelly did..

        1. I forgot about Barret Jones. I am not a big Jason Kelce fan because i do not think he possess the power to hold his own. Finesse will not get it done in the trenches. If Barret Jones can come in and perform better than Kelce, then sit Jason.

          1. Guess what Team needs a Center really bad … that’s right the Cleveland Browns who lost their Center Alex Mack in Free-Agency..
            Could Center Kelce be a Part of a Deal Offer to the Browns…

            Eagles Starting 2016 OL (from L to R)
            Jason Petes,Brandon Brooks, Barret Jones, Steve Wisnewski, Lane Johnson ..

            This would be a much bigger and more physical Group that suits both HC Doug Pederson and OL Coach Jeff Stoutland’s Philosophy..

            Chip Kelly Had OL Coach Jeff Stoutland Coaching Pulling Techniques which is not what he did at Alabama.. Those OL while he was there were Maulers and the not the Finesse Schemes that Chip Kelly ran with his “Horizontal Rushing Attack” …

            1. nah they got their center

              Sophomore C Cameron Erving said he is approaching this offseason as if he is Alex Mack’s replacement.
              With Mack gone to Atlanta, Erving is the logical next man up at center. The No. 19 overall pick last year, Erving was dreadful at both guard spots as a rookie, but the Browns will hope a full NFL offseason and a switch to his natural position will lead to improvement. Having lost Mack and RT Mitchell Schwartz, Cleveland’s offensive line took a step back this offseason. Apr 19 – 11:55 AM
              Source: Nate Ulrich on Twitter

              1. Cam Erving may project as a Better RT than Center at the NFL Level
                He played all 5 OL Positions at Florida State and was probably best at Center and RT… Is he headsy enough to handle the calls, lining up teammates, etc,etc that NFL Centers are required to do, is the big question …

  5. I have no problem trading many draft picks for a Ferrari. Goff is significantly better than Wentz in my humble opinion, but Goff is closer to a Lexus. Wentz is a real nice prospect that has a better chance to fail than succeed just to be a starting caliber QB. I will be sick if they make a huge package to go up to pick 2.
    Wentz did start last year with 2 losses and got hurt. His backup won 7 straight to keep them in the playoff hunt. Is that kid a pro QB? What about the NDSU State QB that won the 3 previous championships before Wentz, Where is he?
    This isn’t the year of great QB’s, there is plenty of talent at other positions out there that the Eagles need.

    1. I trust paid professional scouts and talent evaluators and they have wentz & goff every bit as talented as marriota & Jamis. People act like like last years top 2 qbs were a luck type prospect. They weren’t and had warts. I’m not sold Winston is a quality qb but what I love about him is he is a leader of men on the field.

      Similarly I love wentz for who he is and what he is made of. The kid is humble and all about working. He is strong and fearless he loves being a teammate , loves pumping his guys up on and off the field. He is the anti Sam. Sam comes to philly looking like a wimpy out of shape ball boy. You don’t see or here about him off the field. You see no fire from Sam on the sidelines. Sam just seems like a guy that plays qb (poorly at that) he isn’t a leader or qb off the field. I want my qb to be a leader on and off the field and to have supreme confidence in his guys not be a nice dry guy with no fire. Sam is a loser man I fkn hate everything about that ball boy

      1. And now we read about the great Ertz and matthews “visiting” Bradford this spring.

        And it was Matthews who called up Bradford and basically invited himself and Ertz over to Waterford’s house. (from SBs own words). And what did they do? They “hung out” playing vids and “getting to know each other”

        Well, Kumbaya.

        Throwing? Well, that will be “nice” to do in the summer…”maybe”.

        Does this sound like a guy being given his last chance, after being traded from his first team, handed a no confidence one-year deal, and standing among swirling rumours about his replacement???

        The guy was about to retire 14 months ago, and his heart isn’t in it.

        1. yea that ertz, matthews, bradford camp was laughable… seemed forced… the real qbs and leaders are inviting (not being invited) all their playmakers for intense workouts… you never questioned mcnabbs desire to win and compete at the highest level b/c of the work he put in, how he invited all his teammates out and had the stars of the nfl there with them working their asses off to build them up, gel as a team, learn new shit, focus on working their asses off to be in top shape come camp… this shit in oklahoma was a joke

        2. Even Mark Sanchez invited the Broncos receivers out to practice with him. I thought Bradford invited those guys out to his place..leadership indeed!

  6. I just love this “they’re going after a top QB” narrative.

    Doug is Andy 2.0, so were now taking it way back, Andy got his QB in Donovan early on, now Doug is looking to get his QB the first year in.

    This was expected but still very fascinating.

    If Bradford struggles, like in the case with Doug, Wentz (or Goff) will be put in..

    I hope Bradford succeeds with us because that means we’re succeeding as a team..but man I’d love to have that franchise qb for the future..

    I really like Wentz

  7. What a team though eh?

    Mike Mamula, Williams vs McNabb, the fireman, rats at the Vet, McDougle, they’re coming to rape your wives and girlfriends, Mike Vick, coach’s kids dealing and dying, Howie vs Kelly, situps, for who for what, team moving to Phoeinix, team moving to LA, puking in the SB, wide nine, Santa Clause, kitchen sink for Mariotta, Wentz v Goff, toxic front office, getting rid of all the good black players, Riley Cooper, Smokescreens, time’s yours, Pederson’s extramarital affairs, stadium courthouses, “franchise” qbs given 1 year deals,

    Does any other franchise deal with this shit? Seriously? The Eagles are a never ending soap opera. Its unbelievable really. And I don’t know if its the media, or the FO, or some combination of both, but its an endless barrage of toxic news and rumours and.

