Darren Sproles Not Here, No Problem

DarrenSproles12There are two Eagles players not attending this week’s voluntary workouts.  One of Fletcher Cox, who is working on a huge contract with the Birds, so understand why he’s not here and it’s not a big deal.  The reason why the other guy, Darren Sproles, was still not here wasn’t as clear, so Birds head coach Doug Pederson had to give us some behind the scenes information about it.

“He and I are in direct communication. We’ve been talking all offseason,” Pederson said. “I have no issues with Darren. I fully expect him to be here for the mandatory camp. Again, this is a voluntary program.”

Sproles, who is 33 years old, is an accomplished veteran with nothing to prove, plus he wants to coach his son’s track team in California.  Pederson wisely excused him from the voluntary camp because Sproles has a reputation for staying in great shape.

The 3rd down back will likely be here for the mandatory camp, otherwise don’t expect to see him.

I am concerned that the only back the Birds have that’s well over 200 pounds is the injury-prone Ryan Mathews.   Mathews is a talented player, but his injury history makes him unreliable.  I don’t see Sproles, Wendell Smallwood, Kenjon Barner or any of the other youngsters as every down backs.


3 thoughts on “Darren Sproles Not Here, No Problem

  1. Fletcher Cox is not working on anything as he’s has No Contact with the Eagles Organization and won’t until Summer Camp Starts or Until
    Roseman/Lurie Offer him the Crazy Monster Deal that he’s expecting/demanding.. Without Fletcher Cox, the Eagles DL become the weakest one in the NFC East along with the Dallas Cowboy and among the weakest in the entire NFC….

  2. Why does Ian Rappaport state that Sproles is staying away because of Trade Rumors and will not be participating in these Voluntary Workouts so as not to get injured and put a Trade in Jeopardy ??
    My Guess is that Sproles will end up with the NE Pats who would utilize him more than the Eagles have and Coach Belichek has always liked and admired Sproles

    1. yesterday doug all but said sproles wants to go to a winning team. reading the writing on the wall its obvious there are no good offers out there for him so he hasnt been moved and wont be unless eagles need money to resign someone (cox?). Howie just doesnt give people away

      also no new england wont want him they have plenty of rbs who do exactly what he does who are younger, cheaper and more explosive

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