Wendell Smallwood Fits The West Coast Offense

WendellSmallwoodRB1I thought rookie Wendell Smallwood stood out yesterday in the Eagles workout by catching 10 to 15 passes coming out of the backfield.  The youngster from Wilmington has got some soft hands as a ball catcher, especially for a running back.  The rookie seems very sure handed when the ball in thrown to him.

In this offense, he’s going to get a lot of chances to catch the football, because Doug Pederson’s version of the West Coast offense includes throwing the ball to the running backs a ton.

If can learn what the wide receivers are doing in this offense, I could see them putting him in the slot.  His ability to run with the football after the catch would make him extremely valuable.

You send him in the game as a running back and decide whether you’re going to put him in the backfield to run the ball or shift him outside and throw it to him depending on whether you’re facing a regular first down defense or nickel or dime.   Of course you throw against the regular defense and run against nickel or dime.

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  1. I certainly hope so, and the reviews of the first full team practice (and can we believe we even comment on the first practice) were glowing….

    However, the track record for West Virginia RBs making it in the NFL is pretty poor. So we’ll see.

  2. RB’s are a Dime a Dozen, Draft 1 every 2-3 Seasons and keep turning them over is what many Succesful NFL Teams.. Long gone are the Stud RB’s with 20-25 Carriers a Game for 6-8-10 Seasons, its just doesn’t happen often anymore..
    Quick – Name the RB Tandem of the Patriots the last Few Seasons
    or the Ravens, or the Bronco’s , etc,etc…

      1. If the Eagles never traded up and stayed at #8, I would probably have Selected RB Elliot if he was still on the Board there as he would have been the Best Player on the Board at #8 and the Eagles need a RB for 2016 and the next few Seasons which Elliot could have performed at a very high level..
        It’s all a moot point now for Eagles moved up to #2 to get their Future QB and the Cowboys Selected RB Elliot at #3 anyways.

        In Terms of Pure Draft Value and filling a Teams Need , Drafting RB Elliot at #8 would have been the Drafts biggest Steal ..

        1. I would Draft a RB every 2 Years between the 3rd & 6th round and use them up and replace them by the time their 4 Year Rookie Deals are up..
          I would not extend a RB to a Long-Term Deal or Overpay like the Eagles did for their RB’s (Murray/Matthews) in Free-Agency

            1. Lmfao. Pauls consistency definitely needs some improvement. On the bright side it can only go up for him.

  3. I always respect what Mr. Paul writes on here minus this one. R. Backs and dime a dozen does not float. I like Smallwood. He may not be a BWest or Shady, but give him a chance. He was a very good pick up. I remember going to the link when Temple Played Nova. There was a back there whom made everyone else look like pee wee players. He ran through and away from everyone. His name…B West. When the Birds selected him, I went nuts. He was certainly not a dime a dozen dude from what I recall.

    1. Where’s the Negative Stories about Sproles??
      HC Pederson stated that Sproles was at home out in California finishing up Coaching his Son’s Track Team and would be returning to Philly once the Mandatory Camp OTA’s hit in June..

          1. From his twitter: To clarify a previous tweet. The intended meaning is IF #eagles Sproles was holding out he would not get long term deal. Not sure what’s up

            So the ‘howie’s hitman to assassinate’ stuff was you just being an ass again?

  4. I think there’s No Story here …
    Darren Sproles is home out in San Diego Spending Time with his Kids and Coaching their Son’s Elementary Track Team which is almost over and then will return to Philadelphia to get ready for the 2016 Season as Coach Pederson stated
    Holding out at almost 33 Years Old for an Aging RB Earning $4.5 Million in his Final Contract Year is not very bright and makes little sense.. If Sproles were to get Cut, he would be signed by another Team no problem, but not at Current Figure of $4.5 Million as a 3rd Down Scat Back/Punt Returner.
    Let him Enjoy his Final Season as an Eagle and probably a NFL PLayer

    1. Just Yesterday Roseman was Keyser Soze the way he “set up” Bradford…maybe this is all part of it. Howie “Keyser Soze” Roseman pulling the strings of the entire NFL from behind the curtain of his Emerald Palace.

      That being said, this is, as usual, the overactive Philly Media doing everything it can to invent controversy out of nothingness. As I have stated 1000x, the media atmosphere around this team is toxic.

      Every little thing tha can be seen as negative is disected to the utmost degree.

      Just look at this one story:

      Sproles holding out!
      Sproles upset that he was on the block at draft!
      Sproles wants a trade!
      Sproles demanding a long-term deal!

      Meanwhile Pederson says he wants Sproles and Sproles says he doesn’t want a new contract.

      Meanwhile “good” stories like the two FO hires last week??

      Crickets. What fun is that?

      This is better:

      Wentz Booed already!
      Sproles demands contract/trade/release!
      Rumour is COx will be traded
      Rumour is Cox is out
      Rumour is
      Rumour is
      Rumour is
      Rumour is
      Rumour is

      1. Rumor is that Pederson is bringing in WR/Returnman Marty Gilyard in for Tryout
        Details at 11pm

  5. **NFL News***

    Jagaurs 1st Round Draft PIck CB Jalen Ramsey suffered a Torn Meniscus
    after Conditioning Workouts from last Week.. Per Team Doctors it’s a minor Tear but is mulling over 2 Medical Options
    Rest and Minor Surgery and out 4-6 Weeks
    Regular Meniscus Surgery and out 4-6 Months which means his Rookie Season would basically be a lost Year

    Last Season the Jaguars Lost Top Pick OLB Dante Fowler to a Torn ACL during the first Day of Summer Drills forcing him to miss the entire 2015 Season…

    Hope this Jalen Ramsey is ok after the Minor Procedure and can Play his Rookie Season…

    1. Man what are they doing in camp to their top rookie picks in Jacksonville. Two years in a row. Tough break for a good player.

      1. The Jaguars have had some terrible luck in recent Years with their Top Picks
        2016 – Jalen Ramsey – Torn Meniscus
        2015 – OLB DAnte Fowler Jr – Torn ACL (Missed all Rookie Season)
        2014 – QB Bortles has been sacked more than any QB his first 2 Seasons
        and needs some help along that OL and Running Game
        2013 – OT Luke Jockel broke his Ankle after a 5 Games of his Rookie Season and ended up missing the Rest of his Rookie Year
        2012 – WR Justin Blackmon keeps getting suspended and I think has been banned by the NFL after getting 3-4-5 Chances

          1. Your right about Justin Blackmon, who was known as a problem/high-risk player during his College Days.. A High-Risk with High Reward who never panned out for he rarely ever played due to his multiple suspensions..
            Josh Gordon at Cleveland is another one, Greg Hardy another, Randy Gregory another, Johnny Football partied his way right out of the NFL..
            I expect there will be 1-2 a High Profile Players from this 2016 Draft Class who are High Risk Guys… OT Laramy Tunsil & Robert Nkemdiche both of Mississippi, who are friends and partiers with possee’s who may get them in trouble if they are not careful… Nkemdiche’s Brother is bad-news and the Bills need to keep a close eye on him

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