    I still question if a team can function properly in an environment like the one that surrounds the Birds. This happens to no other team on the scale it does with the Philadelphia Eagles.


      1. I think we are trading up now no smoke screen, as soon as I saw the frame work is in place for eagles on draft day to get the 2nd pick, it will get done,the next two years the eagles will build thru free agency, its gonna happen, I feel it now, gloomy u can be happy

  8. Carson Wentz is overrated and a very huge risk. The guy has only played in 23 games at Division 1-AA. Does he have all the physical tools…sure..but the NFL’s history is filled with guys who had all of the ‘physical tools’ and were flat out busts.
    To take a kid in the top ten of the draft, based on how good of interview he is, how he looked in shorts or on a limited Senior Bowl is simply ridiculous.
    What is this kid’s football character?
    Not his character in the ‘locker room’, his ‘interaction with teammates…I’m talking about his character when he is smacked hard by one of those NFL defensive lineman at NFL speed. How about when the defenses are swirling around him…will this kid be able to recover when he is shook up? Will he lose his confidence.
    With this kid we have absolutely nothing that even gives us the slightest hint about that at all…maybe he has it…maybe he doesn’t!
    What can we look at from Wentz that tells us that this kid can run a west coast offense? Where you have to be able to sit in the pocket under a pass rush go through progressions and hit a receiver accurately.
    Scouts looking at the kid say one of his weaknesses was holding the ball a little too long not going through his progressions
    Again…MAYBE the kid can do all of this…MAYBE but it is a huge risk and one that I’m not taking and it doesn’t make sense for the Eagles to take that risk either!

    1. What can we look at from Wentz that tells us that this kid can run a west coast offense? Where you have to be able to sit in the pocket under a pass rush go through progressions and hit a receiver accurately.

      You talk such BS koolbreeze… The beauty of the WCO is that it matches the quarterback’s feet to the receiver’s route… Every pass is a timing route. There is no sitting in the pocket waiting for receivers to get open….

      We don’t know if the kid will be a good NFL quarterback. We don’t know if the Eagles even want him…We can only hope that the people evaluating talent pick the right player to draft…

      1. We don’t know if Zeke, Ramsey, Tunsil, Jack or any of the guys in the top 10 will be able to play at the level they are expected to in the NFL…plenty of so called can’t miss prospects missed. It’s all a gamble.

        1. if ya got all the tools, with 4.0 smarts to boot, and youre a dual threat qb and you work your ass off so much so youre now in position to go 1st or 2nd in the NFL draft coming out of North Dakota im pretty sure every fuckin box is checked

  9. “Carson Wentz is overrated and a very huge risk.”

    “Does he have all the physical tools…sure”


  10. the kid is a built like a linebacker not like a highschool waterboy like sam, he aint gonna be scared in nobodies pocket thats for damn sure

    1. The Kid (Wentz) is a Winner, I would take my Chances on Trading up to get him.. When you look at it, the NFC Conference is in a Transition right now with the Top Teams Seahawks,Panthers,Cardinals still getting used to handling the Bulls-Eye, the fame and expectations and contract squabbles that arise from Super Bowl contending Teams …
      The Packers have taken a Step Back and Aaron Rodgers is another Year Old… The Saints are rebuilding arounf an aging Drew Brees and the 49ers are really rebuilding….
      Teams on the Rise are Vikings, Redskins & TB Bucs

      Why not roll the Dice in a Weak 2016 Draft Class and Take a Shot on a Future Franchise QB.. They have Bradford who they can Trade next Off-Season to get something back and Chase Daniels to help mentor,back-up the Young Wentz…
      What’s to lose if Eagles Win 6-8 Games Under Wentz in his first Year opposed to Winning 7-9 Games under Sam Bradford ?
      New Coach with Pederson and Staff… Go get who he believes in for the long-term which is not Sam Bradford… If Roseman already had that Deal with Dolphins (Alonso/Maxwell) to get all the way to #8, the Eagles likely would not have even re-signed Sam Bradford, but that’s water under on the Ben Franklin Bridge now ..

  11. 4.0 student
    has all the physical tools
    work out warrior
    loves the game of football
    loves his teammates and loves pumping them up
    photographic memory
    well spoken


    1. LOL….Mid-November and Sam Bradford is admitting he still couldn’t figure out the difference between the “S” and the “2”…and Koolidiot is worried about Wentz running an offence????

  12. I have no Problem with the Eagles going all In for QB Wentz this Draft…
    I am not a Jared Goff Fan and would not go all in for him, but for Wentz, yes
    I would so as long as the Rams Select Goff then the Eagles are good to go…
    I see only the 49ers Moving up and screwing this up for the Eagles but they still have the Kaerpernick Issue and must move him first by Trade to someone.. The Jets may end up with him for chump change…

    1. Kaepernick – Or to the Bills who would love to have him and reunite with OC Greg Roman…

  13. Listening to 97.5, Cleveland reporter Tony Grossi who covers the Browns is saying that the Eagles have offered the Browns a 1 and 3 this year, and a 1 and 3 in 2017. He states that the Browns really do want to get out of 2nd pick, but they are mulling the trade offer over and waiting to see if another team comes with a better offer. Trade may happen before draft..depending on interest. Grossi further states that he does not believe the cowboys or 49ers are interested in trading up into the number two spot.

