Leodis McKelvin Makes Life Tough For Josh Huff

LeodisMcKelvinEagles young wide receiver Josh Huff was totally dominated by former Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin yesterday at the Eagles practice.   McKelvin was the starting left cornerback for the Eagles defense yesterday.

Early in the practice yesterday, Huff was open on a crossing route and Sam Bradford put pass on the money.  The ball hit Huff’s hands, he bobbled it and was trying to secure it.  Unfortunately, when he tried to pull it back in McKelvin arrived and pulled it loose.  It should have been a catch, but it became an incompletion.

A few plays later, Huff tried to run a deep comeback toward the sideline on McKelvin, but the veteran cornerback stepped in with the Bradford pass on the way and knocked it down.

Huff couldn’t get any separation from McKelvin on a short curl route.  He caught the pass from Bradford, but McKelvin was draped all over him on a short five yard gain.

The one time Huff had McKelvin beat on a go route, Bradford under threw the pass and McKelvin knocked the ball down.   It wasn’t a good day yesterday for Huff.  He’s trying to put himself in position out play enough of the wideouts in order to get some playing time, when the season starts.

8 thoughts on “Leodis McKelvin Makes Life Tough For Josh Huff

  1. Josh Huff is not an NFL Caliber WR ..Hes a Converted RB/Returnman that got moved by the genius Chip Kelly at Oregon to the WR Position and then Drafted Him..I expect Huff gets Cut this Summer and does not make the Eagles 53- Man Roster unless he has a Great Summer Camp

  2. Interesting take from John McMullen on the Eagles wide receivers in OTA’s. He said the entire group sucks as a whole drops all across the board obviously Huff was the worst out of the group. This position is going to be a problem this year much like last year. Pretty much Mathews and Randle are the best two receivers out of the bunch after that they really don’t have much of anything.

  3. None of these observations are real important . As the Eagles are in what used to be called a rebuilding phase. Nothing wrong with that. The new F. O. will probably turn out to be very, very good, as will the coaching staff, Biggest question mark will be , if Doug grows into a quality head coach, At least he was mentored by Reid, who probably would have won 1 or 2 super bowls, if not for family issues, Of course many if not most fans hated and were totally without empathy for his sons.s issues,But that is what phila is about.In 2 or 3 years Eagles may be in the title game, and surprize the Philly faithful. 2nd question mark is the quaterback they drafted,Pulling for him but way, way, too soon to know.

  4. Again, we all knew this and so did the coaching staff. But they did what they were supposed to (on offence). Spent their early draft resources on much more important positions – namely the Oline and QB.

    Hopefully Smallwood will work out, but we’re going to have to live with the WRs we have for another year, perhaps 2.

    I like Matthews, but am getting more and more concerned with his drops.
    Agholor is the lynchpin. A first round pick that has to show something this year.
    Huff is useless.
    Randal cannot be relied upon (as it stands now)

    But again, if the QB is $$, who cares who the WRs are.

    I for one and glad the Eagles didn’t spend any resources on the position.

  5. This is what Bradford had to work with last year as starters a worthless Huff and and bum Cooper…but with all of the resources squandered in the QB position we probably have to hang on to Huff. smh…
    Drops, poor pass routes…our receivers suck!
    Just another reason to play the kid…he has the kind of mobility and speed to run for a few first downs when the receivers are locked down and cant get open….we need to scrap the plan to play Bradford and get Wentz in there…let the kid play!!! Let him grow and learn on the job..

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