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Check Out The Ben Simmons-Brandon Ingram Opinions

Ingramvs.Simmons1This is a good time for the NBA with the huge game seven tonight with the Golden State Warriors against Oklahoma City.  There’s a great series yet to be played after this game tonight when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers battle either Golden State or OKC.

Here in Philadelphia there are two debates going strong.  One concerns who the 76ers should draft with the first pick.  I say Brandon Graham, but many others say Ben Simmons.  We won’t know for a few years and that’s the beauty of drafting and professional sports.  NBA experts adamantly disagree about which one of these guys the Sixers should draft.

I’m picking Golden State to win tonight because I think Stephen A. hit it on the head when he said, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook panicked the other night.  They lost their composer at down the stretch and Clay Thompson and Steph Curry were sharpshooting.  Who do you think is going to win the game seven tonight?

Here’s a look at the future NBA youngsters in action.


Stephen A. talks about the Philadelphia drafting Ben Simmons.  I agree with him about the combination of Simmons and Philly.  I don’t think it goes together.  I would love to hear your opinion.

Chauncey Billups says he see LaMar Odom in Ben Simmons. He wouldn’t take him with the first pick, he would take Ingram. on Facebook

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70 Comments for “Check Out The Ben Simmons-Brandon Ingram Opinions”

  1. Lamar Odom Comparison for Ben Simmons is not good or worthy of the #1 Overall Pick.. 2 Years of Hype and Tanking for another Lamar Odom… That has to sting…

    • Both you, and G are wrong….and I can’t wait until the undeniable evidence of that comes to fruition……

      I’ve grown quite tired of opinions of those who want Brandon Ingram; This is not a 2 man draft for the top spot……Simmons stands alone…period, and that’s who they SHOULD draft…

      You can give all your lame reasonings, but the bottom line is………………….You do not know what you’re talking about….

  2. Gary you want the sixers to draft Brandon Graham over Simmons??? Brandon Graham plays for the Eagles bro, ya drunk ?

  3. Regarding Simmons vs Ingram, simmons is better at absolutely every single thing skill set except for jump shot now. But we have no clue if Simmons got a jumper or not and if he doesn’t how quickly can it develop ? Simmons is posting pics left and right of his jumper which showcases a quick release.

    You wrote yesterday about Simmons work ethic , look at ingrams scrawny body that’s a work ethic issue! Simmons works out all day every day, has superior skills and upside to Ingram and it’s not even close. Take Simmons then figure who ur trading after

    • His jump shot doesn’t have to be pure in order for him to score – He IS a scorer – there are other ways to put the ball in the basket, and score…

      The critics are just being petty, and if I’m the GM, I’m not going to pass on the best player in this draft for an inferior, just because someone who doesn’t know what he is talking about disagrees….

      What do you think Big Mhenski??

  4. 76ers News..

    PJ Carlesimo has removed himself as the Next Associate HC of the 76ers to Replace the Departed Mark D’Antonio, who took the Houston Rockets Job..
    Carlesimo had expressed interest as did the 76ers and has worked with 76ers HC Brown while in San Antonio and also Coached for Toronto when Brian Colangelo was GM of the Raptors and has a good relationship with both…In the end, PJ Carlesimo said he is happy working for ESPN and enjoys having more Family time than working back for an NBA Team….
    76ers are back with their Search

  5. Sixers biggest glaring weakness is players who can penetrate the lane.
    That is Ben Simmons entire game.
    It is a match made in heaven.
    F the Lakers. They lost the lottery and Philly is taking the guy they want just like the Lakers took the guy Philly wanted last year.

  6. **Sixers Trade News**

    The Sixers are discussing a package centered around Nerlens Noel for Jeff Teague! This is confirmed!

    Great move for both sides if it comes to fruition

    • There are even stronger rumors that Noel is being dealt to Chicago, either straight up with the Sixers, or in a multi team deal that would send :

      Nerlens Noel to Chicago, and the Sixers would get – Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, and the 14th pick in the 2016 draft.

      or in a multi team deal that would send –

      Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, and John Henson to Chicago

      Gibson, Dunleavy, the 24th, & 26th picks in the 1st round of the 2016 draft, the Lakers top 5 protected pick in 2017, and cash to Milwaukee.

      The Sixers would get Rose, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the 14th pick in the 1st round of the 2016 draft.

      I like them both JH…As long as we keep Okafor, and get rid of limited Noel.

      • I love that one too Cliff.. but seems like the Teague Noel deal has serious legs

        I doubt bucks would trade G.A, dude is a young talent.