    1. That isn’t as bad as the original report–
      There is a chance he is bust but at some point when you are in position to get a QB who you like… do it.. just do it– get a 4th for sam







        1. I surely did, feels good to join the wentz train, but truly when I saw that word frame work in a report today I knew it was getting done

  16. What they gave up not too terrible either….

    Swap firsts this year. + a 3rd and a 4th.
    Next year a 1st, but get back a 4th
    A 2nd in 2018

    Now trade away Sideways for another 4th or something (fingers crossed).

    1. agree vin. not deferring that 2nd until 2018 is huge!!!!!!!! can easily find a way to get that back. imo we didnt give up too much at all. still have a 3rd this year… next year only impacting us 1 round same the following…howie will get that back anyways… only thing i dont like is the browns likely will have 2 top 10 picks next year

          1. No Guarantee in moving Sam Bradford, in fact most Teams by this late in the Off-Season do not have Cap Space to take on Bradford’s Current Contract or at lest the Broncos and NY Jets don’t ..
            I expect the Bradford plays the Good Soldier for he’s getting paid a ton to do so and plays 2016 and then gets traded after the 2016 Season for a mid-round Draft Pick based on how he plays, etc,etc..
            A Wildcard Team could now be the 49ers who won’t be getting Goff or Wentz and really have too toxic of a situation to have Kaepernick return
            The 49ers have 12 Draft Picks in the 2016 Draft, maybe if the 49ers can move Kaerpernick to the Broncos/Jets, then the Eagles can move Bradford to the 49ers for a 3rd and 6th Round PIck or something..
            Then the Eagles can go into the 2016 with Chase Daniels as Starter with Wentz waiting in the Wings…..

            Anyone see or check in on Koolbreeze…

  17. I wasn’t too far off in the Trade Compensation

    Eagles Give up in 2016 #8th (1st), #77 (3rd) & #100th (4th)
    2017 – 1st Rounder
    2018 – 2nd Rounder

    Eagles Receive the #2 Overall Pick in 2016 Draft
    and the Browns 4th Round Pick in 2017 (which should be in the 104-108th Range)

    The Eagles Offered WR Josh Huff and the Browns said No Huff

  18. Pederson will have his QB just as Reid had McNabb. Lurie has clearly been trying to return to the Reid recipe. Howie will need to be held accountable for the players chosen and the moves made. Hopefully the birds will not have a draft pick within the top 10 for many many years to come, so now was the time to make a move to get a franchise QB. I have no idea if one of these guys can be a franchise QB, but no doubt the birds are putting in the time to be sure. Ultimately, the trade seemed like a decent deal for both sides. Let’s try and get something for Bradford and let Daniel play the part of Pederson in the recreation of Reid’s plan.

    GO BIRDS!!!

    1. Wentz is no McNabb..trying to ‘recreate’ stuff is foolish

      To give up all of the draft picks also hurts…especially giving up a first round pick next year because if Sam Bradford gets hurt and the Eagles lose a bunch of games that pick can be another top ten pick!

      Its stupid…its dumb

      Its ridiculous!!

      1. Lol songs… you are predicting that Sam was going to get hurt? Too funny.

        The fact is, that the odds that the Eagles would have a draft pick this high any time soon was not good. The division that they play in stinks, and with Schwartz running the defense, this team will be better in the long run. This was the year to make a move, and they did.

        The fact that you cannot see the similarity to Reid’s first season tells me that you cannot be intellectually honest on any level.

    1. Big don’t sour all day…..we didn’t give up much when u think about it, pretty much a 3 Rd this yr and 1st next year and 2nd in 2018, Howie will get that back in 2018

  19. They are wrong…they have fucked up

    If we were going to go in…next year would have been better…

    This is a sucker move…and dumb move and we will regret this day for years to come…

  20. So LLCB ties up millions at the RB position and here comes Howie the snake to undo that and tie up millions at the QB position. Gotta love this damn team.

    1. Who can they not afford to sign this year because of the QB money? who is out there? If they don’t trade sideways then his number comes off the books next year. And his number next year makes him more attractive to potential bidders.

    2. Big,
      Honestly its a million times better strategy to tie up all that money in QB’s than it is with RB… look what we got for Bums like Kolb in trade value.. even Sanchez we recouped a pick for. We can probably unload Bradford for a pick this year or next year.

      RB which is purely predicated by the O-line, is maybe the worst position to tie up millions to. It showed that Chip really had no idea what he was doing.

  21. A lot of guys on here said you can get running backs in any round. I hope y’all right lets get that 4th round back.

  22. It’s not like I’m a bad fan of wentz. I actually stated about a month or two ago the more and more I watch him the more I like him and think he will be a great quarterback.

    But instead of taking an impact player on defense such as defensive tackle cornerback or a pass-rusher or even a Elliott to help us win in 2016, we took a reach quarterback by forfeiting more draft picks in the top rounds. If we’re wrong this could really really set us back for years.

    The good news about this situation is that Wentz is going to be able to learn for a season or two. He is a bright guy and has never had a b in school.

