Did The Eagles Get It Right At #79?

Isaac Seumalo

With the #79 pick of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo from Oregon State University. The quick takeaway from why Howie Roseman liked Semalo was his “versatility” to play multiple positions.

The Eagles “reached” on Seumalo, I felt he was perfect for 5th round consideration, but Howie had his own opinion.  After trading away multiple draft picks to be in a position to take Carson Wentz, there were better offensive lineman I had graded out for 3rd round consideration if the Eagles wanted to add to that position group.  Le’Raven Clark (Texas Tech), (Westerman (ASU), Alexander (LSU)   McGovern (Missouri) and Tretola (Arkansas) are five prospects I had higher grades for.

Roseman will harp on the toughness of Semalo, his grit and experience to play multiple positions. He’ll speak of the high character, and how he will fit into what the team is trying to build.  Seumalo could do very well in the gap scheme based blocking that Pederson will deploy. With signing Stefen Wisniewski; and extending Dennis Kelly I truly believed the Eagles would look more for a development offensive lineman later in the draft.

My issue with what the Eagles did at pick #79 has a lot to do with the “strategy” the Eagles needed to have with only a few picks in the draft. With their next selection at #153 in round 5, they had to be strategic with knowing what position groups would have the “best” remaining talent when they made their first selection in day three of the draft.

The run on cornerbacks, safeties, defensive ends, linebackers and running backs are going to go.  The “deepest” position group coming into the draft was publically stated by the experts to be the guys in the trenches.

If Seumalo is unable to win the starting job at left offensive guard, the Eagles will likely have minimum to no contribution from the first two days of the 2016 NFL draft.

This has been a reoccurring theme for the team in the last three drafts. Smith and Huff were practically invisible in 2014.  Agholor and Rowe made minimum impact last season.

If the Eagles want to be considered as one of the better teams in the NFL, this trend they have started must come to an end.


41 thoughts on “Did The Eagles Get It Right At #79?

  1. Jeff, you stated that Smith and Huff were practically invincible. I am certain you meant invisible. I truly wish the former were true.

    Concerning Seumalo, I think he will compete for the starting LG position along with Malcom Bunch and Stephan Wisniewski. Eventually, I see Seumalo as the starting center.

  2. 6′ 2″ 300lbs????

    That’s David molk like. I have a hard time imagining this guy anywhere but centre with his size.

    Have to say I was a little disappointed with this pick. Hopefully he’ll work out, but I think he will need to gain 40 lbs first.

  3. OK I see 6′ 5″…. Thought I saw 6′ 2″ on TV last night….so that makes me feel better….his frame should handle more weight..so hopefully he’ll be able to step in as a backup this year and take over soon enough….

  4. Seumalo is a Talented Player and a Good NFL Prospect.. I just Believe there was more Talent available at more pressing Positions that will be more difficult to fill by Round 5 .
    I would have looked to upgrade Positions such as OLB,CB, DT & RB over an interior OL .. If Seumalo becomes a Starter by 2017 and plays 6-8 Years at a High Level, then it’s a Nice Pick .. 3rd-4th Round Picks need to compete and become Contributors by Year 2 and Starting for sure by Year 3 …

    This Year is do or die for Eagles Marcus Smith, Josh Huff , Kenjon Barner in terms of their Eagle & NFL Careers .. Algohor & Rowe need to improve in Year 2 as well so there are lots of Questions at the positions I listed above

    1. don’t worry about Marcus Smith, the eagle never played Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry until they were going to hit unrestricted Free Agency either then gave them both ridiculous contracts. Vinny Curry even more so. 23 million dollars guaranteed and one of the highest paying DE in the NFL for playing 1 out of 3 plays in year 4.
      the eagles like to train their high 1st and 2nd round DEs for 4 years before they allow them to play.

  5. Jeff and fraud, I will give you both the benefit of the doubt and give you credit for watching an entire Oregon state game this year. That said, there is no way given tv coverage and the 22 players on the field that you were evaluating could you have focused in on the center to have anything positive or negative about him. Further, fraud you haven’t watched any of the players you say were more talented…I call bullshit

    1. Your wrong HAC, I watch lots of College Football all Season long, I enjoy doing do and I also watch the Bowl Games, Post Season All-Star & Senior Bowl & Combine Events, Read Reports from various Scouting Services so I can be informed about the upcoming Draft Prospects…
      It’s one of the things I do and have alway done since I’ve been an adult ..
      It’s Ok if you don’t follow College Football and have little to no idea who any of these Players are, as most people don’t.. It’s no biggie…

      You seem to say this every Year and I give you the same response every year..
      I’m a passionate about the Eagles, the NFL, and everything that goes along with from the Season, Post Season, Off-Season to Free-Agency, Draft to Summer Camp.. I just happen to stay engage all year around and follow what’s happening around the League & College Ball on top of what’s happening with our Eagles .. Just like you are passionate about the Phils and their Prospects and Minor Leaguers, I am with the Eagles & NFL and College Prospects.

      1. You cannot watch a tv broadcast of football and evaluate a player… It’s impossible… Let alone watch a broadcast and evaluate 6-8 potential picks… Both sides of the ball… Impossible

  6. For the Record on Oregon State
    I watched highlights last year & the year before when checking of their QB Sean Mannion and WR Brandin Crooks, they also had a promising CB too whose name escapes me now..

      1. Good point Vinnie, I thought their was better talent available at that position and watch enough games to know this kid isn’t strong enough to challenge at guard right now.

    1. That’s Joe Haeg from N Dakota State who projects as a RT in the NFL anf would not be a bad Selection inthe 5th Round but I think Eagles need LB & DT Depth for they have a nice Starting 7 but very little Depth behind their Starters and there are always injuries that will occur (Kendricks, Hicks have had their share)

      The Chiefs, Ravens, Colts & Bears are all having very nice Drafts
      The Rams added an Athletic Receiving TE & WR Pharoah Cooper to help give Goff some weapons to learn with..

  7. Jeff , A bit early for judgement day on Eagle pick number # 79. I would be more about the bones in his feet. specially when he adds some weight.

  8. Panthers trade up with Browns for CB Sanchez from Oklahoma that the Eagles worked out and liked per Reports .. The Panthers have taken 3 DB’s & 1 DT
    I guess when your 15-1 and have all 11 Starters on Offense returning, you can Draft a bunch of DB’s to find 1-2 Good Ones…

  9. No worries, the dude is an islander. I live around Samoans and Hawaiians here in Cali, and I can tell you that these guys are super strong, and can play some football. Only time will tell if he was taken too early from Howie. As of now I’m ok with that pick

    1. Goddamn giants, shit, Wendell Smallwood, sounds like a damn corner hustler,not that big, but very productive, had a little off field problems

  10. There we go. Koolbreeze can come back. Eagles drafted some kid with with a bit of a shady past. Arrested for witness tampering, allegedly trying to “convince” a witness to stop testifying against a friend of his on a murder rap. Charges dropped when the friend plead guilty.

    So he’s got some “street cred” and “swagger”.

    Welcome back Koolbreeze.

  11. I like the Blake Countess pick. Watched him a lot during his freshman year at Michigan. He stood out. Look forward to seeing him develop as a professional and an athlete. The kid can play!

        1. McAlister is going to flash big time when the pads go on, dude can be a head case which puts him in the 7th round but he’s a talented freakish football player.

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