        I do like the Rose G.A deal but wouldn’t you like Teague more than Rose?! Unless it’s the Rose from 4 years ago imo

        • You have to JH, because there are no Health, and attitude concerns with Teague, and like I said, he is better than what we have currently in the backcourt.

          • I’d really rather have CJ McCollum, than both Rose, and Teague. Then draft DeJounte Murray with that #14 pick this year – and of course Simmons at #1, and get a 2nd round pick and draft AJ English of Iona.

  7. Jeff Teague isn’t a ball dominant point guard, he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to make things happen. He’s good at moving off screens without the ball, getting himself open shots

    He’s a fearless pg, drives to the hoop strong and is very crafty

    • I’ve never been a fan of Teague JH, – and still think better options are available like CJ McCollum – but he is better than what they have right now.

      Rose, Gibson, and Dunleavy are basically salary dumps, and the Bulls are compensating the Sixers with their 1st round pick.

      I love Antetokounmpo. He is so much more talented than Noel as a player, and he would also be insurance in case Embiid’s health goes south.

      I would rather have McCollum, than Rose – and Portland has no 1st round pick in 2016, so it is possible a deal could be made.

  8. I’d be fine with the Teague deal I guess although it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. He’s 28, if we keeping oak embiid and Simmons they’re all 4-5 years away from dominating. So we gonna give Teague a max deal next year that will be expiring when we getting legit?

    This Derrick Rose shit better stop he is fuckin awful, can’t be counted on and is the Kellen Winslow of the nba.

    That deal for Giannis has no shot in hell at happening bucks aren’t giving up their best player for garbage. And after that McCollum / lillard / Portland run they aren’t trading him either.

    I still say Phoenix is who we gotta deal with.

    I pray this new gm doesn’t ruin this team with a loser like rose

    • There are some on here Big Mhenski, that felt Kris Middleton, Jabari Parker, and Greg Monroe were the best players on that team.

      I have stated Giannis should have been selected by the Sixers the year they drafted Noel – and some stated Noel was more talented – ridiculous!!

      I agree that HE is their best player, but some don’t appreciate him that way.He is a free agent next year, and they have put a lot of faith in Jabari Parker – I told the many he wasn’t all that – just like D’Angelo Russell – so they may be willing to let him go for the right price.

      There is no one on the Suns roster that I would want including Bledsoe, and Booker – not one player from that team. So, screw Phoenix…

      I haven’t developed any faith in Colangelo. I still have in the back of my mind that he is going to make the Sixers, the Suns of this year, with a ceiling of the Raptors of this year which to me is contending, but have nothing to get over the hump talent wise – He like his Father has never won an NBA Championship either…

      I don’t see what he has really accomplished – I don’t trust him….

      • If you wouldnt take the 4th pick in this draft and bledsoe/booker or knight for noel, put down the drugs for a day and reevaluate this deal

        • Bledsoe, Booker, nor Knight aren’t of any worth to me, and I darn sure not giving up Okafor for such mediocrity – You’ve got to be kidding me that you are doing drugs thinking they’re worth more than they really are….

          We agree to disagree,……but I am correct. That garbage isn’t worth trading Okafor.

            • I know…it’s a bad deal….

              • then why are you responding that you wouldnt do the deal for oak ? further you constantly rip noel but wouldnt take the 4 pick and player for him? so youre saying you think noel in a contract year has more value and is better for philly than your son, murray, buddy, dunn?

              • No I don’t think Murray what some think he is – and per that for me he is totally overrated . I have no interest in Jamal Murray.

                Buddy Hield is an interesting off the bench player, and Dunn, I need to see him be more consistent in his shooting, and playing reckless, which leads to turnovers, before I anoint him worth that high in the draft. I’d rather have DeJounte Murray – who I could get at 12-16.

                I think you’re totally overvaluing the abilities of those prospects. But you are definitely overvaluing the talents, and impact brought on by the Phoenix junk players. I need better return – even for crap Noel – It’s still business to really improve the team.

        • I would give up Noel for soggy cigarette buds – But for what I want for this team I wouldn’t want what you’re purposing in those Phoenix rejects.

      • J. Colangelo never accomplished anything? never won a championship? BUT HE IS IN THE HOF …which to you is a great accomplishment and trumps the not winning a championship thing… oops.

        • holy mackrel I forgot. JA brought baseball and hockey to arizona…. his diamondback team WON a WS–hmmm man has accomplished NOTHING, not a WINNER!! too funny.

        • Go on with that petty non sense Ciggy……let it go, and move on bruh…

          • keeping it real and applying the same standards to everyone….

            • Are you the same Cliff Dorsey who was fired over too many bathroom breaks, sued their employer for wrongful termination then never showed up to court?