    I pray to God that we chose correctly and that Carson ends up being a pro bowl-caliber quarterback

    Go Eagles

  23. New Eagles Mock Draft after Browns Trade (Version #1)

    1st Rd – #2 – QB Carson Wentz (N Dakota State)
    3rd Rd – #79 – OLB – Jordan Jenkins (Georgia 6-3 259lbs)
    5th Rd – #153 – CB – Zach Sanchez (Oklahoma 5-11 190lbs)
    5th Rd – #164 – DT – DJ Reader (Clemson 6-3 325lbs)
    6th Rd – #188 – OT – Willie Beavers (Western Michigan 6-5 320lbs)
    7th Rd – #233 – DE – Drew Ott (Iowa 6-4 275lbs coming off Knee Injury)
    7th Rd – #251 – ILB – Josh Forest (Kentucky 6-3 249lbs)

    RB – Brandon Wilds – (South Carolina – 6-1′ – 220lbs)
    RB – Peyton Barber – (Auburn 5-10 220lbs)
    WR – Paul McRoberts – (SE Misouri State 6-2 205lbs)
    WR – Bralon Addison – (Oregon 5-9 198lbs)
    TE – Jake McGee – (Florida 6-5 250lbs)
    FB – Quayvon Hicks – (Georgia 6-1 255lbs)

      1. The Good RB’s will be gone by the 4th Round …
        Unless the Eagles use their #79 Pick to Draft a Alex Collins, Paul Perkins,Kid from Cal, etc,etc..

        But the 2017 Draft is big time loaded with RB’s … Eagles will have to get thru the 2016 Season with a RB Group by Committee…

        Look at 2017 RB Draft Class
        Lawrence Fournette – LSU
        Dalvin Cook – Fla State
        Nick Chubb – Georgia
        Samaje Perine – Nebraska
        Royce Freeman – Oregon
        Elijah Hood – UNC
        Corey Clement – Wisconsin
        James Connor – Pitt
        Kareem Hunt – Toledo
        Justin Davis – Southern Cal

  24. NFL Mock Top #10 Draft after Trades

    #1) – Rams – QB J Goff (California)
    #2) – EAGLES – QB C Wentz (N Dakota St)
    #3) – SD Chargers – DB J Ramsey (Fla State)
    #4) – Cowboys – DE J Bosa (Ohio State)
    #5) – Jaguars – OT L Tunsil (Ole Miss)
    #6) – Ravens – OT R Stanley (Notre Dame)
    #7) – 49ers – DL Deforest Buckner (Oregon)
    #8) – Browns – RB Zeke Elliot (Ohio State)
    #9) – TB Bucs – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson)
    #10) – NY Giants – OT Jack Conklin (Mich State)

  25. From the Rams Camp, they are 98% in Favor for Goff as they have been Tracking him for 2 Years per Sources close to the Team…
    They are back in LA with a Fresh Clean Start and Goff’s a California Kid all the way with the marketing campaign already under way… Goff was asked to carry the U of California Offense on his Shoulders and sling the Ball 40 Times per Game, He will not be asked to carry the Rams offense as it will be built around RB Todd Gurley…

    Eagles Will look to have Bradford/Daniel Start and Play the 2016 Season with Carson Wentz learning behind them and maybe gets in a few Games late in the Season depending how the Eagles are doing.. The Eagles have Bradford under Contract for 2017 Season as well and can trade him Now, Draft Weekend, This Summer is another Teams has a QB injury or let him Play in 2016 with hopes that he plays well and helps increase his Trading Value next Off-Season where the Eagles could get back a Draft Pick or 2..
    Chase Daniels is the Back-Up/Mentor QB – Coach on the Field for as long as Doug Pederson remains the Coach in Philly so he’s not going anywhere
    If Eagles receive a nice Offer for Bradford now and between Draft Weekend, I am sure they would accept it and move on from him.. I just don’t see much activity around the NFL for Sam Bradford this late in the Game..
    Absorbing his large Contract to Teams Salary Caps is going to be difficult to do this late in the Off-Season and just before the Draft

    There could be a couple of Players under Contract who could be traded for some Mid-Round Picks .. maybe a Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin, Ryan Matthews as a possibility.. Heck could a Fletcher Cox be moved for Multiple Picks when he’s coming up on a Big Contract Deal ??
    Would the Cowboys and Jerry Jones or the Tennessee Titans Give up a 2nd Round Pick in 2016 and a 2nd Round Pick in 2017 for Fletcher Cox … Would it be a smart move by the Eagles to Trade to your Rival Cowboys…. Cox is from Mississippi, both the Cowboys & Titans have a desperate need at DT
    Just a thought …

    1. You love trading Fletcher Cox. NO way the Eagles trade him to the Cowboys. That is laughable. With Braford gone next year, they will have a large savings on their QBs for the next couple of years which equals money for Cox.

    2. No trading Cox to the Cowboys. To the Titans maybe but I think they do want to keep him.

      Bradford to the Jets for a 2nd and Wilkerson???

      Nick Foles as the 3rd QB once released by LA?

      Bradford should be on the phone to Elway begging for a chance in Denver.

      1. It would be a great move for Denver. Sam is enough for them to be in contention again next year. Money might be a difficult swing for them though. No way you are getting a 2nd round pick for him though.

