Eagles Continue To Add To Their Offensive Line

IsaacSeumalo1The Eagles had to sit and wait until the fifth round in order to get the chance to pick another player.  It seems that the one thing the Birds are thinking about is improving their ability to run the football, so they have addressed their offensive line.  The ability to run the football improves a teams passing game and it also improves a team’s defense.

Eagles’ picks

Third Round:  No. 79  Oregon State Guard Isaac Seumalo 6’4″ 304 pounds – This young man is big and he physical at the point of attack, meaning you can run right behind him.  He will add to the depth on the Eagles offensive line and they think there’s outside chance he could start.  He will probably be given a chance to battle recently signed veteran Stefan Wisniewski, Allen Barbre and Malcolm Bunche for the starting left guard position.

“I think this kid can come in and compete and give us great depth at the spot,” Pederson said. “I do agree he could challenge for a starting job.”

“We’re going to start him out at guard,” Howie Roseman said shortly after drafting Seumalo on Friday evening. “He’s incredibly smart, son of a coach, and someone we had targeted all along and we were really excited to be able to pick him at 79.”

Fifth round: No. 153 – Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia 5’11”, 202 pounds – This guy is a straight-ahead runner, who is more of a finisher than a tackle breaker.  He will get the yardage that is blocked for.  Smallwood is going run the play where it was called to go.

It’s not surprise that the Birds drafted a running back.  The departure of DeMarco Murray left the Birds shorthanded at the running back position.  Right now they have a talented but injury-prone Ryan Mathews set to start.   Multi-talented veteran                                            Darren Sproles is a situational undersized back, who is getting near the end of the road. Former free agent RB Kenjon Barner is unproven after a number of years in the league.

Fifth round: No. 164 – The Birds addressed their offensive line again by selecting Texas Christian University offensive tackle Halapoulivaati Vaitai.  The youngster has great size, standing 6’6″ and he weighs 315.  It’s all about versatility if you’re a backup in the NFL and that’s one characteristic which adds value to Vaitai because he play the right or left tackle position.


25 thoughts on “Eagles Continue To Add To Their Offensive Line

  1. Here are the results of the Eagles 3 big trades.
    Eagles traded pick #13 ( Maxwell and Kiko ) to Miami & received pick # 8.
    which was used on:
    #13 – OT Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss( Dolphins).
    #8 – OT Jack Conklin Mich St. ( Titans)

    Eagles received pick #2 and departed with # 8, Pick, # 77, Pick #100 plus 2017 1st rounder and 2018 2nd rounder
    #2 Carson Wentz ( Eagles)
    #8 Jack Conklin ( Titans)
    #77 Daryll Worley CB West Virgina ( Dolphins)
    #100 Connor Cook QB Mich State ( Raiders) — this was the Demarco Murray trade swap of 4th rounders
    Eagles trade 6th rounder pick # 188 to Minnesota & received 6th ( pick # 196) & 7th rounder ( pick # 240)
    #188 – David Morgan WR UTSA ( Vikings)
    #196 – Blake Countless CB Auburn ( Eagles )
    #240 – Alex McCalister DE Florida ( Eagles)

    1. Didn’t Worley at #77 end up with Panthers who traded with the Browns to move up to get Worley?? I think it cost them their 4th around Pick and they swapped positions of their 5th Round Picks

    1. They really dropped the ball this draft. Their biggest problem is oline they can’t run block or pass block and they didn’t address it at all. Huge disservice to Allen Robinson hurns bortles and yeldon. Ramsey was an awful pick for that team.

      1. Their offense is good enough tho, they put up points. If Ramsey,Fowler and Jack can play and come together. This could be a very young and dangerous team.

  2. In the NFC , The Giants had a Nice Draft as did the Bears, Vikings, Lions, Rams, TB Bucs, Seahawks and Redskins..

  3. The dust is now settling,and on paper the Eagles basically addressed obvious areas of needs.They didn’t appear in the P.B.A (pick best available) on there board ,as much as addressing the needs..If indeed they did both ,even better..We have a climate of change in the building and a renewal of hope ,in selecting a possible (face of the franchise) in Wentz..If. Sam remains adrift ,it would at very best get Wentz more potential reps and that’s a win ,win.The plans of trading Sam which I still adhere,were dashed by the teams of needs drafts ,that had obviously wanted a QB .and SAMs misplayed hussy fit..I am disappointed that the coach and howie both still have embraced Sam as their guy. …but at what cost ,have they alienated themselves..If in May Sam is still awoke ,I’d like the rhetoric and walls to be about how great Wentz is adapting and how ready he appears ..telling Sam ,he’s our starter ,seems a flawed strategy of entitlement ,that feeds into SAMs career narrative …I understand theEagles had to posture in hopes of a trade ,but now ,barring unforeseen injuries ,they have raised the decibel level of boos ,to new heights ,and in contrast ,have elevated the expectations and hopes for Wentz..

  4. If the Eagles held a line -up ala a police line -up ,the midget Daniels ,slouchy and Wentz ..the vote would be unanimous …hoping it translates to the results on tha hashes

  5. Wentz’ subtle disrespect of sam…”I haven’t watched much tape of him, I’ve watched manning, Brady and Rodgers …guys like that” along with, “I know he was a high draft choice not too long ago” speak volumes to what he thinks about his competition with sideways…. Without playing one down the guy has showed why we took a chance on him…. Is he our Big Ben? Our flacco? Or our Tim couch? ….

  6. Mr 65% has now seen his value or lack of ,in free agency plummet,in the draft plummet ,and now with his pity party ,a new slouch meter low …he’s trending into new Sam I am territory …

  7. Imagine the locker room he must enter ,after throwing his boys under the path train …imagine the fans who hated him already …imagine the organization who he’s not answering a phone call? Imagine his retiring ,which. He very well may be contemplating..do you actually think it’s in his DNA to battle this adversity ..or take his sorry ass home ?

    1. From back in 2011 & 2012 when Smallwood was 16-17 Years old and dissing on Philly? Probably during his Recruitment Time when deciding on a College
      To attend…

      1. Absolutely ridiculous tweets regardless of age. I’m not offended just thought the way media is these days theyd be all over him.

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