            • No, just being annoying, and petty

              • Are you not Clifford W. Dorsey?

              • root, he is a con man. He probably wanted feel sorry for him attention at that job and conjured up a medical aliment that was complete BS and the employer canned his ass when he escalated his phony baloney self diagnosis to goof off at work by going to the bathroom excessively. He kept up the charade as long as he could because he is incapable of admitting he is wrong until the very last minute ( the court case) when he needed a doctor to back up his BS. ( which he couldn’t get )

              • LOL….Why are you not comfortable with who you are E0S….now blogging as rootdown…….smh…pitiful…..

                Awwww, I’m supposed to get nervous because you were looking for some court records, and stumbled upon a lawsuit I had against my former employer on the internet in US COURT….hmmm???……

                Unfortunately, The internet doesn’t always provide complete information, facts, or the whole story. BTW, you will not find my personal court house information in reference to custody, child support, and birth certificates on the web – That’s not privy info loser…

                If you must know, I wasn’t terminated for those reasons. The EEOC, was Citing some of my employers complaints. But long story short, my lawyer appealed that decision – you see because that was when I had the 1st stroke – and the case was reopened – a week later, I had six figures in my bank account……what’s in your wallet E0S???/

                You are a jealous bastard, who has nothing going for himself, so he thinks he’s Colombo – Yet still can’t get his facts straight……You are pitiful, and pathetic…as well as predictable.

                This will be the last time I will speak on this issue…

              • Cliff, this morning you stated that was not you who got fired for too many bathroom breaks but a mere 7 hours later you are confirming that was you, WOW! And if that case was you that is hilarious and confirms you are a ding bat. There is a lot of information on the internet about you and none of it is flattering. It paints you as a scam artist.

              • Get a girlfriend E0S …LOL!!!

                – I KNOW IT’S YOU – and there is no response anywhere from me this morning on this blog.

                reality is you’re not dealing with a dingbat……

                Look, guy I have grown tired of even talking to you, so go on, and write whatever you want. I will not be responding to you, or if I even get a hint it is you……so continue to waste your time.

              • Take away the decimal points and you did not have six figures in your bank account you had four.

              • Cliff, I’m not rootdown. I did however know about this little failed attempt in court. I would have eventually used it to poke you but Rootdown slapped you around first. I must admit it is even funnier reading another kick you in the rear end. As usual predictably you still can’t admit you are wrong and couldn’t help yourself by adding a fantasy week later settlement ( your BS never disappoints) What a dingbat.

              • Gmcliffy whiffs,

                How & why on were you fired for excessive bathroom use ? Do you wear depends? Did you have to go #1 or #2 every 15 minutes there or was this all just a ruse for you to sue them like a scam artist ding bat?

  9. Liberty Ballers website doesn’t like the trade proposal –They think Jerry Colangelo is wiping out and undoing the Jrue Holliday for Nerlans Noel trade if he makes that deal by essentially replacing Noel with what they gave up. Teague and Holliday are the same player from the same draft.

    • teague is a middle of the road pg probably around the 12-14th best in the league with no more upside. noel isnt a top 10 center and we have no pg. id say its a deal worth doing for us and helps us shape a real team but isnt a huge deal either way. we will certainly win more games this year with this deal

      • the 2017 draft is loaded with point guard studs in the top 10. Jeff Teague is the type of bridge player I think the Sixers need until that 2017 potential Draft pick PG is ready to excel. Sixers have 3 chances in the 2017 draft to get that PG ( their own 2017 pick, Lakers top 3 protected 2017 pick and Sixers right to switch the Sacramento Kings pick with Philly #1) I worry a little that the additions of Teague, Simmons, Embiid and Saric gets Philly too successful & miss out on that important building block 2017 PG but they do have 2 other chances. ( Kings/ Lakers). Atlanta would definitely win the deal because Nerlans will play in the NBA for another 12 years but Embiid already stole Nerlans starting job here so his Sixer trade value might not get higher. ( Nerlans will hit free agency )
        I would prefer Nerlans or Okafor be used to get a permanent SG SF wing not a bridge PG. These bridge PGs are easy to get. But I understand this Noel/Teague deal just hope the short term advantages don’t harm the long term building plan.

  10. Damn cliff….Google is not your friend. It did however confirm your age so I stand corrected about your graduation year…. Other than that, dude …..

    • It provides something about all of us Ciggy, just not everything.

      But, I wasn’t trying to lie to you bruh….88′, and the other stuff as well…

      Hey Ciggy, have you seen AJ III play this year, and at the combine?? What do you think of his potential?