        1. The Bronco’s don’t have the Cap Space to Fit Bradford
          The Jets do only if they don’t resign Franchise Tag DT M Wilkinson but then the Eagles wouldn’t be able to afford both DT’s Wilkinson & Cox come next Year so that doesn’t make really.
          A 2nd Round Pick from Denver is the #63 Pick and basically a 3rd Round Grade Player

      1. Cowboys,Titans, whoever gives you the Best Deal..
        Look I like Fletcher Cox and even called for the Eagles to Draft him with their Top Pick some 4 Years Ago, but is any DT Worth a 5-6 Deal of $100 Million + and a Guaranteed of $50-$60 Million ?? Reggie White… JJ Watt, Yes..
        Fletcher Cox … Sorry But No…..

  26. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff have the same agent. The Eagles found out from the agent that the Rams are taking Goff. The Eagles know that Wentz will be available and he was their guy ever since they had that smokescreen…umm..I mean dinner!

    1. Rams Coach Jeff Fisher is close to Doug Pederson and told him and Roseman that the Rams Plans were to take Goff… The Eagles pounced …

      1. Agreed. Whichever one the Broncos want, you should trade because there is no reason to keep Bradford and Daniels now. Wentz should be the starter next season.

        1. Let him sit his first Season and learn behind Daniels which is why Pederson brought Daniels to Philly in the first place …
          Don’t ruin Wentz the way the Texans ruined David Carr by throwing him out there before he was ready or before the Team had some players on that side of the Ball…
          If it takes a Season, then it takes a Season, we are talking about the Future Face of the Franchise for the next 10-12-14 Years, and there is little need to rush him out there in 2016 if he’s not ready to play yet…

            1. Next Football Season is this Football Season which is upcoming in September 2016
              Do you want Wentz to Start in 2016 or to Sit the 2016 Season and learn and Wait until 2017 ?

          1. Bull! p-man

            There is no reason at all to have this kid sitting on the bench all season

            You are drafting this guy at the No#2 spot and moved up to get him…so you dont believe he’s David Carr you think he’s in the Mariotta, Jamison Winston, Andrew Luck talent range… and you didn’t just draft him you gave up a bunch to get him…

            You cant sit him on the bench…you got to get his ass on the field.

            McNabb learned by taking his lumps on the field…

            He has to play. You have to get rid of Bradford… Let Chase start a few games and then throw the kid in there…let him take his lumps early. so when next year comes along he is ready to take the team into the playoffs.

            He has to learn on the job…he has to play…you cant sit him on the bench to learn

            1. How many Weeks did D McNabb sit and learn behind Doug Pederson in 1999 before Starting any Games in his Rookie Season??

              1. McNabb played in the second game of the season at halftime when Pederson stunk…he was getting some reps as Pederson’s backup…McNabb started in 6 games that year…but he was getting playing time when Pederson stunk.
                This is the situation we need for Wentz…let Daniels start and when he stinks we let Wentz play and develop…take some lumps. Let the kid get plenty of pre-season snaps…what’s the point of having Bradford stick around?

            2. Lol, they can do it, and they will do it. I posted last month that the Eagles were in a perfect position to draft a QB in the first round as Sam Bridgeford…I mean Bradfraud, oops I mean Bradford will be the bridge QB and Daniels will groom the QB. I was correct.

              1. Eaglehaslanded
                March 10, 2016 – 9:02 pm

                Profile photo of Eaglehaslanded

                The Eagles are perfectly set to take a QB at 8. They have Bradford as the competitive QB to hold things down until he is gone, then you have Daniel to teach the rook the offense. No player the Eagles draft at 8 is going to get them to the playoffs..that falls on Bradford. The o line will be better and the receivers should not have a worse year than last. It would ha e been a disaster if we took Manziel..but I said he could not play….Wentz and Goff can play in this league, and a couple of years of watching will only help like it did for Aaron Rodgers. Just because Johnny football( the disaster you liked) blew up in your face does not mean that other QB’s will suffer the same fate. The fact is kool whether you like it or not the Eagles have to draft a realistic possible QB of the future..and that is not a late round prospect. Bradford can be cut after this year…the Eagles have to have a viable option in the wings to be the franchise QB, i.e. long term solution.


                March 11, 2016 – 12:15 am

                Profile photo of koolbreeze

                EHL…the Eagles are not wasting a high pick on Wentz , Goff, or Lynch…that would be the height of foolishness. They grabbed Daniels to protect against injury to Bradford…the thing Bradford has to prove is can he stay healthy. If he stays healthy he is your franchise QB and the Eagles are trying to win…now…
                If a QB they like …I’m hearing they like Dak Prescott …is available in the 4th or 5th round…they will take a flier on him and let him learn…but spending a high draft pick at #8 on one of these low rated QB is simply ridiculous.
                If Bradford stays healthy…and that is a big if…but if he stays healthy and the Eagles make the playoffs over the next couple of years he will be resigned to another big mega deal
                Book it!
                EHL, theJohnny Manziel argument is lame…he would have been a good pick and fit in the Eagles offense under Chip Kelly…but no one can predict a guy being an alcoholic..are you going to set here and tell me that you have been %100 right on every prospect that you predicted could play?
                You and I know that’s bullshit and no one on here is right all of the time.

                None of the Qb’s in this draft are projected as ‘cant-miss’ prospects…these guys are not in the class of an Andrew Luck, Mariotta, or Winston…none of them…Bradford is the franchise QB and they got Daniels as the backup and insurance against Bradford getting hurt…and they will pick up .
                Face…and let it go…Bradford is the guy…bottom line and the only thing that will probably get him out of the job is injury. Short of that he is going to play, he will play well…the question is will the other aspects of the team perform on a high level…We win the division this year…Bradford takes us to the playoffs…he will get a new megacontract…

                Book it!…just like I told you and predicted all along…

              2. McNabb didn’t Start his First Eagles Game until Nov 14th of 1999 (Week #11 is Rookie Season) as he wasn’t ready yet.. When AR felt that he was ready, then he Played..

