Eagles Tackle Lane Johnson Feels Competition Will Make Sam Bradford Better

LaneJohnson,SamBradford1Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson was on 97.5 The Fannatic on Sunday and he was confident that quarterback Sam Bradford is going to be reporting to workouts in the near future.

“I haven’t really talked to him, but word on the street, from guys that have, is that he’ll be back pretty quick and be ready for OTAs,” Johnson said. “… I expect him to be back, this week or probably next week, that’s the word on the street, anyway.”

Johnson isn’t upset by Bradford demanding to be traded and missing the voluntary workout.

“I just see it as a guy handling his business,” Johnson said. “Obviously, I think he’s going to return and when he does that, we’ll break the ice and get back to work.”

In the long run,  Bradford feels the competition from rookie Carson Wentz is going to make Bradford better.

“You know, I think the deal with Carson being here, I think that will just bring the best out of Sam, as far as that’s concerned,” Johnson said. “When you have competition like that, I think it’ll be a good thing for us.”

Johnson may be right in that statement.  Bradford hasn’t been in a competitive situation in his entire NFL career.  During his time with the Rams he was named the starter without competition and the same thing happened last year as an Eagles with Chip Kelly as the coach.

For the first time in his career, he will have some competition and maybe we will finally see the quarterback everybody thought he was going to be when he was drafted.

3 thoughts on “Eagles Tackle Lane Johnson Feels Competition Will Make Sam Bradford Better

  1. According to Connor Barwin, Sam Bradford will be back with the Eagles this week, probably today. Welcome back Sam!!! Come in and play well, get us a high drat pick next year buddy!

    1. EHL — just read that on NFL website —
      who gets first team reps? Wisniewski, Barbre or Seumalo immediately. Penciled in starter.
      who gets first team reps? Randle, Givens, Huff or even Agholor ( former regime’s draft pick guaranteed nothing from Pederson & Reich ) at former starter Riley Cooper’s spot. —
      who gets Byron Maxwell’s starting spot? McKelvin, Brooks, Rowe, Countless, Mills–
      I don’t think the QB position will be an honest competion, I think it is scripted but I do thing these 3 battles will be honest, best player gets week one start.

  2. E0S, Wisneiewski was brought in to provide competition for Barbre, so Barbre will probably get first team reps. Seumalo will have to earn reps, probably will start at third or second spot and will have to earn playing time. Doug and Howie did say Seumalo will have an opportunity to compete for a starting spot so he may be pushed. However, he has to prove it on the field.
    WR’s, Reuben Randle will compete with Agholor for first team reps, Huff is second teamer, Givens is just a guy in my opinion. Regardless, Matthews, Agholor, Randle are the main three. Huff will be fourth.
    I believe Nolan Carrol will be Maxwell’s replacement. The second CB position will be up for grabs between Rowe and McKelvin . Mills is listed as a safety and Countess will be a back up slot guy…I think McKelvin will be the slot cb and Rowe will win the second cb position.

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