Jordan Matthews Wants Sam Bradford Throwing The Ball To Him This Season

SamBradfordJordanMatthews1Comcast Sportsnet’s John Clark caught up with Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews on Friday and the third year wide out gave us quite a bit of information about his conversations with quarterback Sam Bradford.

“Yeah, a couple of us have been able to [talk to him],” Matthews said. “But at the same time, we understand that Sam is Sam. The way everybody else deals with certain things may not be the same way he does. Sam’s a very private person. He’s going to do things on his time and certain people do certain things on other people’s time”

“It’s just the way it is. So you’ve gotta just understand that he’s not you and he’s going to figure out what he wants to do. None of us can pull his arm and make him do something on his time and what he wants to do. So you’ve just got to respect that and at the end of the day we know we want him here. We’ll just continue to reach out and whenever that time comes, we can get it rolling.”

Matthews wasn’t as sure about what Bradford was going to do as Connor Barwin was.  Barwin is confident Bradford will be reporting soon whereas Matthews isn’t so sure.

“Well, at the end of the day, like I said, what I think really doesn’t matter,” he said. “So I don’t like to put anything out there in the media or anything that possibly might be misconstrued like ‘Oh, this is definitely going to happen!’ or ‘This won’t happen.’ I don’t like to make guarantees. At the same time, we all want him here, so we’ll see what happens.”

The Birds leading receiver from a year ago was very positive about what he thinks about Sam as a quarterback.  No doubt Matthews has probably told Sam he’s the team’s best quarterback.

“Everybody believes in him,” Matthews said. “Sam is the guy for the job. He’s the best quarterback that we have on the roster. He’s the guy. That’s why we signed him back. You wouldn’t do that unless you really had confidence in the guy. There are a lot of quarterbacks who are in situations where they didn’t know if they were going to sign back with teams, but we got that done early.”

Matthews is aware that Bradford returning will probably help him have a better season because he’s more experienced than rookie Carson Wentz and more talented than backup Chase Daniels.

“We want him here. All the guys believe in him. I’m one of the main guys that believe in him. So if he does decide to come back or walk through that door, I’ll be one of the first guys to be really excited and just ready to get to work with him.”

2 thoughts on “Jordan Matthews Wants Sam Bradford Throwing The Ball To Him This Season

  1. If Bradford plays this year it will be another wasted season for Nelson Agholor. Can’t develop the 1st round WR with Sammy Boy tossing 2 yard passes for 3 and half quarters.
    Jordan Matthews isn’t going to like Sam Bradford very much if Doug Pederson moves him outside instead of the slot. Sam Bradford isn’t interested much in tossing those sideline out patterns, prefers the close patterns that the RB, TE and Slot receiver run.

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