  27. Bronco’s have approx $7 Million of Cap Space..
    Remember they wanted Kapernick if he would re-do his Contract and he refused to do so and 2016 Kapernick’s Deal is less than Bradford’s


  29. Sam Bradford’s Contract per Spotrac who Follows all NFL Teams and Players Contracts – 2 Years for $35 Million with $22 Million Guaranteed

    2016 – $7 Million Salary+ $5.5 Million Signing Bonus = $12.5 Million
    2017 – $13 Salary + $5.5 Sign Bonus + $4 Roster Bonus = $22.5 Million

    When Trading in the NFL, the Team Receiving a Player must be able to Fit their “Current Deal” under their Own Salary Cap before they can do a Re-Structure, perhaps a Player can Restructure with his Current Team first before being Traded to his New Team… As of now, the Broncos cannot add Sam Bradford to their Roster based on their Current Salary Cap and Sam Bradford’s $12.5 Million that’s owed to him in 2016

    Where are you coming up with costing only $1.5 Million to any Team who wants to Obtain Sam Bradford…

    1. Overthecap dot com shows what would be on Eagles books if they trade Bradford. If they trade him 11 mill stays on Eagles books and 1.5 comes off. Logically that 1.5 would have to go to the new team. No way double postings would be allowable. But I believe Howie, he isn’t going anywhere. There’s no rush everyone including the birds front office knows chase can’t play. They’ll let wentz learn and study and pray Sam proves himself and has trade value next year.

      1. So your Saying a Team would only have to Pay $1.5 Milion of the $12.5 Millionthat is Owed to Sam Bradford in 2016$
        His Salary is $7 Million for 2016, the Season hasn’t started, the Eagles would not pay that if he’s Traded before the Season Starts, his new Team would be responsible for that??
        I suggest you check out and look under Sam Bradford ..

        1. No I’m not saying what Denver would have to pay Sam which is irrelevant. I’m telling you SAMs cap number if traded is 1.5 mill for the team that acquires him for this year… His cap number is 12.5 this year if they trade him it goes to 11 mill and the acquiring team has a 1.5 cap hit.

  30. They have to trade Bradford…..

    How the hell do you let a guy sit on the bench that you not only draft at the #2 spot but you gave up a bunch to move up and get him?

    Making this move you may as well eat the $11 million and get something for him since he is healthy.

    Why should Sam give a damm and be all that motivated to “prove” himself and up his ‘trade value”?? He probably thinks the Eagles undermined him and did him dirty. Sam should be thinking well…”well why did you bring me back if you were going after a Qb…why not just let Chase Daniels be the spot holder and let me sign somewhere else in free agency.?”

    And now I’m read reports where Howie Roseman asked Ray Didinger who they should draft???? WTF??????

    Your GM is asking media guys who they should get in the draft???

    I hope I’m wrong and that Wentz is the superstar QB that the Hate-Sam Club is predicting…he better be…or we maybe in big trouble

    1. He should be motivated because after his abismal career he better show up this year or he may not see another deal

    2. Ray did is in the NFL hof and well respected throughout the league. a good gm asks everyone qualified available for their opinions and you’d be a damn fool not to listen to the jaws and diddys of the world if you got their ear , tug on it!!! Wtf you think gms do? Think they’re gods and don’t listen to other qualified people’s opinions?

    3. Ray Diddy talked about that on the Mike and Ike show today. He stated that Howie was just being polite. Ray also said that when he told Howie that he liked Goff, Howie gave him a look like nope…he is not our guy. It was tongue and cheek moment…relax kool!

    4. Hey stupid why would sam be asking those questions? It takes two signatures to validate a contract and one of them was his….he is a bright guy…he wouldn’t be asking the same stupid questions you are…

  31. “He should be motivated because after his abismal career he better show up this year or he may not see another deal”

    With $22 million guaranteed after he has already gotten $75 million…I suspect he’s not too worried about a career move.

    You got get rid of Bradford, eat the $11 million and let Chase Daniels start the first 5 or 6 games and then let the kid play. Let him take his lumps, he’s your franchise Qb…letting him sit a year and learn by watching as a third string while he’s not getting the reps is ridiculous..

    I just hope that he is better than what I think he is…I smell a bust…and I hope I’m wrong!!

    1. I agree on get rid of Sam but at the same time standing pat and showcasing Sam would work for me if he can perform and get us a 3 or 2 or better next year while the kid learns. Imo I have no problem with Eagles thinking Sam gives us best chance to win now and to play for the nfc east this year while the future waits and learns – no rush for me I want the kid to have a 15 year career here so no rush…

      Regarding Sam at 75 mill well if he performs well and can get himself a new long term deal that could double his net worth yea he’d be thrilled I’m sure. Unless he’s some complacent weirdo that doesn’t even like the game…

    2. No you don;t. You hope you\’er right.

      You’ve already announced:
      “I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt….but I smell a bust!”

      “He’s not ready to play – get him on the field right away!!”

      Too funny.

      You must HATE how I was right about everything in the last month.