      • Not really cliff, I don’t comment too much on individual players because I don’t watch s whole lot of college hoops. AJ is younger than me but was out of Howard before I started working in schools. I didn’t see him play much

        • No Ciggy, I’m talking about his son – AJ III – He played at Iona this year, and was top 5 in scoring in the nation – His son is in the draft this year. He played at Appiquinimik High.

          • I saw AJ III at appo a couple of times but not at Iona. I wasn’t impressed with Appos program, how it was run nor it’s players. I was saying I can’t remember seeing AJ sr in high school, just reading about him . If you graduated in 88 I definitely saw you play at Middletown high and maybe Wm. penn. Those two programs I followed in the late 80s as I had a cousin playing for both.

            • Middletown athletics back then wasn’t close to what it is today.

              We crushed William Penn for the Blue Hen Conference Championship by 24 in their house.

  11. Jeff Teauge Overrated ??
    How can that be Cliff.. He was 19th Pick in the 2009 and sat the Bench his first couple of Seasons in Atlanta behind Starter Joe Johnson. I bet half the Posters on here never even heard of Jeff Teague until recently and some not even until this Article was posted….
    I know a little of him since he went to Wake Forest which is just down the road from me and in the ACC which is on all the time down here in the South
    He’s a Good Player, but not a Great Player, but he’s good facilitator and can run the Offense , is durable, consistent and a good Locker Room Guy from what you read about him and hear from Teammate, the Media,etc.. His Defense is not very good though and I would think the 76ers could get more than Guard Jeff Teague for Noels

    One thing I do know… GM Colangelo is not going to stand pat and just let things remain status quo (“Trust the Process”) and wait for another 5 Years for High Draft Picks with the Hopes that the 76ers become competitive.. He is going to make a Couple of Moves, perhaps overspend and Sign a Free-Agent or Two and try to make this 76ers Team Competitive sooner rather than later…

    • He’s nothing in terms of impact Paul.

      Your Okafor talk is starting to make you look bad too. Brett Brown just endorsed him as a great scorer who is only going to get better…..despite his value – in you opinion – for a trade.

      You only trade the less talented players if you are the 76ERS, and that is Noel.

      • I mention trading zokafor for 3 Reasons

        1) He has the Highest Value of any 76er to poseibly Return a Top 5 Pick and a Veteran Guard to be the bridge for the Future

        2) By Selecting Ben Simmons with their #1 Pick, I see it very difficult to have Simmons/Okafor on the Floor at the same time.. Who Plays D and Protects the Rim?

        3) If Embiid is indeed Healthy and ready to Play, can you really Play Embiid Okafor at the same time? Who takes the #4 Spot Defensively?
        So if Okafor and Embiid are going to split time next Season which could be the plan, thenOkafors numbers and production will be less and decrease and therefore so would his Trade Value next off-season..

        Now if 76ers want to keep Okafor to make sure Embiid is a go, than that’s fine.. The key to their improvement as we all have state is how good and healthy will Embiid really be.. None of us know for he hasn’t played much in 2 + Years and will need to be careful starting out next Season as it’s been a while for him
        If Embiid is the real deal than Okafor is expendable

        • Paulman you just don’t get it Jack Daniels has got a serious stranglehold on your ability to mentally function. You been hitting the bars in Boone with a bunch of your trailer trash buddies at all hours of the night. Running around like wild savages smelling like piss and throw up until the cops catch you and throw you in the tank until you sober up. Embiid is basically going to be playing with a career ending injury he can’t be relied upon for this season or any other with any type of certainty. There is a very strong reality that he never fully recovers, is never able to reach his true potential, and plays out the rest of his days in continued pain and discomfort, eventually going the way of Yao Ming and calling it an early retirement. Okafor was not a mistake he was the pick that would ensure if Embiid didn’t work out the Sixers had a legit backup plan. Now you wanna trade him over you foolish impression that he will be a go.

          • You must have the wrong Paulman MACDonut…
            I’m a bit too old to be spending time in Bars, in fact, I’ve beenAlcohol/Tobacco/Caffeine Free for about 15 months now…
            Playing Ball, Hiking & Biking and feeling 100% Better but thanx for checking..

        • By Selecting Ben Simmons with their #1 Pick, I see it very difficult to have Simmons/Okafor on the Floor at the same time.. Who Plays D and Protects the Rim? ….They both do along with Embiid as a team. You keep saying that can’t play on the floor together without seeing them play together……….just dumb

          Okafor having the highest trade value doesn’t mean you have to trade him. I wouldn’t want Brandon Ingram, Jamal Murray, or Kris Dunn – and neither of them has the talent, and upside of Okafor – so I might as well keep Okafor.

          Bye Noel

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