      1 – that the Rams traded up for California boy Goff (when everyone was saying Wentz)
      2 – That The 22 mill to Waterford was the Eagles simply paying a 2.1 mill premium over the 19.9 franchise tag to control his rights next year…so that when he has a career year, gets to .500 and throws more than 20 tds (hopefully) the birds will be able to trade him next year for a 4th or something

      So now, understand,

      There is a chance Bradford gets traded this pre-season. It doesn’t matter much…Daniels…Bradford…who cares.

      Next year is a “learning” year. New O, new D, new QB, new RB, 6 (or whatever) new free agents.

      Waterford will probably be the QB to hold the fort for 2-14 games.
      The young team will learn the ropes
      Wentz will be put in for the final 4-6 games when the season is over and the pressure of the stupid expectations idiots like you have will have diminished. His goal will be to improve each week, and not win games.

      Year 2 will be a “growing pains” year

      Year 3 will be the “lets go” year.

      So when you say, “I’ll give him a chance” you better be thinking that “chance” lasts till 2018, because that’s the “chance” the Eagles are going to give him.

      1. Bull…you were right about nothing…

        You wanted Nick Foles back here…

        What the Eagles did makes no sense and you know it…

        You predicted that the Eagles would let Bradford walk…

        You were wrong I was right

        I predicted that Bradford would be the starter…and they have guaranteed him $22 million to do so…

        Doing that and giving up a picks to move up in the draft makes no sense…it wasn’t the move you predicted at all, Vinniedafoolass…dont try to collect off what you didn’t call for…

        Now its a new situation…the Eagles have cast their lot…

        Howie Roseman got Ray Diddy view and he and Lurie have made a dumb ass move…

        Now that they have made that move they now have to play the kid…no damm waiting until 2018…that’s ridiculous.

        When you pick a QB in the top ten you are saying that the kid is ready to start for you-NOW…will he have some lumps, of course, but we will be looking for some good plays and improvement

        Mariotta started for the Titans in the first year

        RGIII started for the Redskins in the first year and led them to the playoffs

        You have veterans on the offensive line…you decided to keep some older experienced players…

        Drafting the kid this high means he can play…last year in Mariotta’s and in Winston’s first year we know that they can play…ignoring the records of the Titans and Tampa Bay…we know that they both have good young QB’s.

        We dont have to wait for 2018 to find out if Wentz can play…

        We need to see that next year!

        So get his ass on the field and let him learn on the job…

        1. Washington nor the Titans had an average QB that was scheduled to earn 22 mil to start in place of RG 3 or Mariota. Follow the $, and that money is for 1 year. Nobody else is going to take on that albatross of a contract for an average wereright, Samwill be the QB this happy, it’s what you bragged about and wnted..well you got it…Enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

  32. You have to develop a young QB on the field…especially when you draft him as the No#2 pick and give up a bunch to get him. He needs to start developing a with the receivers you have on the team Zach Ertz, Matthews and Agholor…
    This has to be Wentz’s team now…no waiting a year for him to sit around …if he is worth the second pick in the draft and what you gave to get him…he should play now and let him win the division for us.
    When have you ever seen a guy drafted as the No#2 pick in the draft, when a team moves up to get him-sit on the bench for a year?? If he was drafted 24th or in the second round…yes…but when you draft a guy that high…he has to play

    Let the kid develop by playing, by getting reps, by taking lumps..

    1. LOL

      Now suddenly the rookie has to ” play now and let him win the division for us.”


      I’m willing to “give the rookie a chance”


      “He must start now and win the division!!!! Otherwise he will fulfill my prediction and be labeled a bust!!!”

    2. Fool, a day ago you would not predict that Bradford could win the 9 games necessary to go ahead of Foles for wins as an eagle qb… Now the rookie has to win the division…you assholea re a joke.
      There are many ways to develop a QB… None of which end worked for your heroes

      1. Seriously, what a putz. He pimps Sam Bradford to be the greatest thing since sliced bread despite never sniffing the playoffs for his entire career.

        Suddenly the rookie QB must lead the team to a division title in his first year.

        Complete joke.

        1. When Wentz begins to play and wins games koolbreeze will say the defense that Wentz was playing against was bad, he was checking down, the defense and special teams won the games for us . He will also say that Wentz has to win the next game, then the real game to win will be next week, then there will be excuses as to why Wentz was able to pick a part a defense..because that’s what he did with Foles, and he’s already preparing it for Wentz.
          He will simply dip back into his hater book of excuses. He will not give Wentz a fair shot, the first pick he throws Kool will get on the he’s a bust . He’s already rooting against him and he’s not even on the team.

          1. So true. We have seen this play out over and over again with this guy.

            If the QB succeeds, it is due to shitty competition, our strong defense or others playing well. If the QB fails, which this guy is actually rooting for, he will crow and crow until we can’t take it anymore.

            Sad, but you have it right EHL. We have heard it all before.

  33. Josh Norman is officially a free agent. The Panthers have rescinded the franchise tag. Wow!

    Give Norman the money over giving it to Cox?!?! This is a passing league but you gotta get pressure on the QB

    Cox is younger and more dominant. Give him the money and we ll have to draft and groom a corner and also groom Rowe..

      1. Norman reportedly turned down a 4-5 Year $14 Million Per Year Deal but he wanted $16 Million, the Panthers said No Thanks and pulled the Franchise Tag and thanked him for hisService.. I love how the Panthers just don’t cave into Players.. Both Cam Newton & Luke Kueuchley had to wait their turn and did so professionally and had their Agents work behind the scenes to get their big deals down but Norman was very public, said some selfish things and didn’t do himself any favors for the Fans either.. Josh Norman is a very good player but he’s Selfish and the Panthers Owner & GM & Coach’s just don’t put up with it for very long and especially now when coming off a Super Bowl appearance with a 15-1 Record and every Starter on Offense returning for 2016.. On Defense they will have a new Stsrters at DE, Safety & now CB..
        Brandon Boykin may get his chance to Stsrt as an outside CB after all..

        1. Just a thought…and I know it won’t happen….but imagine Norman going up against Odell twice a year…..give me my popcorn and watch that one.

  34. Sam Bradford Is Mad About The Eagles Trading Up To Draft A QB

    The Philadelphia Eagles’ big trade with the Cleveland Browns to move up to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft has drawn mixed reviews. It appears Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford is among those not in favor of the deal. Per Adam Schefter:

    It’s only natural, but those who have spoken to Sam Bradford say he is not happy with today’s trade.

    “He’s hot,” said one source. “Who wouldn’t be? This is Philly saying, ‘We don’t see (you) as long-term answer.’ He’s mad and wants to show everyone who’s best.’’

    Earlier this week, Bradford spoke to reporters and said he wasn’t worried about the Eagles adding a quarterback.

    It’s not hard to see why Bradford wouldn’t be thrilled with this trade. The Eagles traded a lot to move up to No. 2. They clearly see that rookie as their quarterback of the future. A pick spent on a quarterback isn’t in Bradford’s best interest. He’d probably rather see the team draft an offensive lineman or a running back or a wide receiver.

    With that said, Bradford did sign a two-year deal with Philadelphia. The deal is essentially a one-year contract anyway so it’s not like he should have expected to be viewed as the undisputed long-term answer.

    Bradford might not be happy but he’s likely going to be Philadelphia’s starter in 2016. The team has made it clear they don’t intend to trade him. His salary largely prohibits a potential deal anyway.

    Bradford needs to channel his anger as motivation to play well in 2016. The 28-year-old injury-prone passer has been average at best for the entirety of his career so now is as good of a time as ever to step up and prove his worth.

    My response to Sham is get over it, that short term contract should have made your position as an Eagle very clear. Just an interim until someone better was found. Thanks for all you’ve done Average Sham…but you have done nothing but collect a lot of money to be an injured average QB with an unfulfilled pedigree in the pros.

    story posted on Bleeding Green Nation

  35. Here we go…the distortions are already starting

    I didnt say that Wertz has to win the division to prove anything as a QB

    Mariotta and Winston didn’t make the playoffs, didnt win any divisions but showed in their rookie seasons that they could play

    If you believe you have a shot a winning the division go with the kid and let him learn, let him get the snaps in pre-season…let him grow…lean on your running game and defense and let the kid grow…he will mistakes but he will also show the talent that made him worthy of being the No#2 pick in the draft that you gave up so much for…

    When you give up that much for a rookie QB you are saying that he is a franchise QB and he should step in and play and be better than what you have in Bradford, or Daniels…

    When you draft a guy that high you are saying he can play…NOW

    1. “I didn’t say he has to win the division…..”

      My ass you didn’t

      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”
      “he should play now and let him win the division for us.”

      1. dumb ass…

        “let him win the division” is no litmus test that says he “must” win the division.
        He should play immediately…let him go through growing pains that rookie Qb’s go through…in a weakened NFC East he should improve and we could still win the division if he is a competent QB…

        But he could still play at a competent level like Mariotta and Winston and not make the playoffs at all…

        And just as I stated Vinniedafoolass…If I believed that Wentz was on the level of Winston or Mariotta…bye-bye Bradford!

        I’m on the record…I believe that there is a high probability that this kid will be a bust!

        I hope I’m wrong but I got a feeling I’m right

    2. When you give up that much for a rookie QB you are saying that he is a franchise QB and he should step in and play and be better than what you have in Bradford, or Daniels

      There’s no rules… The Eagles will handle the rookie however they see fit… I for one don’t care if he plays a down next year…

      1. How does he get better by sitting on the bench? Following the McNabb model…he played his rookie year…if the game was a blow out he played….he wasn’t the third string Qb..

  36. The Eagles have pretty much gone out and done what they said they were going to do.. Bradford will be the Starter for 2016 and will be highly motivated to play well for his own Future.. If the Eagles get a good, strong offer for Bradford, then they will move him and play Chase Daniels as the Starter until Wentz is ready.. Lurie, Roseman & Pederson are all onthe same page as acquiring their long-term Franchise QB.. The Eagles best Years under AR were with a High Draft Pick Donavan McNabb who became a Franchise QB for 10 Years..
    The last 5 Years of Acquiring, signing, trading for VeteranQB’sjust has not done well and you can look at most recent Super Bowl Winners and they all have home grown Drafted QB’s .. Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco to name a few..
    The Best Way to go is to Draft them early and groom them for long term success .. If it takes a Full Years, then so be it..

    1. Agreed, wouldn’t it be something if a resurgent Bradford led a run deep into the playoffs…was available in a trade and the birds got a couple of pics, we ts takes the reigns and …

      1. It’s really a Win-Win for the Eagles moving forward barring an Injury
        And if some Team incurs an Injury at QB come Summer, then Bradford could become real Valuable before the Season even begins ..

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